Rex: A Cop's Best Friend (1994–2008): Season 1, Episode 9 - Amok - full transcript


Did you offer Gerasdorfer
the papers?

Why not? He buys anything
that looks like a share.

I think it's time
for me to be discharged.

No idea.
Maybe a few more days.

Tell Behring to call me.
It's urgent.

Anything else?

That's all.

Accident ward

Good morning, Mr Lanz.


I've been in strange beds
under better conditions.


How can I pay my tribute today?
Another X-ray?

No, I'll take blood from you.

+A second blood sample?

Six months ago my GP
gave my blood the all-clear.

A routine check.

We do it before every operation.

One after the other?

My operation can't be
such a big thing.

I hit my knee hard
on the wheel. That's all.

Don't get upset, Mr Lanz.
We're doing all we can for you.

HlV antibodies...

What are you doing?

What's... what's this?

I have AlDS?

I can't give out any medical
information. No comment.

Is it true?

Take this.
It will calm you down.

Mr Lanz...

Calm down.

Mr Lanz, please wait.

Leave me alone.


- Hi, Sylvia.
- Hi, Stefan, how are you?

I'm fine.

- How long will you be there?
- A few more days.

- Are you meeting today?
- Yes.

Do you mind
that it's without you?


- Who will be there?
- Everyone.

Except Astrid and Paul.

She's on duty,
he's away in Salzburg.

Have fun.

Thanks. Get better soon
and keep in touch.

I will.

This is Stefan Lanz's
answering machine.

You can't reach me right now,
but please leave a message.

Speak after the beep.

Interconsult here.
An urgent message for you.

It's about our foreign exchange

Please call my office or home
at once. Thanks.


What are you doing here?

Aren't you in hospital?

We must talk
before you go to Salzburg.

What's up?

You didn't stick to our rules.

You're mad.
What does that mean?

I'm in a hurry.

- You played around.
- What?

- You played around.
- No.

- You did.
- Damn it... No.


Okay, yes. What the hell!
I'm not the only one.


You're naive.


What now?


Rex, time to go!

Where are...

Where is he? Damn it!

Work every Saturday!

You scared me all right.
You won. Let's go.

Think up something new
and hide somewhere else.

You've hidden in the bath
three times.

Thanks, Rex.
No more now!

Off we go.

Didn't you say
you had a car accident?

- Aren't you in hospital?
- I took a day off.

So you could come tonight?

So I could come tonight.

Excuse me, please.

I heard you couldn't come.

If I'd known you'd be there
I'd have changed my shift.


You know what?
Scare Stockinger.

Scare Stockinger,


Rex, creep up on him
and scare him.

Morning, Richard.

Where's the dog?

In the car.

We're off. Where's H"llerer?

With Forensics.
He'll be back.

- Any news?
- Everything's quiet.

So that's it.

You've trained him
to get free breakfasts.

- Scaring only me bores him.
- Fascinating.

What about my ham roll?

That's his ham roll. You were
meant to just scare him.

- You threw it away!
- All right.

You'll buy me
two ham rolls now.

One to compensate me,
the other for damages.

With cucumber.





Fine. We'll come.

A male shot dead,
1 8th district.

Five shots from a hand gun.
9 millimetres.

We secured two projectiles.

Some residents heard the shots.
So we know the time.

I see.

- Any other clues?
- Nothing specific.

Did anyone see the murderer?

A tenant found him soon after.
She saw nothing.

The man was Paul Koblenz.

He owns an advertising agency.

H"llerer's checking
his flat upstairs.

He was going to Salzburg today.

- Who?
- Koblenz.

It's in his diary.

Let's go and check his agency.

I'll go and tell H"llerer.

- Yes?
- H"llerer!


We're on our way.

We must go to D"bling.

A young woman...
also shot with a revolver.

Still, have fun tonight.

I must stay in hospital.
You'll have fun without me.

See you next week or after,


- How much?
- 444 schillings.

- 444... Thanks.
- Thank you.

Do you have a light?

Want to set fire to a house?


A gift,
compliments of the house.

- Thanks.
- Have fun.

Astrid Hirt, 26.
A stewardess.

The airline said
she was on duty today.

She let the killer in.

He went to the lounge,
she went to the bathroom.

You don't do that for the postie,
just for a good friend.


Shot at close range, a hand gun,
probably 9-millimetre calibre.

Just like the agency guy.

It's possible.
More after the autopsy.

Listen, first you send me
to the 1 8th district, then here.

Is a madman running amok?

Could well be, couldn't it?

But who would kill
an advertising man

and shortly after, a stewardess?


and in a very obvious way.

In both cases
the killer was in a hurry.

He didn't care
if the victims were discovered.

Looking for something?

Hang on.

Out there.

- Koblenz... Here's his name.
- See?

So the two knew each other.
That's a clue, Richard.

It also means
other people are in danger.

- Come on, Stockinger.
- Where to?

To the office.
We'll ring them all.

This concerns Miss Astrid Hirt.
Do you know her?


The number
is from his address book.

No need
for detailed information.

We're investigating
two murder cases.

You too could be in danger.

Do you also know him socially?

I see.

When did you see him last?

Have a look, please.
I'll wait.

So why did he take
your phone number?

I see.
Purely business. Thanks.

Doctors, lawyers,
advertising people, car dealers.

The in-crowd...
Nothing definite.


I've got the names of people
he met regularly.

We're only halfway through.

What about Sylvia Hohenberg?
Her line's always busy.

Why don't you try again?
Women love talking to you.

My car's still being serviced.
I must go to the castle urgently.

Please, Angelika.

A date with a client.

They might not even buy
that old dump.

What can I do?
That's what I'm paid for.


You're a darling.
I'll come over. Bye.

- Where can I reach him?
- Tell him it's urgent.

- My name's H"llerer.
- Bye.

First it's engaged,
now there's no answer.

There's a certain Martin Macho.

He belongs to Astrid Hirt
and Koblenz's circle.

Follow it up.
And you, Stockinger?

There isn't much.
I'm after a Stefan Lanz.

I just heard he's in hospital.

- And did you ring?
- No rush. I have 1 5 more.

Then I'll ring.
Which hospital?

The Central Hospital..

I've known it
since my stomach operation.

Don't brag
about your stomach operation.

We all have ulcers.

My scar is 1 2 centimetres long.

Moser from the police.
Which ward is Mr Lanz in?

Moser from the pol...

Moser, Crime Squad.
I want to talk to Mr Lanz.

Since when?

I'll come over.

Lanz disappeared from hospital
this morning.

Come, Rex.

Look, maybe he was
just frightened of surgery.

1 2 centimetres.

Send someone to Lanz's place.
Okay, I'll come over.

You last saw him this morning.

Did he behave strangely?

Or did he say things
that seemed strange to you?


He just wondered why I was
taking blood a second time.

Is that unusual?

Not in this case.

Come on, Sister.
What was it?

Patients don't normally
run away.

He made a lot of phone calls.
Maybe that was the reason.

And there's no other reason?

I don't know.

So he came here
after the accident.

Sorry, I can't comment
on medical results.

This doesn't get us anywhere.


It could be that Mr Lanz
shot two people dead today.

His blood results
were HlV positive.


No, HlV positive means
antibodies are in his blood.

The symptoms are called AlDS.

In such cases
we do another test to be safe.

Hence the second one.

Did he know about it?

He saw the report.

It was my fault. I forgot
to lock the filing cabinet.

Sister Erika.

Yes, Professor,
the patient has been X-rayed.

All right.

Didn't you have to tell him

No. We don't tell them
after the first test.

Only if the second
is also positive.

- It's not always the case.
- But it usually is.

Mr Moser...

- Don't tell the doctor.
- Are the second results out?

No. The laboratory
is short of staff.

- Call me when you have them.
- I will.


- Well, Mr Macko...
- It's Macho. Macho.

A certain circle of people
meet regularly.

Astrid Hirt and Paul Koblenz
belong to it, right?

I've told you before.
So what do you want?

To find out about Mr Lanz.
He was always there.

Not always, just often.
Is Stefan in trouble?


Were there any quarrels
or petty jealousies?

Or it wouldn't have worked.

We're sort of a closed circle.

Where and when
do you all meet, Mr Macho?

It varies.

Lately we've met
in a castle near Vienna.

A luxury place, all right.
Who paid the rent?


Sylvia works for
an upmarket real estate agent.

She has the key.

- Any news about Lanz?
- No, he wasn't home.

- A neighbour saw him.
- When?

At about 1 0.30.
She says he was in a hurry.

No need to hunt down his car.
It's a write-off after an accident.

Organise a search.

- What's going on here?
- This is Mr Macho.

He also belongs
to Lanz's circle.

He's not exactly talkative.

I see.

You'll be in trouble
if we don't find Lanz soon.

Stefan's my friend.


And also a friend
of Miss Hirt and Koblenz.

Yet he probably shot
both of them dead.


But that's...

Mr Macho told us

the group has been meeting
in a castle recently.

Always at weekends.

The same eight people.
Astrid and Paul were part of it.

For what purpose?

We had parties.


Out there is a nutcase
who'll kill you and others.


They were...

- Meetings.
- What meetings?

- What sort of meetings?
- Just meetings.

We wanted to have fun.

Do you understand?

Yes, I do.

Mr Lanz found out in hospital
he's HlV positive.

And probably got infected
in your group.

For heaven's sake.

Yes, for heaven's sake.

Mr Macho,
who are the other persons?

Sylvia Hohenberg,

Gaby, Kurt and Brigitte.

Were you able to talk
to anyone?

No, only Mr Macho.

- What's the castle called?
- Waldstein Castle.

It's been empty for some time
and up for sale.

You met at weekends
for those little games?

Today's Saturday.

As from midday
the castle is an open house.

Let's drive straight over,

try to phone some of them.

I'm onto it.

And me?
What about me?

You'd better stay here.

Thank you.
I'll make my own way back.

Have a nice weekend.



I'm here.


Aren't you in hospital?

We talked on the phone
this morning.

I didn't want to miss
our meeting.

I thought you had to stay
in hospital.

Is everything okay?

I mean the accident...

It's not a problem.


there's other news.

Where are the others?

They'll come later.

I'm glad we have a moment
to ourselves.

What's the matter with you,

Are you on medication?

No, no drugs.

They only told me
I have AlDS.

You didn't stick to the rules.

"Nobody plays around
outside our group."

You're criminals.


Try to call the caretaker again.

No one seems to be here.
No car, nothing.

Damn answering machine!

Take cover, Rex!

On the tower!

Covering fire, Stocki!


Tell them to leave, Stocki.

Clear off! Hurry!

The caretaker's on the phone.

He says there's a secret passage
leading to a bathroom

with access to the upper rooms.

You enter by a small iron gate
at the back.

I'll try the other side.

Okay. Come, Rex.

Come, Rex.

Stay behind me.



One more move and everything
will go up in flames.

Listen, Lanz...

- I want to talk to you.
- I don't want to talk!

Not with anybody.

I'm not one of your
low-class bank robbers.

I know.

That's why I want
to talk to you.


Come up slowly
and push your gun to me.

I'll decide myself when I'll die.

Creep up on him
and scare him, understand?

Creep up and scare him.


Changed your mind?




- Listen, Lanz...
- Stay where you are!

Don't think
you can outsmart me.

All the doors are closed.

- I want to help you.
- Help me?

What nonsense.

- Nobody can help me.
- You can't get out without me.

- I don't intend to get out.
- So you'll kill yourself?

By shooting?

Suffocating? Burning?

Not a pleasant way to die.

Better than dying slowly
of AlDS.

You didn't wish that
on the two you killed.


Tell them to stay away
or you'll be first.

Okay, okay. Calm down.


You can go down now.


Believe me...

I want to help you.
I'm not your enemy.

We agreed...

that no one
would play around.

Only with each other...

I trusted them.

But I was the only one
who stuck to the rules.


Enemies everywhere.

You're wrong. The others
might also be victims.

Innocent victims like you.

A successful life
was ahead of me.

Now it's behind me

and I don't give a damn
who's guilty.

- May l?
- If you like.

You can even
surround the castle.

But don't make a mistake
in this room.

Are you 1 00 per cent sure,


I understand you but...

What's this supposed to be?
Tell me.

A psychological tactic?

No, it's just...

I can imagine...

the prospect...

of spending one's last days
in prison...

can be...


The phone call...

came from the hospital.

You're not HlV positive.

The second test was negative.

Not true.
I have AlDS!


The first test said so
but the second was negative.

It's not true.

Not true!

It's not true.

Tell me it's not true.


Hey, Rex.

What's wrong?

Stay calm.

Well done, Rex.

Gently does it...
Come on.

I'm Moser from the police.

What happened?

You got shot in the shoulder
and had shock.

The doctor says
you'll be okay soon.

What about the others?

They're okay.
We warned them in time.

He said he...

I came to tell you
Mr Lanz is not HlV positive.

I thought
you might sleep better.

Thank you.