Once Upon a Time (2011–2018): Season 6, Episode 7 - Heartless - full transcript

Snow White and Charming need to give up their hearts if they want to save Storybrooke from the Evil Queen. A magical sapling is sought. Snow White tries to get away from the Woodcutter. David has plans to sell the family farm.

Did I wake you?

And you're so peaceful when you sleep.

In fact, sleeping Snow
is my favorite Snow.

Then what do you want?

Do you remember your 15th birthday?

You wanted a pony.

Your father bought one.

A miniature horse, really.

Tiny as a dog.

And he had a trainer work
with it for half a year.

And then he brought you to the stables,

to this sweet little horse.

And when you went to it, it
did as it had been trained

and bowed its head.

Another loyal subject
eager to honor you.

Oh, I've never seen such
delight as I did on your face

when that tiny horse bowed to you.

"This is my perfect day," you said.

Your father always made
sure you got what you wanted.

Plus a little bit more.

Well, now I want what
I've always wanted...

your heart in my hand.

And since your husband
has half your heart,

I get that, too.

You see, that's a little bit more

that'll make today my perfect day.

Regina put a protection
spell on both of us

the moment you rolled into town.

You can't take them.

Oh, did I say I would take them?

No, I said you would hand them over...


And this is how I know it will happen.

What is this?

What do you think?

Something terrible.

You have 12 hours to figure it out.

And follow your conscience,

or the whole town gets a taste of it.

And it will be their
last taste of anything.

Well, well. Hello, there.

Oh, don't you two look
pretty and domestic.

What terrible things
have you been up to?

You look like you're having a good day.

Oh, it's a perfect day.

I'm finally getting my
revenge on Snow White.

And Prince Farming thrown in as a bonus.

Soon I'll have their little shared heart

beating in the palm of my hand.

You seem confident. Is
the Dark One helping you?

Is that why he dropped by yesterday?


It was a... productive conversation.

Lots of give-and-take.

What did you give, and what did he take?

Oh, he wanted the Shears of Destiny,

so I fished them up for him.

He was grateful.

Hmm. I'll bet.

Oh, now, now, sis.

Don't start insinuating anything.

We're simply old friends.

Of course. I didn't mean a thing.

Well, I'd love to stay

and burp the baby with you, but...

I've simply got tons to do
before Snow's last breath.



Can I interest you
in a piece of jewelry?

You don't look like a peddler.

I'm not.

There was an emergency and
I've been forced to sell.

That would make a lovely
gift for your wife.

I'll give you three coppers.

Sir, I'm sure you realize
it is worth 100 times that.

That is a family heirloom.

I only know of one family
with heirlooms that valuable.

What is your name?

Three coppers would be fine,

just fine.

Thank you.

You couldn't find the lost lamb, I see.

Oh, well, we found it,
but it was too late.

The night was just too cold.

We can't build up the flock this way.

The winters are too long
and the flock is too small.

The weather, it will turn.

And Wilby's the best
tracking dog I've ever known.

Mother, we'll be fine.

I know what the farm means to you.

I've been thinking about that.

Thinking about what?

If we had the money to
make this place a success,

I'd never leave.

But the way things are going, it's...

Son, I know giving up
isn't in your nature,

but I think it's time to admit defeat

and sell the farm.

You only got three coppers?

He was onto me.

If I'd done anything else,

he would've turned me over to the queen.

How do you know he won't anyway?

Oh, I know his type...
corrupt and greedy.

He's just happy to have
gotten something of value

for next to nothing.

He won't tip anyone off.

I think you might be
wrong about that. Run!


Who was he?

Must be the Woodcutter...

bounty hunter who usually specializes

in hunting down werewolves.

That nobleman must have tipped him off

about the price on my head.

Blue, I can't stay here. I have to go.

I'm a princess, a
princess without a kingdom!

The forest is no place for me.

I have sold everything
my parents gave me,

and I have just enough to book
passage on a boat out of here,

out of her reach.

Maybe the head of some
allied nation will take me in.

Wait, wait! You're going right now?

There's nothing holding me here.

I'm headed to the nearest port town.

I hear there's one not far from here.


Thank you, son.

Have a safe journey.

Of course.

I won't return until I find a buyer.

Where I'm headed,

it's filled with noblemen
who see an opportunity.

And this farm, they'll see value.

How long will you be?

Not long.

It's only a day's journey to Longbourn.

If we don't give in to her,
she'll use that on everyone?


So, what is it?

She told me to figure it
out and that if we didn't

give over our hearts within 12 hours,

she would use it on the whole town.

You okay?

No, but I have an
excuse. Haven't you heard?

The Evil Queen's trying
to kill my parents.

You said we were alive and well
in your vision of the future.

The Oracle said things
could kind of change

as we went along,

but the only thing that was certain

was that I died.

Speaking of death,

I think I know what this is.


What kind of potion is that?

It's not a potion. It's water.

Oh, I knew it. Never trusted the stuff.

Rum would never do that.

What kind of water?

From the River of Lost Souls.


She's working with Gold.

He brought it back from the Underworld.

And now, if you don't
give her your hearts,

she can destroy the whole town.

So many people.

And if we don't sacrifice ourselves,

they all die.

Not to mention what happens to Emma.

What if all of this
just leads to her vision?

What if this is just the
path to our daughter's death?

Don't give up.

I'm not giving up. I wouldn't give up.

I will fight for her
until my last breath.

But what if this destiny can't be beat

and we're just moving towards it?

I don't know that we'll
ever get back to normal.

The Evil Queen's finally got us.

What did you find, Wilby?

A cup.

Why don't you let me hold your treasure?

Come on.

We got to get to Longbourn before dark.

Wilby! Wilby!




Can I help you?

Oh, sorry to intrude.

My dog got something into his head.

Say, that's my cup you have there.

Went over a bump a while
back and dropped it.

I thought it was lost.

Not good for a traveling merchant

to be so careless with his goods.

Well, that explains it then.

Wilby must've gotten the scent of it.

My mother says he's a
bloodhound in a sweater.

Sorry it's a little battered.

Oh, that's all right.

Worth it to see such a
fine animal like this.

You are a fine little fella, aren't you?

Made camp here last night
so no brigands would find me.


Oh, yes.

I usually never travel this road alone.

Say, which way are you headed?

To Longbourn.

Fate has smiled upon our heads.

That's exactly where I'm headed.

Perhaps we can travel together.

That sounds fine.

Hop on up.

I'm eager to get started for the day.

Do you really have to go, Princess Snow?

The fairies can help you.

Surely there is a way other
than leaving your home.

Home is where your family is,

and by now, that's pretty much

just the woman who's trying to kill me.

There's an old fairy saying.

If someone believes in
you, you are never alone.

All the people love you.


Love is the most powerful
magic in the world.


You know that broach I sold?

My father gave that to my
mother because he loved her.

She treasured it
because it was from him.

After she died, you know what he did?

He gave it to Regina
because he loved her, too.

She treated it like trash.

His love meant everything to my mother

and nothing to my step-mother.

See, love doesn't hold its value.

The only thing that's
maintained its value

this entire time is the broach,

and I can't afford to
invest in anything less.


This can buy me something
that can actually

change my life... a ticket out of here.

Goodbye, Blue.

Be careful.

Danger can look harmless at first.

You don't seem shocked that Gold

brought some of this back
and gave it to the queen.

I'm not. He's not acting
like the man he could be.

I wish I could help.

But I-I've looked through all
my books for any information

on... on how to neutralize
water from the River of Souls,

but I'm afraid there's nothing.

I'll keep looking.

I'm sorry to interrupt.
I came quickly as I could.

David called and told me what happened.

Can you help?

Unfortunately, I don't have a way

to counteract the Lost Souls water.

So we either let the whole town die,

or the Evil Queen gets exactly
what she's always wanted.

Maybe. But there is a bit of magic

that just might be powerful enough

to imprison the Evil Queen.

It's a sapling.

A baby tree?

It was created by the
first spark of a true love.

It's incredibly rare.

Have you got one?

We had one, back in
the Enchanted Forest.

We assumed that it was
left behind in the curse,

but now we think it might be lost

somewhere here in Storybrooke.

There has to be some, like,
magical way to find it, right?

There is... a spell
that could point the way

with a sort of beacon.

But it wouldn't be visible just to us.

If Gold or the queen
or even Zelena saw it,

they would know exactly what it was.

And then we'd have a race on our hands.

Maybe not.


The Evil Queen and Gold's alliance,

there, um, may be more
to it than business.

Rumple and I...

there was always a certain
amount of chemistry.

Regina, oh, my God.

I know. I... know.

Nothing ever happened.

But I think we can use
this to our advantage.


Thanks for the special delivery.


Maybe we should take this
someplace more comfortable.

Yes. Like a bed of lies.

Just let me past.

No, we need to talk.

I don't think so. I saw
what you wanted me to see.

I didn't want you to see it.

You lied to me.

Only because I knew you'd be jealous.

I'm not jealous, not of you.

Not ever.


Well, then what's wrong with your neck?

Growing moldy?

We were supposed to
be a team. No secrets.

Spa days and sisterhood.

We were gonna run over
this town together.

And now what?

He's riding on your handlebars

and I'm just sitting in the sidecar?

You need to calm down.

What's this?

Ask her. She wrote it.

Wanted to rub my nose in it.

I didn't write this.

No. Someone with your handwriting did.


We're being played.

There, where the light has landed.

That's where you'll find the sapling.

Regina can magic Snow and
me out there to find it.

We just need to figure
out where we're gonna put

the Evil Queen once we've got her.

My vault.

I've taken all the blood
magic off the locks,

so it should hold her.

But there's still a lot of
dangerous stuff in there.

Hook and I can pack it all up.

All right, let's go.

Dad, just be careful, okay?

Don't worry. I'm in good company.

I didn't think we'd break so soon.

Oh, my poor old horse
needs a good many breaks.

And I like to take a
look at the local scenery.

Don't think Wilby's complaining, either.

Drink up. No more breaks after this.

We can make it all the way
to Longbourn in one leg.


You all right, mate?

Oh, mate, you shouldn't
take drinks from strangers.

He's just sleeping.

And I have a fun game for you
and me to play in the meantime.

Oh, hey. Where did you come from?

I see you met my friend.

The Woodcutter.

How did you find me?

You're nothing but a lost princess.

And I came across an
excellent sheep dog.

They're great at finding strays.

They just need to get a scent.

Oh, come on. I'm not gonna kill you.

I'm just gonna take you to
the queen and get a reward.

She'll kill you.

Look. There.

That's where the beacon hit.

Come on.

Hey, you know where we are?


Where you found me during the curse,

when I wandered out of the hospital.

Where you saved me.

What are the chances?

Think it's a sign?

I think...

I don't know what to believe anymore.

Except that it's good to be
on an adventure with you again.

It's always good.

Hey, lovebirds. Found something.


It's a trap door.

You ready?


Then hang on.

What is adder's fork?

Snake's tongue.

There was some of that in the thing

I had to drink to find Aladdin.

And you kiss me with that mouth?

Let's get this up to Henry

so he can pack the Bug
before the new tenant comes.

Wait, wait, wait,
wait, Hang on, hang on.

Look at me, look at me.

You're worried about your parents,

and that's making this worse,
but they're gonna be all right.

They're gonna find that
magic little baby tree thing

and defeat the Evil Queen.

They're gonna find that
magic little tree thing?

Yeah, that's right.

What if they don't?

What if the Evil Queen gets there first

and I'm not ready for a fight?

All right. Come here.

Sit down.

I borrowed Henry's book.

I wanted to tell you a story.

- Killian...
- Shh, shh, shh. Shush, shush, shush.

It's story time.


Once upon a time, the Evil Queen vowed

to kill Snow White
and separate these two.

But no matter what she tried,
they always found each other.

And then...

they found you.

And you inherited the
strength of that love.

So then, even when they
couldn't find each other,

you made sure they did.

True love can break any
curse, and so can you

because that's what you're made of.

You are the savior because
you were born of their love.

And they're in love today

because you brought them together.

You... you can overcome these visions.

You can overcome anything.

Now remember who you are.

The product of true love.


Hello? Is anyone in there?

Yes! The Woodcutter locked me in!

Big lock on the door.

The Woodcutter will be back any second.

If he catches you, he'll kill you.

You need to go!


There it is.

Get it.

Follow me!


Aren't you a real Prince Charming.

You... You saved me.

I thought I'd lost you forever.

May the love between you

always be strong, true, and eternal.

If you need anything,
I will always find you.

Do you promise?

I do.

Knowing you believe in
me means I'm not alone.

Come back to me.

What was that?

The sapling.

Blue said that it was
created from true love.

Maybe that's just what it does...

shows you your own true love?

As if we needed reminding.

David, how much did you see?

There was something I couldn't quite...

This is really sweet,

but can we please go and defeat someone?

We don't have long.

So true.

Time flies.

You've won nothing.

That sapling is made of pure love.

It won't work for you.

Oh, won't it? Hmm.

Well, maybe it just needs a firm hand.

Oh, dear.

Well, maybe it can be repaired.


Maybe not.

Do you want to beat the rush
and hand those hearts over now?

No, no. We still have some time.


Read a book, pick a flower,

rage, rage against
the dying of the light.

Just do it quickly.

I'll see you at the
cemetery soon enough.

It's a good place for endings.

Granny says Neal's doing fine.

She's good with him.

He's got a lot of people who love him.


David, we don't have much time.

And we have no choice.

The town, we can't...
we can't let it die.

I know.

She's going to have our
hearts, after all these years.

I have no idea what
she's gonna do with them.

If only we had...

saved the sapling.

I mean, did you feel the power in it?


And I keep thinking of
everything it showed us,

all those memories.

Did you hear in the flashes,

"Knowing you believe in me,

that means I'm not alone"?

It's still true.


That was a memory, but...

it was my memory.


Think about it.

Every moment we saw was a memory
we shared, except that one.

The... The words,
handing over the coins.

You weren't even there for that.


You weren't.

Or were you?

It's no use!

Run away before it's too late!


Get him!

We did it.

Let's get you out of there.



No, it's okay. You'll be sa...

Yes, but it's your safety
that should concern you.

I, uh... I've made some enemies.

If you see my face,

there will be a target on your back.


As you wish.

After I'm gone, you
can let yourself out.

Thank you.

What are you doing out
here alone in the woods?


Trying to survive,

and not doing a very good job of it.

Well, I'm impressed.

You're very resourceful.

I don't know about that.

Wh-What were you doing on this road?

I was headed to Longbourn
to sell my mother's farm.

I'm afraid we need the money.

I have money.


Yeah, I was going to... never mind.

You should have it, uh, as
a reward for rescuing me.

No, I can't accept it.

Surely whatever you needed
it for, you still do.

Maybe not. Maybe I am resourceful.

There's a... a pretty corrupt nobleman

who rides his carriage
through my territory a lot.

It just might happen
that some of his fine cash

is liberated as he passes through.

I'll find a way.

Sounds dangerous.

You sure you want to do it alone?

I don't feel so alone right now.

Knowing you believe in
me means I'm not alone.

People of Storybrooke.

My people.

I'm so glad you accepted my invitation

because this is about you.

If Snow White doesn't show
up in the next five minutes,

I'm going to share a
little treat with you all.

A taste of water from
the River of Lost Souls.

Looks like you don't have to worry

about that blasted river water, do you?

Not since your husband struck
a deal with the Evil Queen.

I don't care about the
deals that my husband makes.

Are you sure?

I mean, wouldn't like to know

the rest of what those
two have been up to?

You ready?

I actually am.

All right, it's time.


Well, well, well. Look
who's right on time.

I should've known you'd show up.

Even without your precious sapling.

We don't have the sapling,
but we don't need it.

It's done its work.

We know our love is more powerful

than anything you can throw at us.

And to save the people of Storybrooke,

we're willing to do what you ask.

It's a sacrifice we need to make.

We're going to do the right thing.

Dad, Mom?

Emma, most people go through life

never knowing where their
paths will take them,

but somehow we always do.

It's always to each other
and then back to you.

Are you sure?


Lift the protection spell.

I've dreamt of this moment
for so long, Snow White.

I'd wake up still feeling
the grit of your crushed heart

clinging to my palms.

But that ending isn't
poetic enough, is it?

I want to give you...

my pain...

the pain of being alone.

And since I couldn't
quite accomplish that

by killing you...

I've come up with
something much more cruel.

A sleeping curse?

That's never kept us apart before.

This one has a little twist.

You say you always find her.

Well, start looking, Shepherd.

And let's see what happens when you do.


I've been meaning to thank you for this.

Zelena told me about
you and the Evil Queen.

Well, then.

I know it's trite to say
it doesn't mean anything.

Oh, I-I don't care about
what you do right now

or with whom you do it.

But she also told me about the shears.

Now, that... that I do care about.

She said that you're going
to use them on our son

the first moment you can,
the moment that he's born,

to cut him off from his future.

Well, I won't allow that.

You don't get to tamper with his life

just to keep him from hating you.

I forbid it.


The things I do,

they're driven by the love of my son.

That excuse, that...
that doesn't work anymore.

If you were pure evil, like the queen,

then maybe I could forgive you
because that's all you could be.

But you... you do feel love,

and you could be a
good man if you tried.

You want your son's love. Don't take it.

Be worthy of it.

And what if I fail?

Listen to yourself.

That's just you all over, isn't it?

Afraid of failing.

That's worse than being evil.

That's... That's just
being too weak to be good.




The woods.

Where she sent her before.


I don't think a kiss is
going to do it this time.

Just let him try.

How about that.




What happened? What did she do?

She put a sleeping curse on your heart,

the heart you share.

So now you share the curse.

When one of you is awake,
the other will be asleep.

So, as long as the curse is unbroken...

Then we'll never be together.