Once Upon a Time (2011–2018): Season 7, Episode 10 - The Eighth Witch - full transcript

Henry and Ella must act to protect Lucy and the others from Drizella's curse, and Regina is forced to make an unimaginable choice; Roni recruits Henry to search for her sister; Gothel earns Anastasia's trust.

Previously on
"Once Upon a Time"...

- Drizella has always been awake.
- What does she want now?

Your suffering.

Regina told me things
you never would...

A little thing
called The Dark Curse.

Who the hell
are you looking for?

The Guardian.

The Darkness
will finally rest,

and I will be reunited
with Belle.

I'm going to San Francisco.

What the hell
is in San Francisco?

Someone who can help us.

When your beliefs betray you,

you must let them go.

It's time.

Lucy, what's wrong?


Oh, no!


Mama's right here, baby.

I'm right here.
It's gonna be fine.

We're almost there.


I'd like you all to meet...

That is amazing.
Henry Mills is a father.

She looks strong.

Uh, where's my mom?
She should be here by now?

Oh, Regina's fine.

Just a little detained.

Stay away from my daughter.

Such a worried papa.

No need to be.

I'm only here to deliver
a message.

Well, more accurately,
a prophecy.

A curse is coming.

On your darling child's
8th birthday,

all your lives
as you know them will end.

Perhaps you misread
the prophecy, love,

because you missed the part
where we defeat you.

Drizella, I wouldn't.

Look down.

This is blood magic.

How is this possible?

With a spatter of my blood,
of course.

I simply can't have you
casting the curse, dear.

This changes nothing.

In eight years, I'll be back,

and you'll learn
what true suffering is.


Season 07 Episode 10
Title: "The Eighth Witch"


Thank you all
for coming to celebrate

the birthday
of a special little girl,

and to remember
how lucky we are

to live in a time
of peace and prosperity.

Thank you, Aunt Tiana.

- I mean, Queen Tiana.
- Oh.

Can I light
the candles?

Oh, no,
that's my job.

Now, make a wish.


What the bloody hell is that?


Look at all this.

Cake, presents, family.

Did you really think this would
be a day of celebration?

Don't try anything,

There's no way you can fight
all of us alone.

Who says I'm alone?


That's impossible.
Blood magic can't be broken.

Not by any single person,

but together,
this family can do anything.

Come, Drizella.

In days, here, the prophecy
shall be fulfilled.

Your curse will be cast.

The suffering
shall begin.



She's gonna be fine, Jay.

She's the toughest kid
I know.

Do you want to call anyone?

Nick or Henry?

Yeah, I should call them.

And I'll call
Detective Rogers.

Maybe he can help us
figure out

where Lucy was today,
what she was doing.

- Thank you.
- Yeah.

That would mean a lot.

I'm so glad you're here.

Oh, honey,
don't worry, okay?

one way or another,

we are going to find out
what happened.


Your daughter looks
quite peaceful.

She's adjusting to this strange,
new world, thanks to you.

I never would
have helped you

had I known Lucy
was gonna pay the price.

But you did help me

because you were desperate
to find the Guardian.

And I did find her.

She's right there
in this room.

No, my daughter is not
your Guardian.

Gothel believed she was...

and I'd like
to find out for myself.

And if I'm right,

her magic may be able
to save Lucy,

but not if she dies today.

Drizella and Gothel
are still out there,

and I very much doubt
they've given up.

You have no choice
but to let me protect her.

is everything all right?

I missed a call from Jacinda,
and now she's not picking up.

I just...
I don't know.

I feel like
something's wrong.

Well, if she needs you,
that woman is not shy.

Put your phone away
and focus.

We came here for a reason.

put these on.

♪ Yeah ♪

Now I'm even more confused.

Did I just drive halfway down
the West Coast to work my quads?

Just play along and pretend
you love every second of it.

Good morning, beautiful souls.

This is the person
we're looking for.

You're all about to sweat
like your life depends on it.

All right, my cycling monkeys.

Grab onto your bikes and fly!




Hey, Luce.

We hope Drizella
didn't scare you.

We stopped her once,
we can stop her again.

- Okay?
- That's right.

We have a plan to make sure
the curse can't hurt us.

And you're a part of it.

Does that mean I get a sword?

One thing at a time,

Why don't you start packing,
all right?


I don't know
about this, Henry.

Are we doing
the right thing?

If Regina can't stop
the curse,

it's the only way
to keep her safe,

to keep all of us safe.



I'm impressed.

You're getting good.

Aunt Regina.

Oh, Aunt Regina,
I'm so sorry.

I thought you were
an intruder.

Well, luckily,
she's got her father's aim.

Those were warning shots,
weren't they?

Yes, of course, Mother.
Just warning shots.

it is so good to see you.

And Robin?
You're, what, 23 now?


She sure has
grown up fast.

- Not in our realm.
- Right.

Well, I'm not here
to discuss timelines.

Drizella's free.

And she's trying
to cast the curse.

She was rescued
by some creatures.

Let me guess.

They look like shadows
in cloaks,

but they scream
like hyenas.

You know them?

They're not creatures.
They're witches.

It's a dark coven, and one
that I was invited to join.

This was dropped off
on my porch yesterday.

Have you seen it before?

It's a symbol
of the Coven of the Eight.

When it comes to witches,
they're the worst of the worst.

If they're here,
I have to warn...

No, don't worry.

Look, darling,
we'll warn everyone, okay?

We'll protect
our loved ones.

She's got a case
of young love.

Well, then, all the more reason
to get going.

Hook's looking for Rumple,

you know how he is.

So, I say we fight witches
with witches.

What do you say?

Let me get my wand.


What the hell
are you doing here, Roni?

This is my happy place,

and you are the epicenter
of my unhappiness.

Yes, no, I-I know.

Um, I'm sorry
to barge in like this,

but, uh, we...
We really loved your class.

Big time.
Very inspiring.

- Very.
- Hi.

Whoever you are,
stop talking.

Be somewhere else.

Glad I came all this way.

Who's that?
New boyfriend?

Hmm? No. No!
God, no.

No, no, no, no.
He's, uh...

He's just someone
who needed help.

And what do you need,

Why are you even here?

Because every time
I see your face,

I see the bitch that ruined
my daughter's life.

I didn't ruin her life.

You gave her a job at the bar,
a ticket to Amsterdam,

and the idea that only losers
get an education.

And now, instead of going
to Vassar,

she's at a foam party
in Phuket

and probably never coming home
because Mum...

just isn't as cool.


I'm sorry.

But I don't think you understand
the whole story here.

Hey, let's grab a drink.

Just one.

For old time's sake?


I got to get home.

What? Why?

It's Lucy.
She's in the hospital.

No one knows
what's wrong with her.

I'm... I'm getting
on the first plane to Seattle.

Do you want to come with?


I... I really wish I could,
but I...

I can't explain it.
Kelly's really important.

I will be there
as soon as I can.

I promise.
But you go.

Go be with them.

Be with your fam...

Help Jacinda.



we need your help.

Gothel has freed Drizella.

The prophecy is coming true.

Surely you've got
some kind of magic

that can stop this curse.

I do have this.

A white elephant.

Are you familiar
with the expression?

A name we give to things

that have outlived
their useful lives,

and yet persist.

And I find that personally
quite moving.

Enough games.

Will this help stop the curse
from happening?

Stop it?
No, deary.

Nothing can stop it.

But when the curse comes,

that can keep your most precious
relationship intact.


So we will remember
who we are?


Your memories
will be replaced.

But in the random tumult
of the curse,

it ensures you will still
be father and daughter.

You're doing this for me?

I'm doing it for her.



Are you sure this is still
where you want to be?

Knowing what he gave up
for me,

I owe it to him
to stay by his side.

And who knows,

maybe our cursed memories
would be better.


Fewer trees and walls
in the way.


But, Papa, if it happens,
I will lose her.

Don't say that, love.

True love can win out
over so much more.

I hope so.

Please give this to her
for me.

I don't have one for you,
but... you already know how I feel.

I'll deliver it.

But I'm gonna do my best
to make sure

that nothing parts
any of us.

I hope that's enough.

Take it.


Anything you can remember about
seeing this girl around yesterday.

Things disappear if you don't
look at them quick enough.

Tilly, I don't have time
for riddles.

There's a little girl
in the hospital.

This is bigger
than a little girl.

Do you remember that symbol
from Eloise's notebook?

And the dead man's tattoo.
I'd hardly forget it.

Then look
before it disappears.


What the hell
is going on here?



I came as soon
as I got your message.



What are you still
doing here?

I waited for you,

and you'll be glad I did,

because I know deep down

underneath all that overwhelming
anger and resentment,

you'll soon see that
all of this was meaningless.

- It wasn't meaningless.
- You'll see.

You'll remember.

You know,
we were like sisters.

I'm sorry I ever felt
that way.

You need a drink.

I'd rather have
some of that

lavender water

if it will make you
leave me alone.

No, no, no.

I am not leaving

until you have
a real drink with me.




I wish I had

the cucumber-mint-honey
lavender water.



Okay, I've never been great
at subtle.

We're cursed.

You don't remember it,
but we really are sisters.

Evil Queen, Wicked Witch.

What are you talking ab...



There's only one name
I can think of... Robin.

We're not done, Regina.

Not today.



What's going on?

Oh, Regina.

I teach pedaling.

Oh, Zelena.
Thank God.

Oh, I was cursed.

To be a hippie!

Listen to me.
We have a problem.

Gothel's out,

and Lucy's
in terrible danger.

Things have been changing
so fast.

I need you to come back with me
to Hyperion Heights.

Yeah, you're right.
Someone needs to pay for this.

I am so glad you're back.

What is it?

It's just my...

My curse persona, Kelly.

I mean, I had a life here.

Yeah, I know.
I saw it.

But it's time
to leave all that behind.


It's not that easy.

I'm getting married.


Now, I've performed this test
many times.

Carried these blades
a long way.

It's quite simple.

All you have to do

is tell me
which one of these has magic.


Is it that one?

It isn't.

I think maybe
it's in there.


I don't want power if it's gonna
do things like that.

Don't be afraid.

This power can be used
to help people,

to heal people.

In fact,
there's a little girl

who desperately needs
your help.

So, if you're ready,

it's time to show
what you can do.


He's a good bloke,

A real solid,
regular guy.

And I may have been cursed,
but... I was happy.

Well, after we save Lucy

and... dispatch
Gothel and Drizella,

maybe you can come back here
and marry him then.

Regina, how can I promise
to be faithful and true

if I'm lying to him?

It's no longer me,
but it is also me.

It's like I'm both.

I mean, I still love him.

I'm sorry, Zelena.

Coming here
was a big mistake.

You have a life.

I don't mean to screw it up.

No, you're not.

Look, I love you.

And we have to save
our family

and our people,

no matter what it means

I mean, that's what
heroes do, right?




Let's go.


She's so still right now.

It's not right.

She's a great kid.

I just wish
I could do more.

Well, maybe you could
read to her.

From the second she saw the book
you wrote, she needed to have it.

Whenever she looked at it,
it gave her strength.

Yeah, okay.


I know exactly what part
to read, too.

This is the oldest part
of this realm...

The original
Enchanted Forest.

This tree has the same magic
that took my mom to Storybrooke.

How did you find
this one tree

with so many regular trees
around it?

I had some help
from an old friend.

Lucy, this is Tiger Lily.

She's from Neverland,
and she's a fairy.

Pleased to meet you.

Pleased to meet you,

I found Geppetto's axe.

I think this should
be up to the task.

- Yeah.
- What are you going to do?

Why are you cutting it down?

- Okay.
- Lucy, remember the wardrobe?

No. No!

Lucy, it's okay.

It's okay.
This is a last resort.

If the curse happens,

you and I go to the Land
Without Magic before it hits.

Then we find our people.

And with this book,

we can help them
believe again.

It'll be dark soon.
You should get to work.


Take Lucy to your place
to sleep, okay?

It's okay.
It's okay.

Just believe in me.




Wake up. Wake up.
Wake up.

What is it, Father?

It's time.
They found us.

Don't be frightened.
It'll be all right.

I'll stay behind,
give you time to escape.

No, I won't leave you.

- I'll help you fight.
- No, no, you can't.

You have to make sure
it stays safe.

You have it, don't you?

Of course.

Oh, good.


Don't worry about me.
You need to go.

- I...
- I know.

I know.
Me, too.

Go. Go!




What are you doing
back here?

They got him...
The witches.

They got Father.

- Then we have to get him back.
- Go.

I'll stay with Lucy.

Nothing will happen
to her.


This is exactly
what Drizella wants...

To distract us
from stopping this curse.

And if we don't,
nothing will matter.

Not even Henry.




I have waited so many years
to cast this curse.

Thank you for everything.

You finally found
a mother figure.

You do realize
that she's just using you.

You can't control me

Now I'm going
to control you.

You see,
in this new land,

you're going to think
that you cast this curse.

Why the hell
would I cast a curse?

To save Anastasia,
of course.

You're going to think
that you did all of this

to help her,

when actually, you'll be
in service to me.

And then, I'm going
to rip her from your arms...


Now, stop asking
silly questions,

and go to sleep.

Still working through
those mommy issues, I see.

I bet we can help
with that.

We pretty much
invented that.


Sisters together again.

Afraid that's not
going to be enough.

Oh, she's not
the only one I brought.

Hello again, love.

Always a pleasure,


A pirate, a princess,
and Jack and the beanstalk.

Ooh, how will I ever
defeat you?


You want a witch fight?

Happy to oblige.

But as you can see,

you will not be casting
this curse.

I know.

That's why
you're going to cast it.


Show her.

May I?






What did you do to him?

What witches do best...

We poisoned him.

It's not working!

And it's not going to.

As a matter of fact,
the only thing that can

is a trip
to a land without magic.

Don't do this,

I can't just...
Can't just cast a curse.

It takes time, and...

Eight, to be exact.

And I have seven of them
right here.

The only one I'm missing...
The most important one,

and, of course,
the hardest to find...

Is magic from a witch

who crushed the heart
of the thing she loves most.




What'll it be?

My curse...


Or his life?

I don't understand.

How does this help
that girl?

It's a spell,

but it can only activate
if it's imbued with magic,

and, in this land,
you're the only one who has it.

I am?

But what about...


What's wrong, sweetheart?

Someone's here.

It's her.


Oh, no, no, no,
no, no, no.

What's going on?

She's losing control.

Anastasia, look at me.

You have to calm down.


Hello, Ana.


Oh, thank God.


Drizella, is that you?

I know. I grew up,
but I promise it's me.

Mom called me.
She told me what was going on.

I-I brought something
to help.

These will dampen
your magic.

Can I?

Does that feel better?

Yeah, I think so.

But, Drizella,
the witch is in there.

She's after me.

It's okay.
It's okay.

I'm here to help.
Just come with me.

I'll keep you safe,
all right?

I won't let anything happen
to you.




I'm so, so, sorry.

We have to do something.

There's nothing you can do
except cast the curse.


I'll do it.

- No, no, no!
- Regina.

Zelena, move.

This is not what he wants.

Wouldn't you do it for Robin?

I would for Alice.

Let her do it, Zelena.


All right.

Let's do this.


But know one thing.

It is not over.


Okay. Henry.



Is this it?


Take this.

I've put Mr. Gold
in a room...

in my mind.

This... is the key.

Get it to me,
and it'll open.

If it doesn't,
you know what you have to do.



I got your letter.

You came.

Of course I came.


I just had to see your face
one last time.

No, no, not the last.

We'll always know
each other.

Even if we don't.




In this land, what's going
to happen to Lucy?

She's just a kid.

How will I find her if I don't
even know she exists?

With this.

You'll know.





"Every curse can be broken.

You just need belief,

maybe the help
of your family.

It took time,
but Emma learned that.

And when she did,
she knew she could believe

in anything if it would
save her child's life."

Now I get it.

I really get it.

Because I would do anything
to save you,

no matter how crazy.

So, Lucy, if that means
there's some other world

where I really
am your dad, then...

I believe it, Lucy.


I believe.




That was Henry.

Lucy's no better.

Well, tell him to try
True Love's Kiss.

He already did.

Belfrey must have done
the one thing

she's been trying to do
for years...

She took Lucy's belief.

It doesn't work unless both
of you believe in True Love.

So, if we want
to help Lucy...

we both have to get
our magic back.

And there's only one way
to do that.


Break the curse.

But if we do that,
Henry dies.

And if we don't,
Lucy does.


Where are we?

In a gathering place...

for me and my family.

What is she doing here?

What's going on,

What's going on

is I'm sick of living
in your shadow,

so I'm going to steal
your magic

like you have stolen
everything from me.


What are you doing?
Let go.

I can't!

What the hell
just happened?

Exactly what I planned.

I didn't use that vine
to give her magic to you.

I used that vine
to give your magic to her.


You betrayed me.

Well, you should have
listened to your mother, then.


Don't even look at me.

No. No!

it's all upside-down.


Yeah, I'm over here.

What the hell happened?

And don't tell me
you'd explain,

but I wouldn't
believe it anyway.

Honestly, Detective,

I don't quite
believe it myself.

Well, there's something else
you won't believe.

Tilly and I found something
over by the troll.

There's a symbol
painted there.

Let me guess.

Did it look like this?


It's the symbol
from Eloise's notebook.

What the devil
does it mean?

It means...

they're here.




They're beautiful,
aren't they?

Who do these belong to?

Right now,
they belong to the darkness.

But soon, we'll find the women
who were meant to wear them.

Our sisters.

And then the Coven of the Eight
will be joined.


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