Rex: A Cop's Best Friend (1994–2008): Season 10, Episode 1 - E-Mail von der Mörderin - full transcript


Establish the following.


Was it a natural death or not?
If not, inform the police.

That was the theoretical part.

Here are two examples
that illustrate

the difficulty
of the task ahead of you.

In a case like this
the doctor stands at the door,

takes one look at the corpse
and says "It's obvious he's dead."

When the fireman pulled
the corpse from the debris

he noticed an 8 cm piece
of metal stuck in the neck.

We were able to establish
that it was part of a knife.

The man actually died
from twelve stab wounds.

The man's flat was then
set alight as a murder cover-up.

This young man was found
in a courtyard

at the bottom of a stairway.

The examining doctor noted

"Cause of death:
skull fracture due to fall."

We then established
that this was a murder case.

A low calibre projectile
penetrated the eye

ricocheting off
the back of the skull.

No exit wound could be seen

and the culprit could have
gone unpunished.

As a colleague of mine
once said,

there are very few
perfect murderers

but very many
sloppy forensic examiners.

You should attempt
not to belong to either group.

Thank you for your attention.

Come to my office
for a snack.


- I don't know... I'm not hungry.
- What's up? Are you sick?

Rex! Come on.

Looks like overtime
again tonight.

What's the matter?
Did I forget something?

Forensic Medicine

So that's what you meant.

Hey! What are You doing?
Stop it!

Stop it or I'll call the police!

Stop that!

Is that the police?

I just saw someone being killed.

I was having a cigarette
and then this happened.

Did you see where the victim
was coming from?

No, I only saw a blonde woman
dragging her into the boot.

Okay, Rex. Let's look around.

- Can you describe the car?
- I think it was a red Saab.

I noted it down.

- What year?
- Old. Like my wife's.

Registration number?

I think the first numbers
were 8 and 7.

I know it's hard to follow a scent
on asphalt, but try anyway.

What's with my trousers?
Come on, keep sniffing.

- Did your wife see anything?
- No, she's on holiday.

I smoke on the balcony so she
won't notice when she returns.

The damage is recent.

I'll call in to start a search.

Rex took us to the bar
back there.

- It's closed.
- Then she came from elsewhere.

My dog doesn't get things wrong.

Look... every person has
a specific odour.

He concentrates on that.
It's almost as good as DNA.

- Show me where you saw it all.
- Of course. Come with me.

I'll be right back.

Great. We have a crime scene
and a bump on a car.

The witness seems credible.

It could have just been a fight.

A woman locks someone
in the boot after strangling her.

It sounds like more than a fight.

This is a necklace clasp.

It hasn't been here long
or it would have fallen in.

Well done, Rex.


Who? What?


- What's up?
- I'm supposed to kill you.


Do it.

- Is that how it was?
- Well...

The woman looked up at me.

Nicki, look up at us.

She looked up at me longer.

Thanks. That'll be all.

Our witness watched them both
for about 15 seconds

and the culprit
for about another three.

In this bad light?
Doesn't look good.

The car has reappeared.
The owner said it was stolen.

- Where is the car now?
- Outside the owner's house.

Kunz, you and I go there.
Nicki, file a report. Let's go, Rex.

Good evening... Hi.
We want to inspect the car.

Hoffmann. Homicide.
That's my partner, Kunz.

- My name is Eva Hopf.
- Hi.

The car was involved
in an attempted murder,

possibly even murder.

I parked the car in this very spot
around ten.

I didn't even notice it was gone
till the police came.

Oh? It's odd someone should
steal it and bring it back.

- Was it that dirty before?
- What? No.

I was home all that time.

- Alone?
- Not quite.

- Did my colleague inform you?
- Not directly.

He was on a private visit.

Did you put the odometer
to zero?

I don't even know
how to set the clock.

The culprit may have wanted
to hide how far she drove.

Show me what you found.

The car lock was picked
and so was the ignition.

Both are damaged.

L get you.

Rex has picked up the scent
from the crime scene.

It looks like the witness
was right.

We'll have to confiscate your car
for forensic tests.

- What?
- That's not all.

- Could you lend me your coat?
- Why?

Are you cold?


The fibres on my coat
and the particles...

- Let me help you.
- Yes, thanks.

You see, traces of...

Thanks very much.

Thank you for your cooperation.

The distance
from the crime scene

to where the car was stolen
is 18 kilometers.

Ms Hopf parked with a full tank.

The car must have gone
about 35 kilometers.

So it was driven around
in this area.

- Morning.
- Hi.

The lab found traces of clothing,
fibre and hair in the boot.

- What about the driver's seat?
- They need Ms Hopf for that.

I have to return her coat.

Kunz... are you taking advantage
of the fact she likes policemen?

I'll send it by post.

What about the tyres?

Traces of gravel and forest soil
strongly CO2 contaminated.

Probably a busy road
through woodland.

- Sounds like the Vienna Woods.
- That's a pretty large area.

but we have to start somewhere.

Eva Hopf doesn't own
a blonde wig.

So the hair on the driver's seat
must have come from the culprit.

Well Kunz, how was it...
at Ms Hopf's?

It was just a short visit.
I hardly had time to buy...

the ham rolls...

I wanted to eat.

Thanks, Rex.

It's all a bit odd.

She sets the odometer at zero

but then leaves clues.


Yet she had a plan.

She buys a disguise,
steals a car...

And puts it back
instead of just anywhere.

She looked up at the witness.

You instinctively avoided that
when re-enacting it.

Don't remind me.
You play the victim next time.

Look at this!

"You're obviously incapable
of taking a single step.

"I'm happy to help.

"You'll never find me.
You're looking in the wrong place.

"The corpse is about 300 metres
to the north. Good luck!

"Not that luck will help much."

She's spying on our search team.

She's challenging us.

Okay... we'll accept.

Kunz, find the source
of the email. Let's go, Rex!

Keep looking, Rex.
Maybe you'll pick up a scent.

Won't be easy
with all these people here.

Yes, but it's around here.

Try one more time, Rex.

I think he's heard something.

Everyone stop!

Yes, I know,
but where is she?

That's what Rex heard.

That'll be all.

The primary strangulation marks
are horizontal around the neck.

Given their depth

one can assume a cable
or cord was used.

- How long would it take?
- Not long.

3.5 to 5 kilos' pressure is enough
to close off the airway.

After 5 or 10 seconds there is
a lack of oxygen to the brain

leading to unconsciousness
and rapidly to death.

Any clue to her identity?

We found nothing in her clothing.

We have to rely on
analyses of chronic diseases,

operations, dental records
and so on.

Was she wearing this necklace?

No, we found it in her coat.
It had been torn off.

We found a clasp
at the crime scene.

- Could it belong to this?
- It could have fallen off.

I thought that too.

I've seen this necklace
somewhere before.

- Hi.
- Hi.

We still don't know who she is.
Only that she was murdered.

Get the site searched.
Maybe something will show up.

- I'll do it myself.
- Okay. What about the email?

It was sent from a cafe
in the 7th District.

They offer free internet access.

User turnover
is every 20 minutes.

I don't believe this.

The culprit leads us to the corpse,
leaves no trace, then gives hints.

Who ever heard of this?

I've searched Missing Persons.

Lucky I didn't throw this out.

Have a look at this.

That's the corpse in the woods.

She's the model, Heidi Faber.

- Great, Nicki. Progress at last.
- I know who photographed her.

A famous fashion photographer
named Nora Clementi.

I'm going now.

- I'll be available as of tomorrow.
- Okay. Shouldn't I go with you?

- Thanks, but I'll manage.
- Whatever you say.

Anyway, I'd be frightened.

I stopped feeling that long ago.

- Ms Clementi?
- You've come too early.

The burial is
in the late afternoon.

I'm from the criminal police.

- It's about Heidi Faber.
- What about her?

She was murdered last night.

Sorry to hear it.

It's been a while
since I saw Heidi.

I'd still like to ask you
some questions.

Does it have to be now?

I wanted to take a few shots
of my brother.

Oh... I didn't know.
I'm sorry.

- How did your brother die?
- It was an accident.

It looks like he hanged himself.

I still can't believe it.

Did your brother and Heidi
know each other?

Of course.

My brother was
my studio assistant.

- Why did he kill himself?
- He suffered from depression.

What happened to Heidi?

She was strangled.

Then hung from a tree near the
Hiuttelbergstrasse camping site.

- Do you know the area?
- Everyone in Vienna does.

- Was that all?
- Yes...

For starters. Bye.

Hi, Kunz.
Here are some personal details.

Female, mid-thirties,
wavy auburn hair, about 165 cm...

Not that tree, it was this one.

- Are you from the police?
- The name's Kunz.

You went for a walk
and got lost in these woods.

Correct, Ms Clementi?

You know who I am?

Guess what? A whole team here
has your description.

- I wondered where Heidi...
- Died?

- Yes.
- It was somewhere else.

Let's talk about it some more
in my office.

She claims Heidi and her brother
were only acquaintances.

It'll be hard to prove the contrary
since both are dead.

- You were in Heidi's flat.
- Yes. I took what I could.

I'll go to Clementi's studio and
get her brother's fingerprints.

Then I'll go to Heidi's flat
to see if I find a match.

- You must know a bit about him.
- No.

I haven't worked here long.

Nora rang me when her brother
died. I tried to help her.

- Where did he usually work?
- That was his desk.

His work station.

He made her appointments
and did the accounts.

Is this a search?

Not at all.
I just wanted to look around.

These photos of Heidi Faber...

- I'd like to take them.
- I'll need to ask Nora first.

It's like this. Two people
close to Ms Clementi have died.

- We need to investigate.
- I understand.

Sorry, I hope
he isn't damaging anything.

- I'll go and have a look.
- Thanks.

He never had any luck.

He quit his studies,
then couldn't find work.

In the end I gave him a job.

I kept telling him to get help
but he never would.

I couldn't mind him
day and night.

My colleague just rang
from Heidi's flat.

He found many
of your brother's fingerprints.

Sure. Of course.
He'd deliver things or collect her.

He found them in the bedroom
and bathroom.

One must assume your brother
often spent the night there.

- That's totally stupid.
- No, that's factual evidence.

Fingerprints in the bedroom
and bathroom point to intimacy.

Why Would I kill Heidi?

We're in no hurry.

Explain the fingerprints...

Heidi dumps him, he kills himself,
you kill Heidi. It's that simple.

You own costumes and wigs.

You figure we'll be onto you

so you lead us to the corpse
to distract us.

That's a method
typically used by men.

Very well.
The two had an affair.

I warned him that Heidi wasn't
about to settle down.

He thought he could make
her change. I didn't kill her!

So why go to see the corpse?

Because Heidi was responsible
for your brother's death.

Come with me.

- An email just arrived.
- What, now?

Yes. It says where we'll find
the costume and the wig.


Find the server
and where it's from.

I'm onto it.

I'm sorry, Ms Clementi.
We made a mistake.

You can go.

Nothing's free just now.

Not a problem.
ID check, everyone!

No one will run. They're students
who surf here for free.

The most you'll find
is a badly-parked bike.

- I'm touched. What about you?
- I'm a student too.

I need the job to get by.

Very well...

Nothing but ash left.

It smells of fire accelerator.

Maybe Forensics can find
bits that haven't burned.

What is this?

First we're told where to find
the corpse and now this.

Look, a murdered woman
is hung on a tree.

We get messages
challenging us to find her.

We found no bag or papers
on the corpse.

They could have been taken
by the culprit.

I think it wasn't jealousy or
revenge, but for the fun of it.

Power play! I've never heard
of a woman doing that.

So it's a man.

The witness told us
the woman looked up at him.

The culprit wanted to be
recognised as a woman.

So Heidi could have
been a chance victim

with no connection to the culprit.


According to the witness
he's between 25 and 35.

He has no link to the victim,
so he leads us to the corpse.

- What's his motive?
- Need for recognition.

He hates
young attractive women.

- Anyone who fits that?
- I've put in a whole set of data.

Age, male, previous convictions,

assault on women, etc.

Lots come up, but this one...
is particularly interesting.


Paul Rohrbach.
Convicted for assault.

Probably as a result of drugs.

Former fashion designer.


So what did she say?

Good day.

- Where is Mr Rohrbach's flat?
- On the second floor. Why?

- We want to pay him a visit.
- He's not here.

We still want to take a look.

I'll check the computer.

Go ahead. It can't hurt.

Plenty to dress up with here.
It's like a used-clothing fair.

Give me the mobile.



- The mobile!
- How cool!

Where's Rex?

No idea.



Well done, Rex.


Maybe to beat a price hike...

Or to burn stuff in the woods.

Well done!

- Where can we find Rohrbach?
- No idea.


- Really?
- Where can we find Rohrbach?

- Great.
- Hello!

- How cool.
- Hey.

- Are you crazy?
- Stay cool. Where's Rohrbach?

- Saturday, at the flea market.
- Thanks.

Super cool!
You didn't miss a thing.

I haven't got any.

Hi there.



The mobile or I'll slap you.

That's a great deal.

Shorten the sleeves,
replace the lining

and you're fit for the opera ball.

This is the mailbox of
Clothes & Co. Leave a message.

Oh, it's you.


What do they look like?

That's him. Cut him off.

- Come on, Rex!
- Sorry, but I'll need it myself.

Sniffed us out, did you?

You're from the drug squad.
Admit it.

The disguise won't help you.

Don't think you'll get out of this.
How about an overdose?

We'll give you one for free.

- Drop the gun.
- Am I glad to see you!

Hi, Mr Rohrbach.

Over here, you two.

Move it!

Thanks, Rex.

Come on.

They're always after me.
Now you are.

You've assaulted girls before.

Now you want to prove
how great you are, and smart.

I am. If I murdered someone
you'd never catch me.

We just did.

We found the petrol
you used to burn the clothes.

We all have petrol
for when the lights go out.

Your victim was a model.
You sure had it in for her.

I got screwed
by the fashion trade, not her.

So now we have the motive.
You like dressing up, too.

Okay, so it was me.

- Marc?
- Yes.

What's up?

The courier brought this.

- Who's it from?
- I don't know.

Heidi's bag?

Why would he send it to us?

As a souvenir.

Or a trophy
to remind us of his exploits.

Let's have a look.

Yes... Heidi Faber.

His vanity keeps forcing him
to send us clues.

What's the matter?

He didn't do that
in Rohrbach's flat.

He only does it when he scents
the culprit.

What's that?

It's the script Dr Graf gave us
in the lecture theatre.

The lecture theatre...

Now I get you!

He's trying to tell me
he knows the culprit's scent.

Now I know
when he first picked it up.

I got it, Rex.

I have an idea.

Murderer of Model Confesses

Ladies and gentlemen
and dear colleagues,

I'm happy to see

that some of you who attended
my last lecture are here again.

I welcome you all.

This time I will again examine
a very complex criminal case.

This time, however, it won't be
the forensic viewpoint we hear

but that of a detective.

May I introduce Mr Hoffmann
from Homicide.

- The floor is yours.
- Thank you.

Thanks for the introduction.

Good evening.

The murder of the model
you've read about in the papers...

I'll give you some background.

Homicide was called
to a crime scene.

There was no corpse,

hardly any evidence
and only one witness.

The witness saw a woman
murder another young woman.

The culprit drove off
in a stolen car.

We found evidence
of a disguise.

Then the case
became interesting.

We were lead to the corpse
via email.

It was handed to us
on a platter so to speak.

This lead us to the conclusion

that it wasn't a woman who
committed the crime, but a man.

Out of vanity.

To prove he could commit a crime
that couldn't be solved.

We followed a trail,
a man was arrested,


I think the man wanted mostly
to spend winter in a warm cell.

By spring he'd have
withdrawn his confession.

That man
didn't commit the crime.

It was someone else.

We came to the conclusion

that the culprit would come
to this lecture

in order to show us
our mistake...

and savour his triumph
at having eluded us.

I also know he's here.

That's why I'd like to request
that you all show your ID.

You almost got away.

- The guy from the internet cafe.
- I'm a medical student.

Tell me one thing.

- Was I right?
- It was all perfect.

The girl, the disguise
and the fellow on the balcony.

It was my murder.
Not that of some idiot.

Just one problem.

My dog picked up your scent
before, in the lecture theatre.

Were the emails and
paper clippings only a game?

The crime was my idea
but couldn't be traced to me.

- I was always one step ahead.
- Not quite.

My boss had the idea
of the article and the lecture

and you fell for it.

You heard Dr Graf's lecture.
There are no perfect murderers.

If there are,
you're not one of them!

Well done, Rex.