Once Upon a Time (2011–2018): Season 6, Episode 5 - Street Rats - full transcript

In a flashback, Aladdin helps Princess Jasmine recover a secret weapon that could release Jafar's hold on the Sultan and save the city; in Storybrooke, the evil queen tricks Hook and tries to divide the family.

Previously on "Once Upon a Time"...

The tremors, they
come with visions.

It's very hard to keep this
secret from my family.

This happiness is an illusion.

I want you to see how pointless you are.

Once you're off the chessboard...

everything falls apart.

I thought you were
different than Regina.

I'm the sister you want, Zelena.

You would never settle for less.

- Oh.
- Ohh.

My name is Shirin.

I'm your new teacher's aid.

I did not come this far

only to give up on finding Aladdin.

We will find him, Jasmine.

Get on your knees, vermin!

Get down! Down!

The Sultan does not tolerate
thieves in Agrabah.

And more importantly, neither do I.

Our city has become overrun.

You vermin.

Nothing more than street rats.

Now as you should be.

So, are you
as bold as they say?

Oh, uh, no.

Just, um... late for
work at the, uh, bakery.

Look at the time.

- Got to get that yeast rising, you know?
- You're not a baker.

Well, the truth about that is...

And you're a terrible liar.

Relax. I'm not here to report you.

I'm here to hire you, Aladdin.

Well, I'm at a disadvantage.

Who are you?

You're the Princess.


What are you doing here?

Shouldn't you be at, like,
a palace or something?

I don't care for the palace,
thank you very much.

Not since Jafar

became my father, the Sultan's, advisor.

He's a despot.

He's taking advantage of
my father's kind heart

and destroying Agrabah from the inside,

starving citizens and
delivering brutal justice

when they're just trying
to grab a crust of bread

for their families.

That's why I've come to you.

- You want me to steal bread?
- No.

I want you to help me defeat Jafar.

Defeat Jafar?

Did you miss what he just did?

He turned people into rats.

He has magic.


Only you can do this.

I need your help, Aladdin.

- Agrabah needs your help.
- Sorry, Princess.

Only person I help is me.

Look in your pocket.

- What?
- Look!

The Golden Scarab of Agrabah.

- One of the great royal treasures.
- Take it back.

I don't care how much you're paying me.

Oh, you don't understand.

It's not payment.

Oh, no! It's missing!

The royal scarab! Shh! Okay!

- Thief!
- Okay, shh!

Okay, I'll do it.

I'll do it.

So, what are we stealing?

Nothing much.

Just the most powerful
magic in all the realm.

A weapon known as the
Diamond in the Rough.


Emma, I really don't
think chasing a bird

is an effective form of therapy.

Last time, he took me to the Oracle.

He'll do it again.

She knows what's going
on with my visions.

She says she knows, but I
can actually help you.

This is not dream interpretation.

Emma, this is the opposite

of how therapy's supposed to work.

- I mean, we're... we're making progress.
- Well, I don't see it.

My hands are still shaking and the
visions are still haunting me

despite all the hours on the couch.

So no more talking.
Today we do something.




Oh, no. Is she...

I think so.

Who would do this?




Hey, stop! Stop!

I guess Shirin was after more

than just a fulfilling
career in education.

If that's even her real name.

Let's go find out.

So, let's talk.

Who are you really, Shirin?

What are you doing here?

Let us help you.

Tell us who you are.


I can't tell you.

I've had to keep my true
self secret for many years.

In the Land of Untold Stories,

Hyde... he could use this against me.

Hyde's dead.

- Really?
- Yeah, he's gone.

You don't have to be afraid of him.

I'm Princess Jasmine of Agrabah.

And I swear to you I am
innocent of this crime.

I believe you.

- Really?
- I have, kind of, a superpower.

So if it wasn't you, who was it?

I have no idea.

That girl, she was my friend.

She was helping me find a man

who I cared about a long, long time ago.


You know him?

No, I just saw the movie.

It's a this world thing.

But where is he?

I wish I knew.

He was quite special.

He was the Savior.

- What?
- What?

It's about
time the doctor's in.

What do you want?

I want to talk about Emma Swan.

You know that I cannot
talk about my patients.

Oh, I think you'll make
an exception for me.

Now, Mr. Hyde, before
his untimely demise,

told me the Oracle gave
Emma visions of her future,

and she wasn't willing to
tell me about them, so...

It was you.

You killed her.

Well, if that surprises you,

you're not much with reading people.

Probably not good for a therapist.

But since the Oracle is
gone, I need information,

and you, Cricket, are my only source.

Don't you remember what
a great team we made?

Let's do it one more time
for old time's sake.


Well, I always knew
you had a conscience.

Tell me, are you developing
a spine to go with it?

No matter.

If you won't tell me
about Emma's visions,

then I'll just ask her myself.

Nap time.

Here you go.

Shh, shh, shh.

What the...?


As if I don't have anything
better to do with my time

than watch her victims.

Let me go, please.


As twisted as my evil sibling is,

she usually has her reasons.

You don't have to listen to her.

Y-You can do whatever you
feel is right for you.

You don't have to be in...
in anyone's shadow.

Are you psychoanalyzing me?

You are psychoanalyzing me.

I've got enough to do.

I don't need another baby to watch.

Emma, we need to talk.

I don't remember scheduling
another session.

Did we schedule another session?

No, no, no, no.

But I-I just was thinking
about your situation,

and, uh, I just couldn't let go of it,

and I-I just think we've
got more to explore

with that vision.

I don't think we need to.

Things have changed.

They... they have?

Yeah, there's another Savior...

one that came before me, and, Archie,

he's alive.

Wait, a... another Savior?

Yeah. Aladdin.

You know, like "A Whole New
World" and magic carpets.

Aladdin. He made it.

He's okay, which means if he is,

then maybe the vision doesn't matter.

Maybe it's wrong.

Maybe all Saviors don't die,

and then it's okay that
I can tell my family

because there's nothing to tell.

See ya.

So this Diamond in the Rough,

it's a jewel, a weapon?

You'll learn all you need to

- once we reach the Cave of Wonders.
- Cave of Wonders?

The stories say that's where
it will be discovered.


This... this journey's based on stories?

I was a bored princess in
a palace full of books.

I did some reading.

This, um, Cave of Wonders.

It's "wonders," plural.

'Cause as silly as the name sounds,

wonders can be profitable.

This is not a scavenger hunt.

That's exactly what it is, actually.

What it is, is serious.

Please stop thinking of only yourself.

Your Highness is rather judgy.

Hey, I could be back at
my palace comfortable,

even with Jafar.

I'm out here trying to make a change,

to better the world.

You do realize it's been
suffering for a long time?


You can't blame it all on Jafar.

See, being stuck inside
those palace walls

surrounded by books, you don't see it.


See what?

The capital's been
suffering for a long time.

Only when your family
was personally affected

did you decide to get heroic.

- Well, better late then never.
- Yeah.

Neither of us is exactly hero material.

Let's be honest.

I might be a selfish street rat,

but you, you're a selfish princess.

At least I'm doing something now.

What are you doing?

Just complaining.

Yeah, right.

Selfish street rat.


Stole this from a street vendor.

Want it?

Thank you.

I'm guessing that's it.

Not just a tiger-shaped outhouse?


The Cave of Wonders.

Well then.

Careful, Princess.


Now what?

I thought you were a thief.

How hard can a little
breaking and entering be?


Got it.

- You do?
- Mm.

Let's take a page from your stories.

Ever read "Ali Baba"?

You ready?

Open sesame!


So much for stories.

After you, Princess.

What's wrong?

We just hit a dead
end trying to find Aladdin.

We tried a locator spell.

It didn't work.

Nothing belonged to him.

Everything he had, he stole.

- And we're giving up?
- We're not giving up exactly,

but it doesn't look good.

So, we may not find Aladdin.

Which means you're running
out of excuses, Emma.

- Did you follow me here?
- Yes.

I mean, look.

I couldn't leave knowing

that you were gonna
continue to lie to yourself

and to your family.

What is going on?

Emma has a secret.

- Archie.
- No.


- Killian.
- Emma, if he thinks it can help...

Cricket's always been on your side.

Mom, please.


Been having visions of
what I think is my future.

I've been shaking.

In the vision...

I die.

According to Hyde, all Saviors die.

Aladdin was also a Savior,

so I thought if I found him,
if I found him alive...

that he could help me avoid my fate.

So you lied to us?

- Do you not trust us?
- We're your family.

And you don't keep secrets
from your family.

And you die? Who kills you?

So, I'm not there?

The figure in the hood kills me

while I protect everyone,

but no, you're not there.

Well, where do you think I am?


Or am I the figure under the hood?

Now, Regina, don't be angry.

This is a vision. It's not a dream.

It's not like it's my
subconscious at work.

I'm gonna find another way
to track down Aladdin.

If I can't be of help in the future,

- I sure as hell better do my part now.
- Regina.

Just give me an hour.

Meet me at my vault.

I've got this.

- Is it true?
- What?

Is Aladdin dead?

I don't know.



You want a diamond foot stool, Princess?

Whoop. No.

Booby trapped.

You lift it here, and...

- Boom.
- Yeah.

Can't put weight here.

It's too narrow.

Oh, um...

help me find something that has a, um...

That'll do.




Well, my lady.

I present the Diamond in the...

Get down!

What was that?

- Magic.
- Huh?

You have magic.

Did you know this would happen?

Well, I didn't know the column
would fall on us, but yes.

I suspected something,

and now you've proven it true.

Proven what?

That wasn't the Diamond in the Rough.

You are.

You're the weapon.

You can challenge Jafar and defeat him.

You're going to be the
savior of Agrabah.


So, uh, you can play
the Xbox if you want.

Or whatever helps.

I'm sorry to intrude.

Oh, no, it's... it's okay.

I know this is hard for you, too.

Because of Aladdin.

I'm sorry about that.

The worst part

is being the Savior is a death sentence.

And back in a cave in Agrabah,

I was the one who put him on the path.

I did the same for my mom.

I brought her here to break a curse.

She was just living her life.

So was Aladdin.

Maybe, uh...

Maybe Hyde was wrong
about Saviors dying.

I hope so.

For both of us.

You should've been honest.

I didn't lie.

I just... got scared.

Which is exactly when you
should talk to your mother.

Can you forgive me?

I mean, of course I forgive you.

We're your parents.

We'll always forgive you.

But what about him?

You're trying to build something.

And look, your father and
I may not be perfect,

but we don't keep secrets
from each other.

That was Leroy.

He had an appointment with Archie

but he didn't show.

Archie left with plenty of time.

That wasn't Archie.

The Queen. She has him.

Keep bouncing. She likes it.

And if you know what's good for you,

you'll add some funny faces.

About bloody time.

Oh, good, you're here.

What a day.

Thanks for watching him.

Yeah, thanks for asking.

You know, I could've called
Regina and turned him over.

Yes, you could have, but you didn't.

You know what, Sis?

I know exactly what you need.

Come with me.

Come with you?

What about Robin?

Oh, we have the perfect babysitter.

If the baby dies, you die.


Now put a barrier spell over this dump

to keep the vermin in and come along.

Your little sister can
make everything better.

Have you
seen Gold's new haircut?

Yes, I bumped into him today.

He's looking good, isn't he?

That man needed to get away
from that blithering bookworm.

Have you and the Dark One ever...

Have you?

God, no.


But I did try once.

Back in my wicked days.

You know those days
don't have to be over.

So, what's holding you back now, hmm?

I mean, isn't this what
you've always wanted?

A family who gets you, who chooses you?

Regina and the others only tolerate you.

They want you to shun your gifts.

But I choose you because you're wicked.

But what if my daughter doesn't?

I understand.

Now, don't forget I spent 10 years

lying to Henry about who I really was

because I thought, well, if
he ever saw the real me,

I'd be rejected.

But isn't that exactly what happened?

Only because I lied to him.

You see, I never gave him the chance

to accept the real me.

But you, Zelena,

you are strong and powerful and wicked.

But your daughter won't
embrace who you really are

unless you embrace yourself first.

Who knows?

She may just turn out as
wonderfully wicked as you.

You, uh, took off kind of quickly.

Well, I'm sorry. I'm
trying to save your life.

Fair enough.

How's Henry?

How are you?

Honestly, anxious to figure this out.

What are we making in
this jar of nightmares?

It's a different kind of locator spell.

I thought everything Aladdin
had was hot property.

So did I,

but then I realized

there's one thing Aladdin didn't steal.

His magic.

This potion links like magic...

in this case, the magic of two Saviors.

Mine and Aladdin's.

All you have to do is drink.

Let's go find Aladdin.

So, you knew?

This whole time you knew,

and you didn't think to mention it?

- You would've believed me?
- Of course not.

I need to be alone.

As you wish.

But before I go...

This scarab was given to my family

by the people of Agrabah
many generations ago,

a gift for freeing the
kingdom from darkness.

It's a hero's scarab.

And now it's yours,

because even if you don't
believe in you, I do.

Oh, hello, Aladdin.

So how does it feel to be the Savior?

Feels pretty good,

'cause I get to defeat you.

Isn't that part of the job description?


Perhaps that, too.

But what happens then?

I live happily ever after?

Not quite.

Would you like to see

what happens to your
little hero endeavor, hmm?

This is no ordinary bird.

It's a type of an oracle.

And what it's showing you now...

is your the future.

Not pretty, is it?

But death is the fate of all Saviors.

Is there any way to change it?

Well, your future's
not set in stone yet.

There is a way to alter your destiny

with these.

Once belonging to the three fates,

these shears can sever the
ties to your own destiny.

You will live,

and you will no longer be a Savior.

So, I... I won't have any power?

But you'll live a long,
prosperous, happy life,

paid for by all the treasures
from the Cave of Wonders.

You said it yourself, Aladdin.

You didn't ask to be a Savior.

And perhaps when you're free,

you can buy yourself a new title.

Doesn't Prince Aladdin

sound so much more appealing
than dead Savior?


Are you in here?


Jasmine, my dear.

Have you seen my new castle?

We don't have time to
play with toys, father.

I have to get you somewhere safe.

A great battle is coming.

But Agrabah is at peace.

Agrabah is dying.

I know you can't see it right now,

but Jafar has torn our kingdom apart,

so I found a Savior who will defeat him.

Defeat the Royal Vizier?

That sounds like treason.

Don't listen to him, Father.

Jafar is controlling you.

Yes. I am.

So, I can do what I want to you.

You stay away from me.

The Savior will be here soon.

Oh, do you mean Aladdin?

The thief with a heart of gold,

or is it the heart that desires gold?

- You don't know him.
- Oh, but I do.

Your Savior took the gold and ran.

Now all that's left

between me and the throne is you.

I wouldn't be so sure of that!

You should've used the shears.

Yeah, probably.

But I'm still the Savior,

and I don't care what
price I pay for it.

Spoken like a thief

who's never had to pay
a price for anything.

But you will.

And someday you'll realize
that today was no victory.


Jasmine, are you all right?

I'm fine.

- I just didn't think...
- What was wrong?

- Was the magic carpet too much?
- No.

I just thought you had abandoned us.

Yeah, um...

Well, to be honest, I-I almost did.

And what changed your mind?



Who is this young man?

And why is there a toy
castle in my throne room?

I'm a friend of your daughter's.

I just wanted to return
something she had lost.

Keep it.

It's yours now.

So you'll always remember that you have

a friend who believes in you.

We're getting close.

It's... it's like we're connected.

It's this way.

This is the place. He's here.


We're directly into the cemetery

in some kind of forgotten...


This is a crypt.

Aladdin can't be here.

You must've made some kind of mistake.

I don't think so.

Why don't we wait outside
while the others look around?

No. Give me
one of those torches.


You were right.

He is here.

Are you... are you sure that's Aladdin?


I'm so sorry.


Does this mean...

I... I don't know.

I think I need to be alone for a minute.



I said I wanted to be alone.

I know.


I'm so sorry.


This is all my fault.

What... what are you saying?

If I never knocked on your door,

If I never dragged you to
Storybrooke in the first place,

none of this would be happening.

I forced you to become the Savior.

You didn't force me to do anything.

You helped me believe.

Believing won't stop the future.

Maybe not.

But it gave me a family.

It made me a mother.

I have actual magic in my life.

I have you.

If I could go back, I
wouldn't change a thing.

But it's not fair.

Oh, kid.

Let's not worry about the
end of this story, okay?

Endings usually suck.

Let's just...

enjoy the middle, the journey together.

Someone's there.

Stand back. I got this.

Sure you know how to work that?


From one Savior to another,

that is no fun, is it?

How is he, the Sultan?

My father again, thanks to you.

I had some help.

But don't tell anyone.

My reputation, you know?

Oh, that reminds me.

Father insists you have your pick

of the royal treasury.

I don't want a reward.

The greatest thief in Agrabah

turning down the Sultan's riches?


Your reputation is doomed.

So, what does the Savior want?

Just to be the Savior.
You know, save people.


Well, a falcon arrived this morning.

Jafar was sighted in
the eastern provinces.

All right.

Come with me.


We make a good team.

We could fight Jafar together.

And I could show you the world.

What do you say, Princess?


Oh, I can't.

There's much work to be done here.

Someone once told me

that my kingdom was in
pain for a very long time.

- Mm-hmm.
- They were right.

And they also said that I was selfish.

Also right.

I wouldn't listen to him.

He sounds like quite the scoundrel.

This isn't goodbye.

You'll defeat Jafar.

And then...

You know where to find me.

Then I'll be seeing you.


For a rainy day
or the coming storm.

When the Savior's burden
becomes too much,

you'll thank me.

You used them.

Yeah, I did.

And Agrabah fell.

So... I fled to the Enchanted Forest

and got swept up in the curse.

So, you've been in Storybrooke
this entire time?

Lucky for me, the sheriffs in town

are too busy saving the world
to notice a common thief.

A very good one, to their credit.

So, you planted the scarab.

You didn't want us to find you.

Well, I never intended to reveal myself.

But after hearing you and the boy,

I couldn't keep these to myself.

But Jasmine... She's looking for you.

You... You need to go to her.

She was the first person to believe

I could be more than just
a selfish street rat.

I can't see the look in her eyes

when she realizes that's
exactly what I am.

I was... I am a street rat, too.

I made plenty of mistakes.

But I found people who kept
me strong and cared about me

as much as Jasmine
clearly cares about you.

Maybe the real mistake

was keeping the Savior
burden to yourself.

Our story never even begun.

You two never...

In the movie, you...

Duty always got in the way.

It's never too late to start.


Hey there, Princess.


I thought you were dead.

I thought I'd never see you again.

So, now what?

Now you need to help me.

That's why I've been searching for you.

Agrabah is in terrible danger.

We need the Savior.


Um... about that.

Where have you been?

Yes, mothering isn't easy, is it?

A spa day is exactly what Mommy needed

to get back to basics, isn't it?


What... what... what are you gonna do?

You gonna... you gonna torture me?

Kill me?


Don't be ridiculous.

That would be a bit too,
well, evil for my tastes.


I've got to show my
daughter who her mommy is.


Pair of scissors?

Why does magic always
have to be so literal?

We came as soon as we could.

Still no sign of Archie.

Are those...

Aye. They are.

Look, I brought those here

because I'm done with secrets,

but I do not want to use them.


Just hear me out.

Aladdin didn't trust
the people he loved.

That's why he failed.

But I believe in us to find a third way.

It's kind of what we do.

But if we don't

and my magic does come with a price,

I will pay it.

The Savior is what I am, but
I am also part of a family.

- Well, I choose to believe in us, too.
- We all do.

We can protect you, and
we can protect this town.

If that's what you want,
I'm with you, Swan.


I'm sorry.

I'm sorry I didn't trust you.

No more secrets.

Take them.

I don't want them used as a weapon

if they fell into the wrong hands.

We need to be sure to be rid of them.

They're thousands of
leagues under the sea.

No one will ever find them,
not even Poseidon himself.

Thank you.

There's a storm coming.

Seems like a perfect night

for a fire and some hot buttered rum.

Yeah, sounds like heaven.

I just need to check in on the old girl,

Secure the rigging.

Pizza or Chinese?

Your heart's desire, Swan.

I promise, that's all
I want you to have.