Psych (2006–2014): Season 3, Episode 5 - Psych - full transcript

When Henry's biggest arrest gets released from jail on a technicality, Shawn is hired to to fix it before his dad could take matters into his own hands but when Henry finds out, Psych has to do things "70's style" to make things right.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Okay, come on. Go! Move it out!
Listen, Franks.
You have the right not to get shot.
Make the wrong move, you lose that right. Put down the bomb.
Good move.
We recently obtained intelligence of a bomb plot by an anti-government radical.
His intended target was this very building.
We owe the success of this investigation, and indeed our very lives,
to Sergeant Henry Spencer.
Well done, very good. Very good.
Sergeant Spencer, would you like to say a few words?
Oh. No... No thanks, Chief.
A police officer doesn't deserve any special attention for just doing his job.
You may be able to sense the electricity in the room.
That's because our arrival usually signals that a huge case is going down.
Step in here please, gentlemen.
That's the Chief, she likes the two of us very much.
I'm sorry, you are?
Ah, sorry, Chief. I got roped into doing a silly interview
with The Independent. They've been calling and begging for weeks
and I finally relented.
But you called me.
And you called me back, which means we're both right.
The important thing is that you got your cover story.
Actually, this is page 64.
It really depends on how you fold it, doesn't it?
She can't be in here, so get her the hell out.
Uh, come to think of it, I think you'll probably get a better shot here,
through this window. Now, try to catch me with a good expression,
preferably with this eyebrow raised.
Like so. Or my serious face.
Best case scenario, snap a shot when my signature look comes up.
I call it "Senor Gotcha!"
How will I know what that is?
You'll know. Good luck, we're all counting on you.
Lassy, you're here! I need you here. Thank you.
Chief, what's up?
Mr. Spencer, as you may be aware, a...
A California prisoners advocacy...
Are you okay?
Right as rain.
Long story short, a handful of convictions,
some of them decades old, have been recently called into question.
Unfortunately, the biggest one was a Santa Barbara PD conviction.
So, we're reopening the case and launching a new investigation.
Now, we're hiring you...
You to provide us with any psychic leads that you may have.
Now normally, we don't devote department resources to this, but these are
special circumstances.
Oh, could you do the handoff again, Chief?
Oh, no.
What is it?
It's my dad's biggest case.
In between the lines there's a lot of obscurity
I'm not inclined to resign to maturity
If it's all right then you're all wrong
But why bounce around to the same damn song?
You'd rather run when you can't crawl
I know, you know That I'm not telling the truth
I know, you know They just don't have any proof
Embrace the deception Learn how to bend
Your worst inhibitions tend to psych you out in the end
It goes without saying, Mr. Spencer,
that your father is in no way to participate in this investigation.
He's no longer on the force and his meddling could compromise the case in court.
Do I make myself clear?
Yes, you do, Chief.
What isn't clear is why people always say "it goes without saying,"
yet still feel compelled to say the thing that's supposed to go without saying.
Doesn't that bother you?
No, and frankly I could care less.
Now, that's the one that bothers me.
Why do people say "I could care less" when they really mean "I couldn't care less"?
Well, why don't you tell me how to properly say this?
If you share any official information about this case with your father
or let him anywhere near any new evidence...
Then the two of you will have to find another police department to work for,
and I will personally see to it that each of you is charged with obstruction of justice.
You split an infinitive.
Good catch, Gus.
You two realize I carry a gun, right?
That was perfectly elocuted.
My dad's gonna freak when he sees this.
We have to go into stealth mode.
No taking his calls. This won't hit the news until tomorrow.
That should give us a 24-hour head start or...
Hand it over.
Dad? How did you get in here?
The unlatched window, the unlocked back door, maybe this key that I made.
You choose one.
What do you want?
I just dropped by to share my new chocolate chip raisin bread recipe
with you, Shawn. What do you think?
I know Chief Vick just gave you the new Franks case,
so why don't you let me take a look at what you're hiding
in that little folder there so I can get moving on this?
Okay, fine, you're right. Chief Vick did just hire us. But there is no way...
Nope. That I am showing you what's in this folder.
You're lucky I'm even asking, Shawn. I could do this the simple way.
I could grab it from you, clean up any evidence of a struggle
before you and your little friend here knew what hit you.
In some states, that's called child abuse.
I think all of them.
Look, Chief Vick made it very clear that you, specifically,
were to come nowhere near this case...
There shouldn't even be a case, Shawn.
The son of a bitch was let out on some microcrap problem with my search warrant.
Everybody makes mistakes.
There was no mistake.
It was the '70s. We did what we had to do.
But only when we knew we had the right guy, and I got the right guy.
Okay, you got the right guy.
Still doesn't mean I'm gonna put you on this case.
Nor would I even want to. Dad, you have no idea how Gus and I roll.
Gus, tell him. You know what?
You go and handle this half-assed like you do everything else.
But you bear this in mind.
This case is important to a lot of people who could've died
if he had blown up our headquarters.
It should be important to their family members, too.
Never seen my dad beg before.
That's how he begs?
He's clearly not gonna let this go.
So, look. If we're gonna investigate this thing undisturbed,
we're gonna have to jump ahead a few steps and fill in the blanks when we're done.
We should go straight to the D.A.'s office.
Beat you by eight minutes! Not too embarrassing.
Dad! I knew you would come and try to investigate this on your own.
Do you have any idea how dangerous this is?
Why? I'm a taxpaying, voting citizen, therefore I have a right to speak
to any elected official, such as the D.A., I please.
You don't have to be a taxpaying, voting citizen though, do you?
May I help you?
Yes, my name is Shawn Spencer, I am the head psychic
for the Santa Barbara Police Department. And that is my partner...
Yeah, yeah, that's his partner Methuselah Honeysuckle, which makes me Old Scratch Johnson.
Listen, we need to see copies of the original court transcripts
for the Eugene Franks case.
I'm not sure I can release those.
Oh, oh, oh! I'm getting a very soft, cuddly vibe here.
Seems like you and your wife recently...
Yeah, yeah, they're gonna have another kid. It's a boy. Congratulations.
Do yourselves a favor, don't call it Shawn.
Problems! More importantly, according to the Freedom of Information Act,
those transcripts are now available for public viewing. So...
Very well. Good point. I'll have our records department make copies.
Thank you very much.
You know, you're really putting a damper on the proceedings here.
You call it a damper, I call it working...
All right, that's it. Come here.
All right, I need you to hear me, okay?
If you insist on staying involved in this case, there are going to be rules.
I was hired by the police department, therefore it is my ass on the line,
and those rules will be made by me. You are no longer a cop.
And unless you plan on going back to the academy, and climbing the high wall,
and doing the obstacle course where you shoot the bad guys
but not the old lady with the sack or the blind guy with the cane
or the cute little squirrel with the bushy tail and the big fat nut!
It started off well.
It really fell apart at the end.
You should've had a name for the wall or something.
What I'm saying is that you need to listen to me, is what I'm saying.
All right, Shawn, point taken. You got a deal.
That means you're working for me now.
Why don't you grab some coffee for us. Black.
Two sugars. Two sugars.
I don't understand. You guys had to handwrite everything?
What if you needed multiple copies?
Well, we had one computer, but it took up the entire second floor.
Generally, we would use the mimeo machine.
How long would that take, a week?
You know, all the hi-tech, fancy gadgets they use today
don't solve crimes any better than we did.
A good detective is born with all the tools he needs right here.
Hello? Chief, what's the good...
My dad down at the D.A.'s office?
No, I don't think so.
Uh, I think I can clear this up for you, Chief. Uh, that wasn't my dad.
That was Phil Collins.
Yeah, we saw Phil down at the courthouse.
My dad gets mistaken for him all the time.
Shawn, I don't look, I don't look anything like Phil Collins!
No, I'm, I'm fairly certain about this, Chief.
He was humming Invisible Touch, if that helps you.
No, I wasn't aware that Phil Collins lives in Switzerland.
How does she know so much about Phil Collins?
I don't know.
Yes. I do hear you, I will make sure he stays away.
Love you, too.
Do you see? Do you see? We have to be more careful...
Okay, hot shot! All right, I get it.
Tell me what you can glean from this.
You'd like to know what I can glean?
The D.A. Rested after only submitting the initial evidence?
The evidence I uncovered in that apartment was so strong,
the D.A. Didn't need anything else to get a conviction.
But all that evidence is poisonous fruit because of the search warrant.
This evidence, yes.
Good thing I got a different warrant for the second round,
and the D.A. Didn't submit any of that stuff, which means we can use that now.
All the hi-tech gadgets in the world won't tell you that, will it?
We gotta get the Chief to let us into the county archives
so we can take a look at that evidence.
Gus, give me your keys. That would be a no.
Ogletree's checking my mileage.
We'll take my truck. No, we won't.
That raises the chances of you being seen again.
We'll have to take my motorcycle.
I've always wanted to try threesies.
Who wants the handlebars? Gus?
Feels like you. No.
Yeah, that shouldn't draw any attention. We'll cab it.
Fine. That's funny, it's usually me who can't show my face in public.
Just think, the contents inside these boxes could determine whether
someone spends the rest of their life in jail.
Catch it!
Better hope they don't reopen the Handyman Killer case,
fingerprints are all over the murder weapon.
That's not funny, Shawn!
Dude, I'm kidding, it's not really evidence. It was just lying here.
Well, stop it. You know I'm afraid that being wrongfully convicted
is the tragic way my story ends.
Would you two girls stop bitching
and see what we got here? What is this stuff?
Various possessions and personal effects of Eugene's
we found after he was arrested.
All right, what've we got here?
A pawn ticket made out to Eugene
a few days before he was arrested.
Goldstein's Pawn? Anybody?
Wait, that place is still around.
Desperate people pawn things.
Let's see what Eugene pawned that he never got back, huh?
Two new cases just came in.
One involves an international diamond smuggling ring.
Sweet. Bingo.
The other involves fraudulent permits at a plastics factory.
Well, I'll leave it up to the two of you to decide who gets which.
I am the head detective. Who owes me.
I covered your butt on last month's paperwork.
Damn it!
Follow my lead. McNab, get over here!
I don't know, O'Hara, I don't think he's ready.
Yeah, I don't think he is either!
No, I'm ready.
All right.
McNab, how would you like to do some real police work?
I'd love to. Now, technically,
you'd be working under Detective O'Hara and myself,
but we'll let you take the lead on this.
It will be such a good experience for you.
It might even earn you a spot on the detective bureau some day.
Wow, thanks, guys.
This means a lot. The fact that you think so highly of me to trust...
Yeah, yeah, we love you. Get back to work.
Uh, this ticket is from 30 years ago, when my dad ran the shop.
Yeah, I'll have to go look through the box.
The box? What do you think the box is?
A giant room, like in Raiders? I think it's a box.
Secret catacombs underneath the building, like in National Treasure?
Shame on you for knowing that.
This is where we keep all the old unclaimed stuff from over the years.
As I said, a box. What do you think is inside the box?
Will you calm down? I can't, man! There's stuff in there.
All kinds of stuff. Old stuff. Shiny stuff. Secret stuff.
How come you're not as excited as I am?
Because I'm not a raccoon. You look like a raccoon.
You're in luck.
This ticket here matches this old receipt.
Not a lot of info on it, I'm afraid.
Oh, I know what that is. Let me get it!
Right, your case.
Oh, I'm getting something here.
Oh, this is intense. I can see Eugene.
He's desperate, he's sweating nervously, he's stinky!
He wants to get rid of something, cover his tracks,
hide where he's been. So, he brings in the title of his car!
That must be the Vehicle Identification Number, right in there.
Right. Whose benefit was that for?
Don't ever question my methods in front of a civilian, okay? Never do that.
Come here.
I always thought that Eugene was gonna use the car in the bomb plot.
That was a common M.O. Back then.
He probably pawned the title to cover his tracks.
If nobody reclaimed the title, we would've sold it.
We could use the VIN number to track where it ended up.
That could take us all over the city, or the state, for that matter,
thus increasing the chances that you'll be seen by someone you work with
and you being caught by the police.
Nobody recognizes us.
I feel ridiculous.
Speak for yourself. I've got this shirt at home.
His mother used to love it.
Yeah, like, 30 years ago.
Kid, I wore it to lunch last week.
There it is.
It's been sitting in some old lady's backyard for dang near 30 years.
You got the keys? Let's take a look inside.
Make me an offer and it's yours.
You gotta be kidding.
Just give us a second here.
All right, how much money do we have between us?
What? All right, I think I got about 50 bucks. Okay.
I got about $400 between my wallet and my sock.
It's my just in case money.
All right. Add in what I have and we've got about $450.
All right, let me go talk to him. Uh, uh, uh.
You stand down, Popeye Doyle. I'll handle this.
We got about $450 here. Now, how much is this gonna cost me?
$450. Done.
He's good.
Nice going, Shawn. That was all of our money.
That's what happens when you send in the one guy who's never bought a car before.
We had exactly enough!
All right, look at it this way, Gus.
It isn't a car, it's a time machine.
This little kitty is gonna tell us about Eugene 30 years ago.
Well, looks like a car to me. And if I bought it, I'm driving it.
That means my same car rules apply.
Wipe your shoes before entering. No slamming doors. No food.
Looks good up here.
Doesn't look like factory soldering.
Smuggler's hatch.
Gotta get this down to the crime lab.
Uh, uh, uh!
Let me guess. This is where we take one step back
before involving the police?
We need to see what's on that film first.
That's how we roll.
Gonna need a tetanus shot.
Got it. Miracle anything came out.
Whoa, this guy really loved his car, huh?
Well, after seeing it all cleaned up, I like it too. In fact, I love it.
Bingo! You think these two are the ones
who could've had something to do with the bombing?
Oh. From the AK-47 s they're holding,
they had something to do with something. I think it's worth checking out.
There's no telling where they are, if they're even still around.
You know, back then, I used to have this snitch working for me.
His name was Pookie. A real weasel.
That guy'd turn on his Siamese twin for a buck.
If these two had anything to do with this, Pookie's the guy who would've known.
I'm sorry. What was his name?
Do you know where we can find this, uh...
Yeah, his name is... His name is Pookie Wigginton.
And yeah, I know where to find him. What's so funny?
Stop! I mean, I mean... Nothing's funny.
You're just, you're keeping it real right now, Dad.
Right on.
All right, let's see if we can find Pookie.
See if he still remembers the '70s.
If that'd been on purpose, that would've been totally cool.
I need to get that power steering fixed.
Not to mention the seat is jammed all the way to the front
and makes my entire left side fall asleep.
And remember, tomorrow night will be ladies' night
at Top Flight dance club, where it's the '70s every night.
Don't worry. I think Pookie remembers the '70s just fine.
By the way, I'm just, I'm just putting this out there.
Once we resolve this case, preserve your legacy as a detective,
you don't have to say thank you. No biggie.
Course it is. In fact, let me say it right now.
Thank you, Gus.
You're welcome.
That's Pookie. Let's go.
Officer Spencer, long time no see.
What brings you gentlemen to my establishment?
Well, Mr. Pookie...
As you may have heard, the D.A. Recently overturned the conviction
on the Eugene Franks bombing case.
Maybe I heard. Maybe I didn't.
Well, we're looking for information on a few people
that might've used to run with old Eugene.
Sorry, I don't know what you're talking about.
All right, all right. I know how this works.
Gus, hit the other sock, give him some money.
No offense, guys, but I don't need your pocket change.
Mr. Pookie, I can see two of Eugene's partners in crime,
a man and a woman. Dangerous, highly skilled with military weapons,
but not US military, smuggled weapons.
I used to trip like that, always looking for the escape.
Pookie, he's cool. He's, uh...
Really? Then I can dig it.
Spiritual. Yeah.
Third eye. That's where it is.
You guys are deep, like me. Give me five.
So, listen, you were dead on it. Check this out.
The cats you were describing ran with Eugene, all right. Mmm-hmm.
There were two of them, Derek Ford, white guy, stringy hair,
and his old lady, Melanie, really fine.
I got shot over a white girl like that once.
Anyway, they were together in a militant organization with Eugene called SAG,
Soldiers Against Government. They were into all kind of radical stuff.
Why would Eugene go all those years and not rat them out?
Word on the street was that SAG was ruthless.
Nobody dared cross them, not even one of their own.
So, Eugene was just a patsy?
You didn't hear it from me.
No, them suckers are dangerous.
He had partners.
My biggest bust, and I was wrong.
Everything hurts.
Had to be a tough guy and go in first.
Just fill out the incident report and be done with this fiasco. Ow!
What happened to you guys?
The diamond smuggling case that Detective O'Hara wanted to take
didn't go quite as planned.
That I wanted to take?
You're the one who insisted on it, Mr. Head Detective.
Basically, we conducted a stakeout to catch the smugglers red-handed.
But when we opened the cargo container to seize the evidence,
we discovered we had the wrong one.
This one belonged to exotic animal smugglers,
and it was filled with wild marmosets.
I hate marmosets.
Apparently they don't like being shot at.
No. Apparently not.
All I can remember after that are,
are hundreds of those tiny razor-sharp claws and teeth.
Lower primate, my ass. I recognize a military formation when I see one.
You'll be happy to know that case you gave me took a fun turn.
That's great.
It turns out that plastics factory was a front for real-life sea pirates.
You're kidding. No.
They've been using hi-tech boats and GPS
to rob freighters in the shipping lanes.
Now, I'm teaming up with the Coast Guard
for a showdown off the Santa Barbara coast.
On the high seas?
Appears so.
Aw, gosh! I'm sorry, Buzz,
but you need a certain level of clearance to work with the Coast Guard.
It's... It's department rules.
Really? Yeah.
Yeah, I'm afraid we're gonna have to take over from here.
But good work on getting us to this point!
Oh! Well...
It was fun while it lasted.
Yeah. Yeah! Good work, buddy.
We're gonna capture pirates.
I know! Ow!
Almost makes up for the rabies shots.
Let's face it, Shawn. I blew the case.
You're quitting on me? I'm not quitting.
I just realized that maybe Chief Vick is right. I should stay out of it.
Dad, this was your big case.
My big case? My big bust?
You see, that's the problem right there. That's how I started seeing it.
But in reality, it's a Santa Barbara PD case and it always has been.
You don't believe that.
A good detective knows when to let it go, Shawn.
That's a lesson both you and I can learn right now.
Where's your dad? He's not coming.
He says it's to protect the case, but I can tell
it's really bumming him out that he got fooled 30 years ago.
I can't believe I'm about to say this,
but instead of lording over him that this is our case, our rules,
I think we have to convince him that we can't solve this thing without him.
And how do we do that?
Most likely through the use of trickery.
So what kind of wood are we gonna use for these bookshelves, Gus?
Uh, cypress?
Cypress? Really?
It's a good wood.
It's what Noah's Ark was made of.
Nah, you wanna use something that breathes a little more.
But don't worry, we'll hit a lumber yard on the way there.
At least I'll get a chance to use my new laser level.
Gus, why are we stopping here?
No reason. I just randomly selected this spot.
Don't be a smart-ass. You're reading an address off a piece
of paper and we're sitting in somebody's driveway.
Whose house is this?
Okay, look, Dad. Actually, we're dropping in on some people that we know.
Shawn, I think that's them!
What the hell is going on?
Don't lose them! Go! Go, go, go! Come on!
So, what do we do now?
I don't know.
I've never cornered anyone before.
You better hope they're not uneven in there!
I'm gonna blind them with the laser, Shawn.
May we help you?
Uh, Derek and Melanie Ford?
Or should I say, Soldiers Against Government?
You sure your father doesn't wanna come inside?
Oh, no, no, no. He's clinically insane and a biter.
Sorry again about running from you guys.
But when we saw the Mercury Cougar in the driveway,
we just figured it was Eugene coming after us for revenge.
Revenge for what?
He thinks that we set him up to take the rap for the police headquarters bombing.
We know he's been asking around town about us,
trying to figure out our whereabouts.
We thought he'd finally found us.
Well, don't you worry about that.
You help us with this investigation,
we will make sure the police protect you from your old pal Eugene.
Thank you.
Tell them everything, honey.
Okay. After Eugene got arrested 30 years ago, we freaked out
and we stopped our radical ways.
We became Soldiers For Government and we built this great life.
You have to believe us, we had nothing to do with setting Eugene up.
I mean, we were all brainwashed.
We were all caught up in the movement.
Do you know of anyone else who would've wanted to set him up?
Oh! Honey, are you okay?
Mmm! Oh, yeah. Oh!
I cut myself pretty good.
I, uh, excuse me. I'm gonna have to go put something on this.
I'm sorry.
Uh, we should be going. Oh, no!
No, no, no. Thank you for your cooperation.
And rest assured, Eugene will not learn of your whereabouts.
Nice meeting you. Yes.
Hope your finger feels better! Thank you!
Good news, Pop. The trail is hot again.
Like I said, count me out.
Damn it, Dad! Do you have to be so prideful all the time?
So you made a mistake 30 years ago? Nobody cares! Just get over it.
Not everybody is as comfortable screwing up as you are, kid.
Well, maybe the reason I'm so comfortable is because my mistakes
were the only thing that was ever pointed out to me.
Here we go, here we go! Would you put away the violin?
I pointed out the good stuff, Shawn, but usually,
you were too busy bragging and showing off to take notice.
Enough! I'm sick of you two fighting all the time!
Listen, Mr. Spencer, Shawn needs you on the case because, frankly,
you're old and we were barely even alive during the '70s.
And Shawn, your dad needs you on the case because even though you can be
extremely annoying, you actually have a brilliant idea every now and then.
But you're both too damn stubborn to admit that you need each other.
Now, can we go, please? Thank you.
Is he always such a know-it-all?
You don't know the half of it. Very preachy.
All right, so tell me what you have.
Well, I think there's another SAG member out there.
How do you know that?
Did you see Melanie when we asked her if there was anyone else
who'd want to set up Eugene? She cut herself, right there.
Right there on the spot.
Yeah, no, no. Maybe they were telling you what they wanted you to know,
not what you needed to know.
I think they're protecting somebody from Eugene.
But there were only three people in the picture.
No, there was four.
The three of them and whoever took the picture.
Maybe they're protecting an old mentor.
Well, I'm pretty sure that Eugene met Derek and Melanie
when they were all students at Santa Barbara University.
Let's see if they shared any professors, advisors or RAs.
RA, that's a thing, right?
It is.
Okay, let's do this. Back to undercover.
Got it. Thank you, Jules.
All right. According to Juliet,
university records show that our SAG members only shared
one professor, and that is Doctor Richard Colbert.
Doctor Colbert?
I think Eugene got here before we did.
Hey. Been waiting for you guys.
Yeah, we got your call while we were out on the open ocean,
chasing down our sea pirates at flank.
That's a nautical term for maximum speed.
We cordoned the pirate vessel before they could club haul,
that's the nautical term for evasive maneuver,
and make it to international waters.
Well, that sounds awesome. What do modern-day sea pirates look like?
We have no idea.
Apparently, once you get three miles out, it's out of our jurisdiction,
so the Coast Guard had us sequestered
to a tiny windowless cabin on the Lubber Deck.
Yeah, apparently that's a nautical term for "place they send you to puke. "
I had to wash my hair three times.
Still sorry about that. Let's do this.
So, what do we have here?
The deceased is one Doctor Richard Colbert.
Male, 60 years old, professor of chemistry.
Apparently, he died from a lab accident
involving poisonous hydrochloric acid fumes.
When will people ever learn that alcohol and hydrochloric acid don't mix?
Technically, they do.
See, the hydrogen atoms in the acid form a loose bond with the chlorine...
What the hell are you wearing?
I'm getting some serious jive, and it is fly.
I can see the struggle. There's a rag on Colbert's face.
It was him who masterminded the bombing 30 years ago.
He set Eugene up, and Eugene has murdered him in revenge.
But wait, there's more!
Ooh! Yeah, feel is strong!
I am getting it! And it is a bad mother... Shut your mouth!
I'm having a vision. I can dig it!
It's a...
It's a big birthday cake!
Make a wish! What?
Bomb! Eugene's built another bomb!
He built it here in the lab! That's how he's going to exact his revenge
on the remaining members of SAG!
We gotta stop him now!
That... That's all I got. The jive's over. We should go before people explode.
Found him lurking around out back, must've hidden this under the house.
We've got a bomb!
Which hasn't been activated.
Call the bomb squad.
Well, Eugene, looks like you've been up to your old tricks.
I'm only here because they called me
saying they were finally ready to come clean!
Invited guests don't go snooping around the back, now do they?
I was just checking to see if anybody was home. I swear!
Save it for the trial. You're under arrest for the murder of Richard Colbert.
Wait, wait! Colbert's dead?
And the attempted murder of Derek and Melanie Ford.
Thank God you stopped him in time.
Yeah. I cut myself pretty good.
I'm need to go put something on this.
Maybe they were telling you what they wanted you to know, Shawn,
not what you needed to know.
Lies! Lies! Lies! Lies!
You two!
You were two young kids in way over your head with the militant SAG,
so you used Eugene as a scapegoat, didn't you?
Set him up to take the fall for the police headquarters bombing,
so you could make a clean break. But then you heard he got out early,
and you were afraid he'd come track you down and expose your criminal past.
We know he's been asking around town about us,
trying to figure out our whereabouts.
We thought he'd finally found us.
Because, of the four members of SAG,
only two of you are doing okay for yourselves.
Eugene has lost 30 years. What?
And he will be marked as a criminal forever.
Doctor Colbert, well, his drinking destroyed his career.
But you two, your life is picture-perfect.
And you would kill to protect it. First, it was Doctor Colbert,
whose guilt-ridden conscience and drunk mouth would cause him to confess
everything to Eugene. And then the plan was simple.
Frame Eugene for that murder, and then blow Eugene up
right along with all the traces to your past,
so you could move on to a very bright, white, pickety future.
That's a preposterous theory. Preposterous.
You have no proof.
Oh, really? What if I did something like this?
Spencer, what the hell did you just do?
In exactly one minute, we will all be blown to smithereens
or the people responsible for making that bomb will deactivate it.
Don't look at me, he's crazy!
Yeah, I don't know how to do it either!
I demand that someone disarm this bomb right now!
Just do what they say. Come on, let's go! Let's go! Let's go!
Arrest them.
Come on!
Spencer, I'd appreciate, in the future, if you just played with your own life.
Oh, come on, Lassy.
If Derek hadn't caved,
I would've just deactivated it myself. It's very easy.
You just clip the red wire and the green wire at the same time.
Uh, Shawn, there is no green wire.
Really? Huh!
Well, in that case, we all would've died.
I am starving.
Who's up for fajitas, my treat? Oh, come on, you guys!
Not everybody would've died! Well, a couple of people would've lived.
Those are... The odds are that at least one...
Gus would've made it.
It'll only take a few minutes for me to finish my interview with The Independent.
I still don't see why you have to drag me into this.
I told you. They're gonna wanna hear about my last case,
which was originally your case, and without you,
it wouldn't have been solved again.
Interviews, press, hair. Those are your things.
A little attention isn't gonna kill you, Dad.
Oh, and wait. What?
Thank you.
And as the bomb ticked all the way down to zero, we held our ground.
And I looked those culprits in the eye, and they knew that their time was up.
We don't seek out the high-profile cases,
they just have a way of finding us.
Oh, we should just show her!
That's a great idea. Yeah! Um...
Yeah, so, uh, you were there. You were... Oh, I was here?
You were like here-ish... And I was like, here.
No, we walked up and then they walked out, they...
Yeah, they came up. Oh! Right, I remember, right, so...
They had the bomb. They had the bomb.
Really, it was really dangerous.
They didn't know it was a bomb. They didn't.
In between the lines there's a lot of obscurity
I'm not inclined to resign to maturity
If it's all right then you're all wrong
But why bounce around to the same damn song?
You'd rather run when you can't crawl
I know, you know That I'm not telling the truth
I know, you know They just don't have any proof
Embrace the deception Learn how to bend
Your worst inhibitions tend to psych you out in the end
I know, you know
I know, you know