Once Upon a Time (2011–2018): Season 5, Episode 13 - Labor of Love - full transcript

In the Underworld, an escapee from Hades' prison informs the heroes that Hook is being held captive. But before the heroes can rescue Hook, they must face a terrifying beast that guards the prison. Mary Margaret searches for an old childhood friend who knows how to defeat the monster. However, once reunited, she discovers that her friend is no longer the hero he once was. Meanwhile, in an Enchanted Forest flashback, a young Snow White struggles to preserve peace in her kingdom and must learn how to be a true hero if she wants to one day become queen.

Previously on
"Once Upon a Time"...

You're going to hell?
The Underworld.

I'm getting him back.

My time in the Underworld
is done.

Yours can be, too.
Just do what I say.

Mary Margaret: Tell me
your father's okay.

He's in
a better place now.

-That means everyone here...
-Can be saved.


[ Screaming in distance ]

[ Gasps ]

[ Grunts, breathes heavily ]

[ Grunts ]

Is this a bloody trick?!


That's exactly
what it is --

a trick.

Don't move.

He wants you to think
you can escape, but...

you can't.

No one can.


We'll see about that.


[ Grunts ]

He'll hunt you down.

Hades has already done
his worst to me.

I don't mean Hades.

Who, then?


Just don't.

Look, this isn't
my first cell.

I don't just sit around
and rot.

Now, somebody's come
down here to save me,

and I need to make
her job easier. [ Sniffs ]

How do you know she's here?

She got me a message.

How do you know that
wasn't one of Hades' tricks?

Because I know!

When you love someone,
you know.

Now, what's keeping us
in here?

you don't want to face.

I'll be the judge of that.

[ Grunts ]
Time to go.

Are you mad?


But I'm the best chance
you have.


[ Whimpers ]

Ah! Aah.

You ready?

All right, go. Go!

[ Cerberus roaring ]

[ Gasping ]

I told you
we'll never make it.

We won't...
but you will.

I'll draw the hell beasts away.
You run.

And once you're free,
find Emma Swan.

I'm Captain Killian Jones --
Captain Hook.

Tell her to find me.


[ Roaring ]

[ Roaring continues ]


Mary Margaret.
What are -- What are you doing?

We've got a lot of ground
to cover.

David, these graves.
[ Sighs ]

They're all from
my father's kingdom.

They were my subjects.
I was supposed to protect them.

And now how am I supposed
to protect our daughter

in the Underworld?

Because you're not
doing this alone.

Mary Margaret, we will find
a way to protect Emma.

We always do.

Now, come on.

She's looking for Hook in
the woods just south of here.

She's good...

but nobody's better at tracking
than Bandit Snow.

[ Chuckles ]

Let's go help her.

[ Sighs ]

What is it?

Mary Margaret?
What's wrong?

Man: Princess Snow,
you must stop him.

The bandit and his men --

They're terrorizing our villages
and roads.

But my father -- he's on
a diplomatic mission.

I'll send word to him.

By the time it reaches him,
we will all be dead.

We need help now.

Evil Queen: Fear not.

My stepdaughter will take care
of all of you.

I will?

Man: What do we do?

People are dying.

Princess Snow?

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

[ Subjects murmuring ]

[ Screams ]


[ Grunts ]

[ Grunts ]




Young man: Grab on.
I'll pull you up.

Thank you.

You gotta watch out
for hunter traps.

I'm Snow White.


You certainly are.

I'm Hercules.

But you can call me Herc.

You...knew Hercules?

We were friends
when we were kids.

Define "friends."

[ Chuckles ]

Do I detect a hint
of jealousy?

Oh, it's not
every day your wife

tells you that she was friends
with a god.

A demi-god...

who also
happens to be dead.

Hey, I'm sorry.

I was just giving you
a hard time.

No, I know. I know.


...if he's down here,
he has unfinished business.

We have to help him
find a way to move on.

At the expense
of searching for Hook?

No, David,
think about it.


He can help us.

We save him.

He can save us.

Mom, we already covered
this trail.

It was cold.

Then we cover it again,

and we keep going until we find
a trail that's hot.

You think there'd be more
of those in the Underworld.

There's no sign of Hook
in the North Woods.

we have to keep going.

Maybe out
by the Troll Bridge.


There may be a way to make
our search quicker.


In Storybrooke,
I have schematics --

maps -- of
the whole town.

Every last inch of it.

So you think the equivalent
maps of this town are here?

Everything else
in Bizarro Storybrooke

has an analog so far.

I'm on it.
You keep working here.

I'll go get you your intel.

Take Henry.

It might be dangerous.

My mother's gone now.
The office should be empty.

And no one knows it better
than Henry.

He'll be fine.
You'll be there to protect him.

All right, come on.
Let's go.

All right,
let's get back to it.


I found something!


There's a trail of it.

It's not dry yet.
It's fresh.




Not Killian,
but I know him.

Who are you?
Where's Killian?

[ Cerberus roaring ]

We have to
get out of here.

What the hell is that?

It's coming. Hide me.
We have to go -- now!

[ Footsteps thudding ]

Your parents' apartment?

It's the first place
I thought of.

Lie down.

What if whoever --
or whatever -- lives here,

you know, comes home?

I don't think we have
to worry about that.

So this place is just waiting
for your parents to die

so they can move in?

Creepy, but that
seems to be the case.

I think we're safe here.

It's officially
a cold day in hell

when I move in
with the Charmings.

Are you okay?

I will be.

And Hook?


I don't know.

Where is he?

In an underground prison.

I escaped through tunnels.

They let out in a cave

somewhere in the woods,

next thing I knew,
you found me.

Where is the cave?
Could you find it again?


But it's being guarded
by something...


[ Gasps lightly ]

What's guarding the cave?


It has three heads.

Its -- Its teeth

can crush your bones
with a single bite.

And those eyes...

...they burn right
through your soul

as it finishes you off.

[ Shudders ]

Nothing can defeat
this monster.

Mary Margaret:
That's not true.

I know exactly
what this beast is...

...and how we can
defeat it.

So, are you really a god?


My mother was mortal.

I've never met
a demi-anything before.

I can't join my father
on Mount Olympus

until I complete
my Twelve Labors.

And then
you'll be immortal?

That's the idea.

But as much as I like
discussing my family tree,

you can't avoid
yours forever.

I can't face anyone
until I figure out

what to do
about the bandits.

I've got your answer.

You're gonna fight them.


I'm not a hero.

You will be
after I train you.



you can't let the fear
of failing

stop you from trying.

This medal --

it was for the first Labor
I ever completed --

the Nemean Lion.

I was scared.

But I didn't back down.

I fought the lion,
and I won.

And I wouldn't have
this medal

if I'd been
too afraid to try.

Easy for you to say.


I'm going to teach you
how to stand up to those bandits

so they never show their faces
in your kingdom again.

Why are you doing this
for me?

Because you're gonna make
a great queen one day.

I'm a good judge
of character.

And also, uh...

...it gives me an excuse

to spend as much time
as I can with you

before I complete
my final Labor.

I only have a few fleeting
moments down here.

And I want to enjoy them.

So, what exactly
is your last Labor?

[ Sighs ] It's the most
difficult one of them all...

...defeating the three-headed
hellhound -- Cerberus.

You really think
she'll know where he is?

Of course.

We need someone
who sees everyone.

Hey, child-muncher.

We're looking for someone.

Why should I help you,

You burned me alive.

It was Hansel and Gretel.

At your behest,
and with your fireball.

Fine. Fine.

But you stole my apple.

What do you think happens when
you steal from a witch, witch?

Fair enough.

So, who are you
looking for?

His name's Hercules.

You know, from the myths.

[ Chuckles ]
I know who Hercules is.

He comes in here on
his lunch break every day.

And no matter how hard
I try to fatten him up,

his muscles
are always bulging.

It's a shame.

He'd make a great
Sunday roast.

Lunch break from where?


You don't recognize me,
do you?


[ Scoffs lightly ]

You're still so young.

When -- How did...?

You mean, uh,
how did I die?

That's, uh --

That --
That's not important.

What are you doing
down here?

I mean, how did you...?

I'm not dead.

Um, I came down here
to help my daughter.

You have a daughter?

And a son.

And a grandson,

[ Sighs ]
You are not a grandmother.

[ Chuckles ]


it's kind of
a convoluted story,

but, um, I am.

It's been quite a life.


Yeah, I wish
I could say the same.

I'm so sorry.

What if I told you
there might be a way

for you to leave the Underworld
once and for all?

I never finished
my Labors.

I can't move on
until I do.

I know.

And Cerberus is here.


He's --
He's guarding a prison

where the man my daughter loves
is being held.


you're the only one

strong enough
to defeat that beast.

It's your destiny.

Well, that hero died.

Only if you let him.

Don't forget
what you taught me.

You can't let fear of failure
keep you from trying.


[ Grunts ]

Oh, this is going to be
quite an exciting day.


It will be...
when I kill you.

[ Laughs ]

Why does everyone
say that?

You can't kill me.
I'm Hades.

This -- [Chuckling]
This is death.

Well, then, I'll find
whatever's worse

and do it to you.

Oh, I see you've --

You met my pet.

You're about to realize
his master

is not nearly as friendly.


Protection spell.

Looks like Grandma Cora
left this place locked up.

Not completely.


All right.
You stay here.


Someone needs to
stand guard outside,

and only one of us knows where
to look in my mom's office.

Be very careful.

Cruella: Hello, darling.


Tell me,
how is your mother?

Oh, yes, with you,
I need to be more specific.

How is the one
that killed me?

This is the tunnel she said
she came out of.

Hook's in here somewhere.

All right, wonder boy,

are you sure
you can do this?


I know you can do this.

We'll find your friend.
Don't worry.

Wait for me here.


Where's the rest of it?

That's all we have.

I swear.

Leave my people alone!

Princess Snow,
please, help us.

Where's your daddy's army?

I don't need...an army.

Return what you've taken
from these people

and leave my kingdom...

or the next arrow lands
in your good eye.

[ Chuckles ]

I'd like to see you try.

[ Laughter ]

[ Arrow crunches ]

Run back to your palace,
little girl.

These are my woods now.

[ Grunts ]

[ Echoing ]
Leave her alone!

Or you're going to have
to answer to me.

Your boyfriend won't be around
to protect you forever.

We did exactly
what you asked.

There's more where
this came from.

Are you sure you don't want me
to kill her?

I won't turn her into a martyr
for these people to worship.


I have to
turn them against her.

And these miserable people
will finally realize the truth.

I am meant
to be their queen.

[ Creature growling ]

[ Wind howling ]

[ Roaring ]

[ Snarling ]


Come on.


[ Snarling continues ]

[ Someone whistles brightly ]

What the hell was that?

I called them off.

Who are you?

My uncle.


Don't look so surprised.

Who'd you think was in charge of
this place -- your mommy?

if this is your realm,

maybe you can answer
a few questions.

Like why does this hell-hole
look like Storybrooke?

I have my reasons,

and I don't have
to share them with you.

Leave them alone, Uncle.

There's that famous courage
people love to talk about.

Oh, Hercules,

did you really think you could
face Cerberus again?


[ Gasps ]

You mean
he didn't tell you?

Cerberus killed you.

Yeah, I didn't
want you to know.

I couldn't let you down.

Well, it's nothing
to be ashamed of, nephew.

After all, losing your life
to my little pet

is what finally brought us
together as family.

We're not afraid of you.

[ Gasps ] Oh.

Snow White.

[ Gasps ]

Or is it Mary Margaret?

My nephew said you were
a spitfire,

but trust me,

you should be
quite afraid of me

because the next time you
interfere with my family,

I will come after yours.

Bring it.

We're not gonna rest
until we find Hook.

Oh, and that
must make you Emma.

[ Chuckles ]

Since your pirate likes
to send you messages,

I told him I would deliver
this one personally.

What did you do to him?

It's not what I've already done
you should worry about now.

It's what I'm about to do.

[ Hook clatters ]

So, darling, this is actually
quite fortuitous.

What do you want?
Why, you, of course.

I need your help.

You see, Hades, the being
that runs this place,

has set up
the most awful conundrum.

For those of us
in this ghastly Underworld,

we have two choices --

leaving for a better place
or a worse one.

I think I know
where you'll end up.

[ Sighs ] Charming.

Just like your family.

And also probably
quite correct,

which is why I need
a third choice --

to go back
to the real world.

Oh, how I miss it.

The music, the gin,
the glamour...

the gin.

You're already dead.
No one can change that.

Actually, one person can --
the Author.

Oh, yes, that's you now.


The Apprentice told me
it's impossible.

Because he didn't
want you to.

But, Henry, you can.

The Author's power
is far greater

than that bearded old man
wanted you to believe.

I destroyed the quill.

Oh, yes, yes,
I know what you did.

We hear it all down here.

But I'm guessing you don't know
much about the quill, do you?

The sorcerer bequeathed
the quill to all of you,

but it is not
a simple pen.

It is a magical energy.

It is a living, breathing

It's alive?

Oh, yes.

And when you broke it,

you sent it right down here
to the Underworld,

its purpose unfulfilled.

It epitomized
unfinished business.

And now you are going to find it
down here with my help.

And you're going to send me
right back to our world.

Why would I ever help you?

Mm, because, Henry,

if I come back to life,
guess what happens?

The woman who killed me --
your mother --

is no longer a murderer.

You see?

You see,
by helping me, Henry,

you can restore
mommie dearest

to the pure soul
she once was.

You can save her.

[ Sighs ]
What are you doing?

We have to find Hook.

I can't help you.

We can't have you quitting.

I'm not quitting.
I'm being practical.

Since when
are you practical?

This is all my fault.

I thought I was doing
the right thing.

Hercules was destined
to kill Cerberus.

I thought it would help us
get to Hook.

But now --
Now is not the time
to give up.

Need I remind you I dedicated
years to knocking you down?

But nothing
could stop you.

You took my kingdom.

Cast your curse.

I lost my daughter
for 28 years.

And then you found her.

You defeated me in a way
no one thought was possible.

You made me your friend

by never giving up on me.

So what's the difference
this time?

And how am I supposed to help
anyone stand up to Hades

when all I have is...

speeches about hope?

You're right.

Mary Margaret can't help.

In fact, we don't need
her anymore.

We need Snow White.

What are you doing?

[ Sighs ]

I'm done, Herc.

I tried to be a leader,
but I am not cut out to be one.

Regina will make a better queen
than I could ever hope to be.

So you're just going to abandon
your kingdom?

I don't want to be
Snow White anymore.

That's a shame because I was
really starting to like her.

I was crazy to think that I
could stand up to those bandits.

No one wins
every battle, Snow,

especially their first.

You did.

Can you keep a secret?

My first Labor
nearly killed me.

It's the truth.

The Nemean Lion.

Do you know why no one
could kill it?

'Cause his fur was impenetrable,
like steel.

With every blow I struck,
all I did was blunt my sword.

So how did you defeat it?

When I had exhausted myself

and I thought that the beast
was going to kill me,

I accidentally dropped
my torch.

I set the brush surrounding us
on fire.

The flames singed the lion's fur
from his body.

He wasn't
invincible anymore.

And I slayed him.

Don't you see?

If I hadn't failed,

I never would have figured out
how to succeed.


[ Exhales ]

So, how do I stop
these bandits?

Pick it up.

It's pointless, Snow.

I can't defeat Cerberus.

We're just going to antagonize
my uncle.

Well, that's a chance
we're going to have to take.

how did Cerberus kill you?

Why does it matter?

Because -- Because
that is the only way

we're gonna figure out
how to defeat him next time.

[ Sighs ]

He has three heads, Snow.

when I would face one,

no matter how valiantly
I fought,

the other two
would attack.

I never should have fought
that beast alone.

Well, that's it.

That's why you're going
to win this time.

You're not going
to fight him alone.

You want to face Cerberus
with me?

Herc, I became that hero you
always believed I could be.

And we are going to fight
that three-headed beast,

and we are going to win.


What is it?

Did Mary Margaret talk Muscles
into giving it another go?

I don't think so.

[ Glass shatters ]

Run! Just go!

Let me guess --
the Cerberus?

[ Cerberus snarling ]

[ Roars ]

What do we have here?

Snow White:
Give it back!

Princess Snow.

Give that woman
her necklace.

Then leave here
and never come back.

I seem to remember

you delivering a similar
warning yesterday.

Give that woman
her necklace.

[ Arrow thuds against tree ]

[ Laughs ]


What the...?

Lower your weapons.

Or do I need to disarm
all of you?

You think you're tough,

This isn't over.

Yeah, it is.

[ Coins rattle ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Crowd cheering ]

[ Both laugh ]

I did it!
[ Chuckles ]

I knew you could do it.

[ Sighs ]
Thanks to you.

I guess you don't need me
to train you anymore.

Does this mean you're going
to leave to defeat Cerberus?

Do you want to come?

I'd love to.

But, Herc...

I think my people
need me more right now.

You're gonna make
an amazing queen.

And Olympus will be lucky
to have a hero like you.


Are you okay?
What happened?

Cerberus. He found us.

Where's the prisoner?

She ran when
the hellhound attacked.

We gave her a head start,

but there was only so long
we could hold it off.

[ Sighs ]
We should split up.

We have to find her
before that monster does.


Come on.

[ Breathing heavily ]

You shouldn't be here.

We're here to help.

[ Gasping ]

[ Footsteps pounding ]

He found us.

[ Growling ]

What now?

We get her in there.

[ Cerberus roars ]

Come on.

[ Roaring ]

[ Growls ]

Any bright ideas?

We hit all three heads
at once.

[ Glass shatters ]

[ Screams ]

How are we
gonna do that?

With her help.

Give her your dagger.

No, no,
I can't do that.

Yes, you can.

[ Crunching ]

[ Cerberus roars ]

You can.

You have to try.

[ Crunching ]

[ Metal clanks, air hissing ]




[ Yells ]

[ Chuckles ]

[ Chuckling ]

[ Panting ]

Whoa. Hey, hey.


I guess I'm not used
to all that excitement.

I'm Hercules.


But my friends
call me Meg.

Thanks for
the assist, Meg.


I think
we've met before.


Please! Please!
[ Panting ]

Hey, what is it?

It's the monster!

You're --

You're the boy
that tried to save me.

[ Sighs ] "Tried"?
[ Chuckles ]

I'm afraid Cerberus
got me...

right after he got you.

Run. Run.

No, he'll kill you.

I don't care now. Go.

[ Snarling ]

I'm so sorry, Meg, I...

What for?

You may not have saved me
back then,

but you made up
for it now.

Thank you.

Looks like Herc found
a new friend.


Maybe defeating Cerberus

wasn't Hercules' only piece
of unfinished business.

Maybe he needed
to save her, too.

You okay?


[ Sighs ]

You didn't know me in the
Enchanted Forest, Emma, but...

...I was someone who took risks
even when she was afraid.

I was someone who...

I guess, inspired people.

An old enemy
reminded me of that.

I just don't want to ever
run the risk

of forgetting
who I was again.

What are you saying,
Mary Margaret?

I'm saying I don't want to be
Mary Margaret anymore.

I want to be
Snow White again.

Well, it's about time.

I think we can make
that happen...



Henry, are you all right?


Did you find anything?

Uh, no. Nothing.

Dead end.


Do you think you can get to
the prison through the tunnels?

Yes, thanks to your map.

If it weren't for Hook,

I'd still be rotting
in that cell.

You'll tell him that I did
the right thing?

That he was right
to trust me?

I will.

Thank you.

Are you sure you don't want us
to stay and help?

I think you've been down here
long enough.

And if you don't cross before
your uncle finds you,

who knows what he'll do?

I was right.

You became
an amazing hero.


What is it?


[ Both chuckle ]

Hades: The prisoner you aided
in escape --

she moved on
from this realm.

Good for her.

Get on with it, then.

Oh, this?

Oh, this? No.

This isn't for you.
[ Chuckles ]

It's for your friends.


What in the bloody hell

am I supposed to do
with this?

Simple accounting,

At first, I wanted
your friends to leave.

I really had such
a smooth-running operation

going here
before they arrived,

but now I've decided

they've caused
too much damage,

so my vindictive side --

Did you know I have one?

It wants to punish them.

So, from now on,

for every soul
your friends free,

one of them
is going to have to stay.

And, Captain...

you get to decide who.