Rex: A Cop's Best Friend (1994–2008): Season 3, Episode 10 - Ein Engel auf vier Pfoten - full transcript



Rex, I can't play now.

You pick the worst times.

It's the office party today.
I must wrap my presents.

Don't give me that look.

He's offended.

I get the message.

Your morning tea!


It's in the kitchen, Rex.


Grub's up.

This whistle produces tones
in a normal hearing range

and you can call
your dog with it

but you'll have
to train him first.

What's ultrasonic about it?

At a distance, your dog
can hear tones humans can't.

So he'll still find you.
Care to try?


- It doesn't work.
- That was ultrasonic.

If you don't blow so hard
you'll hear something.


See how well it works.
He's been taught to respond.


Could you giftwrap it?

- With pleasure.
- Thanks.

- Hello.
- Your Christmas tree.

At last!


Can you put it
in its stand for me?

- Of course.
- Great. This way.

Dear Lotte,

It's six months
since we split up

and I realise more and more
how much I miss you.

It was a huge mistake.

- Hello, Doctor Richter.
- Hello.

- The tree has come.
- I noticed, Ms Janko.

Lunch is ready.

I'll just pop upstairs.

Lunch is served.

Thank you.

- I'll take Markus to ice hockey.
- Fine.

Hi, Dad.

Hello, Markus.
How was school?

We broke up today.

Then all's well.

No, it's not.
I want to talk to you.

Not now, Markus.

I started work at 6 a.m.
and I've had two hearings.

After lunch, okay?

Dad, I must talk to you now.

All right. What is it?
Come on, sit down.

Well? Have you been
up to mischief again?

No, but it's Christmas.

It hasn't escaped me. I got
your wish list in good time.

I don't care about presents.

I want Mum
to spend Christmas with us.

Not again, Markus.
You know it's not possible.

We split up half a year ago.

We can't suddenly become
a family again for Christmas.

We're not a family now.

That's not true.
Besides, you haven't divorced.

That really is my business.

What about me?

It's not easy for me either,

Excuse me.


Damn it, can't I have
an hour's peace?

I'm sorry. Put him on.


Dr Schneider...


I can't say.
We must wait for the appeal.

Come on. It's time to go.

I see.

Yes, we could
possibly challenge...

the validity of the contract.

Off you go.
Get your ice hockey things.

There we are.
I thought as much.

Searching my pockets again?

You know your dad told you
not to play with rockets.

They're crackers, not rockets.

All right. They're crackers.

But your dad told me
to take them off you.

Believe me,
I'll find every single one.

Come on.

Markus, stop dawdling.


You didn't find that one.

Are you crazy?

- You can drink later.
- I'm cold...

- And sunbake too.
- Hope so.

- You don't need a gun.
- This isn't like shoplifting.

- So far, so good.
- I hope no one misses the van.

Not over Christmas.

This one's ours.

Has the party started yet?

Hello. No, of course not.

Richie and B?ck aren't here.

- We haven't met for ages.
- True.

Hello, H?llerer.

- What's in the big box?
- A present.

- Is it a small car?
- It's a surprise for Richie.

A big surprise.

Ready, gents?

Give us a hand.

- Lift!
- H?llerer, pull.

Good. Slowly...


Please be careful.

Over to the right.
Not that far!

That's good.

That's right.

A bit more, a bit more.

I'm not as young as I was.

Listen to him!

Says he's done his back in
carrying presents.

Telling fibs at Christmas
is shocking.

It hurts.

This darn...

a Christmas tree that swears.

A typical Christmas do!
Some work, others watch.

- Hi, Richie.
- Hello, Richard.

Rex, have we got
a surprise for you!

But that's all I'm saying.

- Where did you get the tree?
- From the stall opposite.

- There wasn't much choice.
- We need to cut the top off.

What? Then I might as well
have bought a shorter one.

The tree topper
won't fit on there.

Oh yes, it will.

Tilt the tree.

- Here.
- Now for the topper.

Just look...
how well it fits.



- The tip was too long.
- Yes, sure.

- Are you for hire?
- No, sorry.

Hi, Tommy.
I'll make some lunch.

I've already eaten, Mum.

I've come home especially.
I'll make something.

I have to go to ice hockey.

Be careful. I don't want
any more broken fingers.

Is this your homework?

Or have you done
Markus's for him?


- He has better things to do.
- Sure...

Rich kids needn't worry
about their future.

He'd never worry.

He always gets his way.

I must go.

Let me help you.

I'll take you there
in the cab.

- Or I won't see you at all.
- Cool.

I'm so glad
Dad's coming home.

We'll have Christmas together.

I'll work late tonight.

It's worth it
at this time of year.

Hop in.

- Can I be your passenger?
- If you want.

Happy Christmas

and a happy New Year



In the cafe.

Have we just got ham rolls?
How about little rum bottles?

We decided to be
a bit different.

- And what do we like best?
- Ham rolls!

The bottom row's for Rex
and the rest are ours.

There are a lot of them.
They won't keep, you know.

No worries.
They'll soon be gone.

My arms are starting to hurt.
Where's B?ck?


Sorry I'm late.
I stopped by the pet shop.

I'm glad you're here.
You can give me a hand...

What the...

Just look at you!

I've been playing with a dog.

Nothing happened.

Luckily I got you
a shirt for Christmas.

- A shirt?
- Yes.

- Me too.
- How original.

You might have told me
before I bought him one too.

Well, Richard...
what did you get me?

The cheap shirts
had all gone

so I got you a tie.

Thank you.

- Hello, Tommy.
- Hello.

Is anyone injured?

Roland tripped over my stick
three times in a row.

Trust him!

- You've got to help me.
- Is anything wrong?

I need to duck out
without Ms Janko seeing.

- Where to?
- I'll tell you later.

- Take my place.
- Aren't you scared she'll see?

I'm not scared of anything.
She's gone to the cafe.

When she comes back
she'll think you're me.

- When will you be back?
- In exactly an hour and a half.

Now it's...

2.1 5.

Markus, won't you tell me
what's wrong?

All right.
Swear you won't tell.

I swear.

Okay. I'll tell you
what it's about.

First, we must get rid
of that girl.

Did you know
there were rats here?


Look, there's one.

It's huge.

It's gone into
the ladies' changing rooms.

- I'm off.
- Don't you want your scarf?

I hate scarves. I'll lose it
as soon as I get a chance.

By the way, I owe you one.

See you later.

- Take care.
- You too.

Hi, Markus.

- Move!
- Let the boy go.

- What's up?
- I had to shoot.

I told you, no guns.

Get in the back.

I hope
the champagne's here soon.

I searched for days
to find braces like these.

They aren't uncommon.

They are in your size.

Richard has the best taste
of the whole troop.

What do you think, Rex?

It's not for you.

It's mine.

I know
you want to play with it...

All right.
But just a look, okay?

Nice and gently.

No wonder
Rex responds to the whistle.

He's so smart.

It's easy in the same room,
but how about at a distance?

I wonder.

No good.

If you train with him
a couple of times

- I bet he'll come.
- For sure.

Oh! So it does work.

What have you got there?


- No trouble! Got it?
- Yes.

I want to speak to Dr Richter.
It's urgent.

It's personal.
It concerns his son.

Dr Richter?

Listen carefully.

We've kidnapped Markus.

Find 1 0 million schillings.

No police.
Or your son will get hurt.

We'll call you.

You get through a lot of ties.

I'll lend you one of mine.
But look after it, okay?


shouldn't we strip the tree?

We've just decorated it.
Now you want to strip it?

I feel like eating
a ham roll or seven.

Fine by me.
I say it's high time.

- You have a vested interest.
- I don't. I'm hungry.




All right. We're coming.

A man has been shot.
And a boy's missing.

There's a witness.
A little girl.

Our party was as short
as the summer. Let's go.

- What about me?
- Mind the rolls.

Happy Christmas.

Oh my God.
They've just arrested my mum.

I don't have a latchkey.

I must see a lawyer.

Would you let me go first?

Thank you.

Mr and Mrs Brauneder.

Hello, Mum.

What are you doing here?

I must talk to you,
but I'm in a hurry.

Sit down.
Did Ms Janko bring you?

No, I gave her the slip.

No one knows I'm here.

Is anything wrong at home?

I want you
to spend Christmas with us.

I can't.

Dad broke up with his girlfriend
ages ago.

You know, Markus.
He's not easy to talk to.

But he's really sorry.

He wrote you a letter.

"Dear Lotte..."

"It's six months
since we split up

"and I realise more and more
how much I miss you.

"Not only me.
Markus misses you too."

He didn't send it.

He's too pig-headed.

Where did you find this,
you rascal?

In his desk. I borrowed it.

Christmas is special,
after all.


It won't be easy to manage.

But it's what I want most
for Christmas.

Come on, Rex.

H?llerer, talk to the woman
whose kid is missing.

B?ck, ask the girl
what she saw.

Where is he?

Take Rex.

- By the way, where's Dr Graf?
- He won't be long.

I don't believe it!

- I don't believe it.
- What don't you believe?

- Come quickly. He's alive.
- What?

You're right.

Didn't the police doctor realise?

They take ages to get here.
I'll get an ambulance.

What happened next?

I started to look for him.

I often go to the cafe,
but I sit where I can see him.

Suddenly he was gone.

Did you ask anyone
if they'd seen him?

Some players said
he was in the changing room

but it was empty.

Then his father called me
and told me about the ransom.

Can Markus's father
find such a big sum?

He's the head of a big law firm.

He'll manage.

Who else knew
that you and Markus were here?

A lot of people.

Markus plays hockey here
twice a week.

You drove Markus here
from home.

Did you notice anything?

Did anyone follow you,
or watch you?

If they did, I didn't notice.


We're closing now.

We must ask you to leave.

The House of the Sea
in the old flak tower

is closed until 27 December.

We hope you had a nice time

and wish you a merry Christmas.

Thank you for your visit.
Please come again soon.

Come along.

Happy Christmas.

They're the last.

Where have you been?

Bye. Happy Christmas.

Upstairs, checking the food.

Give me the key.
I'll lock up.

Happy Christmas.

And to you.

I've blindfolded him.

I have to feed the animals.
Tie him to a chair.

I'm still scared.

He was such a nasty man.

He took Markus away.

Now he's going to miss out
on Christmas.

That's pretty serious.

But you needn't be scared
because Rex is here.

Come on,
I'll buy you a lemonade.

If you think of anything,
let me know.

I have a notebook.

I write down what people say.
Then I know everything.

His things are all missing,
apart from this scarf.

He was wearing that today.

Maybe they fetched his things.

Are you saying
there was more than one?

From experience, yes.
Excuse me. Moser speaking.

Yes. Put him on.




Yes, thanks.

The man who was shot will live.
But he can't be questioned yet.

Hi. Our little witness
keeps saying the same thing.

The man put on a mask, grabbed
Markus and carried him off.

They went into the engine room.

It leads straight into the garage.

I think she'd recognise him.
She saw him without a mask.

He sounded very determined
on the phone. What's your view?

Adult kidnap victims
tend to be cautious.

Children are different.
They underestimate the risk.

What's Markus like?

Markus isn't afraid of anyone.
No one tells him what to do.

That could be dangerous.

Pay the ransom, Dr Richter.

It'd be awful
if anything happened to him.

Won't you say what you want?



You got the wrong kid.

You said it was the boy
with the N? 8 shirt.

Maybe I did,
but he's not the right boy.

No way!

Can't you go any faster?
I'm in a hurry.

All right.

- Name!
- Tommy Fink.

- Where did you get the shirt?
- Markus told me to wear it.

- How do you know him?
- He's my friend.

- Where is he?
- No idea.

He said
he'd come back to the rink.

- Where was Markus going?
- He didn't have time to tell me.

I really don't know where he is.

My parents can't pay you.
We aren't rich.

I don't understand
why Markus's father co-operated.

Markus probably wasn't there.

He must be back at the rink
by now.

Or at home.

It doesn't add up.

We must call it off.

We have to get rid
of the kid first.

It wasn't him.

It wasn't him either.

- Do you want a rest?
- No, I'm not tired.

Besides we must find
the bad man.

Quite right.

He always does that.
So we need lots of phones.

- What?
- Nothing.

Moser here.

Yes, Sandra's here.

We've nearly finished.

I'll put her on.

Your mum.

Hello, Mum.

I'm eating my third ham roll
and looking at the pictures.

I'm fine.
But I have to carry on now.


I'll drive her home. Bye.

Let's carry on.
Then we can go home.


No, not him.


No. Are there a lot more?

No, not a lot.

Not him.

Not him. No, not him!


Listen, Sandra. Don't be scared.

I'm here, Rex is here.

Nothing can happen.

Try to think back
to what it was like.

The man burst in...

Can I see the other man again?





It was him.

He kidnapped Markus.

- Are you sure?
- Quite sure.

He's the bad man.


Ah, Sandra's still here too.

- How are you?
- Fine. I've found the man.


Yes, really.

Eduard Nemec.
Convictions for theft and fraud.

- Send that out.
- Gladly.

- Come on.
- Must we really go home?

It's no good. Mum's waiting.

What a pity.


Sorry it took so long,
but Sandra was a great help.

Then it was worthwhile.
Say goodbye.

- Must you really go?
- We have a lot to do. Bye.

Bye, Rex.

I think I saw something else.

Really? Know what I think?

You don't want to go to bed.

Could that be it, little miss?

- So, what did you see?
- I daren't tell.

But if you read me a story
I might not be afraid.

Sandra, if you saw something
you must tell Mr Moser.

She knows all the tricks.

All right, where's your book?

I'll fetch it. Go in.
I'll make you a coffee.

You can sit here.
I'll go over there with Rex.

Fine. Anything you say.


Mum sits there
when she reads to me.

- She can listen for hours.
- I can believe that.

1 000 Fairytales!
What have I let myself in for?

- Which one?
- Number 30, where the bookmark is.

She hasn't heard the rest.

She hasn't? Right...

Once upon a time

there was a woodcutter
who had seven sons.

The eldest son
was ten years old...

Once, when he was
in the woods, it grew dark.

He wondered whether to go on
or to have a rest.

Your coffee.

Uncle Moser is very good
at reading stories.

He's trying his hardest.

But then he decided
to sit on a tree trunk

and eat his bread.

The king scratched his bill.

We've got him.

It's Markus.

The children were alone

and they started
to wail and weep loudly.

- Do you know what you saw?
- Finish the story first.

Look, Sandra.

It's really important. So?

All right, but you must
finish reading the story.

I promise.

Tommy was with Markus.

- Tommy?
- Markus's best friend.

He went into the changing room.
Then Markus followed.

But Tommy wasn't at the rink.

Yes, he vanished too.

Do you know Tommy's surname?


First finish the story.

Aren't you getting tired?

No? Well...

And when he returned home
laden with treasures,

they welcomed him joyfully.

Thank you.
That was a nice story.

Thank you.

I don't know
why they haven't called.

It's the usual ploy.

They want to scare you
so you pay the ransom

without notifying the police.

If they hurt him...

They'll call you,

I'll take them the money

and then we'll find Markus.

I hope so.

- Are you expecting anyone?
- Only the man from the bank.


I'll get it
to be on the safe side.

- Yes?
- Who are you?

- I'm Mr Koch. And you?
- I'm Dr Richter's wife.

I see. Please come in.

What are you doing here?
I tried to call you.

But you weren't at the office
or at home.

I went Christmas shopping.

Is anything wrong?

has been kidnapped.


At 2 p.m. From the ice rink.
They've demanded a ransom.

Wait. That can't be right.

He came to see me
shortly before 3.

- What?
- Are you sure?

Of course.

I must make a phone call.

Hang on.

If Markus was with you,
he can't have been kidnapped.

Have you any idea
where he might be?

No. He said he was going
straight back to the rink.

Why did you come here?

Markus told me
what he wanted for Christmas.


He snuck off
because of a Christmas present.

Just as well.
Or he'd have been kidnapped.

We know one thing for sure.
They didn't kidnap Markus.

So who did they take?

So Markus wasn't kidnapped,
but he hasn't turned up yet?

Ask Dr Richter about Tommy,
Markus's best friend.

Surname, address etc.

I'll ask.

They're here now.

I'll wait.

Sorry. Do you know Tommy,
Markus's best friend?

- No.
- I do.

Tommy Fink.
He lives in the 3rd district.

His name is Tommy Fink.
He lives in the 3rd district.



I don't believe it.
He's never stayed out so late.

Here he is.

I was so worried...

My name's Moser.
I'm from the police.

Good God. Is it about Tommy?

No... That is to say
we don't know exactly.

Where is he?

He went skating.
He said he'd be home at 6.

I phoned a few times,
but there was no reply.

What's happened?

Do you know Markus Richter?

Of course.
He's Tommy's best friend.


Allegedly Markus was kidnapped
this afternoon.

A girl saw your son and Markus
go into the changing room.

they were both kidnapped

or the kidnapper mistook
your son for Markus.

My God.

Tommy has been kidnapped?

Mrs Fink, we'll do all we can.
I promise.

He's played tricks on Ms Janko
before, but never like this.

It wasn't a trick.

We must find out
where he's got to.

I... I didn't want to ask
in front of the police

but did Markus ask you
for a special Christmas present?

Our son wants us
to celebrate Christmas together.

I... I thought so.
He's spoken to me too.

It really matters to him.

He showed me...

the letter you wrote me.


I was very moved
by your letter.

you didn't send it.

You... you know how hard
that kind of thing is for me.

Markus probably wanted me
to make the first move.

He knows you never would.

That's not true.

He looked so unhappy.

The most important thing now
is to get him home.

This uncertainty is terrible.

If it's the kidnappers,
try to keep them on the line.


Your dad.

Hello, Dad.
Mum still hasn't...

I'm fine, but get the money.


No police. We'll call you.

Hello? Hello?

Hello, Dad.
Mum still hasn't...

I'm fine, but get the money.


Tell me,

is that your son's voice?





What? They've got Markus?


So they kidnapped Tommy
by mistake

and now
they've got Markus too?

Yes, Tommy Fink's missing too.

Send the tape to the lab.
They may find something.



Hello, Richard.
I think I've got something.

The House of the Sea is closed,
but a fire alarm went off.

No. No fire.

They found a pair of skates
and a helmet.

All right.
I'll meet you there. Bye.

I don't think the alarm went off
on its own.

They have to be tampered with,
or they're set off by a fire.

There's no one inside,
but the alarm went off.

Check the outside.

I'll go in. Rex!

- Has Forensics been yet?
- No, sir.

They must check
for fingerprints.

I'll ask when they're coming.

Richard... I've found
an open cellar window.

Someone could have got in.

I'll look. Call Koch.
Those are Markus's skates.

Come on, Rex.


Quiet, boy.
They're just rats and mice.

Snake food.

I don't believe it.

There must be a light switch.

Ah, there it is.

Rex, come here!

Come here, Rex!
Get back.

Don't move.

Don't move.
Stay calm, Rex.

Stay calm.

Don't move. Stay still.

- What's up?
- A snake bit Rex.

- We need a serum.
- I'm looking for one.

Clear the table.

- What kind of snake?
- A cobra, I think.

Good boy.

They must have a serum.

I'm looking!


Nothing here.

Here's something.

It says "antivenene" on it.

What? Give me that.

Call the Poison Hotline.

The number's
on the First Aid box. Go!

Would you believe it?

B?ck, Crime Squad.
We've got a snake bite.

I'm not joking.
Even in winter, you clown.

Give it to me. Hello!

We're at the House of the Sea.
My dog was bitten by a cobra.

What? How should I know?
I am calm. I...



It was probably
a cobra Naja kaouthia.

I injected an antivenene.

A polyvalent antivenene.

What will happen?


It was the right serum.

How long has Ms Janko
been with you?

I hired her
after my wife and I split up

to look after Markus.

She's completely familiar
with Markus's daily routine?

She takes him to school,
picks him up,

takes him to sport and so on.

Good. Then please ask
Ms Janko to come in.


Ms Janko!

- Yes?
- Come here, please.

- Would you like us to go out?
- I'd like you both to stay.


Ms Janko...

Dr Richter was good enough
to tell me

that you have a boyfriend
or partner.

Yes, but why are you asking?

Where does he work?

Here and there,
depending on what's going.

But currently he works
at the House of the Sea?

That could well be.
For the time being.

Markus's skates
have been found there.

It's not a bad hiding-place.
It's closed over Christmas.

It's absurd to say
Heinz is involved.

I didn't say that. You did.

I think you're involved.


Yes. After all, you know
Markus's routine really well.

You happened to be in the cafe
when he was kidnapped.

You didn't want to call us.

What an insinuation!
I'm not saying another word.

You needn't say anything.
But it'd look a lot better for you

if you gave us a photo of him.


So we can look for him.

It was his idea.

I have nothing to do with it.

If anything happens to Markus...

Don't, Lotte!
Stop. Be sensible.

Are you sure?

- No one's there over Christmas?
- Who would be there then?

Let's go
before anyone sees us.

What's up?

- It keeps cutting out.
- What now?

No idea. I'm not a mechanic.

More light.


Can I help?

Thanks. We'll be okay.

I'm good with engines.
What's he doing?

You can be on your way.
I called the breakdown service.

If you're sure.

All right...

Happy Christmas.

And to you.

Thank you.

They've caught it.

The lndian cobra
is highly venomous.

Thank goodness
they had the antivenene.

Eh, Rex?

If that's all you can tell us,
it looks bad for you.

Very bad.

Where could they
have taken the boys?

I really don't know.

Heinz said he'd hide Markus
at the House of the Sea.

If they aren't there,
I don't know where they are.

- When did you meet Brunner?
- A few months ago.

- When?
- A few months ago.

When did he hatch his plan?

I don't know.

All I did was tell him
how much Dr Richter earned.

- So you instigated it?
- Not intentionally.

What do you mean?

I knew he'd done
a few shady things.

But I never thought
he'd kidnap him.

If anything happens
to the boys, Ms Janko...

Start the engine.

We'll celebrate later.

There's an advantage.
The trees are cheaper.



I don't know if this is important

but I've seen something
very strange.

Tell us.

A van with two men in it.

The engine kept cutting out

but they refused
my offer of help.

Then suddenly I heard noises
from the back of the van.

We got a fax
a short while ago.

Was this one of the men?

That wasn't him, but I only
saw one of them properly.

Thanks. We'll look into it.

- Just so you know.
- It may be important. Thanks.


Do you really want to go out
in this weather?

Wait. Can you come back?

Was he one of them?

It's him.
I'm quite sure.

Yes, we'll come.

Let's go.

Rex, lie down.
You've got to rest.

Did you hear?
Stay here. You're still...

What can you do?

Off we go.

Hello. Are there tracks?

There's been too much traffic.
None are left.

Good of you to wait.
Can you tell us what you saw?

Hurry up.

Careful. It's slippery.

Come on.

- What do they do here?
- Repairs.

- Let's put them in a sleeper.
- I'll call his dad.

If they've got a problem
with the van, they'll need help.

Let's ask
at the service stations.

You go this way,
and you that way.

I'll be near the station.


Markus saw me.
We'll get the ransom and run.

We'll say where they are
when we're overseas.

What about your girlfriend?

I'll call her...
or maybe not.

No signal. I'll have to go
outside to call his dad.

Here. In case of trouble.

They wouldn't dare.
Lean on the dad, okay?

Don't worry.


Pay the ransom in two hours.
We'll tell you where.

Follow our orders
or the boys will get hurt.

Pay the ransom in two hours.

We'll tell you where.

Follow our orders
or the boys will get hurt.

What is it?


What do you mean?

- Can't you hear it?
- No.

Listen, madam.
There's a background noise.


There it is.

I must call Richie.

How are you?

No, Rex.
Stay there. Lie down.

Moser speaking.

Oh, it's you. What is it?

Richie, please listen to the tape.


Pay the ransom in two hours.

We'll tell you where.

Follow our orders
or the boys will get hurt.

Well? Did you hear the noise?

Not really.

The audio quality
is bad over the phone

but there's a...

a dull, rhythmic sound.

Like a beat. Bass sounds.

Maybe it's a dance hall
or a disco or something.

A disco. Of course.

Thanks, Max.
I'll call you if there's news.


Excuse me,
is there a disco round here?

A disco?
There's the Nachtwerk.

- Go straight, then right.
- Down there?

- Yes.
- Thanks.

He could be back any minute.

If we got him,
we can get the other one too.

How did you know
where to find me?

I guessed, because
I saw him in the car park.

He's Ms Janko's boyfriend.

She once told me
he worked there

and he gave me an iguana.

How did you find out
I'd been kidnapped?

When I got back to the rink

I overheard them say
I'd been kidnapped.

I twigged why Brunner had
been there and where you'd be.

- Why didn't you call the cops?
- Get up.

Because it's my fault
that you were kidnapped.

I have to make it right.

This is hard.


I'll lure him over there.

One, two, three...


- Over there!
- That's the disco.

They could be round here.

Maybe they drove on
after the call.

I don't think so. We know
their van is playing up.

They could be anywhere.

You can hear the disco
for miles around.

Let's start
with the places closest to it.

- There are plenty.
- Unfortunately.

- B?ck, look over there.
- Right.

I'll check the tunnel
and meet you on the bridge.

That leaves those buildings.

Let's get started.

Come on!

My head...

They've stolen
the key to the workshop.

They haven't gone in there.
I foiled that.

They must still be here.
They can't get out.

They'll cop it from me.

And from me too.
Come on.

- I hope he's a guard dog.
- I hope so too.

What a place.
This is going to take forever.

What do you think?

Is everything okay, Rex?

The rascal.

We've seen you.
Come out.

He must have jumped out
on the bridge.

- Maybe he smelt something.
- Try the dog whistle.

Police! Drop your guns.

Come on.

Out you come. Breathe in!



- It's no good.
- Shit!



Get out.
End of the line.

He won't hurt you.

Unless I tell him to.

- I want to ask you something.
- What?

Will you celebrate with us?


Not only Christmas.

Ready, Rex?


What do you think
of the surprise?

- Happy Christmas.
- And you, Max.

Happy Christmas.

Happy Christmas,
and thank you.

Don't mention it.
Happy Christmas.

Cheers, B?ck.

- Okay, boys?
- Sure.