Rex: A Cop's Best Friend (1994–2008): Season 3, Episode 1 - Todesrennen - full transcript



Hello, Control. B is okay,
I'm going to C now.

Okay. Over.

You bastards!
You should be locked up.


- Where's Schuh?
- He had a problem.


You almost killed me.

Bad loser, eh?

Only if someone cheats.

Maybe you killed Max
with your spotlight too.

Don't ever say that again.

The police found he was at fault.
He was by himself.

- I was way ahead of him.
- A good driver, they say.

Maybe you weren't
that far ahead

and you used your spotlight
to win.


Leave Heinzi alone.
He was faster than you.

you weren't here that time.

And if new guys talk crap,
they can get lost.

You leave Heinzi alone.

- Ouch!
- He's mine.

Are you crazy?

Stop that.
We have to go.

The guard probably
called the cops ages ago.

And I don't want the cops
taking my money.

Don't go too far.
I've warned you.

One of us should get wood.

Yes, and who will it be?

I'll spell it out.
Could you get some wood?

You know how.

I have to work.
It's quite simple.

before we freeze to death...

That would be great.

What's wrong?

He'll make me do it again.

It's getting cold.
Where's the wood?

Oh, the door's stuck.
I forgot.


I'll show you how to do it.

Push firmly against it.
Do you see?

Push it firmly.

No more excuses.

Go on.


You come here at night
to tell me that?

Just forget the whole thing.

It can't be changed.


Do you want to smoke?

You're not very talkative.

The boss insisted
that the office be painted.

I can see why.

You guys work round the clock,
so you want it cosy.

No, but when H?llerer cooks
the walls get splattered.

And we have work to do.

What's all the fuss about?
Sausages burst for everyone.

I wonder why I'm moving
all Stockinger's files.

Don't wonder.
That's why I'm helping.


- We've almost finished.
- Take your time.

We won't be finished
for a while.

Time is money
and money is beer.

Hey, Edo, give me my ham roll.


Mr J?ger...

I'm from the gas company.
I've come to read the meter.

Mr J?ger.

You were notified,
Mr J?ger.

Please open up.

Good Lord!

Hey, are you settling in?

I'll open a pipe shop.

I thought,
seeing Stockinger has left

and you don't
have a replacement,

I could help out.

What will really happen?

It's simple.
I'll sit at this desk

smoke one pipe after another

and work my way
through Stockinger's files.

That's a good idea.

Here are Stockinger's files.
You can start right now.

I didn't really mean it.


- Hi, Leo.
- Hello, Richard.

killed the poor fellow twice.

Several hard blows with
a long object, half of them fatal.

- Unpremeditated?
- Yes. But there's no weapon.

The killer must have
taken it with him.

Anything else?

He was knocked down
from the front,

then struck from behind.

There are a couple
of longish lacerations

that indicate it was
a long object, possibly metal.

There were fractures, but he died
from an epidural haematoma.

What's that?
Ah, a brain haemorrhage.


Rigor mortis has set in.
He was killed 6-9 hours ago.

Late last night.

Good morning.
Hi, Leo.

The caretaker said
the victim had a girlfriend.

Andrea Jandl.
She was with him until about 1 1.

Where is she?

If you want a tyre changed,
join the queue.

There are four cars waiting.

Are you Andrea Jandl?

- For 22 years.
- Really.

- And you?
- Moser, Crime Squad.

- Looking for a stolen car?
- No, for you.

- Do you know a Heinz J?ger?
- Yes.

What about him?

He's dead.


You were at his place last night.

Is there anywhere
we can talk?

We had a fight

about Birgit.

She's been after him for ages.

But that doesn't mean
I killed him.

No one's saying you did.

Apart from you, who else
had a motive to kill Heinz?

The new guy.
He's been with us two weeks.

What do you mean, us?

a kind of drag racing club.

We meet sometimes
and race each other.

What sort of races?

We drive at the gasworks.

No one's there at night.

And the new guy...
What was his name?

I didn't tell you his name.

- Oh.
- It's Christian Schuh.

What happened
between him and Heinz J?ger?

He and Heinz...

had a race.

Schuh claimed

that Heinz blinded him
and that's why he won.

What does Schuh look like?

Rather slight build.


Drives an Escort.

Where can I find him?

He's not working
and I don't know his address.

But he comes
to the site most nights.

Hi, H?llerer. Would you
check out a Christian Schuh?

Aged between 25 and 30,
blond, slight build.

No clues as to his address.

I'd still like to know
where he is.

Was he killed
with a tool like this?

The injuries point to that.

I'll examine it now.

I found tiny traces of oil
in the man's head injuries.

The analysis shows
it's synthetic oil,

such as the oil used in cars.

So the weapon
could be from a workshop?

- You have to find that out.
- I'm doing that.

Tell me,
could a woman have done it?

A spanner is heavy enough.

You don't need great strength
to kill someone with one.

Richard, I've had no luck
tracing Christian Schuh.

The Schuhs I found
don't fit your description.

There's an 8-year-old,
a 72-year-old, and so on.

I've had others checked too
but there's no Christian Schuh.

So you know where he is?

Then why do you
make me search?


Know how I feel?
It's just like the old days.

The new guy isn't here.

He's strange.

- Do you know what he does?
- No idea. He doesn't say much.

Except yesterday.
I've never seen him so furious.

Do you think
he killed Heinz?

He'd be capable of it.

He always seems very cool,

- He's a wild driver.
- He'll break his neck one day.

We're the ones
that hot up their cars.

We don't break even
with our racing carts.

We need their money.

- It's as simple as that.
- Okay.

What's up?

Why are you staring at me?

The police came to see me.
Heinz has been murdered.

- What?
- I called all the gang.

I just wanted to surprise you.


- Do you think I did it?
- I was at his place until 1 1.

He was still alive.
Someone came and killed him.

And you argued with him

That's quite ridiculous.

Yes. He cheated me
in the race yesterday.

But that's no reason to kill him.

Cool it.
Andrea could have done it too.

Heinz was going to dump her
for me, and she knew.

You're crazy.

He'd never have left me.
Not for a slut like you.

He always said
I was better in bed than you.

You rotten bitch.

What is it?


Stop that!

It's pointless
getting stuck into each other.

The police can find out
who killed Heinz.

We'll sort it out
among ourselves.

But you can't take the law
into your own hands.

What if you get
the wrong person?

Sorry to disturb you.
Crime Squad.

What do you want?

To talk to you.
Are you Christian Schuh?

I won't say a word
without an arrest warrant.

A professional.

But you will show me
your papers.

Leave them in there.

What have we here?

Do you have a gun licence
or something?

Yes, I do.
Unfortunately I've mislaid it.

Don't you know?


You see I'm not alone.
I'll talk to each of you.

Number one.


Will you show me your licence?
Or have you mislaid that too?

Christian Schuh.

Born 25 May 1 967 in Vienna.
Where do you live?

1 6th district,
Ottakringerstrasse 1 24.

- You're not registered.
- I was away for a long time.

- Globetrotter. Where?
- Abroad for ten years.

Germany, Spain, France.
Worked a bit.

- Where do you work?
- Nowhere.

- What are you living on?
- Savings.

I've had enough.

I'm going to have a smoke.

Maybe you were at home,
but you need witnesses.

You have no alibi, Mr Schuh.

Why would I kill Heinz?

There was an argument.
Didn't he cheat in the race?

Are you trying
to pin something on me?

It might happen if you don't find
your gun licence.

When you find it, call me.

We'll keep this until then.


- The gun isn't registered?
- Maybe it is.

The serial number
has been filed off.

- I'll do a firing test.
- How long will it take?

I'll compare the marks
on the bullet and shell

with similar ones in our files.

Then we'll at least know
if the gun was used in a crime.

Maybe we'll find out
who used it, too.

- So it may take a while.
- Quite a while.

- The new guy can burn rubber.
- Someone else was better.

I know who you mean, Dad.

You have to accept the fact
that my brother's dead.

Who do you think
killed Heinz?

I have an idea
who it was.




The carburettor's running
too rich.

- It needs more power.
- Right...

Now that Heinz is dead
you're the fastest driver anyway.

That would be a motive,
wouldn't it?

- What are you doing here?
- I like talking.

- Why not see me at home?
- You weren't there.

So I thought you'd be here,
but you have no...

Do you want to talk to me?


- Then get in.
- Good idea.

- Ready?
- Yes.

- Is everything okay?
- Why not?

- Found the gun licence?
- In the glovebox.

It's new.

But I can't give it back.
The serial number's filed off.

Where did you get the pistol?

I bought it at the station,
from a Pole.

A Pole?
We're doing a firing test.

If the gun's not clean,
you've got problems.

- Lucky I didn't have breakfast.
- Really?

Could you have a false name
and forged passport?

If we find out your identity,
that's three offences.

Thanks. Most impressive.

- He's a good driver, eh?
- Well... I've seen better.

So have l. But not many.

It's not hard to do
a few laps of this track.

- I'd like to talk to you.
- I can't help.

I don't know anything
and I have to go out.

Will you stay if I race him?


I'll watch that.

I'll bet 500 on the new guy.

Okay. You're on.

A thousand?
You're on.

- We'll talk afterwards.
- If you win.

- Which way?
- I'll show you.

One practice lap
then a two-lap race.

Rex, stay here.

I'll be right back.

Where did you learn to drive?

At driving school.

Have you seen my dog?

Look at you.

Have you been
tidying up the warehouse?

I owe you 1 000 schillings.

Forget it. Let me drive
the racing cart and we're quits.

Sorry, no. We can't run
the cart raceway any more.

Why not?

There were complaints about
the noise, so we had to close.

We had races here
every weekend.

- Were the club people here too?
- Some of them grew up here.

Those were good times.

- Is this yours?
- Yes.


Did you race?

Mountain racing.
Third at Kreisberg.

- Why not now?
- It was always expensive.

Do you know Christian Schuh
well? What does he do?

All I know
is that he's a good driver.


Thank you. We'll take a look.

He didn't even try
to take the seal off carefully.

Either he was in a hurry
or he has good nerves.

And he didn't damage the lock.

A trophy...

He took a trophy with him.


The cart racing trophy
is missing.

The bullets were clearly fired
from the same gun.

The notches match.

There's more evidence.

The firing pin and the detonator
don't meet in the middle,

but slightly to the left.

- Is it in the file?
- It sure is...

It was used in a robbery
five years ago.

- We caught the offenders.
- And the gun?

We confiscated it.

It was in our depot
until three months ago.

Who took it out?

An officer from the Youth Crime
Department borrowed it.

So he's one of us.
I thought so.

Hello, Herbert.

I got the new exhaust manifold.
Install it and I can't lose.


But you'll have to wait
until I finish this.


Did Andrea tell you
about Heinz's murder?

She was devastated.

It's strange somehow...

You told someone in the group
Heinz was beaten to death.

That's probably
what Andrea told me.

I asked her.

She said he'd been murdered,
not how.

What are you saying?

Six weeks ago, Heinz raced
your younger son Max.

Max crashed into a lamp post
and died.

Two of the group saw it.

They kept their mouths shut.

But Heinz blinded me
with his spotlight,

so you must know
that he killed Max too.


Stay there!

I'm arresting you
for the murder of Heinz J?ger,

Mr Gasser.



What's with my father?

You know very well.

What happened to him?

He was unconscious.
Your dog saved his life.

Oh, the dog.

Who dragged him out?

I didn't want my father
to kill anyone else.

I told him about Heinz's trick
with the spotlight

and said he must have
blinded my brother too.

I never thought
he'd kill Heinz.

Do you know why
he took the trophy?

Heinz won the trophy
in a cart race here.

But he cheated.

I always thought

he hadn't earned the trophy.

I tried to teach my boys
something different...


But the way they drive...

They just speed.

Everyone for himself,
without any brain.

Did you know
that your father killed him?

I thought he had,

but hoped and wished
that he hadn't.

You suspected Christian Schuh
at first.

He's one of us.

How did you know?

I was close to solving
Max Gasser's death,

so I didn't tell Moser
about my investigation.


You could have told me
when we were in the car.

You know that undercover cops
don't blow their cover,

not even to other cops.

- Oh?
- Yes.

And I wanted
to solve the case myself.

I'm sure that was part of it,
Mr B?ck.

Why is it suddenly B?ck?

This young man has been
assigned to our group from today.

A replacement for Stockinger.
So you won't need me.

Thank God.
Now I can spend time in cafes

smoking and playing chess,
and forget about Stocki's files...


Do you think our new colleague
likes ham rolls?


So now there's someone
who'll buy four every day.

And a bone for Rex.
I owe him.

Want some,
or have you had enough?