Rex: A Cop's Best Friend (1994–2008): Season 1, Episode 8 - Ein feines Haus - full transcript



I'll kill you.

It's nearly midnight.

Looking up
at the silvery stars...

What's this?
Who have we here?

- What are you up to?
- I only came to sleep here.

No one sleeps here,
not in our place.

I have nowhere to go.
Please... it's New Year's Eve.

I see.
Because it's New Year's Eve...

What about some champagne?

I'd love a sip, sure.

Here it is.

So you want to drink
with us, eh?

You live off our taxes,
you parasite.

I used to have a job.
Please let me go.

So you're answering back?

You probably took something
from the building.

I don't steal,
I'm a decent person.

- Let me go now.
- You, a decent person?

I'll show you
who's a decent person.

- Don't!
- Unemployed riff-raff!

We don't need your type
round here.

But I belong here too.


Now it's a respectable
neighbourhood again.

Don't lick my face again.

Happy New Year.

Same to you.


What's the matter with you?

All those firecrackers, eh?
But it wasn't me.

It gets on my nerves too.

So you think I'll bend down
for you to greet me?

Stocki, is that you?

It's about time you got up.

I brought breakfast.

- Did you put this piglet here?
- No.

Perhaps the young lady
who left your flat just now.

Which young lady?

New Year's Eve
must have been turbulent.

it looks worse than it was.

Tell me,
are we rostered on today?

Yes, indeed.

How was your New Year's Eve?

My wife's parents came
and we played games. Well...

Careful now.

- Got some ham rolls at least?
- It's January 1 st.

So you eat fish rolls.

When you pass the bathroom,
turn the shower on.

- Not too cold, please.
- Nice and hot.

Not too hot!

You're killing me!
Turn the tap off!

- What are you doing there?
- I was trying to sleep.

Being woken by cold water
can give you a shock.

Why didn't you sleep
on the sofa?

I wanted to, but I had
to seek refuge from Rex.

From Rex?

He pushed me off the sofa
three times last night.

Not hard to do,
in my condition.

So I fled to the bathtub.

It must have been wild
last night.

It's embarrassing.
Just look at me.

- I was in bed at half past 1 2.
- So your in-laws were there?


You guessed it.

Put some clothes on.
I'll make coffee.

See if there's any beer.

- Can someone get the phone?
- I will.

Stockinger, at Moser's.

Yes, the same to you.
What's up?

Fine, we're on our way.

The year's off to a good start.

Richard, no bath.
We have work to do.

I'd like to know why
things happen on January 1 st.

- People lose their inhibitions.
- As we saw at your place.

- Happy New Year, gentlemen.
- Same to you.

Erna Mader, a tenant.

It looks like suicide,
but I have my doubts.

Another Sherlock Holmes
in the Public Service.

Steady on, Stocki.

She was found just after 1 1

by a tenant
hanging out her washing.

Right, you can't hang it out
on New Year's Eve

so she only came up
this morning.

The doctor says she died

half an hour
to an hour after midnight.

We found a second bruise.

But that doesn't mean
it wasn't suicide.

It could be
from a failed first attempt.

That's the doctor's opinion too,
but look at the line.

I'm no forensic expert,
thank God.

- Has it been photographed?
- lt'll do for the album.

What are you fretting about?

Don't look at me. Maybe
there was something under it.

Do you see anything suitable?

We'll take on the investigation.

So we'll maintain
that it was suicide.

That way we
find out more about her.

We'll be lucky if anyone
can talk at all today.

Surprise! The doughnuts
are nice and fresh.

They're homemade.

- That wasn't necessary.
- It's no problem.

The coffee's always hot
at our place.

It's a very friendly building.

You won't mind if your dog
stays outside.


- We've just done the cleaning.
- No problem, Mrs Riedl.

The dog knows
he can't go everywhere.

Well, have a seat...

Dirt must never be given
a chance.

Or it will spread.
My wife is very thorough.

No, thanks.

Yes, you can see that.

Can you tell me
why Mrs Mader killed herself?

The poor woman. We were
shattered when we heard it.

She was depressed,
but that she would...

Well, please have a doughnut.

Thank you.

It's awful. Yesterday
we were sitting here

celebrating New Year's Eve.

But then, excuse me...

you should know more
about Mrs Mader...

- Apart from her depression.
- This is a nice neighbourhood.

We don't gossip
like they do elsewhere.

When did Mrs Mader
leave your flat?

It must have been...
just after twelve.

At midnight,
she was still quite cheerful

and then she became
very depressed again.

And last night
we were in such good spirits.

Tell me again who was present
apart from you.

The Kovarik couple
and Rudi Herzog.

They live in the building too.

- Why was Mrs Mader depressed?
- No idea.

- You, Helga?
- No, Ferdinand.

Perhaps because she was alone.
She got divorced five years ago.

At our age you don't find
someone else very easily.

I always say to my wife

"Be glad you have me. There's
no demand for what you offer."

That applies to others too.

Who else did Mrs Mader
have contact with?

I don't know.

If we hadn't looked after her,
she might have done it sooner.

She used to say...

"lf there's no longer any joy
in life for me, I'll end it."

But none of us believed
that she'd really...

None of us... So you all
got together regularly?

Of course. We often
went on holidays together.

We do stick together
in this building.

We were friends,
we really were.

A true friendship.

May I give you some doughnuts
for the afternoon?

No, thank you.

For your doggie?

Take them all.

It was awful when I found
Mrs Mader in the attic.

- On January 1 st too.
- You were alone for New Year?

I have been for ten years.

That's when my husband died,
God bless him.

Since then
I celebrate alone.

And at midnight,
I look at the fireworks.

And it was all quiet here?
No quarrels?

This is a nice neighbourhood.
Those things don't happen here.

Everyone here is pleasant.

- At midnight, it got a bit noisy.
- Really? Where?

In the yard.

A few tenants
set off fireworks and rockets.

Was the body... Mrs Mader,
was she there?

I don't know.
It was too dark.

I couldn't recognise anyone
for sure.

There aren't many possibilities.

Four families are on holidays.
Who does that leave?


The Riedls, the Kovariks,
Mr Herzog and myself.

There's Mr Herzog now.

Mr Herzog, just a moment.

- Mr Herzog?
- Yes.

Stockinger, Crime Squad.

I have a few questions
about Mrs Mader's suicide.

Yes, I've heard about it.

It's tragic, but I really
know nothing about it.

Where did you spend
New Year's Eve?

Well... with the Riedls.

Nothing better came up,
if you know what I mean.

Who else was present?

Well, the Kovariks...

- And Mrs Mader.
- Mrs Mader was present too...

So you celebrate
New Year's Eve together,

then she kills herself
and you don't know a thing?

Well, sure, she was depressed.

But many people kill themselves
at Christmas and New Year.

That's one way of seeing
the suicide of an acquaintance.

No, no, we were not
that well acquainted,

if you know what I mean.

Where were you
about 1 2.30 a.m, Mr Herzog?

I was at the Riedls' flat
till then. They'll confirm it.

You weren't in the yard?

No, not me.


You're sure Mrs Mader
returned to her flat alone?

I already told you that.

She left about
ten past twelve.

- Didn't she, Sissi?
- She was depressed.

None of you considered
taking her home?

Those few steps?
What could have happened?

- Kurt's got a point.
- But something did happen.

Thank you for your information.

Except for the old lady,
they were all at the Riedls'.

- The others are on holiday.
- They've given each other alibis.

That makes it much easier.

They all said that Mrs Mader
suffered from depression.

Find out if
she was having treatment.

Oh yes, I did mean
to look at the yard.

Why? They only let off
a few rockets out there.

There should be
some bits and pieces.

They must have let off
quite a few...

Riedl and Kovarik.

Allegedly until ten past twelve,

then they went upstairs again,
according to Mrs Kovarik.

Mrs Kovarik, Mrs Mader and
Mrs Riedl stayed with Mr Herzog

because they didn't want
to be near the fireworks.

Rex, no.
Leave the bins alone.

Come now, come on.

What's going on, what is it?


Do you have a hanky?

The two men were not alone
after all.

Well, the lipstick
suggests that...

Just look at that.

You didn't have to say
that you were alone with Sissi.

Why not? It's the truth.

Then everyone will know
about your affair.

We all said that Mrs Riedl
and Mrs Mader were with us.

- So Rudi and I weren't alone!
- So you told the police.

- And in reality?
- You just watch yourself, mate.

- Stop it right now, you idiots.
- What's up?

Watch it.

They're the dead woman's

- And otherwise?
- Well...

The double strangulation mark
isn't the only indication

that we're dealing
with murder.

There's the bruising
which isn't linked to the rest.

Intravital organ damage,
as the jargon goes.

There's something else.

Someone who hangs themselves
with a belt

would normally have
fibre traces on their hands,

but there are none.

A typical error
with faked hangings.

Is the assumed time of death

Death occurred about
half past midnight.

There's every indication

that the woman was strangled
from behind.

Well, one mark extends
horizontally backwards,

the other one descends
to the ear.


So someone strangled her...

Then took her to the attic
and hanged her.

For a clean environment!

What are you doing?

Me? Nothing, nothing at all.

- I'm looking for someone.
- No one's there.

A friend sometimes
slept in there.

If he did, we'd call the police.
Get lost now.

He's got my papers.
I have to find him.

There's nothing to find here.
Get going! March!

Piss off!

Perhaps the culprits
didn't intend to murder her.

A threat, a quarrel...

and then it happened.

And now they try to claim
it's suicide.

Thanks, Rex.

But as the building
is locked at 9 p.m.

and no one mentioned a visit,

it must have been
one of the tenants.

But there wasn't even
a hint of a motive.

There's only one thing to do...
Stick with it.

You know what happens
on New Year's Eve.

All the feelings and resentments
of the year come out.

A bit of flirting,
the wrong word,

a threat, a quarrel...

some alcohol and someone
will tighten the noose.

It will be hard to find a motive.


I remember a case

where a whole family
murdered the tyrannical father.

Hanged him, beat him,
stabbed him,

shot him, the lot.

Then they tried to say
it was suicide.

Our man wasn't that clumsy.

Our man?
Perhaps it was a woman.

If this...

If this group of tenants

are also friends
and stick together,

it will be difficult
to prove anything.

We'll investigate
each tenant's past.

Maybe that
will reveal something.

I feel like Stockinger.

Do you have a hangover
after New Year's Eve?

No, but I haven't eaten
anything all day.

- But I have to go now.
- Go now?

You always leave
when have a lucky streak.

You can't go now.

I've never seen an educated
man sleep in a bathtub.

Who said I was educated?

Sleep in a washbasin if you like,
but not at your superior's place.

If I hadn't seen
the young lady who...

was visiting him...

She saw me when she came
into the bathroom.

And I saw her too.

With such a decline in morals,
the crime rate has to soar.

- Would you like one too?
- No, thanks.

I've just been to the lab.

Mrs Mader's fingerprints
were on the champagne glass.

So she was in the yard
with Riedl and Kovarik.

But they said Mrs Mader
stayed in the Riedls' flat.

That's what they agreed to say.

We should have told the police
you and Erna were in the yard.

But why?

You saw that the dog
found her champagne glass.

So what?
It doesn't prove a thing.

I don't wish to be
drawn into this matter.

Just don't lose your nerve.

Read the job ads
to take your mind off things.

Stop criticising me.

It's not easy at my age
to find a suitable job.

What could possibly
be suitable for you?

Department head
in the textile industry.

You'll have to go
downmarket a bit.

Perhaps you could find a job
as a chauffeur

when all this is behind us.

- Or as unskilled labour.
- Are you mad?

I will do no such thing.

And let the others
look down on me?

Like Herzog, a shop assistant,
or Kovarik, a hairdresser?

But you're nothing.
You have no work whatsoever.

You're unemployed.

If I wasn't
secretary to the boss...

You keep reminding me
three times a day.

But it's not enough.
I'll tell you one thing.

I will not give up
any of this!

I got hold
of Mrs Mader's doctor.

She never showed signs
of depression.

But that's what they all said.

We should confront
the nice neighbourhood

with Mrs Mader's murder.

- Sure, but when?
- Now, immediately.

They'll either be hung over
or intoxicated again.

That's why I'll go there now.

Rex, come on.

Do you want
to set the building on fire?

- Is that him?
- Yes, I threw him out before.

It was a mistake
to come here again.

I told you I was looking for
my friend who has my papers.

And I'm sure he was here.

I told you, men like you
have no place here.

- There was no one here.
- Ferdinand, get rid of him.

I know about Mrs Mader

and I know the police were here.

- I know that too.
- You're threatening us?

I'll show you
what happens then.

Don't do anything stupid.

No, we'll take this one
somewhere else.

Come back to bed.

Now they've beaten up
that one too.

Let them police the yard
if it makes them happy.

What if the police find out?

Who'd believe a vagrant?

They'd take him to the station
and charge him.

With intolerable body odour.

I don't care about the vagrants.
I worry about Mrs Mader.

Come on, sweetie,
we have nothing to do with it.

If your old man goes to jail,

you'll be in charge
of the hairdressing salon.

And the two of us
can live it up.

So that's how
you see the future.

If I weren't married
I'd find a better man than you.

You're a bit on edge,
aren't you, Sissi?

Forget it.

In a few days it'll all be over.
The police will think...

that Mader killed herself.

- Finished.
- I hope so.

Believe me.

Come here.


Come here, I said.

This is what you like.

I know exactly
what you want.

We'll confront them all
at the same time.

Good evening, Mrs Riedl.

- Is your husband home?
- No, why?

Sorry to disturb you so late,
Mr Herzog.

I have a few questions.

Mrs Mader was murdered.

Murdered? Good God.

It was murder.

- A murder?
- May I come in, please?

No, l...

I have a visitor right now.

I don't know
what else I can do.

Just describe your whole
New Year's Eve once more.

But it's all in my statement.

Do you know what?
This is an outrage.

- Listen, don't think that...
- Mr Herzog...

Do you know
where the Kovariks are?

No, how should I know?

What's the matter, Rex?

But you should know
when your husband will be back.

I see...
Been up in the attic again?



The key, please.

- What?
- Give me the key to the attic.

Take care of them.

I'll be right there, Rex.

- Thank you.
- All right?

Yes, thank you.

Well done, Rex.

The two gentlemen who live here
did this, right?

And they probably
murdered Pepi.

- Who?
- Pepi.

He's the ex-husband
of Mrs Mader.

Well, Mr Riedl
and Mr Kovarik?

Can you tell me why
you wanted to kill this man?

Him? He's not a man,
he's just a vagrant.

We just wanted
to scare him off.

We'd have let him out
in time.

I see, just scare him.

What about his friend?

What did you do to him,
to Mr Mader?

I've no idea
what you're talking about.

We don't know a Mr Mader.

We won't say anything
without a lawyer.


But I arrest you for attempted
murder and suspected murder.

A bad start to the year
for you two.

That's it, let's go.

He must have been here!

He'd have let me know
if he'd gone somewhere else.

We leave messages,
you know.

Perhaps he didn't get a chance
to leave one.

We found the corpse in the well

and will prove that
you killed Mrs Mader.

Perhaps you committed
the murder together.

I have nothing to do
with any of this.

- Nothing at all.
- But you must know a bit more.

- Or I'll have to assume...
- Tell them what happened.

Then maybe you'll stay
secretary to the boss.

We were all down in the yard
and we were watching...

Mr Kovarik and my husband
throwing firecrackers.

Who was there?

The men,
and Mrs Mader and me.

So Mrs Kovarik and Mr Herzog
were in the flat.

Where is your wife actually,
Mr Kovarik?

Answer my question.

Have a look
at Mr Herzog's place.

We'll do that.

What happened then?

Then Mr Kovarik and my husband
went to the shed.

Erna and l
didn't pay much attention.

He was in there.

He threatened
and attacked us.

Sure. We can see how serious
your injuries were.

We haven't recovered
the body yet

but we'll find out how
and why he died, Mr Riedl.

When they dragged him
from the shed, we went over.

We thought it was a joke.

But it was too late.

It was a brawl, a drunken row,
that's all.

And then you kill a poor devil
on New Year's Eve.

A poor devil? A vagrant
who lives off our money.

The police should be grateful
if we look after such men.

And when it was all over,

Mrs Mader suddenly noticed

that these nice people
had killed her ex.

Then she became hysterical.

She had been separated
for five years.

And who took Mrs Mader
back to her flat?

Mr Kovarik...

and my husband.

She threatened
to call the police

so one of you strangled her
with the belt.

Correct, Mr Kovarik?

It wasn't me...


You lousy bastard.

You're in just as deep.

Let's go.


Now you can screw around
as much as you like.

So? You didn't mind Rudi
taking your place in bed.

You just didn't want
anyone here to know.

You hit people when
they're down, but otherwise...

Otherwise? You two
watched from the window.

We didn't watch.
We had better things to do.

Come on, Mr Kovarik.
Let's go.

I'll be seeing you.

Pepi was someone
you could rely on.

So I gave him my papers
to keep

so I wouldn't lose them
if I got drunk.

How long have you known him?

Since his divorce.

At that time,
he went downhill quickly.

Since his ex-wife
lived in this building,

he sometimes came here

Once he even met her.

But she didn't want
to know him any more.

But he loved her.

He then found the shed here

and sometimes slept there.

But his ex-wife
didn't know about that.

Jesus Christ...

Do you...
ever miss your old life?


Not when I see the people here,
not then.

They would have killed me too.

But I was lucky...

Rex was there.