Quantico (2015–2018): Season 2, Episode 19 - Quantico - full transcript

With all Collaborators unveiled, the team uses Clay's engagement party to entice them one place and turn them against each other. Meanwhile, a team member's decision put everyone's lives at risk.

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Previously on "Quantico"...

Christian Kelly, Henry Roarke,

Rebecca Sherman, Thomas Roth,

Alice Winter, Peter
Theo, Maxwell Fletcher,

and finally, Warren Shepherd.

So, if our analysis is
right and we're looking

for eight Collaborators,
we have everyone.

We all know who's next in
succession when she resigns.

Henry Roarke.

If you want to keep your job,

you'll find out what he's up to.

Your sister... She died

at the Al-Qaeda train bombing.

This is not about my sister.

Whatever it is that's
happening between you two,

you have to stop it.

I like you, Sasha. You intrigue me.

I like you, too, okay?

So, eight listening devices

and his laptop in under 20 minutes.

Not a personal record, but not bad.

And you thought you'd
lost your instincts.

Yeah. We've got company.

Did something happen?

Oh, morning. We're with,
uh, PrimeWell Securities.

We just did a routine inspection

on Mr. Fletcher's
system on the property.

So, that monster gets to sleep safely

while he terrorizes half the country?

You should disable the system
so he gets what's coming to him.

We should recruit her.



Who's gonna make me waffles?

You didn't ask for cream,

but I noticed you've been taking...



See you back at The Farm.

Oh, God. I am the worst agent
ever, falling asleep on the job.

It's all right. It was
my shift. I let you.

And I forwarded the feed to my phone.

Alex and Owen finished
bugging Fletcher's house.

They'll start their surveillance today.

So, what did I miss
on Theo during my nap?

Well, Peter woke up at
5:00, worked out, showered,

ate a very odd breakfast

that came vacuum-packed via messenger,

and then spent the next 20 minutes

with the messenger in his bedroom.

And you didn't wake me up.

Unless the messenger was underage,

we've still got nothing
to take him down with.

He wasn't. I checked.

And powerful men don't fall easy.

We need to keep listening.

I can think of worse ways to spend time

than watching you snore.


Is there anybody there
I went to Quantico with,

but now works on a top-secret task force

attempting to stop a vast conspiracy

to overthrow my mom, home?

Or are you out fighting?


Oh, my... Are you
pretending to be Raina?

I'm just kidding.

I know it's you.

I'd like to say it's good to see you,

but I'm still trying to
figure out if it's true.

Oh, school is good.
Thank you for asking.

I'm looking for my brother.

Why would he be here?

Well, Shelby lives here, right?

Well, she's not here, either, and...

Why would you think that they're...

He's engaged, and she's...

Goldilocks looking for
the one that's just right.

Okay. Now I know it's
not good to see you.

I swear. I'm telling you...

he thought he could be in a boy band,

wanted to call himself "Cal,"

wrote letters to, uh,

NSYNC and Backstreet,

98 Degrees, even Lou Pearlman.

Well, hey there, Cal.

I thought you were
headed back to Berkeley.

Well, I couldn't leave without
saying goodbye to mi familia.

Do you know that word... "goodbye"?

No, you don't.

It's that thing that you can't
seem to say to them, either.

- I'm going to the bunker.
- _

Is everything okay?

I'm not sure.

Wait. Raina, I'll come with you.

Hey, you know what's a really good way

to stay away from somebody?

By spending the entire
night with them alone.

Okay, for the last time,

my relationship with your brother

is strictly professional.

Like your relationship
with your boss was

or your relationship
with your fellow recruit?

No, no, no. Don't even intimate

that either of those was only my doing.

You had a say in the
matter. So did your father.

I'm not leaving till
you're off this team.

Good luck to you

'cause if your mother had
to choose between me and you,

I'm pretty sure I know the answer.

Oh, what... are you
sleeping with her, too?!


The Journal reported Sasha Barinov

was killed two nights
ago in a freak accident...

Faulty gas tank in her car,

but that's not what happened, is it?

I know she was important to you.

I'm so sorry.

Thanks, Raina, but I'm fine.

What's going on with him?

I have no idea.

So, this is where the
magic happens, huh?

Caleb, what are you doing here?

I swiped Clay's access card.

Thank you for the
extra 20 minutes I spent

talking my way past security.

No one's going anywhere.
We're on lockdown.

Someone tried to hack into
my e-mail this morning.

I called Maxine, found out
my old friend Felix Cordova

came to our place in
Georgetown last night.

Said he'd been out drinking with aides.

He got a little too drunk
to make his way home.

The thing is, Felix
doesn't get drunk... ever.

I think it was an excuse to
hack into my private e-mails.

I thought you said that this
guy was like family to you.

I think Roarke may have dispatched him

to look into me after
our coup in Cleveland...

And not just me.

Raina, federal marshals
requested the transfer

that led to your sister being moved.

You know who asked the
DOJ for that transfer?

Congressman Henry Roarke.

I think the Collaborators know about us.

You were telling me last night

about large blocks of
McGregor-Wyatt stock

being bought by a company
called Generon Industries?

It's not some shell company's
strategic investment...

It's an attempt at taking
controlling interest.

Guess who owns Generon.

Peter Theo.

I thought the Collaborators
would come at us guns blazing.

Instead, they've snuck through
the back door with silencers.

They've already sent me
a message, loud and clear.

They killed my asset...


Got too close, and they murdered
her right in front of me.

And if we keep going after them,

they're gonna kill every
single one of us, too.

He's right. They know we're coming,

which is why we haven't been
able to get anything on them.

Then what do we do?

No time to build
individual cases anymore,

so we get them all at once.

How is that even possible?

We get them all in the
same place at the same time.

But this isn't an Agatha Christie novel.

They're not gonna just
be together somewhere.

Unless they had to.

There's one offer none
of them can refuse.

Our mother.

The President can't just
invite them over for tea.

That'd be suicide.

- No.
- She can invite them to an event.

And they'd have to be
on their best behavior.

No. No way.

Like the societal event of the season...

her son's engagement party.

We've used my personal life already.

- We're not using it again.
- Come on, Clay.

You're the President's son.

No one could say no. We'd
have a captive audience.

Is anyone hearing me?

Even if we get them all
together in one room, so what?

It's not like they're
suddenly gonna confess.

We play them against each other.

We were able to sway
Rebecca Sherman to our side.

We can do this again.

We just need to turn one
to take out all of them.

This is insane.

Oh, come on, bro.

I mean, everybody loves a party,

even racist fascists trying
to overthrow the government.

So, ugh! Unpart your hair.

Definitely get rid of that sweater.

This is gonna work.

Oh I'm totally gonna help.

Then let's get started.

It's time to take them
down once and for all.

Thank you, Senator Warren.

You will be a welcome addition
to our luncheon next month.


Well, if it isn't the man I
love and two people I don't.

Aw. You've almost gotten funny
since the last time I saw you.

Uh, there's something
we need to discuss.

It concerns our engagement party.

The one we're not having?

Yes. Now we are.

You said... And I quote...

"During this current political climate,

it would be insane

for the country to see us dancing

on the upper deck of the Titanic

as it's going down."

Nice memory.

You don't forget something like that.

Well, how could you?

And though I agree

having a party at this precise moment

makes about as much sense

as putting a, uh, former speech writer

in charge of the biggest
clandestine operation...

You are gonna once again ask
me to do something beneficial

for your secret job that I
still can't know anything about.

- Yes, exactly.
- Yep.

That's pretty much right.

Could have told her myself.

Well, she would have said no.

- She hasn't said yes.
- Uh, Earth to Clay...

Seriously, both of you.

Yes, we want you to
throw an engagement party

for us to use as a backdrop

for a matter of national security.

And I'm supposed to
just blindly accept this?

Unfortunately, yes.

Right now, outside those doors,

there's a vast conspiracy

threatening everything you care about,

and we're the only ones fighting it.

You want to know what I've been doing?

I've been playing superhero,
only I-I'm failing.

Like Ben Affleck as Batman.

And I need you.

We need you.

- Well, not Caleb. He's not part of this.
- Yes, I am.

And the best place to
stage this secret mission...

I prefer "final showdown."

at our engagement party?

Yeah. Think of it like the
third act of a romantic comedy,

except everybody might die at the end.

You really haven't
changed at all, have you?

Well, I've cut back on the heroin.

It's just a party. It's not our wedding.

And it just might save the free world.

Please say yes.

Only if I can seat him near the kitchen.

I think we should cap
the guest list at 400.

And enough people so that we blend in,

but not so many that
our marks do, as well.

Definitely enough room in here

to keep the supervillains separated.

If we need more help
keeping them separate,

we should do multiple bar stations

instead of one large bar

Let's start there, there, and there.

Great idea, Mrs. Smith.

To turn a Collaborator,

we need to plant the seed in their mind

that their ultimate plan will fail...

that their compatriots
will turn on them.

Once we convince one,
then switch to enticement.

And to adequately entice,
we'll need to hear everything.

Let's... Let's go with the peonies.

On every table.

A fuller bouquet can hide the Mic.

We can hide signal jammers under chairs,

turn this dance floor...

into a giant cellular black hole.

And with cell service being out,

radio frequencies will be
the only thing clicking.

RFID chips in the coatcheck tags.

Any of the Collaborator
bad guys moves an inch,

we'll know about it.

You're starting to
like this, aren't you?

Little bit.

We are going to divide and conquer...

which means seating
all the Collaborators

at separate tables

We just can't afford to have them
confer with each other in any way.

Done. Peter Theo is now close
enough to his college roommate,

we might catch something on the Mic,

but far enough from his ex-husband

that, hopefully, he
won't get distracted.

Damn. You're good.

Yeah, you're Prime Roster material.

How about it?

When you're done saving the world,

you can mentor the next
generation of Supergirls.

I would love that.

Uh, Clay needs your help.

He's outside on the phone
with the Portuguese ambassador

trying to explain why he can't
bring both his mistresses.

I know what you're doing.

I've seen you do it before.
You did it with my mother.

You're positioning
yourself as her friend

so she won't worry when
you're alone with Clay.

I am not positioning
myself as anything, Caleb,

except for a person who
hopes to never see you again.

So, the party's been set.

You each have your marks.

And as you turn one, what's your offer?

Well, Alice Winter is a mercenary

who will work for whoever pays the most.

I'll tell her that the
Pentagon's got a whole schedule

of open bidding assignments
and let her take her pick.

Roarke's adviser, Maxwell Fletcher...

He's a die-hard Catholic,

so I figured an
ambassadorship to the Vatican

should be a good way to
get him out of the country

if he'd turn on his friends.

Warren Shepherd of
Shepherd Communications.

He's been mired in antitrust
lawsuits for decades.

If we can get the DOJ
to look the other way,

he can consolidate his business

like he's been trying to since the '80s.

Christian Kelly... Venture capitalist

and the moneyman for the bad guys.

He's got millions tied in
embargoed foreign banks,

and if we can help him
repatriate his fortune,

it could buy us his loyalty.

Last but not least, Peter
Theo, FundFriend CEO,

is branching out from
tech into medical research.

Apparently, he wants to live forever,

but that requires human
testing, illegal testing.

Still, if the FDA gave him a waiver

to allow for volunteers...

Caleb and I will be keeping tabs

as we make our way through the party.

Okay. We got this.

You all have the skills.
So, distract them.

Charm them.

Make them feel comfortable.

Give them whatever they want
so we can get what we need.

Remember, we are dealing with

some of the most powerful
people in the country.

They didn't rise by letting people

pull the wool over their eyes.

We need to be subtle,
strategic, merciless.

That is the only way we're
gonna bring them to their knees.

This is our last chance.

Time for a roll call.

Bride-and groom-to-be standing by.

I'm here.

And so is Alice Winter.

I have eyes on my target.

No sign of Maxwell Fletcher yet.

And my target might be a no-show, too.

Christian Kelly's ready to engage

once he steps out of the men's room.

Roarke is all yours, Madam President.

No, he's gonna have to wait.

I've got a general from CENTCOM calling

with a go/no-go on a
missile strike in Yemen.

We'll buy you time.

- Max.
- Oh.

Did you know I owe Clay $100?

I bet him you'd never say yes.

You seem to be feeling better, Felix.

I am. I am.

But I can't stay long.

I'm supposed to come to
my boss with an emergency

so he can leave in 20 minutes.

Leave Felix to me.

Now is the only time
I have with you two.

I'm not letting you out of my sight.


You again.

I was hoping to see you here.

Nimah, right?

You're buying me a drink.

Um, but drinks are free.

Did you contact Winter?

I'm picking my moment.

What about your target? Did he fall in?

Oh, I stepped up to the
plate, wound up for the pitch,

but then I saw him duck
out before I had the chance.

Not surprised.

- You okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine. Why?

Eh, when my asset died in Munich...

This is about more than my asset.

This is about the team,

the people that I care
about that are still alive.

We're all out in the
open, completely exposed,

and I'm trying to figure out

how this doesn't end
very badly for everyone.

It doesn't end badly if we succeed.

If we succeed,

it won't be the way we planned it.

There you two are. Ms. Griffin.

- Hi.
- Mr. Haas.

Congratulations to you both.

Thank you for coming, Mr. Speaker.

Well, who could deny the two of you?

Have you seen Felix?

I was told that he was looking for me.

I'm still waiting on this general.

You're gonna have to hold him.

Bourbon, old-fashioned.

Uh, well, sir, uh, I was wondering

if you wouldn't mind
explaining to us something

I've always wanted to know about policy.

Ah, there's Felix right there.

Best to you both.

Someone, we need a play now.

Ah, good women and men of Washington...

Not the play I wanted.

I'd like to propose a toast...

Not to Clay and Maxine.

Th-They get enough attention as it is.

Um, to the brave patriots

that have made this country great,

like George Washington,

you know, a guy so great,

they gave him a city and a state.

Keep stalling.

And Abraham Lincoln, you know, the...

The only Republican
nobody's embarrassed of.

Uh, and also...

to Henry Roarke, ladies and gentlemen.

Henry, where are you? There he is.

Henry Roarke, ladies and
gentlemen, a real patriot.

He's gonna protect this
country till it hurts.

President at staircase.

- I, uh... I prepared a song...
- Just a little bit longer.

For Mr. Roarke, so bear with me.


♪ This white man ♪

♪ Old fascist ♪

♪ He wants Muslims on a list ♪

♪ With a knick-knack paddywhack ♪

♪ Send 'em all back ♪

♪ Next, he'll come for the Jews ♪

Excuse me.

Madam President.

I didn't get to pass
on my congratulations

on your son's engagement.

Well, let's do that... In private.

There's nothing to discuss, Ms. Wyatt.

Your company is public.

I have every right to scoop up

all the shares the market will sell me.

Oh, I didn't mean my company.

I meant the conspiracy you're engaged in

against the United States.

You know, sometimes in life,

people think they know
more than they actually do.

Well, I have a track
record with these things,

like the attack on the
summit in September.

I knew who was really behind
it months before it happened.

Likely story.

I have a white paper that proves it.

I will make sure that report
never includes your name

if you talk to me.

So, you're letting
me do all the talking.


Would you like to ask me a question?

Or would you like to deport me?

Or maybe you would like to
parade me around the party

so you can show everyone
that you're not racist

because you have a
friend who looks like me.

You are nicer than last time.

I wasn't drinking last time, was I?

I'm glad.

I thought that Sharia
law didn't let you drink

or wear that dress...

or talk to men.

I'm not religious. My sister is.

And you can't possibly be that ignorant.

But, of course, you
only believe the lies

that your fascist boss feeds you.

You know, the FBI gets briefing memos

about people we come into
contact with... background.

- So?
- Your sister died

in the Madrid train attack,

and an act of violence like that

can turn someone from
thoughtful into vengeful.

I know it from my own life.

We've already had this conversation.

Here I thought I was gonna find
someone to take home tonight.

Instead, I'm being accused of
being an enemy of the state.

It's not an accusation.
It's just a conversation.

- We're friends.
- Ah.

It was nice meeting you.

Like I said...


And now we can actually talk.

We get briefing memos, too...

Crimes against this country,

threats to our security,

people in custody who
look like the right person,

but don't match fingerprints on file.

Can I have another one?

I think this conversation is over.

I think you'll regret that.

I need to find Roarke.

We have a problem.
Theo's looking for Roarke.


Felix is looking for Roarke, too.

Okay. Wait here.

- What are you...
- Just trust me.


So, you're being summoned to
the bar by my future husband,

something about a girl you have to meet

or a drink you have to make.

Thank you for rescuing Shelby.

Nice spec.

It's almost as good
as what Greypool's got.

We're clear now.

I believe you.

I also believe you know

about some of my friends'
extracurricular activities.

So what? Am I supposed to be scared?

Look, my team thinks
that they can beat you,

turn you against each other.

But I know better.

You're all five steps ahead,

and no matter what we try, we'll lose.

I just want to make sure
that everybody survives

in the process, so I want to help you.

But first I need assurances

that you'll keep my
friends safe in exchange.

I already have a hundred grunts like you

ready to pull the trigger,
no questions asked.

Has to be some way I
can earn your trust.

You won't like it.

So, my target hasn't shown.

Can I start seriously drinking yet?

At least you didn't strike out.

It happens.

And here's your chance to do it.

- Owen Hall.
- Maxwell Fletcher.

We've never met, but
Dean Donovan at the SFS

sings your praises.

If you don't mind,

I'd like to borrow Ms.
Parrish for a dance.

I'm not his to lend.

I know you've been waiting for me.

Chatham House Rule.

What's said in this
room stays in this room.

Oh. Are we negotiating?


Well, how is this
anything but a surrender?

My people are winning.

Well, that's not what my people say.

I'll see you at the finish line.

Henry, America's had statesmen

who couldn't put aside
their differences.

Their arrogance watered battlefields

with the blood of an entire generation.

Let's be better than those men.

Let's not start another Civil War.

Some differences are too great

to be set aside, Madam President.


The vice presidency... It's yours.

Too late for that.

Even if it comes with my resignation?

To be kept in your safe,
postdated several months,

enough time for you to
secure your confirmation.

- Why now?
- Because I want to see if you'll take it,

if you actually want
this country to survive,

or if you're just looking
to burn it all down.

Broad-spectrum frequency jammer.

All your people can hear over
your comms is white noise.

All your mics can pick up is static.

Well, I guess we're free to talk, then.

Change is coming, Alex.

Once every few generations,

the world is truly transformed.

The new guard takes office,

and the old guard
swings from the gallows.

Our generation will not
be spared that change.

But we need the right people
there to guide the rebirth...

people like me and you.

Assuming I want to betray my country,

which I don't,

what makes me the right
woman for this job?

Your people are titans,

influencers, industrialists.

They're not heroes.

You're a hero.

You're a leader.

The public will believe you.

The public will turn to you

when the time is right.

Think it over.

When you find your senses,
pick up your phone and say so.

Who do I call?

Anyone. We'll be listening.

Thanks for the dance.

The bunker where we operate

is two levels underground,

EMP-shielded, blast-protected,

self-contained air and water system,

able to withstand a nuclear blast.

I'll get you the blueprints.

You trust me now?

- Getting there.
- Good.

I wouldn't want to wind up on
the wrong end of a car bomb.

We're just glad you didn't
get in that car with her.

It's, uh, pretty long lengths
to go to silence a reporter

in this day and age, don't you think?

Could have just... I don't know...

Slit her wrists like
you did with León Velez.

Is apologizing for every one
of your friends and lovers

I've had killed part
of this negotiation?

Only the last part.

You're on tape
confessing to two murders.

So, what do you want to do about that?

- This conversation is over.
- No.

No, this conversation
is just getting started,

unless you want to spend the
rest of your life in prison.

What do you want?

Your full and total cooperation

and every bit of dirt
we need on your friends.

And what do I get?

A watertight immunity agreement...

if you sign right now.

If you give me some time,
I can bring you two more.

So, this is what our friendship is now?

You sneaking around my house,

trying to break into my e-mail?

I don't know what you're talking about.

Keep it up, you're gonna get
a lot of good people hurt.

Right now, all I'm doing is
what I have to do to survive.

And all these people with you

and the wrong woman in jail...

and using your own fiancée,

the only person in this
entire place who's truly good?

I can't believe you're on their side.

You have no idea what side I'm on.

I've offered you the vice presidency,

my resignation.

What more could you want?

You think this is just
about the presidency?

If I wanted that, I could have
it far easier than all this.

So, no, I don't want your resignation.

And I'm not interested in talking terms.

I need you exactly where you are,

and I need to be exactly where I am.

But don't worry. It's almost over.

Uh. Sorry to interrupt

your meeting with, um, Mr. Burns, Mom,

but I was told to give you this.

Henry, I think we're done.

W... I thought I made it quite clear

I'm not interested in your resignation.

It's not mine.

It's yours.

So, what was this all about?

A distraction to keep you
away from your comrades

while we turned one of them against you.

The job is done now,
so you're free to go.

The President thanks
you for your service.

Oh. What can I do at
our rehearsal dinner?

Can I thwart an assassination attempt?

Can I stop World War III with our vows?


Marry me right now.

I know like 10 judges. I'll wake one up.

Come on.

No, I'm serious.

It's not the alcohol. I...

Let's just be married,
enjoy being married.

I mean, we can have a
wedding for everyone else,

but let's elope for us.

We can't do that.

I mean, I'll... I'll talk to my mom...

No. I love you.

And I want to be married to you.

And I could do without the wedding

and the weird, I don't
know, "my dad gives me away

wearing a white dress

conveying a virginhood
I clearly don't have."

But you don't want to
elope because it's romantic.

You just want to put a wall

between you and whatever's
pulling you away from me.

Hey, nothing's pulling me away.

Oh, your secret job?

This Third World War?

The people you work with?

I want to marry you
because I'm the best thing

that will ever happen
to you and you know it...

Not because you're afraid.

Don't marry me out of fear.

All right, good news, folks.

Alice Winter is willing to bring us

Christian Kelly and Warren Shepherd.

They've agreed to meet tonight.

All three will testify
against the other Collaborators

in exchange for protection and immunity.

That's enough evidence and testimony

to bring everybody
else on this board down.

But, Ryan, what if it's a trap?

Alice knows that she's caught.

If the other Collaborators
react like her,

they'll want a deal. They want freedom.

They'll protect their
power and their money.

We have them against the ropes.

My mom challenged Henry
Roarke, and he backed down.

So I-I agree with Ryan.

You guys wanted to find a weak point.

You just found it.

I feel like I'm going crazy here.

You all feel this is
the right way forward?

They're playing us.

Alex, yes, they're smart,

but that also means they
know when to give up.

Maybe they regroup and try again,

but we'll have averted disaster.

We have to try.

Ryan could be walking into a trap

and get killed just like his asset.

We could all be walking into a trap.

You're asking us to trust people

that are responsible
for a massive conspiracy.

No, Alex. I'm trying to
bring this to a peaceful end.

I'm trying to protect
everybody else here

so that we don't end up like...

Look, we tried Owen's way

of turning them through confrontation,

planting seeds of doubt,
and then offering a lifeline.

It didn't work. So I deceived my target.

I pretended I was weak and
willing to betray my team,

and that shadow game worked.

So accept it, and let's move on.

This is not your call, Ryan.

No. It's mine.

I've already cleared it with Keyes.

This is what we're doing.

We'll meet back here in the morning,

and Ryan will brief us on what happened.

Shelby, a word?

You okay?


Okay. You just don't ask

to speak to me alone very often

or ever.

I love Maxine.

Okay. Non sequitur.

Yeah, she's... she's great.



Okay. She's not great.

She's perfect.

She's exactly who I need to
spend the rest of my life with.

She is a good person. She...

Yeah. Yeah.

I get it.

When my mother told me that
I would be working with you,

I was terrified.

You were Shelby Wyatt,

the Siren who sang my brother
and father against the rocks.

You know, I am pretty tired of hearing

that everything that
happened was my fault.

And it wasn't.

I know that now

because I am in the exact
same place that they were.

And I know now that they
made a choice to jump

and you were there to catch them.


I need you to make me a promise...

That you're not gonna catch
me, no matter what happens,

that when I get in a
stupid fight with Maxine

in a month or a year or 10 years...

you're not gonna pick up
the phone and comfort me

or meet me for a drink if I ask,

that you're not gonna
be kind to me in any way

'cause I'm pretty sure, if
you're any kinder to me...

Can I quit?


Because we're adults?


What can I do?

Make me hate you again.

Help yourself.

You have the good stuff.

It's not that good.

Why didn't you stand up for me, Owen?

I know you don't think
Ryan's plan's the way forward.

I don't, but I couldn't fight the tide

because my strategy wasn't
the way forward, either.

So, what? That's it?

We're out of options?

There's, um...

There's still a way we can win,

but it's a big risk.

We turn an asset.

But we've already tried that.

Not one of them.

One of us.

Do you still trust me?

There's no one I trust more.


Alice, you here?


Hey, hey, relax! I'm
with The Washington Post!

Hey! What the hell are you doing here?!

I'm running down a tip that the CIA

is operating on domestic soil.

Are you Ryan Booth?

I was told I could find you here...

- Turn that thing off.
- That you were undercover.

Turn it off!

What's going on, J.F. Clay Jr.?

Don't you sleep?

Something's coming. I'm
trying to figure out what.

Wh-What are you doing up?
It's not even 6:00.

I'm just getting us some juice.

Oh, my God. We didn't
know that you were here.

I knew. I just didn't care.

That's fine.

I... just got a...

troubling phone call from Felix Cordova.

I'm calling a meeting
to the bunker ASAP.

I should probably put
a shirt on for that.

Hey, I'm sorry you had to see that.

No. I should be sorry for
what I said last night.

No. Don't be.

After we spoke, I realized

all this time around you,

I thought that I had feelings for you.

But the person I really care about...

Was my brother.

Yeah, I was... I was just projecting.

It wasn't right of me,

and I didn't mean for
you to find out like this.

No. It's better I did.

See you at the bunker.


that worked.

It did.

Well, we should get
dressed, head to the bunker.

Actually, I think it's time
that I head back to school.

I'm pretty sure I've done enough damage

to keep Thanksgiving interesting,

you know, maybe even Christmas.

And, besides, if I stay,

then we both have to keep
this whole charade going,

and, uh...

You did the right thing.

So, um...

till next time?


It's gone, all of it.

Someone erased everything we have,

all our research on the Collaborators,

all our dossiers.

They wiped every hard drive.

You have any idea what the
hell happened down here?

Felix called me and said the
Collaborators are coming for us.

Now we're party to an inside job?

And you think that I had
something to do with it?

Let me tell you
something. Alice played me.

She sent a reporter from
The Washington Post instead.

Where are Alex and Owen?

Turn on the news... Now!

news coming out of Washington

that President Claire
Haas has been operating

an off-book, black-ops intelligence team

on American soil,

violating the 1878 Posse Comitatus Act.

Drafts for impeachment are
already circulating Congress

as questions grow about

what this unregulated
team has been used for

or whether or not their
intelligence actions were used

- against American citizens.
- What the hell are you doing here?!

That would be a violation
of the CIA's mission.

Highly placed sources on the Hill

already are confirming that violation.

Congressional intelligence
committees are asking

to be debriefed by CIA
operate Ryan Booth...

seen here in the midst
of what many believe

is an operation on American soil.

The Attorney General has
also issued a subpoena

for testimony from
FBI agent Shelby Wyatt

about her ties to President Haas

and an alleged cover-up

regarding a 2016 report
dealing with the G20...

What the hell do we do now?

There's nothing we can do.

My mother is gonna be impeached.

We're all gonna be exposed.

This operation is over.

We've lost.

I'm not usually one
to cop to being afraid.

I'm scared, too.

The last time I handled an asset, it...

it didn't end well.

This time, it will.

Be careful.

In case I don't come back, I...

You will.

You will.

I don't even remember
what I was gonna say.

Glad you called.

Rest assured, you're making
the right choice here.

Your people would succeed
with or without me.

I want to be on the
winning side of history.

Good. Your skills are
wasted trying to fight us.

I know.

And after everything
that they've done to me,

I will discover no allegiance.


This is everything President
Haas' task force has

on your team.

They won't be a problem for us.

Listen, there's, uh, some people

I would like to introduce you to.

Do you have the time?

Of course. All yours.