Rex: A Cop's Best Friend (1994–2008): Season 10, Episode 3 - Endlich ist die Bestie tot - full transcript



Okay, my boy. Have a good day.

Come on, Sasha!

- Good morning, Sasha.
- Hey, restrain yourself!

Do you need to lick my daughter
in front of everyone?

You should be grateful you're not
in prison, Mr Zartmann.

Luisa! Two red jelly cakes
and a hot chocolate.

- Anything else?
- No thanks.

Coming through!

- Can't you watch out?
- Sorry.

Luisa! The same for
the young man. It's on us.

Cool! Did you hear that?

- Good morning.
- Good morning, Mr Zartmann.



If you think I'll sign this,
you're mistaken.

- We discussed it yesterday.
- You know what I think.

Are you crazy? It's the contract
for the Schelling Street shop.

You can't always do as you like.
No longer!

- And after last night...
- Shut your mouth!

Sorry, Karl!

Yes, Christine?

I'm sorry about last night.


I had too much to drink.

What do you mean you're getting
all the locks changed?





- You, Goiser?
- I'm already here, Zartmann.

Better wear something warm.

It isn't that cold, though. It must
be the humidity or the wind.

That icy westerly...
What did you say?

So... eleven on the dot?

As always!

What is it, Rex?

Who are you?

Have a look, Rex.

He looks a bit like Kunz.
A little thinner, though.

We'll call him Fritz.

Hofmann here.

Hi, Kunz.

What? I know where it is.
We'll be right there.


- Who found him?
- Mr Heller.

He's a nurse
at the clinic over there.

I'd just finished my shift.

I was on my way home.
I practically tripped over him.

That's all I can tell you.


Our witnesses never
see or hear a thing!

- Did Rex become a dad?
- This is Fritz.

- We've adopted him.
- How come Fritz?

Why Fritz?

Who's the victim?



- Don't you know him?
- No.

He's that confectioner
who's so in with the kids now.

He had 10,000 euros on him.
Robbery wasn't the motive.

- Three shots.
- Two of them fatal.

Oh, the doctor...

Thank you kindly.

One through the parietal lobe.
No chance!

Another right through the heart.
A serious job.

You'll have more
after I've had him on the table.

What a sweet little thing!

- Is Rex to be congratulated?
- No, we found him.

- Oh.
- Guess what? He's called Fritz.

Fritz? Like you, Kunz?
How fitting!

Have a nice day.

The shots came from the tree.

- Any cartridges?
- Three from a 9 mm Glock.

Any shoe prints?

Sports shoes and also tracks
from a cross-country bike.

Rex has got something.

Very good, Rex.

The culprit was waiting here
for Zartmann.

Mrs Zartmann...

I have one more question.

Can you tell me
where your husband was going?

I don't know.

Your husband left
with the children this morning.

The workman was here till noon.

I've already told you all that.

- Please leave me alone.
- Sorry.

I do understand.

We'll see you later.

Sasha mustn't find out.

Give me a few days' time
to tell him his father is dead.

Of course.



There's a great big dog outside
with his baby.

- Why are you crying?
- It's nothing.

Sasha... I'm Marc.

The dogs out there are mine.

When we come back
you can play with them.

- I promise.
- Great! Thanks.

- Shots from six metres at most.
- Impossible to miss!

He must have turned
to have been shot in the chest.

Maybe he knew the culprit.

- Those are scratch marks.
- No more than 24 hours old.

- Results of a struggle?
- Possibly.

I found traces of salmon-coloured
nail polish.

One per thousand
residual alcohol.

- Nail polish analysis?
- Being carried out.

Thank you for coming so quickly.
This way.

Had you and your husband
fought recently?

Was violence involved?

Any idea
where the scratches came from?

I don't know.

How was his relationship
with Sasha and Tanya?


We were a very normal family.

You're Tanya, right?

- Yes.
- My condolences.

Jurgen Zartmann. He owns
fifteen of these coffee shops.

He co-owns them with a certain
Karl Dvorak who has 30%.

Meaning what?

The chain is flourishing.
Red jelly cakes... They're awful.

- Too sweet!
- Right.

So where was Zartmann going
with 10,000 euros?

- To the bank?
- No.

- Was it blackmail money?
- His partner will tell us.

We need all the alibis.

From family members,
partners, employees and so forth.

And we need witnesses.

Someone must have
seen something that day.

Maybe we'll get lucky
and the bike rider will call in.

- Excuse me...
- I'll be right with you.

- Where's the office?
- Straight back there.


I'm not sure I understood
your question correctly.

- Here.
- Thank you.

I'll rephrase it.

Your boss was
a very attractive man.

- Were other women involved?
- I wasn't into his private life.

- Any suspicions?
- I know one thing.

- Oh?
- He wasn't my type.

My taste is different...

- Want to know something?
- What?

I'd like to see
Mr Zartmann's office.

- I want to take this calendar.
- Are you allowed to?

Zartmann won't notice.

What can you tell me
about the company's finances?

Sorry, but you'll need to ask
our new boss, Mr Dvorak.

The new boss? How did
he and Zartmann get along?

You couldn't say
they'd got along at all lately.

Did they fight?

- Then what was it about?
- Ask him yourself.

Well, Rex? Coming?

You'll have to decide.

It's not easy to combine
family and job.

Were you with a client
at 11 a.m. yesterday?


I wanted to see about flour
deliveries in Wiener Neustadt.

- But you never got there.
- Exactly.

Favoriten Street was blocked.
Ask your traffic mates.

You fought with Mr Zartmann
recently. Right?

Oh... Modra.

Couldn't keep her mouth shut

Yes or no?

You see... Zartmann invested
very aggressively.

Opening a coffee shop
each month without a contract...

- That's risky.
- You worried about your share.

He kept withdrawing money
for himself.

- What for?
- Whatever he needed it for.

Women or... who knows?

- May I?
- Go ahead.


Hi, Kunz.

How interesting.

Does the name Goiser
ring a bell?

Why Goiser?

Goiser's used to be a famous
Viennese pastry shop.

Okay... we'll be in touch.

Thanks, I'll find my way out.

It's me. The fellow
from Homicide was here.

It's seen better times.

The confectioner said Zartmann
was an apprentice here.

He allegedly stole the recipe
for the famous Goiser rolls.

- And opened up shop.
- How do you figure that?

Why else would he steal
the recipe?

The old man was deeply hurt
and soon died.

The shop never picked up
after that. That's not all.

His son, Anton Goiser,

told everyone
he'd make Zartmann pay.

Oh? Let's go talk to junior.


Good day, gentlemen.

- What'll it be?
- Two Goiser rolls and...

Don't touch!

- You said two?
- Yes.

Right away.

- We also want to see Mr Goiser.
- I don't know if he's still here.

It's important.

Hoffmann here.

7th District. Suspect fleeing
on bike towards Spittelberg.

Hey, you can't just...

Easy, for Pete's sake.

- Hey! There he is!
- Easy.

Hoffmann here.

We lost him.
Organise a search of the city.

Anton Goiser. Got that?

Calm down! Look.

- Fritz survived it.
- So did the Goiser rolls.

- So your boss wasn't here?
- He only comes now and then.

- Who manages everything?
- No one. Anton's thing is bikes.

The confectioner's art

He loves them.

- He even pedalled to Portugal.
- Alone?

With his club.
They're all mad too.

- What sort of club is it?
- A bike club.

I'd like to collect the money
for the rolls.

My partner will pay.

Any trace of Goiser?

Did you check the bike clubs?

Then extend the search!

The envelopes are identical
to Zartmann's.

So... check this out.



And here. Always with a G
at 11 a.m. on a Wednesday.

- He always met with a G.
- Exactly. G as in Goiser.

- Yesterday was Wednesday.
- Goiser blackmailed him?

- They always met in a park.
- And yesterday he shot him.


I don't know. Blackmailed
or shot in full public view...

- What for?
- The Goiser rolls.

I still haven't tried them!

Want some?

Not you.

Look, Rex.
It's barely enough for one.

Yes, he sometimes sat here.

His photo was in the papers...
because of the murder.

Another guy used to sit with him.

- This one?
- Exactly!

- Was he here yesterday?
- I've no idea.

I was working
in the hospital greenhouse.

Okay, thanks.

- Mr Heller? I need to see you.
- Yes. Go find another game.

- Well?
- Ever seen this man?

Sorry. I don't know him.

Look at your dog.

Children sense
he won't hurt them.

- Why are the kids here?
- This is a children's home.

They're all victims.
Abandoned, neglected, abused...

There are many forms
of child abuse.

So these are your new friends,



Sure... I got that.
The expensive one.

Zartmann's secretary
used cheap nail polish.

The one at Dvorak's
was the one on Zartmann's body.

It's very simple.

I think our doctor
needs a holiday.

- What else is new?
- Listen.

If the nail polish
we found at Dvorak's

is the one on the body, then...

- Dvorak and Mrs Zartmann...
- Not necessarily.

Then again...

- Why did the Zartmanns fight?
- Because of Dvorak.

Dvorak and Mrs Zartmann...

Hence the fights.

What's the motive? Jealousy?


No, Mummy, I'm not alone.
Rex is here.

He just arrived. I'm hanging up.

Mummy is always worried
about me.

Is she? Why?

- The other night, too?
- I covered my ears, like this.

- Did your parents fight?
- I don't know.

- May I always play with Rex?
- Sure.

Come on, Rex.
I'll show you my police car.

- No idea.
- We'll have a look.

Hi. I'm sorry.
I came to see your mother.

She's not here.

I won't be long.
I have a query.

What was the fight
between your parents about?

What fight? I went to bed early.

What about you?
You knew Mr Zartmann too.

No. Felix never met my father.

Oh... I see. So he knew nothing
about you two.

Excuse me.

Hoffmann here.


Terrific. I'll be right there.

Yes. I was in the park
at the time of the crime.

- But I didn't shoot Zartmann.
- So why stage that escape?

When I read about the murder
in the papers...

I lost my nerve.
That's human, isn't it?

Look, Mr Goiser.
Not even the dog believes you.

Your tyre tracks were found
near the corpse.

I rode up to him on my bike.

- But he was already dead.
- You came to get the money.

- What money?
- You were blackmailing him.

Blackmailing him?
That was compensation.

He killed my father
and ruined my whole life.

How did you blackmail him?

He sold schnapps to kids.

- What?
- In Goiser rolls.

There's schnapps in those cakes.

Why do you think Vienna was
crazy about them? Dad's recipe!

10 ml of alcohol
in every 100 g of mixture.

Zartmann reinvented them
as red jelly cakes

and sold them to kids?

Schnapps makes happy.

He was a pig in every way!

There... I've had it.

I'm tired.

We decide when it's over.

He didn't do it.

What if Zartmann refused to pay?

Bang! End of story.

I just don't think so.

What about Dvorak's alibi?

The traffic jam checked out.

I still think...

Hi, Fritz...

he's having us on.

- What about the handyman?
- He was in Zartmann's villa.

I checked it out.
He changed all the locks.

Oh? And Mrs Zartmann
was there looking on?

How would he know?
He was working.


Mrs Zartmann.

She saw a lawyer the day before
to ask for a quick divorce.

But there's a contract... If she
divorces him she loses the lot.

She only inherits if she's still
his wife when he dies.


We'll need to have another talk
with her.

Let's continue in there.

I think Goiser has something else
against Zartmann.

Why is that?

I have this hunch.

Yes, I've used that brand
for years.


please get ready for school.

We found this bottle
in Dvorak's flat.


Karl and I...

He's a good friend.

I think...

you had an affair with Mr Dvorak.

That's why you saw a lawyer.


I wanted a divorce.

Once again. What happened
on the night before the murder?

My husband was drunk.

He forced himself on me.

He ripped my blouse.

He wanted to rape you?


I defended myself.

He didn't accept
our marriage breakdown.

Please go to your room, Tanya.

And then? Go on.

I didn't love my husband
any more,

but I didn't kill him.

Mrs Zartmann!

Wasn't it that your husband
forced himself...

on your daughter?

Tanya? Am I right?

Your husband was... a pedophile.

That's why
he was being blackmailed.

We've received a testimony
confirming it.

Please leave now.
I've told you everything.

Hey, Rex,
what are you doing here?

Do you mind if Rex and I
take Sasha to school?

- But...
- Cool! In a police car.

- Cool parking spot.
- We're the police after all.

Does your dad
fight with your mum too?

Yes, parents fight sometimes.
What can you do?

- Was it about Tanya?
- Yes, because of Felix.

Otherwise everything's great.

- Did your dad know Felix?
- Yes, they almost had a brawl.

The other day here at school.

Okay, come on.

Bye, Rex.

- Will you always be taking me?
- No.

But I promise to get you
this afternoon.


Hey, just a minute! Wait!

Thanks. Everything's okay.

We've got them now.
Park Street. 10.47 a.m.

That proves
they were near the crime scene

only minutes before the murder.

- They lied.
- They're all lying.

Dvorak has a gun licence.

Same calibre
as the murder weapon.

Why aren't you happy?

Dvorak isn't stupid enough
to use his own gun.

Let him explain that one!

You look after Fritz.

Do you have a gun?

- I've had a Glock for years.
- I'd like to see it.

- I've mislaid it.
- Oh?

- Mr Dvorak... please!
- I...

Haven't you got anything to do?

- You think I shot Zartmann?
- His death is to your benefit.

The shops, the widow,
her inheritance...

Correct, but I didn't do it.

Then explain how you were stuck
in traffic on Favoriten Street

while you were also caught on
a speed camera in Park Street.

Our traffic colleagues
are pretty vigilant.

Did you know Mr Zartmann
was a pedophile?

I won't answer without a lawyer.

Always the threat of lawyers.

Wait, Kunz.

- Do you believe it?
- What?

What Goiser told us.

- That Zartmann went for kids.
- Sure I do.

The number one grounds
for blackmail.

Then maybe
he went for his own kids.

Sasha doesn't show any signs
of sexual abuse.

On the other hand, you're right.

His resistance to bodily contact
is noticeable.

I saw how strongly he reacts
to being touched.

If I read you correctly
you don't exclude abuse.

I can't deliver a complete
psychological profile

while strolling in the park.

Of course. If a father abuses
his daughter, does that mean...

He leaves his son alone?
Unfortunately not.

Pedophiles don't distinguish
between male and female.

It's the child that arouses them.

Are Rex and Fritz
allowed to stay?

- Only if you look after them.
- Mama won't allow it.

I'll sort that out.


- Will you be my friend?
- Gladly.

- Would you like that?
- I'll show you around, Fritz.

Okay, Rex, it's your go now.

Come on, let's get to work.

Smell this.
You were the one who found it.


We'll meet up later.

Why don't we
get them all in here

and question them
till one of them confesses?

It's only a question of hours.

We need more than
circumstantial evidence.

Firstly, to whom do the fibres
we found belong?

Then, where's the gun?

The Zartmann villa needs to be
watched day and night!

- Rex is already there.
- Rex? Come on!

We can't find you, Rex.

Rex, where are you?

I can't find you.

Where are you hiding?

Why don't you bark?

You found a great hiding place.
Are you behind this flower pot?

So there you are, Rex.

It's our turn to hide now.

Don't come yet.

What is it, Rex?

Oh dear. You both better hide.

I'll need to speak to Mama alone.

Come on. Hurry!


Keep an eye on Fritz.



I'm here, Mama!

What are you doing out here?

May I sleep in the tree house?

It's much too cold.

I'll get my blanket
and sleeping bag.

Oh, Sasha...

What is it, Rex?
Why are you here in the garden?

I get it.

Bravo, Rex.

Well done!

Go and watch over
Sasha and Fritz.

They'll never guess who it was.


You're badly mistaken.

This here... this is a Glock 17.

There's no question
it belonged to you, Dvorak.

But you didn't shoot.

It was me. I shot the pig.

No! Don't believe him.
I did it.

- My husband was an animal.
- I believe you...

But the culprit is someone else.

We found traces of this jumper
at the scene.

- It belongs to Tanya.
- How can you know that?

Stop it, Mama.
The whole thing is useless now.

You took Mr Dvorak's gun

which your mother
had brought home.

You knew why and where
your father met Goiser.

You went to the park
during recess.

What my father...

What my father did to me
for years...

I somehow managed
to cope with it.

But that my brother should now...

When I saw him in his room
that night...

What is vital now

is that Sasha never finds out
why his father died.

I'll think of something to explain
why the police have been here.

Hey, Sasha. Come in.
Come on.


I have a surprise for you.

The family council has met.

It decided
that you may keep Fritz.

For good!

- Really?
- Yes.

Look, Mama.

Why are you all crying?

Because we're so happy for you.

When we grow up we're going
to be cops like you and Rex.

Right, Fritz?