Quantico (2015–2018): Season 1, Episode 19 - Quantico - full transcript

On career day at Quantico, the NATS meet with the representatives of various FBI branches. Meanwhile, in the future, Alex's search for the terrorist brings her into contact with some ...

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- Previously on "Quantico"...
- Miranda: Natalie Vasquez?

You know why she would request

an emergency leave of absence?

I got an e-mail from her this morning.

Did something happen?

Natalie: Alex, run!

When I was 17, I was part
of an organization.

- Like a cult?
- My dad rescued me.

My son's a greater
danger to himself than you know.

But I do. I was there.

You thought if you blew yourself up

in the middle of the courthouse,

- you would show people the truth?
- I was just a kid!

- I'm on a rescue mission.
- Who are you trying to rescue?

My best friend.

Ross tried to leave, too,
but they wouldn't let him.

You ready? Tonight's the big night.

Will: Besides the fact
that I'll be penetrating

a cult under a false identity,
I'd call tonight pretty average.


What's wrong?

Drew: We have a connection,

but I don't think we should explore it

any more than we already have.

Your project might have some life in it.

You're not in the clear
because I'm coming after you now.

Alex: I want to speak to
Caleb. I know you're hiding him.

- You need help.
- I think you're

the only one that needs help.

She fell for it.

I'll see you soon.

♪ ♪


[Exhales sharply]


Hey. Hey.

You're okay.

You're fine.

Why... Why'd you
handcuff me to the radiator?

You asked me to.

[Breathing heavily]

I feel cold.

And then hot. And then cold again.

I'm sorry to put you through

- all this, Alex.
- [Sighs]

God, no.

My mom and I had to dry out my dad

more times than I can count.

It's gonna get worse
before it gets better.

Where the hell is she?

[Sighs] Gone.

Off the grid.

Her, Will, Simon.

And you really think that
she could be behind this?

I mean [Sniffs] we know her.

Nobody knows anybody.


So, how do we find her?

Or Simon or Will or
[Sniffs] whoever's behind that voice?

The only thing we had was
a bunch of level-A suits

stolen in the Columbia
break-in, and that led nowhere.

Look, I... I got to go to
work, and then I'll be back.

Alex, wait.

We're heading down a-a
major conspiracy right now,

and you're gonna head to the

FBI basement to push papers?

They're gonna think something's
up if I don't.

I'll be back.

Alex, please, ple...

[Door opens, closes]


She left. I tried to stop her.

♪ If I asked you for good news ♪

Ryan: Come on up
there. Show me you want this.

Just because it's almost over

does not mean that you
guys can give up now.

Liam: You will
receive temporary credentials,

a uniform, and a red-handled gun.

Alex and Shelby: Always
wear the uniform.

- Always have your credentials.
- [Laughs] Right.

Poor bastards.

They have no idea what's coming.

Somebody should tell them
the bomb's in the lectern.

No. We didn't get any
help. Neither do the newbies.

Oh, stop being so cocky.

In three weeks, we're
gonna be the newbies.

♪ Now I'm just chasing time ♪

♪ With a thousand
dreams I'm holding heavy ♪

Did somebody get cut from Team Parrish?


Quit, actually.

Better offer?

[Scoffs] Please.

♪ And as we cross the line... ♪

Brandon: At least we'll be newbies

that don't have to do morning PT.

- Not gonna miss this.
- Me too.

Hey, anyone notice we're down one?

Where's Will?

What, you didn't hear?

Yeah, some dudes jumped
him on his morning jog.

He's laid up at Monticello
Medical Center.

- What?
- Yeah.

- ♪ Maybe the same old fears ♪
- My God.

Shelby: Liam, I was there.

I saw it. He wasn't jogging.

He was being beaten within an
inch of his life by Caleb.

Well, that's not what Will
said. Why would he lie?

Why would he protect the man
that put him in the hospital?

Ask Caleb yourself

when he gets back from
this trip you let him go on.

A family emergency. He
drove home last night.

Caleb is not only violent,

he is actively engaged with a cult.

He's a danger to all of us.

Whatever you have against
him, let it go, Wyatt.

For your sake.


I went to visit Will last night.

I'm skipping class right
after this to go see him.


You can see for
yourself what your buddy Caleb...


What some dudes did to him.

He's not gonna get away with this, Iris.

I'm gonna take care of it. I promise.

[Breathlessly] Oh! Okay. Thanks.

♪ These fading beats ♪

Hey, Drew.

Good luck up there.

I don't need it.

You sure? 'Cause your hand's shaking.

I'm fine.

♪ A thousand
dreams, dreams, dreams ♪

Ryan: Whoa! Heads up! Hey, hey, hey.

♪ It's only just
begun, begun, begun, begun ♪

What happened up there, Perales?

Um... I lost my footing, sir.

Won't happen again.

♪ ♪

How can a place called Hell's Kitchen

be nicer than Queens?

Maybe Alex can be our roommate.

If she gets assigned to New York, too,

then we can afford Brooklyn.

Alex, is something on your mind?

If you knew someone was
sick and they were hiding it,

would you say something?

How sick?

Like sick enough to hurt themselves
or someone else.

If lives are at stake?

You do your duty. You
have to say something.

Without a doubt.

Our duty is to the
Bureau before ourselves.


Now, are you gonna tell us who this is?

You know, honestly, I
shouldn't have said anything.

It's none of my business.


Three more weeks.

That's all you have left
until those doors fly open

and we send you out into the real world.

Now, you've made your
requests for where you want to work.

Deciding what you want to
do is just as important.

Counteterrorism. Behavioral science.

There are over 20
different programs within the Bureau.

Choose wisely, and you're in the pocket.

Choose poorly, all of this
will have been for nothing.

Liam: But how to decide,

how to know the role you're
most suited for.

Well, we're here to help.

Today is the day you
pick your top three choices.

Think of this as
Quantico's version of career day.

We've brought in representatives

from every major program to talk to you.

Hostage Rescue. OPR.

Organized Crime. Cyber.

Every program that you
have been jockeying for.

So come on down and meet your future.

Raina and Nimah, since you've
already been assigned

to the JTTF out of New York,

I thought you should spend the day

getting to know your
handler... Agent Marshall Freed.

Hi. My name's...

I'll just call you "One"
and "Two." Okay?

But we have names.

Yeah, and teams have numbers.

I'm the coach, so what I say goes.

With all due respect, Miranda never...

Miranda's gone, right?

Get used to it. Let's go.

Hey. Can I talk to you?

Yeah. What's up?

It has been brought to my attention

that you've been made aware

of a NAT's
undisclosed medical condition.

If you know something about another
NAT, something we don't,

it's your responsibility to tell me.

Look, it's just a
suspicion. I'm not even sure.

And anyway, you know
what? Do your own spy work.

You know... Hey.

It's your duty to disclose.

Not if it's gonna ruin someone's life.

Trust me, if there's anybody that knows

the cost of not
telling the truth, it's me.


- Ryan: Ah, thank you.
- You're welcome.

Mr. Ryan? Ryan Booth?

I am Rosa. Natalie Vasquez's mom.

- Oh.
- They told me you were here.

No, of course. Hello.

I'm sorry to come to see you like this,

but I came up from Laredo

to find out why Natalie
hasn't returned my calls.

I was told that she
requested emergency leave.

What for?

What would keep her from
calling her mother?

Wait. When is the last
time that you heard from her?

Not... Not an e-mail or anything.

When was the last
time you heard her voice?

Last Wednesday.

All right. I need your
old DITU access protocols.

Then we can trace Shelby's
e-mails and locate her.

Caleb: They're not just
gonna let you in there.

I mean, what excuse are you gonna give?

That you lost your
keys and you need access

to all the CCTV cameras in
Williamsburg to find them?

Why don't you just come back here

and we'll figure something else out?

And if Shelby's a
terrorist, she's underground,

and she's staying there.

You're not gonna find
her. She's smarter than that.

Apparently not.

I'm staring right at her.

She's inside the FBI.


Parrish, you don't have
clearance to be in here.

Yes, I know. Um... Um, I'm sorry.

I just had to say hi to an old friend.

I didn't know you were back in town.

No, I didn't tell you.

We're upgrading our security system,

and Miss Wyatt noticed that our old O.S.

wasn't doing us any favors.

So she volunteered to
personally supervise our transition

to McGregor-Wyatt's software
and hardware.

Mm. That's so kind of you.

Your old stomping grounds, huh?

Must be fun to be back.

So, met any of our
classmates while you've been here?

No, I'm just here on business.

Why don't you stop by
when you have a second?

Uh, it's been way too long.

Oh, and here I was
thinking it hadn't been long enough.

[Sighs] Okay.

[Clears throat] So, page eight.

Did you reach Vasquez?

I went by her place and looked around.


Yes, I still have a
key. That's not the point.

Everything's still there.

Her clothes, her laptop, her passport.

What does that tell you?

You haven't told me
anything that can't be explained

by a last-minute getaway.

No, no, no. I had the
guys check her credit cards,

ping her cell.

Zero activity.

The last cellphone ping

was six days ago near Ward's Island.

10:13 p.m.

That's 30 minutes

before Alex showed up
to my apartment crying.

That's crazy.

That doesn't mean it's a coincidence.

Fine. I'll take it to Miranda.


Not until we figure out what happened

and find proof.

So, what's next for the day?

Are we going to further develop

our undercover identities or not?

Maybe learn how to collect intelligence?

Give me 5,000 words on
each of these cases.

Cartel killings?

What does this have to do with
infiltrating an extremist cell?

You know, it's a myth that
Arab women are submissive.

It really is.

Um, Agent Freed,

we just need a little more context.


How about chain of command?

There's your context.

When you're finished, swing by my place.

That's it. I'm texting Liam now.

♪ ♪

Drew: Career day?

Could this feel more like high school?

Who's your first stop?

It's the rep from White Collar.

You want to bust billionaires?

Are you kidding me?

An assignment

where I get to meet my
future husband and arrest him?

- [Chuckles]
- Sign me up.

The cartels own half the
border between Del Rio and Laredo,

and they do not play nice.

Then again, neither do I.

I'm gonna go wander.


- Alex, right?
- Yes. Hi.

You're from OPR, right?

Fred Baxter.

We've actually met, but
you were just a kid.

I, uh... I went through
here with your father.


He was one of the most
exciting and inspiring men I've known.

Thank you.

I know the Office of
Professional Responsibility

isn't sexy,

but is there
anything I can answer for you?


actually, yes.

There is.

Well, C.T. sounds amazing.

But what do you guys do for fun?

For fun, we work.

Yeah, but when you're not working.

At C.T., we call that sleeping.

♪ Dancing on glass ♪

Look, if it's a friend
you're worried about medically,

OPR's guidelines are very clear.

You have to say something.

Turn in a friend?

There's no other way this ends well.

♪ Our violence
mistaken for silence, oh ♪

So, Cyber Crime is the
latest frontier in law enforcement.

We know it's not glamorous.

You'll spend more hours a
day in a small, dark room

than the people you put behind bars.

But you'll be keeping America safe.

♪ Better believe it's
never been easier ♪

Agent Ruiz? Hi. I'm Shelby Wyatt.

Ah. They said you'd be stopping by.

I've been covering Sistemics for years.

They recruit extensively online.

You know, I'm glad you feel strongly,

but I should warn you,

we've never been able to
catch them in anything.

And what goes on in there past
those introductory assessments,

that remains a mystery to us.

How would someone find out?

[Scoffs] How big's your checkbook?

♪ ♪

Thank you all for
picking your top three choices.

And while many of you will
be placed in these programs,

most of you will not.

That's because today wasn't
about you checking them out.

It was about them checking you out.

They've read your files.

They've met you one-on-one.

Inside each of these envelopes

are the names of the
programs interested in you.

A red envelope means

that you've received
interest from one program.

A white envelope means

you've received
interest from multiple programs.

You get to choose your own adventure.

Finally, trainees with a green envelope

have received interest from
one of our elite units,

and your day is just getting started.



You'll be taking part in
an HRT training drill

for further evaluation.

Fletcher and Chang, team one.

Perales and Parrish, team two.

Good luck.

♪ ♪

We're talking about someone
deep inside the FBI security system.

Servers go dark in two minutes.

Do you know what she could
do once this is activated?

Shelby could spy on
anyone. Order an HRT team anywhere.

Change security
measures at federal buildings.

Whether she is the Voice
or she's working for them,

we're in serious trouble once
her system's activated.

You don't have to educate me

on the minefield that is Shelby Wyatt.

I'm just not convinced that
some software upgrade

is cover for a Legion of Doom operation.

You can give her the
benefit of the doubt all you want.

I don't have that luxury.

Well, if you get me remote
access to the server,

I could tell you what she's doing.

I can't do that.

There are way too many eyes.

Seems like Shelby's brought
her entire company with her.

Well, as long as she has Miranda

on her side, she's untouchable.

It's not like she's going anywhere.

You're right.

I'm right? Wha...

Shelby: Blackout protocol says

the servers can only
be down for six seconds.

If we're still down at
seven seconds, that is a problem.

Got it?

Miranda, you need to
stop this upgrade now.

Shelby Wyatt is a security risk.

Not now, Alex.

Her parents, Laura and Glenn Wyatt?

They're still alive.

Come here.

They faked their death after 9/11

because they were
selling weapons to the Taliban.

For 15 years, Shelby's
been protecting them,

moving illegal money.

She's been keeping
secrets, telling lies.

When she left the FBI,

I thought it was none of my business.

And now she's rushing in here,

doing who knows what to our servers.

I mean, think about it. Why now?

Hold the upgrade.

Hold it, please.

Miss Wyatt, come with me, please.

We need to talk.

Look, Shelby, you and I both know

I owe you the benefit of the doubt.

You were there for me when I...

Shelby: "Appeal to
the subject personally.

Play on any shared history."

I aced this exercise.

Look, you know I could walk
out of here right now.

But I respect my shareholders
too much to blow this contract.

And I can't ignore the allegations
made against you.


Well, then, how about letting
me face my accuser?


- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.


what's new?

My parents are alive,

and I'm trying to
sabotage the FBI, apparently.

We both have done desperate things

when our backs are against the wall.

I'm in complete control right now.

How about you?

- What if you weren't in...
- I am.

But if you weren't...

If I weren't, I would say something.

I'm here inside the FBI.

I trust the FBI, Alex.

Do you?


So, what would you like
me to tell everyone?

That I made a mistake again?

That [Sighs] all the events that
I referred to in your life

were, what, nothing but trivia?

You should start paying attention, Alex.

You're still running
around playing the victim

and hurting people while you do it.

You hurt Ryan when he got shot.

You hurt Nimah and Raina

when your suspicions drove them apart.

You hurt Claire Haas
when you harassed her.

And you hurt me trotting out my parents

as a part of some personal vendetta.

Face it, Alex.

When this whole thing is over,

the Bureau is going to realize

that you are the biggest
mistake they ever made.

And not believing me
today, that might be the worst.


On my mark, each pair will rappel

down the side of the
building to the 20th floor,

land at the balcony, breach, and
eliminate the threat inside.

And remember, this may
be a training exercise,

but the dangers are just as real.

So look sharp and keep your lines clear

if you want to stay alive.

Chang and Fletcher, you're up first.

Hope you're not afraid of heights.

No, just falling.


♪ ♪


Parrish and Perales, helmets on.


I'm not putting my life in your
hands if you're not 100%.

I switched my coffee for green tea.

No jitters.


5 seconds to drop.

[Birds chirping]

So, are you late because
you're incompetent

or because you went running to Daddy?

[Scoffs] That's right. O'Connor called.

Said you don't trust me.

Met me one time, and you
don't think I know what I'm doing.

Uh, let me ask you something.

How many terror
attacks have you derailed?

You want to talk missions?

The one time you actually
went into an Islamic cell,

she blew your cover.

Or you blew hers.

Ah [Scoffs] I don't really care.

I have a lot to teach you, but
it's gonna happen my way.

[Sighs] Agent Freed, we do want to learn

everything that you have to teach us

in any way you see fit.

Ready for the next lesson?

Polish them up until they sparkle.

There's brushes and polish in my desk.

[Mutters in Arabic]

No argument there. I
am a son of a bitch.

[Bag slams]

I told you we can't trust him.

Nimah, what is that?

This is the A.D. Clayton
Haas. Please leave a message.

It's Shelby Wyatt.

I don't know if you
know this, but your son,

he's back with the same
group that you pulled him out of

when he was 17.

Call me as soon as you get this.

If I don't answer, it's for a reason.

Welcome, friend. Can I help you?

Yeah, I'm here for the
introductory seminar.

Oh, I'm sorry.
There's no group intake today.

We're having an event for
prefects and adepts only.

But there will be one tomorrow.

My friend is actually a member,

and he said that I
could attend the event.

Matters pertaining to
our members are private.

I'm sorry.

He told me to bring this.

I hope that's enough.



With the size of your pledge,

I thought you should
talk to Master Berlin directly

about your journey.

If you'll just take a seat, I'll
put your name on the list.

♪ ♪

McGinnis: Go!


[Breathing heavily]

Alex: Well, you can
attack me all you want, Shelby.

We both know you're
not answering the question.

My parents are dead.

They died five months ago in
a small plane crash in Jordan

trying to outrun the authorities

that had been chasing
them since they escaped.

You and I weren't friends
then. You wouldn't have known.

[Telephone rings]


Woman: Agent Shaw, the
story Wyatt told you checks out.

It was need-to-know. She's clear.

Okay. All right.

[Receiver clicks]

Neither would anyone else.

Pretty sure Miranda will
have found that out by now.

Just needed to get her out
of the room to do it.

I am so sorry about all this.

Don't be. I remember what she's like.

Can I get back to protecting you now?


Um, I'm sorry, Miranda...

Hey, look, I don't
know what you're up to,

but you and I are gonna have
to have a very, very long talk

very, very soon

because too many people have
called you to the carpet,

and I didn't listen.

Now I know they were right.

♪ ♪


- We got to call this.
- I got this.

- Drew, listen to me!
- We got this.

McGinnis: Perales, Parrish,
what's going on down there?!

Come on! Clear your line!

- Okay.
- One.




[Laughs] Whoo!

Do you have any idea

how much danger you're in right now?

What are you gonna do, beat me up, too?

- Shelby.
- I saw everything.

Not everything, believe me.

You've lied to my face for months.

You never left
Sistemics. You're in deep with them.

I'm undercover, for Christ's sake!

Yes, as a Sistemics
operative inside the Bureau.

For the Bureau.

My father and I are
running an off-the-books op

to bring this place down.

Will found out. He joined us.

Oh, come on, Caleb.

Shelby, please, for one
second. Why else would Will lie?

We got in trouble,

and then he sacrificed
himself to save the mission,

so you need to leave right now.

It's too risky when I'm this close to...

To what?

To proving that Dan Berlin ordered us

to attempt to bomb
that courthouse in Kentucky

eight years ago.


Why else do you think that
I wear these glasses?

They record everything.

Shelby, when this is
over, I'll explain it all.

Thank you.

- Caleb.
- Master Berlin.

Welcome home.

Well, thank you for seeing
me after... after so much time.

The look in your
eyes, I see the same soul

that wandered in here eight years ago.


Shall we?

You're wondering where I get off in

making you polish a bag of
guns instead of doing real work.

What do you think is gonna happen

the first second you
step into a cell house, huh?

You think they're gonna
bring you in a back room

and roll out the blueprints

for the buildings they're gonna bomb?

No, they're gonna make you work

in the kitchen, in the bedroom.

And on those.

[Car door opens, closes]


What is Liam doing here?

I texted him.

About what we found?

Nimah, he's our handler.

We should give him the
chance to explain himself.

Liam: Wow.

Did you really think

that you just stumbled upon
this money and these drugs?

Freed's testing you.

If you don't trust
him, he can't run you.

And it's a shame, 'cause
he's the best there is.

You know, I don't
think I've ever met someone

who hates to be wrong as much as you do.

So, that's it? You're
not gonna say anything?

There's nothing to say.

We both know what happened up there.

I saved the day.

After nearly killing both of us.

I've seen your tremor, remember?

We passed the test. That's
all that matters.

No, that is not all that matters.

What matters is your health.

Have you seen a doctor yet?

For what? Stress?

That's all that this is.

Or anxiety or exhaustion

or any of the number of excess pressures

they put on us here.

Don't forget I have four weeks on you.

This will pass.

And what if it doesn't, Drew?

What if it gets worse?

You got lucky today. Someday, you won't.

Come forward. Report this to the Bureau.

And say what, huh?

My hand shakes a
little? I don't know why?

I'll lose my slot, my career.

Today, out there,

it wasn't your slot or
your career on the line.

It was my life.

And tomorrow, it could
be someone else's.

I always expected you to return.

I knew from the first day we met

Sistemics was the answer for you.

You surprised us all when you left.

Sir, I had no choice.


I see that now.

My only hope is that I
can gain your trust back.

In a few weeks time,

I graduate from the
FBI training facility.

I could be an agent on the inside.

I could help the system.

And as an agent in service,

are you willing to do whatever it takes?

I was on my way to that courthouse
in Kentucky, wasn't I?

That was a long time ago.

Back then, members
took to extreme measures

to promote the truth.

You're gonna find it's a
whole new world here now.

classification in 22 countries.

We don't need to grab
headlines via protests anymore.

I wish that I could've been stronger.

Or had more vision.

The others from that
day, they stayed on.

Ian Tolbert, Ross Edwards.

Ross Edwards, yes.


Turned out that he wasn't as
strong as we thought he was.

He had to be sent down to
The Lodge for rehabilitation.

I wished the world for
him, but he was... lost.

Trapped inside his vessel.

He's finally shed his skin. He's free.

You were always the stronger one.

I'm so pleased to see you, Caleb.

So pleased.

[Knock on door]

Can I come in?

Of course.

You were right.

A trainee in my class is
hiding a medical condition.

I just... I just wish
there was an easier way.



Shelby: I knew you'd get the message.

I knew you'd know the
only blind spot in the FBI.

Earlier this week, I got a phone call.

They knew things about
me, personal things.

They said if I didn't
do what they asked,

they would kill Caleb.

So I did what they wanted.

I-I rented an SUV under
the name Mark Raymond.

I drove it to a drop point.

That's where you saw me.

I had no idea that I was
picking up Simon and Will.

Where did you take them?

A warehouse in Yonkers.

After that, I drove a
quarter mile down the street

and I walked back to
see what I could see,

but they were already gone.

I never heard from the caller again.

Until they called you to
install this upgrade.

No, that wasn't them. That's me.

I traced all the calls in
my company's software.

It's our voices braided together,

sometimes all of
us, sometimes two of us,

and they're running through a server

here inside this building.

I figured if I could get my people
in, install a backdoor...

Figure out where the
calls are being sent from.

This could be a suicide mission.

I mean, if the person's in here,

they're gonna know what I'm doing.

But I don't care.

I want to get Simon and Will back safe.

I want all of this to stop.

You're not the first
one this has happened to.

Why didn't you just come to me, Shelby?

Well, I wanted to protect you.

Caleb was supposed to keep
you out of the office today.

You're talking to Caleb?

Oh, you think you're the only one

who knows how to run countermeasures.

Now, can we go
catch this son of a bitch,

or do you need to wave
your gun around some more?

I really missed you.

Where's Alex?

Ryan, I have had a long day.

One I'd rather not relive.

Why do you want to talk to Alex Parrish?

Because the last person who
saw Natalie Vasquez alive was Alex.

We followed Vasquez's last
day, which is how we found this.

Alex helped Natalie bypass security

on the last day anybody saw her alive.

That's the proof.

I know you don't want to believe it,

but you can't ignore it, either.

Find her.

Find her now.

- Caleb.
- Mm.

- Wake up.
- No.

Not even for me?



Caleb: Did my video work?

Dan Berlin was taken into
custody about an hour ago.


And because of your
recording, he confessed to the bombing.

And Ross?

He hanged himself a
little over a year ago.

They buried his body on the property.

They notified his family.

There's really nothing
we can prosecute there,

but that's all right, Caleb.

The Attorney General has
already agreed to the deal.

We got him.

The deal?

He admitted to planning the bombing.

That's consecutive life
sentences right there.

Okay, but if we arrest
Berlin, put him in jail,

then Sistemics just disavows
him and nothing changes.

S-So what? You're just
gonna let him walk?

Yes, for a price.

Berlin is so afraid of jail,

he agreed to give up Sistemics'
tax-exempt status.

So that means their
coffers will be empty.

They will be bled dry.

They won't be able to
litigate naysayers.

They're going to be
exposed as the cult that they are.

That's not how you sold me on this.

That's gonna take years, decades even.

Doesn't matter how long, Caleb.

And what about Ross? He's dead.

They call it suicide, but
we both know that it's murder.

They made him do it.

And we can't save him,

but we can save the next
Ross and everyone after that,

but you have to promise
me something, Caleb.

You cannot say a word of this to anyone.

That includes Shelby.

Now, she called me and
she left a message.

Does she know anything?

She knows I was
working undercover for you.

Okay, you cannot tell her anything.

This whole deal falls apart

if they knew that we
bent the rules to get here.

Do you understand that?

One word can bring this
whole thing down around you.

No, I don't understand,

'cause Berlin gets
to walk, Ross is dead,

and Shelby's never
gonna talk to me again,

so where does that leave me?

Nobody's gonna even know what I did.

I'll know.

What's up?

I need to know about your tremors.

Seriously? You went to them?

She followed protocol.

Have you seen a doctor?

No, because it's nothing.

You took on the NFL

because you understood the
dangers of concussions.

Now, I get being scared to see a doctor,

but with your history, you
know what this could be.

What do you want me to say?

I'm fine. I promise.

Well, I need a doctor to
verify that, and until you're cleared,

you can't
participate in active training.

- Oh.
- Marshall. Wait.


You could've saved some time

and flipped me the
bird from where you were.

You're giving up on us.

Well, you went behind my back

and accused me of a felony.

I'd say we gave up on each other.

Look, I know I'm a dinosaur.

I get it.

Guys like me don't fit on the
new poster they're making.

But I'm a damn good handler.

I know how to make you better, stronger.

By having us clean your guns?


So you know hadiths. So what?

Can we start over, please?

Okay, let's be real.

I'm not the one who sees you
as nothing more than a stunt.

The Bureau is, and
they're pigeonholing you

the same way that you thought I was,

and you're letting them.

The day will come

when the enemy
believes in something else,

lives somewhere else,

and doesn't look or
sound like either one of you.

And on that day, you
will be the dinosaur.

What then?

That's why you wanted us to
look into the other files.

Sometimes it takes an old
dog to teach you the new tricks.


- [Sighs] Still nothing?
- Mnh-mnh.

You think they know it's a trap?

Not possible.

How can you be so sure?

'Cause I'm really good at what I do.


You think we should wake him?

No. He needs to rest.

You still love him, huh?

[Computer beeps]

Okay, I'm picking up an illegal log-in

on the field office server.

- Okay.
- I think it's them.

They're on a cellphone.

[Cellphone vibrating]


The Voice: What were you
doing in the field office today?

My job.

If I didn't, people
would get suspicious.

That's all.

If I find out you've screwed with me,

I'll make sure you die first.

[Line beeps]

Did you get them?

128th Street, East Harlem.

Let's go.

It's time to end this.

For what it's worth,

it was one of the hardest decisions
I've ever had to make.

Drew: Really?

'Cause you made it several
times over the past few weeks.

You just finally got one to stick.

Come on, Drew. This isn't the end.

O'Connor didn't say your career is over.

No, of course not.

Because that's not how the Bureau works.

They want me to go see a doctor

so a doctor will tell
me that my career is over.

You passed the physical the last time.

Why would you fail this one?

Because what I have, they
can't test for it yet.

But they know what it
does. It doesn't get any better.

That's why you need the help, right?

I lost my football career

because I was trying
to do the right thing.

And I lost the suit.


Now I'm losing this.

What am I supposed to do, huh?

What's left for me?

Drew, please.


[Breathing heavily]

Well, you're right.

Caleb was working
undercover for Sistemics at first.

But not under any orders from me.

He thought he could
take them on himself.

I guess he thought he was strong enough

to fight his worst enemy,

and they ended up being much stronger.

He got sucked back in, as you suspected.

I did tell O'Connor and Will
Olsen not to say anything.

That wasn't fair to you or to them.

I know that now, but
I-I hope you realize

that at least Caleb will be getting
the help that he needs.


In the old days, we
called it "deprogramming."

But look, the bottom line
is you saved our son's life,

and one day Caleb is gonna
be able to thank you for that,

but in the meantime, I
would like to thank you

on behalf of our entire family.

Not just for... for helping Caleb,

but for being so discreet
about a personal family issue.

I suspect that today's drama

didn't let you get to
know the programs very well.

I wouldn't want to be responsible

for holding back a very talented
NAT like yourself,

so how about you come work in
my office after graduation?

[Door opens]

Think about it.

- Hey.
- Hey.

You okay?


Am I talking to Staff Counselor Booth

or my... friend Ryan?

You know, we saw these new
NATs today, and they're so...


They're so bright and shiny.

They have no idea what they're in for.

This... This isn't easy work.

We go undercover with criminals.

We... We face the dark
side of humanity every single day.

But we do it 'cause we're
making the world a better place.

And I truly believe that.

And whether or not you
take that home with you is...

It's up to you.

Do you... take it home with you?

Every day.

But it hasn't broken me yet.

Liam: As many of you know,

Drew Perales left this
evening of his own volition.

He declined something we asked of him...

to face a potential future
that wasn't pretty head-on.

If you want to make it here,

if you want to make it out there,

you're going to have to accept the fact

that we all have strengths...

[Knock on door]

and weaknesses.

Agent Susan Coombs, your new handler.

Agent Coombs, so nice to meet you.

My sister and I were just making a list

of all the programs we're interested in.

White collar, cyber crime...

Securities fraud should be the

last thing on both of your minds.

Do you have any idea
what kind of an asset

you're going to be in counterterrorism?

Liam: You're gonna have to
come to terms with who you are,

not who you want to be.

Because we're not
training you to be heroes.

We're training you to be FBI.

Caleb's gone?

He's gone.

So, I only have one question.

Are you ready?

Shelby: A church. Why a church?

Could the trace be wrong?

Will: Who is it? Who's there?


[Exhales sharply] Will.

No, don't, don't! Don't come any closer.

Stay back.

No, stay back.

Stay back.

- I was dropped here.
- Where's Simon?

I don't know. Just stay back.

I'm sick. I don't have much time.

Hey, what are you talking about?

I helped build it.

I helped build it with my own hands.

Build what?

The nuke.

You have to find it.

Please, you...

you have to find it fast.

♪ ♪