Once Upon a Time (2011–2018): Season 6, Episode 20 - The Song in Your Heart - full transcript

In flashback, Snow makes a wish that causes everyone to burst into song, infuriating the Evil Queen. In Storybrooke, this wish comes back into play as Emma and Hook prepare for their wedding, and the Black Fairy announces her plans.

What's this?

It's none of your business.

What, think you're gonna be
the next Madonna?

What do you know?

Maybe people actually
want to hear me sing.

Who? As soon as you
get up on that stage

and look out at the audience,

you'll realize the truth, Emma.

You're just like
the rest of us... all alone.

Did you decide which one?

Not yet.
I have narrowed it down to two,

but neither one
feels exactly right.

Well, Emma, I didn't want
to say anything because

I wasn't sure that
the curse even brought it over

from the enchanted forest,
but I had belle scour

the back of gold's shop,
and she found it.

My wedding dress!

Do you want to wear it?

Of course. Where is it?

Well, I dropped it off
at the dry cleaner,

and it should be back in plenty
of time for the wedding tonight.

Mom, that's...

Thank you!

With all we've
been through lately,

I just never thought
we'd get a moment like this.

Snow, snow,
it's going to be okay.

No, charming, it's not!

You heard rumple.

There is nothing we can do
to stop the evil queen.

I promise you, we will find
a way to protect our daughter.

But right now, she needs
something more important.

She needs her mother to rest.

All right.

I just need some air.

I wish we had what
we needed to help Emma

to give her a chance
at a happy ending.

It's here!



It's beautiful.


I never was a fan
of white weddings.

How are you still here?

Did you really think you could
turn my own son against me?

What the hell
are you doing here?

Why are you crashing
my daughter's wedding day?

Because Emma and I
are destined to fight.

Light and dark must
have their reckoning.

Unless, of course...


Unless you give me
your heart now

and save us both the trouble
of fighting the final battle.

You really think
I'll just surrender to you.

I know you think
you're strong, Emma.

But I've spent centuries
collecting orphans

just like you.

And we both know deep down,

you're still the lonely
little girl you always were.

I hate to break it to you,
but I've grown up.

Have you? Go to the clock tower.

Then you'll know
what your up against.

The final battle is coming,
whether you want it or not.

Is that all...

Black fairy dust.

Enough to curse storybrooke
10 times over.

So, that's how the black fairy
plans to win the final battle...

By separating us with a curse.

It's tied to the clock tower.

The moment it strikes 6:00,
it'll be released.

That's when hook and I
are getting married.

Well, you have to admit, she's
got a flair for the dramatic.

That's it. The black fairy's
going down right now.

Emma, I know that
you feel responsible,

but this is not just your fight.

She seemed to think it was.

Yeah, well the last time I
checked, she doesn't get a vote.

Zelena and I will figure out
a way to disable this thing.

I ruined your parents' wedding.

The least I can do make sure
you get to enjoy yours.


So, the charming's think
their love is strong enough

to defeat me.

Well, there's
one thing they don't know.

What's wrong?

Wishing they had something
with a bit more... Leather?

Do you think Emma will be
disappointed if I don't wear it?

I don't think she'll mind.


Swan, don't you know
it's bad luck

to see the bride
before the wedding?

Dad, can you give us a minute?

Yeah, of course.

What is it, luv?

The black fairy.
Gold didn't banish her.

And now she's casting a curse
that's going to separate me

from everyone, so that I have to
fight the final battle alone.

Not on our wedding day,
she won't. Let's go.

Killian, this is one
I need to win on my own.

Isn't that what she wants?

If you come with me,
it just gives her a chance

to hurt one more person I love.

And I can't let her do that.

You've obviously
made up your mind,

so why did you come here then?

To tell you not to worry.

And at 6:00 P.M., I will
be there to say "I do."

No, that's not it.

You've come to say goodbye
in case it doesn't work.


Let me help.

I love you.

You think
the wish affected them?

I don't know.
Only one way to find out.

You there, pirate.

Are you the captain of a ship
called the jolly Roger?

Really? It's very kind
of you to ask.

I always thought
I exuded authority.

He's not the captain.

I am.

Allow me to introduce myself.

Captain hook.

We need you to take us
to the evil queen

so we can save our daughter.

We're prepared
to pay you for this journey.

It's just a taste.

So what do you say, pirate?

Silver? Gold?


Revenge? On who?

Just wait for
the second verse, luv.

- Let's go.
- Wait, you want revenge

on a crocodile
for taking your hand?

Yeah, afraid
he did more than that.


Did you say the dark one?

I think I know
why you can't find him.

We have him in our dungeon.

Bloody hell.

Captain, if you give us
safe passage

to the queen's castle,
you've got yourself a crocodile.

Aye, luv. You got a deal.

Have on last drink, mates!

Then we've got
a date with destiny!

Show yourself, dark one.

It takes a brave man to
walk into my shop like that.

You betrayed Emma.

You betrayed all of us.

I simply did what was necessary
to keep my family together.

Not that I'd expect a pirate
like you to understand.

I wouldn't be
so sure about that.

A little bit of dreamshade
I brought back from neverland.

I think it almost
killed you once before.

But it didn't, as I'm immortal.

Well, I don't need
to kill you now.

Just, you know,
knock you out long enough

for Emma to defeat your mother.

And then...

I'm gonna finally
skin myself a crocodile.

There's just one problem.

My son's not the only one
looking out for his family.

- Mom.
- Hey.

Let me guess, you're
here to talk me out of

going up against
the black fairy.


I'm here to tell you
you're doing the right thing.


The final battle...

It's why I brought you to
storybrooke in the first place.

I know you can do it.

Thanks, kid.

Well, what are you doing here?

Well, I can't go into battle
with the people I love,

so I was just reminding myself

of all the things
I have to fight for.

What's this?

Are you okay?

What was that?


If I'm gonna do this,
I need to do this now.

I don't have a lot of time
before her curse hits.

I can't find anything to stop
the black fairy's curse.

Think about it.

You were the first person
to cast her original dark curse.

You know her magic
better than anyone.

There has to be something
you learned back then

that you can use
against her this time.


That's it!

The first curse stopped time.

If I can isolate
that part of the spell,

it'll stop the curse
from happening.

Show yourself, dearie.

The queen!

The queen, the queen, the queen.

It's the charmings.

They cast a spell
so everyone breaks into song.

They plan to use it
to stop my curse...

The curse you gave me.


Which means you're going
to tell me how to stop them.

Now sing!

Sorry, dearie.
Do you think the dark one sings?

I'd rather gouge my eyes out
with a rusty fork.

And I didn't chose you
to cast my curse

so you could come crying to me

at every itty-bitty
sign of trouble.


I'm the best student who ever
walked through your door.

I wouldn't be
too sure about that.

And what's that
supposed to mean?

It means if you want to prove
I chose the right witch,

go fix it.


Why just revel in her demise,

when I can use it
to my advantage?

Is that it?

Yes, the answer to stopping
the black fairy's curse.

Okay, now we'll fight
the black fairy together.

Good work.

Well, I had a little help.

I wonder what
our sorry excuse of a teacher

would say if he could
see us now?

How about, "thank you"?

Now, this was made
to freeze the curse.

I wonder how well
it's gonna work on people.

So, have you finally
come to your senses

and decided to surrender?

Why wait for the curse to hit?

Let's start
the final battle now.

Funny, I was thinking
the same thing.

I was planning to wait
for my curse to separate you

from your family, but they
ended up doing my work for me.

I'll kill you.

Will you, now?

Because I've been
watching you, Emma.

Or should I say, listening?

Do you know what I hear?

A little girl who's
all alone in this world.

A girl who's weak, without hope.

I used to go to sleep
to the sounds of misery

like that every night
in the mines.

I'll show you misery.

What did you do?

I didn't do anything,
just made you face the truth.

You can't do this alone.

What did she do to you?

She just reminded me
what it was like

to feel something I haven't
felt in a really long time.

She reminded me what
it felt like to be alone.

Even if she froze our family,
you're not alone.

The reason... the reason
I didn't want to listen

to the tape is because
it reminded me of a time

when no one even cared enough
to listen to me sing a song.

I don't understand.

What does it have to do with
fighting the final battle?

It's not about the singing.

It's just where it started.

It's not about the little things
that I couldn't do on my own.

It was every time something big
came along, I ran from it.

Henry, I wasn't even
brave enough to keep you.


That was a long time ago.

You've changed.

Because you came into my life.

And you helped me
build a family,

and that let me do things
I never thought I could.

You're the savior.

You can still beat her
and save everyone.

The only way I can do that
is if I give the black fairy

my heart the way she wanted
in the first place.

But she'll kill you.

You brought me here to
bring back the happy endings.

Maybe this is the way
I was supposed to do it.

This isn't how the book's
supposed to end.

Because if I fight and I lose,

then I know
you won't have anyone.

At least this way, I know you'll
have the rest of our family.

In here.

Where is she?

Looking for me?

Snow white.

I haven't had a chance
to congratulate you

on that little bundle
brewing inside.

That's far enough.

You should make it easy on
yourself and come with us now.

You mean like this?

There's a powerful magic...

Snow, the song... it's gone.

I don't understand.

What's there to understand?

I won.

You took our song from us.

Not just yours.



With a little something
I happened to find in my vault.

Green isn't my color, but it
seems to have done the trick.


I guess this proves love isn't
the strongest magic of all.

Enjoy what little time
you have left as a family.

Snow, are you okay?

What do you think?

What happened?

The wish should've worked.

You felt how powerful
that song was.

Snow, look.


You granted the wish.

But it didn't work.

The evil queen took
the song from us.

No one can do that.

It's still inside you.
It's still inside everyone.

But I'm afraid its magic
was never meant for you to use

against the evil queen.

Then, who was it for?


You wished that she could have
a chance for a happy ending.

And now, with everyone's song
in her heart, she will.

I don't understand. Why?

I mean, how does that help her?

One day, she will face a battle

like no one has
ever faced before.

And I'm afraid she will
have to face it alone.

But she won't be alone.

She'll have the voices
of the people who love her

inside of her heart.

In the morning,
we'll have forgotten

that we ever sang
in the first place.

Not even the evil queen
will remember.

That way, the songs
will remain safe.

Then, how will Emma
know she has them inside her?

We will just have to hope
that they find their way

to the surface
when she needs them the most.

There has to be a different
ending to this story.


Where'd that come from?

She's not alone.

She never was.


Here to spend a final moment

with your family
before my curse hits?

Just let them go.

This could be over
before it even started.

You could have
what you came for.

My heart.

It's a deal.


I'm sorry. This is the only way.

It's all right, Emma.

At least one of us is
getting our happy ending.

Just get it over with.


Why won't you die?

'Cause her heart's
stronger than you think.

Henry, what are you doing here?

You don't have to be afraid
of being alone

because you never have been.

Look. Their song has been
inside you the whole time.

It's not your weakness.

It's your strength.

Mom, keep going. You can do it.

Looks like
I'm not alone anymore.


You should've done this
the easy way.

'Cause my curse is still coming.

And the final battle
is going to be worse

than you could possibly imagine.

Emma. Emma.

How did you do it?

It was the song you gave me.

What do you mean? What song?

It doesn't matter.
It's not important.

What matters is
you were with me.

You were with me my whole life!



Are you ready
to recite your vows?

Emma, when we met,
there was just one thing

that mattered to me...

Getting my revenge.

And you did something
that no one else ever could.

You showed me that
a heart full of love

was the most precious
treasure of all,

and one that I don't
intend to lose.

They say that a captain's heart
belongs to his ship.

And with this ring,
it now belongs to you.

Killian, I spent so much
of my life on my own.

And then, Henry found me
and brought me to storybrooke,

and helped me find
the rest of my family.

But just because you learn
that you come from true love

doesn't mean that you believe
that you'll ever find it.

But thanks to you, now I have.

Do you, Killian Jones,
take this woman to be your wife

and to love her
for all eternity?

I do.

And do you, Emma swan,
take this man

to be your husband
and love him for all eternity?

I do.

Then it is with great pleasure

that I now pronounce you
husband and wife.

You did it, swan.

You got your happy ending.

That's not what this is.

It's something else.

What, then?

Happy beginning.

The black fairy's curse!

It's here!

Where do you think
its taking us?

It doesn't matter.

Wherever we end up,
we're gonna win.

Do you trust me?

Where are we going?

Enter a whole new world
where the untold stories

of some of your favorite

Aladdin and Jasmine,

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,

the count of monte cristo,
and more...

Will be unleashed.

What's coming,
and how do I stop it?

They say
when the rider burns you,

he burns your soul.


You don't get to decide
who deserves to die.

I'm not the one who decides.

agents of S.H.I.E.L.D...

Ghost rider."

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