Rex: A Cop's Best Friend (1994–2008): Season 10, Episode 2 - Ein Mann ohne Gedächtnis - full transcript



I had a corpse once

that hung in a chimney
for a whole winter.

- One could only call it...
- Well smoked.

- We're hungry, Miss.
- Here I am.

One schnitzel...
one smoked ham.

Bring us a carafe of red, please.


- Now now, Doctor!
- Now now!

You can broadcast the lot.

The Romanian firm,
the girls' names...

Take it all,
but I mustn't be in the story.

Still afraid of the police?
Your bankruptcy stuff has lapsed.

The Romanians are after me,
they know I'm going public.

They just kill you.

Martha must be your true love.

- Seeing you're risking it all.
- She is!

Martha worked in a kindergarten.

I stupidly got her into the firm
so she could earn more.

I didn't know the firm was
into other business too.

Martha went for an interview.
I took her to the personnel chief.

Then she vanished.

All the evidence is in here.
All of it.


I need some air.

Fresh air.

- Where's Plachinger?
- He went outside.

He went outside?

- Are you okay?
- Yes. The night air is great.

Good night.
I hope you get home safely.


Bye !

Hi, buddy.

I'm okay.

- What's the matter with him?
- Take your hand away.

Call an ambulance.

Someone will be here soon.

Breathe in deeply.


Not bad.

Okay... these are yours.

Now it's my turn.

It's my turn.

I didn't really want that one.
I'll have another go.

Want to play ball, Rex?

Okay... it was still my go.

Let's see...

Your turn.

These are mine.

Your go.

A bun.

Not bad, pal.
Not bad at all.

Let's play some more ball.

Fetch it.

Fetch the ball.

I said fetch the ball.

have you got my phone?

What if it's important?




If he wakes
before we hand over the girls,

we're in the shit.

The whole deal falls through
and Kobera gets the cops in.

All because of love!

Yes, well...
I have to admit...

we came here for a drink
after the conference.

- We had fun.
- Great!

Can you tell me
if the victim was with anyone?

No, I can't...

Maybe Plachinger can.
He's a colleague from Graz.

Sorry, but I think
he's in a worse state than you.

Did you see anything at all?

I'm a doctor,
not a witness!

The shot came from over there.

Got it.


He sure was lucky!


It looks like
Rex found something too.


What have we here?

A cartridge case
and a cigarette butt.

Good, Rex.


Maybe you can hear me.

You can count on me.
I won't betray you.

I promise I'll put it on my show
and come back.

Hang in there.

How is he?
What's the situation, Doctor?

The patient is still in a coma.

You have to be patient.
That's all I can tell you now.

Yes, I know.
Be patient...


When will he wake up?

How long
does this last generally?

From experience,

a latent brain edema usually
occurs following skull damage.

The condition can even
deteriorate. It's like this...

I know,
it's like a knockout in boxing.

At best it's a concussion,
at worst it's a brain contusion.


- I'll ring you.
- Thank you, Doctor.

Oh... great!


- Is this all?
- Yes. His clothes and this chain.

It was around his neck.

No ID, driver's licence
or credit card with his name?


A taxi receipt.

West Railway Station to Neustift.
35 euros.

35 euros?

That's mad!

A dog.

That's Rex.

The man had
no personal items on him.

Except for this locket.

Want to have a look?

- What about showing it to me?
- Yes, now your holiday's over...

- Pretty!
- ls that all?

She might miss him, file a report
and we'll get his name.

I already have that.

You already have it?
I thought he was still in a coma.

Correct, but we're the police.

Look. This is a tailored suit.
Exquisite quality.

"Jungmann Tailors
for Mr Kobera."

You're right.
We're going shopping.

Kunz... Absolute news embargo
so they think Kobera is dead.

A 24-hour guard in the hospital.

If the culprit is a professional,
he'll have another go at Kobera.

Call the lab
about that cigarette butt

and check out the taxi driver.


How was Tenerife?

It was hot, I just sunbaked.



Kobera... just a moment.
I'll find that right away.

I'll just need to check
the register.

Yes, Walter Kobera...

His address was
No. 3, Franziskaner Square.

A posh address. He made
a lot of money on the internet.

Then he suddenly disappeared.

He apparently went
to Bucharest.

That was three years ago.

He paid me in full

unlike the other gentlemen
of the new economy.

Hold on...
I have just the thing for you.

Rex, are you mad?

Give it to me!

Here I am again.

Someone never came back
for this. It should fit you to a T.

- I'll help you.
- No thank you, Mr Jungmann.

You've been a great help.


- Well? What's up?
- Cigarette.

Hold it!
Over my dead body!

- I can't help it if he woke up.
- You were supposed to kill him.

- How? There are cops.
- You said there was just one.

They take turns.

Where's the guy
with the rucksack?

Haven't seen him again.

Maybe Kobera realises
we're serious

and will shut up,
at least until you kill him.

Get going-

- Kobera...
- Yes.

That's you.


Yes, your name is Walter Kobera.

Come over here.

So you managed
to persuade the nurse. Not bad.

Mr Kobera, this is Rex.

Rex, this is Mr Kobera.



Do you recognise it?

Do you remember it?


Who is that?

I was hoping you'd tell me.

I'll leave that here with you.

Total mental blockout.

Such patients don't want
to remember a certain event,

or even who they are
in extreme cases.

I understand.

He's trying to block out
the trauma.

Is it possible
he's feigning the whole thing?

- Why would he?
- Because he's scared.

He was shot at.

Maybe he thinks
if he no longer talks, he's safe.

Too early to say.
We'll see in the next few days.


The memory normally returns
gradually, albeit not completely.

It requires patience
and loving care.

Loving care...

He needs someone he can trust
to overcome his trauma.

- Couldn't Rex do that?
- Your dog?

Animals as therapy?
I've read about it but...

- We've never done it here.
- I say let's give it a go.

Thanks, Rex.

Now I get it.

You're thirsty.

I'll get you some water, buddy.

Here we are...

Good boy.

Kunz speaking.



Anything wrong?


Yes, disappeared.

- I don't know where he is.
- He can't be far.

Rex would have alerted you.

He's barking right now.
That's Rex.

- Where is he?
- Thank God, he's found him.

Yes, Rex found him.

He's at the computer.


Who is Martha?

Is she your wife?
Your girlfriend is called Martha?

Can you remember last night?

You were at the computer.


What were you looking for?
You were on the internet.

We mustn't overtax Mr Kobera.

Don't worry, Mr Kobera.
Take your time.

You're a good dog.



I... was looking
for my friend's name.

We were sitting here.
My friend sat there, I was here.

you can't remember his name,

but what did you talk about?

Let's assume I'm your friend.

Please sit down.


Now tell me what you wanted
to tell him that day.

It was about Martha.

- And about the Romanians!
- Did they shoot you?

Mr Kobera... you took a taxi here
from West Railway Station.

The taxi driver said
you had a brown rucksack.

Yes! Where is it?

- It wasn't with your things.
- Everything's in there!

- What is?
- Everything!


The lab contacted us, Marc.

They didn't find
any matching DNA.

So the sniper is unknown.

He could be from Romania.

The lab found that the tobacco
in the butt is from east Europe.

- And our Bucharest colleagues?
- They work differently.

We're running out of time.

Let's see what we've got.

A Viennese goes to Bucharest
because he's bankrupt.

Suddenly he reappears,
meets a friend in a remote pub

and that's when he's shot
with a sniper's rifle.

Why doesn't the friend call
the police? And the rucksack?

Maybe the friend took off
with the rucksack.

- He'll be shot next.
- It's also about a girl. Martha.


Romanian, sniper's rifle, girl...
what comes to mind?

A cop got shot for something
like that a while ago.

Wake up!
Aren't you hungry?

Pizzas are here!

Do I have to scream
to wake you up?





Darling, don't you want some?
Aren't you hungry, you beauty!


- How could that happen?
- Well...

Where were you?


I was only gone for a minute...
to have a smoke.

When I came back
the room was empty.

Okay, that's from Rex.

What's he trying to tell me?

They were watching

They watched TV, but what?

Danube City TV.

What would they have seen?

It must have to do
with his story.

That's why he took off.

Who? Rex?

One more time and
you'll be issuing parking fines!

What is it, Rex?

Everything okay?

Stop it, Rex!

They can't have just disappeared.

They must be somewhere.

I'm off to the TV station
to check this morning's program.

Walter Kobera, early 30s,
175cm tall, in a green parka.

I'll give you ten minutes
to find him.

It can't be that hard.
Rex is with him.

Can you zoom in there?


You broadcast this segment
today from 9 to 9.30 a.m.

For that whole time?

We do one daily
about the sights of Vienna.

Kobera's leaving the hospital
has to do with the Brunnenmarkt.

I'm sure there's a connection.


Got anything new?

H! put yours on TV!




That was Rex.


Hey, Rex!

Looking for a dog?

Did you see him?

- A large Alsatian?
- Yes.

- He even came in here.
- In here?

- What did he do?
- He barked.

- He's gone now.
- Marc!

There. Look.

I'll put yours on TV.

"Call us."

That could be the friend
he met in the pub.

Ernest Jung.
Danube City TV.

Stay calm, Walter.
We'll get it all together.

First tell me where you are.

Yes, where you are right now.

What do you see around you?

I'm still disoriented.

I was where I first saw your
poster when I arrived in Vienna.

At that market.
From where I rang you.

Come to my place.
That's safest. Exactly.

We can talk
about how we proceed.


They took off with the whole lot.

Give me a rundown, Mr Jung.
In three sentences.

Hold on.

Kunz, call in and order
a search for the two men.

I want the entire area watched.

If Kobera and Rex are on their
way here, they'll try it again.

I didn't tell them
Walter was coming here.

You'd have done your friend
a favour by calling the police.

Especially after he got shot at.

I couldn't.
I promised him I wouldn't.

He found out...

that the import-export firm
in Bucharest

was using its transportation
to Vienna for illegal trade.

Romanian girls
are smuggled into Vienna

and then sold into prostitution.

How can I get onto the roof?

Why onto the roof?



Get into that house!

Rex! Get him inside!
Good boy! Hurry up.

Throw down your gun!

Good one, Marc.
I have some good news too.

Customs arrested
a Romanian and a Turk.

They had Kobera's rucksack.
See you later.

- Where is it?
- Back there.

That one?
Okay, boys, let's go!

Cover that side!


It's all okay. I'm from the police.
You're safe now.

- Anyone speak German?
- Me.

Do you? Good.
Come out, please.

It will be okay.
I'm from the police.

It will be okay.
You've made it.

It's okay.

Excuse me...

- Yes?
- I just want to say thank you.

- For myself and for the girls.
- You needn't thank me.

you can thank someone else.

They're coming.



I've been wanting to ask you...
You remind me of a leopard.

It's the spots.

I've had enough.

If you really want to know...
the weather was awful.

- So I went to a solarium and...
- Burned your face.


But they said that if I used this
for ten days...

Oh well...