Once Upon a Time (2011–2018): Season 5, Episode 9 - The Bear King - full transcript

Red and Mulan return to help Merida uncover the truth about her father's death.

Previously on "Once Upon a Time"...

Because Merida has failed
to relinquish her crown,

her brothers will be executed.


- Kill her!
- Not today, mate.

Get us out of here.

Welcome home, Your Majesty.

Ohh. Does that hurt?

I can make it go away.

I don't need any more of your dark magic.

Really? Would you rather I sent you back

to face Merlin and Emma on your own?

My dark magic is what allowed us to escape

after you let them take
control of Excalibur.

Because you spent the
battle pinned to a tree.

Careful, or you'll wish
you never cut me lose.

You think I want to be working
with a villain like you?

Like it or not, we still need each other.

You mean you need me to help you finish

your pitiful quest to restore Excalibur.

Which I can use to destroy your sister

so you can escape

and give birth to this
precious child of yours.

Well, what do you suggest?

Because the combined power
of Merlin and the Dark One

- makes your knights useless.
- Not true.

My knights will help us defeat our foes

if we give them the proper motivation.

How far can your magic transport us?

Far enough. Why?

Where do you want to go?

There's something that can
help us in another land...

A land called DunBroch.

I did it, Dad.

I saved the boys.

And I proved to the clans

that I am fit to be their queen.

Well, I may have united
the clans behind me,

but now comes the hard part...

ruling over them.

You always made it look so easy.

I wish you were here so you...

I could ask you how you did it.

He's always with you, Merida,

even if it doesn't seem like it.

I miss him, too.

But today is not a day
to wallow in sadness.


You can't be late for your own coronation.

Show yourself, Witch!

There's no witch here,

just a simple woodcarver.

You gave me daughter magic,

turned me wife and boys into bears.

You're a witch.

Perhaps I... dabble with magic.


'Cause I need some.

Invaders are attacking from the south.

If I'm to lead the clans
to victory over 'em,

I'm gonna need some magic.


Something to stop invaders from the south?

Something to ensure the
future of my kingdom.


I can help you.

But I must warn you, it won't come cheap.

Whatever your price is, I'll pay it.

I'm not in need of anything right now,

but perhaps in the future.

Call it an I.O.U.

Very well.

Then we have ourselves a deal.


Let's see. This.


What's it do?

Wear this helm into battle,

and you'll get exactly what you want.


On behalf of clans Macintosh,
Dingwall, and Macguffin,

we freely give this crown.

Then it is my honor

to crown you, Merida of clan DunBroch,

as our true and rightful...

Did you forget to invite me, dear?

What are you doing here, Witch?

Is this about the magic I took?

No, I'm here because of

another happy customer of mine...

King Fergus.

Lies. My father would never stoop so low.

Well, he did not stoop...

except to get through the door.

But he did come for magic...

an enchanted helm, to be exact,

one that glistens like the sun.

Merida, I'm afraid that
is your father's mark.

Unfortunately, King Fergus died

before he could pay me what he owed.

Um, with interest...

10,000 gold sceats.

That much gold would bankrupt the clans

three times over.

If you don't have the gold,

you could simply return the helm.

I can't return what I don't have.

Then you best find it.

If you don't return it by sundown tomorrow,

I'll have no choice but to
curse the entire kingdom!

Oh, you wouldn't.

One drop of this,

and all your subjects

will live out the rest of their lives...

as bears.

Quiet! Keep your heads!

Harder than it looks, dear.

If you ever hope to wear that crown,

you need to figure out how to
do what your father couldn't...


Got to be here somewhere.

You won't find the helm here.

I will if you help me look.

Check that sideboard.

No, you won't find it
because it's not here.

I packed that helm in dad's trunk myself

when we left to fight
the Southern invaders.

You mean he was wearing it when...

When he was killed.

What was the witch on about

when she said dad didn't know how to lead?

What do you think the helm's magic did?

Whatever it did,

I'm sure Fergus had good
reason for needing it.

But right now we have a
more pressing question.

If the helm's lost,

what are we going to do about the witch?

I didn't say it was lost.

I just said it wasn't here.

You know where it is?

After the knight killed dad,

he took the helm from him
right there on the battlefield.

Whoever the killer is, he has the helm.

No, Merida. Absolutely not.

I haven't even said anything yet!

But I know what you're thinking.

You are not going after him.

That knight already took Fergus from me.

I can't lose you, too.

If I don't figure out who he is

and where to find him,

my entire kingdom will be doomed.

He killed your father for that thing.

He won't give it up without a fight.

That's what I'm counting on.

Because this time, my arrow won't miss.

You're daft if you think

we'd ever follow that wee lass into battle.

Who said that?

The next person to disrespect me daughter

loses his tongue.

Dad, it's all right. I
can look after myself.

I'm afraid the front

is a lot rougher than you think, Merida.

Well, it can't be that rough

if they're writing their
sweethearts back home.

Those aren't love notes, Lassie.

They're wills.

They think they're gonna die?

You wanted to know what war was like.

I'm afraid this is it.

What's that?

Ah! It's me war bow.

I carried this into me
first battle I ever fought.

I thought it only fitting

for you to carry it into your first battle.

You're giving it to me?


Thank you, Dad.


Are you trying to soften
me up or something?

You can't hide anything from me.

Oh, your mother made me
promise I'd keep you safe.

So I hired a soldier

to tutor you in the art of war.

Oh, you think I need a man to babysit me,

to teach me how to fight?

I'll show you.


Ohh. Ho. Ho.

You may not need a man
to teach you how to fight,

but you can learn a thing or two from me.

I'm Mulan.


I'll teach you how to fight
better than any man here.

I'll teach you the most important thing

you need to have to fight... honor.

Hand over the money,

or things are going to get messy.

Your boss promised us 10
barrels of whiskey, not 5.

So? The deal's changed.

Now give me what you owe him,

or I'm gonna take it myself.

You really think

you can push us around, little lady?

Touch me again, and you lose the hand.

Is that so?

I'll let you choose.

Do you want me to take
the left hand or the right?

You're daft taking on
these brutes by yourself.


I had it under control.

What are you doing here?

Looking for you.

It's my kingdom and my family, Mulan.

I need your help.

Sorry, but the only person
I help these days is myself.

Where's your sense of honor?


Honor won't fill my purse.

What's happened to you, Mulan?

The warrior who taught me

never cared for gold or riches.

Then you didn't know me very well.

If gold is what you're
after, then have all I've got.

Okay, but on one condition.

Aye. What's that?

No more questions about me.

There it is.

Whoa, whoa, easy.

Easy. Easy.

I see you've met me pet.

I'm afraid I won't be as easy to subdue.

We're here for the magic helm,

I need it to save my kingdom.

You're not the only one, dear.

Unfortunately, I don't have
what you're looking for.

- Where is it?
- If I knew where it was,

I wouldn't have sent
someone to fetch it for me.

Who did you send to find it?

If you're not gonna buy anything,

I think it's time you leave.


No one out-witches me.

Tell us who's looking for the helm,

or you go bobbing for eye of newt.

All right, all right, I'll tell you.

Merida of DunBroch, King Fergus' daughter.


She was a prisoner in my dungeon.

And you let her go?

No wonder you only had half a sword.

I didn't let her go. She escaped.

Is that supposed to make me feel better?

You're lucky I'm on your side

because, when I'm done with that girl,

she'll wish that she never
left your prison cell.

This is it.

This is where my dad met his end.

What is it?

This arrow, the fletching,

I'd recognize that anywhere.

- I made it.
- And...

You don't get it, do you?

This is the arrow I fired on that day,

the one that just missed
my father's killer.

But you didn't miss his cloak.

We can use this to find him.

I've got to make him pay
for what he did to my dad.

Mourn on your own time.

We're wasting daylight. Let's go.

- What happened to you, Mulan?
- What do you mean?

You knew Fergus, too, but
you're acting like you...

like you never even met the man.

- Have you already forgotten our deal?
- No, I remember.

But what kind of friend
would I be if it stuck to it?

Why have you closed off
your heart like this?

There's one lesson I didn't teach you

the last time we were here.

A true warrior doesn't
let anything hurt them.

Not bad.

Next lesson, you never
leave your flank open.

I didn't.

I just wanted you to think I had.

You're learning.

Fighting isn't about who's stronger.

It's about who's smarter.

Look, fellas.

Our queen-to-be knocked
over her nursemaid.

Too bad there not be any lassies

for you to fight on the battlefield.

Why? Are you not gonna be there?

Merida, it's not worth it.

Why not?

I could kick his arse in front of everyone.

And that's being strong, not smart.

No one's gonna follow you out of fear.

Well, what will make them follow me?

These are your people, not mine.

If you don't know, you
should ask someone who does...

With everything we have!

Someone who they're already following.

I love my dad.

And I won't give up until he has justice.

Look, if we find a weaver,

they can tell us where
this fabric was made.


Someone's coming.

That's a clever little trick...

But not clever enough.

Oh, come now.

You wouldn't attack
a mother-to-be,

now, would you?

Arthur, what are you doing here?

I'm not going back to your dungeon

if that's what you're thinking.

You really think I'd come all
the way to this wretched place

just to drag you back to Camelot?

We're here for something else, dear...

Your father's helm.

You, the witch...

Why does everybody want that bloody helmet?

It's the only way I'll
ever save my kingdom.

So has the witch threatened

to turn your people into bears, too?

You don't even know what
the helm does, do you?

It has the power to make
other men fight your battles,

however dangerous they may be.

Are you lying?

- That can't be.
- It is.

And it's the only way
I'll ever get my knights

to stand up to Merlin and the Dark One.

No, my dad would never use magic

to force people to fight for him.

Aww, apparently, daddy dearest

wasn't the great king
that you thought he was.

Back off.

We need that helm to stop the
witch from cursing this land.

I'm afraid you're gonna have to
find some other way to do that.

And who will even notice?

These people are
practically animals already.

Even if we wanted to
give it to you, we can't.

We don't have it.

Perhaps you don't, but we will.

That belonged to my father!

I know.

And with a simple locator spell,

it'll lead us to another
one of his possessions...

- The helm.
- No.

But that bow...

- was the last thing he ever gave me.
- Ohh.

Then you'll have to console
yourself with memories

and the knowledge of what a terrible ruler

he turned out to be.


Where are you going?

Where do you think? Home.

Well, don't. There's no need.

They may have your bow, but we have this.

We'll find that helm first.

Oh, you don't get it, do you?

It's not about how we find the helm...

It's about what the helm's magic does.

- Why does that matter?
- Well, 'cause now...

I understand what the witch meant

when she said my dad couldn't lead.

If he can't do it without magic, how can I?

- Merida...
- No.

My father used dark magic

to lead innocent men to their deaths,

and he paid the price for it.

He died, too.

I'm not gonna make the
rest of the kingdom suffer

just to prove I could do what he couldn't.

So you're gonna let the
witch curse DunBroch?

No, I'm gonna do what I
should've from the start...

Tell Macintosh and the rest of the lords

I can't find the helm,

give them enough time to get it

before the witch turns us all into bears.

Those lords can't even find
the pointy end of their spear.

Well, they still stand a
better chance than I ever will.

You cannot give up like this!

Why not? You have.

Or is there another reason you're out here

working for the highest bidder?

What are you doing down here?

I wanted to stand watch for myself.

The invaders will be
sailing in any day now.

Do you think we'll win the war?

Ah, we'll give 'em everything we got.

What is it, daughter?

I can tell something's on your mind.

Mulan's a right good teacher.

There's one thing she can't
teach me about leading this army.

What might that be?

How to inspire the clans
to follow me into battle.

How do you do it?

How have you inspired all these men

to follow you into battle,

especially when so many of
them know they're gonna die?


is everything all right?


There's only one way

to get men to follow
you into a deadly battle.

That's by showing them

you're the first one willing to die.

'Cause if their king is
willing to lay down his life,

they know just how important
winning the battle is.

Is that really what you're gonna do?

Aw, you don't have to worry about me, lass.

I'm the Bear King.

I faced Mor'du.

I can handle whatever

the Southern invaders throw at us.

Now, unless you want them to slip by,

best keep me eye on the sea.

All right, Witch.

Show me who this cloak belongs to.

You're not a wolf.

You just need a little help
remembering who you are.

Sorry about that.

My name's Ruby.

My friends call me Red.

How did you know I was a
girl in wolf's clothing?

You're not the first person I've met

who a witch turned into a animal.

Mm. Yeah, well,

wolfing out is kind of my thing.

But the witch found a way
to put me under her thrall.

Are you Mulan?

Yes. Have we met?

No, but my friends told me about you.

Phillip and Aurora?

Mary Margaret and Emma.

But, uh, I know Phillip and Aurora.

I was in the other land with them.

Last I saw, they're doing great.

They were about to have a child.

Is everything okay? Did I say something?

No, I'm fine.

It's just I know how difficult it is

traveling between realms.

How did you end up back here?

Excuse me, if I could
have everyone's attention

just for a moment...

It is our great joy to
introduce you to our son...

Prince Neal.


What is it?

What's what?

Well, we just defeated the Wicked Witch

and survived a time-travel adventure

we didn't know we were a part of,

and you're... What? The
new bathroom attendant?

- What's going on? What's wrong?
- I'm fine.



Ever since we got back to Storybrooke,

I feel like I haven't...

fit in.

And at first I thought it
was because of the curse,

but now that it's been broken, I...

Because you're the only
one of your kind here.


I don't know. I...

Yeah, probably.

I just... I want to
find more people like me.

So I've been helping Tiny
work on his burnt-out fields,

back when we thought we were
gonna have to escape Zelena,


We haven't had much luck,

but we did manage to grow this.

You want to go back to
the Enchanted Forest.

Please don't try to stop me.
I know you think I'm crazy.

I think you need to do
what makes you happy.


You are my friend.

What else could I possibly want for you?

It doesn't mean I'm not gonna miss you.

Not as much as I'll miss you.

And did you find what
you were looking for here?


My pack, the... others like me were gone.

There's no trace of them.

So I went to the witch for help.

And that's when she turned
you into her guard dog.

Thank you for freeing me.

At least my visit helped someone.

Why exactly were you there?

I set a bad example for an old friend.

I wanted to find a way
to make things right.

I thought the witch might have some magic

that would help us track down

the man who killed my friend's father.

That belonged to him?


You don't need magic
to hunt the killer down.

Come on. Let's go help your friend.

You can't seriously be considering

giving the crown to him?

It's the only way to ensure

we won't all end up
under the witch's curse.

I think I'd rather be a bear again

- than bow down to clan Macintosh.
- Mom.

If you can find the helm
before the witch's deadline...

the crown is yours.

Don't hand it over just yet.

You were right, Merida.

I gave up, and I was wrong.

But so were you.

We're gonna find the knight
that ran Fergus through.

- How?
- I brought a friend.

I'm gonna sniff him out.

Have you already forgotten
everything I taught you?

Why do we have to start

before the rooster's even crowed.

The invaders.

You brought me out here
to keep me from the fight.

Dad put you up to it, didn't he?

Merida... out of my way.



Only cowards attack

without declaring where they're from

or who they fight for.

We're not ashamed of who we are.


So let's show them what happens

when you face the combined might

of clans DunBroch, Macintosh,
Dingwall, and Macguffin!

I am not gonna miss this fight.






- No!
- Stop.

Are you certain the helm's here?

Well, this is where daddy DunBroch's bow

says it is.

When will you learn to
stop doubting me, dear?

That doesn't belong to you.

Oh, you don't know when to give up.

Where is he? Where's the
man who killed my dad?

That's him. He killed Fergus.

His scent is all over this cloak.


You're the one.

I led my knights on a quest

to find the missing piece of Excalibur.

We heard rumor of magic in these lands,

so I landed here in the hopes

I could finally complete my sword.

So it's true.

You killed my father.

A knight does what he
must on the battlefield.

You're gonna get yourself killed.

She isn't the only one.

This isn't about revenge.

This is about you finding the helm

and saving your people.

But he... if you're the
one who killed my dad,

why don't you have the helm?

I saw you take it off him with my own eyes.

'Cause the helm Fergus
was wearing when he died

- wasn't enchanted.
- What?

It was a piece of iron polished to a shine.

When I put it on to rally my
men, it didn't do anything.

We lost the battle.

Dad must've thrown the
helm he got from the witch

into the sea before the battle began.

And you know what this means, right?

He didn't use magic to
lead the troops into battle.

They followed him because
they believed in him.

Oh, as touching as this family drama is,

we need the helm.

And I'm gonna do whatever it takes

to stop you from leaving DunBroch with it.

My people are counting on me.

And so are mine.

I've already killed DunBroch's king.

Now it looks like I'll
have to kill its queen.

You have no idea of the
dark path you sent me down.

Oh, I've been down plenty of my own.

It's the burden of wearing a crown.

I blamed myself for my dad's death,

when I really should've blamed you.

I'm not just gonna keep
you from getting the helm.

I'm gonna make you pay
for what you did to him.

Don't take another step.

This isn't your battle.

Do you have any idea
who you're dealing with?

You don't scare me.

Sleeping powder. Clever.

She used it on me.

How do you like it now, witch?

Hurry. It won't last long.

I need that helm to get Excalibur

and fulfill my destiny as Camelot's king.

Reach for it,

and I will cut you down
just like your father.

Make another move,

and you'll look like a porcupine.

This time, one of those arrows

is bound to hit more than just your cloak.

Oh, where's that bloody
witch when I need her?

She's sleeping on the job.

Even your magic can't
stop all these arrows.

Seems we need to find some other
means of retrieving Excalibur.


But perhaps that's a discussion

best had in Camelot.

Who's she?

Thank you.

All of you.

I wouldn't have the helm
if it wasn't for you.

We couldn't let our queen fall.

After all this...

you still want me to be your queen?

You were willing to give up your crown

for the good of the kingdom,

give up your life to get that helm.

I only ever saw one person
make a sacrifice like that,

and it was your father.

If you're not fit to lead the clans,

no one is.

Presenting Queen Merida of DunBroch,

leader of the clans,
protector of the highlands,

and my daughter.

You're early.

The sun's nearly set.

Unless you want to rule
over a kingdom of bears,

you better have me helm.

Oh, I have it,

but I'm not gonna hand it over to you.

I'm going to destroy it.

Are you sure that's wise, dear?

- Merida?
- I know what I'm doing, Mother.

No one should have the power

to lead people into a
fight they don't believe in.

I'll find a way to stop your curse,

but I am not going to be
bullied into giving this back.

I was hoping you'd say that.

What, now?

This was never about the helm, dear.

This was about you.

You mean this was all a test?

King Fergus came to me asking for magic

to ensure the future of his kingdom,

and that's exactly what I gave him.

Getting the helm back made me understand

what it takes to rule.

Your magic's never very direct, is it?

It gets the job done.

I pride myself on satisfied customers.

- Are we done, then?
- Not quite.

I wouldn't have come to a
coronation without a gift.

It's not another carving of a bear, is it?


There's one person

who could not be here
today to see you crowned.

My dad.

What's that?

Magical ale.

You know the legend of
Seonaidh, don't you, dear?

Aye. Is it true?


One cup of this can
summon the spirit of anyone

who's passed to the underworld.

You mean I can talk to my dad?

Thank you.

Long live, Queen Merida!

Thank you.

If it weren't for the two of you,

I'd have let my whole kingdom down.

And if it weren't for you,

I'd still be shaking
down thugs in a tavern.

And I'd still be licking my chops

in that witch's cottage.


It wouldn't be honorable
for me to keep this.

Does this mean I can finally ask

what happened before I found you?

Well, if you must know...

I was trying to get over a broken heart.

I waited too long

to tell someone how I felt about them.

And when I finally worked up the courage,

it was too late.

I'm sorry, Mulan.

You know, I might not be the best person

to ask for dating advice.

I kind of ate

the only boyfriend I've ever had.

Yes, I think that disqualifies you.

But... maybe I can help.

Come with me.

It might do you some good.

Searching for werewolves?

It's better than wallowing in self-pity.

I don't wallow.

Look, maybe helping
someone else find their path

will help you with yours.

Thank you.

Well, good luck.

To both of you.

Here it goes.

Don't waste that.

It's good ale.



You did it.

You became queen.

I'm sorry.

For what?

I lost faith in you.

I thought you used the enchanted helm

to lead your troops into battle.

It's all right.

I lost faith in meself

when I went to the witch for that helm.

Why didn't you use it?

What made you change your mind?

You did...

The night before the battle.

After I spoke to you,

I realized if I wanted to show you

what it took to be a leader,

I couldn't use magic to do it.


- You showed me what a true leader is.
- Mm.

And I will never forget that.

I just want to make you proud, Dad.

You already have.

I wish you were still here.

Me too.


I love you.


you have no idea what's coming for you.