Quantico (2015–2018): Season 2, Episode 22 - Quantico - full transcript

It's the team last stand against the Collaborators at the Constitutional Convention, where a new amendment to the Constitution threatens every American's freedom.

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Previously on "Quantico"...

My sister, Nimah Amin,
was taken wrongly into custody

for an attack you believe
was perpetrated by me.

I love you, Ryan. I just need more time.

See, you can't fight fire with fire.

That's exactly what they expect.

I mean, you gotta fight it with kittens

or mercury or... or the concept of time.

What was waiting inside that café?

A Russian, the FBI?

I have more emotions than you.

I have them. I'm having one right now.

She really left you?

We will not only rebuild
both our agencies from scratch,

but we will combine them.

President Roarke's proposal

of combining and re-branding
the FBI and CIA

will apparently require a new amendment

to the United States Constitution.

A Constitutional
convention is an invitation

to rewrite the law wholesale.

We have to make Roarke believe
that we're on his side.

When is the convention, Clay?

- 100 days from now.
- That's when we attack.

So, who wants to be a terrorist?

So, what is wrong with America today?

Um, I...

I-I think that America
is a great country

full of o-opportunity...

and, um...


He couldn't even get through a sentence

without stammering
or wandering off-subject.

Did you scare him?
You scared the last one.

Hey, if the president
wants qualified candidates

for this new intelligence agency,

then we have to be selective.

Remember when you risked your
lives to ruin the president?

Well, the country's changed. So have we.

President Roarke's term
has barely begun,

and he's already seen a huge win.

New Mexico becomes
the crucial 34th state

to petition Congress to convene
a Constitutional convention,

making it official.

Come on. Now is your time

to tell me what you think
is wrong with the FBI.

What can we do better?

The president's
Muslim registry is now law,

as the country is left to wonder,

"Who is President Roarke?

And what will his Constitutional
convention bring?"

It says here you've run
multiple clandestine ops

in Addis Ababa and Raqqa.

You prepared to run similar ops

with American citizens on domestic soil?

As the convention grows near

and National Security Council
member Maxwell Fletcher

rolls out his plan for a new
domestic intelligence agency...

- We're gonna be here all night.
- Washington insiders are wondering,

"Who's running the White House...

- "Roarke or Fletcher?"
- So, anyone?

I wouldn't give these people
a badge, a gun,

or my Amazon Prime password.

One guy told me he loved America
more than his mom...

and then he asked me out.


Would you be willing to go
undercover in a hostile country?

And you don't have a problem
with assassinating foreign nationals?

So, that's it?
You don't like the lunch room?

You have an opportunity here
to be a part of the reinvention

of the intelligence community
in this country,

and you don't have a single question?

Delegates are already gathering
in Philadelphia

for what, in a mere seven days,

could change the course
of American history.

It's been a while.

Too long.

Maybe we'll work together again soon,

as part of this crazy combined
Domestic Service Agency.

We're calling it DISA.

I prefer "the SS."

You're here to interview to
join DISA, not criticize it.

When we were at Quantico,

we studied the Constitution together.

We learned the lines
LE and intelligence can't cross.

DISA throws that all out.

How could you be a part of this?

That is an exaggeration.

"All citizens' rights and privileges"

shall not be suspended unless,

when in cases of rebellion or invasion,

"the public safety shall require it."

- And that's just one of the amendments.
- I know them well.

"Rebellion," "invasion."
That can mean anything.

That's a blank check
for the federal government

to suspend our rights for any reason.

The world has changed, Iris,

and this country has to
change along with it.

I've made my choice,

and you've made yours...


Excuse me.

Not at all good to see you, Alex.

He is never far away.

Can you blame him?

He's trying to create a new world order.

It took God six days.

He's already failing.

Hey. Any word from our
friends at the ACLU?

They kicked it over
to Amnesty International,

who did not want to get involved.

They recommended we talk
to a Muslim-rights group.

What charge do they have on Nimah?

All she did was pretend
to be her sister.

Criminal impersonation is considered
identity theft in Virginia...

and, in this case, espionage.

I don't think we can get her out.

Hey. You okay?


Dinner later?


Discerning, aren't we?

Only the best for DISA.

That name.

I keep forgetting what
that damn "D" stands for.

But Peter's the brand guy,

as far as the president's concerned.

Keep up the good work, Hall.

You've surprised all of us.

- Hey!
- Well, well, well.

Look who's shutting
this place down. Again.

Come on. Don't make fun of us.

We're in a rut, we're tired,

and this is the only place
in town, by the way,

that doesn't water down its drinks.

I'm just glad I never have to eat alone.

All right. I am out.


I'm gonna stick around
for one more drink.

- It's almost last call.
- All right.

Good job today.

- Good job. Bye!
- Bye!

- Old-fashioned.
- I got you. Old-fashioned.

And one of these.

So, what's it like being a strategist

for the only coalition of states
saying "no" to the convention?

It doesn't much matter.
Roarke has his 38 states.

Still, I wrote a hell of a barnburner

for the New York delegation
to give during floor debate.

Why does this feel like a double
date all of a sudden?

My God. It does!

Well, for starters,
you're drinking my drink,

which is pretty intimate.

We order the same thing.
I don't want to wait.

You hear back from Felix?

Don't take "no" for an answer.

That sounds like girlfriend advice.

And by "girlfriend," you mean
"girls who are friends"?

Well, like these two, who
apparently had molly for dinner.

No, that's not it. It's, um...

He doesn't like displays of affection.

Well, and I bet we could
get him out of here faster.

Not yet. I told you.

Okay. There he goes, to follow Miranda.

And that was last call.


Anyone up for a quick game of pool?

- I'll start the coffee.
- Thank you.

Another late-night SDR.
Thank you for teaching it to me.

- Did the tail follow you?
- I lost him.

Two days till the convention.

48 hours to make sure
Roarke doesn't get his DISA

and that the convention doesn't strip

the American people
of their civil liberties.

And all we have is us.

The convention is comprised
of 50 delegates,

each representing
their respective state.

Now, Roarke needs 38 states
to vote "yes" to pass his amendments.

We know 34 of them are in full support

of this amendment and can't be swayed.

Another 12 are firmly against it.

The remaining 4?

That is our battleground.

If we can get them to vote "no,"

the amendment will fail.
It's that simple.

We've only got 24 hours
to lie, manipulate,

and blackmail these 4 swing
delegates into voting "no."

This is our last stand.

All right. Who do you have
and how will you break them?

Sheila Bernard,
state legislator from Ohio

who's been engaging in some
extracurricular activities.

Sheila, you're not
voting "yes" tomorrow.

You're voting "no," because
I don't think your husband

wants to hear about your affair
with Senator Davis.

You promise no one will
ever hear that recording?

I know you'll make the right choice.

What? Are you okay?

Manipulating someone with the
threat of scandal is hard for me.

After the convention,
you can go to Sheila

and you can apologize,

just like I'm gonna apologize right now.

I shouldn't have made it all your fault.

You were easier to blame than my father.

Who's next on the list?

Eric Jackson, a Pennsylvania Democrat

with a secret that
he would rather keep buried.

What will the good people
of your district think

when they find out that you were a part

of a white-separatist group?

I'm not a racist.

All we need for you to do is
vote "no" at that convention.

Does that seem like
something you can do?


Pleasure doing business
with you, Congressman.

Benjamin Whitmore, a staunch Republican

and Tallahassee clergyman
with a dominatrix on speed dial.

No, no, no. Don't send all of them.
Send just one, enough to scare him.

Leave the rest to his imagination.
That'll really make him spin out.

Just like that?

You're not gonna tell me
that sending them all

is a stronger move or...?

What, did you want me to put up a fight?

Or did you just expect me to?

Lastly, Amanda Glasson,
Michigan Democrat

and construction magnate who's found

a lot of creative ways to turn a profit.

I think we're looking at charges

all the way from corporate fraud
to outright treason.

No. I just want your cooperation.


I think I've finally come to grips

with doing bad for the greater good.

Clay and I were just
saying the same thing.

"Clay and I."

We are good friends.

Yeah... I drive out of my
way for three hours every day

to go have dinner with my good friend.

He feels personally responsible
for all of this.

He feels other things, too, you know.

I mean, he's not engaged anymore...

hasn't been for four months.

Clay has no idea what he feels for me.

Right now, we are trapped
in a foxhole together.

When this is all over, you know,
we'll see if this was just

an end-of-the-world romance
or if it's real.

I hope it's real.

So, what about you and Ryan?

Was all of that just
for the tail last night?

He's been so supportive lately,

not doubting me as much.

But I'm just waiting
for the other shoe to drop.

You told him you needed time.

Maybe he used that time to grow.

Or maybe he's just making me think
that he's changed, you know?

And then when things get difficult,

he'll be back to the same old Ryan.

Well, you know what?
Something will happen,

and you'll just know,
one way or another, right?

So, are you gonna say something
or just make me watch you?

You are the one who came here
and demanded to talk, so talk.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry I used you.

I'm sorry I got you into all this.

I'm sorry I wasn't a better friend.

I lost my job, my green card.

And to make it more interesting,

I have the Russian intelligence
on me day and night

thinking that I'm still gonna tell
them secrets about the president.

You can't fix that.

I'm even afraid to go back to Spain.

I don't want to tarnish
my family's name.

- I'm sorry.
- You're sorry. You said that already.

If you...

ever need anything...


I need you to destroy Roarke.

I believed every lie he told me.

And America does, too.

He told them he would fix the country,

and all he wants is to fix it
for himself and his friends.

Tell me how to win.

Anything you can think of,
they've already thought of.

You have known about this plan
for six months.

They waited years for it.

Stop trying to be smarter
than them. Surprise them.

Use kittens, mercury,
and the concept of time.

What's that?

Something my brother told me
that's just making sense to me now.

Don't leave town tonight.

All right. It looks like
we went 4 for 4.

- Whoo!
- Yes!

That should keep Roarke shy
of passing his amendments.

All right. What do we do now?

Wait and pray that everything goes
well at the convention tomorrow?

- Hey.
- Everybody's smartphones in their cars?

- Yeah.
- Did a sweep for bugs?

Every time we walk through the door.

Well, check again.
I think they're listening.

You're right.

It's a little late to be
keeping secrets now.

You were all so careful,

meeting someplace completely
innocuous four times a week,

like it was any other week
in your lives.

And yet, you always failed to noticed

the newly installed
smart TVs in every corner,

all of which have their mics on,

courtesy of Peter Theo
and his latest firmware updates.

You're all definitely
going in the "no" pile now.

If you were spying on us
this whole time,

why even bother with a tail?

We just wanted to give you
a false sense of security.

You did put on a hell of a show,
though, for three months.

That took a lot of patience.

Information is a powerful thing.

All of the research you did
on those weak delegates

ahead of tomorrow's convention

is even more useful
in the president's hands.

He had all four of your target delegates

pulled and replaced with
less corruptible individuals.

And now we invite you
to watch democracy evolve

to the next level at the convention.

Because there's absolutely
nothing you can do to stop him.

So enjoy your final days of freedom.

Yeah, Peter, it's done.
Tell the president.

Three months of work gone in an instant.

We never stood a chance.

This is not over.

We've just been going about it
the wrong way...

head-on, trying to block the
Collaborators' paths the entire time.

- As opposed to what?
- Blowing up the whole road.

How do we do that
when we're out of time?

Find a time machine and go
back and use Theo's technology

against the Collaborators
to find their plan first?

We don't need a time machine to
do that. We can do it right now.

Theo uses technology to spy,
to control people down the line.

He can listen to anybody at any time.

So, why would a guy like that play fair

when it comes to his
fellow Collaborators?

You think he's spying on them.

I think he's got to
have enough dirt on Roarke

to bury him 10 times over.

The intelligence we gathered
on the Collaborators

wasn't enough to get them.

But if we can get whatever
Peter Theo has on them...

It is still us against the
most powerful man in America.

We are not the only group
who can use that intelligence.

What are you thinking?

Something that isn't just a roadblock.

Something that might just
get us all killed.

But we're gonna need reinforcements.

I think I know who to call.

What do you want me to tell him?

Tell him we're gonna betray our country.

I don't drink, either.

I never saw the point of paying $14

for two ounces of flavored ethanol.

Don't drink?

You don't hear that a lot in a gay bar.

I wouldn't know. It's my first time.


I'm straight.
I'm here with my girlfriend.

- She likes to dance.
- Jimmy!

- Did you make a friend?
- Just killing some time, Karen.

Hands off, mister. He's mine.

But isn't he the cutest?

Look at that. He thinks so, too.

I'll leave you two alone.

You don't have to.

He does whatever I want.

Don't you, Jimmy?

Want to play?

He's very gifted.

I'll get the check.

Iris and Will here,

en route to Theo's home momentarily.

Copy. Get into his system
so we can link up.

If we meet the Russians empty-handed...

I know, I know. Everyone's dead.
We'll come through. Chang out.

- You said you were ready for this.
- We are.

We didn't have time to run
the missions back-to-back.

We're on parallel tracks here.
It's gonna be fine.

Look, we're just here
to give the Russians access

- to Peter Theo's database.
- That's it? Just access?

With Peter Theo's intel
on your former boss,

combined with whatever FSB has on him,

the Russians can easily
compromise the president,

and he won't even see it coming.

And once it's done,
he won't be able to get out.

Since my life is on the line,
I just have to know...

what are the Russians
giving you for this?

They're not giving us anything.

We're using them to take Roarke out.

How can you be so sure
this will work?

The Russians could do anything
with that intelligence.

I know you're scared.

And I know I don't have a right
to ask you to do this.

That's right. You don't.
Okay? You don't.

I will do it because
it's the right thing to do

and because that's what
friends do for each other.

Here. That should do it.
You're good to go.

It wasn't fitting her right.
It was itchy.

Is that so?

Yeah. We take care of each other.

It's... It's the little things.

Well, you keep it up, and
you might just get her back.

No. That's...
That's not what this is about.

Come on, man.

Take it from someone
who notices these things...

when you're not looking, she's
looking at you and no one else.

We're people. We're not a light switch.
You can't just flick us on again.

Ryan, when this is over,

you're gonna find the time
and space to ask the question.

And I'm pretty sure how she'll answer.

All right. We're here.

Ready? It's time.

Don't shoot!

What are you doing?

We're in this together.

I'm not the one who can
help you. They are.

Alex Parrish.

Alex, we need to buy Will and Iris time.

Stall him.

We have intelligence on our
president that you might want.

We'll give it to you, but at a price.

Why not use it yourself if it
compromises your president?

- You can write your own check.
- We're just rogue agents.

He's the president of the United States.

We use this, he destroys us.

You have an entire country
protecting you.

- What's the price?
- It's all explained in this.

You get the president to propose
a change in the language

of one of the amendments
under debate tomorrow

at the Constitutional convention.

It's a small change,

but we have employers that
stand to gain from it.

And that's it?

Discuss it with your colleagues.

If you don't have the intel,

what's on that drive?

Nothing yet.

I promise, baby,
it'll be easier this time.

I'm scared.

He just needs a little something
to look at to get him started.

How's this view?

It's better.

And now?

I think I need to drink after all.

I've got some vodka
downstairs somewhere.

Be right back.

We are screwed. He doesn't
have a computer in here.

Yes, he does.

- How did you know?
- Unless Georges de La Tour

painted a second Repentant Magdalen...

and he didn't...

this one had to be fake.

The original's at LACMA.
The rest of this art's real, though.

You better produce, and fast,

or I'm gonna let him
have his way with you.

I wouldn't mind.

Me neither.

Hey, we're in.

Will and Iris came through.

Establishing the link
to Theo's home system.

Pushing it to you.

It's gonna take a minute
till it's secure.

- What are they saying?
- Well, my Russian's not perfect,

but I think I heard "kill" and "them."

Okay, enough!

Do you know how many
intelligence agencies

would be rolling out the carpet to us?

But we came to you, so we
deserve respect and answers now.

- Don't give them that drive.
- Let's take a look first.

I want a deal first.

This is not a negotiation.

We're still establishing the connection.

You have a deal.

How do I know you'll keep
your part of the deal?

You don't.

But we will.


There's CAT squads in every stairwell.

I've got my route planned.

I just need to know one thing...
that you're sure.

As sure as I've ever been
about anything.

Nothing about this is gonna be easy.

However this plays out,

it's been nice working with you.

Shaw moving into position.

The plan is a go.

During lunch, we found out the
whole coalition is backing out.

We've lost Ohio, Pennsylvania.

Even Florida is poised to vote "yes."

Just hold fast, okay?

You do what you believe, not
what everybody else is doing.

Mr. Haas, the president
wants to see you, now.

You don't seem surprised to see me.

Felix told me you like to gloat.

I thought you'd do it publicly.

Well, I think this is public enough.

Good work your people did here.

A noble try.

Led by you, of course.

Everyone was equally invested.

So, what are
your plans after this?

The rest I can throw on a shelf
somewhere, but you...

Too many questions
if you disappeared, so...


A think tank?

It's none of your concern.

"It's none of your concern, sir."

You don't have to respect me,
but at least respect the office.

I do. That's why I'm standing up for it.

Too bad it wasn't enough.

You make a fine dance partner,
Clay, but the music's stopped.

But this country will be better

when people have less to worry about.

You're too young to know a time
when that existed, but I'm not.

I remember listening to my
parents tell me how good it felt

to have the utmost faith
in your leaders.

America wants to return to
that uncomplicated ideal...

to trust their representatives
to think for them

so they can focus on
what really matters.

Or so they don't notice
you're taking away their rights.

I have the votes.

In minutes, 38 states will vote
to amend the U.S. Constitution,

and this country begins a new
era of security and purpose.

Your side was outvoted today, son.

Be glad that, unlike your mother,

you have a front-row seat to history.

Just remember, when he
calls for the final votes,

that's when we go in.


What are you doing here?

Taking advantage of our right
to free assembly

while it still exists.

The Roster makes for a damn fine
grassroots organization in a pinch.

- Want a hat?
- Ha.

I have called enough attention
to my subversive activities, thank you.

How's Clay? Is he in there?

I haven't spoken to him recently.

Come on. You don't
have to lie for him.

I know you guys are friends.

He's grieving.

What does he have to grieve about?

He was heartbroken when you left him.

I left?

Of course. He can't look
like the bad guy around you.

Um, Clay kicked me out,

said he didn't want
to tarnish my good name,

as if it's the turn of the century

and there's still such a thing
as a good name.

I wanted him, he wanted me gone,
and that was that.

I don't know what kind of play he's
been putting on for you, but...

I can guess why.

- It's not like that.
- Places, everyone.

I'm sorry. I have to go.



So, this is it?

What this is, is burning
all the bridges behind you.

Are you saying you don't want me to
go through with what I have to do?


But I love you, and I wish it
wasn't you who had to do it.

I'm in the hallway.

Roarke broke away for an emergency
phone call, in private.

Ladies and gentlemen,
the president of the United States.

Order. Order.

Before we tabulate the final roll,

there's been a motion
from my home state of Wisconsin

to include some new language
into one of the amendments.

It's amendment number 28,

and the motion is to replace the
word "safety"...

with "security."

- He took the bait. That's our cue.
- Now, I, for one, see the wisdom in that,

but we can open the floor for debate.

Mr. President...

before this convention continues,

I think it's in the best interest
of these delegates and this nation

to know how deeply
the democratic process

has been compromised.

We have audio from our friends incoming.

We should have video, too.

What we want is one simple change...

replace "safety" with "security."

I want you to go,
and I want you to find her

and do whatever you have to do to
stop her and get her off that screen.

They still hang for treason, yes?

- That's it? That's all you want?
- Yes.

This is a phone call, not moments ago,

with Russian intelligence operatives

striking a deal with our president.

America is now a puppet state
to a hostile power,

and I know this because...

because I gave that power
the intelligence to do it,

to show you, the American people,

that our president is a criminal.

This government...

run by a rogue cabal
of self-serving elitists...

they've stolen the presidency,
used fear to control us,

manipulated events
to serve their greater goal...

a power grab to take this country away
from the ideals it was founded on,

to subvert this great nation's

its laws, its norms.

Well, that ends today.

You all know what Roarke
was willing to do

to keep his presidency.
You heard it for yourself.

Well, now you're gonna know every crime

that he and his fellow
compatriots committed.

Alex, they've got your location.

And I know it's not enough
for you to hear it from me,

- and I know you need facts...
- That's our cue.

Release everything we've got.

Which is why I'm gonna
release every secret

that Roarke was so desperate to hide

to a hundred major law firms...

and civil-rights organizations,

including the ACLU.

America deserves the truth
and nothing less.

Yes, this is highly classified
and incriminating intelligence.

- And, yes, I have violated...
- Get her! Get over there!

So many laws by leaking
this to you, the people.

But this country will not fix
itself in the shadows anymore.

The light is all we have,
and the truth is all we can trust.

So resist. Fight back.

That's what I did and will
always do for my country!

Freeze! Do not move. Do not move.

Alex, open your eyes!

Alex, look at me!

I'm sorry, Alex. I can't watch him cry.

It's too pathetic.

Stop. He's not pathetic.

What the hell's going on here?!

I'm... I'm sorry.

I had to keep you out of
the final part of the plan

because I needed your reaction for...


- Well, how'd I do?
- You did so good, baby. Come here.

We're here.

The car's waiting
to take you to the plane.

They're gonna be expecting a body.

We've created a
comprehensive paper trail

at Bryn Mawr Hospital,
including a death certificate

and an autopsy, but it will
only buy you so much time.

That's okay. Let 'em wonder.
They don't have any proof anyway.

So what are you gonna do now?

Your runaway thing again,
like last year?


This time, I disappear.

Hey, look.

Thanks for uploading that data.

You'll take the blame for that.

I've masked the IP address
a few different ways

to make it interesting, but, well,

they'll trace it back to you.

At least this country won't be
controlled by the Russians.

All right. Come on.

We need to get you out of here.

Hey. I'll be in the follow car
in case you get made, all right?

We'll talk.


They're calling it the
political scandal of the century.

President Roarke continues to deny

he was working at the behest of Russia,

but the Constitutional
convention is over

and will not resume at any point.

The evidence against Roarke
is hard to deny.

We are waiting for a statement
from the president...

You gonna keep them waiting?

Now it's your turn to gloat.

I've given 31 years to this country.

I am a public servant.

And I found some people
who wanted things to change,

and we had a plan.

And I... I did what they asked.
We all got what we wanted.

And now they're gonna walk away
from this, buy their way out.

You think that I have
the money that they have?!

You think that t-they'll
stand by me after this?!

You chose to work with them.

And after your little stunt,
they will burn me at the stake,

like everyone who speaks truth!

If you're expecting an apology,
you're not gonna get it.

Then why are you here?

What the hell do you want from me?

You want to have a-a talk about America?

You want to give me a lecture
about your superior virtues?

What is the point of all this?!

Why am I being kept in here...

- Henry...
- like I did something wrong?!

- Henry...
- It's "Mr. President"!

It is "Mr. President"!

Not for long.

For even less time than my mother was.

Now, you know what happens next.

You walk out to the police
or the press...

two roads,

both leading to your own personal hell.

Or I don't walk out of here at all.

I love this country, Mr. Haas.

I know you did, Henry.

No, sir! What are you doing?

Mr. President, no!

Shots fired! We have shots fired!

- Move in! Now!
- Move, move, move!


You okay?

We won.

I think.

Did we win?

Or will the next person
who takes his place...

Hey. Today we won.

Tomorrow hasn't happened yet.

You want to go somewhere?

We don't have to hide anymore.
We can finally have that date.

I saw Maxine.

She was here?

Protesting with the Roster.

- She told me what happened.
- Shelby...

You broke up with Maxine because
you didn't want her tainted

by the scandal of being with you.

You don't have that same
concern about me, do you?

Because I am already damaged.

- You...
- I...

have been so afraid of what
other people think of me,

instead of caring about
what I think about myself.

I don't want to keep
making the same mistakes

over and over again.

I am not a mistake.

But we would be.

I am not the one for you, Clay.

You might care about me,

but you are still in love with her.

Apologize for underestimating her.

You've got cash, a few passports,
a couple of names that...

you're gonna need better burner phones

once they start to ask
questions about your death.

Yeah, okay. I got it.

I know.

You always have.

Yeah, I'm annoying like that.

You ready? There's an empty
plane waiting for you.


thank you...

for everything you've done for me,

for the trust that you've shown in me.

Thank you for giving me back my life.

Come here.

Hey. Time to fly.


He must've had to lose a tail.

So I don't get to say goodbye.

It's okay.

- Take care of yourself.
- You too.

Two months after
President Roarke's suicide,

we'll review the fallout
and the road to come.

Our roundtable will ask,
"Was the disclosure"

of U.S. intelligence warranted?
Is Alex Parrish alive?

If so, is she a hero or a traitor?

"And where is she?"

America cannot give up its
obsession with Alex Parrish.

And unconfirmed sightings
of her in Belgrade last month

don't do anything to dispel
the conspiracy theorists.

Websites are dedicated to
tracking her alleged sightings...

Next on "Pointless Questions
with Pompous Pundits."

And a documentary is being
made about her life.

So this is the bunker.

I don't know.
I was thinking brutalist blocks,

not Soho House.

We'd almost given up on you.

And some of us got tired of waiting.

Be nice. He helped get us out.

It's nice to see you two together.

I really just wanted
confirmation you were twins

and not just Nimah with a head injury.

It's nice to be together.

I'm grateful to be out of custody.

And we're glad the others are free.

Don't get me wrong,

but being in prison and...
I don't know...

It changes you.

I never had any illusions about
this country always being fair.

Our parents had that talk with
us when we were, what, 11?

But when something like this happens...

when people are ready, even willing,
to just give away their rights...

Maybe I did have some illusions
about this country after all.

- Have you seen Miranda?
- She's being well looked after.

That prison's more like Soho House, too.

How long do you think
she'll be in there?

A long time. But Miranda
knows what she signed up for.

And you? You know
what you signed up for?

- Deputy director of the CIA?
- Of course.

I'm gonna help reshape the agency.

And get your hands dirty.

Well, hopefully not just my hands.

You two have sacrificed
a lot for our country.

You know what it takes.

I may ring you up, too, young lady.

Well, I'm gonna keep my day job.

Quantico needs my full attention.

Some of the recruits are pretty green.

You seem good.

I am good.

When is the wedding?


We eloped.

Don't tell anyone.
I still haven't told my mother.

- Congratulations.
- Thank you.

Hey. Don't look at them. Look at me.

Thank you.

It's just you and me now.


The Powerpuff Girls, minus one.

I miss her.

I do, too.

And I always will.

Thank you. Be right back.

Ryan Booth.

Nice to meet you, Ryan Booth.

You from D.C.?

Um, just connecting there from...


Yeah, that's it.


Running for my life.


Making sure I have one that counts.

You really want to do this?

Give it all up for me?

I give up nothing if I'm with you.

Wherever you run,

that's where I want to be,

if... if you'll have me.

Synced & corrected by kinglouisxx