Once Upon a Time (2011–2018): Season 6, Episode 8 - I'll Be Your Mirror - full transcript

Emma and Regina work together and form a plan to trap the Evil Queen, while Snow White and David get used to life without each other. Henry anxiously prepares to take Violet to the school ...

Previously on "Once Upon a Time"...

A sleeping curse? That's
never kept us apart before.

Stay away from my mom.

I am as much your mother as she is.

Now stop slouching.

Posture is self-respect.

I see a noble battle deep
inside your soul, Regina.

It is imperative you win...

What happened? What did she do?

When one of you is awake,
the other will be asleep.

Hey, Charming.

Remember when I said I
wanted things back to normal?

Well, look at us now.

Maybe this is our normal.

This is all my fault.

I can't let them suffer for it.

Regina, where the hell are you going?

To stop the queen.

I can hurt her.

I'm the only one who can hurt her.

Anything that happens
to me will happen to her.

No. I am not letting
you sacrifice yourself.

Well, I'm not asking for permission.

Did you forget what's
about to happen to me?

- I have a death sentence.
- But you can fight that future, Emma.

I know you. You will fight it.

But that doesn't mean I will win,

and the only thing
that makes that bearable

is knowing that Henry
will still have you.

I can't be there, so you have to be.

You know I'm right.

We have to find another
way to defeat her.


That's enough despair for one day.

I'm going to wake him up.

If you would please give this to him.

Of course.

Are you okay, love?


She's watching us.



Ah. Here we go.

- _
- Let's see this.

We love you.


How are your parents?

Can't stand seeing them like this,

so please tell me you have something.

I spent the whole day calling New York

trying to track down
the Dragon, but no luck.

Well, that's a hell of a long shot.

That's all I got. He helped August.

He has magic in a World Without Magic.

Maybe he can break my parents' curse.

Of course, it would help if
he had, you know, like, a name.

Well, when Snow broke that mirror,

it gave me an idea.

Now, we can't hurt the queen,
but maybe we can trap her.

In a mirror?

In the world behind the mirror.

Anyway, I can enchant
it to imprison her.

We have to find her first.

So we dangle out bait.

Something she cares about.

Like what?

Like me.

No. It's too dangerous.

She's not gonna hurt me.

And, anyways, I need
a distraction today.

From what? From school?

'Cause school tops this.

The fall formal...
Grandma's making me go.

She says we need to get back to normal.

That's what you're worried
about... a school dance?

A dance with Violet.

I thought things were going well.

Yeah, they were...

until she stood me up for
John Hughes movie night twice.

We did "Breakfast Club,"

and I was gonna do
"Sixteen Candles" next,

show her my fun side, but...

I don't even know if
she likes me anymore.

I don't even know how to act around her.

You act like yourself.

Never compromise who you are. Got it?


Now, I'm not always gonna
be here for this stuff,

so you got to hang on to these gems.


Yeah, I know, kid. I know.

How about we got defeat a queen?

Hmm? What do you say?

You wanted to see me, Henry?

Let me guess.

You're upset about your grandparents.

Of course I'm upset.

Well, someday you'll understand it...

what it means to make hard choices.

Do you remember when I
used to bring you here?

We'd feed the sea gulls.

You were always so afraid of them.

And I wondered, "How did I
raise such a scared little boy?"

Well, guess what.

I'm not scared anymore.

Certainly not of you.

Now, that is a new low...

using my own son against me.

Henry is not your son.

That's exactly what
you used to say to Emma.

You both fought so hard
to be Henry's mother,

but neither of you got the job done.

This conversation is over,

and you're about to
go on a very long trip.


But that's not the mirror you enchanted.

This is.

You switched them.

Anything you can dream
up, I've already dreamt it.

Oh, I hope you're
proud of your handiwork,

because you're going to enjoy it...

for the rest of your life.



Oh, God.



Can you hear me?


Don't bother.

All she sees is a mirror...

and that tragedy of a dress.

How do I get through to her?

You don't.

This is a world of
one-way mirrors, Emma.

All you're doing is
giving me a headache.

Oh, stop being so melodramatic.

We're gonna find a way out.

There is no way out.

We don't have magic here.

We have no way to communicate with home.

Oh! This was the perfect prison for her.

Which means it's the
perfect prison for us.

No. No.

It's different for us, for... for you.

You have something she doesn't.

And what's that?

People who care about you.

We might not be able to break out,

but maybe they can break in.


That's it.

He's the way out.

Mom. Did it work?

It worked. Henry, it worked.

And I cannot tell you how good it feels.

It's like I'm finally...


I knew you could do it.

And Emma... is she all right?

Oh, yeah, she's fine.

She's driving to New York
to look for the Dragon.

By herself? Why?

She left you a voicemail.

Hey. It's me.

The queen's gone, so I'm going
to New York to find the Dragon.

I might be away a few days.

Please help my dad and
fill in as sheriff, okay?

Keep everybody safe. See you soon.

So, you really did it?

You got rid of that monster?

Oh, well, I'm not
sure she was a monster.

Oh, yes, she was, Regina.

I know she was once a part of you,

but she was the worst
part, and I am so happy

that you ripped her
out and threw her away.

I am so proud of you.

That's so nice to hear.

But we have someone else to worry about.



You have to get dressed for a dance.




Can't go wrong with black.

Now, I know you're nervous
about this dance, Henry,

but you don't have to be.

I'm going to make sure...


works out for you.

He's closed the shop!

I mean, he hasn't left in days.

I know he's up to something in there.

He's the Dark One. He's
always up to something.

Yeah, well, this time,
he's after my baby.

You told me about his plan.

You have to get me out of it.

Yeah, I don't quite
see the logic in that.

It was just the one favor.


I'm not gonna leave until you help.

Why would I help you?

Because as much as it pains me to admit,

you and I are somewhat alike.

Why? 'Cause we're both mums?

Because we both know what it's like

to care about someone
who always lets us down...

your sister...


Right? I will not let my son
go through all this, okay?

You can get us out of Storybrooke.

I have seen you make portals before.

Even if I said yes,

I can't help you without
the sorcerer's wand,

and your scaly husband
has it under lock and key.

Well, then it's a good thing

I know just the person
to get it from him.

Are you serious?

You want us to steal a
wand from the Dark One?

No. I want him to steal a wand.

He is supposed to be
the best thief in town.

Best thief in any
town, just to be clear.

You can't do this.

You need to help me
find Agrabah, our home.

This is a suicide mission

which has nothing to do with you.

Actually, it's got
everything to do with him.

Sorry. Who are you?

See, those Golden Shear thingies...

The only reason they're
even in Storybrooke

is because of your boyfriend.

Uh... Actually, we're...

We're not exactly...

Yeah, I don't care.

See, when you tried to play
hero giving them to Emma,

like most acts of idiotic
heroism, it failed,

and now Rumple's got them.

Okay, I don't like this one.

You really think that this is my fault?

I think that you used to be the Savior.

And if there's any part
of you that's still a hero,

then you are gonna help
me escape from this beast.

Never thought I'd see you
in a pantsuit, Your Majesty.

Guess you can't trick the Dark One.


we can pretend I was Regina...

if you want to.

Not today. I have work.


Back to work, then...

as soon as I get what I need.

And I can assure you,
it's not the pillow talk.

The Hammer of Hephaestus.

Heard of it?

Well, that's curious.

The hammer's magic is useful
to those who have none.

Why would you need it?

It's a little gift...

from a mother to her son.

So the curse wasn't enough?

Now you want a family.

I'd be careful with that.

You know... villains
don't get happy endings.

I'm not looking for an ending.

I'm looking...

for a beginning.

All right, then.

To new beginnings.

Now, what do you have to offer me?

What I have to offer you...

is, now we're on the same team.

Aren't we?

Just remember your mother's lesson...

Love is weakness.

Love can be weakness,

but it can also be a weapon.

And I'm about to use
that weapon on my son.

It's me again.

I'm sorry for leaving so many messages,

but from what I recall, phones
still function in New York City.

Please use yours and get back to me.

Something doesn't feel right.

You're pretty clever for a pirate.

What have you done with Emma and Regina?

That's an excellent question,

but one I'm not going to answer.



Uh, no. Not yet.

- You?
- Nothing.

Keep looking.

Even if we find someone,

what does it matter if
we can't talk to them?

It's like you said.

Henry... he won't give up.

He will figure this out.

And when they try to break us out,

we have to be at the exact right mirror

at the exact right time.

Oww! Mm! Yeah.

Why isn't anyone useful
looking into a mirror right now?



That's where Henry's taking
Violet before the dance.

He looks so grown up.


He's terrified.

Okay, what's next?

Try anything.

Henry?! Henry?!

Henry! Henry, we're right here!

Henry, are you back here?

Uh, yeah.

Hey, Mom.


I thought you might need to talk.

You've got to be kidding me.

He really thinks that's me.

He has no idea we're even gone.

Tell me... what's wrong?

It's Violet.

I don't think I'm
good enough for Violet.


Violet might be a nice
girl, but she's a commoner,

and she's lucky to
have a prince like you.

I'm not a prince.

I'm just a middle schooler
wearing Grandpa's tie.

Now, don't sell yourself short, Henry.

Never do that.

You will always be royalty no
matter what world you live in.

And who knows?

Someday we might go back to my castle.

And you might be king.

I kind of think I need to
finish high school first.

Well, of course you do.

But acting royal isn't
about castles, Henry.

It's about the way you carry yourself.

It's about a strength of
character and conviction.

People notice these things.

Girls notice them.

Now go out there and act
like the prince you are.

Thanks, Mom.

And stop slouching, Henry.

Posture is self-respect.

Hey, Violet.

This is beautiful.

Thank you.

So, this homecoming dance...

it's... it's like a ball?


But that doesn't matter anymore.

Don't look away.

There's something much more
important happening right now,

so whatever I say, just
keep your eyes right on me

and smile, okay?


The woman behind me...
that's not my mom.

That's the queen...

the evil one.

What happened to your mom?

That's what I got to find out,

but she's watching us,

so you got to come up with
a reason for us to leave.

Can you do that?

Do you like this dress?

I think it's kind of plain.

Can I show you the one I really wanted?

It's right in the dress-shop window.

Come on. Please?

Back in a sec.

You're a natural liar.

Why, thank you.

Let's go find my moms.

She's going after him when
he's his most vulnerable.

You don't think I know how bad this is?

I fought the worst parts of
myself for years, and I failed.

- Henry doesn't even stand a chance.
- Shh.

I think someone else is here.

There is no one here, okay?

It's just you and me.


that is not true exactly.


How the hell did you get in here?

The Evil Queen paid a visit to my shop

after you left her for dead.

When I refused to assist
her, she banished me here.

Well, I guess that makes us a club.

Back in New York...

the battle I spoke of
deep within your soul

was supposed to remain there.

But you let it out.

I didn't take a one-way trip

for you to pick me apart, thank you.

Perhaps not.

Everything is about balance...
the dark and the light.

This is a lesson sometimes
learned at great cost.


Well, we're about to lose our son.

I sympathize.

A long time ago, I lost a daughter,

and I paid a price for my ignorance.

I'm so sorry.

So you understand.

We have to get back to our son.

Please, please tell us you've
found a way out of this prism.

Indeed, I have.

I found what you call a back door.

Thanks, monkey.

Nice nest. My house barely has a couch.

Sidney did this.

Your magic mirror.

This must have been his home.

You know, I was looking for you...

before we got trapped here.

- My parents, they're...
- I know.

Unfortunately, I cannot help
them break that terrible curse.

I'm afraid that it's
beyond even my abilities.

- Oh.
- Oh.

But that does not
mean I cannot help you.

Now, this Sidney you talked of, uh...

he was working on a way out.

- Another mirror?
- Oh, more than that.

If we can put it back together again...

A portal out.

I've been trying since I arrived.

A Sisyphean task.

But, together, hopefully it is possible.


I hope you aren't in there,

but I saw something in
the mirror at Granny's,

and if the Evil Queen's out here,

then I'm worried the
tables have been turned.

So if you're in there,
please say something.

It's not like leaving
a voicemail, Henry.

Mirrors are much more
complicated than that.

You trapped them in there. Didn't you?

I thought I taught you...

a gentleman never ditches his date.

I didn't ditch Violet.

She's somewhere safe.

Because I knew my "mom" wasn't my mom.

See, that's where you're wrong.

Do you remember the second grade

when you were afraid of
the monsters under your bed,

or the dark...

or that old creaking oak tree?

Who made you face your fears?

Who didn't tolerate your crying

and toughened you up?

What does that have to do with anything?

That was me...

the one with a spine.

Not that weak-tea version.

All I want is for you to be great.

You can be king.

You can have everything you want,

but not if you're
always hiding behind Emma

and my lesser half...

always dealing with their problems,

but never given any real decisions.

Nice try, but you can't Darth Vader me.

I'll never join you.

Oh, Henry.

We watched those movies
enough to know that Darth Vader

wasn't so black and white.

Now, was he?

And I'm not really evil...

despite the name.

Now, I may not be a hero either.

But I am a leader.

And leaders do what's necessary.

Enjoying your little puzzle?

Oh, don't worry.

Henry is safe with me.

In fact, he is better off.

It's you.

The queen.


I may have put his body in the mirror.

But I kept his heart.


- Mom. Mom!
- It's all right.

It's gonna be okay!

We're coming to get you, Henry.

Are you sure about that?


What's wrong? Did she hurt you?

No, don't come any closer.

I'm sorry.


I don't want to do this.


Kill them.


Why are you doing this?

Because unlike them, Henry,
I'm giving you a choice.

You may not have magic...

but this does,

and you can save them with it...

by smashing The Dragon's heart.


but The Dragon's an innocent.

Darkening my heart...
It won't make me yours.

But you'll be that much closer
to understanding who I am.

Your mothers need you, Henry.

But if Regina dies, so do you.

You're connected.

That's how certain I am
you'll make the right choice.

The mirror.

That was our ticket out of here.

Any ideas?

We don't have magic,
but The Dragon does.

If we can aim his fire at the mirror...

Can we blast our way out of here?

It's worth a shot.

One of us should stay
here, just in case.

Right. In case the other one gets fried.

- I'll go.
- No. I've got this.

Why do you keep trying
to martyr yourself?

I'm the one with a death sentence.

Emma, just listen.

Hear it?

I'm afraid to raise Henry alone.

What? You've done great.

But every time I see him with
Mommie Dearest over there,

it's just a reminder

of the horrible mother
I could have been.

Well, you're not, 'cause I'm here, too.

We always do what's right for Henry,

so you're not sacrificing
yourself, and neither am I.

So we do this together?

Damn right.

Three, two...


Over here!



Tick, tock, Henry.



If you are my mom,

please, don't make me do this.

Well, as my own mother proved,

sometimes all you need is a little push.

- Henry!
- Henry!

- Henry!
- Henry!

Do it, Henry.

- Henry!
- Do it now! Do it!


- Henry!
- Henry!

- Henry!
- Help me, Henry! Please!

- Henry!
- Help us! Please, Henry, help us!



You made him soft!

You stay away from our son.

Hiding behind your moms again, I see.

I'm not hiding.

You may not see it, but I'm strong,

because my moms taught me
that family makes you stronger

than you'll ever be by yourself.

And that's something you'll never have,

because you'll always be alone.

I wanted to give you a choice.

But it appears you weren't ready yet.

I suggest...

unless you like the feeling
of hook piercing flesh,

you shove off, Your Majesty.

I'm your mother, Henry.

And I only want what's best for you.

Ah, the break-in was nothing.

I'm proud of you, Aladdin.


"Hero" looks good on you.

I don't know about "hero."

I'm just a guy helping out a friend.

A friend in need.

That's what heroes do... help people.

And I haven't been
so great at it lately.

I was so focused on saving Agrabah,

I nearly stopped you from helping Belle.

So you care about your kingdom.

That's not a crime.

But stealing this definitely was.

What is this?

Ah, just a little something extra

I snagged from Gold's shop.

Thought it might help a girl I know.

Well, who's inside?

Is it? Is he?

Uh, no. Afraid not.

My old pal has moved on.

- The Genie...
- Mm.

is gone.

It's okay.

He's free now.

But maybe whoever's inside here...

maybe they can help us find Agrabah.


Hello, pretty.

Can we, uh... can we hurry a bit?

I really want to be safe
in the Enchanted Forest

before Rumple discovers it's gone.

Too late.


I knew that street rat

wasn't digging around
my shop for himself.

And I cannot let you take
our child away from me.

So now, no matter where you go,

I'll find you.

You really are a beast.

Call me what you will,
but it comes from love...

my love for our child and you.

You... you call this love?

You're scared, Rumple.

I-I almost won today.

And next time, I will
run so fast and so far

that you will never even
set eyes on this child.

Let me remind you, dearie,

that Rumplestiltskin takes children,

not the other way 'round.

Tell that to your firstborn.

You do not get to speak.


- Wh... What's happening?
- Oh! Oh!


That is called a heart attack.

I think he forgot that his little ticker

only tocks thanks to me.

See, when I saved your life
back in that New York hospital,

I didn't do it out of
the kindness of my heart.

We had a deal, remember?

So whenever you hurt me...

you're only hurting yourself.

There's one more thing
Rumplestiltskin's quite good at,

and that's finding loopholes.

We are far from done, dearie.

I can't do this anymore.

I miss you.

Hey, there, little man.


I miss you, too, Snow.

♪ The lights are bright ♪


I got your message.

I'm sorry we missed the dance.

I'm not.

This is way better.

We had our first date here.

I love it.

You do?


So, you're not getting bored with me?

You just seemed a little distant lately.


I'm... I'm sorry. It's not you.

I'm just having a bit of a
hard time adjusting to school.


That's what's going on?


It's like those movies you showed me.

I just feel so out of place.

Like, who am I?

Am I a jock or a princess or a nerd?

- I...
- I knew I should have started

with "Sixteen Candles."

You don't need a label.

You're Violet.

You want to dance?

♪ 'Cause I saw you in
my dreams that night ♪

♪ And I knew that you were right ♪

♪ So I called you in the morning ♪

He's gonna be okay, isn't he?

You mean?

With or without me, he's gonna be okay.

The queen was wrong about him.

I was so worried about how
I was going to raise him,

I didn't even notice...

We already had.

♪ If I see you in
my dreams tonight ♪

The things we do for our children.

Yes, I heard Henry

didn't exactly make
his mother proud today.

All children rebel.

That's their job.

And ours is to do
what's best for them...

to make them strong.

Henry will realize that someday.

How far are you willing to go

to get this, uh, new beginning of yours?

Oh, you know me. I'll do anything.

Then perhaps we can both
get that, uh, happy ending.

So, we are on the same team.

For now.

You know how teams work, don't you?

You need a little
give and a little take.

Oh, that sounds like a proposition.

You know, there is one more
thing we have to take care of.



She's become a bit of a problem.

And you want me to give
her a stern talking-to?


I want you to kill her.