Once Upon a Time (2011–2018): Season 6, Episode 13 - Ill-Boding Patterns - full transcript

Mr. Gold attempts to help Gideon avoid the taint of dark magic, Emma learns that Hook is keeping a secret from her, and Zelena and Robin make a dangerous duo.

Previously on
"Once Upon a Time"

- You're up.
- [Snow] Regina, what were you thinking?

How could you bring him here?

[crowbar clatters]

[Regina] He wanted a fresh start,
and I'm just trying to help him.

I know when you're lying.

What are you hiding from me?

♪ ♪

When I kill Emma Swan,
I will finally become a hero.

Defeating the Savior won't be
as easy as you think.

[roaring in distance]

[soldiers screaming]

[wheels creaking]

[indistinct shouting]

[horse neighs]

[man] Come on,
move that wagon!

[soldiers shouting]

[horse neighs]

[man] On my word... charge!

[indistinct shouting]

[soldiers screaming]

I... I can't.


Where do you think
you're going?

The ogres... they'll kill us.

We're the only things standing
between those monsters and home.

If we run,
they'll kill everyone.


How can we possibly win?

This blade...
it's called Hrunting.

It was enchanted with
light magic

to ensure that
whoever carries it into battle

will be hailed a hero.

So, you can either
be remembered as a hero

or forever known
as the coward

who ran on the eve
of victory.

All right, Beowulf.

[sword unsheathes]

I'll fight.

To victory!

[all shouting]

♪ ♪

[hooves clopping]

[footsteps thumping]

[shouting continues]





[indistinct shouting]

[soldiers screaming]


Aah! Aaaah!



Do your worst!

[heavy footsteps]




♪ ♪

Y... You killed him.

[fire crackling]

[roaring, thudding]

I killed all of them.


Once Upon a Time S06E13
"Ill-Boding Patterns"

Sync and corrected by
Gianluca Belfiglio

♪ ♪

[door bell jingles]
[glass thuds]

It's a little early for rum,
isn't it?

I called your office.

You didn't have an opening.

The bottle did.

I take it you asked David
for permission to marry Emma?

[bottle thuds]


And what, he said "No"?

Quite the opposite,
actually. [sighs sharply]

He gave me his blessing,
patted me on the back,

called me "son."


Well, so, what's problem?

Cold feet?
'Cause, I mean, that's perfect...

Captain Hook
doesn't get cold feet.


I've since learned
something about my past...

Something Emma
will never understand.

There's not another living soul
who knows this secret but me.

I could
take it to my grave.

So, why don't you?

Because it would seem
that I am broken.

[glass thuds]

I actually want
to tell Emma the truth.

Now, tell me, Cricket,
why is that?

Well, maybe because
you really are the man

that Emma wants to marry.

If I tell Emma what I did,

she's not gonna
want to marry me.

Yeah, but the fact
that you want to tell her,

even though you don't need to,
means that you've changed.

Do you think Emma
will see it that way?

I think maybe
you need to find out.


[birds chirping]
[foliage rustling]


Did you find
any sign of him?

- No.
- There was nothing

in the north woods, either.

Why am I not surprised
you couldn't find him?

Could it be because
you were the one who lost him

in the first place?

If you're looking for a fairy
to take your anger out on,

perhaps you should find
your mother.

Well, since the Black Fairy
is trapped in another realm,

I suppose I'll have to
make do with you.

The most important thing
right now is finding our son.

I think maybe it's best
if I continue to look on my own.

I'm beginning to think

we're not gonna
find him out here.

Well, why? Where...
Where do you think he is?

His heart is set on
fulfilling his destiny.

And he can't do that
without the sword.

What sword?

The sword Emma shattered
when he last faced her.

I don't understand.

Why does he think that...
that killing Emma

with this blade
will make him the Savior?

He's not the first one
to think wielding that sword

would make him a hero.

We have to find him
before he gets his hands on it,

before he goes after
Emma again.

You can trust me, Belle.

I've already
lost one son.

I won't lose another.

[indistinct shouting]

To Rumplestiltskin,
hero of the ogres war!

[all cheering]

Is it true, papa?

You really
defeated the ogres?

Aye, Baelfire, it is.

I told you this dagger
would change our lives.

Now no one else
has to die.

[all cheering]

Why are you cheering
that monster?


You lost this at the front.

[light laughter]


Oh, you've changed

since you hobbled yourself
to escape the war.

How did a coward
who ran from the war

manage to defeat
an entire army of ogres?

I had something
worth fighting for.

I know how.

You became the Dark One.

[men murmuring]

Dark magic
comes with a price.

We'll pay dearly for this...
All of us.

[door opens and closes]


Don't listen to him, Bae.

He's just jealous.

Maybe, papa,
but he's right about magic.

The war's over.

You don't need it anymore.

I can't just
give it up, Bae.

It's part of me now.

That's not true.

Beneath those scales,
you're still my papa.

You don't need
the dagger anymore.

All right, son.

No more magic.

Let's go home.

♪ ♪


[doorknob rattles]

[lock clicks]


[safe dial clicking]

[safe handle clangs]


- Father.
- Gideon.

After your little showdown
with the Savior,

this is the last place
you should be.

Don't worry, father.

With this, she won't be able
to get the best of me again.


Perhaps she won't.

But there's still
a few things

you need to learn
from your papa.

[birds chirping]

♪ ♪

[twig snaps]

Not another step!

How did you find me?

Believe it or not,

this is where the other Robin
used to come to think.

I thought we already established
I'm not that man.

Yes, I... I know,
which is why I'm here.

I... I came to apologize.

I... I might have
put pressure on you

to be someone you're not.

I'm sorry.

[stammers, sighs]

I just, uh...

I... I think it's taking me
a little longer

to get used to this world
than I imagined.

Well, let me help you. I...

No. Regina, really,
that's not necessary.

Says the man
who's hiding in the woods,

pointing a bow and arrow
at everything that moves.

Well, when you
put it like that...

why don't I meet you
at your manse tonight?

Just give me some time
to clear my head.

♪ ♪

[inhales sharply]

[grind tickling]

[chair thuds]

I'm afraid I couldn't
take any chances.

You said you'd help me.

You said
you were on my side.

I did, and I am.

But killing the Savior,
even to destroy the Black Fairy,

you will never become the hero
you want to be.


do you know why
I became the Dark One?

Afraid not.

I took the power
to end the first ogres war,

to save my first son.

I embraced
darkness for good.

But I never
became a hero.

Because once
you give in to darkness,

it's almost impossible
to resist its call.

Not if I become the Savior,

not if I steal
Emma's light magic.

And how are you
gonna do that?

This is a useless relic,

It never worked
to begin with.

You know, I thought
you'd want to see

the fall of the Black Fairy
more than anyone.

Oh, I do...

But not if it costs
my son his soul.

I have to defeat her.

I have to save my people
from her curse.

Gideon, no one knows more
about darkness than I.

If you do this,

giving into darkness
can only lead to heartbreak.


What happened?

Who did this to you?

You can tell me.

The Baker's son.

Well, why did he do that?

So... So I'd look
like a monster.

Just like me.

I think it's about time
I had a word with his father.

No, papa, you'll
only make things worse.

[people murmuring]

- Rumplestiltskin.
- What?!

There's a creature
called a Grendel.

He raided our village,

carried our family and friends
off into the darkness.

I'm afraid my monster-slaying
days are over.

I made a promise to my son,
and I intend to keep it.

We sent Beowulf after the beast
days ago,

but we haven't
heard from him since.

Papa, you can help them.

But I won't break
my promise, son.

I won't use dark magic.

You don't have to.

You can save those people
without your magic.


- I... I can't.
- You can.

And it'll be a chance to show everyone
in the village the truth...

that you're not
a slave to that dagger.

You think that'll make things
better for us?

I know it will, papa.

This little Munchkin
went to see the Wizard,

and this little Munchkin
stayed at home.


And this little Munchkin

never lived to see
the light of day again.

I don't think your sister

would be too pleased
if you caused

the demise
of a second Robin.

I don't care.

You're not getting
my daughter!

Oh, I'm not here
for the brat.

I never was one
for children.

[clears throat] You see,
back where I'm from,

I robbed enough witches
and warlocks to know

the kind of magic you need
to break a protection spell.

Problem is,
I had a partner that was savvy

with that kind of stuff.

[scoffs] Sorry. Grand theft
sorcery isn't my thing.

Oh, I don't need your help
to break in somewhere.

I need it to break out.


Do you want
to leave Storybrooke?

It's just that there's this
pesky little protection spell

surrounding the town.

I came here for a fresh start...
new people to rob,

places to drink,
women to meet.

But, you see, I'm not
gonna get any of that,

not with your sister threatening
to reform me at every step.

Believe me,
that I understand.

But why should I help you?

Because you need to leave
this town more than I do.

I know when somebody's
got a target on their back.

I may have a few enemies.

Well, isn't it time
to make a few friends?

When do we leave?

[Gideon] You think tea
with dear old dad

is gonna make
everything better?


But a chat might.

I want to know what
the Black Fairy did to you

to make you think
killing the Savior

is the only way
to become a hero.

How can I trust you
with the truth

when you don't even
trust me?


♪ ♪

[roaring in distance]

This way, papa.

Grendel must be in
the caves beyond the lake.

[roaring continues]

We'll never
find the entrance.

Yes, we can.

The water's not deep.

We can wade through it.

[roaring continues]

What is it?

You brought the dagger?

I couldn't leave it behind.

We could be in those caves
in the blink of an eye.

But, papa, that's not gonna
prove anything to anyone.

I want to do this
the right way, Bae, but...

I can't explain it.

I can.

It's just like when you needed
the crutch to walk.

Yeah. Only worse.

When I felt
the power this gave me,

I couldn't imagine
living without it.

Remember when an Ember
jumped from the stove

and caught your
store of wool on fire?

You rushed across the hovel
to put it out...

without your crutch.

Well, that was
a short distance.

So is this.

Think of it like
walking across the hovel,

one step at a time.

There's only one way
I'm gonna be able to do this.

But, papa,
this can control you.

Exactly, Bae.

If you see me go to use
its dark power, you stop me.

[Gideon] "Her Handsome Hero."

Your mother's favorite.

She sent me away
with that copy.

Years after
the Black Fairy kidnapped me,

I found it
amongst her things.

I kept it beneath
the mattress in my cell.

That tale got me through
the endless nights.

But then one night,

the Black Fairy
caught me reading it.

She asked me
if I wanted to be like

the character I was
named after... a hero.

I said I did.

She just laughed, and she said,
"We'll see about that."

That night, she took the boy
in the cell across from mine.

She dragged him to her tower,
where she whipped him.

I could hear his cries
echo through the halls,

begging for someone
to stop her.

I reached out to the door
of my cell, and it was open.

I had a chance to save him.

But I didn't.
I just... I just sat there,

listening to his cries.

She left the door unlocked
on purpose.

[inhales sharply]

To show me I didn't have
what it takes.

I was a coward, father,
just like you.

But we can
show your mother

that she was wrong
about both of us.

Will you help me?


But first you must
settle your nerves.


What kind of tea is this?

One laced
with memory potion.

In a few moments...

you won't remember
what the Black Fairy did.

Your pain will be gone.

♪ ♪

[blade rings]

Did you really think a memory
potion would work on me?

I was raised
by the Black Fairy.

Gideon, don't.

You know, I thought you cared
about what she did to me,

but you're no different
than her.

Now you're going
to keep your promise,

and you are going to help me
to fulfill my destiny,

whether you want to
or not.

♪ ♪

[water sloshing]

[roaring in distance]


[Rumple breaths heavily]

♪ ♪

We're too late.

[roaring in distance]

[horn bellows]

An ogre's call?

Papa, what is it?

Are you all right?



Stay away from my son!

Or what?

Don't. We should be fighting
Grendel together.

There is no Grendel, Bae.

There never has been.

Your father's right.

The only monster down here
is the Dark One.

You killed those villagers.

I didn't.

You did.

Why are you doing this?

So he can be the hero
he thinks he was meant to be.

We would have won that war
without your dark magic!

You would have died.
Everyone would have died!

And doing this now
won't make you a hero.

That's not what
the villagers are gonna say

when they see you standing
over these bodies.

Dark One, I command you...
stay exactly where you are.

- No. Papa!
- Bae, run. Get help.

Think your boy
can stop me?

You may have ended
the ogres war,

but I'll be remembered
as the hero

who defeated the Dark One.

This book contains the spell
to repair the sword.

Restoring its power

is gonna be more difficult
than you think.

It requires the blood
of the person who forged it.

[lid closes]

If that's what it takes, father.

Gideon, look, you were willing
to kill the Savior.

Now you're willing
to spill innocent blood.

I don't have a choice.

I need to fix this sword
to fulfill my destiny.

And what happens then?

How does it end?

With the destruction
of the Black Fairy

and all she stands for.

That's not how it ends.

That's not how
it ever ends.

The Black Fairy
destroyed your childhood.

Don't let her destroy
the rest of your life.

You don't get a say
in the matter.

Dark One,
who forged this blade?

Whose blood do I need?

The Blue Fairy's.

My fairy godmother?

There's good in you, Gideon.

Don't snuff out the light
in your heart.

If you do this...

you might not be able
to get back.

That's a risk I have to take.

Gideon, please.

And I can't have you
getting in my way.

I truly am sorry, father.

Dark One, I command you...
don't try to stop me.


[birds chirping]

Where have you been?

Don't get your arrows
in a twist.

I just had to pick up
a few things.

[snake hisses]

Pet snake?

Well, she's
practically family.

And with so many
dank sewers out there,

I could hardly
leave her behind.

So, we're doing this.

Mixed to order.

It'll drain the magic
out of any spell,

including the town line.

And then it's hello,
New York City.


I thought you might be here.

I should have known
you'd be with him.

I know you're gonna
miss me, sis,

but I couldn't pass up
a ticket out of here.

And baby Robin needs
her mummy very much alive.

Do you really think I wouldn't
notice my magic was missing?

- I can explain.
- Oh, you mean lie to me again?

You said you came here

because you wanted to find
meaning in your life.

Was any of that true?


I truly wanted
to find a purpose here,

but you made it so hard.

How did I make it hard?
All I did was try to help you.

By bringing me somewhere
where I'm constantly reminded

of somebody that I'm not.

[baby coos]

Regina, I can't
live up to the legacy

of a man
who died for you.

It won't work.

Don't listen to her.
She's lying.

Fine. Don't believe me.

Go ahead. Try it.


What the devil?!

[baby cries]

If I had all the ingredients
to break the protection spell,

do you really think I wouldn't
have done it already?

So, we're trapped here?

I bet you're happy now.

Robin, I know
you want to leave,

but you don't understand
the world out there.

It's not like
where you're from.

I can handle myself, Regina.

♪ ♪

I know.

If you really
want to leave,

I'll dig through
every book I have

to figure out how to break
the protection spell.

You will?


I owe it to him...

To you...

To let you
find your happiness...

even if it means helping you
walk out of here.

♪ ♪


♪ ♪


You're just like
your father.

You don't have it in you.

Dark One, I summon thee!


I told you to stay away
from my son.


Go ahead. Kill me.

Then your boy will see
that you are a monster.



I'm taking you
back to the village,

and I'm telling them
the truth.

You think
they'll believe you?

They're afraid of you, Rumple.

They watched you bring an army
of ogres to their knees.

They know it's only
a matter of time

before you turn
that dagger on them.

He's right, papa.
They'll never believe us.

Then we'll find
a new village, Bae.

We'll start over,
you and me.


I won't let him
do this to us.

He's the monster.
He's the one who should pay.

Step aside, boy.

♪ ♪



Dark One, stop him!

Bae, please...

Do it! Kill him!


[bones snap]

Oh, Bae.

[insects chirping]

You were
my fairy godmother.


I have been looking
for you everywhere.

You were supposed to protect me
when I was just a baby.

I know.

I tried.

But the Black Fairy...
she was too strong.

I'm sorry.

Don't be.

You may not have been able
to help me back then,

but maybe you can now.

No. Killing Emma
with that blade it... it... [sighs]

will not
make you the Savior

the way that you think.

Save the lecture.

There's only one thing
I need from you...

Your magic... all of it.

Please don't do this.

Don't make this any harder
than it has to be.



[exhaling sharply]

[Gold] Gideon, stop.

what are you doing here?

I watched one son
darken his heart long ago.

I can't watch another
do the same.

You can't stop me.
I commanded you.

I'm not here to stop you.

I'm here to do it for you.

[exhales sharply] Gold, please don't.

I'm sorry.





We will defeat
the Black Fairy.

You will become a hero.

But I won't let you touch
the darkness to do so.

Thank you, father.

I don't think I'm going
to be needing this anymore.

♪ ♪

[fire crackling]

Bae... what are you going to do
with the dagger now?

I don't know.

But the Baker's son
will think twice

about pushing me in the mud
when he sees me carrying this.

Oh, Bae,
listen to yourself.

Papa, I'm sorry I asked you
to give up your power.

I understand now
why it's so hard.

But we need it.

It's the only way
to protect ourselves.

You're right, Bae.

You're right.

Now, here.

Drink your tea.

What's in this, papa?

It tastes strange.

[breathing heavily]

Memory potion.

I won't let you follow me
into the darkness, Bae.

One of us
has to be strong.

Papa, papa, where are we?

How... How did we get
out of the cave?

You bumped your head.

It must have been harder
than I thought.

Don't worry, son.

Beowulf won't be
bothering us anymore.


What happened to him?


It's not important.

You killed him.

Papa, how could you?

I'm sorry, Bae.

I did what I had to do.

Beowulf was right.

That dagger is turning you
into a monster.

[door slams]

[Belle] What happened?

Belle, I can explain.


Rumple, you promised me.

You said you would
find Gideon

before he did something
he couldn't come back from.

Gideon didn't do this to her.

- I did.
- Why?

Because it was the only way to
stop him from doing it himself.

If he had...

I fear he would
already be lost to us.

Once we stop him,
I can return her magic.

No one needs to be hurt.

Gideon has the sword now.

It's more powerful than ever.

He'll go after
the Savior once again.

I just hope
there's enough time

that we can stop him
before he does.

We will.

For once,
you put our son first.

You darkened your soul
so he wouldn't have to.

If you can make
the right choice

after all the wrong
you've done,

then that means that there's
hope our son will, too.


♪ ♪

[gentle sobbing]

♪ ♪

Emma? Are you home?

- There you are.
- Hey.

Oh, wow. Captain Morgan.

I thought we were
switching to water.

I'm afraid it wouldn't give me
the courage that I need.

You see, there's something
I need to tell you.

It's just, what I have
to say isn't exactly easy,

and I'm not entirely sure
how you're gonna react.

Well, maybe I can
make it easier

and tell you
that my answer would be yes.

Yes? I...

What was the question?

I might have
found something

in your sea chest
that I shouldn't have.

Are you mad at me?

No. How could I ever
be mad at you?

It's just you and me.

No walls, no secrets.

I know
I ruined the surprise...

but what do you say?

♪ ♪

Emma Swan...

will you marry me?

Yes, Killian.


♪ ♪

[liquid bubbling]

[footsteps approaching]

There you are.

Here to steal
some more of my magic?

No. I'm here
to return Queen Cobra

before the Charmings
realize she's missing.

And maybe to... apologize.

I shouldn't have
gone behind your back

and helped Robin escape.


No. This one's my fault.

Your fault?

Let's go with that, then.

How did I ever think
that removing my evil half

would change anything?

When I saw Robin
in that alternate world,

it was a test...

to see if I could move forward,
and I failed.

[inhales sharply]

Well, I thought I was
rid of you for good, Queenie,

but I guess I'll always be
paying the price

for what you did...

What I did.


Where the hell is she?

♪ ♪

[snake hissing]

Easy, there.




Hope that didn't sting.

A... A bit of that
anti-magic potion

stuck to you in the blast.

And, well, as you can see,
I needed some.

So, thanks.

I just left you
at the town line.

You left Regina
at the town line.

You are Regina.

I'm the Evil Queen.

You, of all people,
should recognize a doppelganger

when you see one.

There's two of us now.

I don't care if there's
seven of you now.

I'm leaving
as soon as possible.

Well, that's a shame...

because there's nothing
for you out there.

Nothing you can say

will keep me in this
abysmal hamlet

a moment longer
than I need to be.

"Abysmal hamlet"?


Sounds like you haven't had
the right tour guide.

But now you do.

And when
I'm done with you,

you'll have
a whole new appreciation

of what Storybrooke
has to offer.

♪ ♪

Sync and corrected by
Gianluca Belfiglio

We will.