Once Upon a Time (2011–2018): Season 6, Episode 17 - Awake - full transcript

Regina works to break Snow and Charming's sleeping curse, while in flashbacks, we see how much the couple gave up for Emma to fulfill her destiny. Hook finds an unexpected ally in Neverland.

Previously on
"Once Upon a Time"...

A sleeping curse?
That's never kept us apart before.

You stole me
from my parents.

They abandoned you!

You may have stopped me, but
you can't stop The Savior.

Now you are mine.

Emma, are you there?

I was on my way back
to you, and Gideon...

He wanted me out of the way.

- Who are they?
- The Lost Boys.

- Where are we?
- Neverland.

Get the pirate!

Make him pay!

Over there!

Oh, bloody hell.

Look, I've got...
I've got treasure

buried all over this island

and, uh...
and rum.

Any of you lads old enough to drink rum?

There's only one thing
we want from you...

to make you pay for
what happened to Pan.


Well, let's get on with it then.

I've got somebody
waiting for me at home.

Now, look, I don't
want to hurt any of you,

so this is your last chance.


You should really be
more careful, Captain.

The Lost Boys have gotten
nasty since Pan died.

Tiger Lily.

Didn't expect to ever
see you back on this rock.

Neither did I.

This isn't exactly what you
call a planned excursion.

I suppose thanks are in
order for the daring rescue.


About that...

Who said this was a rescue?

Once Upon a Time
S06E17 | "Awake"

"The Final Battle"?

According to that weasel, Isaac,

that's what these hieroglyphs mean.

We really are at the end of the book.

We should have seen this coming.

- There's no way you could.
- Yes.

Back in the Enchanted Forest,

when Rumplestiltskin told us

you were destined to be the Savior,

he said you would have
to fight the Final Battle.

We thought that meant
breaking the original curse.


We never would have put
you through that wardrobe

if we knew it was gonna lead to this.

And it's fine.

I'm not gonna lose.

Come on, kid.
Let's go to the library

and see if we can find
something to decipher

exactly what this means.

It's going to be okay, Mom.

I know.

Her story can't end like this.

Hook's trapped in another realm.

Her parents are stuck apart.

She can't go into the Final Battle
without her family.

I agree.

But unless you or Snow sleepwalk,

Emma's going to have to
settle for only one Charming.

Unless you break the
curse you put us under.

I know, and I'm working on an antidote.

This kind of magic takes time, testing,

and experimenting to be sure.

You have something?

Okay, yes, I may have something,

but it could be dangerous
or life-threatening.

Our daughter is about to face
the biggest fight of her life.

We'll do whatever it
takes to be with her.

Now, whatever you have...

it'll work.

It has to.

I mean, it's not like
it's the first curse

we've ever woken up from.

Good afternoon, Granny.

It'd be a hell of a lot better

if Ruby weren't still sleeping off

last night's hangover.

Now I'm putting
out the open sign.

These were supposed
to be my golden years.

Hi, Marco!

Look at what you've made me do.

I'm sorry.

Oh, hi, Dr. Hopper.



Oh, sorry about Pongo.

He's in a mood.

He's off gluten.

- Oh!
- Ah! Ah!

Oh, I'm so sorry, Madame Mayor.

What is so important that
you can't pay attention

to where you're walking?

Well, I was just headed to the hospital

to deliver these.

Oh, let me guess.
For John Doe?

I like to think it comforts him.

I can get another bunch.

Well, don't waste your money.

It's not like he can
tell the difference.

Has there been any news?

Has anyone figured out who he is

or where his family might be?

I'm not sure it really matters.

Why's that?

Dr. Whale said it's
beginning to look like...

he may never wake up.

Sorry I'm late.

I almost didn't come, but...

then I saw this, and
something in me told me

I had to bring it to you.

Oh, no.

What's happening?
What have I done?


Oh, no, I don't understand.

Where is she?


Where is the Evil Queen?

No. Oh!
No, no, no, no, no, no.

You've... You're confused.
You've been in a coma.

The Evil Queen's guards...
They stabbed me.

I-I passed out, and then...

The curse must have brought us here,

whatever this place is.

I'm gonna go get a doctor.

All right.

Whatever she did to you,

I know Snow White
is in there somewhere.

- Trust me.
- You are delusional

and speaking gibberish.
Why would I trust you?

Because you love me and I love you.

Come on.

Somewhere inside, you know that.


There you are.


Are you sure you don't want to tell Emma

- what you're doing?
- Well, we know what she would say.

She wouldn't let us take the risk.

I agree with David.

We have to do this now.

So, how does this work?

Sorry, but this is going to hurt.

The curse's magic,
split between both halves

of your shared heart...

It's what keeps you from
being awake at the same time.

If this potion clears up the darkness,

you and Charming will be
able to make us all retch

with your sweet nothings in no time.

Regina, it's working.


What the hell?

What happened?

The Evil Queen happened.

She must have baked a
failsafe in her curse.

Our potion didn't weaken its magic.

- It... It weakened your heart.
- What does that mean?

It means by the end of the day,

you'll both be asleep...

with no way of waking up.

So, Emma will fight the Final Battle...

without us.


We need your help.

- Who you calling grumpy?
- No, we don't have time for this.

- Round up the other Dwarfs.
- Now you're making this about my height?

I'm sorry, Leroy.

I accidentally let this patient
out of the psych ward.

- What's wrong with him?
- It's called a curse for a reason.

I think we're the only ones awake.

It happened the moment
I put this by your bed.

I think there's some
kind of magic in it.


Put these on.
You need to blend in.

You mean you've been living here

since the Dark Curse struck?

Well, Mary Margaret has,

but I remember every
terrible minute of it.


Where is she?
Where's Emma?

- I don't know.
- Well, I put her in the wardrobe.

If we're here,
she must be here, too.

Uh, Rumplestiltskin...

if anyone knows how
to find her, it's him.

How long ago did he disappear?

Do you even know what a coma is?

Get to Rumple.

He's our best chance.

If anyone else is awake,
it's going to be him.

He has a...
a store on Main Street

called Mr. Gold's Pawn Shop.

What are you gonna do?

Keep Regina from figuring out

what's really going on.

There's an abandoned
farmhouse at the edge of town.

Meet me there in an hour.

A coma patient doesn't
get up and walk out of here

without someone seeing something.

Check the tapes again.

You don't need to check them again.

Excuse me, Miss Blanchard?

You don't have to check
the tapes again, Reg...

uh, Mayor Mills.

I saw what happened.

John Doe was sleepwalking.

Is that so?

Where exactly was he headed?

Into the woods, away from town.

The antidote didn't work, David.

It just made things worse.

So, we're going to
have to figure out

a way to do this thing

the way we do everything...

You did what?

We're sorry, Emma.
We were just trying to make things better.

You made it a hell of a lot worse.

You keep blaming yourselves.

It's not your fault.

There's nothing you could have changed.

We know, but that doesn't mean

we're gonna let you
f-face it on your own.

And you won't.

I think your mother just found a way

to break the sleeping curse.

She just didn't realize it.

Flower petals?

Those aren't just any petals, Regina.

Pretty boy is right.

Those are Pixie petals.

And Pixie Dust might

just be strong enough to wake us up.

Well, I know about magic,

and Pixie flowers only
grow for one reason...

in reaction to the
presence of great evil.

So, if these flowers
just started sprouting up

all over Storybrooke...

I think the Author had the
right idea skipping town.

Whoever you're meant to
face in this Final Battle...

They're already here.

Hello, Rumple.

I believe the greeting
you're looking for

is, "Hello, Mother."

How did you get here?

I had a little help.



So, taking the Savior's power,

becoming a hero...

all a ruse in order to bring her here.

I'm sorry, Father.

She's my mother.

Maybe one day you'll understand.

Wh-What's going on?


So lovely to make your acquaintance.

Gideon, no matter what
you have done to help her,

you can always come back to us.

Oh, he's not going anywhere.

We'll soon see about that.

Put it down.

There's a good boy.

Don't look so surprised.

I practically invented Dark Magic.

But worry not.

I won't force you to do anything.

When you join me,

it will be because you want to.

Is that why you're here?

Because I will never join you.

Oh, when the darkness comes,

you'll change your mind.

And then, Rumplestiltskin,

we can finally be the family

we were always meant to be.


Can I help you
with something?

I almost didn't recognize you
without the scales.

Excuse me?

Oh, cut the act.
There is no way

you would let yourself
fall under the power

of Regina's curse
when she's still awake.

You don't seem very well.

If you're looking for Dr. Hopper,

his office is just down the street.

All right.
Enough games.

I put my daughter through a wardrobe

because you told me it
would break the curse.

Now, where is she?

I have no idea what
you're talking about,

and I don't appreciate your tone.

Intimidation won't make me

remember something I don't know.

I guess Snow was wrong.

Looks like we're gonna have
to find Emma on our own.


What a lovely name.

Perhaps I can help you.

You are awake.

Just needed a proper wake-up call,

one that I knew one day would come.

So where is she?

Where's my daughter?

I know that Emma is
destined to break the curse,

but I don't know where she is

and how she's meant to get back to us.

Think harder.

Tell me, dearie...

What was it that woke you
from your miserable little life

in the first place?

It was a flower Snow found.

Its magic woke us.

The Pixie.

Dust from that flower has the ability

to reunite anyone who shares true love.

Like Snow and me.

And your daughter.


- Everything okay?
- Yeah, fine.

You guys draw up the search grid?

Yeah, we did, but if we're
gonna find that flower

before we're both asleep for good,

we're gonna need your
mother's tracking skills,

which means it's time
for me to say good night.

How do you do it, Dad?

You and Mom have been separated
by the curse for weeks,

and you still found a
way to work together.

Well, even though I can't be with her,

I know that she's fighting for me

just as hard as I am for her.

Emma, I know Hook is out
there doing the same for you.

Thanks, Dad.


Bloody hell.

Look, is this about what
happened at Skull Rock?

If this were about Skull Rock,

I would have left you to be
gutted by those Lost Boys.

Look, untie me.

There's someone out there
whose life depends on it.

Afraid I can't let you go,

not until you agree
to do something for me.

Well, perhaps you'd have
more luck if you just asked.

And risk getting no for an answer?

I need you to deliver
this to another realm.

You're still captain of the
fastest ship on the seas,

aren't you?

I'm not your errand boy.

The women I love is in danger,

and every second I
spend arguing with you

should be spent finding
a way back to her.

You expect for me to believe

that Killian Jones fell in love?

This isn't driftwood.

It's a weapon.

And it's the only chance we have

of winning the coming war.

Whatever war there is,
it isn't mine to fight.

There's a great darkness
on the horizon, Hook.

If you don't do what I'm
asking, the Savior will die.

The Savior?

A great hero, unlike you.

Bloody hell, Tiger, we're
talking about the same woman.

You fell in love with the Savior?

Check my inside pocket.

That ring...
It's for her.

You need to get this to her.

The Black Fairy is in Storybrooke.

This is the only hope the
Savior has of defeating her.

I wish it were that simple.

There seems to be a curse keeping me

from finding my way back home,

unless you have some
magic that can lift it.

I don't.

But Pan might.

Where might that demon
have kept this magic?

In his old camp.

But, Hook,
it's overrun by Lost Boys.

They outnumber us
20 to 1.

Is that all?

Then I feel sorry for those lads

because they don't stand a chance.

No sign of him
by the water.

They haven't found him
in the South Woods, either.

We should move the
search party into town.

We can't go back into town.

- And why not?
- Because John Doe may still be

in the woods somewhere.
We haven't looked everywhere.

Miss Blanchard's right.

We haven't checked the mines.

Dr. Hopper, why don't you
and Pongo go have a look?

All right.

Come on, Pongo.
Let's go look in the mines.

- What are you doing?
- This tunnel was rigged

for demolition years ago.

One push of this button,

and it all comes down.

I don't understand.
Why are you doing this?

To test a theory of mine.

You and John Doe...

You're both awake.

Uh, Madame Mayor,

I don't know what you're talking about.

I was just doing my normal rounds.

Well, you see, that's exactly
what Snow White would say...

just so she and her
prince can stay awake.

But Snow White's also a hero.

She would never let that Cricket die

just to protect herself.

Mary Margaret,
on the other hand...

She's never stood up to me.


what's it going to be?

Did you find something?

What now?

Oh, Madame Mayor, no, eh?

Please don't touch that.

It's very dangerous.

Get out of my way.

Where is she?

Where's Snow White?

The winds were blowing from the North.

The petals had to have
come from around here.

Down there.

Wait. Zelena said
these flowers only grow

in the presence of evil.

So if there's a whole field of them...

And here I was hoping
to make an entrance.

Stay away from my daughter.

Emma, I've been waiting a
very long time to meet you.

So I guess you're the one
I fight in the Final Battle.

I created the Dark Curse.

You were born to break it.

We've been destined to clash
since the beginning of time.

I never should have sent an emissary

to do what only I can.

What the hell does that mean?

How did you get here?

Never mind.

So, is this it?

Oh, no.

You'll know when the
Final Battle begins.

Everyone will.

We won't let you hurt our daughter.

Is that so?

Because it's going to be hard to stop me

when both Mummy and
Daddy are fast asleep.


Ah, it's better this way.

No mother should have
to watch their child die.

Why is it never past
their bloody bedtime?

I'm afraid this is the only way

you'll get this to the Savior.

What kind of weapon is this?

A wand.

Well, part of one.

The most powerful ever made.

It's what banished the Black Fairy

to the realm she was trapped in.

Well, how did you get your hands on it?

You're not the only one with
a past you'd rather forget.

I used to be a Fairy.

What made you give up your wings?

I once was close to the Black Fairy.

If anyone should have stopped her

from walking down her dark path,

it was me.

But I failed.

So after the Fairies banished her,

I gave up my wings
and sought refuge here.

Well, if a pirate like me
can get a second chance,

then so can you.

Neither one of us is
gonna get a second anything

if you don't get that to Emma.

You see that tree in the camp?

Its sap contains the magic you'll need

to find your way home.


And how am I supposed
to make it to the tree,

let alone Storybrooke?

Leave that to me.

Get her!

Ahoy, mate.

Get me home now!

Get that wand to Emma!

You know what to do!


You're late.
I was worried.

We have to hurry.
Regina's onto us.

It won't be long before she finds out.

Did you bring it?

Rumple said its magic is strong enough

to lead us to Emma.

Let's go find our daughter.

I'm afraid I can't let you do that.

It appears we've only
been cursed for 10 years.

She's still 18 years
shy of her 28th birthday,

the day she's destined
to become the Savior.

No, she doesn't have to be the
Savior anymore. We're awake.

Well, Snow White and Prince
Charming may be awake,

but the rest of this
town is very much asleep.

Find Emma now,

and she will never fulfill her destiny,

the curse will never be broken,

and everyone will be
trapped here forever.

What do you expect us to do...
Just leave her out there?

Drink this,

like I'm going to.

It'll put you back under,

and then,
when the time is right,

Emma will find us.

That's easy for you to say.

You don't have a child
who's out there by herself.

You have no idea
what's out there for me.

You can't stop us.

You don't have magic in this world.

Here, you're just a man.

I don't need magic to stop you.

You see, this potion...

is the only way forward.

I swore I would never
leave you alone again,

and now the Final Battle is coming.

It is my destiny.

There's nothing you can do
to change it.

I already told Dad...
It's not your fault.

Emma, that's not true.

It is our fault.

There's something you don't know.


How did that survive?

Because it needed to.

How exactly does this work?

I don't know.

Just think about Emma and
let the magic do the rest?

Oh, she's beautiful.

We can't waste another second.

We can't miss another second.


What's wrong?

We can't go through there.

Snow, we have to.
If we go through that door,

Emma will never become the Savior.

She'll have a new destiny with us.

- Don't listen to Rumple.
- No. I'm not.

It's not just Rumple.

Regina tested me earlier today.

She said Snow White is a hero

who wouldn't let anyone suffer

just to get what she wants.

She's right.

I was prepared to lose everything

to save Archie in that mine shaft.

How is this any different?

Because our daughter is right there.

We... We can't ask her
to sacrifice her happiness

to ensure everyone else's.

But we have to.

I have lived in this town

with everyone we have ever known.

And they're all separated
from the people they love, too.

We can't sentence them
to this life forever

just because we are unwilling

to wait just a little bit longer.

But what about Emma?

We have to believe
that she's strong enough

to grow up without us.

Snow, I...

You know that I'm right.

How I wish you weren't.

Emma, we will see you again.

Oh, the search party.

We don't have much time.


I didn't think we'd be saying
goodbye again so soon.

Hey, hey, I know.


I will always find you.

And one day,

Emma will find us.


Mary Margaret!

You found him.

Is he all right?

We don't have much time.

Regina, please tell me there's enough.

Barely, but it'll do.

It'll break this sleeping
curse once and for all.

- What now?
- The Black Fairy.

She wants to stop us.

That's not the Black Fairy.

I-It's a shadow.

It's Hook's shadow.

What is this?

Where's Hook?

There's something wrong.

He's in trouble.

What's going on?

Where is he?



Mom, it's gonna be okay.

We'll find him.

We don't even know where he is.

Yes, you do.

This magic can reunite
anyone who shares true love.

It can open a door to Hook.

How do you know that?

Because we once used
Pixie Dust to find you

when you were a little girl.


If we had gone through with it, Emma,

you would have grown up with us.

We would have been a family.
You wouldn't have become the Savior.

You wouldn't be fighting
the Final Battle now.

I get it.

You had to do what was
right for everyone else

before yourselves.

And today,
I'm putting you first.

You have a future,
someone you love.

I can't. This is your one chance
of breaking the curse.

Hook needs it more than we do.

Eventually you'll find
a way to wake us.

We took so much from you.

We can't take him, too...

not before the Final Battle.

For your crimes against Pan,

the Lost Boys sentence you to death.

Sorry, Captain.

Don't be.

All that matters is
that Emma got the wand.


What are you doing?

Run now!

We've got to go!

Where is she?

Where's Tiger Lily?

She got away!

You all right?

- How did you...
- We got your message.

Right here.

I'm sorry, Emma.

I should have told you what
I did to your grandfather

all those years ago,

and I should never,

never have even considered
running away.

It's okay.
I didn't exactly make it easy

for you to tell me the truth.

Come on.
Let's get you cleaned up.


There's something I have to do

before I get pushed
into another portal.

And this time...

I'm gonna do it the right way.


And I know...
that you face an uncertain future,

but there's one thing that
I want you to be certain of...

that I will always,
always be by your side.


Emma Swan...

what do you say?

Will you marry me?


Where are your parents?

I feel like it's time I
finally faced your father.

Bloody hell.

What happened?

They went into a sleeping curse

so I could save you.

I was thinking.

There might be another way to break it,

but it's risky.

Thank you for coming.

I know living in Storybrooke isn't easy.

I certainly didn't
always make it that way.

But I learned something today...

that, once, Snow and Charming
had a chance to leave this town

to find their own happiness.

But they chose to stay...

for the good of everyone here.

Now I'm going to ask you
to do something for them.

This is a sleeping curse

the Evil Queen placed
on their shared heart.

It was meant for one heart.

But if we share the curse,

we might dilute its power.


I'd be ash right now
if it weren't for them.

Cheers, love.

Here goes.

What the hell?

I could use a nap.

I'm in.





You did it.

I didn't do anything.




- Emma.
- Dad.

You woke us up.


It was easy. We just all shared
a tiny bit of your curse.

I take it Emma hasn't
told you my secret.

Oh, she did.

And it was a long time ago.

You're a changed man now, Hook.

We've all seen it.

You did it.

Well, it wouldn't have worked

if you hadn't inspired all these people.

You gave up your family for them.

And got a bigger one in return.

That's how I know that we'll
defeat the Black Fairy, Emma.

No matter what she does,
you will not face her alone.

There's never enough time, is there?

Whether it's fast or slow

or even if it doesn't move at all,

but especially when the end is near.

You gave my dagger back...

As I told you,

you're going to choose
to be part of this family.

Does it have to do with the fact

that Gideon didn't choose you?

You think I don't know?

You have his heart.

You were always such a clever boy.

How did you figure it out?

You ordered him to
destroy the Pixie flowers.

It seems he kept one alive.

A true believer wouldn't
do that, now, would he?

That's not possible.

He wouldn't disobey me like that.

And yet he did.

He found a way
to resist your command

because he has
his mother in him,

the one who truly loves him.

But he won't have to resist anymore.

I will get his heart back.


If you come at me,

there may be nothing left
of this town when we finish.


Well, I suppose that's a
price I'm willing to pay.