Rex: A Cop's Best Friend (1994–2008): Season 3, Episode 2 - Stadt in Angst - full transcript



Karin, please!
You'll get the money back!

You haven't paid me back
the other loan.


You'll get it
when we get our inheritance.

Your part will only cover
your debts.

No, Martin.

I won't lend you any more.


- I'm really in difficulties.
- You'll have to cope by yourself.

Karin, what's the matter?


It hurts.



Rex, pay attention.

Fetch the bone, Rex.

Fetch the bone.

Very good, Rex.

Very good.

A coincidence perhaps.
I'm not convinced yet.

I'm not totally convinced yet.

Fetch the doggy.

Show a bit more enthusiasm.
Fetch the doggy.

Good, Rex.

That was really good, Rex.

Hard to believe.

Now get the...


He obeys you well.

- Sorry, I was just trying things.
- It's okay.

- I'm really sorry.
- It's okay, but B?ck...

Get used to the fact.
He's smarter than you.

Moser here.

Oh. Where?

Okay, we're on our way.

A girl fell down dead
at the skating rink.

That's not a case for Homicide.

We call it investigating
circumstances of the death.

It looked like
cardio-vascular failure

but the victim's position
and what the fellow said

made me think
it could be cyanide poisoning.

- How fast does that work?
- Hard to say.

You'll need to ask an expert.

The dead girl's brother
is with her.

- My name is Moser. Homicide.
- Do you believe the doctor?

Who'd want to poison my sister?

We'll find out
if she was poisoned.

What could it have been other
than cardio-vascular failure?

We'll know after the autopsy.

- Did your sister have enemies?
- No.

Karin was popular
and liked by everyone.


Could you please remain here,
Mr Lobner?

She and her brother
come from a wealthy family.

- Anything else?
- I spoke with the kiosk owner.

The two were quarrelling.
She had a can of Mega Basic "S".

- It's a new drink.
- I know.

The sales lady said
he bought the can.

Did she eat anything?

We'll have to find the can.

Do you know how many
rubbish bins there are out there?

Grab a few colleagues
and start collecting.

You're the one
who wanted to join Homicide.

You didn't tell me your sister
had a drink before she died.

Yes... a can of Mega Basic.
I didn't think it was important.

- Everyone drinks it.
- Some poisons work fast.

If your sister was poisoned,
it could have been the drink.

- Did you have some of hers?
- No.

- Did she take a pill?
- I don't know. I don't think so.

- Where did you buy the can?
- I bought it at the kiosk.

I threw it to her,
but it fell on the rink.

She picked it up and drank it.

- No witnesses, I suppose.
- Of course not.

- Right... What happened then?
- She went onto the rink and...


Could you have opened the can
and given an opened one to her?

- What are you implying?
- Nothing.

We must know what happened
before your sister's death.

The ambulance officer was right.
It was cyanide poisoning.

The internal organs
have the typical almond odour

and the mucous membranes
are red.

Is it true cyanide causes
immediate death?

A milligram of the salt
taken orally

can cause death in minutes
depending on body weight.

Hydrochloric acid releases
prussic acid in the stomach.

That stops oxygen uptake
in the cells

which leads to rapid asphyxiation
with cramps.

Twenty-five years old...

Can you detect
the almond odour?

The drink has a strong odour
so she wouldn't have noticed it.

In any case she swallowed
the poison along with the drink.

Nothing else was in her stomach.

Sorry, Leo. Moser here.

Did you impound it?

Okay, good.

Forensics found the can.

Rex, please!

Could you look after the plant
instead of wrecking the place?


The flower pot!

Very good.


I taught him.

Why don't you teach him
to work on your files?

Not a bad idea.

That was a joke.
Well then...

Leo confirmed
that it was cyanide poisoning.

Mr Lobner's fingerprints on
the can is pretty good proof too.

Christian is bringing him in.

The question now is the motive.

I've got a hot tip for you.

The Lobners are from
a well-known industrialist family.

- I spoke with their bank.
- B?ck told me.

I know a bit more.

On their respective
30th birthdays,

Martin Lobner and his sister
would get 1 0 million schillings.

If one dies before that date,
the other gets double.

She was 25 and he's 27.

That's not all.

Martin Lobner is still studying,

but he's opened
a couple of discos lately. Here.

The same Lobner?

Disco King Lobner - Bankrupt!

- He must be loaded.
- Not him. He's deep in debt.

His share would cover it,
but he'd have nothing left.

So we have
motive and opportunity.

- How could he be so stupid?
- Who knows?

Oh, Mr Lobner...
Please sit down.

Thank you.


What did my sister die from?
Your colleague wouldn't say.

Forensics say she was poisoned
with cyanide.

The dosage was so great

that she died within minutes.

I don't understand.

- How could she have taken it?
- In the drink you gave her.

The can has your sister's
but also your fingerprints on it.

You don't think
I killed my sister?

What reason would I have?

- Did you two get along well?
- Our relationship was very good.

But witnesses
on the skating rink maintain

you quarrelled with your sister,
or is that incorrect, Mr Lobner?

Is that true, Mr Lobner?

What was the deal
with your inheritance?

If you know about that,
then you know the sum.

- One can get by on half of it.
- Not if you have debts. You do.

Circumstantial evidence.
Not proof.

What about the can?

I told you I threw it to her.
She opened it herself.

We know that,
but you have no witnesses.

You could have poisoned it.

I'm saying nothing more.
I would like to leave.

Please do.

But don't go far.

- What have you got?
- Have a look at that!

Mr Lobner is looking
for a witness.

But can't find one.




- You were here yesterday.
- Yes.


Hey! Wait.

He wanted to ask
if you saw his sister yesterday.

- Because they quarrelled?
- Did you see them?

- Yes. I was near the kiosk.
- Did I give her a can?

Let him tell us.

- I only saw him throw her a can.
- And then?

- It dropped and she picked it up.
- So the can was still sealed.

- I told you my sister opened it.
- Come with me, Mr Lobner.

I'll need your personal details.

- My name is Georg Schelling.
- Hold on.

- Profession?
- I'm a policeman.

Police academy.

Why didn't you say so...

We're back to square one.

Read the article about the girl
poisoned on the skating rink.

It was me.

I poisoned a soft drink can.

She drank it.

I want 25 million
or I'll keep doing it

and no one will buy the drink
any more.

Nowhere do the papers say

that our product was involved
in any way.

We get innumerable calls from
people trying to blackmail us.

It often happens,
so forget it.

You'll pay for that.

Rang at 2.22 p.m.

Hello, Mrs Leithner.

- How's Max?
- Much better.

Mumps can be a real problem.

Well, Max, I'm happy to see
that you're feeling better.

Which hand?

That one.



To tell the truth, I'm not
convinced Lobner is innocent.

The can he threw to his sister
fell on the rink.

If it was open,
our colleague would have noticed.

We have to talk to the company,
but first we need technical data.

We need to find out
how the poison got into the can.

Have Mr Seidel
come and see me.


- You wanted to see me?
- Yes. We may have a problem.

A man rang me
claiming he poisoned someone

with one of our Mega Basic cans.

It's not the first time,

but till now they were from
people wanting money.

This man says
he poisoned the girl on the rink.

You could call the police.

Are you crazy?

If it's true, we'd have to call in
all the cans on the market place.

It would cut our turnover
for years.

The damage would be worse
than if we made a payout.

Of course...

but I don't know if I could take
the responsibility.

You don't have to.

We'll call a board meeting.

- What if there's another death?
- Don't be so negative, Seidel.

We're not sure if the cans
are really involved.

Yes? What is it?

Okay. Have him come in.

- The police are here.
- What will we do now?

Let me talk to them.

Good day.
My name is Moser. Homicide.

Is that your dog?


I'm Fritz Weiss, chief executive.
Mr Seidel, marketing manager.

Neither of us killed anyone.

A young girl was poisoned
with one of your drinks,

namely an "S" drink.

That's most unfortunate.
How does it affect us?

- Has anyone asked for a payout?
- No.

We assume the poison
was in the sealed can.

Could someone in canning
have put it in?

Canning is fully computerised.

No one gets near the cans.
No one!

A former employee
could be seeking revenge.

I need a list of everyone
who was fired or resigned.

We can do that.

The culprit must be
a technical whizz.

A handyman.

If Lobner really isn't involved

then maybe he was
supposed to be the victim

and gave the can to his sister
by chance.

Who would want to poison him?
The kiosk lady?

She's getting on in years,

but as you said yourself,
anything is possible.

Forget it.

I've deposited a second can
of Mega Basic "S".

I'm asking for more this time.
I want 30 million!

I'll let you know
when and where.

One portion of black pudding
with ketchup, please.

So when are you
going to be a dad?

In a fortnight. Be patient!

- Excited?
- Sure am.

- What will it be? Got a name?
- A boy. Till.

- Greetings to your wife.
- Will do.


- Where do you buy the cans?
- The markets.

We're too small
to get them delivered.

How many Mega Basic cans
do you sell daily?

Between 1 00 and 1 50.

Youngsters are crazy
about the stuff.

Where do you store them all?

Over there.
You can have a look.

I'll show you.

The cans are in there.

Some clients buy them
from this side.

- Is the door never locked?
- Not with our daily to and fro.

What a sweet dog.

- Is he yours?
- Yes.

Who could resist that look?

- May I give him something?
- He loves ham rolls.

Come and get some.

Anyone could have planted
a poisoned can.

Exactly, and she unknowingly
sells them to someone.

So Karin Lobner would have been
poisoned accidentally.

Without a link between murderer
and victim, we're done for.

You like that.

He's already having seconds.

Here's something for you too.

- I thought you drank it too.
- That's very nice of you.

Did you notice anyone
in particular lately?


Mostly young people come here.
No one that would stand out.

Please try and remember.


An elderly gentleman
wanted to buy from this side.

- What did he look like?
- I don't remember. Like most.

I only remember
because he was so friendly.


See if yours has a hole.

- Did you check yours?
- Sure, before I opened it.

Let's go over it again.

Someone sneaks in
a poisoned can.

Karin gets it by chance
and dies. No clear motive.

I wouldn't say that.

Who other than Karin
would suffer?

The woman at the kiosk.
That's it!

- Competition against the kiosk.
- B?ck!

Just an idea!

It has to do with the company.

How long has he been working
in the firm?

Any problems with him?

- But he has a previous record.
- Thanks.

When can I speak
with your husband?

How long has he been in jail?

Okay, ask him to ring me.

What's got into you?

Dropping this can on my foot?

Just bark when you're hungry.

Moser here.

Oh, Leo.

I don't believe it!

- How did you find out?
- I got him as an accident victim.

An autopsy is needed to
determine cause of accident, etc.

Alcohol levels are examined.
That's how we found the cyanide.

Any connection to our first case?
Did he have a canned drink?

No, but I can check it out.

Anything else
you wish me to do?

Yes. I need to know
the site of the accident

and please get it to me fast!

This will be hard.
Lots of possibilities.

Let's have a go.
Seek, Rex.

Don't grab it. Just bark.

What is it? Got anything?

- Is that your dog?
- Take it easy. Homicide.

Turn off the engine.
I need to check your vehicle.

What have you got there?
Get away, Rex. Don't take it.

Don't touch it.

What have we here?
Super, Rex.

Guys... the lab found traces
of cyanide in this can too.

It also has a hole on
the bottom that's been doctored.

The man run over by the tram

was already dead
from the poison.

His name was Herbert Macher.
He was a technical employee.

Two murders where the victims
aren't at all connected

except by the two cans of
Mega Basic "S".


There's been another death
via a poisoned Mega Basic can.

Are you being blackmailed,
yes or no?

I've already told you.
No one has contacted us.

So the poisoning
is a coincidence?

The only explanation...
someone is out to hurt you.

I don't have much time.

Do you have children?
Are those yours in the photo?

The victim
could have been a child.

- Mr Weiss, I think it's...
- Seidel!

Very well.

A man rang here twice saying
he had poisoned someone.

Why am I hearing it only now?
Why didn't you tell me earlier?

The second victim
might still be alive.

We weren't sure if it was true.

So you waited,
causing a second death.

Do you know how many times
we get such calls?

You've just made yourself guilty
of concealing a criminal act.

Who could know it was true?

We called a meeting
after the second call.

What was decided?

To accept any demands
if he called again.


You'll also recall all cans
and inform the media.

- Do you know what that costs?
- Money. No further victims!

That would be a disaster.

What if we said a factory fault...

- I don't care how you do it.
- We'll be tapping your phone.

Two of our men will fit in here.

The fellow wants 30 million.

I don't know
if the board will agree.

Let them sweat a little.

We'll be there
when it's handed over.

All we can do is wait
for the idiot to call again.


I've done my duty.

I went to see
Herbert Macher's widow.

She's expecting a baby
in a fortnight.

- What's new with you two?
- The firm is being blackmailed.

They got an anonymous call
after each murder.

So the firm's men wanted to
conceal the affair from the public.


Better feed Rex before he drops
the can on my foot again.

How does Rex tell his cans
from ours?

B?ck... he can smell it.

- Go on!
- You don't believe me?

Watch this.

Rex, breakfast!

Where's your breakfast?
Find the can.

Find the can.

Go on, find it.

How can he smell through a can?

He reads the label.


All metals have pores through
which the smell permeates.



Send a messenger with a mobile.
I'll need the phone number.

The number of the mobile
is 0663 28036.

28036. Got that?

The messenger,
with money and mobile

at St Stephen's Square
in two hours.

St Stephen's in two hours...

No police
or someone else will die.

I'll come alone.

Go into Haas House
and wait for further instructions.

Haas House... Got that.

Haas House.

He's going into Haas House.

- Yes?
- Go to the 2nd floor.

- Got that. 2nd floor.
- Note that! 2nd floor.

Come on, Rex.

- Yes?
- See the ashtrays on the left?

- Yes, I do.
- Place the case in front.


Are you okay?

The passage leads to others.

He probably drove off
in a car

for Rex to lose the scent.

I should have waited a bit longer.

Don't worry about it, Christian.

If you'd waited, he'd have
escaped with the money.

- He outsmarted us.
- I had to do it.

No one knew
where Weiss was to go.

- If we'd sealed the place off...
- Let it go, B?ck.

Leave it behind you
or you'll end up with a shrink.


Where's that?

Okay, we're coming.

He's threatened
to kill someone else. Rex!

He rang from a phone booth.

By the time we get there
he'll be gone.

So why are we going there?


Here, Rex.
Seek the scent but don't grab it.

Just bark. Got that?

Come on.


Go on, seek.

Seek, Rex.

Seek the scent,
but don't touch anything.

Seek, Rex.

- It's got cyanide again.
- Has the public been warned?

I hope so.

Found anything?

Nothing here.
Keep looking, Rex.

What is it, Rex?

No! Don't drink that!

No need to be scared.
No need.

There's something in the can...

Move along.

I'll be right back.


Good day.

- What do you want from me?
- I think you know.

Leave me alone.

How dare you!

- Shall we go?
- No.


I'm arresting you
on suspicion of two murders

and an attempted third one.

Please come with me.

You could have killed a child.

I only wanted
what was due to me.

- At the cost of innocent lives?
- My life!

That firm destroyed my life.

I was the technical manager.

I invented a new
canning procedure for them.

Do you know how much money
they made?

Hundreds of millions
with my invention!

They gave me nothing.

Not a cent!

On the contrary.

After retiring I was engaged in
a court case with them for years.

And lost! They could afford
the best solicitors, damn it!

You must understand,
gentlemen, that l...

Take him away, B?ck.

Was he good?

Rex... we'll take
the young lady home now.