Once Upon a Time (2011–2018): Season 7, Episode 22 - Leaving Storybrooke - full transcript

Regina attempts to turn Wish Henry from his path; Weaver is faced with the ultimate sacrifice in defeating his evil alter ego; Tilly and Margot go to Storybrooke for help.

Previously on
Once Upon a Time...

Ella? Lucy?

The globe will be filled
with snow by midnight.

Your family will lose
their lives.

You were after the pen.

I watched you crush
my grandparents' hearts.

And that story still needs
its ending.

- Where you going?
- To get help from some friends.

I tell ya, there's nothing
like mornin' in Storybrooke.

Now get whistling, you two.
Dwarfs got standards to maintain.

Here you go, Leroy. The usual.
Times seven.

The greatest sandwich
in all the realms.

- Oh, no! I'm so sorry. Are you okay?
- I'm fine.

My lunch ain't so lucky!

- Who you are?
- It's a bit complicated,

but there was another curse.

We were trapped in Seattle.
Great coffee, too much rain.

And then we broke the curse,
and Henry's wife and daughter,

well, they were kidnapped and now
he's in trouble and the point is,

Henry Mills needs our help!

- I saw Henry at his graduation. He's fine.
- Wha...

And he certainly doesn't have
a daughter.

Ugh! Do I have
to explain everything?

The curse brought us back in time.
Our Henry's all grown up.

And right now, he's in need
of a serious rescue operation,

so go tell Snow White
and Prince Charming.

Sorry. Do you understand us,
or do we have to try again?

Yeah, we understand you.
We've been through this before.

Oh, finally!



When you told me
about Storybrooke,

you said
warm hugs and apple pies,

not cross bolts to my head!

Yeah, well, I guess
when strangers show up here,

it's safe to assume they come
with villain behind them.

Hey, look.

That's Aunt Regina's car.

If we tell her Henry's
in trouble,

she'll believe us,
no matter what our story is.

- Okay.
- Okay. Go! Go, go.

You can stop staring.

Yes, it's me, the Wicked Witch.
I'm fabulous.


Did you want a selfie or are you just
going to stand there all bloody day?

- Oh, we were looking for Regina.
- She's not here.

She and Emma took Henry
on a graduation trip.

Just move along before I turn you both
into flying monkeys.

No, you won't.

I happen to know that you
don't have magic right now.

Excuse me?

That's why you're driving Robin
to Ashley's daycare.

If you had magic,
you would just poof there.

You always hated driving.

Especially that car
'cause the brakes always jerk,

but really it's just
because you have a lead foot.

Who are you?

And how the hell
do you know so much

- about me and my daughter?
- Okay.

This may be a little hard
to process,

but that five-year-old girl
in that car seat there, that's me.

So, you better get your game face on
and go and get that magic bean,

hiding in the cupboard
because our family needs your help.

- Ah!
- Daddy!


I knew you'd save us!

Yeah, uh, hey, let's,
let's get you warm first, okay?

Let's see if we can find
some blankets or something.

I don't understand.

Why are you cold?
The Dark One doesn't get cold.

I'm afraid...

used the Author's Pen

for more than he let on.

He's stripped me
of my immortality...

and of my powers.

So I can neither escape,

- nor stop him.
- From doing what?

Well, that's the question.

You see, he is me...

but with the Darkness unchecked
by the love of Belle.

He will use this new power
to hurt anyone he can,

and drag us all into the darkness
where he wallows.

Seems like wallowing
is something you have in common.

Excuse me?

Look, I'm sorry
that you can't be with Belle

but you're not the only one
who's suffered loss.

I may never fix my heart.
I may never be together with Alice again,

but I'm not giving up.

Let's play a little game,
Your Majesty.

Tell me.

Do you remember this place,
what you did here?

This is where I first declared
I would cast the Dark Curse.

At my grandparents' wedding,
no less.

Pretty bold.

Henry, that wasn't me.

I am not
who you think I am.

And I am not the Evil Queen

I've changed.

So that wasn't you
who crushed their hearts?

That's what I thought.

Tell me, was revenge everything
you'd hoped it would be?

I didn't mean to kill your grandparents.
It was a mistake.

Don't mind them.

They're just here to make sure,
you don't make any more...


Not that you'd get that far wearing
that cuff on your wrist.

No magic, remember?


I want to help you.

Rumple is using you.

Why should I ever trust you?

Because in another realm...

I am your mother.

And I can't bear to let
anything happen to you.

I don't care what realm
we're in.

This isn't you.

You are brave and kind.

And when life gets hard,
you always do the right thing.

You've saved so many people.

Hell, you've saved me.


Please, let me save you now.

I don't need to be saved.


Consider that a reminder
that in this realm,

stories are written
in blood and tears.

And now they'll be written
in yours.

We fight tomorrow.

And I'll finally have
my happy ending.

Your death.

The lady looks thirsty.


Is this a dream?

Well, if it is,
it's an excellent one.

I thought you were gone.

I am.

But I'm also in here.

I'm always in here.

I've missed you.

I know.

I might be joining you soon.

My own son wants me dead.

Or, at least,

a version of him does.

He doesn't...

see me as his mother.

Like when we met?

And I thought of you
as a villain?

- I was a villain.
- You were, betwixt and between.

But I knew that you could...

and would move to the light.

You were the one
who got me there.


No, I only helped.

You did the work.

And Henry must too.

You can help him too.
You can show him it's possible.

Your life is proof

that no one's path is set.

It's not fair, Robin.

- Our story was so short.
- Doesn't make it any less epic.

Our spirit's gonna break
long before that glass.

We should try another area.

There must be a weak spot.

There's that
unshakable determination,

however misguided,

that's the reason why I kept you
as a partner, Detective.

That and your good heart.

Well, seeing as we're allowing
certain death to bring up secret truths,

I do have to ask you...

giving the amount of power
that you once held,

how come you never used it
to destroy me?

Because you were the closest thing
I ever had to a friend.

The hell is that?

It's our salvation.

It's Maui's Hook.

Oh, where did it come from?

Well, I have a good hunch.
Let me see if I'm right.


I knew it was your magic
saved us.

Ah! Sorry.

Don't apologize.

Without you we'd all be dead.

Hey, where's my mom?
Please tell me she's with you.

We found this
nailed to a tree right when we got here.

"Come see King Henry
serve justice

"to the Evil Queen at dawn?"

Looks like we've got
another rescue to mount.

And we'd better hurry.

Seems your alter ego has got
a twisted take on happy endings.

Yeah, and while you find his alter ego,
I'm gonna search the castle

to find something to deal
with mine.

Where have you been?

Don't get your crown in a twist,

I've been writing a new spell.

That doesn't look like a spell.

Looks like a storybook.

Well, aren't spells
just stories of a kind?

After all, they're both
merely words on a page.

Until you give them
something more.

- And I need magic ink to do so.
- Well aware.

You found a loophole.

Well, you did, Dearie.

That little stain
on your knife...

The queen's blood, I presume?

Marvelous. Now the test.

Bring in the sprite!

When looking
for expendable guinea pigs

for questionable experiments,

always mine the fairies.

So, that's why you needed
the Queen's blood?

- To torture a fairy?
- No.

The Queen's blood
was mere motivation.

What I really needed
was your blood to boil.

Emotions run strong in Authors,
highly potent.

So, you think my emotions can
power your spell?

Well, there's only one way
to find out.

Close your eyes.


I want you to hold that knife...

feel its cold blade.
Now think back.

Remember how it felt
to cause your enemy pain...

to spill her blood?

Excellent, Henry.

That was really impressive.

You've got great Darkness
in you, Dearie.

Where's the fairy?

Trapped in a prison made just
for her.

Don't you just love
a happy ending?

And soon, every hero
from every realm

shall suffer the same fate.

Each one drowning
in their own isolation

and loneliness.

Once you kill the Queen,
their fates will be sealed.

Oh, Belle.

Look at your face.

Now, the Guardian's gone.

And no matter what I do...

I can never earn my way
back to you.

I tried...

and I've failed.

And I'm so sorry.

Look, I'm pretty good with a bow,

but that is a lot of bad guys.

We just have to create
a diversion

so that the others
can sneak Henry in

to rescue Regina.

It's getting worse, isn't it?


I've survived this long...
Now my end is close at hand.

Take care of Alice.

Of course, I will.


There's something I want
to ask you.

I'm not sure right now
is the best time.

This might be your only time.

Can I...

have your blessing
to marry Alice?

Of course, of course,
you have my blessing.

Look, and here's the thing.
You're wrong.

Your ending isn't at hand.

I don't care what we're
up against. No matter what,

you are walking Alice down
that aisle.


I wouldn't dare argue
with my future daughter-in-law.

Alice, wait here.


I got this.

Please don't hurt him.


Who are you?

Your grandparents.

We heard you needed some help.

When I look around this table,
I see old friends and

a lot of concerned faces.

Worry not...

Snow and I led a war room
like this once before and we prevailed.

Yes, a lot has changed
since then.

Enemies have become friends.

A new generation has joined
the fight.

And a new friend, who...

feels like an old friend,
has found his way to us.

But what hasn't changed is,
we are on the side of right.

We know how dangerous
Rumplestiltskin has been in the past,

and this version is evil
beyond anything we've ever seen.

When we went to rescue Regina,
we found a room

full of new storybooks.

And let's just say for each and every
one of us, he's crafted a terrible fate.

One that's designed
to pierce our hearts

and break our spirits.

Well, this is bloody disturbing.

Everyone's alone.

Separate books, separate realms.

The stories are complete,

but Rumple hasn't been able
to make them real yet.

That's what we have
to prevent him from doing.

There's no time to wait.

I'm gonna go find Weaver.
I mean...

our Rumple.
See what he's found out.

- Take Robin and Henry with you.
- I'll go with them.

I'm getting good at keeping far enough
away for safety.

Okay, then. Everyone else,
scatter throughout the realms.

Reach whoever you can
and warn them.

Snow and I will start
with the outer villages.

They need to be reminded
not to lose hope.

If Rumple succeeds,

he thinks everyone will be lost
for good,

but I don't believe that.

Charming and I have always been able
to find each other,

and I refuse to believe
that we're the only ones.

With love in their hearts,
with hope, anyone can do it.

They just have to believe
that no one would be able

to pull them apart forever...

that we will succeed.

Now go.

Please tell me
you found something.

We may be in luck.

As I did, this Dark One...

hid some magic for a rainy day.

All I have to do now

is get close enough
to that Crocodile...

to rip his heart out.

And this whole thing
will be over.

Too late,

Already have it.

An Author with a darkened heart.

Split up.
She couldn't have gotten far.

No need for the cavalry.

I'm right here.

Turning yourself in?

Or are you here
to mother me some more?

I know you might find this hard
to believe,

but there are people out there.

A good, kind version
of your family.

That can help you heal...

just as they helped me.

The only way I'm going to heal,
is by killing you.

But I'll give you a chance
to defend yourself

'cause I'm better than you.

Henry, I won't fight you.

As long as you die,

I don't really care.

What's happening?

Alice, hold on!

- Henry, this isn't the way.
- You don't get to decide that.

Alice, no! Hold on!

Oh, Henry, I'm so sorry.

Papa, let go!


You knew I wouldn't listen to you,
so why did you come here?

I had to.

No, you didn't!
What do you want from me?

I just want you to know
that you weren't alone.

Because I know
what that's like, too.

You deserve to be alone,

and that's how you're going
to die.

I know you think I'm a villain
whose life isn't worth saving,

but yours means everything
to me.

All versions of it.

So, if this is how I have
to go out,

showing you that there
are people in the world that love you,

no matter what you do.

Well, then,

that's a worthy end for me.

Oh, Henry.

- Papa! No, Papa, hold on!
- Alice, what's happening?

His heart's given out.
He's dying!

Hold on, Papa! No!



This is all your fault.


Look at you.

You're pathetic.

So weak.

I'm not weak.

You could've fooled me.

You see...

what you don't understand is...

I am the strongest version
of us.

Because I...

I have evolved.

You have evolved
into a pathetic shell of us.

But don't worry, uh.
You will soon just be a faded memory,

and I shall be the Rumplestiltskin
the world remembers.

Papa, please wake up.
Please. Please. Oh, Papa, please!

Please wake up, Papa.

You are the Dark One.

As was I.

And I know
all our little secrets.

Becoming the Dark One was
the act of a coward...

but I'm no longer that man.

You are.

And that weak coward

will not be the Rumplestiltskin
the world remembers.

So, what's your plan, then?

Talk me to death?

My plan is...

to do whatever it takes.

No, the line
of the Guardians is gone.

You'll never be with Belle!

I know that.

But I also know...

you don't do the right thing
for a reward.

You do it because it's right.

No, I've been selfish
for too long.

I've been living on stolen time.


I will finally face the unknown.



No more Rumple?

Papa, are you...

I'm fine. I'm cured.

- I thought I'd lost you.
- So did I.

What happened?

He did it.

He gave you his heart.

Goodbye, old friend.

Oh, Mom!

Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

It's all gonna be fine,
but what's happening here?

He did it for me.

He did it to save me.

To save all of us.

Thank you.

Thank you for one last lesson.

That darkness can always find
the light.

And thank you for one last gift.

You saved us.

And I know you thought that
that would make your dreams be in vain.

But I refuse to believe that.


Oh, if anyone deserves peace,
it is you.

I will miss you.

But you deserve
your happy ending.

Now go find it.



I knew you'd make it home.



Everyone's been looking for you.

I just... I needed a moment.

They, uh, well,


wanna know...

what's next?

There's a lot
to figure out.

But we all do need to go home.


I found something here

I think might be able
to help us.

I need to cast one more curse.

- You can't be serious.
- I am.

The Dark Curse is the blueprint

for something...


What if instead of crushing
the heart of the thing I love most...

everyone I love and who loves me, gifted
a small piece of their own?

And then maybe, just maybe, instead
of separating everyone...

this magic brings them together.

What if I can bring all
the realms to Storybrooke?

There would be
no more separation.

And for once, we can...

all be together.

All the realms
of story secretly...

tucked away in a...

forgotten corner in Maine.

"Operation, We Are Both"

is a go.

Was that Maleficent?

she found Lily's father.

You know it was Zorro?

Zorro's a dragon.

She didn't RSVP.

RSVP to what?

Where are you taking me?

You'll see.

All right, Zelena.
What is going on?

And obviously, this isn't a meeting
about state affairs.

Oh, she catches on quick.

Shush, Henry.

Remember operation
Keep Your Trap Closed?


All right, everyone.
What's going on?

What is this?

This is for you.

All the realms have been united.
And now,

we need someone to lead us.

The people have decided.

Your Majesty.

Okay, Neal. Go on down.

They want it to be you, Regina.

Are you ready?


Is everyone here?

I think the baby was fussy.

Oh, okay.

Shall we begin?

Do you, Regina Mills,

accept the role
of the first elected ruler

of the newly united realms?

I do.


So, if you please.

I now crown you...

Sorry. I'm late.


You didn't think
I was gonna miss this, did you?

- Aww, hey, kid.
- Hi, Mom.

You want to give your stepfather
a hand there?

- Oh, yeah.
- Pun intended.

Pun always intended,
isn't that the case?


So, how is little Hope?

Is she ready
for her first coronation?

If we're all here, can I please continue?

Sorry, Mom. Sorry.

Okay, then.

Regina Mills...

I now crown you...

The Good Queen.

Long may she reign!



Madame Mayor.

Uh, I think you'll find
it's Your Majesty.

Well, she'll always be
Madame Mayor to me.

This is it.

It's your happy ending.

Um, no, Miss Swan,
not even close.

This isn't an ending.

I hate endings.

Because then your story is done.

And everyone here...


their stories are far from over.


a happy beginning then.

I like to call it,

a second chance.

I thought my story came
to an end

a long time ago,

and then new people came
into my life.


who gave me a second chance.

I can't wait to see what's
in store for me next.

Or for everyone.

I refuse to believe there
won't be more adventures...

more love...

more family.

And yes,
there will be more loss.

Because that's just
a part of life.

And in the end,
we can get past it all...

with hope.