Quantico (2015–2018): Season 1, Episode 17 - Quantico - full transcript

At Quantico the current assignment is to learn about human trafficking when Liam and Miranda challenge them to cross the U.S. / Canadian border without passports. Meanwhile, in the future, Simon continues to help Alex try to find the terrorist, but doing so puts his own life in great risk.

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Previously on "Quantico"...

You were right about the terrorist,

even though I couldn't see it.

What is happening?

Oh, my God. They're gonna kill her.

- Well, we got to do something!
- [Gunshot]

You're not in the clear because
I'm coming after you now.

[Crying] My parents are alive.

I-I know.

I should have told
you. I'm... I'm so sorry.

Will: If you want to
take down Sistemics,

there are other ways.

Let me help.

It is time for me to say goodbye...

as your teacher.

The Voice: We're almost done.

All that's left is your final mission.

Alex would kill me if
she knew I was here.

And yet here you are.

The fact that I'm even
sitting next to you right now...

- [Sighs]
- Look, I'm already late.

If the Director knew I was here...

Simon, I need you to track
down an asset for me,

someone very important, very hidden.


She came to me,

spinning out.

Still running down conspiracy theories

that someone other than Elias was
responsible for the attacks.

Apparently Hannah
Wyland was helping her,

but that didn't end well.

And who is this "asset"?

Someone the CIA's holding.

It's very hush-hush.

He or she doesn't even have a name...

just a number.



What else has she told you?

I just came to hand this off.

I'm out.

See ya, man.

Take care of yourself, Ryan.

You know Alex.

She never stops.

That's why you have to stop her.

Nice work. The tracker's live.

Hopefully he'll move fast.

Simon: Fingers
crossed, but he's got company.

Liam's in town.

♪ ♪

Liam: New York City, Washington
D.C., Chicago, L.A.

Only the best of the best end up there.

♪ Hey ♪

In four short weeks,
your training will end

and you will be assigned to
one of the FBI's 56 field offices.

Think you're a little outmatched.

You're dreaming if you think
you're gonna take my spot in New York.

[Laughs] It's all right.

I guess even pros lose
their footing once in a while.

♪ Give up the
ghost and talk about it ♪

Choosing a field office is about
more than picking a job.

It's about finding a home,

a place many of you will start families.

Samar spoke to your parents,

and they know that you
know that they're alive,

and they want to talk to you.

What's the problem?

As a kid, I used to
dream of all the things

that I wish that I could say to them.

But now that it's a
reality, it's so hard.

If I could just call them...

I could see if Samar has their number.


Where you work is also
about what kind of work

you want to do.

Is it narcotics in Miami?

Cyber crime in San Francisco?

Maybe you're drawn to undercover work.

So, what happens after
they meet "John Baskin"?

You'll transfer the funds, right?

You'll be brought to an
advanced Sistemics meeting,

and then you will be
accelerated down what they call "the path."

So you're really jumping into
the deep end here, Will.


You sure you want to do this?

And while you do get
to rank your choices,

ultimately the Bureau will do

what it believes is best for the Bureau.

I wish I had better news,

but things are bad here for Miranda.

Everything she's touched is radioactive,

including you two
going undercover as twins.

And you're not in trouble,

but this experiment of hers
may soon be coming to an end.

But this project is important.

How can the FBI just give it up?

It was Miranda's idea, not theirs.

And with Miranda on
leave, pending her hearing,

there's no one left to
push it up the hill.

I'm sorry.

Liam: You have until week's
end to submit your choices.

And then the praying starts,

because those of you who end
up in towns like Little Rock

never get out.

You sweating from PT or
from Alex giving you the Heisman?

[Chuckles] It ain't like that.

I'm not chasing.

Really? So you're telling
me you're not into her?

Coach used to say no
sex before a big game.

Quantico's one long game.

I haven't let anyone
distract me this entire time.

Why would I start
now when we're so close

to the end of the fourth quarter?

Because in four weeks we
might be thousands of miles apart.

So if you want a shot,

you better move faster than your
'40 time at the combines.


Someone's more chipper than usual.

It's pasta day in the cafeteria.

Oh, so you and Drew are
going to "Lady and the Tramp"

some linguine?

Don't be ridiculous.

We're just friends.

You're into him.

So ever since I split up with Ryan,

I've been feeling a little...

light, unencumbered...


Free for what?

Don't you have bigger
things to focus on than my freedom?

Wow, okay.

You're gonna deflect by
bringing up my resurrected parents?

Caleb said you still
haven't reached out to them.

Don't you at least
want to know why they left?

How do you know that
they'd even tell me the truth?

I mean, it would be one thing
if I could look them in the eye,

but it's not like I can ask
them to risk coming to the U.S.

to show up for my graduation.

You could fly to them.

And miss my last few weeks of training?

No. T... I don't know them.

I don't need to.

Sh... [Sighs]

We have to prove to the FBI

that they're wrong about our project.

Even if Miranda loses her job,

I mean, we're still here and
no one can do what we do.

Can we even do it?

We've had so much trouble.

We've been training.

We can get better. We already have.

Listen, I'm still committed to this.

Are you?

More than you know.

But no one will listen to us.

Then we make them.

I'm sure you're all
buzzing at the prospect

of your new field offices,

but can any of you tell
me what this map represents?

20 best placed to
work? Miami, here I come.

Actually, these are the U.S. cities

with the highest
rates of human trafficking.

Human trafficking is the
largest and fastest growing

criminal enterprise in the world.

So while you'll soon freely travel

to these cities as newly minted agents,

thousands of men and
women will be trafficked

to them against their will.

As you sweat your future locations,

I find a little
perspective can be helpful,

which is why this week you
will learn the ins and outs

of how people are
smuggled across borders.

This will prepare you for a little trip

to one of our borders... Canada...

where you will liaise with immigration,

customs, and TSA agents

while learning firsthand how
these crimes are perpetrated.

Hey. So, I know Shelby wanted
to meet her parents face-to-face

and they can't set foot
in the U.S., but Canada...?

One final announcement.

As you all know,

I've been taking on the assistant
director's workload

in her absence, which
means I've been in need

of another staff counselor

to help me in your
final weeks of training.

So, for those of you who
don't know him already,

Staff Counselor Ryan Booth.

♪ ♪

Good to see you, Booth.

It's good to see you, too.

"Interim Deputy Director."

Suits you.

Yeah, well, I thought a, uh, a
new role might suit you, too.

Head of this JTTF
branch... Hannah's job.

Yours now if you want it, though
I'm assuming you don't

since I heard you put in for
a transfer back to L.A.

Yeah, well, working around
Alex hasn't been exactly easy.

First it was our history,

but recently there's
been a whole lot more.

Well, if you ask me, they
never should have reinstated her.

But PR said it would be a
nightmare if they didn't.

Yeah, well, Alex believes she
knows more than the Bureau.

She's still trying to prove
that Elias didn't act alone.

And now she's dragging other people
into her little crusade.

Pretty sure the only reason

Hannah got
suspended was because of Alex.

[Sighs] I know I should
let it go, but I can't.

And if you want to
avoid another embarrassment

for the New York office...

[Sighs] I need your help.

What can I do?

Alex is after a CIA asset.

What I want to do is
I want to head her off

and find out why she's after them

before she hurts the Bureau or herself.

I have an old friend at the Company

that could arrange an
off-the-books meeting,

but it's no small favor.

Well, it's the least you can
do for the new head of the branch.


Alex: It's happening.

Simon: Once the meeting is set,

the CIA will move their
asset to a safe house.

That gives us a small
window to extract whoever it is

and deliver them to the terrorist
just like they asked.

This is the only way to pull
off what we have to pull off.

You're right.

But this is also our final mission,

our last chance to figure out
what the terrorist is planning,

and all we have to go on is a break-in

at some Columbia University lab.

We know something was stolen.

The question is what did Columbia have

that they don't want
us to know they had?

Which is why this asset is the key.

If we can extract
them, we can question them

before we deliver them to the Voice

and figure out what the
Voice is planning once and for all.

We'd better, because if we don't,

we just helped a terrorist
put the final piece in place

of whatever it is they're planning.

Two CIA operatives
are escorting the asset

to a safe house as we speak.

You'll need a partner.

Nimah Amin. I trust her.

You'll have 10 minutes with the asset,

so ask the right questions.

I will. Where am I going?

74 Ridge Road, Buchanan, New York.

Secluded. It's remote.

Will the plan work there?

We're gonna find out.


Liam: Smuggling a person isn't easy.

Many are lured through legal loopholes

on sites like Craigslist.

Promised help in acquiring Visas

in exchange for service or labor work,

then sold to the highest bidder.

So, comb through the
intel, find the coded language,

and see how the FBI caught
these traffickers.

This must be weird for you.

Yeah, I told myself every
time I look up, he'd be gone.

Sometimes stopping a
terrorist means firing your gun.

Other times is as simple
as spotting a fake watermark.

Every year, forgers get
more and more sophisticated.

The differences are often
invisible to the naked eye.

Fake control numbers, embossed
security images...

and missing watermarks that
can only be seen under UV lights.

Many of these are fakes.

Can you spot the real ones?

♪ Kami-Kamikaze ♪

Hey, Olsen. You've been
on that for 15 minutes.

What gives?

I'm almost done.

Caleb: Maybe this trip to the
border could be just what you need.

We're going to meet your
parents without the U.S. knowing.

I'll think about it, okay?

I can reach out if you want.

Can we just focus on the exercise?

Hey, tell me this isn't
another undercover mission,

because I can't have
my heart broken again.

It's good to see you, too, Hoss.

I wonder if Alex feels the same.

♪ You should fly away with me ♪

♪ We got one,
two, three till the... ♪

But most people are
still smuggled into the U.S.

the old-fashioned way...
across physical borders.

Examine this vehicle and
see exactly how for yourself.

Report your findings.

♪ Take me to the party ♪

♪ Kami-Kamikaze ♪

♪ Blame it on the bus ♪

♪ I am never gonna get enough ♪

♪ Take me to the party ♪

♪ Kami-Kamikaze ♪

Not a bad place for twins to swap
in and out of an operation.

If we can keep it going.

Liam is the A.D. now.

Maybe we should ask him if he
wants Miranda's leftovers.

Oh, hey. I almost forgot you were here.

Drew Perales. Heard a ton about you.

Special Agent Ryan
Booth. Head nothing about you.

You got a minute?


I'll be right back.

Liam needed someone to
fill in who knew the class,

and I felt like I owed it
to him and Miranda to accept.

I get it. It's your job.

You can't say no to
where you've been assigned.


I was gonna reach out,

but after the last time we spoke,

it didn't seem like you were...

You don't have to
explain anything to me, okay?

You're here in a professional capacity,

and you're being professional.

And so am I. I'm a NAT,

and you're a staff counselor.


Very clear lines that no
one in the history of Quantico

would ever dream about crossing.

So [sighs] it's nice to
meet you, Trainee Parrish.

You too, Agent Booth.

S-Special Agent.

Good luck.

Liam: I know this is hard to accept,

but the twins experiment is over.

Now you can both head to the border.

There's no reason to
hide you being twins

from the outside world anymore.

With all due respect,

we'll wait until we
hear back from the Bureau

that it's officially terminated.

Until then, we'll maintain our cover.

Raina will head to the
border alone, and I'll stay here.

Miranda liked your stubborn streak.

So do I.

I'll respect your wishes, but
don't get your hopes up.

The Bureau is unlikely to
change its mind, and so am I.

All right, fine. I was
just getting you off my back.

I don't want to meet my parents.

Okay, Samar says that
they want to meet you.

Who cares?

They're just as much
con artists as she is.

Yeah, I-I get that, but Samar

has been above board
ever since you found out.

I mean, she came here,
she returned your money,

she's even divorcing the jackass husband

that conned you out
of that extra $5 mil.

And if you ask me, I believe her

when she says that your
parents want to meet with you

and just explain why they
did what they've done.

What do you think they're gonna say?

I mean, everybody assumes

that parents love their
kids unconditionally,

but we've run case
studies on things like that.

We know that isn't always true.

And honestly, I'm not ready to find out.

I know you don't feel ready,

but you're never going to feel ready.

Caleb: What happens if
they disappear again

and you never get the
answers that you need?

I know you, Shelby, and you
will never stop wondering.

Alex: When I lost my father,

there was so much that was left unsaid.

You have that chance.

Use it.

Caleb can find out for
you if it's even possible.

All right.

Do it.

Liam: Welcome to Trudeau International.

I trust you're all excited

to get a little break
from life at Quantico.

Well, here's your chance.

Hand your passports to
Staff Counselor Booth.

[Sighs] Why do I suddenly feel
like I'm on the "Amazing Race"?

Your stay in Canada's gonna
go differently than advertised.

Instead of working
alongside TSA and customs,

you will be working against them

by trying to illegally cross the border

like the traffickers
you've been studying.

Wait, you're asking us to
deliberately break the law?

Liam: We are.

I don't care if you fly, drive, or walk.

You have until 9:00
a.m. tomorrow morning

to get back across that border.

The first team home will get
the field office of their choice.

Special consideration will
be given to any team

that completes the exercise at all.

Get with your team and move out.

Guess you're odd woman out.

I prefer it.

Alex: I'm with Billy and
you're with Angelita?

Why'd they split us up?

Maybe it was a mistake.

I don't think it was a mistake.

Let's team up anyway.

And violate an order
this close to graduation?

It's either that or lose

and end up in one of the
Dakotas instead of of New York,

and that's not gonna happen.


Let's go.




Okay, how are we getting
back, Clyde Barrow?


I arranged for your
parents to meet us here.


And they're staying at a hotel nearby.

Oh, my God.

Come on.

- You're early.
- Or aggressively punctual.

Nimah Amin.

We don't need your
name, you don't need ours.

As far as you know, we don't even
have this asset in custody.

Where's your partner?

Making a call.


Agent Booth.

Oh, they don't do names.

You get 10 minutes. Not a second more.

You're lucky O'Connor's well-connected,

or this meeting
never would have happened.

What meeting is that?

Now you're learning.

Alex: Oh, my God.

Will Olsen?

Alex Parrish.

Um, this is...

Simon Asher.

Graduated summa cum laude from Yale.

Worked as an accountant for
your family's business in Scarsdale,

spent nearly two years in
the Israeli Defense Forces,

trained at Quantico before
being terminated

for violence against a fellow NAT.

Danny from my class vetted you...



Will, how did you end up in CIA custody?

A little more pressing question

might be what are you doing here?

[Sighs] A story for another time.

But it involves whoever's responsible

for the attacks on New York in July.

What attacks?

How long have they had you?

Uh, judging from my sleeping patterns,

I roughly estimate 7
months, 13 days, and 9 hours.

It's almost 4:00 p.m.?



Then judging from your rapid
breathing and dilated pupils,

I surmise this is not
an FBI-approved visit?

We're gonna break you out, Will.

There are two armed, highly
trained CIA operatives

waiting outside that door.

How do you expect to do that

without getting us arrested or killed?

So, what the hell do we do now?

Rent a car and crash
across the border "Mad Max" style?

[Sighs] Funny.

But if we want to finish
first, we have to fly.

Well, how do you expect

to get across airport
security without passports?

I guess I could hide
in someone's luggage.

Give me your bag.

- Why?
- Trust me.

Turn around.


Not the solution to this
particular problem,

but I like how you're thinking.

[Giggles] Thank you. Now...

pretend to struggle.

I was hoping you were gonna say that.

Special Agent Alexandra Parrish, FBI,

escorting a fugitive back to the States.

Lost my ID when he evaded capture.

Is that right?

Threw them in a snowbank.

Put up a hell of a fight.

Look, if you will just
verify my identity by calling in,

we'll be on our way.

If I miss this flight,

I'm gonna have to spend the
night with this scumbag,

and I really don't want to.

I know this is extremely unusual...

Not as unusual as you'd think.


I don't know what game this is,

but if you don't want to spend
the rest of the night detained,

searched, and questioned repeatedly,

get the hell out of my airport.



They're clearly not here.

I mean, it would have taken
them the entire day to even travel.

The answers to all of your questions

are on the other side of this door.

And our future is on the
other side of the border.

- We're gonna fail.
- So what?

Then we'll spend the rest of our days

busting Palins in
Anchorage, but it'll be worth it.

Shelby, you'll have your
answers whether they're good or bad,

but at least you'll have them.

15 years of my life change
forever if I open that door.

We could always head back.

My beautiful girl.


I barely made the last flight up.

This better work.

It has to.

They really took your passport?

[Chuckles] They took all of ours.

But we have something they don't have...

we match.

It was September 11, 2001,

when we were sitting
on the tarmac at Logan

when the Untied flight ahead of us

flew right into the second tower.

Friends of ours in the intelligence
community helped us

piece together that Bin Laden
was responsible.

And what does that have to do with you?

In the late '90s, McGregor-Wyatt
was on the verge of bankruptcy.

But an associate of
ours had an intermediary

to the Afghani government.

We, um, sold them weapons
systems software.

We had no idea it would be
used for what it was used for.

It was just off-the-books
money that allowed us to survive.

Then a year later we found out

that our intermediary
had conspired all along

to place our product in
the hands of the Taliban.

So, we sat there on the
runway knowing a war was coming.

It was just awful
knowing that what we sold

would be used against our own troops,

and knowing that the U.S. government

would hold us
accountable for arming an enemy,

whether intentionally or not.

If they came after us, we
would have lost everything...

you, the company, our freedom.

We had to make a
decision fast, and we did.

We changed the flight manifest.

We made that software, too, after all.

We still do.

Yeah, we made it look
like we died on 175.

We got on a private jet the next day

out of the country and
disappeared for good.

Why didn't you send for me?

Oh, sweetheart...

You will never know how
hard that was for us.

I mean, we wanted to
be with you so badly,

but we just didn't
want this life for you.

No home, always on the run, fugitives.

It was better you mourn
us than hide with us.

Seeing the successful,
strong woman that you've become,

we know we made the right choice.

We're just sorry we
caused you so much pain.

But all that time, why
didn't you just reach out?

Sweetheart, we... we
just couldn't risk it.

But we kept in touch
with you through Samar.

Every photo, every
memory you shared with her,

you shared with us.

And even though we were a lifetime away,

we were watching over you.

I understand if you hate us
for what we've done, Shelby.

But we love you.

Caleb, I'd like you to meet my parents.

We'll hitch a ride two
hours south of the border,

and we can hoof it the
last eight miles through here,

but it won't be easy.

It's already dark outside, it's remote,

it's rough terrain, but
it's only surveilled by drones.

From there it's another
six miles to Franklin, Vermont,

and then back to civilization.

Smells like
adventure. What do you think?

I think we should be
halfway home already.

[Sighs] I'm so off my game right now.

I think I know why.

Could you hold onto
this for me for a sec?

- Why?
- Just one sec.

[Sighs] Hey!

Um, excuse me for a second, please.

Alex, how's the assignment going?

I thought we were trying
to keep things professional.

We are. Aren't we?


Did you not deliberately
switch teams to keep Drew and I apart?

Now why would I do that?

I'm pretty sure you don't
want me answering that question

in front of all these people.

Alex, I had nothing
to do with the teams.

Oh, I bet.

I have a job to do.

And so do you.

All right. You ready?

Make it look good.



What happened? Where's the asset?

Should have restrained him! He
got the drop on my partner.

- Stop! Freeze!
- Took her gun, cold-cocked me.

- Stop!
- Let's go.

He's heading for the van!

They're getting away!

[Engine starts, horn honks]

Man: You're blocking us in!

All right, drive!

[Horn honks]

[Tires squealing]

Go, go, go, go!

[Tires screech, horn honks]

♪ ♪

A white van?

They have a 100% chance of catching us.

Just... Just keep driving.

Man: That's him! That's him!

Step out of the vehicle!

Step out of the vehicle now.

We're not stupid.

Before Simon got here,

he created a power outage in the area.

We're not the only white van out here.

Whenever something big
happened in my life,

I would always imagine what
it'd be like if you guys were there.

What you would say, what you might wear.

There was this one day, graduation.

I had this horrible panic

because I was trying to
picture you out in the crowd,

and I realized I couldn't remember
what you looked like.

My memory of you had faded.

I was devastated.

It was like losing you all over again.

But now, looking at you,
your face is so familiar.

So I guess I never really did forget.

Sweetheart, you know, you cry
just like when you were little.

[Laughs] That furrowed brow.

[Sniffles] You said I'd get wrinkles.

[Laughs] Well, clearly I was wrong.

I'm afraid if I do something wrong

or make any sudden movements

that you're gonna disappear again.

You know, this
means the world to Shelby.

I hope it was the right choice.

Oh, of course it was.
Look how happy she is.

What if this is the only
visit that we can afford?

Staying under the radar
comes at a pretty premium.

We've got just enough to
keep ourselves invisible.

Do you need money?

No. We're done taking from her.

We put her through enough.

The last I'd ever want is for her

to think we only came for that.

If this is the only time we can see her,

we should make it count.

We should celebrate.

How about going out for a late dinner?

- Somewhere not... not in an airport?
- [Chuckles]

Hey, that sounds great.

♪ ♪

[Cellphone camera clicks]

♪ No one else can replace what you ♪

♪ Did to me when
you said we're through ♪

♪ Miss you so ♪

♪ Never thought you'd go ♪

♪ Aw, baby, bring your
sweet stuff home to me ♪

♪ Baby, bring your
sweet stuff home to me ♪

Says here you're 44.

I moisturize.

Sit tight, okay?

I thought you said they were good fakes.

I thought they were. I made them myself.

- ♪ Gonna make things right ♪
- Let's go.

Drew: If my GPS were working out here,

I'm pretty sure it'll tell
you we made it across the border.

Alex: [Shivers] Great.

So, just another six more
miles before we find civilization,

assuming we don't
freeze to death before that.


Sorry. I'm just
really pissed off at Ryan.

What did he do? Besides show up.

Oh, he just likes to get into
my head, keep us tied together.

It's so...

[Wind howling]


As much as I love for
you to hate the guy,

Ryan didn't switch teams.

I did.

But it doesn't matter, right?

'Cause we're out here in
the cold, it's getting late...

Hope you know how to pick a lock.

You were right. I'm glad we came.

I really can't thank you
enough for pushing me to do this.

Hey, I want to go get
changed for dinner,

but I can't find my
phone. Have you seen it?

Uh, no. Go get changed. I'll find it.

I'm sure it's around here somewhere.

Laura: You think he took the bait?

Glenn: Well, he loves
her, so he'll sell her on it.

And she'll do anything

if she thinks it means seeing us again.

Once the transfer goes through,

we'll get the next flight out.


Ryan: You're late. Where's the asset?

Who the hell are you?

So they need you for
whatever they're planning.

Which makes you our last
chance at stopping this monster.

Any idea what the
terrorist might need from you?

I'm not sure.

It might have something
to do with the fact

that I cracked the
NSA's encryption software

and got all the U.S. military codes.

- Are you kidding me?
- [Sniffs]

Where are they?

In here.


You're a living, breathing
threat to national security.

Why would you do something like that?

The short answer? To
prevent a third world war.

If we hand you over

without figuring out
what the Voice is planning,

you might play a part
in starting one right now.

Exactly. We don't know anything.

And the Voice might call any minute.

The only clue we have is a break-in

at the Columbia University lab.

So keep talking, okay?

Where are you going?

To handle Ryan.

Glad you could join us.

Looks like we need to talk.

What's up?

Oh, I don't know.

How about identity theft, fraud,

conspiring to steal a government asset,

stealing a government asset?

Look, Ryan, I know you've been
under a lot of pressure lately,

but this is crazy.

I figured it out when
I got to the safe house.

What safe house?

Look... I've been in
the office all day today.


Check the logs. Go ahead.

[Chuckles] That's impossible, unless...

unless you were working with Simon.

You both took that asset.

Alex, you're putting
everybody at risk by lying,

so why don't you just come
clean and tell O'Connor what you did,

or this thing's gonna
come right back at you

- and bite you in the...
- Enough. Enough, okay?

Clearly, Alex knows nothing about this.

None of us have really been ourselves
the past few months,

have we?

I understand.

Excuse me.

What? She's lying. She was there.

She must have hacked the system.

You're starting to sound like her.

Talk to the CIA!

They'll tell you what
happened because they can ID her.

After you created a situation
that left a CIA asset exposed?

An asset that they now claim

they never had in the first place.

I wonder why.

The FBI can't suffer another black eye

from the hands of
one of its own leaders.

Now my ass is on the line with the CIA.

And yours is, too.

[Pounding on door]

Caleb, what are you doing here?

I'm here to make sure that
you guys are leaving.

Laura: And why should we do that?

You came here to con
Shelby out of more money.

Our allowance dried
up. I-It... You know that.

We need more.

I left Shelby's
phone so I could listen in.

I heard everything.

You do realize that
this will destroy her?

I have never worried about her.

And that's exactly your problem.

You have no idea the
choices that we had to make.

We gave Shelby a good
life, kept her out of all this.

She's lucky.

She's lucky to have
parents that came all the way here

not because they love her but be...

Because it was necessary. Yes.

You guys are not getting a cent.

Shelby may feel differently about that

after we discuss it over dinner.

What exactly makes you think

that I'm gonna let you lie to her again?

And what is your plan, exactly?

15 years apart, and
Shelby's finally reunited

with her long-lost parents.

You said it
herself... this will destroy her.

Do you really want to
be the person to do that?

Shelby's gonna give us the money.

We'll stay in touch with
her. Shelby stays happy.

Everybody wins.

I will transfer $5 million
into your account right now

under one condition.

This is the last time.

Shelby never sees or hears from
either one of you again.

Is that clear?

And what if we don't agree?

You guys are war criminals.

I'll just tell the FBI that
you guys are still alive.

And then I'll personally
make sure that you guys hang

for every single thing that you've done.

I made it.

My plane boards in 10.

Nice job, Amin, but you're not

the first one to make
it through security.

No, but my sister has
already landed in D.C.

We worked together.

Having a twin presents
certain strategic advantages.

Maybe now you'll reconsider
your position on our program?

Well, that's all well
and good, but you failed.

You were the one that was supposed
to make it back, Raina,

not your sister.

Raina's home.

I'm Nimah.


This is our last chance.
You sure it's gonna work?

80%... if we commit.

Please remove all belts and shoes.

♪ ♪

I'm afraid this isn't
enough public indecency

to get us deported.



[Yells in native language]

Hey, sorry I'm late. Are
my parents down yet?

Uh, they had to cancel.


They said that they had a security scare

and they had to take off.

But that they also said that they
want to see you again soon,

that they'll be in touch.


You okay?

Yeah. Yeah, no. I'm glad
they're staying safe.

For years, I'd pray for a miracle

that I could see them one more time.

And now I'm just so
happy that we found them.

Well, that you found them.

I would have liked
to say goodbye, but...

I'm good.

Well, you know, let me
make it a little better.

My dad pulled some strings,
and he got us a private jet.

So, that means no customs
or security to worry about.


Oh, kiss that Anchorage office goodbye.


♪ One month till February ♪

♪ Keep on holdin' on ♪

♪ And I know it's short ♪

♪ And I know it's short ♪

You mad at me?

No, I'm mad at myself.

First I meddle in your life,

and then I force you to pair
up just to prove a point.

[Fire iron clangs]

You have every right
to doubt my abilities,

to... to be annoyed with me.

You don't annoy me, Alex.

You distract me.

You pull my focus.

I tried not to lean into it...

and then Ryan showed up.

And after everything that
I heard about you two...

I had to step away.

When you're around...

you're all I can think about.


You're... You're shivering.

It's 12 below out, and my
clothes are soaking wet.

Thought that stuff would warm me up,

but it tastes like... maple syrup.

Well, then we should get
you out of those clothes.

Don't tell me that line has
ever actually worked for you.

♪ One month till February ♪

♪ 'Cause you could say this
is not too far to carry this ♪

♪ 'Cause you could say this
is not too far to carry this ♪

Please tell me you guys have figured out

- what the Voice is planning.
- We still don't know anything.

Everything Will knows poses a
threat to national security,

but we can't draw a clear
line between any of it

and the break-in at the lab.

[Cellphone chimes]

Ryan again?


The coordinates to the drop point.

We just ran out of time.

You have to run, Will.

We can deal with the consequences,

but we can't give the Voice the
final piece that they need.

And I'm not sending you to your death.

Turning me over has the highest
chance for success

given the current circumstances.

No one is going to get hurt,

and you'll have a fighting chance

at stopping the Voice with me in there.

We have no leads.

You don't need any more leads.

All you need is me.

The voice is smart, but so am I.

I will help you stop this
terrorist from the inside.

As soon as I figure out their plan,

I will find a way to contact you.

Just think of me as your
personal Trojan horse.

It's a big risk.

Alex, the CIA was
never going to let me go.

If this was 10 years ago,

they would have already killed me.

At least this way I have
a chance to do some good.

Look, um, about what
I said at the airport...

I'm glad you made it back in one piece.

I heard it was cold out there.

I'm also glad you're about to apologize.

Thought you knew me better than that.

I don't think so.

I'd like to say I wish I
didn't assume the worst in you...

Then why don't you?

Because I don't know you at all, Ryan.

I know your heart, but I don't know you.

I slept with Ryan Booth, the
Marine I met on a plane.

I fell for Special Agent
Booth, undercover at Quantico.

I said goodbye to Ryan at a
party with his lovely ex-wife.

And here you are, Staff Counselor Booth,

who I'm supposed to have a professional
relationship with?


All those people that
you met are still me.

And any one of them would
have been more than fine.

But all of them together? It's just...

too many pieces of too
many different puzzles.

♪ We're broken now ♪

♪ We're broken now ♪

I should probably get
going, Staff Counselor.

Yeah, Parrish, you probably should.

♪ And I get the feeling
that we've shuffled on ♪

To the 18 of you who made it
across the border last night,

your success is not a victory.

If you can sneak across so easily,

then so can the very traffickers

you will be working
against in the field.

That being said, I was impressed,

especially with our winners,

who displayed great determination.

Congratulations to Raina and Nimah.

They won not just because of hard work,

but because of resourcefulness,

which will be one of

your most indispensable
assets in the field,

because this job will force you

to confront many difficult questions.

Ask yourself, what risks will you take

when everything is on the line?

Caleb: The money for Sistemics is gone,

so we have to find another way in.

Well, they already
scheduled my intake meeting.

I'll use my own money.

No, they'll trace it back to you.

No, they won't.

I'll put it in a safety deposit box

at the same bank you were using.

You really want to help, don't you?

How will you convince someone
that you know the right way forward

when they think they know best?

I spoke with the Bureau.

It seems like your project

might have some life in it after all.

I hope you understand that
this means working harder than ever.

It means moving back in together,

being committed to matching perfectly.

The end is near.

Now is the time to get it right.

Out in the field, there
is no room for mistakes.

Liam: Can you allow
yourself to tell the truth

even if you know the consequences?

So, I'm thinking St. Kitts

for the next meet-up with my parents.

What do you think?

[Chuckles] Yeah, St. Kitts.

That... That sounds great.

Because I promise you

there will be
questions without easy answers

and moments you never see coming.

Wait! Are you sure about this?

[Breathes heavily] It's the only way.

I promise.

- [Cellphone rings]
- Wait.

You said this was the last thing.

The Voice: It is the last thing for you.

Not for him.

Send Simon with Will.


No, that was not part of the deal.

No. No, Simon. No.

I got no choice.

That's what everyone else said, too.

I can't lose you.

You got to let me go.

It's okay.

I'll be all right.

I've come back from
the dead before, right?

Thank you, Alex. You've
been very helpful.


You won't hear from me again.

Now hand your phone to
the driver of the car.

- [Car door closes]
- And take care.

♪ ♪