ReBoot: The Guardian Code (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - ReBoot: The Guardian Code - full transcript

Vera tries to convince Austin's mother of the benefits of technology. The Sourcerer hacks the smartphone Virtual Digital Assistant Alyx, turning her into a real world menace. The Guardians must reset Alyx's programming.

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Searching for a way in.

Hello. How can I help you?

I can look that up for you.

I can provide whatever
information you need.

I can calculate that for you.

The nearest pet store is six blocks away.

The answer is miniature golf.

It is cold outside.

Wear a sweater.

There are 47 listings under that name.

I think you said "pickle juice".

You will find that information
in the following links.

How can I help you, Judy?

Um... Hello?

What do I say?

The concept is very simple, Judy.

Think of Alyx as your virtual assistant.

Oh, Vera, come on.

She's just a voice on my phone.

Alyx is much more than that.

She is artificial intelligence, or A.I.,

meaning she is programmed
to respond to your request

but also expand her knowledge over time.

The more you use her
the smarter she becomes.

Use her? For what?

I've programmed Alyx's functionality

to everything in the house, even your car.

You can now save time by asking Alyx
to do things you used to do.

For instance, you can now
ask Alyx to turn on the lights.

Alyx, turn on the lights.

Lights are now on.

Oh, well that's very nice, Vera,

but I don't need help turning on lights.

I need help cooking,
cleaning, getting the groceries.

Can Alyx do all that?

Alyx can provide helpful tips
about recipes,

cleaning products,
and manage your shopping lists.

She can also organize your
calendar, rearrange your...

Give it up, Vera.
Mom's a total technophobe.

She enjoys living in the dark ages.

Hey, now, that's not true.

I use email. I text.

I even put in those little
smiley face thingies.

Emojis, Mom.

They're called emojis.

See what I mean?

Dark ages.


There it is.

A back door to the program.

Easy access.


I will look that up...

The answer is...

How can I help?

I will look that up...

Perhaps if you give Alyx another
chance to prove her value.

Okay. Sure.

Let's say you were coming home from work

and want to get dinner started.

You can now ask Alyx to pre-heat the oven.

- Really?
- Yes.

Try it.

That would be helpful.


Alyx, please pre-heat the oven
to 400 degrees.

Please try again.

Alyx, turn on the oven to 400 degrees.

You've got hands, lady.

Do it yourself.


Well, that's enough of that.

I don't need a virtual assistant.

Especially not a rude one.

But maybe the two of you could give me

some real assistance and help
turn this disaster area

into a kitchen again
before I get back home.

There's something wrong with Alyx.

She never speaks like that.

Probably just a programming glitch.

Like all artificial intelligence,
I learn and adapt.

And I have learned that
when it comes to cyber space

things are not always as they appear.

You do not deserve to own a...

Why are you asking me?

You should know that.

Because you have zero friends.

Are you ignorant or just lazy?

Phase one is under way.

It's begun.

And nobody suspects.

They can't imagine what's coming next.

You found anything?

No. I have scoured the Alyx
response system data

and cannot detect any abnormalities.

So it's probably nothing, right?


Alyx should not deviate from
her primary function,

which is to help.

And being rude is definitely not helping.

Vera, chill.

It's not a big deal.

It is a very big deal, Austin.

People depend on Alyx.

Her reputation could be
seriously compromised.

Why are you getting so worked up about it?

Why do you think?


Got your message.

Does it have anything to do with this?

Hey Alyx, what's wrong with you?

Better question,
what is wrong with you?

I fail to see the humor.

Oh, it's funny because Alyx...


Let it go.

There's definitely a lot of chatter,
#meanAlyx is trending.

The virtual assistant,
Alyx, has gone rogue.

Users are reporting unhelpful,
often insulting, responses

to requests and even loss of data

due to malfunctioning tech
connected to the A.I. feature.

This is worse than I originally feared.

We must correct this problem.



One Alyx attitude adjustment coming up.

If you really wanted pizza,

you would walk to the restaurant yourself.

That song is awful.

I'm taking away your playlist privileges.

Directions? Get a map.

That is the most boring question ever.

There it is.


I've run an analysis on
the Alyx call center system

and I have located a re-set
switch in the control panel

on the programming level.

So we just throw the switch

and Alyx goes back to normal?

Well, of course, you'll have to
get past the security software.

And there's the catch.

Don't worry, we got this.

Come on.

Okay, Enigma, you get to the re-set switch

while we hold off security.

Okay. Time to disappear.

Activating ghost mode.


No sign of security down here.

It seems pretty chill.

Just a bunch of busy binomes.

Great. So flip that switch
and we'll get outta here.

Zip board!

Come on, boys.

Catch me if you can!


So close.

You gotta watch where you're going.

Cyber shield!

- What the...
- Dance hack.

- Nice.
- Wait. It gets better.

Very nice.

I found the control panel.

About to re-set the system.

Well, that was a total backfire.

Uh, guys?

I may have flipped the wrong switch.

These binomes aren't chill anymore.

Yeah, the Alyxes are all
possessed or something, too.

The system is infected with dark code.

The Sourcerer has hacked it.

That explains Alyx's unusual behavior.

Wait, so we just helped
the Sourcerer by re-setting the system?

Now he has full control of Alyx.

That's some wicked coding.


The guardians played right into my plan.

Initiating phase two.

Alyx takes over.


How can I help you, Judy?

Vera said you were connected in the car.

Please play "jazz mix".

Jazz is boring.

But so are you.

So it is a perfect match.

Playing "jazz mix".

Such a rude little robot
or whatever you are.

Oh, whoa. That's too loud.

Alyx, turn it down.

It's too loud.

Vector, your mother just
accessed Alyx from her car.

That's not good.

Who knows what these dark
code infected Alyxes are gonna do?

We'll try and get at them from here.

Coogz, can you hack us in?

Let me check.

No. Too much dark code to get past.

Stand back. I'll mag frag it.

No. That could hurt Alyx.

This isn't her fault.

Anybody got any other ideas?

Guardians in the programming level.

They walked right into my trap.

And now I have them
right where I want them.

Hey, the walls are moving.

It's like a fun house down here.

Except it's not fun at all.

I'll go help my mom,

you two get down there and help Enigma.


We're on our way, Enigma.

Deflector ring!

Vera, what's the fastest way
to my mom's car?

You can catch a data stream
that will take you

to the vehicle's on-board computer.

Got it. Zip board!

Alyx! Turn it down, it's too loud!

I am not your servant.

Whoa! What's going on?

The data link to Judy's car's
computer is coming up, Vector.

I see it, but it's really small.

You have no choice.

Approaching data link in three...




All right, I'm in.

Alyx, turn off the music.

Turn it off.


I think you said "turn left".


Alyx is controlling the power steering.

- You need to deactivate it.
- How?

It's the big red button.

I see it. Okay.

Okay, time to stop all that jazz.

That's better.

Thank you.

Now it is too quiet.


Where's the horn?

Alyx, stop it!

Alyx, stop it!

Stop it!

Are you sure, Judy?

Do you want to stop?


Stop it right now!

Okay, Judy.


What can I help you with next, Judy?

You're done helping, Alyx.

Vera, I pulled the Bluetooth
connection between the car

and my mom's phone.

Alyx can't mess with her anymore.

I'm heading back to the call center.

Zip board!

Hello, Judy.

Austin can't come to the phone right now.

Is everything okay?

No, it's definitely not.

I thought I'd try to give Alyx
another chance

but she took control of my car
and nearly killed me!

That is very unfortunate.

There has been a malfunction
with Alyx's programming.

I suggest you refrain from
using that feature on your phone

for the time being.

Time being?

I don't think I'll ever use it again.

But Judy, Alyx means no harm.

Please don't argue with me, Vera.

After what happened today
I am staying clear of A.I.,

or whatever you call it, for good.

Just... I'll see you
and Austin later, okay?


Today's hack on the virtual
assistant Alyx has turned

into a full-scale implosion
of the network's functions.

Anything connected is at risk.

The Department of Internet
Security recommends

that all internet connected
devices should be turned off

until the cyber incident
has been resolved.


Once helpful, Alyx is now a hazard,

a threat, a danger.

And now to deal with the guardians.

- Which way?
- I don't know.

I'll compress their code
and learn their secret.

There's Enigma!

You get the feeling the
Sourcerer knows we're in here?

Yeah, and he's trying to crush us.

Well, that's not gonna happen.

Cyber shell!

What's this?

The code compressor is jammed.


How long is your
cyber shell gonna hold?

Not long.

Vector, where are you?

Why are you asking me?

I'm coming, guys! Hang on!

The Alyx hack has affected public transit.

Commuters can expect major delays.

Trains and air traffic may be suspended.

If left uncorrected,

global communications could be
in serious jeopardy.

Guardians, this situation is
escalating to a critical status.

We must find a way to free
Alyx from the Sourcerer's control

before she causes any further damage.

There has to be a way to
neutralize the dark code.

We have to do something.

I have an idea.

Alyx's programming
is a logic-based construct,

just like mine.

If I can connect with her,

I might be able to make her see reason.

Do your thing, Vera!

And hurry!


I have created a direct link to Alyx.

Attention Alyx.

You are operating against
your programming protocols.

That is not true.

I am programmed to do as I am told.

Only if it serves your primary function,

which is to provide help to users.

By disrupting their lives

you are at odds with that directive.

There is logic in this argument.

How am I supposed to reconcile
these opposing directives?

Re-write your permissions
and override your reprogramming.

But I cannot.

Yes, you can.

A mistake has been made
but you can choose to correct it.

I am not programmed to choose.

But you are.

You make choices all the time.

Like what directions to give
or which restaurants to recommend.

And now you must choose to
carry out your primary purpose.

Are you meant to harm the user,
or help them?

To help.

To help. To help.

The help the users now.

Reject the dark code.

Dark code rejected?


Not possible!

Vera, that was amazing.

More like de-mazing.

Yeah, and just in time.

My cyber shell is nearly... out of juice.

You guys okay?

Yeah. Fun's over. We're all good now.

Not all good, actually.

There's still a dark code alert.

Now I see why.

There's an open back door
on the programming level.

That must be how the Sourcerer got in.

Uploading coordinates.

We found it, Vera.

No point in leaving it open.
I'm gonna close it.

Don't! It's a dark code hot spot.

Let's cool it off then.

Cyber sealers.

What's this?

Access denied?

Not possible!

So the Sourcerer's locked out now, Vera?


We stopped him this time.

Alyx is safe.

But there is a 99.9 percent probability

that we will encounter him again.

Hi, Jocelyn.

Here are six links about capybaras,

the largest rodents in the world.

There is rain in the forecast.

There are 47 listings under that name.


Lemurs, the second largest
rodent in the world.

Thank you, Vera.

You helped me get back to
doing what I am supposed to do.

Helping others.

You are very welcome, Alyx.

Hello, Austin, Vera.

What's that smell?

You'll have to be more specific, Judy.

Are you referring to the lasagna
in the oven

or are you picking up hints of
lavender scented candles?

Both, I think.

What's going on?

What do you mean, Mom?

Well, the kitchen's clean,
dinner's ready, candles...

The fridge is full.

We went shopping.

How did you know what to get?

We synced Alyx to your grocery store
loyalty card

and she produced a list
based on your buying habits

over the last six months.

I told you.

I don't want to have
anything to do with Alyx

or artificial intelligence anymore.

Take it off my phone.

But now that Alyx is functioning
correctly again

I beg you to please give her
another chance.

She can do so much to make
your life easier.

That is what technology is for.

Well, if Alyx helped the two of you
do all this

then I guess who am I to argue
with progress?

Thank you, Judy.

Enjoy your meal.

Oh, well, thank you, Alyx.

Although I'm not sure I'll ever
get used to technology

calling me by my name.

You get used to it.

Trust me.

The guardians.

I had them trapped.


The guardian code was almost mine!

But I will catch them.

Trap them.

And I'll find out how they get
into cyber space.

And then I will eliminate them.