Once Upon a Time (2011–2018): Season 6, Episode 6 - Dark Waters - full transcript

Emma tries to convince Aladdin to work with Jasmine to help Agrabah, while Regina teams up with Mary Margaret and David to free Archie from Zelena. The Evil Queen sows suspicion between Henry and Hook, even as Mr. Gold reminds her of his most important lesson. Meanwhile, in the past, Hook finds himself kidnapped by the mysterious Captain Nemo and held captive inside his legendary submarine, the Nautilus.

Previously on "Once
Upon a Time"...

In the vision... I die.

All saviors die.

Is there any way to change it?

These shears can sever the
ties to your own destiny.

Aladdin didn't trust
the people he loved.

That's why he failed.

Take them.

We need to be sure to be rid of them.

Bring her about, men!

Look alive! Pick up the pace!

Mr. Smee wouldn't have stood for this.

Jolly Roger is the
fastest ship in the realm.


So why does it have the slowest crew?!

- They're tired.
- Who dares defy me?

I do.

Appears we have a stowaway.

Who are you, and how did
you get aboard my ship?

I am... no one.


Just a man who's come to
ask you one simple question.

Aye, well... better make it a good one

'cause it's gonna be your last.

Is getting revenge against the Dark One

worth all the time
you've spent chasing it?

I'll let you know after I've
skinned myself a crocodile,

but first...

I'll just have to settle for you.

Man: Narwhale! Starboard bow!

Don't move.

Sea monster!

Man the cannons! Bring her about!

On the double!

That's impossible.

I assure you it's quite possible.

That's no sea monster.

What does that mean? What
the devil are you up to?

Saving your life.

Season 06 Episode 06
"Dark Waters"
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I know you're in there...

Your Majesty.

Come out. We need to have a little chat.

Or what?

You'll huff, and you'll puff,

and you'll blow the house down?

You call this
an entrance, Regina?

Well, I suppose I was the
one with all the flair.

To what do we owe the honor?

So, it's true.

You really are harboring
the Evil Queen out here.

She's my sister, and she cares about me.

I'm willing to bet you're not
here to see how I'm getting on.

You're right. I have a message.

Your little masquerade
as the Cricket therapist

didn't work

because airing Emma's dirty
laundry only made us stronger.

Evil Queen: Well, then
why are you out here

delivering this message
all by your lonesome? Hmm?

We're right behind you.

I don't think you came
all this way just to gloat.

That's my move.

You're up to something else.

Stay away from her!

We just came for Archie.

We're not here to hurt your daughter.

Well, excuse me for
not taking any chances.

Thanks, sis.

And now the real fun can begin.

How's that for an entrance?

Try all you want,

but nothing you do will
ever tear this family apart.

Oh, is that so?

Because exposing Emma's
secret was just the beginning.

Bring it, Queenie.

Aladdin: Well, there's
no flying carpets,

but... Storybrooke's not too bad.

Well, I'm glad you found a place.

But... Aladdin...

we haven't talked about
what really matters...



It still needs your help.

I told you, I'm not the Savior anymore.

I cut my ties.

But you can still help your people.

You don't even know what happened...

It doesn't matter.

This was a bad idea. Yeah.

I'm not the guy you're looking for.

Aladdin... wait!

- Hey.
- Hey.

You were up awfully early this morning.

What were you doing out in the garage?

Uh... I was just doing
a little gardening.


I had no idea you had a... green hook.

So, what's for breakfast?

It's Jasmine.

She's worried because Aladdin ran off,

and she doesn't know where he is.

Don't worry, Swan.

I'll make sure Aladdin doesn't
get into too much trouble.

Thanks, Killian.

So, now.

You know, you don't have to stay.

I'll be fine on my own.

No, no, no, no. Nonsense.

You can show me how to operate
the helm of your video... box.

Whatever it's called.

Um, okay.

First, just let me take out the trash.

Well, that's a good idea.

Actually, you can start
with this junk food

you call breakfast.

You're not really gonna
eat this rubbish, are you?

My Pop Tarts!

Hurry back, and I'll make
us a pirate's breakfast

of grapefruit and boiled mackerel.

There'll be no scurvy here today.

I know what you're thinking...

"How long before that
pirate ruins everything?"

What are you doing here?

Looking out for my son.

Tell me...

is your new father bothering you?

He's not my father.

Well, it's just a matter of time.

Henry, I'm just trying to help.

Now, I know how difficult it is

when someone new joins the family.

How would you know?

Because I used to be that person.

But he's not like you. He
would never hurt this family.

Is that so?



He kept them.

The one thing that can take
away what makes Emma special.

You're not taking these.

Oh, I don't want them, Henry.

I want to make sure you learn the truth

about dear-old Dad-to-be.

He doesn't care about you or Emma.

So now you have to ask yourself

one tiny question...

what are you going to do about it?


Emma, this is not what it looks like.

- This is my new car.
- Oh, really?

So you traded in your
flying carpet for a Miata?

- Yeah, it gets great mileage.
- Sure, right.

Let's take a drive. We need to talk.

Jasmine sent you.

Sorry, not in the mood.

I wasn't asking.

Henry, they clearly
didn't design these things

for people like m...


Bloody hell.

Welcome aboard, mate.

Where the devil am I?

What kind of dark magic is this?

Not magic. You're aboard my ship.

You're no many fathoms under the sea.

Welcome to the Nautilus.

Call me... Nemo.

What do you want?

This ship is much more
than steel and rivets.

It's a second chance.

Well, you're daft if you
think I'll spend any longer

in this underwater
coffin than I have to.

I know your heart is filled
with hatred, seeking revenge.

This harpoon was enchanted

to help me find wayward
souls like your own.

And then what? Fill it
with something else?

Yes, Hook.

With the one thing
missing in your life...


No one...

will ever replace...

what the Dark One took from me.

I know it feels that way now...

You have no idea how it feels!

That's where you're wrong.

You see, I lost a family, too.

They were brutally
murdered while I was at sea.

I spent decades

hunting down the men
responsible for what happened.

I killed one of them
with this very blade.

And when I was finished,

all I was left with was an empty heart

and a bloodstained harpoon.

I don't need a family.

Let me off. Now.

I don't think you have
a choice in this matter.

There's a mission I need your help with.

It's an important one,

and when it's done...

you will see that this ship...

is exactly where you belong.

Henry, what are you doing?

What my mom asked you to do...

getting rid of these.

Let me explain.

You don't have to. I get it.

No, you don't. I kept
them to protect Emma.

Even though she didn't want you to?

Henry, listen to me.


You don't get to make decisions for me,

and you certainly don't get
to make decisions for my mom.

- Henry, stop!
- Let go of me!

This isn't about the
bloody shears right now!

Henry: What the hell is that?


Turn around, mate.

Captain wants to see you.

Listen to me, just let the lad go.

He's got nothing to do with this!

What the hell is going on?

What does it look like?

- Are we...
- Under water?


Welcome to the Nautilus.

I-I got here as soon as I could.

I was on patrol out by the mines.

It's just been one crisis after another

ever since that dirigible hit.

I found him in the woods.

Who is he?

He looks like another refugee

from the Land of Untold Stories.

He had serious injuries,
heavy bleeding...

another few hours,
he would've been gone.

He must have been out there for days.

Did anyone recognize him?

No, we're asking around, but...

I don't think he was
ever at Granny's.

You know what?
I'm gonna head back to the station,

see if anyone reported him missing.

Yeah, uh... I'll stay here.
I'll let you know how it goes.

Snow: Belle!

What are you doing here?

Snow, hi.

I'm... getting my first ultrasound.


That's so exciting.

Yeah, didn't even tell
Rumple I was coming.

Well, given what he's put you through,

I don't think anyone would blame you.

Well, it's not... it's not
just about today, though.

I mean, if I don't
want Rumple to be a part

of something as... as simple as this,

what am I gonna do
when the baby gets here?

H-How am I gonna let him ever
be a part of our son's life.

That is a good question.

Well, it's one you don't have to answer

for at least two more trimesters.


Why did they grab us?

I'm afraid I have a history
with the captain of this vessel.

Why doesn't that surprise me?

None of this would've happened

if you just did what my mom asked.

Sorry, lad, but I couldn't give up

the one thing that could save her.

When were you gonna use them on her?

Were you even gonna ask before you did?

I don't know!

Being the Savior is who she is.

It's what brought us together.

I wasn't trying to take
that away from you, Henry.

Why do you even care?

You're not even a part of this family.


It doesn't matter.

We're just gonna end up fish food

on the ocean floor soon, anyway.

We've gotten out of
tougher scrapes than this.

Remember the W-Walking Prisoner gag?


Wookiee Prisoner gag.


What's a Wookiee? It
doesn't make any sense.

It's from...

Never mind.

And that doesn't count.

Alternate universe.

Well, I'll just have to come
up with a plan of my own.

Trust me, Henry.

This captain is one fellow
you don't want to meet.

Bloody hell.

These are dangerous waters. Stay close.

Don't step off the path.

What exactly are we after?

You'll see soon enough.

It's up ahead.

You heard the Captain, stay close.

Do you really believe
everything the old man says?

You should listen to him.
You might learn something.

I think the pressure's
getting to all of you.

I'd give my life for that man.

Why? What's he ever done for you?

When I was a child, my
family was taken from me.

I grew up next to the
docks, fending for myself,

desperate to make the
people who took them pay.

It was only a matter of time
before I got myself killed.

And then what? Nemo kidnapped you?

That man saved my life.

Let me ask you one question.

Your quest for vengeance...

did you ever find those who wronged you?

No, and I'm lucky I didn't.

Then talk to me when
vengeance is in your grasp.

It won't be so easy to give up then.

There it is.

Bloody hell.

All this for hidden treasure.

Aye, but there's more than
gold and jewels in that chest.


Hold on!


Hold on!

I told you to stay close.

You could've been killed.

You may be stubborn,

but I haven't given up on you yet.

Believe it or not, you're
part of this family.

To what do I owe the pleasure?

It's not every day Rumplestiltskin

makes a house call.


It's not.

I see you're celebrating.

Yes, well... I'm in the midst

of driving a pirate-shaped wedge

into the middle of the Charming clan.

Care to join me.

Do you remember...

your old lessons?

Why, yes, I do.

What do you want to
teach me now... teacher?

Well, it seems you have forgotten

the most important lesson of all.

Never take what's mine.

The shears.

The pirate had them hidden,
and now they're gone.

And I could smell
your magic all over it.

You want the shears?

I didn't think you cared

whether or not the Savior met her fate.

You really think the Shears of Destiny

work only on the Savior?


You want to use them on Belle

and the baby she has brewing inside her

so you can change the fate of
your pathetic little family.

Well, I wish I could help.

But like everyone you've ever loved,

those shears are long gone.

Careful who you cross.

You're thin on allies.

You don't
need allies when you win.

And as you can see, I'm
doing just fine without you.

We'll see about that, dearie.

We shall see.

If this is some kind of nature therapy,

you should know woods
aren't really my thing.

Come on, you'll see.

"Welcome to Storybrooke."

Look closer.

All right.

So? It's been repaired.

Drunk driver must have hit it.

Well, despite how strongly
Regina spiked her cider,

I was not drunk.

You did this?


I hit the sign right after
Henry tried to convince me

that I was Storybrooke's Savior.

Hang on.

So, you...

you, Emma Swan... you ran.

It wasn't the only time.

When was the last?

Yesterday when you gave me the shears.

Oh! but... you got rid of them.

I told my family I was worried

somebody would use them
as a weapon against me.

That's not true?

I was...

worried that I might use them.

Every time I think about
the vision of my future,

and I think about my
trembling hand and...

imagine my family
having to watch me die.

And I wish I never became the Savior.

So I knew I could not have
that thing anywhere near me.

Tell me.

What do I do now?

What I did all the times I ran...

I came back, faced the
people I disappointed,

and tried to find a way
to make up for my mistakes.

My mistakes.

Whatever happened to Agrabah...

was all my fault.

I don't even know where
to start to fix it.

You don't even know what happened.

Maybe that's where you start.

You can't fix a problem
until you know what it is.

I killed my father.


You asked me why I care about
keeping your family together.

It's because I once had
the chance of having my own.

With your dad?

I know. You told us.

There's a part of the
story I didn't share, Henry.

When I killed my father,

I didn't just destroy his life.

He had a son.

So you had another brother.


He named him Liam,
after my older brother.

That was just too much for me.

I killed my father,

and I left an innocent boy an orphan.

All this for a key.

You're even madder than I thought.

This vessel has served as refuge

for people to escape their past,

but this is no place
to build a new life.

All we do is sail and sail
with no place to call home.

Well, how's a key gonna change that?

This isn't just any key.

This key will open the gateway

to a place called...

the Mysterious Island.

It is a place where we can start over.

This is your chance, Killian.

You don't have to swim
the dark waters any longer.

I've spent too long chasing
my Crocodile to give up now.

I know. You've lost people you love.

I know that's why you don't
want to open your heart again,

but what if I told you
that the Mysterious Island

was a place where you never
have to lose anyone again?

No, that's... that's not possible.

It is.

Join my crew.

See for yourself.

That knife... where did you get it?

It belongs to my first mate.

He told me his family
were taken from him... how?

He was a young boy when
his father was murdered

while he slept in his bed.

His name.

What's your first mate's name?


You're trying to make up for
what you did to Liam with me?

I can't ruin another family, Henry.

You're not going to.

I already have.

We're trapped in this iron tin

when I can't even pick that lock.

You can't, but maybe I can.

First rule of kidnapping...
they never search the kid.

We're going through there?

It's the only way off.

Hurry. We don't have much time

before the captain
realizes that we've escaped.

What'd you do to him?

Why is Nemo so angry?

We don't have time to explain.

We have to get off this ship now.

Where's your suit?

I'm not suiting up.
There's only one helmet.

Wait, then how are you
gonna get out of here?

I'm not.

No. No!

Henry, you were right.

What you and your
mother have is special.

You don't want to lose that.

You knew there was only
one helmet, didn't you?

Only one of us is
gonna get back to Emma.

It's gonna be you.

I was hoping you'd stay.


Hello, brother.

I've been waiting a long time for this.

You don't have to leave.

Aye, mate. I'm afraid I do.

Running from Liam won't solve anything.

It'll bloody well keep me alive.

He won't hurt you. He's
given up on vengeance.

Aye, you know why?

Because he hasn't found the
man who killed his father yet.

Not Liam.

He wouldn't betray me like that.

He's like a son to me!

Liam: I was the son to
someone else once, too.


Don't do this, mate.

So, it's true?

I know how you feel,

but killing this man won't
quench that fire inside of you!

You once told me how
you hunted the men down

who murdered your family,

how you butchered every
single one of them!

But that doesn't mean that
you have to do the same.

Oh, that's easy for you to
say. You got your revenge.

And I've regretted it ever since.

Liam, you're stronger than I was.

We're so close to
finally finding a home.

I'm sorry, Captain...

but you're wrong.

My heart is no stronger than yours.


No. No!

No! No, no, no, no, no.

No, no!

You! You... you did this!

No, I told him to let me go.

No, don't you blame this on him!

You're gonna pay for what you've done.

You deserve better than this, brother.

I hope you find it.


You've taken everything from me.

First, my father, then Nemo.

And that was a long time ago, mate.

Why come for me now?

It was not as long as you think.

We made it to the Mysterious Island.

We could have had a chance at life!

So, what happened?


He took him, which means Nemo
died the moment he got here!

All right, Hyde...
the Mysterious Island.

It's the Land of Untold Stories.

So what's that to you?

Don't you get it?!

Nemo's here, Liam. He's
here in Storybrooke.

Maybe, but he's dead.

Because of you!

I'm not gonna hurt you, brother.

Henry: Don't!

Please, stop.


Are you okay?

I thought I told you to leave.

And if I listened you'd be dead.

I'm glad you didn't.

What made you come back?

You said you couldn't
ruin one more family.

Neither did I.

Are you saying that you
think of me as part of...

Don't push it.

You know why I need those shears, right?

You love her, too.

Aye, and if you don't want
me to use them, then I won't.

But that doesn't mean that
something bad has to happen.

Those visions won't come true.

I can promise you that.

We will find another way to save her.

Yeah. But where do we start?

First, we make sure we won't be tempted

to take the easy way out again.


May I?



I'm sorry I ran off.

I know you feel guilty...
about what you did.

But there's more that
I need to tell you.

I know, and I'm ready to hear it.

I want to fix things.

I may not be the Savior anymore,

but if we go back to Agrabah,

I might be able to help you restore it

to what it was meant to be.

I'm afraid we can't go back.


Well, after you fled,

I went to a neighboring
kingdom seeking an alliance.

On my journey home, I was
caught in a sandstorm.

The caravan pushed through
the worst of it, but...

when we crested the Great Sand Dunes,

it was gone.

Agrabah was... gone.

Any news on our patient?

Oh, he's still in surgery,

but Dr. Whale seems to think
that he has a fighting chance.

Oh, that's great.


What'd your doctor say?

Oh, I'm, uh... I'm good.
Everything looks normal.

You know, so far, anyway.



they gave me two copies.

They said it was standard procedure.

Do you want to give one to Gold?

I do... I don't know

if Rumple can ever do anything
to repair what we once had.

But you hope?

I don't know.

But I do know that our son in our dream,

he looked at Rumple with such hatred.

I think... I think that
there might be a chance

for things to turn out
differently for them.

That much, I hope.

Where am I, some kind of brig?

No, mate. It's a hospital.

You got quite a nasty
bump on your head, there.

I'm surprised that's all you gave me.

I told you, I'm not that pirate anymore.

I have something to live for now.

That boy, Henry.


You hesitated when you saw him. Why?

I realized if I kill
you in front of him,

I'd just leave another boy

growing up with a heart full of hate.

I just wish Nemo could see
that we finally made peace.

Well, maybe he can.

They found him this morning.



How's Liam? Is he okay?

Aye, lad. He is now.

I feel like I'm still missing
a huge part of the story here.

Your kid brother has a submarine,

and he kidnapped you.

What were you guys even doing
at the docks in the first place?

Do you want to tell her or should I?

It's all right. I've got this one, mate.

See you at home.

Okay, so...

what's going on?

Everything that happened
today was my fault.

Henry was just trying
to help me right a wrong.

What kind of wrong?

When you asked me to
dispose of those shears...

I didn't.

I couldn't lose the one thing
that might help save you.

Even if that meant you hated me,

but luckily, your boy made
me see the error of my ways.

And before you say anything,

they're at the bottom of the ocean

where they can tell no tales.

It's okay. I get it.

You do?

I would've done the exact same thing.

You'd only be bold enough

to walk through that
door for one reason.

The pirate and his son

all worked things out in the end.

Insipid bunch.

They really are much too
forgiving of each other.

Well, forgiveness is a virtue.

One I'm not particularly fond of.

Aww, that's too bad.

Because I've come here to make amends.

You see, I've been going
about this all wrong,

trying to pin the Charmings
against one another.

I've forgotten the most important lesson

you ever taught me.

Know what you want...

and go after it...

with everything you have.

And what is it you really want?


Is that what you want?


There's something else...

but I need your help to get it.

And what makes you think
I'd be willing to help?


fortunately for you...

there are still a few
underwater creatures

who owe me a favor.

So, tell me,

what is it you need my help in getting?

Oh, the one thing I've always wanted...

Snow White's heart.

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