Rex: A Cop's Best Friend (1994–2008): Season 3, Episode 11 - Mord à la carte - full transcript



Your husband's food was superb
as usual, Mrs Konrad.

Thank you. I'll tell him.

You've turned this
into a great place, Stefan.

Vienna's mad about it.

I can't complain.

It's all about
good management.

Mick should be grateful.

Well, a chef is part of that.

Excuse me. I've things to do.
Back soon.

Serve them a bottle of wine
on the house.


- What's up?
- I rang you at home.

Haven't you checked
your machine?


Stefan, you can't
just dump me.

It's over. Over!

- Don't you get it?
- Don't treat me like dirt.

Whatever... it's your problem.

It could become one for you.

Tina, two cognacs
for table 2.

The guests are waiting.

A salad, saddle of venison,
two lamb and one quail.


Didn't the chefs show you
how to beat a zabaglione?

I'm falling asleep watching you.


Cover the quails with port,
don't drown them.

Otherwise, very good.
And add some thyme.

Food is to be treated
with love and care.

With sensitivity.

Don't look like little innocents.


- Out! No cigars in here!
- Okay, I get the message.

- We have to talk.
- Make it short. I'm busy.

Tomorrow the State Opera's
booked, along with the press.

- I know.
- So go for it.

Look, I know about cooking.

And show your face outside.
People like that.

No. Even if you want me to,
I'm not your puppet.

You're the show-off.

You've been behaving
strangely lately.

Don't forget I built this place up.

We existed before you.
Don't forget that.

And you live very well off it too.

Desserts for table 9!

What's going on here?

Bad vibes!

Your husband's
in a bad mood again.

- What's up?
- Nothing. Why?

Arguing again about
who's more important?

I'm not arguing.

He's up there drowning himself
in red wine.

And only the best.

- I feel like going somewhere.
- I don't. I'm dead tired.

- Just one drink.
- No.

- Don't be so boring.
- No. I'm worn out.

Can't you think of anything
besides cooking?

Why are we married?

Listen, I'm not in the mood
for this now.

Well, then...

I'm not going home
just yet.

So what's new?

- What's up?
- We have to talk, Stefan.

Don't treat me like dirt.

There's nothing to say.

That's not what you used to say.

Listen, are you thick or what?
It's over. Finished!

Are you absolutely sure?

Don't you want it any more?

Button up your blouse.

Not so long ago you liked it.


The barmaid isn't good enough
for Mr Gruber.

He has bigger fish to fry.



That trendy restaurant
where everyone goes?


Surely not!

Where's my belt?


Where's my belt?

Let's do a deal.

You give back my belt
and I'll get you a biscuit.


First the belt.

Don't look at me.
The vet put you on the diet.

He thinks you're too fat.

Four more days.

Exhibit 3, a cigar
only two-thirds smoked.

Exhibit 4, a red wine glass.

I didn't even
get a coffee.

Don't order one here.
This is for high-flyers only.

- Morning.
- Hi, Richard.

- Found anything?
- Yes...

The man died
about three hours ago.

Cause of death?

I can't tell you right away.

Can I say something too?

An anonymous woman rang
and mentioned poison.

When the ambulance arrived
he was dead.

Externally there's no sign
that he was poisoned.

Well, let's have a post-mortem.
Who is the man?

Hang on!

Stefan Gruber, 33 years...

Let go of me!
What's happened?

May I ask who you are?

I'm Liz Konrad.

I'm Mick Konrad.
I'm the owner.

- What's happened?
- You know this man?

He's Stefan Gruber,
my manager and partner.

So let's go downstairs.

I drove home and went to bed.
I was dead tired.

But my wife...

I went for a drink and was home
by 3. My husband was asleep.

The police called us
at around 4.30 a.m.

Did Mr Gruber
have any health problems?

He had a heart attack
a few years ago.

But he lived
an unhealthy lifestyle.

Mr Moser,
I must go to the markets.

They close at 7 30 a.m.

Our restaurant will be closed.
I'll have to cancel my orders.


My wife will attend to you.

Who else was here
when you left?

Tina Egger, the barmaid.

She was cleaning up
when we left.

She and Stefan were the last.

Stefan was upstairs
doing the books.

When did they
start working together?

About two years ago.

Stefan had very good contacts.

With the media
and with high society.

That was my dog, I'm afraid.

I can't leave you
for one minute.

Does this go here?

- Sorry, Mrs Konrad, but...
- Is he hungry?

No, he's not hungry.

Tell me,
where does Mr Gruber live?

He has a villa
at 36 Scheffler Lane.

And how can I contact
Tina Egger?

At home, I think.


Where is he?

In the kitchen?

What's up, Rex?

Excuse me, what happened?

I don't know.

Come, Rex.

Ms Egger?

It is you, right?

What a coincidence!

Moser, Crime Squad.

Mr Stefan Gruber was found
murdered. Did you know?


- Did you work last night?
- Yes.

Tell me about it.

It was just the usual.

I was behind the bar
all night.

By 1 30 a.m. I'd balanced
the till and cleaned up.

When did you last see
Stefan Gruber?

Around that time.

He picked up the drink dockets
and went to his office.

- What are you doing here?
- Going for a walk.

You drove across Vienna
to go for a walk here?

- Yes, why not?
- This is where Mr Gruber lives!

What's your dog doing?

No idea.

Stay there.


Hey! Stop the truck.

Come down.
What's going on?

What are you doing?

What's that in your mouth?
Show me.

Is this yours?

Hello, Stefan. Tina here.

Call me at home.
We have to talk. Bye.

I've been waiting for an hour.
You'd better call me.

It's midday.

Don't think you can
get out of this so easily.

Do something or you'll be sorry!
We must talk tonight.

Ms Egger, that wasn't exactly
a friendly call.

We think you had a motive
to kill Stefan Gruber.

- I didn't kill him.
- But you threatened him.

If you think a relationship
is a motive

you'd better ask Mrs Konrad.

Mrs Konrad was having
an affair with Stefan.

Her husband's partner!
What a cheek!

A woman like Mrs Konrad,
I'm not in her league.

But she was in the Omega Bar
between 1 and 3 a.m.

The barkeeper confirmed it.

Where was Mr Konrad?

He has a motive too.

Lately those two
are always fighting.

You're not helping yourself
by accusing others.

You were the last to see him.
Did you kill him?

How dare you say that!
I called the ambulance.

You didn't mention that before.

I was there
when Stefan collapsed.

He said he'd been poisoned.

I panicked
and rang the ambulance.

To the good life.
Cheers, Richard!

- Anything new?
- Well, Richard...

Gruber was poisoned
with this wine.

Chateau Petrus, 1 989 vintage,
a French Pomerol.

A high content of Merlot...

a smooth bouquet of cassis...
a great wine!

One bottle costs
about 4000 schillings.

Nothing's wrong with the wine.

But the glass Gruber used

contained high doses
of digitalis.

The heart drug?

It's prescribed for a weak heart
to stabilise the heartbeat.

But with an overdose,
the heartbeat slowed down

and eventually stopped.

- How long would it take?
- Difficult to say.

But with the amount of digitalis
in his blood

Gruber must have died
very quickly.

And we were lucky.

Digitalis decomposes within
24 hours and can't be traced.

Gruber's death would have
looked like heart failure.

I see.

Very fitting for someone
who's had a heart attack.

The Chateau Petrus arrived
yesterday. It's still in the box.

There's the carton.

Doesn't look like it.

One bottle's missing.

Maybe Stefan took it.
He always had wine after work.

Did they socialise privately?

They were a good team.
Mick couldn't handle money.

Stefan did the paperwork
and marketing.

But they also argued a lot.

Like anyone, when you work
together day and night.

It must be hard to be married
to such a man.


Mick's always busy
with his cooking.

Is that why you had
an affair with Mr Gruber?

- What makes you say that?
- I asked around.

It's not true?

Our affair and his death
are not related.

Ever thought
of getting a divorce?

No, never!

- Your husband knew about it?
- Of course not.

And I ask you not to tell him.

I can't promise that.

Do the police
know about their affair?

So they won't suspect you.

They might find out.

Then play the shocked husband.
You can, right?

I don't think
I can cope, Mum.

I'm here with you.
Don't worry.

We must act
just as we normally do.

Then nothing can happen.



Is it safe to eat
in front of Rex?


You just have to trick him.

The pros do it like this...

Maintain constant eye contact.

Then slowly try to get
to your ham roll.

Like this.


B?ck here...
What's up?

What do you mean,
it will take time?

Yes, I'll tell him.

Put me on to Huber.
Yes, I'll wait.

I'll call you back.

I don't believe it!

B?ck, I told you
not to feed him.

I didn't.

- No, I didn't.
- So what's that?

- Yes?
- Hello.

My wife said you wanted me.

Please, Mr Konrad.

We now know that your partner,
Mr Gruber, was poisoned.


With digitalis.

A drug used
to stabilise circulation.

- How awful.
- Yes, isn't it?

And something here grabs...

.... Our attention.

Your relationship
with your partner.

Stefan and I worked
very well together.

- Despite his affair with Liz?
- Stefan and Liz?


You're saying you had no idea
what was going on?

It's absurd.

You used to run the place
with your mother.

Yes. But I want her
to take it easy now.

We'd like to talk to her.

Please tell us where she is.

She just rang.

She's on her way back
from a health resort.

- Want a wine, Mum?
- No thanks, later.

I'll be finished in a minute.

I did it
the way you like it.

Try it.

- Like it?
- Delicious, Mum.

Vienna roast with carrot sauce.
Our Sunday feast.

When I was a good boy
we went on the big dipper.

And you bought me
such a big fairy floss.

- It was wonderful, Mum.
- You were a lovely child, Michi.

Mum... The police
know about the digitalis.


It's like any other drug.
What does it prove?

- They want to talk to you.
- Why me?

I was at a health spa
and went to bed at 830 p.m.

- You're sure nobody saw you?
- Certain.

I'm no longer young,
but I'm not stupid.

Gruber will no longer
come between us.

Everything will be
as it used to be, Michi.

I'm scared, Mum.

I did it for you, Michi.

I know how much you suffered
because of Gruber.

I never thought
you'd go that far.

No, no. You aren't doing
anything today.

Sit down at the table.

Here. So you don't get stains
on your new shirt.

- It's nice, isn't it?
- Yes. It suits you.

There you are.

- Really great, Mum.
- Not too dry?

It melts in your mouth.

You're so normal!

Got nothing better to do
than stuff yourselves?

Don't use that tone with us.

Not too dry?

No, Mum.
It melts in your mouth.

It makes me puke.

Are you off your rocker?

No, just fed up
with your nonsense.

Was Stefan good in bed,

You swine.

Whether I'm the swine or you
remains to be seen.

If you really want to know...

He was great in bed.

Shut up! Don't forget
where you came from, you...


I'll get it.


Sorry it's so late.
I want to talk to your mother.

No problem.
We're having dinner, but...

Please come in.

This is lnspector Moser.

- My mother Elvira Konrad.
- Hello.

Please take a seat.
Would you like a wine?

No, thanks.

I'd like to talk in private...

- If that's possible.
- But why?

We all know what it's about.

Michi, if the lnspector wants,
we'll go outside.

I don't understand
your stupid behaviour.

Since when is smoking
allowed in here?

As of today.

How did you get on
with Mr Gruber?

I got on very well
with Stefan.

He was important
for my son.

He was full of new ideas.

Did you know
about their disagreements?

They got on very well.

They both knew they needed
each other to make a good team.

You gave up the management
two years ago, right?

Look, my son and l
built this business up.

And there comes a time
when you quit.

Do you know what I think?

Your son wanted to get rid
of Gruber.

Why do you say that?

It became too much for him.

Gruber sort of took over.
So your son has a motive.

You have no proof of that.

Good morning.

What is it?

A few questions
about the Konrads.


So Liz Konrad isn't your friend.
How did she get into the family?

She was a little secretary.

Mick's mother accepted Liz.
She was submissive.

- How did they get on?
- At first it worked out.

Later on they argued a lot.

Mrs Konrad's very domineering.
She wants the son to herself.

So she would have a motive.

- If you think she's capable...
- Do you?


Do you think
she knows something?

She's not behaving normally.

She just won't listen.

- Maybe she's moody.
- I hope that's all.

Would you like to help?

I haven't had breakfast yet.

Watch yourself, right?

And you too.

Telephone, Mr Koch.


Hi, Max.
You like good food, right?

I know of a place.

Yes, I've read about it.

Order a bottle
of Chateau Petrus, 1 989.

Chateau Petrus.
Petrus, after Peter the Apostle.

See what happens.

Waiter, cancel the sausages.
I'll be out for dinner.

- Sorry, dogs aren't allowed.
- That's fine.

- The number, please?
- 206, second floor.

As manager of this establishment
I must be discreet.

We're trying to solve
a violent crime.

I can only say, Mrs Konrad's
been coming here for 1 5 years.

This year she terminated
her stay early.

Thanks for your help.

Dogs aren't allowed here.
Out! Out!

Out with you.

Get lost!


Who are you?

Me? I'm Moser,
Crime Squad.

Who has access to the drugs
apart from you?

Under any circumstances.

- Are you absolutely sure?
- Yes.

Could you check
if something's missing?

Nothing's missing.

What about this?

- Well?
- He didn't move an inch.

Where do I find the night porter?

I'm the day and night porter.
My colleague's sick.

I see.

Does the name Konrad
ring a bell? Elvira Konrad?

Where's Liz?

No idea.

I think she's changed.

She does know something.

What are you doing here?

From now on
this is my office.

And who allowed that?

I did.

I'm afraid
we'll have to discuss it.

Mick won't agree.

Nor will l.

Look, I couldn't care less.

How far is it
from Altenberg to Vienna?

About one and a half hours?

You left the resort that night
and drove back to Vienna.

You came in
through the back entrance.

You waited until
Stefan went downstairs

and put digitalis
in his glass.

Then you drove back
to the resort.

You thought you were so clever

and everyone would dance
to your tune again.


You weren't clever enough.

The wine list.


I don't need it.
I know which wine I want.

Please get me a bottle

of Chateau Petrus,
1 989 vintage.

Are you sure it's on the list?

No, it's not on the list,
but you have it.

- I'll have to ask.
- Please do.

What is it?

- She seems determined.
- Shit!

What shall we do?

- Somehow we could...
- What?

Mrs Konrad...


- What is it, Paul?
- Can I talk to you?

- Who's the man?
- I've never seen him before.

- He asked for Petrus?
- Yes, he knows we stock it.


- Where is he?
- Table 4.

Good evening.

Elvira Konrad,
I'm in charge.

I'm Max Koch.

May I ask how you know
we stock that wine?

I think I read
in some wine journal

that you bought some bottles
of 1 989 Petrus at an auction.

I see.

You're the first guest
to try it.

I appreciate it.

Been here before,
Mr Koch?

No. A friend of mine
is a connoisseur.

He highly recommended you.


- The label is upside down.
- I'm sorry.

The French are careless.
Even with their best wines.

Don't get upset.

- It's the second bottle.
- Who cares?

As you said, the French
are careless. So what?

I'll be off. Enjoy the wine.

Thank you.



A guest ordered Petrus,
it's not on the wine list.

- Was something in the paper?
- Not as far as I know.

The whole thing is weird.

We'd better do something.


- What's going on here?
- Nothing unusual.

I'm the manager now.
And you can't do much about it.

You like that, don't you?

I like it very much.

We'll talk later at home.

I'd like to eat
at a posh restaurant too.

People like us only go there
to solve murders.

- There you are.
- Very generous.

Are you hungry too?

Come on.
Your diet's finished.


- Hello, gentlemen.
- Ah, Max. Report.

I've had an excellent meal.

Truffle carpaccio,

followed by venison steak,
nougat parfait... Delicious.

How interesting.

The bill came
to 6300 schillings.

I wish you all the best
when you try to get reimbursed.


Now the sad news.
I've found out nothing.

Come on, Max!
You ordered the wine.

I did. Nothing exciting.
Except for the price.

And the label was glued on
the wrong way round.

- The boss said she was sorry...
- What exactly?

She said it was the second time
the label had been upside down.

See this?

Look at it! Another label
glued on upside down.


This is the bottle
Gruber drank on his last night.

Forensics took it right away.

She can't possibly have seen
this bottle.

She said she was in Altenberg
at the time.


I'm sure Liz won't cause us
any more trouble.

I'm not happy about it.

No point discussing it.
We had no choice.

We'll continue as before.


Don't lose your nerve, Mum.

Everything will be fine.

The lnspector!
Go and hide.


Take the back door
to the Sch?nberg cellars.

They don't work on Saturdays.
I'll meet you at the delivery exit.

Where's your mother,
Mr Konrad?

No idea.
I'm expecting her any minute.

You'd better tell us.
We have a warrant for her.


Come on, Rex.

Mr Konrad...

Don't lose your nerve.

Damn it!

Where are you?

I wouldn't do that.

Come here, Rex.

Over here, please.

I was just on my way
to see you.

Because my mother-in-law
killed Stefan?


Because you didn't tell us,
we need to talk.