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I wanna be the biggest goddamn
drug dealer in New York City.

You remember Broc,

Dre went and beat the boy
half to death.

Cut his tongue out,
shot him in the head.

Me and you got
a common enemy.

Dre's a fucking rat,

and if we work together,
we can get rid of him.

If you sign implicating
the Jimenez cartel

on the pre‐agreed charges,

I could take you
into protection now.

I'm offering you a trade
for Jason Micic.

He wants me to be his distro.
I've been putting his ass off.

You do this one thing, Dre,
and you're in with Jason Micic.

I couldn't even do that
if I wanted to, man,

not with Saxe
breathing down my neck.


You gotta watch your back, man.
If Tommy catches you on TV,

it's not a good thing
for you.

Oh, yo.
Look at this.

Told you I seen Dre.
At the party.

Yo! Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Don't shoot. Look.

The Feds got a tracker
on me, Spank.

You can't run or lie
your way out of this one.

Where can I find
his crew?

Egan's warehouse,
where is it?

Tommy and his crew are about

to get scooped up
by the Feds, though.

You can lose money,
or I can step up

and make it a smooth
transition for you.


‐ Shit, man.
‐ Shit!

That motherfucker
set us up!

And came back
to watch this shit?

This shit ain't over.

Plant that
at St. Patrick's place.

So you wanna frame him
for murder?

I wanna frame
a guilty man.

Sometimes the justice system

needs a fucking kick
in the ass.

Speaking Serbian...

The fuck?

‐ Hey!
‐ Fuck.

Hey, get back here!

Local entrepreneur
James St. Patrick

will soon be announced

as Tate rival Lorette Walsh's
running mate.

St. Patrick's presence
on the ticket

will erase doubts
from those communities

about Walsh's commitment
to their interests.

I know you tried to frame me
for Jason's murder,

but I got out of there
before the cops got to me.

You's a wannabe gangster.

You had all the potential, Dre,

but at the end of the day,

you ain't got the‐the shit
to make it work.

‐ Man, fuck you!
‐ Yeah, fuck me.

But you need me, Dre,

like you always do.

Blanca, you know
I didn't do this shit.

I ain't got no fucking reason
to kill Jason.

I need you to answer
one question for me.

If the answer is yes,
then I'm getting you out of here today.

♪ They say this is
a big, rich town ♪

♪ I just come
from the poorest part ♪

♪ Bright lights, city life ♪

♪ I gotta make it,
this is where it goes down ♪

♪ I just happen
to come up hard ♪

♪ Legal or illegal, baby,
I gotta make it ♪

♪ I never took
a straight path nowhere ♪

♪ Life's full of twists
and turns, bumps and bruises ♪

♪ I live, I learn ♪

♪ I'm from that city full of
yellow cabs and skyscrapers ♪

♪ It's hard to get a start
in these parts without paper ♪

♪ Homey, I grew up in hell,
a block away from heaven ♪

♪ That corner every 15
minutes, they moving seven ♪

♪ Pure snow, bag it,
then watch it go ♪

♪ Occupational options,
get some blow or some hos ♪

♪ Shoot the ball or the strap,
learn to rap or to jack ♪

♪ Fuck it, man,
in the meantime ♪

♪ Go head and pump a pack ♪

♪ This my regal, royal flow,
my James Bond bounce ♪

♪ That 007,
that's 62 on my count ♪

♪ I'm an undercover liar,
I lie under the covers ♪

♪ Look a bitch in the eyes and
tell her, baby, I love ya ♪

♪ You're my inspiration,
you're my motivation ♪

♪ You're the reason that I'm
moving with ♪

- ♪ No hesitation ♪ - ♪ They
say this is a big, rich town ♪

♪ Yeah, I just come
from the poorest part ♪

♪ Bright lights, city life ♪

♪ I gotta make it,
this is where it goes down ♪

♪ Oh, yeah, yeah ♪
*POWER (2014)*

♪ I just happen to come up hard ♪
*POWER (2014)*

♪ Legal or illegal, baby,
I gotta make it ♪

[♪♪] *POWER (2014)*
Season 06 Episode 11

*POWER (2014)*
Episode Title: "Still DREl"

♪ Rise and shine ♪

♪ Give God the glory, glory ♪

♪ Rise and shine ♪

♪ Give God the glory, glory ♪

♪ Rise and shine ♪

♪ Give God the glory, glory ♪

♪ Children of the Lord ♪

Let me take her.

You need to put the bins out.

Baby, how many times
I gotta tell you this shit?

In New York,
we don't know

what the fuck
a bin is, all right?

We say,
"Take the trash out."

Then take the trash out.

Not right now,
not right now,

'cause when Mommy takes you,
Daddy misses you so much.

Maybe you wouldn't
miss her so much

if you didn't let her
get snatched up.

You gonna keep on me
about that?

You gonna tell me
what happened?

It doesn't matter.
I got her back.

We're safe now, baby,
all right?

If you really cared
about us being safe,

we'll get the hell
out of New York.

I'm not going back home
to London with you.

I'm not talking
about this shit again, okay?

No. Not London.

To my sister's in Vegas.

Chantelle's got a good job,
a house with a pool.

We can take Heaven
and start a new life.

Baby, you can't be serious
with this shit.

You want me
dealing blackjack

to blue‐haired bitches
from Idaho

when my operation is almost
at the top of the game

right here, babe?


Baby, I could own
New York.

We could own it.

And you wanna rent
in Vegas?


Better to rent in Vegas

than buy a casket
in New York.

Let's go talk to Mommy,
'cause she's tripping.

We gonna talk to Mommy.

Look, baby,

this is what I do,

and I'm good at this shit,

so we can run, or...

you could be my queen
right here in New York City.

Look, baby,
I made a move last night

that's gonna solve
all our problems, a'ight?

So nothing's ever gonna
happen to me, you,

and Heaven ever,
ever again.


entrepreneur James St. Patrick

has left the Tate campaign.

In a stunning turn of events,

Sources say that St. Patrick
will soon be announced

as Tate rival Lorette Walsh's
running mate.

- ‐ What the fuck?
- If true,

this move would virtually
ensure Walsh's bid

to become
the Democratic candidate

in the race
for New York State governor.

Walsh is vulnerable with urban
and minority constituents,

and St. Patrick's presence
on the ticket,

especially after his
exoneration on murder charges...

No, this can't be
fucking happening right now.

...will erase
doubts from those communities

about Walsh's commitment
to their interests.

Dre, what's wrong?

Ah, Coleman,

what the motherfuck
are you doing here?

Look, man,
you didn't answer my texts.

You need to tell me
what the fuck is going on.

I did what you asked.
I planted the phone.

Just give me a second
to wake the fuck up.


You know, we weren't supposed
to see each other again

after you went
to St. Patrick's hotel room.

You coming here
is putting us both in jeopardy.

No, no, no, you told me
to connect the dots,

and I did that shit.

Now you're supposed to hold
your end of the deal, man.

Yeah, minor detail:

you filed the fucking complaint
that got me fired, Dre,

so shit's gonna take a little
bit longer as a result.

Saxe, we already talked
about that.

I hid the phone.

You're supposed
to take out Ghost.

Yeah, I'm working on it.

What's that saying,
uh, "Good things come

"to those
who shut the fuck up

and wait patiently
at their own apartment"?

Well, while
you're working on it,

James St. Patrick's
all over my fucking TV

running for lieutenant governor
of New York, man.

‐ No way.
‐ Yes!

Okay, Tate's not exactly
rocketing to the White House,

but he can't be stupid enough

- to put St. Patrick on his ticket.
- No, no, no, no, it's not Tate.

It's, uh, uh,
this Walsh bitch

that got him
switching sides.

‐ Lorette Walsh?
‐ Yes. Yeah.

No fucking way.

Okay, you know what?

This shit's not gonna happen, okay?
Trust me.

Trust you?
Trust you?

Are you fucking kidding me
right now?

Trust is earned,

and you're in the red, my man.

So you want me
to handle this my way,

or are you gonna fix this?

I'll fix it.

Our deal is still on, okay?
I got your back.

Saxe, I got my back.

You got a fucking problem.

Bitch‐ass nigga.

This my nigga O. Z., bro.

We did some hard time together.
This nigga just got out.

Yeah, I got out early
on, uh, good behavior.

Nigga, you ain't never
been good, bro.

And I sure as hell
ain't never behaved.

‐ You know what I'm saying?
‐ Ah!

Hey, man,
if y'all niggas is done

with your little reunion
over there,

maybe we can talk

We're still waiting
on that product you promised.

There ain't no product

'cause I got a line
on a better connect.

I'm done
with that Serbian bullshit.

But we are not done with you.


no need to die today.

All we want is Dre.

It's the Serbian motherfuckers

I was telling y'all

I'm not dealing with 'em,
'cause you can't trust 'em.

They gonna kill you as soon
as you put your gun down.

Think hard.

This man Dre...
you trust him?

Do you think
he's worth dying for?

You can walk away
with your lives.

We have no war with you.

This man killed our boss.

He must pay.

I didn't do that shit!
It was...

Two down!

Go, go!

♪ ...moment in time
but your click is too slow... ♪

- Light 'em up!
- Drago!

Behind the dumpster!

I missed this shit.

On your left!

♪ ...like I was sirens... ♪

‐ Ah!

♪ ...this chip on my
shoulder get big as a boulder... ♪

- Come on!
- He's right there!

♪ ...and mentally,
you could control her ♪

‐ ♪ Or maybe put faith... ♪

♪ 'Cause life's real,
pain's realer... ♪

♪ ...trained killer ♪

♪ Yeah, I'm everywhere ♪

♪ Yeah, I'm everywhere ♪

Drago, take him!

♪ Yeah, I'm everywhere ♪

♪ You ain't never there ♪

♪ Yeah, I'm everywhere ♪

♪ Yeah, I'm everywhere ♪

♪ Yeah, I'm everywhere ♪

You gonna tell me
who shot you?

I mean, I don't know which one
of the motherfuckers shot me.

It was...

It was a lot of them

All I know is,
it was a Serbian nigga.

You said nothing
was gonna happen to you.

Now you have a big hole
in your shoulder,

and I'm not sticking around
to watch you get killed.

Time's up, Dre.

I am packing my shit
and the baby's shit,

and we're getting on a plane
to Vegas tonight.

You out
your fucking mind.

You ain't taking Heaven
from me.

No one is taking Heaven
from me.

You understand me?

Come with us, then.

You, me, Heaven...

let's start over
as a family.

You got lucky today.

12 inches to the right,

and you would have
a bullet in the heart.

You can't talk your way
out of that one.

Let's just go,

What's left here for us?

Okay, okay.

Okay, okay.

There ain't nothing left.

You're right.
L‐let's‐let's do it.

Let's get the fuck
out of here.

‐ Okay.


‐ I'm going to start packing.
‐ Okay.

I just... I just need
some, uh, traveling money.

But you have some
of that saved, right?

I was supposed to step
into some cash,

- but... shit got fucked up today.
- Mommy!

‐ Shit.
‐ But no, look, look, look.

I'ma handle that.

I'ma take care of y'all.

You're gonna hate this,

but, um...

you know where you have to go.

Hell no.


I'm never going back there.

Do you have a better idea?

Does it bother you?

Locking niggas up
who look like you,

hoping they turn on
each other?

My bad, though.

Prison‐industrial complex
ain't about race.

It's about class.


So you an enlightened
motherfucker, huh?

Either way,
you still sitting in here.

The next move's on you.

I'm a grown‐ass man, mami.
I can take it.

According to your file,
you already have two strikes.

Let's see...
felony assault.

Dude was twice my size,
came at me with a bottle,

and I catch a charge?

Felony larceny?

Okay, I did that shit,

but them stereos were just
sitting on the back of that truck.

It's just like entrapment
or something.

With the amount of weight
in that warehouse,

you're looking
at 15 to 30 years.

somebody ratted us out,

but our judicial system
allows you to lie.

You heard of the persistent
felony offender statute?

Third strike
and you get life.

This new charge?
It's your third strike.

So unless
you wanna spend

the rest of your life in an
orange jumpsuit...

You need to give me something
on Tommy Egan.

‐ Tommy who?
‐ You know what I love

about criminals?

They're predictable as fuck.

Look, you know
I don't wanna do life,

but I ain't no snitch.

I ain't no snitch.

I can't tell you
who gave us the tip,

but just think about
who knew about the warehouse.

Then think about
who wasn't in there that day.

Does this shit
actually work on niggas?

I can't talk.

If I do, I'm as good as dead
as soon as I hit the street.

You a little man
with one big, tough friend.

The minute 2‐Bit
gets transferred

to another block,
you straight food.

‐ What's that gonna be like,

day in and day out,

being tossed around
for sport?

You really gonna do a life bid
for Tommy Egan,

under those conditions,
no possibility of parole,

no end in sight?

I stood by that motherfucker
through all kinds of crazy shit.

When's the last time
that motherfucker stood by you?

If Tommy dimed you out,

he's taking money
out of your mouth,

out of the mouths
of your loved ones.

He sentenced you
to die in here.

I'm predictable, remember?

Guess what I say next.


You should look
into the murder

of a dealer named Poncho.

♪ He is my friend ♪

♪ Oh ♪

♪ Through thick and thin... ♪

‐ Mom.

I‐I‐I don't have much money.

You can take what I have.
Don't hurt me.

It's me. It's me. It's me.
It's Andre.

What do you want?

‐ Mama, I-I...
‐ Don't you "Mama" me.

You've got some nerve just
walking up after all these years.

No calls, no letters, no email.

For all I knew,
you could've been dead.

I didn't reach out 'cause

I didn't think you
wanted to see me.

You're my son.
Of course I wanna see you.

You had so much promise,
could have been something,

could have had a scholarship,
gone to college.

You should have been a man
I could be proud of.

You got out of jail.
You didn't even call me.

‐ I'm sorry.
‐ Are you?

Yes, Mom, I'm sorry.
Yes, you were right, okay?

I was heading down
a path of sin.

But, Mom, I was young,
and I was stupid,

and I made a lot of mistakes.

Look, I wanted to call you
so many times, but...

I was ashamed
of the man I'd become.

The only reason
why I'm here today

is 'cause I'm trying
to get on the right path.

Mama, I'm changing

I wish I'd listened to you
when I was younger.

I wish I did a lot
of things differently,

so I'm sorry
I didn't call you.

Look, me and my girl,
we starting fresh.

We gettin' out of New

away from all the bad
influences, everything.

‐ I don't want this anymore.

- I don't want...
- Oh, Dre.

I just need
a little bit of money

to give my daughter a chance
at a good life somewhere safe.


So now you have a daughter?

Yeah, Mama.

I know. I know.
I messed up, okay? I'm sorry.

I‐I‐I should have told you.
It was wrong.

Proverbs 13.

"A righteous man
hateth lying,

"but a wicked man
is loathsome

and cometh to shame."

When you gonna stop lying,

Mama, I'm not lying.
I got‐I got...

You think you can come
back here after all this time

and I'm just gonna
give you money

'cause you made up
a story about making

a better life for some
daughter I never met?

You think you can
play me like that?

I fell for too many
of your lies.

Never again.


Ain't there supposed to be
little babies

running around
this shit or something?

Just get the fuck
out of here, Dre,

'cause whatever you selling,
I ain't buying.

But I got something
that you might want:

your son's future.

You see, I know Tariq's been
dealing some serious weight,

so if you don't want me
to tell the cops,

you gonna have to pay me
to forget what I know.

You think I'm stupid?

The only way you know anything
about what Tariq is doing

is 'cause you gave him
the brick, right?

So you can't say shit
to law enforcement,

because then they might start
asking you questions

about where you got the drugs
from in the first place.

I got that brick
from your husband,

so if you want you and me
to be the only ones

who know about young Tariq's
little "business expansion,"

you gotta give me
50,000 reasons

to keep it that way.

Do you not see
this empty room?

I put all my money down
to get this place going,

and I ain't got no customers.

Parents took their kids
out of here

because the cops came through.

I don't give a fuck.

That ain't my problem.

Well, broke is broke, nigga.

You get my money

or my brick this morning,

or I'll burn this whole
motherfucker down to the ground,

and you'll have less
than nothing.

So call your son.

He's a resourceful
little nigga.

He'll get it done.

Tell him we need
to meet.

Got my money?

Hey, bro, that brick was worth
about 20 bands, man.

This look like half that.

Short notice, all right?
I got what I could.

You know I'm good
for the rest of it,

or else you wouldn't have given
it to me in the first place.

We good?

What choice I got?

Look, I'll give you
the rest of the money

at the end of the week,
plus a fat bonus,

if you could do
something else for me.

So I gotta do
more shit for you.

What now, man?

I need a piece.

Who you trying to shoot?

Now, why the fuck
would I tell you?

'Cause I'm not looking
to help you and get charged

as an accessory to murder
when you get caught.

I just need it
for protection, man.

And plus, if I had to use,
don't worry.

I ain't gonna get caught.

I ain't playing
about the piece, man.

Could you get me one
or not?

You out of all people
should know this, youngblood.

Ain't shit in life free.

And I told you I'd get you
the money, a'ight?

I need this.

You want the piece,

you give me what I need:

access to someone
only you can get.

Man, you don't understand,

Me and Ghost,

we're not fucking
with each other no more.

And on top of that, I think
he'll shoot you on sight.

Mm‐mm, not if I go with you,
and honestly,

I don't give a fuck about
your little daddy issues.

You want the piece?
That's the price.

Why the fuck are you here?

Son, why‐why would you bring

an enemy here,
our enemy?

Don't you mean why am I not
on Riker's Island right now?

He knows about
everything I've done, Dad.

He threatened
to talk if I didn't

bring him here,
so I had no choice.

Tariq, wait for your
little friend in the hallway.

Close the door, son.

What the fuck do you want, Dre?

First of all, take that bass
out your voice,

'cause I know you ain't gonna shoot
me with Tariq in the building.

You got 30 seconds.

I know you tried to frame me
for Jason's murder.

I got out of there
before the cops got to me.

But I know you killed him.

Jason's dead?

I had no idea.

I just don't know
how you did it.

You got the Serbians thinking
I killed him too.

They shot my shit up,
killed all my primeras.

‐ Sounds like a "you" problem.
‐ Nigga, I'm a "you" problem.

I know shit about you
and your son,

and thanks to you,
I gotta get the fuck out of town, man.

I need money, Ghost,
and that's where you come in.

You pay me,
I disappear.

You don't pay me, I go straight to
the Feds and not just about you...

about your
little baby boy too.

‐ 250 bands.
‐ Man, fuck that.

You ain't gonna lowball me with
your son's life in the balance.

That's what I got on hand,

and I have to go to get it.


Well, go get it.
I'll be right here.

No. I'll meet you in an hour,
text you an address.

Nigga, I don't trust you.

Well, what choice
do you have?

You need the money.

You got no choice.

You need me
off the witness stand.

I'm disappointed in you, Dre.

You had all the potential
in the world,

but at the end of the day,
you just a wannabe gangster.

You lie, you
snitch, sell anybody

the fuck out to
get what you want.

I learned from the best.

I'll save your little bitch
ass, like I always do.

Nigga, you ain't saving me.

You're saving yourself.

I'll see you in an hour.

Don't make no sense.

You saw him standing there
watching us go down.

Why the fuck would Tommy blow
up his own operation like that?

You remember how he been
acting lately?

Nothing he did made sense.

Always telling us he gonna handle
shit hisself, keeping secrets.

That motherfucker
had no trust in us,

and people who don't
trust others

can't be trusted themselves.

That's what I say.

And that Fed bitch
all but confirmed the shit.

So now you trusting a Fed?

They the most duplicitous
motherfuckers around.

If she thinks it's Tommy,
then that's your fucking answer.

It ain't him.

We ain't seen Roberto in here.

I saw him make his call
about an hour ago.


I don't buy it, Two.
I'm telling you, it was Tommy.

Who else knew
about the warehouse

who wasn't there
to get wrapped up?

I know who else knew
about the warehouse...

and wouldn't hesitate
to snitch.

‐ Who?
‐ Fucking Dre.

That's right. Go.

The hell you want, Andre?

Look, I'm just here
to help.

As you can see,
I'm doing phenomenal, all right?

So I don't really
need your help.

Thank you very much.

I got some valuable information
on the St. Patricks.

Is that so?

I know you well enough
to know

you want something
in return.

What is it?

Clean plates
and two new IDs.

What makes you think
I can get that for you?

Come on, now.

I know you got connections,
Councilman Tate.

Just like you called the CPS to
bring back my daughter to me,

which I'm very grateful for.

But I'ma need you to pick up
that phone one more time, man.

If the so‐called

actually has some value,
maybe I can call a couple...

The police want
Tariq St. Patrick

for the murder of a dirty cop
named Raymond Jones.

How do you know this?


I'm the one
that told 'em he did it.

Tate's getting the papers
and the plates now.

I'm about to pick up the money.
250 large, baby.

250? Damn.

That's gonna set us up nice.

How'd you get that much?

I been dealing with Ghost
for a long time,

and I know his pressure points.

He ain't as smart
as he think he is.

I'm almost done packing.

See you soon, baby.

All right, babe.
I'll meet you in 30 minutes.

Then we out
of this motherfucker.

Kiss Heaven for me, okay?

Will do.

Andre Coleman,
stop right there.

You're under arrest
for the murder of Jason Micic.

Listen up.

Francis Johnson.

Spottswood Richards.

Spottswood Richards!

‐ Fucking Spottswood?
‐ Yes, Francis.

I was named after a judge.
Look it up, nigga.

Come on.
You're being transferred.

Where we going
and for what?

I look like a Magic 8 Ball?
Let's go.

This ain't good, Two,
and orange ain't my color.

It's just part
of the game, Spank.

That Fed bitch trying
to put pressure on us to talk.

I ain't trying to do
no Federal time.

Time is time, nigga.

Don't really matter where
if you know how to move.

I know how to move.

Who the fuck sent you that?

How the fuck should I know?

New phone.
Who dis?

You still got my watch?

‐ Did your boy sell us out?
‐ No, no, no.

That was your boy.
That was your day one.

‐ Fuck that nigga.
‐ Agreed.

I need you to do
something for me.

Keep talking.

Your day one's
gonna be in MCC

by the end of the day.

If you make this his last day,

then I'll take care
of your family's finances

as long as you're locked up.

Could be a long time.

Ain't no sense in your family
doing time with you, right?

I gotta look out for my boy.
His family too, right?

If your boy helps you get this done,
then his family too.

We in.

If you need anything,

the guard who gave you
the burner,

he can make
certain arrangements.


Ghost had us moved.


That nigga got juice.
How he know we was in here?

I don't know,
and it don't matter.

He got a job for us.

All we gotta do
is smoke a nigga

who should've been smoked,
and our families will be set.

Francis, we get caught in here
pulling a job, and we fucked.

Spottswood, do what I say,

and we won't get caught,
you scary‐ass nigga.

We got backup.

The African lion,

the second‐largest
of feline species

after the tiger,

hones in on its prey,

which consists primarily
of large mammals

such as antelopes,

gazelles, warthogs,

buffalo, and in this case,
the zebra.

Yo, Big C. Big C.

What's up, bro?

It's been a minute, man.
You been good?

What the fuck
you talking about, son?

I don't know no Big C,
and I don't know you.

- ‐ Now, I'm just seeing if you...
- Andre Coleman.

Yeah, that's me.

Deep breaths, snitch.
They gonna be your last.

Move it.

You in a whole
world of trouble here,

and I don't know
how to get you out of it.


Unless what?

I can cut you a deal.
Ten years.

Ten years for a fucking body
that's not mine?

No. Hell no.

It's better than life.

You wanna see
your little girl grow up?

I gave you Tariq.
I gave you Tommy's warehouse.

You want me to drop
a body on him too?

I got Egan covered.

I need you to answer
one question for me.

If the answer is yes,

then I get you out of here,
pending trial,

and James St. Patrick
goes to jail,

no campaign,
no politics, no power.

If the answer is no,
then we're both fucked,

and you're going to jail for
life for killing Jason Micic,

and there's nothing
I can do about that.

What's the question, man?

Did James St. Patrick tell you
that he killed Terry Silver?


He didn't tell me
he did it.

I saw him do it.

You actually saw James St.
Patrick kill Terry Silver?

Yes, I saw it.
It was, um, at his place...

At the parking garage?

At the parking garage.

I saw him...


I saw him choke
that motherfucker,

and, shit, he didn't stop.

Told him to.

And you'll say that
on the stand?

I'll say that shit wherever
the fuck you want me to.

Just get me the fuck
out of here.


I'll call Judge Tapper.

Yeah, listen, you need
to get me out today,

or my memory gets
a little fuzzy,

so bring whatever little paper
you need me to sign, man.

Hurry up.

Can't believe this shit.

Your problem is,
you so negative.

Positive niggas
get positive results.

He'll be back.

And then we'll
perforate his ass.

Ain't no reason to stress.

Visitor coming out.


Do it look like
he coming back to you?

They letting him out already?

You don't get out that fast
unless you ratted somebody out.

Fucking snitch.

We got one play.

You ain't thinking
about Tommy.

He don't know the shit
from before went wrong.

It is what it is, nigga.
I'm making the call.

Who this?
‐ Yo. It's me.

You get out the can already?

Hell no. Got a burner inside.

Listen, I know who got us
jammed up at the warehouse.


I'd be real interested
to know that shit.

Been starting to think
B. G. might have turned.

Can't find him nowhere.

He ain't in there
with you, is he?

Wasn't B. G. that snitched.

B. G.'s dead, man.

B. G.'s dead?

Did you fucking kill him?


But I think the same
motherfucker that killed him

gave up the warehouse.

The nigga with
the ankle monitor, remember?

Y'all were supposed
to handle him.

Shit went sideways.

We went to find a place
to put him, came back,

and your boy's sitting there
with his fucking head blown off,

and the rat nigga was gone.

You gotta pay him a visit.

And you just telling me
this shit now?

When the fuck was I
supposed to tell you?

You seen me get jammed up.

How I know
you even still inside?

Maybe you trying to pin
all this shit on somebody

after you made
a deal to get out.

Fuck out of here.
You know I'm a soldier.

Just check the intake records
at the MCC.

The nigga you want is on the
street, and he need to get got.

Honestly, I'd love
to help you with that,

but I got a surplus
of motherfuckers

that I need to dead
right now,

and as it turns out,

somebody from inside
my operation

dropped Poncho's body on me.

So I can't trust none of
y'all motherfuckers no more.

Catch you in 20, homey.

What'd he say?

He ain't with it.

Hey, man.
Uh, excuse me.

Excuse me.

Hey, y'all gotta
pull over, man.

I gotta piss.

We're almost there.

Look, y'all can
either pull over,

or I can do my thing
in this back seat.

I don't give a fuck.

In fact, I might enjoy
taking a piss in a Fed car.

This leather?

Our job is to protect you

until you get
to the safe house.

Every time we stop,
you're exposed.

That makes our job
more difficult,

and I don't like difficult.

Just park under the bridge.

I'll hop behind one
of them columns over there.

Ain't nobody around, man.

I gotta piss, guys.
I gotta go.

Look, man,

I know you got a job to do.

They ain't paying you enough
to watch a nigga piss, bro.

Look, I'ma be
right over there.

Ain't nobody around.

Only danger I'm in,

I might stroke out
waiting for some privacy.

Hurry up!

Whoo, shit.

Hey, let's go.

♪ Cruising the
city and moving in silence ♪

♪ Proving you with me,
not choosing the violence... ♪

You hear me?

♪ ...helping them see
the light like I was sirens ♪

♪ Like I was sirens flashing the
light on them, pulling them over ♪

♪ This chip on my shoulder
get big as a boulder ♪

♪ And this how it sound
when you spit like a soldier ♪

♪ I'm running up on them
with truth and I told ya ♪

♪ See, lyrically
we spit it colder ♪

♪ And mentally
you could control her ♪

♪ Or maybe put faith
in Jehovah ♪

♪ 'Cause life's real,
pain's realer ♪

♪ See, verbally
this homicide ♪

♪ I'm a trained killer ♪

♪ This be the time ♪

♪ Travel the world,
but you never could find ♪

♪ Underground legend,
I been on my grind ♪

♪ Already paid
so now why would I sign ♪

♪ Spiritual flow
and I'm nice when I spit ♪

♪ Lyrics to go like I'm Phife
or the Tip ♪

♪ Venomly vicious,
they sending me kisses ♪

♪ With enemy wishes,
they need to just quit ♪

♪ Yeah, I'm everywhere ♪

♪ Yeah, I'm everywhere ♪

♪ Yeah, I'm everywhere ♪

♪ You ain't never there ♪

♪ Yeah, I'm everywhere ♪

♪ Yeah, I'm everywhere ♪

I always knew you'd bring

your wickedness
back to this house.

I thought turning you in

might be the only way
to save you.

Lord knows I couldn't do it
on my own, but now I see...

there was never any saving you.

Ever since I was little,
you told me I was no good.

"A little demon,"
you used to say.

I was, what, six years old

when you started
calling me that shit,

because I took a candy bar
from Ms. Edwards' house?

A fucking candy bar?

You told me I was wicked

every day of my life

with your words,

with the way
you looked at me,

with the way
you said my name.

What did you think
would happen to me?

Luke 6:37.

"Judge not,

"and you will not
be judged.

"Condemn not,
and you will not be condemned.


and you will be forgiven."

But I will never,
ever forgive you.

You're still a demon.

I don't know what I did
to offend God so much

that he gave me you
as a son.

Your granddaughter,

her name is Heaven,

a place me or you
will never see.

And the only reason why
I didn't tell you about her...

Is because I love that
little girl way too much

to ever let her
anywhere near you.

what happened?

What are we supposed
to do with this?

It's all she had.

You got my shit, man?
I gotta get going.

Yes, I do have your shit,

but I think I have something
you might want even more.

It's $100,000,
and something tells me

if you're planning
on getting out of town,

you could use the money.

What I gotta do?

Kill James St. Patrick.

It's gotta be done tonight.

He's leaving on the campaign trail
tomorrow, and that can't happen.

Come on, now, good brother.

We both know I'm not asking
you to do something

that's out of your character.

But it's not like popping
a corner boy, man.

Yes, indeed.
I know who he is,

and that's why there's a whole
lot of money on this desk.

Ah, ah, ah, ah.

Half now.

You get the other half
when the job is done.

No, no, no, no.

I need all my cash
up front, bro.


You think 'cause you see me
walking around in a suit and tie

that you can run
some weak‐ass game on me?

No, I think you want it done
with a quickness,

or you wouldn't be asking me
to do this on the spot.

See, I got the leverage here,
so I'll do it,

but I gotta get going,
and you should want that too.

Nobody around
to connect shit to you.

I'll do it.

I'll smoke that motherfucker.

You got my word, man.


I like how you lean
into that shit.

Should have gone
into politics, my nigga.

But we both know your word
sure as fuck ain't bond...

and yet I'm still gonna
give you this money.

And you know why

I'm still gonna
give you this money, Andre?

Because I have
a rock‐solid insurance policy.

After tonight,

I'm the only one that's
gonna know your new name,

so if you want to stay off the
radar, you'll stand by your word.

And if you don't, well,

everybody's gonna
be looking for...

Eric Anthony Davidson.

I got the plate number
and everything.

Andre, if you don't kill James,

you gonna be running from him
for the rest of your life.

You ain't got nothing
to worry about,

'cause you just paid me to
do something I'd do for free.

I got it done, baby.

Holy shit.

How'd you get all this money?

Uh... Tate needs something done.

But we're leaving, right?

Dre, we have
everything we need.

Fuck Tate.

Let's just drive out this city
and never look back.

Baby, he knows
our new identity.

He can't burn you.

He gave you these IDs.

He'll be burning himself too.

All right.
All right.

Let's get the fuck
out of here.

Yeah, yeah.

♪ Watch me, watch me ♪

♪ Watch me do this ♪

♪ Watch me, watch me... ♪

What are you doing?

♪ ...can't find me
up, up and away ♪

♪ I give a fuck
'bout your wave... ♪

I'm talking to you.

I gotta do this, all right?

Do what?
Dre, do what?

♪ ...I got a lot I could say ♪

♪ Caught up
with goddesses, hey ♪

♪ I hope you forgive
my mistakes ♪

♪ Yeah, run around
with a renegade ♪

♪ You should take a seat,
save your energy ♪

♪ I try to heal a gash
with a Band‐Aid ♪

♪ And the time I need
you call your enemies ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ That's what they
yell when we come around ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ This is your
town and we run it now ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ How big is your army,
a hundred thou' ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ If you want the
rain then we coming down ♪

- Dre?
- ‐

‐ What the fuck happened?
‐ Just chill. We gotta go, a'ight?

‐ And you... what? What?
‐ Just chill!

We gotta go.
We gotta go.

What the fuck
was more important

than us getting the fuck
out of here?

Look, we're on our way.

Stop talking about this shit.

- We're good.
- We are on our way. We're trying

to get the fuck
out of town.

Oh, my God.
We're not doing anything.

I'm doing exactly what the fuck
I told you

- I was gonna do.
- Yeah, after

- you fricking had to do it.
- ‐

I'm doing everything
I fucking can.

- ‐ Every time I do... shit.
- ‐



I am so...
I swear to God.

You better tell me that
we are done with this shit.

Tina, Tina, just shut
the fuck up.

$40 on five.

- ‐ That it?
- The political world

received a shock tonight

when James St. Patrick,

the running mate of gubernatorial
Democratic candidate

Lorette Walsh,

was found murdered
earlier this evening...

- ‐ Oh, shit.
- ...at his own nightclub, Truth.

There were no witnesses.

I got all I need.

♪ This future's untold ♪

♪ Going down
the only road I know ♪

♪ And as the cold wind blows ♪

♪ I'm going down
the only road ♪

♪ Road I know... ♪


♪ ...those angels and
devils are creeping now ♪

♪ Caught in a spin,
I'm on a roll... ♪

On your knees!

♪ I'm catching the feeling ♪

♪ Adrenaline pumping
inside of my bones ♪

♪ I get the feeling that when
I'm inside of the moment ♪

♪ The current
is taking me home ♪

♪ A madman in the making ♪

♪ I feel the piece of me
that's breaking ♪

♪ And this future's untold ♪

♪ I'm going down
the only road I know ♪

♪ Only road I know... ♪

Turn to your right.

Let's go.


Turn around, face the wall,
and bend over.

♪ ...whoa‐oh ♪

♪ It's all
that I think about ♪

♪ The weight of the world
is on me for now ♪

♪ When will it even out ♪

♪ I don't think it will,
so I'm screaming loud ♪

♪ I feel the piece of me
that's breaking ♪

♪ And this future's untold ♪

♪ I'm going down
the only road I know ♪

♪ Only road I know ♪

♪ And as the cold wind blows ♪

♪ I'm going down
the only road ♪

♪ Road I know ♪

You had to go back.

Don't start that shit, okay?

We could have been
long gone

- by now.
- Don't you think I fucking know that?

I know.
Fuck, Tina.

I had to go get some help.

Don't be angry at me.

You made this happen.

Tina, why the fuck
would you do that?

Why would you call her?

She didn't have a choice.
Nowhere else to go.

But you didn't get bail,

so she didn't need me
after all.

She's beautiful, Andre.

I'll take good care of them.

I'll take good care
of them both.

Why did you come here,
after what I did to you?

It was the Christian
thing to do,

and I still love you.

You're my child.

But I do believe
this is where you belong.

Mom, um... you gotta get me
out of here fast.

You got a little money left.

I just need a lawyer.
We can get a real lawyer, okay?

If I stay in here, Mom,
I'm a dead man.

Help me.

I will do everything I can.

Say good‐bye
to your daddy, Heaven.

Bye, Daddy.

Hi, princess.

Daddy made a mistake,

and I tend
to do that sometimes,

but you're the one thing
I gotta get right.

I gotta get it right
with you.

Daddy's gonna get out
of here soon, okay?

And we'll be together
soon, okay, baby?

I love you.
I promise I'll be out soon.

Good‐bye, Andre.

I'll make sure
she grows up the right way.

I want some fried chicken.

I want fried chicken more
than I want pussy right now.

‐ You feel me?
‐ Yo, you bugging out.

We only been here a few days.

Stay focused.

You need to think about what
you're gonna tell your lawyer

to get out
of these Federal charges.

‐ Oh, shit.
‐ What?

Christmas just came early.

That's my pudding, man.

You just fucked up.

- ‐ I don't even like vanilla.
- Oh!

Hey, hey!

You just earned yourself
a week in the box.

Fuck this.
Let's call it that guard.

Next time.

Yo, y'all sit down.


Hey, what the fuck, man?

There he is.
Our friend Dre.

You's a hard man
to catch up with.

Look, Spank, man, whatever this is,
bro, you ain't gotta do this shit.

You about to be
one crispy nigga,

and you right.

We ain't gotta do this shit,
but we just really want to.



Ain't nobody listening.

Them COs don't give a fuck,
if you pay 'em enough.

They work for me now,
you rat motherfucker.

Two, man.


You know my daughter, man.
I got a daughter.

I got a gift from Ghost.

Spank, man...
fuck Ghost.

Fuck Ghost.

Ghost is dead, man.
I saw that shit on the news.

You ain't gotta do shit
for Ghost no more.

Money's just a bonus.

This shit is
about me and you.

You don't gotta do this.

Spanky, man, y'all niggas
don't gotta do this shit, okay?

Look, we're boys.
We grew up together.

We boys.

Yeah, so was Broc.

Come on.
You don't gotta do this.

Hey. Fuck. Come on, come on.
Hey, hey. Stop.

You reap what you sow, nigga.

No, no, no, no, no, no.

‐ Yo, where's Spanky at?
‐ Just processed out.

Must have a better lawyer
than you.

What's up?
‐ Yo, man.

I know who snitched
on you about Poncho.

Talk to me, Two.

He ain't in here
with me no more.

He's out there.

Damn, mami.
What happened?

If your man did that,
you need to talk to somebody.

First of all,
I don't have a man.

Second, this was a gift
from your boy Andre Coleman.

Pshh, that ain't my boy,

especially now that I know
he hits women.

Before I initiate any type
of agreement with you,

I have to ask.

Did you have anything to do
with Coleman's death

at the Manhattan
Correctional Center?

You were there because
of a paperwork mix‐up?

I don't know why I was there,
I have no idea who killed him,

and I had nothing
to do with it.

You don't know anybody
who had any part in his murder?

No, ma'am.


Sign those.

We'll get the WITSEC
paperwork started.


There's no way Tommy gonna
find out about this, right?

He'll never know.

And what's gonna happen
to 2‐Bit?

Oh, he'll ride out the
full term of his sentence,

unless he smartens up
like you did.

Ain't never gonna get
that nigga to talk.

He a real G.

What's that make you?

Me? Shit.

That makes me
a free man.

Hang tight.

Transport is on its way.

Sync corrections by srjanapala

♪ I don't know,
I don't know how to do this ♪

♪ But I know
I gotta push through it ♪

♪ Doin' everything I can
not to lose it ♪

♪ But you're still
on my mind ♪

♪ Tried to fall back in love
with some new shit ♪

♪ And everything about it
feels stupid ♪

♪ Just another check
off my to‐do list ♪

♪ To occupy my mind ♪

♪ Can't get away from us ♪

♪ Can't get away from love ♪

♪ It's just the way it was ♪

♪ If you down,
I'm down to do it again ♪

♪ We can try ♪

♪ One more day,
one more night ♪

♪ One more day,
one more night ♪

♪ One more chance
to decide ♪

♪ One more day,
one more night ♪

♪ One more day,
one more night ♪

♪ One more day,
one more night ♪

♪ One more chance
to decide ♪

♪ One more day,
one more night ♪

♪ Running back
to what I used to know ♪

♪ Running back
'cause I can't let you go ♪

♪ Ooh, yeah ♪

♪ Ooh, nah ♪

♪ Ooh ♪