Rex: A Cop's Best Friend (1994–2008): Season 1, Episode 4 - Der Tod der alten Damen - full transcript



Dead woman in flat
for two years

Isn't it dreadful?

You can be lying dead at home
for years, and no one notices.

But you have me.

You're not alone.

Mrs Gerasdorfer... I haven't
seen her here for ages.

She's probably on holiday,
like most people just now.

In this heat?

That would be
too exhausting for me.

If you have family and
you're on holiday with them...

That's even more exhausting.
I must be off.

- Will you pay for me?
- My treat.

- Are you doing anything now?
- Not really.

I just want to get home
to my cool flat.

I'm staying here. My bridge
game's in half an hour.

- See you tomorrow.
- I'll phone you tomorrow.

Not before nine.

Oh, it's you.
Did I forget something?

That's kind of you.

Come in.

Put it in the kitchen.

Did you put it all there?

What did I forget?

Why aren't you speaking?

Kopetzky's Delicatessen


I didn't forget anything.

What do you want?

Hello, Mrs Kopetzky.

I heard noises
and came to see...

I came back early.
The heat was too much for me.


I can give you back the key.

Thank you.

I watered the flowers
every day.

Yes. Thank you.

Is anything wrong,
Mrs Kopetzky?

No. I'm a little tired
from the train trip.

I'm going to lie down.

Then I'll be off.
Goodbye, Mrs Kopetzky.


- Kopetzky.
- It's me.

- Who?
- You saw nothing.

- Who are you?
- Nothing... Understand?

Or you're dead.

Yes, I understand.

I saw nothing,
nothing at all.

Stay, Rex.
I won't be far away.


- What about you?
- I don't know.

I'd like to introduce Rex...
and my phone.



There's work, Richard.

An elderly lady
has suddenly disappeared.

Looks like a violent crime.

Where is it?
Albertgasse. What number?

Okay, we're on our way.


Could your friend
have left suddenly

to visit her children
or family?

Her children are all abroad

and she has
no other family left.

She definitely would have
told me.

We were at a coffee house
together yesterday.

What time did you leave?

It was at 3 o'clock.
That's right.

Besides, I phone her
every day.

And when she didn't answer
today I went to the police.

You did the right thing.

You know, young man...

At our age
we're set in our ways.

That's why
I'm so terribly upset.

Judging by the apartment
your friend is wealthy.


Her husband had
a small factory.

Sadly he died ten years ago,

but she's been
very well-off financially.

I've always told her

not to keep her valuables
in her apartment.

You never know these days.

- I hope no one has...
- Calm down, Mrs Bernhard.

We found no signs
of forced entry.

- I hope not.
- Perhaps she's out shopping.

Excuse me.

- Well?
- A very quiet building.

The tenants are either out
or saw and heard nothing.

What do the local police say?

An old lady nearby vanished
recently without a trace.

She was only reported
as missing, so we weren't told.

What have you found here?

Signs of a fight.
Mrs Bernhard doesn't know.

Where's Rex?

You look after her.
I'll be right back.


You two seem to be
getting on well.

- Does he belong to you?
- Yes. Or I belong to him.

- What's his name?
- Rex. I'm Richard.

You're a cop. I know
something's wrong up there.

There are no secrets from you.

- Do you live here?
- My parents are the caretakers.

- Why aren't you outside?
- They're out.

Someone has to
mind the place.

Then you should
buy another cap.

- That one's too big.
- It was in the lift shaft.

Oh? Was it there long?

I don't know.
I found it yesterday.

So you were here.
Did you notice anything?

I played in the courtyard

Would you give me the cap?


Oh, well.

I'd have bought you
a much cooler one.


- A Riders cap...
- A what?


Okay. It's a promise.

When you get it, bring Rex.
Can I play with him now?

- Sure. Stay in here, though.
- Rex!

Here. A kid found it
in the lift shaft.

He wore it too. Remember that
when you're testing it.

- Well? Did he see anything?
- No.

But you need patience with kids.
Rex has won his trust.

- What's up?
- Over there, at the window.

The old lady's been watching
the whole time.

So they're not all on holiday.

I'll go over and talk to her.

Take this, but don't let
Mrs Bernhard see it.

- Hello?
- It's me.

What do you want now?

I'm reminding you
to forget what you saw.

I didn't see anything.

That's good.
And if the police come back...

They're here.

Don't say a word to them
or you're dead.

I won't say anything.

You'll hear from me again.

Who's there?

Moser, Crime Squad.
I'd like to talk to you.

Do you have a badge?

What's happened?

- You've been watching.
- I didn't see a thing.

My vision is bad
without glasses.

- Is it Mrs Gebauer?
- Yes.

She's disappeared.

- A violent crime.
- I saw nothing.

I've been away
and returned yesterday

earlier than planned,
the heat was too much.

- I was out yesterday afternoon.
- How do you know it was then?

Mrs Gebauer is usually
at the cafe until 3 or 3.30.

I assume she was there.

Tell me... Can't we talk
inside your apartment?

No, I don't let anyone in.




I found a Kopetzky's
Delicatessen bag in the flat.

I leased the shop out
a year ago.

- Mrs Gebauer was a customer.
- I see.

Your customer,
living opposite...

You should know a lot about her.

I'm not interested
in other people's affairs.

I have no more to say.

- Are you with the police?
- Yes. How can I help you?

I heard that an old lady
who lived here has disappeared.

I have a friend
who lives nearby

whom I haven't
seen for ages either.

What's her address?

Don't be angry with me
if nothing has happened.

Who could be angry with you?

I remember a case
about twenty years ago

where a guy
killed old ladies.

A sex killer.

He always took the opportunity
to steal a small item.

This case is different.
We have three old ladies

who have vanished
with their valuables.

Only Mrs Gebauer was attacked,
and we have no corpse.

No corpse, no murder,
no investigation.

It's as simple as that.

Our case back then
was a really big one.

All the departments
worked on it together.

Any clues as to where
the bodies are?

Well, we found traces
of Bentonit in two flats.

That's a sealant
used on building sites.

I know.

That says a lot... but not much.


And what about...

Mrs Kopetzky?

Mrs Kopetzky knows something.


She's frightened, or suspicious.
I can't work it out.

We found plastic bags
from her shop in two flats.

That's no surprise.
They're near the shop.

The neighbours say
the ladies were very careful

never to let strangers
into their apartments.

Who do we normally
let into our home?


The gas or electricity man,

the postman...


Delivery men?


Stay there, Rex.


- Now, what would you like?
- Two ham rolls with gherkin.

This is a first for you,
buying ham rolls.

If you don't shut up
it'll be a last.

- Anything else, gentlemen?
- Yes. Do you deliver?

Of course. We offer
more service than big shops.

That's how
small businesses survive.

- Can we deliver for you?
- Not for me, for my aunt.

She's too old to carry much.

Good. If you like
I'll write down the address.

Before I forget,
a bottle of white wine.

Something really good.

They're in the store.
But I'll bring you white wine

Iike no other in Vienna.


- Good trick.
- Gattemeier, Gartner, Gebauer.

- And the others?
- Wait...

Kramer and Kofler
are the others.

Sch?ssel. Bullseye!

- Are you being attended to?
- Yes, I'm quite happy.

- Then you won't need our book.
- Unfortunately, I will.

Inspector Moser.

- Has something happened?
- Yes, to your customers.

Your boss said
you do home deliveries.

- Who does it?
- Schwarz, Herbert Schwarz.

Where can I find him?

- Do you know him well?
- No, I'd rather not see him.


He gives me the creeps.
The way he talks...

Nothing matters to him.

- Is that his cap?
- Yes.

He wears it for deliveries.

Can I see it?

Power lnvasion.

Where does Mr Schwarz live?

Oh dear,
I really don't know.

He slinks off somewhere
sometimes, but I have no idea.

- When will he be here again?
- Day after tomorrow.

You're interested
in my delivery boy?

They're from the police.


What's happened?

Three old ladies
have disappeared.

They're all
in your customer book.

- Strange coincidence, isn't it?
- Is Schwarz involved?


Our Schwarz?
He's so nice and obliging.

He's odd at times, but
no old ladies have complained.

Maybe they no longer can.

I don't suppose you know
where Schwarz is, either.

- Ask Mrs Kopetzky.
- Mrs Kopetkzy?

Don't you know?
Schwarz is her grandson.

Take this to your friend.

Go on. I'll pick you up.

Are you running away
from me, Mrs Kopetzky?

Me? Why would l
run away from you?

Right. Shall we talk
inside or outside your door?

What's it about?

I have some news,
Mrs Kopetzky.

It has to do with your shop.

I've leased the shop out.

I know.

But the three missing ladies
did shop there.

They're in the customer book.

And your grandson
did their deliveries.

Three missing already?

Yes, three. Of course
we're checking the others too.

- Good heavens.
- Yes.

I think the choice of victims
wasn't random, but planned.

- Where's your grandson?
- You think...

I think nothing.
I just want to talk to him.

I don't know where he is.
He rarely comes here.

Your tenant said that too.

Do you have a photo of him?

Basically, he's not
a bad person.

He came to me
when my daughter was divorced.

I couldn't look after him much
because of the business.

He grew up on the street.

Me too.

So now he only comes
here for money. Right?

Can I take this?

You have lovely plants,
Mrs Kopetzky.

Pity you didn't see anything
when you were watering them.

If something does occur to you,
will you give me a call?

Rex! Let go!

Rex, let go!

You teach him great things.
He'll chase small cars next.

Thanks for the cap.
It's the right one.

I looked all over Vienna
for it. Moser.

Stocki... Done anything
with the customer book?

Two more have disappeared?

Start a search for Schwarz
and have the shop watched.

Mrs Kopetzky too.
I'll be right there.

Sorry, we have to go. Rex!

Will you come
and see me again?

It doesn't look as though
we'll have time.

But if I'd seen something
you'd have to question me.

You did see something.

So you'll have to stay longer.

Oh, it's you.

I must speak to you.

All right.

I assume you've brought me
my money.

We agreed that the deposit
was due after six months.

I know.

I've had to pay
some outstanding debts...

20,000 Schillings.

20,000 Schillings?

250,000 is overdue.

I know.

I need more time for the rest.
Business isn't too good,


with the police
coming in and out.

- What did they want?
- The customer book.

And your grandson's address.

Did you tell them anything?

I really don't know
where he is.

Nor do l. Even if I did,
I wouldn't tell them.

Why not?

Do you think
he's connected with the case?

- Did you see anything?
- Nothing at all.

Schwarz did time
in juvenile detention

for theft, assault,
and property damage.

He doesn't live with his gran
now, so there's no address.

He hasn't been to work
lately either.

Maybe he noticed
the surveillance.

Or someone warned him.

I believe Rameder
doesn't know where he is.

But Mrs Kopetzky does know.

She alone can take us to him.

How? She's not stupid.

When she sees she's being
followed, she goes home.

Then we bluff.



Moser here.
We have news, Mrs Kopetzky.

We have a clue
as to where the killer is.

I can't say, but...

your grandson isn't being
watched any more.


I can't say any more.
Goodbye, Mrs Kopetzky.

Let's hope she falls for it.

How long have you been
bluffing old ladies?

Since their grandsons
have been murderers.

Rex, come here.

There she is.
Follow her.

Follow her, did you hear?
Follow her.

Be careful. Follow her.

It really works.

Think I'd let Rex go
without knowing where he was?

Let's go.

She got out.
Yes, at Burggasse.



I knew I'd find you here.

Why are you here?
Has something happened?

I just want to know one thing.

Are you connected with
the missing old ladies?

What? What old ladies?

Mrs Gebauer,
my neighbour, for example.

She's vanished.
I saw you at her place.

You're wrong, Grandma.
She was always nice to me.

- I wouldn't hurt her.
- You really weren't there?

I really wasn't, I swear.

That's a relief.
I never thought it was you.

The policeman said
they caught the murderer.

I was a bit premature.

We have him now.

What do you want? I have
nothing to do with Mrs Gebauer.

I'm arresting you on suspicion
of several counts of murder.


The old bags
had had it anyway.

I'm sorry, Mrs Kopetzky.

Schwarz made
only a partial confession

so I must ask you
to identify the victims.

- You knew them all.
- Of course.

I still can't believe
he killed the old ladies.

If it gets out
I'll have to close.

He admitted it was
because of his gambling debts.

He could have kept gambling
a few more months.

Can you imagine killing someone
for a few thousand Schillings?

Could someone
remove the framework?

- Rex has found the fourth body.
- Four?

Did he kill four of them?

No, no. Just three.

- You killed the fourth one.
- What?

That's absurd.

Not so.
It was well thought out.

You saw Schwarz and killed
one lady the same way.

You wore his clothes
and hoped he'd be blamed.


- Why would I kill Mrs Gebauer?
- You're in debt to Mrs Kopetzky.

She thought she saw
her grandson. But...

it was you.


Do you have proof?

Okay, now.

The boy saw you throw
Schwarz's cap into the lift shaft.

Rameder! You won't get far!



Come on.
Come here, you stupid dog.

Here. Jump!

Come on...

Come on...

- Come!
- Easy, Rex.

Stay back.
Good, Rex.

Good dog. Stay.

Good, Rex.
Put the bar down, Rameder.

Put the bar down!

Stay, Rex.

Come closer.
Very slowly.

Sit, Rex.

Good dog, Rex.

That was close.

If anyone gets into fights
up here it's me, okay?