Once Upon a Time (2011–2018): Season 5, Episode 11 - Swan Song - full transcript

The dark siege of Storybrooke is underway as all of the resurrected Dark Ones target a living soul for sacrifice so that they can return to the realm of the living.

Previously on "Once Upon a Time":

You turned Hook into a Dark One?

It was the only way to save him.

After spending centuries
quelling my bloodlust,

you threw me right back into that darkness!

Job well done, Emma!

Now it's time to get to work.

Nimue. Welcome to Storybrooke, love.

[Wind whistling, wood creaking]

Father, Father!

It's all right, son.

I'm here.

See? There's nothing to be afraid of.


remember, whenever you feel scared,

all you have to do is look inside.

We're all braver than we think
if we just look deep enough.

Before you know it, you're gonna be a man,

so I'm just trying to prepare you

'cause then you're gonna have
to answer life's big question.

What kind of man are you going to be?

[Chuckles] I want to be just like you.

[Chuckles] Well,
that's a nice answer, son.

Now, close your eyes

and find that brave part
deep inside yourself, hmm?

And you don't have to worry about a thing.

Your father will watch the light for you.

Just go to sleep, Killian.

Go to sleep.



Liam, wake up! Father's gone!


Are you looking for your father?

Look out there. He rowed away an hour ago.

Rowed away? Why?

Your father ain't what you think.

He's a thief, a fugitive from the law.

He heard there were soldiers
waiting at the next port,

so he bought my old rowboat...

and left.

Why would he leave us?

How do you think he paid for the boat?

He traded you and your
brother into my service.

No! No, he wouldn't do that!

Now you know what kind of
man your father really is.

It would appear I've won.

Oh, did you?

Last time we fought,

this sword ended up at your neck.

You won a battle, not the war.

I took the dagger from you,

and now you have nothing and never will.

Watch it, pirate.



There's the Rumplestiltskin
we know and love!

This is why Belle's left you, isn't it?

She knows just what kind
of man you really are.

And what kind is that?

The kind who loves his
power more than anything...

more than her, more than your dead son,

which is why it's so bloody satisfying

to take it away from you.

Mmm, remember how good it felt?

Power is only as good
as the one who wields it.

And you've done nothing but parlor tricks.

Oh, is that right?

Well, I think you're really
gonna like what's next.

The trick where I finally get my revenge.

Emma, slow down. We
need to talk about this.

We need a plan.

The plan is find Hook

before he resurrects all of the Dark Ones.

You think dealing with one is bad.

There's more than one Dark One?!

It's a long story.

Well, no matter. There's seven of us.

Six. Dopey's still a tree.

We may be down a dwarf, but
we're ready to fight.

You won't have to. I'm going
to take care of this.

You think you can talk him out of this?

There's no talking.

We have to hit him with
everything we've got.

Well, it's not his fault.

He didn't want to become the Dark One.

But he did because of me.

None of that matters anymore.

Regina's right.

We need to hit him with everything.

This is a man you loved.

That man died back in Camelot.

Now all there is is the Dark One.

So, no matter how hard this might be...

we need to split up,
find him, and stop him...

no matter what it takes.

Come on. This is the
fastest way to the harbor.

And you think we'll find Hook
just sipping rum by the sea?

He's not exactly a pirate anymore.

Once a pirate, always a pirate.

Take it from a reformed
thief, old habits die hard.

Certainly do.

Careful who you sneak up on.

Get out of our way, Zelena.

We don't have time for this.

I'd like to have a little
chat about my daughter.

Our daughter.

About that.

I've worked up a teeny alteration

to our custody arrangement.

I've decided to grant myself sole custody.

See, I'd like to raise her by myself

without you two getting in the way.

I'm going to teach her how to be wicked.

You try and take my daughter from me...

[Laughs] Oh, come on.

There's no point in us fighting

over our darling baby girl

because, soon enough,
you'll both be dead, and...

then I can just take her.

What do you mean we'll be dead?

Ask them.

Dark One, stand back!

Come on. We can cover
more ground in the truck.

Behind you!

No sign of Hook!

Think the next stop's Jolly Roger.

Henry: Mom, help me!

[Bell jingles]

Henry, don't move!

Too late for that.


Henry, are you okay?!

I-I think so.

What just happened to us?!

Gold: I think I may
have the answer to that.

Check your wrists.

Emma: What is that?


is the mark of Charon.

Henry: Charon?

He was the ferryman in the old myths.

He navigated a boat... to the underworld.

Smart lad.

You see, the Dark Ones only
have a... a temporary pass

into this world, like a
like a tourist visa.

The only way for them to stay...

is to trade places with living souls.

Meaning us?


And when the moon reaches its peak,

the ferry from the
underworld will arrive...

and drag us down there.

That doesn't sound good.

Speaking as one who's died
and been there, it's not.

So, how do we stop it?

We can't.

The underworld is worse than
you can possibly imagine.

It's gonna make you wish

the old stories of fire
and brimstone were true.

It's gonna make you wish for death.

And then the
realization will hit...

that death has already come,

and this fresh torture is all that's left.

Gold, you're scaring Henry.

Good, because we should all be scared.

This is Death itself.

- This is a fight we cannot win.
- Emma: No.

I'm not marked. I'm not going to give up.

There has to be something we can do.

You're right. There is something.

Use this time wisely.

Use it to say goodbye.

Thought I might find you

somewhere with a view of the sea.

Oh, there's no use in hiding now.

You can't go through with this, Killian.

Oh, "Killian"?

No "Captain Guyliner,"
no "One-Handed Wonder"?

Where are the bon mots tonight?

I understand you think Emma betrayed you,

but do you really think

dragging her family to the
underworld's the answer?

This from the woman who
enacted the dark curse

to punish Snow White for telling a secret.

You of all people should know

how far someone will go for revenge.

And, unfortunately for you,

so do all the people you've killed

who are waiting for you in hell.

I'm not that person anymore.

Oh, tell yourself what you want, love.

You may be the Dark One,

but we both know you
aren't the man you were

when I recruited you to kill my mother.

When I...

tested you...

and when you [Gasps]

Not... another... word.

No, we agreed we would
never speak about this again.

Don't test me again. Whoever
you think I am, I'm not.

You've got no idea the
kind of man I truly am.



Man: Hyah!

[Horse neighs]

[Horse whinnies]

If I'd known you were gonna
take as long to do your hair...

I'd have had another goblet of wine.

I think you've had enough.

I want you sharp for what you must do next.


I will kill your mother, and in exchange,

you will bring me to a land without magic,

where I can finally get my
revenge on Rumplestiltskin.

In... deed.

But first...

I need to know what kind of man you are.

You don't know my mother.
She's an expert at one thing:

exploiting weakness.

And I need to make sure you have none.

Well, she sounds lovely.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Shut up.

And get in the carriage.

Ah, a test, is it?

I've been a pirate for over 100 years,

and my hook has tasted the blood of dozens.

Whatever your test, trust me...

I've got the mettle for it, love.


Gold has to be missing something, right?

There has to be a way to escape this mark.

Maybe Gold's right.

Maybe this is a fight we can't win.

Mom, you're Snow White. You
don't know how to give up.

Hope is in your blood.

And I do hope, Emma, but...

I don't want to spend what
could be my last moments

with my nose in a book.

I want to make the most of
my moments with my family.

Henry: Dinner at Granny's.

That's what we should do.

Henry: Yeah.

[Closes book]

Dinner at Granny's. That's a great idea.

What about Neal? He'll
be left here all alone.

He won't be alone, Emma.

He'll have you.

I will not give up on my own family.

Emma, we're almost out of time.

And time is what's most important...

time with those we love.

I know you won't stop trying.

And I hope you succeed, but...

promise me that you'll...

come meet us at Granny's, come say goodbye.

I promise.

I love you, Emma.


I love you, too.


So, I hear we're giving up.

No. Not tonight. Not ever.

If I can destroy the Dark
Ones, no souls will be owed,

and you will all be spared.


Do you remember the promise
you made in Camelot...

to do whatever was necessary
to get rid of the darkness?

I don't like where this is going.

I need you to keep that promise now.

And I need you to swear
not to tell anyone else.

But to get rid of the darkness,

you still have to put it in someone...

and sacrifice them.



- You got my message.
- Look, I...

- I told you that I...
- O-okay, here, here.

This will save you from harm

when you're crossing the town line.

A-am I going somewhere?

Well, that's up to you.

You've always wanted to see the world.

Well, all of it is right out there,

the other side of that town line.

Go when you can.

See all the wonders you've dreamt of,

and when you've tasted it all,
maybe one day you'll come back.

Go today and have a life.

Is something wrong?


No, no, no, no. Nothing's wrong.

I just want you to...

live out your dream.

Okay, look...


You... you take the car,

say goodbye to your father,
and then start living.


[Breathes deeply]

I knew there was a hero in there.

Goodbye, Belle.


[Door close]

[Door opens, bell jingles]


[Door closes]

We're closed.

Please, go away.

Regina: No.

We're not going down without a fight.

I bet there are a lot of
people in the underworld

who would be thrilled to see you and me.

We deserve it. And it doesn't matter.

There is no alternative.

There might be, but I will need Excalibur.

The only possible way

Excalibur would be of
any use would be if...

if Emma takes all the
darkness into herself...

and uses the sword to destroy it.

And herself.

[Sword scrapes]

Excalibur was always destined...

for the hands of a true hero.

That's it? You don't want
to make a deal or something?


You're a brave woman, Emma Swan...

but it might not work.

What? Why?

Well, that blade...

it chooses who it finds worthy.

And it chooses its miracles.

It doesn't matter.

Right now all that matters is

I need to be with my family while I can be.

Come to Granny's with me.

No, I can't.

Robin and I need to protect Roland

and the baby from Zelena.

I'll catch up with you later.

So, just a man?

That's the only description I get?

Oh, I'm pretty sure you'll
know which one I mean.

Face him, and you'll prove
you have what it takes

to face my mother.

I'm not sure I see...

Man: Pirates ain't welcome here!


- Get out, pirate.
- Ah.

Ahh. Well, it seems we are at an impasse.

Oh, for heaven sakes.

[Neck snaps, grunts]

[Sighs] Not him.



Gina! Robbie!

Come on in.

What do you think you're doing?

At the moment, I'm trying to decide

what color would look best on your walls.

I mean, my walls.


Hunter? Pistachio?

Oh, my God, I just realized

that all three of those work as baby names.


It's all just coming together.


You're not moving in, sis.

Well, perhaps I'm slightly premature,

but in an hour, you'll both be dead,

then everything that's yours...

will be mine.

And, of course, I get the baby.


You see, our child
deserves her best chance.

And that's not with you.

Oh, yes.

The withered knob of that sad old man.

Uh, if memory serves,

the last time you tried to use it,

you weren't powerful
enough to make it work.

If my memory serves...

last time, I didn't believe in myself.

But now I do, as does
everyone in this town.

So, let's go somewhere, just the two of us.

Oh, such a letdown.

I thought you were gonna use the thingy.

Oh, I am.

So you better hang on.

[Thunder crashes]


I am not done!

You will see me again!


Somewhere over the rainbow!

Enjoy Oz, Witch.

[Engine turns over]

♪ Once again ♪

♪ Once again ♪

♪ We wander through a dream ♪

♪ Once again ♪

♪ A sweet familiar scene ♪

I'm sorry.

♪ ... Keep calling our names ♪

It's the only way I can
make up for what I've done.

♪ Once again ♪

You know what you need to do.

[Slow tapping]


I don't want any trouble,
but we're closed, mate.

Why might I cause trouble?

Because I'm a dirty pirate?

Or because I'm a boy

whose father abandoned
him on the high seas?



But it's Captain Hook now.

You once told me

I had to decide what kind
of man I wanted to be.

Well, Father...

this is who I became!

How is this possible?

I left nearly a century ago.

We both found a way to cheat death.

That we did.

Your brother?

Liam... was not so fortunate.


But you... look at you.

You grew up.

Where have you been?


I was biding my time until I found a way

to kill myself a crocodile.

It's a tale of woe and revenge

but one that you don't
need to be concerned with.

It's your tale that matters.

So, tell me, father,

where does a scoundrel like you run

after he's sold his sons into servitude?!

Oh, I'm sorry, Killian.

Truly, I am.

I ran. I didn't get far.

Not long after I left you and Liam,

I got caught and put
under a sleeping curse.

A sleeping curse?

How the bloody hell are you awake now?

How does anyone break a
curse? True love's kiss.

Who could ever find a way to love you?

My nurse.

I could hear her speaking...

as I slumbered.

Her voice was so kind, so gentle.

She made me see the error of my ways.

I fell in love with her.

And she with me.

She changed me.

I just...

I just...


that I'd known her when we were together.

[Sniffles] You could've
had the father you wanted.

The father you deserved.

I'm so sorry.

Where is this woman?

A few years... after we married...

[Sighs]... she fell ill.

The plague.

She never recovered.

I came here to kill you, Father.

Your life was the price I had to pay

to finally get my revenge.

But we've both lost too much.

You're going to spare me?

In a manner of speaking.

The world must believe you're dead.

The queen, everyone
must think I killed you.

I can secure you a letter of transit

to take you far from this place.

Maybe you can start again.

You'll come with me?

No, you see, I had a love, too.

And she was taken from me.

You can't destroy the
plague that took yours,

but I can destroy the
plague that took mine.

I must continue on.

I hope you find peace...


We must hurry.

Any delay will arouse suspicion.

I'll bring the letter of transit tonight.


would it be possible...

to bring two?


My wife and I...

we had a son.


Hook: Sorry, love.

But I can't let you use that sword.


So you can get your precious revenge?

If I do not do this,
everyone I love will die.

And if you do, you'll die.

Come now, hand it over.
I don't want to hurt you.

Now you care what happens to me?

Like it or not, I owe you.

For what?

Well, if it weren't for what you made me,

I would never have become
the man I always wanted to be.

This is not who Killian wanted to be.

Revenge did not matter to him.

Oh, it did. You just briefly distracted me.

Well, now I can finally
make the Crocodile pay.

Even if it means becoming
the thing you hate?

The thing you spent
centuries trying to destroy?

If you didn't want me to change,
you should have let me die.

I'm sorry.

I couldn't watch one
more person I love die.

And now, because of that,

you get to watch
everyone you love die.



I will protect my family,

even if I have to kill you to do it!

Mom, wait!



Do not do this.

It's too late for that, Swan.

Enjoy the time you have
left with your family.

[Plates clatter lightly]

Oh, no.


- What's wrong?
- It's Emma.

We got to stop her.

You don't have to worry.

Captain Hook's already seen to that.

Which means there's no way

to stop your trip to the underworld.


[All groan]

- [Gasps]
- Henry?

Are you all right?

I-I-I think so.

Neal's back at the diner!

Roland and the baby where are they?

They're safe. They're with the fairies.

They'll take Neal, as well.

So this is really it.

I'm afraid it is, lad.

Look. The S.S. Purgatory.

Emma: Mom, Dad! Henry!

[Crying] I'm sorry! I tried!

Mary Margaret: We know. It's okay.

It's time to drop the act.

You can't just sit back

and watch another family be
destroyed to get your revenge.

What makes you think I can't?

Because of what we swore
to never speak of again.

I know the real reason

you don't want to talk about
what you did to your father.

I believe we've already
had this conversation.

But this time you're going to listen

because if you don't...

you're gonna regret it
for the rest of your life,

which, in your case, means forever.

So, you have to ask yourself

the same question you did that night.

What kind of man do you want to be?

Boy: I'm scared, Father.

I don't want to leave here in the morning.

I know.

But we'll be okay.

You and I will find another home.

What matters most is that we're together.

We can face anything that way.

Now, it's late. Close your eyes.

And remember...

whenever you're scared,
all you have to do is look...


We're all braver than we think
if we just look deep enough.

Sleep tight.

I'll see you in the morning, Liam.

[Door closes]

Thank you, Killian.

You named your boy Liam.

After my brother, after the son...

you abandoned.

Was he really that easy to replace?

I wasn't trying to replace him.

I was trying to honor
him, to honor you both.

So I'd remember never
to make the same mistake.

No, people don't change.

I saw what you said to him in there!

It's the same thing you said to me!

It was a lie then, and it's a lie now!

Killian, please, it's not true.

I have changed.

I would never leave him.

But you would leave me.

Killian, please, what are you doing?!

Deciding what kind of man I want to be.

You see, if the queen discovers
that I've deceived her,

I might not get what I need,
and I can't have that.

You're just not worth it.





it's never too late. You can change.

Be a different man.


It's time.

No, you're not taking the people I love!


I might not be able to kill you,

but I can stop you from interfering.


That's enough!

What do you think you're doing?

Being the man I want to be.

You can't stop us.

Yes, I can.

Killian, you can't do this.

[Straining] We both know
there's no other way, love.

We have to hurry.

The darkness won't stay trapped
in Excalibur much longer.

- Take it.
- No!

You have to help me, Swan. Take it.

[Sighs] I can't.

It should be me.

Your family needs you.

If anyone deserves to go
to the underworld, it's me.

You were right. I was weak.

So let me make up for
it now by being strong.

I don't want to lose you.

And I don't want to lose you.

But you have to let me go.

[Breathes heavily]

Let me die a hero!

That's the man I want
you to remember, please!


I love you.

I love you, too.

[Breathing heavily]

It's okay.








Oh, no.


[Emma crying]


[Door opens, bell jingles]

Get out. We're closed.

[Door closes]

Belle: Rumple?!

[Footsteps approaching]

What are you doing here?

H-Henry called. He told me everything.

You lied to me... again.

- Belle, I...
- [Sighs]

For the first time,
you were truly selfless.

You know, I don't need to see the world

to know what I want anymore.

What I want is to be with you.


[Eerie whispering]

[Whispering continues]

[Birds chirps]

[Cellphone buzzing]


[Door bell jingles]

Now, you see. [Sighs]

This isn't the library

or Granny's or some bus station, Miss Swan.

This is my shop.

Unless the sign says "open"...

you're not invited.

I think I was invited.

I hear whispering.

It's the dagger.

It's calling to me.

You're upset, imagining things.

No, I'm not. It's here, isn't it?

You have it, don't you?

Yes, I do.


You are the Dark One.

- Again.
- Yes.

Had hoped to keep that secret.

Wasn't expecting you to hear it.

But then, most ex-Dark Ones are dead.

How is this possible?

When you came to me, asking for the sword,

I seen an opportunity.

A chance I had never imagined
would present itself again.

As fate would have it,

a small vial of magic was close at hand.

One sprinkle...

and I knew I could get it all back.

I turned the sword into a conduit.

So that while Hook thought he
was destroying the darkness,

he was actually...

moving it.


Channeling it someplace safe.

Into you.

He had no idea.

And now...

things are as they should be.

Hook sacrificed himself,
and you took that from him!


Do you honestly think that you can hurt me?

I now have the combined power

of every Dark One who ever lived...

including you.

You found a loophole,
betrayed us all again.

It's what I do.

It's the man I am.

Well, then, Dark One...

now that you have your power back...

you're going to do something for me.

And why would I do anything for you?

Because I still have magic.

And I'm willing to bet I can get to Belle

and tell her everything
before you can kill me.

Don't test me.

Don't test me.

You really want to take that chance?

That she will, once again...

know the kind of man you really are?

What do you want, Miss Swan?

You're going to hell?

The underworld.

That's quite a distinction.

I'm getting him back.

This isn't fair to Killian.

Gold tricked him.

Everything he gave up was based on a lie.

Emma, you know how this works.
It's a one-for-one trade.

To get him back, someone
else will have to die.

And you just got back
from being the Dark One.

You can't give in to darkness again.

I won't. I'm giving in to love.

I'm doing this right.

I learned my lesson. I'm
taking a page out of your book.

You two share a heart.

So will we.

It could work.

It will work.

Uh, forgive me if I'm missing the obvious,

but, um, how does one
get to the underworld?

Do it.


Are you sure about this?

Do it.

Hook, I will find you.

I will always find you.