ReBoot: The Guardian Code (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - ReBoot: The Guardian Code - full transcript

The Sourcerer reanimates Megabyte and upgrades him to do his bidding in cyberspace. Austin leaves the others in jeopardy when they go back into the internet to stop Megabyte from reopening the rift the Sourcerer opened.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Accessing mainframe database.

Could be something useful in here, yes.



Ah, there it is.

Yes, this will work perfectly.

Re-animation complete.


Where... am I?

Initiating upgrade.

Where's Vera?

She was a no-show last period.

Consider yourself lucky.

I had her third period
and it was exhausting.

She asks a lot of questions.

Yeah, but she also knows so many answers.

I have an idea where she might be.

Come on.


What have you done?

I realized my original clothing
was not current,

so I bio-constructed a new outfit

based on the most searched
fashion trends for teenagers.


So you and I are going

to have to talk about mixing and matching.

I think it totally works.

Yeah, well, your clothes aren't the point.

You can't go skipping class, Vera.

Even if it is uninteresting or irrelevant?

Welcome to high school.

Just don't miss again, okay?

You gotta find a better way to fit in.

Keep a low profile

until we've got this whole
guardian thing figured out.

But it's so clear.

You are next generation guardians.

The first humans to defend cyberspace.

While the appearance
of dark code caused me

to activate you earlier than anticipated,

each of you had been pre-selected
for your exceptional skills.

Tamra, for your stealth agility.

Trey, for your physical strength.

Parker, for your intellect.

And Austin, for your leadership.



That is what I was programmed to know.

I make no judgments.


Gee, thanks, Trey.

I really appreciate the vote
of confidence.

You have nothing to worry about.

I pass.

Vector out.

Hey, dude.


Wait up!


What's the deal?

The deal is no deal.

I m out, like I said.

But this is the coolest thing
that's ever happened to us.

I don't get it, what changed?

Come on, Parker.



Leaders are supposed to follow the rules,

do the right thing and make plans.

Does that sound like me?

I rest my case.

So that's it?

You're walking away?

You catch on fast.


But I m not done, oh no.

Not done yet.


It seems as I have been
digitally enhanced.


Now, to corrupt and conquer.

How strange.

What matter of sorcery is this?




I have a job for you.

Something I need done.

A task.

An assignment.

Not even a hello?

Welcome back?

Manners, manners.

Stupid virus.

There's no time for chit chat.

Chitter chatter.

You have work to do.

Forgive me, but I appear
to have been dormant

a great many cycles.

Is this about Bob?

Who's Bob?

What's Bob?

I'm the one who brought you back.

I call the shots.

I do no user's bidding!

You'll do mine!

Oh, yes.

You'll do mine.

Or else.

What is this?

Delete code I built into your programming.

I control it.

I control you.

Enough! Stop!


You are truly evil.

A fine trait in a partner.



Let me get this straight.

I'll be very clear.

We are not partners.

We will never be partners.

You do as I say.

If you do it right,

then maybe I'll remove the delete code.


Very well.

I enjoy a challenge.

Your wish is my command.

For now.


Hey, mom.


Well, what?

Oh, Austin. I m dying to know.

How was your first day at school?

It was okay. Uh...

Just a lot to take in.

What's with the bin?

Oh, I'm uh, getting the guest room ready

for the exchange student who's
going to be staying with us.

Did you meet him?


Maybe he got stuck in some
weird alternate dimension.

It wouldn't be the first time today.

Removing a pathetic cyber patch.

Such a waste of my talent.



I may have underestimated this task.

Cyber patch under attack.

Message mode initiated.

Guardian alert sent.

So, how did your first day rate
on the Lame-O-Meter?

Uh, yeah.

It was pretty good.

Ugh, sorry, I left something in my locker.

I'll see you tomorrow.

A text?

From Vera?

Oh, crap.

An unknown virus is attacking
the cyber patch

you installed this morning.

You must return there
and prevent more dark code

cyberlocusts from entering.

Where are the cyberlocusts coming from?

I have not been able to
determine their origin,

but you must stop them.

Okay, let's do it.

Wait a minute.

We're just gonna rush back in?

I thought we could get hurt in there.


Based on your skill level,

there is a 16% chance of that occurring.

I'll take those odds.

What about Austin?

He has not responded and
this mission cannot be delayed.

The cyber patch breech could result

in another massive power outage.

Hey, it's okay.

We got this.

Man, I really don't like that part.

I'll talk to Vera about putting barf bags

in the Codec for you.

Very funny, Googz.

Hey, unnecessary.

Cyber patch strength at 70 percent.

Okay, guys.

We have to find the virus
that's attacking the patch.

Well, well.

What have we here?

We're the guardians.

Defenders of cyberspace.


You don't look like guardians to me.

Nevertheless, destroying you
will be most gratifying!

Hey, Dad.

Big day today.

But, if you're looking down
on me like mom says,

you already know.

I mean, at that school people
expect a lot.

You always said I was smart,
but Alan Turing High smart?

And then there's this guardian thing.

Parker's into it.

Tamra and Trey are too, I guess.

But Vera says I m supposed
to be the leader.

I just don't feel like that's me.

I mean, what if I fail?

Somebody could get hurt.

Or worse.

I just can't lose anybody else.

"Do what is right,

and you will do no wrong."


You are no match for me.

Who are you, anyway?

I am Megabyte.


So my phone's, what, 30,000
times more powerful than you?

Aren't you the comedian.

Can your phone do this?

Hey, why don't you pick on
someone your own size?

Or... closer to it.


Keep him busy, D-Frag!

I'll go patch that patch.

Yeah, get to it.

I'll keep Mega...

You can't do that to my friends!

Energy Shuriken!


Okay, Megaplant ready for round two?

Always ready!


Where do you think you're going,
little guardian?



Nice catch.

Now where was I?


There it is.

It's open again.


Now, to finish what I started
and shut down electrical power.

Cyber patch strength at 0 percent.

No kidding.

Fright fist!

Your response time is unacceptable.

I'll work on it.

What's the sitch?

The dark code cyberlocusts
have breached the patch

you installed this morning.

This is the visual from the Codec.

Whoa. What is that?

A very destructive virus called Megabyte

responsible for the breech.

You need to help Googz, Enigma, and D-Frag

stop the cyberlocusts
and destroy this Megabyte.

Okay. I have an idea.

Can you reverse the programming
on my code disruptor?

Make it seal instead of frag?

Yes, that's possible.

But you will not have access to it

while the change is in progress.

Just, uh... start coding.

Your efforts are futile, guardians.

The three of you don't stand a chance.

Count again.

There's four of us.

One more guardian
hardly makes a difference.

I thought you were out.

Well, I m back in.

Guys, we have
to stop the cyberlocusts

before they take out the power core.

Right. Let's move!

Run, guardians, run!


You lazy virus.

I detect interference.

Make yourself useful and stop it.

Very well.

Now it's time to meet
your demise, guardians!

Guys, look out!

On it!



Going down.


Oh, hey.

I think I m getting the hang of this.

Style points for the landing, D-Frag.

You guys keep fragging cyberlocusts.

I'll take Megacreeper.

Hey, virus!

You dare challenge me?

How amusing.

You're gonna have to do better than that.

That was close.

That was closer!

Hey, Vera.

How's that adjustment on
my code disruptor coming?

I have installed the cyber sealer function

to your code disruptor.

It is uploading now.

Okay. Just hurry!

Here we go.

Come out, come out, wherever you are!


That was way too close.

You can't outrun me!

Try flying blind.

Booster pack!




Were kind of outnumbered.

Just keep fragging.

We really could use some help.

Vera, I need that cyber sealer now!

Cyber sealer upload at 98%.

It will be ready in five seconds.


I better buy some time.



Cyber Sealer!

Today's forecast,

cloudy with a chance of bug guts.

Get off! Get off me!


Get off!

Oh, hi guys.

I totally had that.

Right. Totally.

Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

It can't be.


So that was kind of phenomenal.


I could do without the last
minute save stuff.

But in the end you came through.

I don't walk away from my friends.

Spoken like a true leader.

Baby steps, dude.

Hey, what happened
to Megabyte, anyway?

Crashed his giant
cyber locust and went boom.


This is far from over, guardians.

And my code disruptor's back to normal.

And she figured out a way
to give us all cyber sealers.

That's so amazing.

She's so amazing.

You don't think there's, like, a way...

Me and her could...

Uh, no, Parker.

Don't even go there.

Hey, Austin.

Parker, nice to see you.

Did you enjoy your first day at school?

Definitely, it was incredible.


Hello, Austin.

Hello, Parker.

Good, you've already met.

What're you doing here, Vera?

Vera's our new exchange student.

I thought I was getting a
Hungarian boy named Gunther,

but the school emailed
the last minute change.

This is a good way to fit in.

Don't you agree?

Yeah, it sounds great to me.

And since Vera is a girl
and not a Gunther,

I thought I would add some
extra little touches

to the guest room like flowers.

I don't require flowers.

Or a guest room.

This room right here will serve my needs.


No, no, no, no, no.

The guest room will be just fine.

You know, it'll be nice
to have another girl

in the house for once.

Come on, I'll show you your room.



You failed, Megabyte.

Did I?

Your cyberlocusts were given access.

Is it my fault those dreadful
guardians got in the way?


Is that the code that kept interfering?

Guardian code.

Yes, yes.

It's just a new version of an old nemesis.

But you couldn't stop it.

It stopped you.

Wrong outcome.

Oh, please.

It was a mere sub-routine.

I m just getting warmed up.

No excuses, Megabyte.

I don't want excuses,

I don't like excuses.

This guardian code

must not stand in the way of my plans.

Eliminate it.