Once Upon a Time (2011–2018): Season 6, Episode 21 - The Final Battle: Part 1 - full transcript

Henry awakens to a cursed Storybrooke and discovers Emma has been in the mental hospital, and the Black Fairy is the new mayor. Henry attempts to help Emma regain her memory while Gold ...

Previously on
"once upon a time"...

The evil queen sent everyone
from the enchanted forest here.

That's what you're going with?

It's true.

How long will you be with us?
A week.

It's your destiny.

You're gonna bring back
the happy endings.

I do hope you like apples.

It's poison.

You may not believe
in the curse,

but I believe in you.


Every story in this book
actually happened.

Goodbye, Emma.

you were right about the curse.

I should've believed you.

I love you, Henry.

This might be the most
important mission yet...

Operation best man.

Wake up.
Wake up, honey. Wake up.

What is it, father?

It's time. They found us.

Don't be frightened.
It'll be all right.

I'll stay behind,
give you time to escape.

No, I won't leave you.
I'll help you fight.

No, no. You can't.

You have to make sure
it stays safe.

You have it, don't you?

Of course.

It never leaves my side.


It may be the realm's only hope
of defeating the darkness.

I will guard it with my life.

It won't come to that.
Now, come on.

You need to get to safety.

You need to share these stories.

But who will believe them?

Someday... Someone will.


Don't worry about me.
You need to go!


I know. I know.

Me too.

Go! Go!

The black fairy's curse!

It's here!

Where do you think
it's taking us?

Doesn't matter.

Wherever we end up,
we're gonna win.

Archie! Hey, Archie!

What happened?! What's going on?

What did
the black fairy's curse do?

Really, Henry?

Black fairy? Curse?

Henry, I-i-i thought
we were past all this.

She's done something to you,
to... to everyone.

Henry, um...

Do I need to schedule
another appointment?

Where is she? Who?

You know who. Where's my mom?


You know exactly

where Emma is.

She's in the same place

that she's been

for the last two years.


You have a visitor.

Your son.



Thank god you remember me.

Of course I remember you.

Good, 'cause I just looked
all over town,

and I couldn't find
the rest of our family...

Snow, David, hook.

No, no. Stop. What?

I'm not going down
that road again.

I've worked way too hard
for you to undo my progress.


You know what I mean.

Those people...

Snow white, prince charming,
captain hook...

None of them are real.

My parents are not
fairy-tale characters.

No one in storybrooke is.
There's no curse.

This is just a regular town.

Mom... What happened to you?

What happened to me is
I'm getting better.

I ended up in this nuthouse
because I believed you

back then,
bought into all of it.

No, this is the black fairy.

She said she would
take away your family,

and this is how.

She cursed you.
No! No more curses.

I just...

Want to get well

so that maybe...

Maybe I can be your mother.


How long have you been
a patient here?

You know how long
I've been here.

Maybe it'll help
if you relive it.

Ever since you tried to prove
that fairy tales were real

by eating
a poisoned apple turnover.

You ended up in the hospital
for weeks.

You barely made it through.

No, that's not how it happened.

Don't you remember?
I did eat the turnover,

but you fought a dragon

and woke me
with true love's kiss.

My god. Henry, stop!
You woke me, a-and you...

This is crazy.

You're the one who's supposed
to be getting better.

Don't go back. But it's true.

Henry, you were not saved
by a kiss.

That's ridiculous.

You were saved by medicine,
by Dr. whale

and by... Hospital.

It's time.

Stop it.

You can't take that.
You can't take anything.

It might be how the black fairy
is keeping you from remembering.

Henry, just let me...

Look. Okay.

This page I wrote...

It means that
the final battle is coming.

The key to winning it
is in here.

But we can't do that
until you start believing.

Sorry about him.

You have to stop doing that,

or your mother's not gonna
let you keep visiting me.

Regina. She's here?

Who's Regina?


There's my boy.

Madame mayor, I'm sorry.

I didn't know
he was coming today.

How many times have I told you?

It's Fiona.

No need for titles here.

Now, Henry...

Shouldn't you be at school?

Of course.

I just wanted to see my...
Other mom.

What's that?

Where did you find that?

No. I think I'll hold onto this.

Nothing but trouble seems
to come from this book.

Now, Henry, back to school.

I'll see you at dinner.

Emma and I have some business
to discuss.

Okay, mom.

Whatever she wants you to do,
don't do it.

Now then...

I think somebody
needs to take their medicine.

David. David!

Yeah, I'm okay.


No. Emma?


She's gone.

The fairy...
She's as good as her word.

She ripped us apart.

Ripped us apart?!
Where the blazes are we?!

This is... Our palace.

What now?

We're in the enchanted forest.

Well, she has panache,
I'll give her that.

She took you from your wedding
to theirs.

This is where we got married.

Right before we were cursed.

Henry? Henry?!


Hey. Where is he?

We'll find him.

If she thinks
she can rip this family apart...

Curses have
never stopped us before.

Today will be no different.

We'll get Emma and Henry back.

Wherever they may be.

Hey, guys. I'm fine, really.

All due respect, Emma,
but you do seem quite agitated.

Not at all. Are you sure, dear?

Yes, really.

Everything is okay.

Well, I just came to check
on your progress.

As mayor of storybrooke,

can you blame me
for taking a keen interest

in all of our residents?

All of your
"troubled" residents.

All due respect,
Dr. hopper and madame mayor,

I know exactly
what this is really about.

Do you now?



Well, you are his biological
mother, and he is my son,

so perhaps there is a bit more
to my interest.

I don't think that's any secret.

- I feel so loved.
- Sarcasm aside,

Emma has been doing quite well
of late.


Dr. hopper's reports
are very encouraging.

I don't think
I'm talking out of school

to say you might be eligible
for release soon.

Wouldn't it be nice
to paint a different view

than these dreary, old
hospital grounds?

We are working
on the landscaping.

Perhaps even the Boston skyline?

As I recall,
you had a lovely apartment

overlooking it all.

Wouldn't it be nice to go back?

Yeah. It would be nice.


Because it's not just
your well-being

that I'm concerned with.

It's Henry's.

He's clearly still clinging
to the delusion

that these stories are real.

Now, I'd hoped
we were past all that.

But now, thanks to you,
I have a 14-year-old boy

who still believed in fairy tales.

Madame mayor, please.
This is terribly delicate.

Sorry. I just get so emotional
when it comes to my son.

I never meant to do any harm.

Of course you didn't.

But as luck would have it,
his book has given me an idea

of how we could cure him
of all of this nonsense.

What are you talking about?
What do you want me to do?

Burn it.

Show him that you've
truly embraced reality

and then he will.

Because belief in something,
something that isn't real,

can be dangerous.

No. I'm sorry.


Look, I know
all these stories are fake,

but I can't destroy this.

It means so much to Henry.
He'd be crushed.

Well, that's the point...
To crush his delusions...

And yours.


I'm not ready for that.


You might not be ready now,
but you will be.

Of that, I am quite certain.

Dr. hopper will hold onto it
until that day comes.

And it will...

Because, miss swan...

until you're ready
to destroy the book

and make a clean break
from this fantasy world,

you'll remain locked up.

Emma! Emma!

That bitch. She's taunting us.

Get her back. It's your mirror.

Which she is controlling.

Why? What is she doing?

It's the final battle.

The final battle? In a nuthouse?

Well, clearly, it wasn't
what we thought it was.


Her soul. She's the savior.

Of course
the final battle isn't a war.

It's a battle for her soul,
for her belief, her hope.

I don't get it.

What does she gain
if Emma stops believing?

I think I might know.


What is she doing here?

Helping, thank you very much.

The mad hatter's hat.

W-wasn't it destroyed?

Well, he was a hatter.
He had multiples.

Inside are portals
to every realm.

I used it to escape oz.


Why did you need to escape
your own realm?

Look, there isn't much time.

It's easier if I show you.

If you want to know
what we were running from...

Take a gander.

There's nothing there.

I can see that.

When I left oz,
it was falling apart...

Apocalyptic, but now...

It's erased.
Like it never existed.

What the bloody hell does this
got to do with Emma?

This is what she's doing.

It's why she wants Emma
to destroy the book.

As the savior's belief fades...

so do all the realms of story.

If we don't
stop the black fairy...

all the realms
will be destroyed...

and everyone in them.

Who's here, papa?

Just checking everything
is as it should be.

You know what they say...

A mayor's work is never done.

Madame mayor...

An honor.

I brought you lunch,

and a little job
if you'll take it.

My wristwatch stopped.

Guess I'm not good
for timepieces.

We'll figure
out that clock tower one day.

Don't worry.

And I'll get working
on the watch right away.

Thank you.

Thanks for lunch.

Your favorite oatmeal raisin
cookies are in there, too.

Thank you.

You're very kind,

always thinking of Gideon.

Well, when someone's lost
their mother...

I feel a need
to step into that void.

And how are you doing?

I know this time of year
can be difficult.


It is hard,

thinking of belle
on our anniversary...

Given what happened.

Yes, it's terribly sad.

So sad.

Thank you.

Well, I'll be back
for the watch later.

I always know
I can count on you.

And please...

If there's anything I can do.

After all, for my boys...

I'm always here to help.

I saw someone from arendelle
just now.

They still had snow
on their shoulders.


How far is this nightmare


Jasmine, Aladdin?

It hit agrabah...
Whatever it is.

We barely got our people out.
What's going on?

The black fairy's doing this
all the way from storybrooke.

She's attacking Emma's belief.

The more she loses faith,
the realms of story fade away.

We need to get back there
and stop all this.

What about the portal
we just came through, the hat?

It can't make a passage
to a land without magic.

We need something else.

I have it.

I mean, I think I have it.

I might have a theory
where to look.

We don't need theories.
So, you don't want my help?

Well, all due respect, captain,

but what we need right now
is magic.

And that's my area.

It's time I get to work
and do what I do best.

We need to get out of this hat
and back to my castle.

I don't care
what kind of magic it takes,

I'm getting Henry and Emma back.


What the hell?
How'd you get in here?

Dr. hopper really needs
to keep an eye on his wallet.

Come on. Whoa, whoa, whoa.

You serious? A jailbreak, kid?

You don't belong here.

And no matter
what the mayor says,

she's never letting you out.

But I am.

Welcome to
operation cuckoo's nest.

I haven't seen the movie
in a long time,

but didn't that end
with a lobotomy?


We have to get out of here
before the nurse comes back.

Come on. We have to go.

Come on!

Bloody hell.

It's taller than I remembered.


Next time you sneak off
on a secret mission,

you might want to make sure
there's no munchkins around.

They're easily bought.

stealth wasn't a priority...

Speed was.

So this is your theory
on how to get home?

Hoping there's a magic bean
up there?

There's only one way
to find out.

Hook, that beanstalk's
over 1,000 feet high.

You really think
you can climb that alone?

I think I want to get back
to my wife.

But making her a widow is not
what I'd call a good plan.

You're gonna get yourself

I'll have you know
I've scaled this before.

Really? When?

With Emma.

It was
our first adventure together,

though my motives were
less than chivalrous then.

Yeah, I seem to recall
you trying to kill her and snow.

Granted, it was hardly
love at first sight.

But... Things changed.

We changed. I know, but...

Look, we made each other better!
All right?

Emma and I were never
a predestined love story,

guaranteed a happy ending.

We fought for our love,
and we won.

And you...

You of all people
should understand that.

But now...

You saw into that mirror.

She doesn't even remember
who I am.

So, yes,

I'm gonna climb this beanstalk,

and I am gonna find that bean...

Because I'm not gonna lose
everything I have

just because some bitter fairy
cast another bloody curse!

our story began
on the beanstalk,

and I'll be damned
if it ends there, too.

All right.

You're scared of losing Emma.
I get that.


Take a deep breath.

All right, calm down.

Let's go get that bean together.

Come on.
I've got to show you something.

Okay, well,

unless we're waiting
for a helicopter,

I think we went the wrong way.

We're here because
this is the last place

you saw your family.

The last place you remembered
who you really are...

The savior.

Mom, it's true.

Henry, you have to accept
these things are not real.

And bringing me to some rooftop
is not gonna convince me

that my mother is snow white.

But she is.

And this isn't just
some rooftop.

This is where you married
your true love yesterday.

My true love? Sorry, kid.

That's not the way
the world works.

It does, and it did for you.

You married captain hook
right here.

Captain hook?
Who officiated... tinker bell?

No. Jiminy cricket.
It was amazing!

The aisle was right here...

Where your parents
gave you away.

The only time they gave me away
was when I was a baby.

Mom, stop it.

They walked you to the altar.

That's where you exchanged vows,

in front of all your friends
and family who love you.

This is it. Mom, come on!

What happened?
Mom, did you see something?

I don't know.

That's a yes.
It worked. I knew it.

Henry, I don't know what I saw.

I've been in a mental hospital
for years.

It's not like my brain
is really trustworthy right now.

This is the curse.
She wants you to doubt yourself.

But you can't give in.
You have to fight.

I don't want to fight.

I want to go home to Boston.

Storybrooke is your home.

But, Henry, you're right.

If I stay here, Fiona's just
gonna lock me up again.

And that's not good for me
or you.

Y-you can't leave.

It's not for forever.

I'll come back, I promise.

I just need to get out of here
for a while and... Lay low.

Okay. Fine.

But you got to wait.

You'll be safer
if you leave after dark.

I know where Dr. hopper
keeps your car keys.

I can get them for you.

A few seconds ago,
you were trying to keep me here.

Now you're gonna help me leave?

You're my mom.

I'll always want to help you.

And you're right.

You don't deserve to be
locked up again.

Thanks, kid.

Meet me back in an hour,
and after that,

I promise you'll have the life
you always wanted.

"To my son, Gideon."

Remember to be strong and true.

I will always love you.



I know it's not easy

to talk about belle.

But this book...

Meant the world to her,

and she really wanted you
to have it.

I know.

So I would always remember
how much she loved me.


Yeah, well... Fiona's been
more of a mother to me

than she ever was.

How much do you remember?

A-about when she left?

Only what you told me.
I was just a baby.

She said she was going to the
store, and she never came back.

Yeah, well, you know,
I-i-I've been thinking,

and, um...

Well, maybe we don't know
the whole story.

Your mother
wouldn't just leave...

not without good reason.

Will you stop with this?

She walked out on us.

Don't try
to rationalize it away.

She didn't love us.


No, I-i-i can't accept that.

She would never do that.

But she did.

And you know what?

We don't need her
to have a happy life.

We have everything we need
right here in this shop.

You just...

You refuse to see it.

Your mother loved you, Gideon.

And no matter what may have
happened between us...

She would always want to be
a part of your life.

Please, just...

leave it alone.


Lizard horn?

Nope. All gone.

How is that possible?

I had tons of it.

It's all gone.

All my things are gone!

Somebody's stolen from me!

Well, it can't be
any of the new people.

They just got here.
Well, then, who is it?


I think we're about to find out.

I am so going to enjoy this.

Who the hell is in my house?!


You're back.

I-I'm back?

You're back.

Well, this is disappointing.

So, you're the one

who's been squatting
in my castle?

I'm not "squatting" anywhere.

This is the evil queen's castle,
after all.

Nice outfit, by the way.

We really do make it look good,
don't we?


I-I mean
w-what are you doing here?

I thought you were
in that wish realm with Robin.

Well, I was.

But there was one little thing
you neglected to mention

before sending me off
to my fabulous new home.

Everyone there thinks
I murdered snow and charming.

And my own son
was trying to kill me.

So, after three days
of angry villagers

trying to burn my home,

I decided to find
a new place to live.

What about Robin?

Did you murder him, too?

Of course not.

He's out with friar tuck.

And I don't murder anymore,

Robin and I have
turned over a new leaf.

We now steal from the rich
and give to the poor.

Well, mostly anyway.

Sounds delightful.

Look, can we get back
to saving the world now?

You know,
while there's still one to save.

Yes, um...

W-we're having
a bit of a... Fairy problem.

Do tell.


She did what?


Hey, mom.

There's no reason to pretend,

We both know
I'm not your mother.

So, you know I'm awake.

I know everything.

What are you gonna do?

Put me in the crazy house, too?

Of course not.

You're much more useful
to me out here.

What's that mean... "useful"?

Turns out, getting a savior
to give up her belief

is much harder than I thought.

Even if you take everything
away from her, which I have,

there's still that
one last pesky speck of belief

that just refuses to die out.

And it never will.

Henry... Stay away from me.

Come back. No.

My mom's strong.

She'll fight it,

and there's nothing you can do
to stop that.

You're right.

There is nothing I can do
to stop it.

But there is something
you can do.

Madame mayor, what happened?

There was an accident.

Henry broke into
his doctor's office,

had a nasty fall
down the stairs.

I'm so sorry.

I just don't know
how this could be.

They say that he's stable,
but it was such a tumble.

He has to be all right.
He has to be.

He'll pull through.
The boy is resilient.

Thank you.

But that's not the only reason
for your visit,

is it?

I know this is poor timing,

but there's something I need
to discuss with you.

Yes, the timing is poor.

Perhaps we can
chat about it later

over my infamous black pudding.

Gideon, too, of course.

I need you to reopen
the investigation

into belle's disappearance.

You and Gideon
lead such charmed lives.

Why tear open old wounds?

they never properly healed.

Gideon may hide it well enough,

but I know he's...
He's hurting inside.

He needs to know the truth.

Belle wouldn't just abandon him
for no reason.

Come with me.

Well, it appears
we have some ground to cover.

Well, it's got to be
in here somewhere.

Maybe it's up there.

Well, that shouldn't be
too difficult.

Apart from the fact that
that's way up there,

and we're way down here.

Come on.
You just climbed a beanstalk.

What's some oversized furniture?

It's not the furniture
I'm worried about.

It's its oversized owners.

I thought the giants were gone.

It appears some have stayed.

Let's not dawdle.

What are we doing?

You can't pull yourself
up there.

You only have one hand.
I'm a pirate.

You don't think
I've swung from masts before?

I'm doing this.

She's your daughter,
but she's my wife.

No arguments. It has to be me.

Okay, you're right.

I am?


So, you're gonna trust
all of our fates to a pirate?


I'm gonna trust my son...


Thank you.

Is everything all right
up there?

This place
is a bloody obstacle course.


You need help? No, I'm fine.

I think I just might have
found something.

What was that?


Retrieving the.

The bean!

Bloody hell.

I think I just
woke up the giants!

Hook, I think it's worse
than giants.

Don't tell me you're afraid
of a little fire.

That's not fire.

Lovely. Run!

So, yes.

I haven't been
completely honest.

The police did find evidence
of what happened to belle.

I just wanted to save
you and Gideon the heartbreak.


She wanted to see the world.

Just not with you,
it would appear.

Look, I must be frank with you,

for your sake
as well as Gideon's.

You're the one that caused him
all this pain, not belle.

She left because
you could never be the man

she wanted you to be.

But you can still be the man
your son needs you to be...

By accepting that

and moving on.

Thank you.

This was...



What do you know?


What happened? Are you okay?


He was trying to steal this.

Then he tried to escape
and had a nasty fall.

You lied to me.

You said you were done
with all this.

No. She's the one that's lying.

I didn't fall. She pushed me.

She wants
to destroy your belief.

He's confused...

according to Dr. whale.

Look, I pulled this
from the security camera.

Put aside the fact that
he's my own son...

How could I push him
if I wasn't even touching him?

She used magic.

Kid, there's no such thing
as magic.

True belief is believing
even if you can't see.

Here, just look at the book.


Just touch it. Henry, enough.

Touch it! Okay, fine.

All right, Henry.
I'm... I'm touching the book.

It... it didn't work.

I'm sorry,
but you're not a kid anymore.

This isn't
some daring rescue operation.

It's real life.

Mom... Please.

It was just his arm this time.

Next time,
what if it's his neck...

Or worse?

This is the apple turnover
all over again.

He's hurting himself

to make you believe
his delusions.

This is all my fault.
It has to stop.

Then you know
what you have to do.

No. Mom, you can't destroy it.

You just...
Have to believe in me.

Kid, just 'cause you believe
something doesn't make it true.

That's exactly
what makes it true.

Deep down, you know that.

What I know, Henry,

is that I love you.

And that's why I have
to do this.


No. Don't go.

This is it.
This is the final battle.

Henry, I'm sorry.


What was that?!
Was it the dragon?!

I don't think so.

I think we got a bigger problem
than a dragon!

Go on, dear.

Only you can
save our son now, Emma.

Go on.

I think we may be too late.

We better get a move on! Go!

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