Once Upon a Time (2011–2018): Season 6, Episode 10 - Wish You Were Here - full transcript

The Evil Queen sends Emma back to the Enchanted Forest and Regina must remind her of who she is. Belle and Rumplestiltskin try to figure out where their son is and David makes a wish that comes with a price.

Previously on "Once Upon a Time"...

But without a genie,

I can't use a wish to
get back to Agrabah.

I think you will.

This is the sword from my vision.

This is the sword that killed you.

Now that we have it,

maybe we can finally
find who's responsible.

And then we can stop them.

Do you really think you've got something

in your vault that can destroy it?

We don't want to destroy
it. We want to understand it.

It's fated to kill her.

The hooded figure who uses
it is fated to kill me.

We need to figure out who that is.

And then we can worry
about destroying things.

Bloody hell.

Get away from him!

Don't worry. I'm not here

to desecrate Robin's
final resting place.

I loved him, too, you know.


Past tense.

Losing Robin Hood was the best
thing that ever happened to us.

It pushed you to liberate me,

to free me from the prison
of your self-loathing,

to make me the best version of us.

Regina, don't let her get to you.

It's too late.

What are you gonna do?

Throw a fireball at yourself?

The only way to hurt me is to hurt you,

which is why your friends
won't be able to stop me.

See? Love is weakness.

Say hi to Sleeping Beauty...

or is it Sleeping Daddy?

Emma, no!

Are you...?

I'm... fine.

We can kill her.

Thinking of going for a drive?

Rumple, I'm in no mood.

Looks like the Savior's found a weapon.

Now, normally I'd be upset
that someone stole from me,

but in this case, I think I'll
let Ms. Swan's pilfering slide,

and I can focus on finding my son.

And you

can prepare...

to die.

Now, no matter where
you go, I can find you.

You see, what you did to me,
to Belle, was unforgivable.

So if, at the end of the day,

the Savior has yet to dispatch of you,

rest assured that after I find my son,

I will gladly finish the job.

So it can hurt the queen
without hurting Regina.

The Evil Queen needs to die.


You sure about this, love?

In this case, the cliche is true.

I was... born for this.


Don't do it.

Henry, I can stop her.

With this sword, I can save all of us.

That sword is what kills you.

How do you know this isn't
how you die... facing her?

What if she's the figure
under the hood in your vision?

I can't sit out every battle

because I think it might be my last.

I'm the Savior, kid.

You're also my mom.

Hey. That was Leroy.

Evil queen was spotted
headed down Main Street.

- All right. Let's go.
- No. You can't.

The only way you can hurt
her is to hurt yourself,

and I can't let you do that.

I've got this.

You need to stay here with Henry.

Good luck.

Help me!


This is about me.

It's always about me.

Damn right.

I can snap her neck

before you get a step closer.

That's better.

What the devil?

Not the Devil.

My genie.

I'm sorry.

I believe I have three wishes.

Go ahead. Wish. They
always come with a price.

That they do.

Which is why I'm not going
to wish for something for me.

I'm going to give you something...

something you've always wanted,

something you confided about to Aladdin.

You heard us?

Don't you know by now?

I hear everything.

You wished you weren't the Savior.

So that's exactly what
you're going to get.

Genie of Agrabah, I wish...

that Emma Swan's wish

to have never been the Savior...

be granted.

- No!
- Emma!

What happened? Where did she go?!

Happy birthday!

Mommy. Daddy.

So tell us, Princess,
what did you wish for?

Not a thing.

Everything I could
ever want is right here.

Sweetie, something's bothering you.

What's wrong?

Last night I had a dream that...

that the Queen did cast her curse,

and I was the Savior, as you told me.

Yes, but with the Queen defeated,

all of that was avoided.

Right. Right.

But in my dream,

I was in this strange, fantastical land

unlike anything I'd ever seen before,

and we were still
fighting her... all of us.

And this place... it had a name.

It was called...


It was only a dream.

Then when I woke up, I found this.

It was under my bed.

Well, one of the servants
must have put it there.

They were cleaning the armory.

No. No.

I'm so sorry. Did I miss it?

I was practicing for tomorrow
and lost track of time.

Can you please forgive me?

Of course, Henry.

I want your knighting
ceremony to be perfect.

You're going to be the noblest knight

the kingdom has ever seen.

Is that for me?

For tomorrow?

My name is Sir Henry,
Knight of the Realm.

And I shall defend all of you.

Your father would be very proud of you.

I wish.

I wish I'd known him.

He's watching over you.

He's always watching over you.

Now, then, I believe we
have some celebrating to do.


The party's only just begun.

Of course, Daddy.

Henry, put that thing away.

This family is done fighting.

- Where did she go?
- We have no idea, Henry.

But we're trying to
figure that out, right?

Because I didn't stay behind
for you to screw things up.

Hey, take it easy on
us. It was the Queen.

I know who it was.

Maybe use some of that defensive energy

to figure out where she is!

You're her father. You
must have some idea.

Yeah, I am her father.

That doesn't mean I know everything.

What about you, Hook?
You live with her now.

Did she give you any ideas?

If I had an idea, don't you think

I would have bloody
well mentioned it by now?

How do you share a home with someone

and not know their secrets?

Because we don't stand around and talk

about what happens when a
bloody genie appears, mate!

Please, stop fighting. Please.

Right now we're doing
exactly what she wants.

She said we would tear ourselves apart,

and that's exactly what we're doing.

The Evil Queen has thrown
a lot of punches today.

But now...

I think I know a way to throw one back.

Show me our son.


Appletini? Really?

Isn't that a bit on
the nose? Even for you?

I like what I like.

So, it's your wish?

No. A request.

I suggest you heed it or things
will be even less pleasant

than they already are.

That's ambitious.

There's much we can explore

in this master-genie relationship.



Having fun in my office?

Well, as a matter of
fact, I was about to.


I'm not here for your perversions.

I'm here to get Emma back.

Well, good luck with that.

You're not getting ahold of this lamp.

But even if you did,
you can't undo wishes.

Sadly true.


take a seat.

Have a drink.

And give thanks where thanks is due.

What the hell are you talking about?

Be a dear and mix another?

Don't forget...

I know you better than anyone, Regina.

I am you.

And there was a time when all you wanted

was to tear Snow and Charming apart

and kick Emma Swan out of your town.

And I just did both.

A toast.

To you.

To me.

To us.

That's why you'll never be happy.

You've won, and you can't even admit it.

If you could, you'd see
that victory feels luxurious.

Yes, I... may not be able to
get ahold of that genie lamp,

but you're right.

We are the same person,

which means you're not the
only master of the lamp.



Genie of the Lamp,

I wish to be sent to the
same place as Emma Swan.

- No!
- Your wish is my command, Master.




Hey! Hey!



I'm... I'm looking for
Emma. Have you seen her?

Have you seen her?

The Evil Queen is back.

No, no, you don't understand.

I'm... I'm... I'm not
the Evil Queen anymore.

Move! Move! We must warn them!

The war is not over! Run!




What the hell happened to you?


You're the Evil Queen.

You don't remember me.

I know exactly who you are.

My parents banished you.

No, they didn't.

None of this is real.

I'm your friend.

You're no one's friend. My
father said you were a liar.

No, it's not a lie.

Where we're from, we actually...

share custody of a son.

Okay, it's complicated, but...

the point is I risked
my life coming here

because you're the Savior...

and your family needs you.

This is impossible. You were banished.

The fairies saw to it
you could never return.

There's no way you
can be here right now.



Show some respect.

It's "your majesties."

This is our kingdom now.

You're so old.

Taunt us all you wish.

We shall never back down
from protecting our people.

Emma, these... these people aren't real.

Mom, Daddy, please help.

No, they're... they're
hallucinations that...

a fake reality.

Step away from my daughter.

Emma, you have to believe me.


This blade banished you
from the kingdom once before.

Now let's make it permanent.

Come on. This isn't you.

There has to be some part
of you that knows that.


Damn it!

I can't do this. I can't
just sit by and wait.

The Queen is out there,
and she's got more wishes.

Don't worry, mate. Regina will
be back with Emma soon enough.

And then what?

What's to stop her
from making another wish

that sends them someplace even worse?

She's done too much
damage to this family.

I am not gonna wake my wife

to tell her our daughter is missing!

I'm gonna get that lamp.


There is nothing I want more

than to make the Evil Queen
pay for what she did to Emma,

but we are outgunned.

We don't have magic.

And we don't even have that sword

that she thought she
could use to defeat her.

We need a plan.

So, any thoughts on this plan?

I can't bear to think what
she's doing to Aladdin.

I know, love. I know.

I think I got one.


Go to the sheriff's station.

Meet me there in one hour.

The Evil Queen's reign ends today.


There you are.

Come to see old Rumple, have you?

Who are you?

Come closer.

You! The Queen!

The apprentice is back!

Back to see the old master!

Back again, back again!

Please. I need your help.

Why would I help you,

my greatest student...

and failure?

My dark curse.

My most precious of curses.

You failed me.

That wasn't me.

You see, I'm... I'm not the Evil Queen

in this reality...

which isn't even a reality.

It's all... well, it's all fake.

You're fake.

Now I'm intrigued.

This world was created by a wish

to trap Emma.



The Savior!

Perhaps I can help you, after all!

For a price.

A deal?

You're not even real.

Well, no one knows more
about Saviors than I.

All I need in return is one
teeny, tiny, little thing...

my freedom.


It's not worth it.

The world is better off
with you behind bars.

But you said this world isn't real.

What's the harm of
letting a not-real me

out of a not-real prison
into a not-real world?

You actually have a point,

but I know better than to take
one of your deals in any realm.

Do you know why Emma became
the Savior in the first place?




Every Savior needs a villain.

The Evil Queen.

But the real queen,

not this sniveling, pathetic,

diluted creature I see before me.

A real queen of power and purpose...

one that I knew...

one that can remind Emma
that the world needs a Savior.

I'm right.

Show her your inner darkness,

and the Savior will be reborn!

A-About these bars? No?

Sorry. We're just old friends talking.

We haven't made a deal.


I'm well aware, old friend.

Um, but you... you...

you may know a way to wake Emma up,

but you don't know a way back to...

what do you call it...


How do you know that name?

That matters not.

What does matter is...


That will cost you.

At last!

It smells just as dank outside.

I think I need some fresh air.

The bean.

Yes, yes, right, right.

Meet me tomorrow at
noon down by the lake.

Tomorrow at noon it is.

I don't know what happened to you,

but you don't exactly
inspire fear anymore.

If you're going to play
the part of Evil Queen,

you should look like one, as well.

How's that?

Much better!

Much, much, much better!

Now go on!

Be evil!


You're looking well...


You sped up my pregnancy?

Yeah, well, the fairies
sped up my recovery.

Which does not excuse any of this.

And please don't ask me

because I will not be telling
you where I've sent our son.

Belle, he's gone.

I used strands of our hair,
our essence, to track him.

He's not here.

He's nowhere.

I also know that my words
mean nothing to you now,

so let's start with actions.


This is not about control.

This is about whether our son is safe.

Fine. Don't take my word for it.

I can't blame you.

Call the convent.

Yeah, hello, this is... this is Belle.

Is... is Mother Superior there?

Something happened.

Everything is going to be fine.

We defeated the Evil Queen
once. We'll do it again.

Let's just focus on Henry's big day.

I don't know what I'd
do without you two.

Presenting his Royal Highness,

Prince Henry!

Look at him. He looks so grown-up.

Do you, Prince Henry,
undertake to accept

the accolade of knighthood?

I do.

And will you conduct yourself

in all matters as befits
a knight of this realm?

I will.

It is with pride in our hearts that we,

Queen Snow and King David
of the Enchanted Forest,

do dub you...

Sorry I'm late.

It's the Queen! Run!

She's not the queen anymore!

Look at them,

missing out on this... happy, happy day.

I vowed to destroy their happiness

if it is the last thing I do.


Don't hurt my parents.

But you see, hurting
them is the point...

unless you know of some
hero who can stop me.

Mercy, please.

Look for that hero...


and when you find one,

you know where to find us.


What do we do?

Don't worry, kid. I have this.

He said 10:00. Right?

Where is David, anyway?

He's late. It's not like him.


I thought I smelled earnestness.

Please pick it up.

Why me?

You're the one who dropped it.

Because I'm starting to
wonder if you still have it.

An assassin, Gold's magic, a genie?

Why don't you try
doing something yourself

for a change, you snake!


You do realize you can't kill me,

you imbecilic shepherd.

Thanks for the tip.

I know I can't kill you.

But I can do something much worse.

David, are you my new master?

Yeah, Aladdin, I am.


Don't dabble with forces
you don't understand.

I'm gonna be quite careful.

Your wish is my command,

especially if it's gonna hurt her.

But remember, all
wishes come with a price.

I know.

That's why I'm not gonna
wish for anything to do

with Emma or Snow or anyone
I actually care about.

No, Aladdin.

The only one that's gonna
pay the price is her.


I wish...

that the Evil Queen gets exactly...

what she deserves.

Aladdin, what's going on?

I don't know. I granted your wish.

No, you didn't.

You wasted it.

All I ever wanted was
to rip your family apart,

and now look.

Your daughter's trapped in a wish.

And your wife is slumbering forever.

And you... you are all left alone.

Don't you get it?

You can't wish for me to
get everything I deserve

because I already have it.

I will destroy you!

Look at you.

Such bloodlust.

I always knew darkness would
be a lovely shade on you.


Aladdin? You're okay!

Let him go.

You're outnumbered,
and we've got the lamp.

You've lost.

Death is too good for you.

I'd rather watch you suffer.

Whatever you're planning, it won't work.

We'll defeat you, Regina. We always...

Defeat me. I know. I know.

That's what I'm counting on.

Don't worry. She's
not going to hurt you.

It's going to be okay.

I knew you'd find the hero in you.

Now, let's get this over with.

What is that?

Some kind of weapon?

The key to our kingdom,

which is now yours, Your
Majesty. We surrender.


Anything to protect my parents.

Emma, I don't want the
key to your kingdom.

I just...

I just want you to remember who you are

and get you back to Storybrooke.

Storybrooke? Like in my dream?

How do you know of my dreams?

Come on, Emma.

This! This is the dream!

And now I have to wake you up.

I know you won't believe it, Emma,

so, I really am sorry about this.


I-I already gave you the kingdom.

I gave you everything.
What more can I do?

Be the Savior and stop me.


If not, your parents die!

I'm not a hero.


I'm not the S... the Savior.

Yes, you are.

I know you, Emma. You
fight when it matters.

You always do.

Right now you need to fight!

No! Please!

Come on, Ms. Swan!

I don't know how.

You don't want their blood
on their hands, do you?


Do you?!

No. No! No!


You really don't remember, do you?

You really couldn't fight me.

She may not have fought, but I will.

You murdered my grandparents,
and for that, you will pay!

No, Henry, I...

Henry! Henry!

- It's okay, Mother.
- No.

I have this.

I won't hurt you, Henry.

But I will hurt you.

Henry, stop!


You saved me.

Yeah, well, you came to
this crazy land to save me,

so it's only fair, right?

You... remember?

Yeah. I remember.

When you couldn't hurt Henry,

he was about to actually kill

and become everything I
never wanted him to be.

That's when I knew.

Are they...?

They're not real. I
didn't actually kill anyone.

Yeah, I know.

You just needed to wake me.

Thank you.

Although that was... very dark.

Come on. Let's go stop
the real Evil Queen.

This town is almost tolerable...

when the peasantry is hidden away.

Call Charming.


We've been portaled!

Well, that was faster than I thought.

Who the hell are you?

Mother Superior was found in the forest.

What happened?! Is she gonna be okay?


Hello, tell us what happened to our son.

It was dark.

And I fought as hard as I could,

but she took him.

Who? Who took him?

The Black Fairy.

Storybrooke felt like a dream.

Now this does.

I-I mean, a good dream.

The person I was here just wasn't me.

The fighting and the pain...

it's... it's what makes me me.

I'm good with that.

Even if it means my end.

'Cause, you know,

that other person kind of sucked.


And singing Princess Emma
isn't my favorite model.

I didn't sing...

that you saw.

Now let's go home.

Where is he?


I sort of made a
deal with the Dark One

and let him out of his
cage for a ticket home.


What if he's, like, razing
villages or something?

Well, dearie,

on behalf of all
Rumplestiltskins everywhere,

I'm here to make good on my word.

Sure you want to leave
all this behind, Princess?

Where's that bean, Rumple?

As promised.

Just throw it down and think
about where you want to go.

Thank you.

Off to raze some fake villages.

You ready, Emma?

Let's go home.

What have I become?

I wanted to execute the Evil Queen

back to the Enchanted Forest,

but it was Snow who
convinced me to show mercy.

What if I'm just like my brother?

You're not your brother, mate.

We all make mistakes. It
doesn't change who we are.

Now go kiss your damn wife.


you could use a wish to
break your curse with Snow?

Thank you.

But the way wishes
have been going today,

I think it just might make things worse.

No, the lamp is yours.

You're the genie's new master now.

I trust that you will
be wise with this power.

Thank you.

And I understand the risks,

but Aladdin and I... we have to try.

We have to find Agrabah.

Are you sure that's a good idea?

Whatever the price,

I owe it to my people,

and I'm willing to make the sacrifice.

We both are.

We'll miss you.

Don't. We'll be back.

And until then, give
this to your mom for me.

From one Savior to another.

Do you trust me?

Always, Princess.


I wish for you to take us to Agrabah.

Rumple. The Black Fairy!

Your mother!

And need I remind you that
you entrusted him to that gnat?

After what you did to me?!

Belle, I swear,

I did not dose you with that magic.

I couldn't.

What have we done to each other?

And what have we done to our son?

We have to work together
before it's too late.

There are realms of dark
magic beyond even my reach,

where my mother would
lurk in the shadow.

Where has she taken him?

I don't know.

But it's a place of immense dark power.

Time runs differently there.

Nothing makes sense.

Anything's possible.

Rumple, what could happen to our son?

Big trouble, team.

Big trouble!

What the hell is that?


is the Evil Queen.

She got what she deserved.

Who put her in there?

A guy in a hood.

Emma's vision. Did you see him?

Did you see who was under that hood?

Hello, Mother.

Hello, Father.

What the...?

Not another step, ladies.


It can't be.

This is a robbery.



Let's go! Off with the jewelry!

Remember what you said. He's not real.

He's not real!



We've got to go!