Peaky Blinders (2013–…): Season 3, Episode 5 - Peaky Blinders - full transcript

As the Russians test the Peaky Blinders, Tommy realises that he is seriously outmaneuvered. But he has an ace up his sleeve.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Where do you keep these things? Bank?

We have our own treasury.

Wine cellar.

And a tunnel under the river.

My guess is they've turned one of their cellars into a strong room.

Did you find someone, Arthur?

Stefan Radischevsky.

- And he speaks Russian?
- Yeah.

He works in the house for four weeks and keeps his ears open. All right?

I have a bright future too.

Mapped out.

But you wanna try things first.

- Michael...

Why does a pen pusher who sits on his arse all day

want to fire a gun?

There is going to be a vacancy in Shelby Company, Limited.

No revolvers. All legal.

Get me a meeting with someone from the Soviet embassy...

He was in the war.

He was in a tunnel collapse.

He won medals...

Take care of him...

Here he is, Mr Shelby.

Thank you, nurse.


I need to speak to you about the priest.

- I know things about him.
- Hmm.

From when I was a... From when I was a boy.

I will shoot him myself, Tommy.

Just teach me how to shoot.

It's easy, Michael.

Just point and pull the trigger.

He asked for me today, Mary.

Not his mother.

For the first time...

He missed you...

Where is he? Is he in the kitchen?

Yes, he's with the girls and johnny.


Did you remember your medicine, sir?

Did you ever read the Bible, Mary?


Do you ever read it out loud while standing naked next to my bed?

'Cause when I take the morphine the doctor gave me, that's what you do.

I'm wide awake,

but you are standing there naked, plain as day,

reading from the Book of Leviticus.

Do you want to know what happens next?


Neither do I.

That's why I poured the medicine away.

Go and get johnny, Mary.

That's it.

Without the firing pins, the guns won't work.

And there are no replacements?

They don't make these any more. These are the end of the line.

Yeah, we had the foreman take out all the spares.

If we take the pins, they'll never fire a shot.

And nobody will know

until they unload the bloody things in Tbilisi.

Or until they are facing our guns at Kutaisi.

Take them all out and give them to me.

Oh, come on, boys, no fucking about.

And I will tell the Soviet ambassador

that there is no longer a need to blow up the train.

And I'll tell Tommy you accept his plan.

You know, some mornings I wake up,

I think I've died and this is heaven, Tom.

I mean, the wives and kids camped out by the valley, huh?

And not being moved on.

Sure, me, meself, I'm surrounded by maids and food and booze.

See that line, there?


It's the edge of heaven.

The border between Birmingham and paradise.

And today, my friend,

you are going to step over that line,

back into the world.

You mean, you have something for me to do, Tom.

Have you ever heard of Hampton Court Palace, johnny?

No. I can't say I have.

You and three families of the Lees are going to set up camp

100 yards from the gate of the palace.

You won't be moved on because I have just bought the land.

You will be joined by some old friends of mine,

who are going to open a hole underneath your tents and caravans.

You see this blow to the head you took, Tom...

And for allowing for the hole to be dug, you will get ?5,000,

which you will split between the three Lee families.

I take a lot of this money is to do with not asking questions, Tommy?

Dead right, johnny.

And when the hole is filled in again,

you can go back to paradise.

Mr Shelby, your brothers are here.

And there is someone who described himself as "the wandering Jew".

Will you take the Jewish gentleman to the drawing room

and take my brothers to the kitchen and give them tea and rum?

Yes, sir.

Good morning, Mr Solomons.

Yeah, it is.

Nice little place you've got here, Thomas.

What is it?

A foreclosure of the gambling debt from some poor, young lord

who you pumped full of opium in one of your casinos,

or is that just tittle tattle?


Nah, I don't touch it, mate.

Your housekeeper said you're not allowed to drink.


She said you are suffering from so many ancient injuries from your sporting life

that your head is like some sort of smashed vase

what has been stuck back together by a horse.


Word in London is that you can be

found wandering the streets of Birmingham,

stark naked, throwing away money.

You talk to dead people.

Also that you believe that you are powerful enough

to summon up Jews

of a very particular standing,

up to the gentile wilderness wherein you live

and order for them to do your fucking bidding, mate.

Yet, still you came.

Yeah, well, you know... I was passing, weren't I?

Do you know something, Alfie?

This morning, I tried to read the paper and I realised

that the only consequence of my terrible accident

is that I now need glasses.


All right, well.

I know a man who can make you a pair of these.

Now, he's a magician, mate.

He's a magician.

So not only will you be able to read your newspaper

but you will also be able to see into the future.

Now I know this, right, because he made this pair here for me.

So you don't have to worry about telling me what this is all about

because I have already seen it.

You're fucking about with the Russians, ain't you, you silly boy?

You've got two choices, Michael.

You fuck off to America with Arthur and join the Apaches, or you marry the girl.

This isn't a joke.

Arthur, are you really going to live with the Apaches?

- Has she told her father yet?
- No.

He'll fucking shoot you, man.

Are you sure the kid is yours?

I wish I hadn't told you.

Then think of marriage as a beautiful road...

Flowers all the way down it.

- Is he joking?
- It's hard to tell these days.

Do you, er...

Do you love the woman?

Fucking what?

Well, then go and marry her like the rest of us.

She doesn't want her family to know.

And she doesn't want to have the baby.

We know a woman.

- Shut up, John.
- Same woman who helped you out, twice.

- They weren't my women.
- Mmm-hmm.

That's why you had them fixed, Arthur.

Charlotte will want the best...

- She is the best. - "The best."

Used to be a nurse. Twenty minutes. Done.

And you don't have to go to in or wait outside.

You go to the Garrison.

Drink whisky. Have a laugh.

Remember, John?

And then this kid walks in, no shoes on, says, "it's done".

Second time we was in there.

Same kid, this time he is wearing shiny new shoes.

- And he shouts, "It's done, Arthur."
- And what?

She bought new shoes

with the money I gave her.

It was for a good cause.


If you are going to get on like this with the Apaches,

they'd fucking scalp you, boy.

Tommy said when that bell rings we've to all go to the big room.

Come on. Tommy has a plan.


- Arthur.
- Arthur, come here.


Arthur, shalom.

- Alfie.
- Shalom...

Come here. Come on. Listen...

I owe you a little something, don't I?

I do. Come on.

Sit down.

Come on, sit down here.

There you go.




I want you to know, right,

that whatever happened between us, yeah? Back then...

That was business.

It was just business. All right?

And I also want you to know

that I have made my apologies

via my own God for abusing a very holy day

to get you clinked up and battered, which I did.

And, now, I would also like to extend my personal apologies unto you.

All right?

I hear that you have allowed Jesus to come into your life.


Oh, you heard then.

Yeah. That is beautiful. That is wonderful.

That is lovely, isn't it?

That is lovely.

But I was wondering, how does that work for you

on a day-to-day considering your line of work, mate?

Your apology's accepted.

'Cause I hear you're a right fucking nuisance with it.


Listen, all I am saying is that, every man, he craves certainty.

He craves the certainty, even if that certainty of yours, right...

Well, I mean...

It's fucking fanciful mate, innit?


I'm Old Testament.

Fucking hell. Look at that. Now, that...

That scares me more...


Congratulations, Tommy.

You now have the finished article right here, don't you?

See, that man, right? He will murder and maim for you with God on his side.


You don't want to let him go.

If we're gonna do business with this fucker,

I demand to know why.


While I was in the hospital,

I formulated a plan.

And this is how it is going to work.

So the Russians cannot be trusted to pay us.

We are going to take what is ours.

We need to see what's in their treasury.

And that is why we need Mr Solomons.

Right, boys, just remember they are fucking insane...

And dangerous...

And drunk on stuff we've never heard of.

And they're worse than us for spirits and ghosts.

And, today, they're going to test us.

Fuck them.

The Russians all turned and ran.

The Cossacks didn't run, Arthur.

Mr Shelby. Welcome.

How is my car?

I think I am in love with it.

And I yours.

So we should keep what we love, yes?

Excuse the reception,

whenever we open the treasury, the Cossacks are on guard...

In Russia, men On the other side of the law

decorate their body in tattoos.

- Nice.
- Right...

Now, some of these tattoos are proof of allegiance

to underground organisations,

which are the sworn enemies of the royal household.

So it is customary in Russian royal households

to check for such tattoos before engaging a man in business.

And as we approach the allotted day

these ladies here would like to make sure

that you are not assassins or infiltrators, so...

No, we're all good.

So they'd like to check your skin.

They want to check our skin?


Now my body has already been checked,

although, at the time, I wasn't sure that was the reason.

And now it's your turn.

Well then, boys.

Take your clothes off.

Fuck off.

No. No. No. No. No...


Obey, Arthur.

No, I won't be obeying nobody. Get out of my way.

Arthur. Come here...


Come on, Arthur.

Shut up, John.

I will have a maid gather the buttons and sew them back on.


All right. Fuck it.

There you go, ladies.

Made in fucking Birmingham.

All right, I think we've seen enough, eh?


Your face, Arthur, is a fucking picture.

Sometimes assassins hide their allegiances behind their balls.

You pass the test, soldier.

With flying colours.

You see?

He wants to be a good man.

But there, now.


Inside every man there is a devil...

The real diamonds, eh?

It is traditional to seal the successful examination

with vodka and music...

Holy fuck, Tom. What was that?

Well done, boys. Eh?

Well done, Arthur.

Now you know what you have to do next.

All right?

One last job.

Make contact and play nice.

Give me five minutes.

I brought Michael because, as chief accountant, he has to be witness.

Ada, can I use your phone?


Business first.

Michael, stop looking at your watch.

Ada, whilst you are reading this, can I go and use your phone?

Who's the lucky girl, Michael?

Her name is Charlotte and Michael cannot breathe

if he does not talk to her every two hours...

Ada, please...

Phone's in the hall. Dial nought for the line.

Thank you.

And keep it quick, I pay the bill.

I will.

Not for long.

Think about it, Pol.

Together, we can take control.

With two of us in the company, we can straighten things out.

What about the politics?

You and me, fighting together and winning, that is politics.

That is a new kind of politics.

It's just this way, I get paid and Karl gets a nice Christmas.


Welcome to the bourgeoisie.

My name is Smith.

My girlfriend is pregnant.

And, er...

We'd like you to help us.

We need to fix a date...

Welcome to Shelby Company, Limited.

Shelby Company, Limited.

Limited and unarmed.

Michael, would you like to welcome Ada,

our new head of property and acquisitions.


Where do I sign?

Ada, have you got, erm, whisky?

Yeah, Tommy.

I've already told him.

He's becoming too like his cousin.

I thought that was the idea.

Yeah, Tommy but with a bit more fucking charm and class.


That'll help.


Where am I sleeping, Ada?

- Michael...
- In the room next to Karl's...


Good night!

Oh, heartbroken, poor love.

So how shall we celebrate?

Well, with Michael in bed, I thought I might, erm, go for a little drive.

Drive? Where are you going to drive?


Things have begun to develop

with the man who is painting my portrait.


It's when you stand there in the dress,

you just find yourself talking about every little thing.

And have you...

- No.
- Hmm?

Not yet.

But he called me two nights ago to say that the portrait was finished

and I said I'd go there in the morning.

But he said no. He wanted me there tonight.

Ada, you don't breathe a fucking word of this to the boys...

- Okay, but is he nice to you?
- No, no. I mean it, Ada.

Is he rich?

His friends write the papers, Ada.

Tommy would try and close him down.

So go.

He's like a tiny bird pecking at you.

And I think he's given up on me.

So bloody go.

Why should the boys have all the fun?

More vodka.

Wait there.

You're doing good, Stefan.

It's a fucking madhouse.

Yeah, I know.

The prince wants me to suck his cock.

And how much do you need to say yes?

That's on top of the day rate for the arse slaps.

When am I out of here?


So what you got?

The strong room is not guarded at night,

but they said they will kill the three brothers in the "uglya dvor".

Coal yard.

The duke was talking about using a sword

but the woman, she was talking about using machine guns.

It's a fucking madhouse, John.

We're doing up your pub in Nechells.

It looks a treat.

Keep your fucking head up, Peaky boy, eh?

Fucking madhouse, man.

We are almost there.

This way.

This treasury was built 200 years ago

to protect the king?s jewels in case of French invasion.

We are now underneath the River Thames.

Your jeweller.

I don't think they trust me, Tommy.

Mr Solomons is the only jeweller I trust in London.

Yes. "Trust". Yes.

Might have to add that on the old invoice.

Thank you. Thank you.

As we agreed, your jeweller will now select items

to a total value of ?70,000.

When you have selected your chosen items,

they will be put into a box and stored.

When you have fulfilled your part of the deal,

the box will be delivered to you.

May I just start, right, by saying that I may choose to stay here

and just starve to death and choke on sapphires

and never go back to the fucking world again.

Yeah, well, there is a good reason for that, you know, little man.

Because my shop, all right, is just above a rum house.

- So...
- You speak Russian?

I do, yeah. I do.

'Cause of me mum.

Yeah, my mother.

You people, all right?

You hunted my mum

with dogs through the snow.


But today, right, is for forgiveness, innit?

For selection.

So... Now... Hello!

Right, I think it is fair to say, yeah, ?1,500?

Fifteen hundred.

Mmm, yeah, I will give you ?1,800.

I know the current market value. Eighteen it is.

That's very gracious of you.

Right then. How about... Let's have a look at this.

This is a nice little bit you got there, innit?

Oh, but that was a gift from Tsar Nicholas.

I ain't asking you though, am I? I ain't asking you.

All right. I come here to do business, offer my professional services.

If you keep interrupting me, I won't be able to focus.

Do you understand?

Mr Romanov, let me remind you

we were told to come here and choose what we like

and now we have chosen.

Tsar Nicholas gave you that. I will give you four.

Five, with the royal provenance.


All right, Rumplestiltskin, let's go over here

and have a look what's in these boxes.


That is much nicer, 10.

And that there, that was definitely a five.

- You keeping schtum?
- Yes, I am.

Yeah, another five.

- Seven!
- Six...

Let's call it six, eh?

Beauty. Look at that.

- Beautiful, isn't it?
- That is splendid.

- Splendid, yes.
- Beautiful. Is it not?

- It is.
- It is a work of art.

- You recognise this work, do you?
- Immediately.

I'm guessing, right, that all the bad ideas around here, they're you.

Right, they are you, aren't they, hmm?

How do you mean?

Yeah. Er, Tommy, see this, right?

It's got paste in it. That's paste.

Let me tell you something, son.

Somebody comes into my shop with some paste like this...

Usually, what I make them do, right...

Is fucking swallow it.

Eh? What game are you playing?

- Eh?
- Mr Solomons...

Shall we, er...

- Shall we clean it up?
- Be careful.




Yeah. Right, what have we got?

Thirty seven thousand, six hundred.


Oh, well...

Do you have any eggs? Excuse me.

I am simply asking...

Faberg? is not part of the deal.

We would not offer you Faberg? eggs...

My jeweller here,

he advises me to insist on Faberg?.

It's a deal-breaker, Tommy.


I brought that from Crimea myself.

Fucking hell...

With the provenance of that being laid by such a delicate beauty,

that does indeed bring us the entire selection to ?70,000.


Good man.

And now, Mr Shelby, you will join your brothers

and Mr Solomons will take his leave.

I demand absolute honesty.

- Oh, sorry, can I?
- I insist.


A woman of style and substance.

I am a student of silence. Is this a good silence or a bad silence?

It's good.

It's good.

- It's very good.
- No. It's still wet.

I know it isn't saying much in the grand scheme of things

but this is the best work I've ever done.

I'll miss Sundays.

There will be more Sundays.


Sorry, can you not do that, please?

- Can you just not do that, please?
- I am sorry. I am sorry. I am sorry.

- It's all right. It's...
- I am sorry.


I sewed your buttons back on.

I wanted to see if I did a good job.

Yeah, you did.

You did a good job.


No, I didn't.

My aunt only employs the best whores.

How did you feel when I held him?

You were jealous.

You wanted to kill me.

Or him. No?

Why do you play games with people

when there is no benefit to you?

In Russia, because we were bored.

In England, because we don't know how to stop.

At least they are silly games and orgasms.

So let's fuck.

- Here?
- No.

Oh... In a darker place.

You still love her, don't you?

You want her?

Why would you fucking say that?

- Why would you fucking say it?
- Tommy...

- You love her.
- What are you fucking saying?

You want her? You want her?

Who the fuck are you, eh?


What are you fucking saying?

You want her? Tonight?


In the palace in Tbilisi, there was a priest.

And he would put his hands here.

And with that strangulation, there was also ecstasy.

It's called Khlysty. A Siberian prayer.

You're almost hungover.

- You are almost dead.
- But in that moment...

Women who had lost men in the war would lay down

and they would fuck the ghost.

You want her?

You want her, don't you?

You want her!

Now, you should drink this.

- It's holy water.
- Get the fuck away from me.


I opened up another treasury for you.

You should call this painting...

Fuck Them All.

1 will.

The parish...

The king.

The copper.

Yeah, the copper in particular.

Do you want to hear the wildest story of them all?


I killed a policeman. In cold blood.

With a gun.


She did it.

I tell you what.

I tell you what, I swear at one point...

At one point, I looked down at the top of her head

and I thought she was going to pull me cock off in her hand

and fucking throw it out of the window.

Oh, she sucked me dry, I swear to God.

Like fucking spud water at the end...

We've had worse nights...

You're quiet, Arthur, eh?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- Fuck off.
- How was your night, brother?

- You got all your buttons back, eh?
- Yeah, all right.

Yeah, what's God going to say about it, Arthur, eh?

Fuck off, both of ya.

He tells Linda everything.

Every single thing.

Yeah, well, we'll see...

We're going to miss you when you're gone now, Arthur.

Just drive the fucking car.

Private Letso reporting for duty, Sergeant Major.

At ease, Private.

Good to see you.

Seven left. Out of 50.

Should I get them tea?

Get 'em beer.

They used to run on it like cars on petrol.

Give them the black country stuff.

It's in the barrel with the tack.

They're going to fucking clean me out.

Whatever they take, they'll put back.

Good men.

John, Arthur.

You remember these boys.

Well, if it ain't the Tipton Fucking Clay Kickers, eh?

- Clay Kickers.
- Come here, you.

- How are ya? Good to see ya.
- How are ya?

- Nice.
- Good to see ya.

And this is William Letso.

From the South African Native Labour Corps.

Sent to Flanders from the Bloemfontein diamond mines.

And the best tunneller I ever met.

So, there's three cellars underneath the house.

Wine, kitchen and septic.

There's a tunnel here that runs

from the house underneath the river to an underground strong room.

Now, this used to be the palace treasury.

The tunnel runs directly west

and it's separated from the house by three iron doors

with locks we can't open.

We need our tunnel to run from here and hit the strong room, direct.

Primrose Hill 23. Ada Thorne.


Is Michael still there?

Right, would you tell him that I have taken the car?

He can take the train.

And try and find out why he's been so bloody sour lately.

You shouldn't go looking through other people's private things.

He's my son.

The bullet was mine. I never got a chance to fire it.

And the gypsy rules say it must be passed on...

It's not about rules, Pol.

It's about he asked me.

It's about he told me

why he wanted to do it.

Now, if I tell you,

I can't take the knowledge back.

Better off without it.

So this is when he was with the parish...

Better off without it, Pol.

This is when he was with the Fathers.

This is when he was in the care of the Holy Fathers.

Michael wants it so you don't know...

- That priest...
- That priest

who was there when he was taken in.

And who is still walking the fucking Earth.



He asked me, Pol...

And I said yes.

And I said,

"You put a bullet in that fucker's brains.

"By order of the Peaky Blinders."


Not my son.

He'll still be as dead if Arthur does it.

And part of him will always stay dead.

- I swear to God...
- In whose house it took place...

If my son pulls the trigger,

I will bring this whole fucking organisation down around your ears.