Once Upon a Time (2011–2018): Season 6, Episode 11 - Tougher Than the Rest - full transcript

Emma and Regina try to figure out a way to get out of the Enchanted Forest. Hook and David try to find Gideon.

Previously on
"Once Upon a Time"...

I wish
that Emma Swan's wish

to have never been
the Savior...

be granted.

- No!
- Emma!

I wish to be sent to
the same place as Emma Swan.

- Emma?
- You're the Evil Queen.

You don't remember me.

Every Savior
needs a villain.

Henry, stop!

- Emma?
- Let's go home.

This is a robbery.

Who put her in there?

A guy in a hood.

Emma's vision.

Did you see who was
under that hood?

Hello, mother.

You're not really
gonna burn that, are you?

My problem right now
is cold.

If you're out here,
lack of kindling

is the least
of your problems.

What's your story?

I ran away, okay?

I was in a crappy
group home, and...

and it's none
of your business.

Please. Don't.

These stories are great.

"The Ugly Duckling."

I loved this one
when I was a kid.

You're still a kid.

You've got spunk.

When I was your age,
it was great.

The best fairy tales
are about the same thing...


You know?

See, a duck
becomes a swan.

It's beautiful.

That's not
what it's about.

The duck was...
always a swan.

It just...
didn't know it.

Maybe that's how you see it,
but I see it as about belief.

About a duckling believing so
hard that she'd become a swan...

One day...
it actually happened.

If we believe
in something strongly enough,

we all have the power
to change our fate.

Speaking of which,

is this really the fate
you want?

Maybe your last home
was bad.

Doesn't mean you won't find
a good one someday.

So, how long have you been
on the streets, dear?

A few days.

And then... my friend,
he brought me here.

What's your name,


You got a last name,


My name is Emma Swan.

Once Upon a Time S06E11
"Tougher Than the Rest"

Sync and corrected by
Gianluca Belfiglio


Come on, now. Off with it.
The jewelry, now!

you don't know me?

Enough talking.
The jewels.

It's not him.

And the necklace,
if you please, m'lady?

Thank you.

It appears it is time
for me to go.

they're after you.

They're looking for you.

They crossed the river.

Hurry. We have to get
my mother back.

And that witch will pay
for my grandparents' death.

Okay. They're gone.

The last thing we need
is you in some dungeon...

real or fake
or whatever this place is.

Robin... he didn't age.

Everyone else here aged.
How is that possible?

Nothing is real.
He's not real.

This place was created
on a wish.

Don't get lost in it.

When we get home,
this'll just be like a dream.

And how long
until we get home?

Not long.

I think I know
how to get us back.

Come on. Keep up.

We're gonna find that guy
before Emma gets back.

The only way she's gonna see
that hooded figure

is behind bars.

Easy, mate.

I thought the plan
was to get some shut-eye,

kiss Snow back in,

Yeah, well, plans change
now that this guy's in town.

He changed the Queen
into a snake.

He's powerful, and he wants to
kill my daughter.

I'm not gonna let that happen.
I'm gonna find this guy.

Hang on, mate.

You're usually the level-headed
voice of reason.

It's because of me.

The wish I made...

to give the Evil Queen
what she deserves.

It brought him here.

It's on me.

Now, I am not gonna wake Snow
until I fix this.

- If you're not with me...
- I'm with you, mate.

I just hope you know
what you're doing.

You and me both.

H... How?

How is this
even possible?

How... How are you here?
How are you grown?

I've lived
a full 28 years.

I was in a place
where time moved differently,

where the Black Fairy
raised me.

Did she harm you?

Depends what you mean.

She toughened me up.

What did she do to you?

She did... many things,
trying to make me evil,

but she failed.

Because in all
of those dark years,

I always remembered you,

I tried to follow
your example.

So, you're not here
to kill the Savior?

No, of course I am.

Because once she's dead,
I will gain her power.

I will be the Savior.

Why would you
want to do that?

Because there is another land
in need of a Savior now.

I want to finally free it
from the cruel reign

of the Black Fairy.

Defeating the Savior won't be
as easy as you think.

I've seen it in a vision.

I've seen her death
at my hand.

And when I kill Emma Swan,
I will finally become a hero.

All right, let's go.

Oh. Shh, shh.

Stay back.

The whole kingdom wants
your head on a spike.

You'll just be
a liability.

Stay here.

Hey, there, Pinocchio.

Princess Emma.

I... I'd heard terrible rumors you
were captured by the Evil Queen.

I cannot tell you
how relieved I am to see you.

What are you doing here?
What happened?

It's a long story.

I know this sounds,
well, crazy.

Long ago...

I desperately wanted
to become a real boy.

And it only took one person,
my father, believing in me

to make it so.

I believe in you, Emma.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

So, why me?

What can a simple wood carver
do for you?

Carve wood
and get us home.

Your father once made
a magical wardrobe.

It took me
between realms.

- My father passed. Years ago.
- I know.

I have all of Princess Emma's
memories, too, and I'm sorry.

I was hoping that maybe you
still have that wardrobe.

I remember the one
you speak about.

But I dismantled it
years ago.

It reminded me of darker times.
No offense.

None taken.

This world became oh-so-much
better after I was gone.

Maybe I can help.

I know the enchanted grove
where my father found the wood

for the original wardrobe.

Perhaps we can replicate
his work.

I kept his tools.

what do you think?

"Do what you must
to get home with Pinocchio.

I know you'll succeed.

But I can't come back till
I have a question answered.

I know Robin isn't real here.

But I need to know if...

like everything else
in this realm,

is he better off without me?"

There he is.

The guy with
the lion tattoo.

That's him?

Pixie dust doesn't lie.

This is your chance
at love and happiness.

A fresh start, no baggage.

You can let go of all the anger
that weighs you down.

Go get him.

The Evil Queen!

Is it too much to hope
you're here to buy me a drink?

So, you're
the Evil Queen.

I presume you're here to take
back the necklace that I stole.

Uh, actually, no.

I'm here to talk to you.

One doesn't usually come
to a tavern for talking.

Are you happy?

You're a strange one.

Are you?

As a matter of fact,
my life's great.

I have work that I adore,
I answer to no man,

and I sleep
under the stars.

Who could ask
for more?

So, you were better off.


Thanks for telling me.

what's this about?

Why would you care
about my happiness?

You can tell me.


- Nottingham.
- Always good to see you.

Well, the pleasure
is all mine.

At last, the most wanted man
in all the land

is as he should be...


And I see that we have
a little bonus.

Oh, I'm sorry, m'lady,
but here in Sherwood Forest,

we're prepared
for the likes of you.


Off with them!

Is your friend
gonna be okay?

Regina can take care of herself.
We just need to do our part.

Speaking of which,
here we are.

It's beautiful.

It survived the Evil Queen's reign.

Its magic flourished.

- And this will get us home?
- We'll see.


Which one?

The chisel.

Ordinary tools are no good
on enchanted wood.

But this one...

this one was special
to my father.

I just hope
I can live up to him.

He said a true woodcarver
must always be in conversation

with his tool
and his materials.

A sword, Princess?

The Emma I knew
was far more interested

in fancy dresses
and high tea.

Where I come from,
I'm not a Princess. I'm...

a Savior.

- Interesting jobs in your world.
- Yeah.

I spend a lot more time
around swords than dresses.

What exactly
does a Savior do?

A lot of things.

I... protect people.

That's... the gist of it,
I guess.

So why so glum?
Seems like a good thing.

Because the job
comes with a destiny.

I'm supposed to protect
my family, but I die doing it.

It's my fate.

And this sword...
this is what will finish me.

Stop talking.

Back away
from the Princess.


Don't worry, Princess.
I'm here to rescue you.

After I kill
whoever the blazes this is.

Lonely here,
isn't it?

If you're here to talk me
off my path, you can't.

This is my fate.

Well, fate's
a tricky business.

It still requires work.

And planning.

I see what this is.

You don't think
I'm strong enough.

Don't walk away
from your father.

You've been alive
28 years.

I've been alive

There are things
a man learns.

Take your hand
off me.

You know, I waited years
for a moment like this...

When I could finally tell
my own father that I was

better than him and stronger
than him, so you go ahead.

You show me.

You think you know
all about me.

You have no idea.

I know your childhood is full
of pain, just like mine.

You want someone
to pay for that?

Make me pay.

It is my fault, after all,
is it not?

I let the Black Fairy
take you.

I couldn't protect you.
So you go ahead.

Do it. Hit me.

Hit me.

Hit me!

If you can't hit me, how do you
expect to kill the Savior?

I can help you, son.

I don't need your help.

Uh, okay, uh...

how many times
do I need to ask?

Please, let him go.

Princess Enya, please.

Leave the daring rescue
to the professionals.

It's Emma.

Who is?

My... Me.
My name is Emma.

I don't need to
be rescued.

Well, not anymore, thanks to
Captain Hook, at your service.

Hey, now!

That is not
very sporting, mate!

Like the lady said,
she doesn't need any rescuing.

The Royal Family
does not agree.

There's a handsome reward out
for her return.

Sword, please.

Oh! Hook, please! We really
don't want to hurt you!

I'm sorry, do you...
you know him?

A version of him
in the other world.

We sort of
live together.


you might have my sword,
but I've got your... This thing.


Now we duel.

Hook, stop!


I really need to get home
and get someone off the rum.

And the dessert.

Sorry, Hook.

I think it's time to go back
to the Jolly Roger.

Oh, no.

Oh, no.

Can you fix it?

No. I cannot.

Well, you have a whole other
chest of tools.

Maybe there's
something else.

No, I need magic
to carve the tree!

I'm not my father.

I'm not... good enough.

I'm sorry you put your faith
in me, Emma.

I hope you never make
that mistake again.

You two!

Keep an eye on them
until I return.

I am so sorry
about all this.

I never meant
for you to get hurt.

Yes, well, then you failed
with flying colors.

Now I'm going to die
for nothing,

having accomplished

Not true.
You're Robin Hood.

Think of all
the people you've helped.

Robin Hood?

No, I am Robin of Locksley,
and I'm a thief.

A thief who steals from the rich
and gives to the poor.

Gives to the poor?

Why the hell
would I do that?


So you're telling me
you're just a common thief?

I am not
a "common" anything.

I steal from the rich
to make myself rich.

And that makes you happy?

No, I don't believe it.

It must be Marian.

What do you know
of Marian?

Your wife.

She was never my wife.

She died
before we could marry.

I'm so sorry.

So, there's no one?

No. Never.

And even so, your... life...

It makes you happy?

That's not exactly
what I said.

That's what you said.

If you want the truth,
Your Majesty,

I haven't been happy
for a very long time.

You never had love.

What was that?

Please! Help me!

Oh, don't worry.
I know who did that.

He's on our side.

After all those years locked up,
it's certainly nice

to stretch one's legs again.

Impeccable timing,
as always.

Now, will you please
take this cuff off?

Well, that's the question,
isn't it, dearie?

Will I or won't I?

Now, on the one hand, you did
help me escape from my prison.

On the other, you kidnapped
the woman I loved

and starved her to death
in a tower.

I went looking for Belle
and this is what I found.

That wasn't me.

Not really. I...

I'm not even
from this world.

Oh, I know that, dearie,
but I have to hurt someone,

and you seem like
the best candidate.

I may not be real,
but I get a funny feeling

I can still
make you bleed.

I'm sorry.
I can't wake you.

Not yet.

Not until I find the person
who wants to harm our daughter.

And, Snow, I promise you, I will
find him and I will stop him

and bring Emma home where
she belongs, and we can...

fix this...

All of this.

All right, then.
Thanks, mate.

The dwarfs have searched
the entire northern woods.

There's no sign of our guy, or
anyone else, for that matter.

Well, he couldn't have
just vanished.

We must have
missed something.

This would be so much easier
if we knew who the bloody hell

we were looking for.

His name's Gideon.


He's my son.

Your son is an infant.

He was.

Then he grew up
in another realm,

without his parents,

and that experience
affected him.

"Affected him"?

He's trying
to kill Emma.

I... I know. Look,
it's not his fault, okay?

He's confused and...

Rumple's out there
looking for him right now.

To stop him
or aid him?

I don't know.

But I do know
that I can stop him.

If I can just talk to him,
reason with him,

as his mother...

Will you help me?

I don't know, Belle.

If he's really
planning to kill Emma...

We're going to
have to stop him.

But that doesn't mean
he has to be hurt.

And neither one of our children
need to be harmed.

Look, I came to you for help
because I trust you.

Can you trust me?

Let's just find him.

The sooner we do,
the better.

Then take your shot,
but if it doesn't work...

Thank you.

Now, if you'll excuse me,
it's been a while

since I had good flay.

Tools are a bit rusty.


you're telling me I'm living
in a fake world that's created

by the wish
of a Princess who's not fake.

Well, it wasn't her wish,
exactly, but yes.

And in this world,
I'm some kind of folk hero,

and the Evil Queen
cared for me.


I'd say I did
pretty well for myself.

Wait, that's it?
You just believe me?

Do I believe that there's some
other world where I'm living

a completely different life,
which, by the looks of things,

is a hell of a lot better
than this one?

Yes. Indeed.

I don't mind believing that
at all.


Am I a scoundrel
over there, too?

you're not a scoundrel.

You're dead.

I see.

And, uh,
this other Robin,

before he died, did he...
Did I have a good life?

I think so.

I hope so.

He helped a lot of people,
which he was proud of.

And he loved his friends
and... family.

And you.

And me.

Well, that sounds like
it was a good life,

even if it
was too short.

What are you doing?

Well, it's a little-known fact,
but I'm not just

the world's
greatest thief.

Shall we,
Your Majesty?

What's this?
It had my name on it.

For the Princess
who has everything,

happy birthday.

Seriously, why this?

I don't know.

I guess I've always
liked swans.

Reminds me of a story
my father used to tell me

when I was dreaming
of becoming real.

Let me guess...
"The Ugly Duckling"?

- Huh. You know it.
- Yeah...

you could say that.

The duck who believed so deeply
he could become a swan,

he actually became one.

My father always said, "Believe
hard enough in something

and you can change
your fate."

What did you say?

You can change... your fate.

If we believe
in something strongly enough,

we all have the power
to change our fate.

It was you.

What was me?

When I was a kid,
in my world,

you gave me some advice,
and it changed my life.

You became the swan.

Yeah, I did.

You can do this.

If you believe
you're a puppeteer,

you will be
a puppeteer.

But if you believe
you're a master carver

and as good as your father
ever was...

then your fate changes.

Looks like the swan
is going home.

You did it.

I knew
that you could.

Thank you, Emma.
For believing in me.

I'm just repaying
the favor.

Your father
would be proud.

Well, it's a little rough
around the edges,

but I think it'll do.

Where did you go?



I'm... I'm sorry I ran off,
but we have to get out of here.

They're gonna be
looking for us...

Sheriffs and knights
and maybe Rumple, and...

Is that it?

This is it.

That's how you're getting back?
A tree?

A magic tree.

Oh, well, forgive me.

we do have to go.

Can you just
give me a minute?


I'm so sorry
I dragged you into this.

I like an adventure.


I want you
to have this.

So a piece of Robin
is with you always.

Where did you get this?

It's my lucky feather.

It's from
a very lucky arrow.

When Robin...
my Robin died,

there was a feather that got
lost on its way to me from him.

But despite everything,
I chose to believe and hope

that he was in
a good place.

I think, somehow...
he lives on in you.

why don't you bring him?

He's not real.

you said it yourself.

This place was created
by a wish.

How could a wish
become real?

Maybe it can.

The feather.

Robin's soul
had to go somewhere.

Maybe that's why he hasn't aged,
why he's different.

If you believe any part of him
is in there, why walk away?

Because, Emma, it's me.

And I'm afraid
of tempting fate.


We make our own fate.

I did it,
and now it's your turn.


I'm in.

You are?

It might not work.

Then again, it might.

You'd take the risk?

Well, I don't know if you
caught this, but, uh...

things are looking pretty bleak
for me here.

And, you know, why not
get to know the woman

one version of me
was willing to die for?

Maybe you should
leave this here.


I can't let fate dictate
my actions anymore.

Thank you.


Are you okay?

Where's Robin?

I don't know.
We... went in together.

I'm so sorry.

Can I...

Can I have a moment alone,


No, it's all right.

So, where exactly
are we?

Robin of Locksley,

as mayor, I'd like to officially
welcome you to Storybrooke.


I've been waiting.

Who are you?

My name is Gideon.

I only know one Gideon.

He looks a lot younger
than you do.

What do you want?



Stay back!

Gideon! Wait!

You don't have
to do this.

It's okay. I'm not gonna
let him hurt anyone.

I'm not going to hurt them...
just you.

Ready to die, Savior?

I am fated to die,
and I will die.

But not today.

I'm still
going to kill you.


He's my son.

I don't need your help!

Mom! You did it!

You're amazing, Emma.

Thank God
you're alive.

You, too, dad.
You, too.

Really. Thank you.

Good work, Emma.

What happened here?

Was that really Gold
and Belle's baby?

We'll fill you in later.

Hopefully, he won't be back
for a while.

Captain Hook?

Well, you were certainly
a little more spry

in your younger days.


Well, not really Robin.

Sort of.
It's an alternate reality.

Copies of everyone.

I brought him back.

"Alternate reality"?
Not... Not spry?

What happened to you?
What happened to me?

It's okay.
It's all gonna be fine.

We're just...
We're gonna switch to water.

What, for drinking?



I could hear you all the way
down the street.

I wasn't sure if I should expect
a typewriter or a Tommy gun.

Well, I work out here
so papa can sleep.

Did you know?

When I was a kid and you told me
to go to the police station,

did you know it was me?

Of course I knew
it was you.

I kept tabs on you
for a while.

I knew you didn't belong
on the streets.

I just had to make sure
you knew it, too.


I, uh, kept the...
kept the pages.


You know, when you picked Swan,
it made me happy.

I figured it meant
that you got it.

That you were on your way
to becoming the person

that you wanted to be.

I don't know
if I totally got it.

I don't know if I still do.

But I think I'm on my way
to believing I can make

- my own destiny.
- Well...

belief is the first step.

Making a wish?

I better not.

My hopes and plans don't
turn out like I want them to.

No matter what I do,
who I trust.

I understand the feeling.

Do you?

'Cause, I mean, clearly you
wanted to keep him tied

to this horrible fate,
and you succeeded.

I wanted his life
to take its natural course.

He still has the power
to change his choices,

like the Savior's doing.

But using the shears
would have robbed him of that.

And, yes, I was gonna
use them on him before,

but I was wrong.

And you think he'll make
the right choices now?


But I hope
he still may.

I know you don't believe
that's what I want, Belle,

but it's true.

When Baelfire rejected
my magic, I respected it.

I just wasn't brave enough
to follow it.

My whole dark life, I've sought
out those who are light...

like you.

So, what, you don't
want him to kill Emma?

No, I don't.

That would be an irrational act
of someone so blind with pain

they think they're reaching
for the cure...

When, in fact,
it's just more poison.

I know.

I've done it myself.

Frankly, I suppose
I'm addicted to it,

but I don't want it
for my son.

I protected him,

even knowing
what he wanted to do.


It can be easy to rationalize
doing the wrong thing, can't it?

Indeed it can.

Is it too late
for us to help him?

You must have some plan,
some trick.

I'm sorry.

But if there is anything
we can do to help him,

perhaps that's something
we should do together.

Not just for us,
but for everyone.

You heard our son.

I fear if we fail...

war is coming
to Storybrooke.

Sync and corrected by
Gianluca Belfiglio