Once Upon a Time (2011–2018): Season 6, Episode 14 - Page 23 - full transcript

The Evil Queen uses Robin as bait in order to trap Regina into battle; Hook goes to Captain Nemo for advice so he can make things work with Emma; Enchanted Forest flashbacks include the ...

Previously on
"Once Upon a Time"

You killed my father!

I merely
ordered him killed.

Dead men tell no tales.


Emma Swan,
will you marry me?


This is your chance
at love and happiness.

That's him?

Go get him.

[indistinct conversations]

[groans, screams]



Hope that didn't sting.

[birds chirping]

[sword unsheathes]

[horse whinnies]

[carriage clattering]

[hooves clopping]

[horse whinnies]

Where is she?

Where's Snow White?

The cabin, Your Majesty.

She was seen
entering before dawn.

There's been
no movement inside since.

the neighboring villagers.

I want them
to see justice served

on their beloved Princess.

if you kill Snow White

you'll only harden the people
against you.

You have to prove to them
that you can show mercy

if you want them to love you
like they do her.

I didn't come here
to show mercy.

I came for a heart.

[door squeaking]

♪ ♪

What happened?

She's gone.

[bones crack]


someone is going to tell me
where she went.

[fire crackling]

Are you really
going to protect her?

She doesn't care about you.

I'm the one who cares.

Snow White
doesn't love you.

I do.

Don't listen to her.

She doesn't care
about love.

I should know.

I was there when she threw
her chance at love away.

Tinker Bell.

Hello, Regina.

What are you
doing here?

Shouldn't you be living
in a tulip somewhere?

What happened to me
doesn't matter.

Just look at you.

You've done nothing
but fill your heart with hate

since we saw each other.

But it doesn't have to
be that way.

What do you care
about any of this?

I care because
this started with me.

I showed you your future
with the Pixie Dust.

The one with the lion tattoo...
you should be with him.

He's still out there.

Pixie Dust doesn't dictate
what I do.

Nothing and no one does.

Pixie Dust doesn't
dictate anything.

It just shows you
the possibilities.

It's up to you.

Thanks, but no, thanks.

I'm happy the way I am.

I don't believe you.

You're just saying that
to hide the real reason

that you won't
take a chance on love.

You don't think
you deserve it.

You really think
you know me so well?


I'm going to spare
this wretched person's life

to prove she's wrong.

I do love you.

I love... all of you.

I hope you learn
from this act of mercy,

because next time,
it will be your last.

[crickets chirping]

[Robin] Look,
I don't mean to be rude,

but why wouldn't
Regina tell me

that she had a double,
just like I did?

[sighs] Because she wants
to keep her dark side secret.

The truth is, if it were
up to her, I'd no longer exist.

You mean to say

you're the ne'er-do-well version
of Regina,

just as I am
with the other Robin Hood?

Well, how about that?

in this godforsaken town

I actually have
something in common with.

I beg your pardon?

I'm a queen,

not some burlap-loving peasant
who sleeps in dirt.

Excuse me... I sleep on hay.

Which is on dirt,
but there is... separation.

No matter. You can insult me
all you want.

It doesn't change the fact
that you and I are alike.

We both know
that we don't belong here.


So maybe
I had the solution.

New York?

I think not.

I suppose you know
where I should go, then?

Well, the one place
you know you do belong...

Back to the realm I created
with my wish.

I'll send you back.

And what do you get
out of the bargain?

Well, you're a thief,
aren't you?

I want you
to steal something.

[owl hooting]

This is a graveyard.

Bodies aren't
the only things buried here.

What are you after?

What exactly is this about?

Please stop
asking questions...

and dig.

♪ ♪

Once Upon a Time S06E14
"Page 23"

Sync and corrected by
Gianluca Belfiglio

Emma, it's beautiful.

I am so happy for you.

Me too, mom.

Thank you.
I just never thought...

Well, if it makes you
feel any better, I did.

So, how did Hook
pop the question?

On board a romantic cruise
on the Jolly Roger?


Did he make Smee and the rest
of the crew serenade you?

We may never know,
because I kind of said yes

before he had a chance. [chuckles]

I cannot wait
to tell your father

that we have
a wedding to plan.

Oh, about that...
we're going to wait

a little while
before we start planning.

Oh. Why?

Well, Gideon's
still out there,

and even though
I defeated him once,

we don't really know
what he's up to,

and I don't feel like
I can focus on anything else

until I've really
dealt with that.

you're going to have to.

[door closes]
What now?

The Evil Queen.

What about her?

Is that an engagement ring?

Oh. Yeah.

Um... Hook proposed.

[gasps] Emma.

I'm happy for you.
I really am.

That means a lot.

That just leaves the question...
what happened to the Evil Queen?

She's still a snake right?

[Regina] I have no idea.
She got loose.

And if she has figured out a way
to escape her mortal coil... [sighs]

well, there's no telling
what Evil she could be up to.

[grunting, panting]

Couldn't you use magic
to dig this hole?

You're right, but what would be
the fun in that?

You don't mind
a little dirty work, do you?


And there it is...

the sound of my victory.

A pair of scissors?

Don't underestimate them.
These blades are enchanted.

Capable of cutting a person
from their fate.

You want to use them
on Regina...

to break her
from her destiny.


My plan for her involves
something much more permanent.

I'm going to use these blades
to finally separate us,

so once and for all...

I can destroy her.

[snipping sound]

[water sloshing]

[buoy bell clanging]

You can tell the ocean
your secrets,

but the question is

whether the ocean
will tell you hers.



I wanted to say goodbye.

I wouldn't be standing here
without your help,

but now that I am,
I'm afraid it's time

for your brother Liam
and for the rest of my crew

to set sail again
on the Nautilus.

Well, that is
a sad occasion, indeed.


Not as sad knowing
that you took my advice...

Set aside your revenge

and found what was missing
in your life...

A family.


That, I did. [exhales deeply]

What is it?

Is something wrong?

My past
has caught up with me,

and this time,
I've hurt the family

of the woman
I mean to marry.

[chuckles] Well, I suppose...

[sniffs] I suppose I shouldn't
be surprised, you know?

I was a villain, and villains
don't get happy endings.

[chuckles] You still could.

Have you asked
for forgiveness?

That's just it...

You're the only other person
who knows.

Once they find out...

there may be
no coming back.

Be careful, my boy.

Guilt can be as corrosive
to the soul as revenge.

Which means...

that you must tell this woman
and her family the truth

or keep it a secret
and learn to forgive yourself.

What if I can't?

Either way, you must.

Heed my advice, Killian... please.

Seek forgiveness.

Because whatever happened,
it will always stay with you.

♪ ♪

[crickets chirping]

Looking for this?

Such a lovely
and powerful pen.

So, you did figure out a way
to de-snake yourself.

That's not yours.

Give it back.


I'll be holding on to this.

I wouldn't want you
ruining my plans

by writing me
out of existence

with a swoop
of your authorial pen.

That's what you think I want...
to make you disappear?

Well, isn't it?

After all,
that's what Regina wants.

That's because she thinks
you're the worst parts of her.

But you don't?

I know there's good in you,
just like there's bad in her.

That means
you can change.

And you thought
you can break the rules

by using your Author powers
to give me a little push?

I don't know
what I was going to do.

Well, I suppose
I should be flattered.

Look at yourself.

You finally got the revenge
you wanted on Snow White,

and are you happy?

Perhaps not.

But I will be.

What are you planning?

Something you won't like.

That's why I'm here.

Eventually, you'll realize
it's for the best.

Because you were right, Henry.

You're still my son.

What are you going to do?

Give this to Regina.

And, remember, no matter
what anyone tries to tell you...

I love you.

♪ ♪

Regina, we need to talk.

Daddy, please.

I've heard it all before.

I know... you don't think
revenge will make me happy.

But I'm going to find out.

Don't try to stop me.

I'm not here
to try to stop you.

Actually, I'm here
to help you get it.


Do you remember the first time
that you cantered Rocinante?

Well, of course I do.

I watched you ride him
across the field

outside our manor.

No matter
how far you went,

I could still see
that smile on your face.

It wasn't a horse that put
a smile on my face, daddy.

That was the day
I met Daniel.

I know.

I want you
to be happy again.

But I don't believe
killing Snow White will do that.

Maybe by my helping you,

you'll be able to move on
so you can.

How can you help me?

With this.

This is one
of your mother's spell books,

that I've kept
hidden from you.

It has a map inside

that will lead us
to a powerful object

that can help find
Snow White.

[exhales sharply]


[Mary Margaret] Wait. Isn't that...

[Regina] Page 23...

The page that magically
appeared to me

with what I thought
could be an ending

to my story with Robin...

A happy... ending.

Inside, it was just
a cruel twist of fate,

showing me an ending
that could never be.

What does it mean?

It means the Evil Queen
has found him...

the other Robin, that is...

and she wants me to know
that she'll hurt him

unless I face her.

"One last time."

Wait. How is that
even possible?

Without Gideon's sword,
she can't hurt you without hurting herself.

Unless, of course,
she figured out another way.

Regina, you can't go.
You'd be walking into a trap.

Well, we can't just
leave Robin.

We won't. I'll go.
This is my fault.

I'm the one who convinced you
to bring him here.

This is on me.

Emma, you don't have anything
to make up for.

You were just trying to help.

[Henry] She's really gonna do this.

Maybe I was wrong
to think she could change.

I'm sorry, kid.

what are you gonna do?

Go alone.

This is my battle to fight,
and it has been

ever since I tried
to destroy my dark side

up on that rooftop
in New York.

You can't do this yourself.
Emma's right.

I have to.

If I don't, this won't just end
with Robin getting hurt.

She'll hurt everyone
I care about... All of you.

And I can't
let that happen.

The Evil Queen is going to get
what she wants.

Our fight ends today.

♪ ♪

Can't say this is
exactly what I had in mind

when I offered my services,

unless I'm misreading
the signals

and things are about to take
a much more exciting turn.

[chuckles] Keep dreaming.

Oh. Too bad.

Uh, but I'm afraid
you may have grossly...

my importance to her.

I mean,
Regina may have charged in

to save Robin the hero's life,
but me?

Much less likely.

[ropes creaking]

- Huh?
- Enchanted ropes.

The only way you're going
anywhere is if I allow it.

And that's not
going to happen

until I lure Regina here
and destroy her.

Do you really think
killing Regina

is gonna solve
your problems?

All it will do is
make a martyr of her,

and then nobody will be able
to look at you

without thinking of her.

Believe me,
that part is no fun at all.

Oh, well, I suppose
you have a better idea.

As a matter of fact, I do.

Release me.

Why the hell
would I do that?

Because you were right...
I don't belong here.

And neither do you.


Maybe Regina was right.

Maybe there is a reason
that I'm here,

but it's not to save her.

It's to save you.


I don't know
what you've heard about me,

but I don't need saving.

Don't you?

'Cause it looks to me
as if you could really use

a place to get
a fresh start.

A fresh start?

Doing what?

My land is rather big.

I'm sure we could find something
that'll pique your interest.

I'd think about it
if I was you.

Because regardless of
how things go down here today,

you and I both know...
in a town full of heroes,

a villain like you
doesn't stand a chance.

The only one
who doesn't stand a chance

is my...

better half.

As much as I enjoy
our walks, daddy,

you can just give me the map
and the spell book,

and I can magic us there.

It'll be much quicker.

There's no need.

We're here.

[Regina scoffs]


[whooshing, light crackles]

What is this place?

Mother's spell book
never would have led us here.

It's practically dripping
with light magic.

You're right.

That's because I never learned
about this place

from a spell book.

Then what brought you here?

The fairy.

Tinker Bell.

So you lied to me.

This was never about
getting my revenge.

No, Regina.

This is about getting
something much better.

Follow me.

That's what we're here for...
[overlapping chirping]

Cupid's arrow.
[overlapping chirping]

You brought me here
for a love spell?

It's not a love spell.

I know they don't work.

This arrow is a tool.

It will lead you to gaze upon
the person you love most.

The fairy told me about the man
with the lion tattoo.

You could use it
to find him.

You betrayed me.

I always thought you were
the one person on my side.

don't you see that I am?


What are you doing?

Getting what I came for.

My revenge.

♪ ♪

Dead men tell no tales.


[Emma] That's David's father.

It was you.

Emma, let me explain.

No, it seems
very clear to me.

I swear to you...
I wanted to tell you.

I tried.

But then
you found that ring,

and I just couldn't bear
to ruin that happiness.

How could you do this?

I've been asking myself
the same question,

and all I can say

is that I was a broken man
for a very long time,

and I did
horrendous things.

I'm not talking about that.
I'm talking about this.

[exhales sharply]

You were about to burn
your own memories.

Why would you do that?

Because I was ashamed, Emma,

and scared of losing you

and everything
that matters to me.

And you really think that would happen
after everything we've been through?

You tell me...
how am I supposed to sit

across from your mother
and father at the table

and look them in the eye
after what I've done?

I'm not saying
it would be easy.

You know them.
You know they would forgive you.

That's who they are.

This isn't just about them.

This is about me.

I already destroyed
my own family once,

and that was hard enough,

but knowing that I destroyed
yours, too, I just...

I didn't know
how I could live with that.

You come to me, Hook,
and you lean on me

and you trust me!

We have to stop hiding things
from each other.

The man I fell in love with
would know that.

You would know that
we would do things together.


That is
what I agreed to marry.

That is what I thought
that we were together.

Until you're ready
for that...

then we can talk.

♪ ♪

[buoy bell clanging]

[exhales sharply] Triple-check everything.

I don't know
when we'll see land again.

You never told me
where you were heading off to.

You know very well
that destinations never matter.

It's what we learn
on the way.

I didn't expect to see you,

which has me wondering
what happened.

You gave me
two good pieces of advice,

and I took neither.

Can you fix it?

I don't think so.

I'm not the man
she needs me to be.

And I need...
I need to find that man again.

And how are you
gonna do that?

Do you remember
what you told me

the first time
I was on this vessel?

You said the Nautilus
could help a man discover

who he could be.

And I was hoping... [exhales]

I was hoping you might
have room for one more.

Well, then.

Captain Hook is always welcome
on the Nautilus.

We push off at nightfall.

♪ ♪

You shouldn't have
come here.

I couldn't let
anything happen to you.


He's not the one
you should be worried about.

Oh. So that's your plan.

You're going to
separate us.

Then what?

Then I'm going to do
what you tried to do to me...

Destroy you.

♪ ♪

[birds chirping]

[water dripping]

Now we're getting

What are you doing?

Making good use
of mother's spell book,

like you said we would...

to find Snow White.

Regina, please.

Not everyone gets
a second chance at love.

Put all this aside
and go find that man.

Remember how you said

this arrow will lead me to gaze
upon the person I love most?

Well, there's a very thin line
between love and hate.



That's much better.

Now it will lead me to gaze
upon the person I hate most.


Snow White.

[arrow whistles]

It's always about revenge
with us, isn't it?

You know what?

Trim away.

After all the damage you've done
because of me,

I'm ready.

This town's just not big enough
for the both of us.

At last,
we agree on something.

[both gasp]

[breathing shakily]

See you
on the other side.




let's finish this.


♪ ♪

♪ ♪


[dust tinkles]

Why is it headed
towards your castle?

She must know
I'm not there.

So, she thinks
she can steal from me.


Well, she'll see.

♪ ♪

Where is she?

Hiding, are you?



The spell
should have worked.

It should have led me to gaze
upon the person I hate most!

Oh, Regina.

[voice breaking] No.



[blades clang]

[sword clangs on floor]

You tried to destroy me

because you couldn't stand
looking at the darkness?

Well, I can't stand
looking at the light.

Well, you don't have to
worry about that.

[sword clanks]

[bowl clanks]


You really believe
you're better than me.

Stronger than me?!


you think you filled

that nasty little hole
inside you

with love and friendship
and hope?

Well, you've been fooling
yourself, because you haven't.

I'm still what's inside of you.

I am all
that will ever be there.

You're wrong.


All those things in my life
you can't stand looking at...

they're real.

And now
that I have them,

you will never
take them away from me.

[squelching, gasps]

[heart beating]

I hate you.

[heart crackling]

[crackling stops]


But I don't.

Not anymore.

[ropes creaking]

[heart beating continues]

[exhales sharply] What are you doing?

I'm going to do
what we never could.

I'm going to be brave
for both of us

and choose love
over hate.



[hearts fizzing]


[beating sound stops]


[strained] What's happening to me?

I gave you
some of my love...

Love from Henry and Robin

and the people
I care most about.

And in return, I'm taking back
some of your darkness.

Our darkness.


You are a part of me.

And I'm a part of you
whether you like it or not.

And now I love myself.

Which means so should you.

♪ ♪

[sighs sharply, sound echoes]

[exhales sharply]

Sorry about that.

It's just a lamp. [chuckles]

I'm more worried about
the things that really matter,

like Robin.

Please tell me he's okay.

Oh, yes.
He's... He's fine.

I actually kept my word

and sent him
where he wanted to go.


You mean...
back to his land,

the realm you created
with your wish?


Gold was too busy
worrying about his son

to mind the shop.


Had a feeling
I'd find a use for it.

So, he's gone, then.

Oh, I'm sorry
you didn't get to say goodbye.

It's probably better like this.

Do you still regret it...

not walking through the door
of that tavern

all those years ago?

[inhales sharply]

If I had,
I wouldn't be here.

I wouldn't have Henry
or my family

or this town.

I can't imagine
a life without all that.

So, Tinker Bell
was wrong, then.

That isn't
your happy ending.

No, it isn't.

But it did give me hope
when I needed it most,

and that was
just as important.

I wouldn't mind
a little bit of that right now.

What, you mean hope?



[inhales deeply]

I'm not exactly sure
what I'm supposed to do anymore.


I need a place
where I can get a fresh start.

[laughing] But where that is, I...

haven't a clue.

I think I know someone
who can help.

♪ ♪

You want me to use the pen
to send her... where?

Well, that's the thing...
I don't know.

I... It has to be someplace
where... she can start over,

have a chance at a new life.

Isn't this
against the rules?

Actually, the rules say

I'm not supposed to affect
the lives of people in my book.

She's not...
not technically, at least.

Hang on a minute.
This is the Evil Queen we're talking about.

Wasn't she just trying
to murder us all?

And Zelena makes
a great point.

This is
the same exact person

who put us under a sleeping
curse like five minutes ago.

Maybe she can start
by undoing it

before we trust her.

Well, she... she told me
everything she knows about that.

It won't be easy, but at least
now we know where to start.

As for her... [sighs]

Regina, I know
you want to believe in her,

but not everyone is redeemable.

But I was.

And that means she is.

And I've given her
what she needs now

to make the right choices.

We just have to
give her that chance,

like you all gave me.

[chuckles] Heroes are so gullible.

When you wake up
a few months from now

to find her crushing your heart,
don't blame me.

[Evil Queen] That won't happen.

Well, I... hope it won't.

All I can say is,
I'm truly sorry for everything.

And I promise to do
the right thing now.

And, Snow, I am... so sorry

for what I put you through...


I knew
you could be good, mom.

[voice breaking] Henry.

You've never
called me that before.


It's who you are.

[exhales sharply]


You still have my pen.


You ready, mom?

Thank you.

Just promise me...

you won't waste
a single minute.

♪ ♪

Where do you think she went?

There's no way
to know for sure, but...

I have my ideas.

Where am I?

Excuse me.

[indistinct conversation]
[woman laughs]

[door opens]


[door closes]

If you're gonna kidnap me again,
may I humbly request

I'm allowed to finish my ale first?

I'm not here to kidnap you.

And I'm...
I'm sorry about that.

So, if you're standing here,
can I assume

that the villain plan
didn't work out so well?

It didn't.

But, for the first time in...

well, forever...

I'm okay with that.

You are?

And why is that?

Let's just say...

I've had a change of heart.

- Have you, now?
- I have.

[inhales sharply]

And I was wondering if... maybe...

I might buy you a drink?

Well, seeing as this is my realm,

how 'bout I buy you one?

♪ ♪

[indistinct dialogue]
[music swells]

[sighs deeply]

[bag thuds]


Are you going somewhere?

I've been looking everywhere
for you and Emma.

No, I was just, uh, grabbing
some stuff from the Jolly Roger.

Is... Is everything okay?

Oh, more than okay. [chuckles]

I can hardly believe
I'm about to say this.

Regina did it.

She actually did it.

Did what?

Vanquished the Evil Queen...

redeemed her, even,
gave her a happy ending,

even if she doesn't
realize it yet.

The... The Evil Queen
got a happy ending?

[whispers] I know.

I honestly didn't think
it was possible

for someone like her...
not after all of these years.

But it was.

And tonight
reminded me of something

that I hope
I never forget again...

Love can save
even the darkest souls.

You just have to
believe in it.

Speaking of love...

Emma told me.

Killian, I couldn't be
happier for you...

both of you.

She has waited a long time

to find the right person
with whom to share her life.

I'm so happy it's you.

You'll let her know?

Uh, know... know what?

Oh, that Regina's okay.

Yeah, yeah.
Of course... course I will.



It's so cold out here.
Go home.

♪ ♪

Are you ready
for adventure, Captain?


I'm done running.

I'm going back to Emma.

Even villains
get second chances...

and, hopefully,
even third ones.

I couldn't be happier
to hear that.

[inhales sharply]

I wish you all the happiness.

And I, you.

[rumbling, klaxon blaring]

What happened?

I... I don't know.


We're... submerging, Captain.

I didn't give that order.

But I did.

Who are you?

What do you want?

Sorry to commandeer
your vessel, Captain,

but I'm afraid
for what I have planned,

you can't be in Storybrooke.

[water splashing]

♪ ♪

♪ ♪


Sync and corrected by
Gianluca Belfiglio