Once Upon a Time (2011–2018): Season 7, Episode 2 - A Pirate's Life - full transcript

Henry calls on his family for help in finding Cinderella; Jacinda searches for a way to see Lucy; Victoria attempts to get rid of Henry.

Previously on "Once Upon a Time"...

- Who are you?
- I'm your daughter.

I don't have a daughter.

You just don't remember
because you're cursed.

Come with me to my
neighborhood, Hyperion Heights.

You can meet your true
love... Cinderella.

My step-grandma, Cinderella's
step-mom, is trying

to bring people from this world in

so all the fairy-tale
characters move out.

Everyone will lose
each other... forever.

[Both grunting]



[Breathing heavily]

"Always watch the blade." I got it.

Wow. I'm impressed.

You fight like your grandfather.

Mom, we're practicing.

Actually, we just finished.

Like I told you... always
keep your eye on the blade.

What's the point? I'm
never gonna be good enough.

What's going on with him lately?

I think you know, Emma.

He's almost grown.

He's about to leave home, isn't he?


I'm gonna go talk to him.

What, to stop him?

I missed so much already.
I don't want to...

This isn't an ending, Emma.

There's more to come.

But we don't know for sure.

What if I don't get a second chance?

It's gonna be okay.

I have something to make
things a little less terrifying.

A little bottle of rum?
Because I wouldn't say no.

It's a little bottle of magic.

You speak your message in here,

add the name of your favorite
pirate, drop it in the water,

and before you can say "Yo-ho-ho,"

it'll find the person you seek.

A message in a bottle.


Thank you.

Look, he's grown into a fine young lad,

and he is lucky to
have a mother like you.

He's lucky to have a pirate like you.

He's gonna be fine.

[Horse whinnies]

[Horse whinnies]

Lady Tremaine: That's the
man who helped Cinderella

kill our beloved prince.

She didn't kill him.

The royal family disagrees.

Where is she? Tell me.



You're in love with her.

Didn't say that.

You were spotted with
something of hers...

A glass slipper.

Give it to me, and you can live.

Sorry, lady, I hid it.

And you're not gonna get it.

Although... I do have
something else made of glass.

And that bottle's going to save you?

Not all by itself.

Help. I've been captured
by Lady Tremaine.

Stop him. Send Emma,
Regina, and Captain Hook.

Stop him!

- [Knocking on door]
- _


Officer Rogers. Uh... h-hey. Hi.

Why are you here at 6:00 in the morning?

I have some questions that can't wait.

Would you like some coffee?

Look, if this is about Jacinda and Lucy,

I already feel terrible
about what I did.

No, no, no, no. This is...

about something else.

I read your book, and
there's something in there

that I can't get out of my head.

So, um....

Can you tell me who this woman is?

Yeah... She's a, uh, character,

in a book of fiction.

I understand that.

Um... I feel like I've met her before.

Now, did you base her on someone?

Somebody real?

Truth is... I made her up.


Sorry to bother you.

Actually, um... while you're here,

there's something, maybe,
you can help me with.

I've been trying to find
where some family of mine...

are buried.

I keep hitting dead ends.

It's not exactly my department, but...

I'll see what I can do.

Thank you.

Oh, and, uh...

you were the one who picked
up Jacinda and Lucy, huh?

- Yes.
- How are they?

As of yesterday, not great.

[Door opens]

Lucy's ballet recital.

Victoria was supposed to leave a ticket?

And Mother decided that
the performance is now

a charity event for
disadvantaged children.

The tickets are $550
each. No exceptions.


I could always take a credit
card if cash flow is a problem.


You know my paycheck is $500.

You want this just out of reach.

My assistant set the price.

Come on, Victoria. I am trying here.

I got my job back.

I just want to see Lucy.

People should be given a second chance.

Second chances aren't
given. They're earned.


This is where your lovely,
conniving Cinderella

used to sleep.

Sadly, this is as close
as you'll ever get to her.

Find out where he hid the slipper.

Then kill him.

Cinderella must never
see that man again.

But why? I don't understand.

I don't need you to understand.

I need you to obey.

Whatever she wants you to do
to me, you don't have to do it.

You seem a lot nicer than she is.

I'm not.


where did you hide the slipper?

[Grunting, groaning]

Get away from him... Now.

And who are you?

I'm his mother.

Good to see you're
still in one piece, lad.

Good to see you, too.

And am I bloody glad that you sent this.

That makes two of us.

[Both laughing]


It's okay. I'm fine.

Oh, Henry. You...

[Laughs] You grew up.

I did.

You look good.

I just...

I know, I know. I missed you, too.

Much as I love hugs and tears,

can we do it outside
the torture chamber?

Yeah. Yeah, yeah. But
wait. Where's my other mom?

Emma? Well, she's back in Storybrooke.

She's fighting a swarm of
tiny, irritating dragons.

Nothing she can't handle.

Sounds like Mom. Okay,
come on. Come on. Let's go.

What the hell was that?

Why did you just lie to Henry?

Because that's what Emma wanted.

If he knew what really happened,

he'd drop everything and come back.

She wants to let him
get on with his life.

Well, I think she's wrong.

Well, that's not your decision.

We have to respect Emma's wishes.

First day as my partner...

and you're late.

But my shift doesn't
start for another hour.

Do you know why you
were partnered with me?

Because I work hard and I paid my dues.

Because I chose you.

Some of the boys said
"He can't do the job...

Not with that fake hand of
his," but I picked you anyway.

I don't even know you.
Why would you pick me?

That's the real question, isn't it?

Maybe someday, when you learn
how to become a real detective,

you can answer it for yourself.

Now, get in. Big day ahead of us.

New guy drives.

I promise you... You
will see Lucy tonight.

Check it out.


It's an app for part-time jobs.

Look at all these gigs.

You can organize closets, fix a car...

None of that will pay $550.

Yeah, no, I know, but, you
know, like, cumulatively.

By tonight?


Oh, this is Henry.

I got to hop.

You've got five.


Look, what I did yesterday was wrong.

I should've just said "I'm sorry."

So, this is me trying to apologize.

I don't need apologies.
I need to see Lucy.

And thanks to you, that now costs $550.

Well, if you need cash,
I could help with that.

I make okay money driving Swyft.

No. Do not do that.

Do not come in here trying to save me.

No, I wasn't trying to sa... I know...

Lucy may believe in fairy
tales, but I don't.

I'm not a damsel waiting for a prince.

I can earn my own money.

She's my daughter. I'll figure
this out, fix what you broke.

Jacinda, that's not fair.

"Not fair" is being
separated from your kid.

I am sorry.

My break's over.

I've got chicken to sell.

And a ballet to attend.

[Door opens, closes]


Weaver: Well, that's quite a look.

You want them just to
wilt or burst into flames?

I called you, Detective,
because I have a job for you.

I need you both to make
a little problem go away...

A sad little man named Henry Mills.

Today, he was seen with
Jacinda at that bar again.

He's a bad influence on my family.

So, dig up something.

Unless either of you
have a problem with that?

What the hell was that?

Why are we taking orders
from Victoria Belfrey?

We don't work for her.

You're right. We don't work for her.

We work for me.

My magic worked earlier.

Location spell should be easy. I...

I might have a way to help.

Smell that?

Salt water.

We're near the sea, which
means there's a port.

Where there are ports,
there are pirates.

If a woman passed through
with a glass slipper,

believe me, they'd know.

Go to it, Pirate.

And, uh...

bring Henry with you.

You know, it'll be a good
chance for you two to... talk.

[Inhales sharply]

You're wanted in this realm, lad.

I think it's probably best I go alone.

Now, why are you in my bar?


You're the only one who
knows this town as well I do.

I hear Henry Mills was in here today.

Bartender's like a therapist.

I don't share secrets.

Is that so?


Well, that's okay.

I always get my answers.

Pay for the drink.

Hey. Even as a beat cop,

I'm sure you've heard to be
careful around him, right?

I can take care of myself.

Yeah, but listen.

Weaver brings a lot of
new partners in here,

and not a lot of them come back.

So ask yourself... How
badly do you want this job?

[Indistinct conversations, laughter]


Captain Hook.

Who knows me in this world?

Give me your name.


Why would I give you my name...

when you already have it?

I've heard of you... Of
me, from that other realm...

The one created by a wish.

So Emma did mention me?

It's always... nice
to make an impression.

Yeah, like a bad dream.

Everything in that realm

was just a twisted version of the truth.

Like a cracked mirror.

You're not real.

I am as real... as the night is long.

Infinite realms.

Infinite possibilities!

You're just upset that
you aren't always you.

So, tell me... what did that
sweet lass say about me, hmm?

She told me she ran into a
drunken-fool version of me.

What's the... what's the
matter, Captain Youthful?

Are you afraid of what you might become?

You see, our stories were the same,

up to a point.

But in my realm, Regina's
curse was never cast,

and that's when our tales parted ways,

and that's...

when you found love and happiness.

But I found...

misery and heartbreak.

And cheap rum, apparently.

Now, what do you want from me?

That's the 100-doubloon
question, isn't it?

You see, I always thought

Captain Hook could never find love,

but then, in another
realm, I realized...

you had it.

With Emma Swan.

So I wandered the realms
trying to find her once again.

But where was she?

I couldn't find her?

Then, today...

the answer literally
jumped into my hand.

Henry: Help. I've been
captured by Lady Tremaine.

Send Emma...

That's my bottle.

Our bottle.

Its magic sent Henry's message
to both Captain Hooks.



I know Emma's here, and I
aim to take her from you.

So, tell me... Where is she?


I don't owe an answer to a man
soaked in rum and self-pity.

Oh, I may be soaked in self-pity,

but... the truth is...

I haven't touched a
drop of rum for years.


[Laughs softly]

There he is, taking his sweet time.

Now, let's find this Henry Mills.

I'm not doing that.

Why, what's wrong, Detective?
Afraid we're going too far?

I don't think we're going far enough.

We've got a job. Let's do it.

I have a way of getting it done now.

Ooh, does someone have a dark side?

I'm not the man you think I am.

Well, I heard you were in this realm.

I had to see for meself.

After what you did to me, Captain,

you're lucky you have eyes
left to see anything at all.

Now, tell me what you want,

before I give you a second hook, Hook.

Well... [Chuckles]

you're not gonna hurt me...

Not when I can help you with
a problem like Henry Mills.

I can make him go home,

and we can both get what we want.

And what is it you want?

A woman.


Named Emma Swan.

What makes you think this Emma Swan

would possibly love you,
when no one else would?

Because she's already fallen in love

with another Captain
Hook... From another realm.

Now, that Captain Hook
is dying of thirst,

tied under a cart in a filthy alley.

Now, I managed to get...

a little bit of fresh
blood before I left him.

And I want you to make me like him.

You forget... I don't wield magic.

Well, you always had a talent
for acquiring... things.


Well, now.

I did recently acquire this little number

from a fairy godmother.


Bad luck for her.

Good luck for me.


And you.

We have a deal.


How would you like to build a
house out of reclaimed straw?

This app sucks. I'm
just wasting your time.

It's okay. You did the best you could.

Wait, wait, wait.

You must have a fairy
godmother somewhere,

because the perfect job just got posted.

A catering gig.

At the ballet.

Thanks so much for
coming on short notice.

These last-minute
events are gonna kill me.

Uh, you do both have
catering experience, right?

- Of course.
- Tons.

Great. Here's the new bartender.

He'll set you up.

Hey, there.

What the hell are you doing here?

I'm just trying to help.

Look, I used to work a lot of
serving gigs, so I came here,

I convinced a really nervous caterer

that he needed a second bar.

And let me guess... you
generously offered to bartend.

As long as he let me hire the servers.

Wow. That is a weirdly impressive move.

I feel terrible for separating you two.

I'm just trying to make up for it.

Hey, look, after tonight, you
never have to see me again.

How do you like my search warrant?

Not a bad start.

Let's see how you go on.


Zero dirt on this guy.


Use your eyes, not your hands.

And look at what you missed.

It's a girl.

I'd say this man had a daughter,

doesn't live here
now, probably divorced.

Either way, it's hardly dirt.

Don't be so literal.

We're here to find
points of vulnerability.

And a daughter...
That's the grand prize.

Unless that somehow
bothers you, because, uh...

seeing as how, uh...

you've been here before...

I need you to be either
a, uh, good detective,

or extremely loyal to me.

And at this point, I'm pinning
all my hopes on "Loyal."

Now, you can see why I would
be concerned if you lie to me.

Are you loyal?

Try me.

Oh, I will.

I most certainly will.

[Indistinct talking]

Oh, hey. Look who it is.


Mom, you're here! I knew you'd make it!

Jacinda: Of course.
I wouldn't miss this.

And Henry... Did he help you get in?

He did.

I knew it! I knew he'd
believe! It's all happening!

Are you in love with her?

Am... Uh, wha... Am I in... Uh...

[Scoffs] Hardly.

I j... I just met her.

So, I'm just a guy who screwed up,

and I'm trying to fix it.

Yeah. Looks like a start, anyway.

I got to go warm up,

but I'll look at you from
the stage, so look close!

Victoria: He's here.

Get him out of my life now.


[Click, dial tone]

[Cellphone beeps]

Come. The lady beckons.

So, tell me about home.
How is it back there?

Well, Granny's added poke.

Archie's seen business go down

because of all the...
well, happy endings.

But on the flip side,

his wedding officiating has gone way up.


My family? Grandma, Grandpa?

As you can imagine, sickeningly happy.

You left out one person...


How are you, Mom?

I'm... I'm fine.


I miss you.

I know.

I miss you, too. I do.

And Emma... Everything's good with her?


What? Is something going on with her?

No. She's... She's fine.

Enough about us.

I want to hear more about
you, about your story.

It appears it's been interesting?

[Exhales sharply]

[Chuckling] Yeah.

Yeah, I guess.

Although, I wouldn't mind
a little less interesting.


Cinderella might not even like me.

I mean, if I was running for my life,

I'd probably ditch the glass heels, too.

I just...

I have no idea what she thinks of me.

Actually, I do.

And it's... it's...

I-it's not good.

What? What... What happened?

I came across some pirates
who crossed paths with her.

She bought passage on a
ship for the next morning.

I caught her before she weighed anchor.

She wrote this on the spot.



Then she set sail.

I really think it's
time we... head home.



Yeah, it is.

This trip was an absolute failure.

- Henry...
- No, no. It's... It's okay. It's okay.

It's... It's a failure.

You are not a failure, Henry.


Right. Uh, thanks, Mom.

[Exhales sharply]

[Door opens]

Go give him one of your
piratey heart-to-hearts.

Make him feel better.



Sorry about the lass.


It's, uh... it's gonna take a while.

But before we even...

Is everything really all right at home?

What's going on with Emma? Is she okay?

Uh, well, you know, a Savior...


Um... ticklish, tall.

You don't seem like yourself.

What's the matter with you?

I'll tell you what...
Let's... Let's just go home.

[Owl hooting]

Tell me Mom's okay.

Well, u-umm...



o... kay.

Tell me.

Last I checked, I'm fine.

[Exhales sharply] Mom!

Oh, my God. Look at you!


I know, I know. It's been a while.

I've missed you, kid.

Me too. I thought something was wrong.

No, it's... it's
nothing like that at all.

I'm... I'm fine. It's just,
Killian wanted me to rest,

but I couldn't wait any longer.

I had to make sure you were both okay.

And I just... I wanted
to tell you myself.

Tell me what?

I'm pregnant.

- You're gonna be great!
- I hope so, kid.

I mean, neither of us have done
the diapers-and-the-feedings thing.

It's what I missed with you.

Mom, you did okay with me.

I know, but, you know, it
just... it took a long time

to find each other and
find ourselves, and...

Now, we both made mistakes,
and we both can learn from them,

and we both can do something
good from the start.

I've always tried to do good.


I've... done something.


I have to fix it.


[Indistinct conversations]

[Breathes deeply]

I don't care what you do.

Frame him or something.

If you'll permit me...

It's like a riddle.

What fits in your pocket but
pays the rent for a decade?

Just put him away.

So, you're gonna put
that in his pocket here?

No, no, not me.


You told me you're not
the man I think you are.


let's see who you are.

[Classical music plays]


[Music continues]

Where are you?!

We have to talk!

Talk? More like "Finish me off."




[Gasps, grunts]

You tried to finish me off.

Well, it looks like you
finished yourself off.

[Inhales sharply]


[Knife clanks]

I didn't come here to kill you.
I came here to set you free.


And why would you do that?

And when did you get so young?

I was gonna take your place.

Oh, you are a bastard.

But Emma...

she's here.

Is she okay?

Yeah, she's fine.


And yes, I know...
You're to be a father.

And I couldn't... I...

I wouldn't get between
a father and his child.

What kind of deception is this?

Because a child...

That's why'm doing all
this in this first place.

I'm trying to find my daughter.

[Classical music continues]

[Music ends]

[Cheers and applause]


What a delightful performance.

Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen.

If I can have your attention, please.

My name is Detective Weaver.

At some point during this event,

Ms. Belfrey's bracelet
has come up missing.

I'd like to ask all paying
guests to please remain seated.

Event employees, I'm afraid
I'm going to have to ask you

to consent to a quick,
non-invasive search.

Wait. You're just looking at us?

Step back. You have been warned.

Hey! Leave her alone!

- Unh!
- [Audience gasps]

Do not touch a peace officer.

In fact, turn out your pockets.


Are you listening to me?

Turn out your pockets.




Oh, w... [Exhales sharply]

Well, I have no idea how...

This is my key chain.

[Audience murmuring]

Stay awake till Emma gets here.

Tell me about your daughter.

[Weakly] A vengeful witch
trapped her in a prison.

[Chuckling] Every day, I'd sneak in

to play chess with her.

But I was discovered...

[Exhales sharply]

and punished.

My heart was poisoned...


So I can never...

save her.

I knew...

I knew that true love was the cure.

So I roamed the realms seeking it,

but it was futile.

Then, I thought, maybe Emma...


Who's that?

He's hurt. Please help him.

It's me... from the wish
realm, magically aged down.

Please save him. He
deserves his second chance.

[Laughs] It's too late for me.



This was hers.

I kept it to remember her.

It's her rook.

She has my knight.

Find her.

Give that to her.


I'm sorry. I don't think my
magic works in this realm.

If it were me, you'd find a way.

Find the part in him...
The part that's me.

Hey. Killian.

You don't know me, but I know you.

The man I fell in love with..

Until we met, he was you.

Which means there's hope.

All you need to do is believe.

Hey. Hey, just look at me...

and believe.

[Gasps, grunts]



Thank you.

No, no, no. Let's not do that.

Thought you'd taken this for the money.

And yet, here we are.

He's an innocent man.

One who lost a daughter.

I couldn't do it to him.

So, am I just out of a partner,
or am I out of a job, too?

You asked me why I chose you.

'Cause you wanted it so damn much.

I thought you'd do just
about anything to keep it,

cross any line.

Then I caught a glimpse of something,

something in you I
thought was extinct...

A moral core.

And that, believe it or not,

is exactly what I wanted.

Don't worry about this.

I'll put it back where it belongs.

Victoria: Impressive. [Exhales sharply]

Not only did you fail at
the special task I gave you,

you couldn't even pull
off basic police work.

Ms. Belfrey, you do not employ me,

you do not own me,

and you most certainly don't control me.

Up until now, our goals have aligned.

They may not always.


Lucy's thing about me being Cinderella?

It kills me that she sees me that way.

So, you getting me the job tonight

was way too... [Inhales deeply]

"Someday, my prince will come."

I think that's Snow White, but...

But without you, I
wouldn't have seen Lucy.

And then, you took an elbow to the head,

which was amazing.


So, um, you add it all up, and...

And you'll... accept my apology?

You earned a second chance.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Want to pull up a stool?

I picked up a... A late shift.

I'm sorry.

Enjoy the beer.

So, you're good... You and Hook?

Yeah. Great.

We're... a family, almost.

I had to go.

I know.

I didn't always like it, but I know.

So... you're not here to drag me back?

Do you want to come back?

[Chuckles] I...

I do.

I do want to.


I still haven't found my story.

Or... well, maybe I did, but
I still have to fight for it.


I know that feeling.

I can't give up.

And, I mean, it all
could be for nothing.

Who knows if she left the slipper for me

or if it just fell off.

You're not allowed to come
home until you find your answer.

So, you're okay with me staying?

I'm your mom.

I'm never gonna be
okay with being apart.

But all those years
ago, when you were a kid

and you found me and you
brought me to Storybrooke

and brought me to my family...

I'm gonna keep missing
the hell out of you.

But I got to give you what you gave me.

We are gonna miss you, m'boy.


Wish Hook: Aye.

Never give up on love, Henry.

I wasted many years trying
to steal another man's love,

and, uh...

now it's time for me
to find one of my own...

My daughter.

And I will.

I don't doubt it.

When you do...

give her this.

Thank you.

I just wish I knew the
first steps to take.


Me too.

Team up.


You need Henry.

You made the wrong choices,
but for the right reasons,

and Henry always knows
the right things to do.

And I think I'd feel better knowing that

some sort of Killian
was looking out for him.

I'm in if you are.

All right.

Hook: Someone better go get Regina.

Storybrooke awaits.

Are you sure you won't come with us?

I'll be back.

I know. I just...

[Groans] I hate being apart.

Why don't...

Why don't you come with us?

With you and... Other Hook?

Why not? Look, your story's not over.

Maybe you need to be here to find it.


Maybe I need you here, too.


Well, can this be one of...

your "operations"?

How about "Operation: Next Chapter"?


Let's go say goodbye.


I love you, kid.

I love you, too, Mom.

Best of luck, m'boy.


What's this?


A list of all the cemeteries in Seattle.

I couldn't find the names
that you were looking for,

so I thought that might be a
good place for you to start.

[Exhales sharply]

You know, I sure was happy
to find this tonight.

Funny thing... I took the bus.

I could've swore I left it at home.

I always liked swans.

That's why I named her "Emma Swan"...

The woman from the book.

She's the mother of the main character,

and I guess I wrote
the mother I wanted...

A hero.

The illustration...
You drew that, right?


My first year on the job,

I was trying to find a missing girl.

Searching for her, I
went down the wrong alley,

and I got shot.

Uh, I didn't see who it was.

And then this...

woman came from nowhere.

She placed her hand on my wound,

and she told me to look her in the eye,

said, uh, "If you believe
in me, this will work."

She kept me alive until
the ambulance arrived.

The woman from your book.

Now, I didn't see her again.

But she gave me a second
chance, and I vowed to use it

to find that poor little missing girl.

I became desperate to succeed...

So desperate..

That I almost lost myself.

Doesn't seem like you have.

Because of that woman... From your book.

She reminded me that I had
to do things the right way,

that I had to be a hero, like she was.

Looking for that girl, it's
been nothing but dead ends.

It's like someone
doesn't want her found,

someone with a lot of pull in this town.

And after today,

I might have an idea who that is.

Roni's okay.

I have a feeling that
all of our problems

all have the same name.

And that name is Victoria Belfrey.

So, what are you thinking, Detective?

I'm thinking that she's dirty

in a way that we don't understand yet.

And now that I'm a detective,

I can dig into things
I never could before...

Maybe find out what it is she's up to.

And if, maybe, someone could
point me in the direction

of people who are
being squeezed by her...

and if somebody could write about it

and release it when it's ready...

if we do this...

then maybe someday, I can
find that missing girl.


Almost sounds like
there's enough for a book.

Possibly two.


You in?

Oh, yeah.

Are you ready?


Let's get to work.

[Glasses clink]