Once Upon a Time (2011–2018): Season 4, Episode 21 - Mother - full transcript

Emma reunites Maleficent with Lily, who is still hell bent on seeking revenge against Mary Margaret and David. Meanwhile, Regina and Robin struggle to cope with the implications of Zelena's pregnancy.

Previously on
"Once Upon A Time"...

Daniel's grave.


She ripped his heart out.

All the dark deeds I've done
poisoned my heart.

Who do you want found?
My daughter.

Your Lilith
might be the one

who keeps Ms. Swan
on her dark path.

Your parents are monsters,

They banished me
and threw you in a wardrobe.

She wants revenge.

Regina: Marian...
she's my sister Zelena.

She's pregnant.

[ indistinct conversations ]

Evil Queen: Stop the carriage.

Man: Whoa!

[ horses blustering ]

Good day, citizens.

Enjoying the meadow?

Man: Indeed. It seemed perfect
for our wedding ceremony.

It is lovely.

But see, the thing is,

these are part of
the royal lands,

and I don't recall giving you
permission to marry here.

We didn't know.

We had just... uhh!
[ squish ]

Women: Oh!
[ heartbeat thumping ]

Your majesty.

Could you be overreacting
because of what day it is?

Don't talk to me
about this day, daddy.

But you need the support
of your citizens, your majesty.

To alienate them would be
shortsighted and weak.

I'm not weak!

[ heartbeat continues
thumping ]

I was going to spare you,
but someone just made me angry.

[ crunch ]
[ gasps ]

[ women scream ]

[ woman crying ]

Next time there's a wedding,

book the church.

Make your way home.

I have someplace to go.

[ horses whinny ]

[ inhales deeply,
exhales shakily ]


It's been too long.

Once Upon A Time: "Mother"
Season 4 Episode 21

Original Airdate May 3, 2015

[ horns honking, siren wailing ]

[ indistinct conversations ]



So you moved on.
With her.

That's not fair.
You understood.

You agreed.

Understanding it and seeing it
are different.

That's hardly
the most important point here.

My son.

Zelena's not gonna keep wearing
that glamour,

and Roland's not gonna

where his mother's gone.

For him to lose her again...

A forgetting potion.

Just take him back to before
the fake Marian showed up.

He'll lose time,
but it's better, right?

Yes. Thank you.

[ whispers ]
God, poor Marian.

And Zelena...

Just killing her
like she meant nothing

so she could play out
this sad farce with us.

I just... I wanna...

[ inhales deeply ]

But I can't.

[ exhales sharply ]

I mean, I-I knew that things
didn't feel right,

but I just didn't know why.

I'm sorry.
This was all about me.

For her,
this was all about...

Making sure I never get
my happy ending.

If by happy ending,
you mean us, then...

At least, in a way,
that's possible again.

Look, it's messy,
I know, but...

Between us...

[ laughs ] Is a huge obstacle.

And it's going to
get bigger every day,

and not just
for nine months either.

It's a lifetime
she has cooking in there.

No matter what happens
from now on,

there's going to be
this child.

You're tied together
in a way...

In a way we'll never be.

I'm such an idiot
to think that

life wouldn't kick me
in the teeth again.

I hear you.


Just what?

What do we do now?

Can't believe this survived
all that time.

This place that belonged
to your...

His name was Neal.

He was a lot of things
to me.

Now he's just gone,
thanks to her.


[ gasps ]

I think I just felt it kick.

You wouldn't want to rattle
an expectant mother now,

would you?
[ door opens ]

Everyone, pack up. You, too.

We're going back
to Storybrooke. Tonight.

What is this?

It's a bagel.

[ door bell jingles ]
Is it?

[ bagel thuds ]
[ door closes ]

Did you hear?

[ sighs ] This is why
I hate this place.

Are you sure
you wanna start the day

by tangling with the Dark One?

The Dark One who can't strike
back without charring his heart.

You're toothless, old dog.

So I get to give you
the good news.

Emma's already on her way back.
And guess what?

She didn't turn evil after all.

So I get to find my happiness,

and you will never find yours.

Now for you, never is
a long, long time. [ Chuckles ]

[ door opens ]
Well, that's bad news.

Emma's in charge of
happy endings around here.

[ door closes ]
The ink has to contain her blood.

It has to governed
by her dark impulses.

No dark savior...
[ whispers ] No ink.

[ coughs ]
You okay?

What was he saying
about your heart?

I'll be perfectly fine

once I find another way
to get that ink.

You think there's a loophole?

Well, there always is.

Let's go.

[ coughs ]

[ grunts ]

Forget walking.

I have a better idea.

[ whoosh ]


Mary Margaret: Emma.

[ car door closes ]
[ Emma chuckles ]


Hey. All right.


This is Lily.

This is your daughter.

[ crying, chuckles ]

You show up

on the anniversary of killing
the man that I loved?

To what,
rub salt in the wound?

To apologize.

I see.

How did you get out
of the looking glass?

I borrowed a rabbit.

an amazing place.

And I've learned a lot.

I understand now
why you had to send me away.

Without me, you've become
your own person, and...

And I'm very proud of you.

What do you want, mother?

To help you.

You've got beauty and strength
and power.

I just wanna help you get
that final piece...


I had that piece.

You took it
and tore its heart out.

The stable boy.


His name was Daniel.


I made a terrible mistake.

You see, I was fine
with a loveless marriage.

I thought you'd be the same.

And now I realize
that you feel things

more deeply than I do.

No, you really do.

You deserve more than I had.

Little late, isn't it?

Oh, we both know
that's not true.

I had an encounter
with a certain wingless fairy

who told me of
a failed attempt

to connect you
with your soul mate.

You met tinker bell?


She told me, Regina.

There is someone out there
for you,

someone you're fated
to be with,

and I'm here to find him.

I'll believe it
when I see it.

Zelena: No, I mean it.
I've no reason to escape.

And with that cuff, you won't
have the magic to do it either.

[ gasps ] Oh, look.


Mmm. Dank.

Isn't it?
I'm glad I thought of it.

And right upstairs,
our O.B., Dr. Whale,

gives the finest care
this side of the fictional alps.

The perfect temporary home.

This home is temporary.

But me being in your life
is not, because this...

[ whispers ] Means forever.

Okay, Zelena.

You wanna start
talking truth?

Tell me,

why are you so confident?

Tell me, what's gonna make you
feel safe at night

once that baby's born?

The fact that if you kill me,

Robin will always know
that you murdered

the mother of his child.

You underestimate me,

Enjoy your new home.

[ whoosh ]

Gold: Get anything
on blood magic,

but be quick.

I've just remembered something
in the back that might help.

[ exhales sharply ]

[ exhales ]

[ grunts ]

[ metal object clatters ]

[ squish ]

[ heartbeat thumping ]
[ breathing heavily ]

[ door bell jingles ]
Isaac: What are you doing here?

[ squish ]
[ grunts ]

[ strained voice ]
What do you want?

I want the author.

Finding him was my idea
before you stole it.

[ exhales sharply ]

[ grunts ]

What's wrong with you?
You look terrible.

Nothing. I'm fine.

Oh, it's your heart,
isn't it?

It's finally happening.


It's dying.

Bad news
for you and me both.

You said it would kill
your ability to love.

You didn't say that...

The Dark One can't die,
not like that.


but Rumplestiltskin can.

A friendly warning...

You don't wanna face
the Dark One

when there's no one else
at home.

So I suggest
you don't antagonize me.

Oh, but it doesn't
really matter.

By definition,
when I get my happy ending,

I'll be... Guess what?


So I don't really care
what you'll be up to.

[ groans ] No, you...

You're just being


I have the quill.

You and I can...

Work together.

We... we could figure out
a way to... to find that ink.

Yes, you look like you're up for
some serious collaboration.

[ exhales sharply ]

Thank you.

I'll figure out the ink
on my own.

No, no, no.

Good-bye, dearie.

[ whoosh ]

[ laughter,
indistinct conversations ]


You are too good
for this place, m'lady.

You'd be surprised.

Who are you?

They call me Nottingham.

The sheriff of Nottingham,


My name's Cora,

and I'm looking for a man.


[ chuckles ]
A specific man.

He has a tattoo on his arm
of a lion...

Right here.

Robin Hood.

Sounds like you're talking
about Robin Hood.

Tell me more, sheriff.

Oh, no, no, no,
you don't want him, darling.

He is a sanctimonious blowhard

who thinks he's better than
all the other thieving bastards

because he steals
from the rich...

To give to the poor
and won't shut up about it.

[ chuckles ] That sounds insufferable.

But my daughter
has her heart set on him.

The things we do
for our children.


Well, he's all married up now,
I hear,

to some sickly little tart
that no one else would want.

Wives can be gotten rid of,
so I hear.

[ laughs ]

[ inhales ]

I think I could help you
find him...

For a price.

[ laughs ]

Maybe I'm closer to finding
what I was looking for

than I realized.

Let's talk some more.

So if I have this straight,

you thought Emma was going to
go dark, and she didn't.

So the whole operation's dead?


The energy of her darkest
potential has to charge the ink.

Okay, let's think.

It's a shame. I mean...

Writing a happy ending
for the evil queen.

Well, you... you've always
been a favorite of mine.

Very clear goals plus
totally damaged personality

with a self-destructive streak?

A recipe for compelling.

And of all the characters
I've written for,

you really do
get screwed over the most.

I'm well aware.

By the way, I-I was only working
with Rumplestiltskin

because he was able
to protect me.

So, you can trust me.

And you can really do
as you say?

Take a look at this.
[ paper rustles ]

This page...

It says my happy ending
is possible, doesn't it?

I mean, it has to exist
for a reason.

[ whispers ] Whoa.

[ normal voice ]
I wrote this.

I mean, the story with
this drawing in it, from my...

Well, a-a little
experimental writing I did

for another book that I never
got the chance to write.

Where did you get this?

It just turned up one day
in Robin's things.

I don't know how that happened,
but it... yeah, it suggests

that something
is looking out for you.


Well, could you be more vague?

You know as well as I,

there are forces greater
than all of us.

But no matter how you got that,
gosh, I am a fan.

I'd be happy to write
whatever you want if...

You only had the ink.

Oh, I already figured
that part out.

I know exactly where
to find it.

You're so beautiful.

Sorry. I just...

Just... You are, that's all.

[ inhales deeply,
exhales sharply ]

So how are we gonna
get revenge

on Snow White
and prince charming?

Now that I see you,

I don't wanna waste our time
on revenge.

I understand why you want it.

It's suddenly so clear
we should only look forward.


We're gonna let them
get away with this?

We can be happy in the future

or we can be angry
about the past.

Let's do both.

Look, all these years
since I figured out

what happened, I-I've been
trying to figure out

how two humans could get me away
from a freakin' dragon.

But now I get it.

You're a pushover.

What'd they do, rub your belly?
Give you a dragon treat?



I did everything I could.

But all I wanna do now
is enjoy our time together.

I am your mother.

Well, I'm grown up now.

I don't need grooming advice
from Annie Hall.

I gotta go.
Wait! Wait.


If you go, if you leave town,
you can't get back in.

I can't leave at all.

I'll crumble back into
the dust that I was

before Gold revived me.

Man, that's a bummer.


Can't you just wait
a little while longer?

Things could look different
in a week.

Send me a postcard.

[ exhales ]

[ gasps ]
[ door slams ]


I'm not here to kill you.


[ voice breaking ] I just...
I just want my daughter.

Lily isn't with you?

She's leaving.

And you think we can help.

Come in.

You cast the second curse.
Can you...

Is there a way for you
to seal the borders

the way Regina did?

I don't know how to do
what you want.

But that wouldn't be
the right way, anyway.

If she's upset,

you have to get to
the heart of what's wrong.

I don't know what's wrong.
I don't know her.

Well, she's acting a lot
like Emma did

when she first came here.

She had these...
[ inhales deeply ]

Her walls were always up.

She was afraid that
if she opened herself up to me,

I would let her down
like everyone else had.

And... Ultimately, I did.

If you have any way
to help...

You didn't give her back
to me then,

but please, if you can help,
do it now.


Come on, David,
let's find her.

Thought I might
find you here.

Fair warning... bus service
in these parts can be spotty.

It's going to be a wait.

Missed the part
where that's your problem.

Shove off.

I bet that mouth got you
lots of attention

back at the group home,
but it doesn't work here.


Listen up.

I've got some talking to do.

[ wind whistling ]

[ footsteps approach ]


How... I thought...

Yes, hello, get out, Henry.

[ sighs deeply ]

[ brush clatters ]

Why are you here?

I have news.

I found your man.

You found him?

He's on his way.

He's on his way?



[ whoosh ]

[ chuckles ]
[ exhales ]

[ whispers ]
You remembered.

I love this color.

[ chuckles ]

I can't believe
you did all this.

I told you, I've learned.

Thank you.

For the dress.

Oh, you're welcome,

Now turn around
and meet him.

Your majesty.

I think I'll leave
the two of you alone.

Enjoy your evening together.

You know, this apple tree

used to stand
near where I grew up?

[ chuckles ]

There was a stable boy
I liked once,

and we used to meet
underneath it.

[ scoffs ] Stable boy?

[ laughs ]

Well, you certainly have come up
in the world

Since consorting with
a lowly stable boy, I'd say.

Have I?

I don't feel like
I've gone anywhere but down.

Oh, you just need...

Some manly arms
to lift you up.

Now you let me be
the strong one

so that you can be weak
when you want to be.




Manly arms...
[ groans ]

Like these?

Hello, there.

[ growls ]

Glory of...

[ growls and roars ]
What are you doing?!

That's not a real tattoo.
That's magic. [ Grunts ]

Who put that on there?

Stop it. Ah!
[ snarls ]

Was it mother?!

[ continues growling ]
Ah! Yes! Ah!

[ strained voice ] She told me
to pretend to be your soul mate,

and that I could be the king.

Ah, just it off me!

What does she get out of it?

Ow! Just stop it!

What does she get out of it?!

She said that she wanted
you to have a child. [ Growls ]

[ whoosh ]
[ grunts ]

[ breathes heavily ]


She said she wanted you
to have a child.

And I...
and I don't know why.

[ exhales ]

You know about Snow and charming
getting you banished,

putting Emma's potential
for darkness into you.

Sent me through the portal
in my eggshell,

like baby Moses
in his basket.

And unless you have any ideas
about giving them

what they deserve...
let's not worry about what they deserve.

Let's work on
what we deserve.

I deserve them dead.


You do have some darkness
in you, don't you?

Thing is,
a lot of that darkness,

that actually belongs
to Emma.

And right now,
it's good and riled up.

And riled up savior darkness
is exactly what I need.

The only thing you need, lady,
is to get out of my way.

And here I thought we could
have a civil conversation.

Guess I should just
cut to the chase.

Hey! Stop! Ah!

[ groans ]
You're out of your mind!

[ tinkling ]

Welcome to Storybrooke.

[ whooshes ]
[ groans ]

[ breathing deeply ]

[ roaring ]

[ tires screech ]
[ roars ]

[ gasps ]

[ growls ]


[ roars ]

[ low growling ]

[ roars ]


[ footsteps approaching ]

So how did it go?

He's not still here, is he?

Oh, but he is.

[ glass clinks ]
[ whoosh ]

He wanted to see the dungeon.
[ muffled screaming ]

Oh, for heaven's sake,
you're having a tantrum.

[ whoosh ]

He's home now, poor thing.

Why'd you let him go?

Don't you want someone else
to suffer for what you did?

Like usual.
I don't understand.

I thought you were
getting along.

[ spoon thuds ]

I haven't known a lot
of love in my life,


I do know

that's not what
a soul mate feels like.

[ scoffs ]

Your so-called "soul mate"
is a married, moralizing sap.

The one I found is
much better.

[ glass thuds ]

You were never interested
in my happiness.

[ whooshes ]

Hello, Zelena.

Oh, visitors.

I'll put the kettle on.

I've got the author
and I've got the ink.

I wanted you to witness
the moment

he writes me
my heart's desire.

See, this is my town

and this is my story.

You've just been
a supporting player

this whole time.

[ chuckles ] Yeah, see,
I'm not here to support you.

I'm here to replace you.

Out with the old,
and in with the new.


We'll see about that.


What exactly
is he going to write?

Oh, I've given that
a lot of thought.

There are so many
good options.

But I think,
after much deliberation,

I've come up with
the perfect ending for you, sis.

What are we lookin' at?

The horizon.

Is it doing something?

Well, I just thought
you'd find it calming.

It is. So is rum.

Emma, I can tell
that your heart is uneasy.

And it's my job...
well, I hope it's my job,

to protect your heart,

even when no one is physically
trying to steal it.

You don't have to stop me
from going after Gold.

I'm smarter than that.

He didn't turn my heart dark,

and I'm not gonna fall
into one of his traps.

I'm not worried him
getting to your heart.

I was talking about
your parents.

[ sighs ]
Oh, we talked about this.

I talked, you walked away.

I just wanna know,
is anything gonna be enough?

Or are you willing
to lose them just to spite them?

Gimme back the rum.

They've done a lot of good.

Turned themselves
into heroes.

Yes. I know they didn't own up
to what they did.

But did you ever think
maybe they were ashamed?

And they wanted you
to like them.

I'd like them more if...

I'd known
they turned themselves around.

I like when people find
their good hearts along the way.

They were trying to protect
you, Swan. Twice.

Before you were born,
they wanted to make you happy.

And when they found you again,
they wanted to make you proud.

Do you want both those
to be failures?

It headed this way.

Thank you.

I'm worried.

You need to be taught to fly,
and she was way too low.

If one wing tip hit a tree,
she could be badly hurt.

And maybe hurt a lot
of people around you, too.

[ low growling ]

[ sighs ]

Oh, she...

She looks like me.

[ growling ]

Mary Margaret:
Be careful.

She's my daughter.

[ snarls ]

[ grunts ]

Mary Margaret, no!

Stop! She's out of control!

[ roaring ]

Mary Margaret!

[ smack ]


[ roars ]

[ growls ]

[ gasps ]


[ groans ]
She hit her head hard.

[ groans ]
No, stay still.

[ whoosh ]

It's gonna take time
to heal inside.

[ weakly ] I'm sorry
I let you down again.

You didn't.

No, I was selfish.

Yes, you were, but at some point
this has to stop.

Emma, I'm not ever going to stop
trying to protect you, not ever.

I don't care what you do or say.
I know.

I need to stop punishing you.

You do?

You're a hero.

If it happened at my expense,
it doesn't change anything.

It doesn't change
the good person you became,

and it doesn't change
what you are.

Which is what?

My mom.

You wanted to make me proud,

so you Li...
omitted the truth,

which was kind of
self-defeating, but human.

Cutting you out
and trying to hurt you

has just made me miserable.

Anyway, I miss you

and I forgive you.

[ growls ]

[ roaring ]

[ fire crackling ]

[ roars ]

[ screeches ]

[ screeches ]

[ breathing shakily ]

Are you all right?

I'm not sure just yet.

You know,

I was going to give you
something earlier.

This was supposed to be yours,

but I never got a chance
to give it to you.

It's too late, isn't it?

You're too grown up
for everything.

You don't need me.

And I know that I'm not...

I'm not what
you were hoping for.

[ sighs deeply ]

I thought that you'd be
this scary dragon bitch,

and we'd go get our revenge.

You know, blasting all those
who did us wrong.

But you're just...
This real person.

And you're so frickin' open,
it kills me.

Why does that kill you?
[ exhales deeply ]

I don't understand.
Please, tell me.

Because you want
a relationship,

a future.

And anyone who's ever wanted
that with me, it's just...

[ sighs ]
It's never worked out.

I've always let them down.

I destroy everything
that I touch.

That darkness they put in me,
it's serious business.

I don't mind
a little darkness.


Why don't you stay for a week,

and I can teach you about being
a scary dragon bitch?


One week.

You're just mad
because I have with Robin Hood

what you've always wanted.

A child.

No, I already have a child.


No, what I'm mad about is
you trying to come between us.

About you trying to hurt me.

Now I'm going to see to it
that you can never

hurt anyone else again.

Our author here is going
to write you out of the story.


Sorry, sis.

I think you're bluffing.

You'd never take away
Robin's baby.

That's not how I look at it.

You see, as far as everyone
will be concerned, including me,

it'll be as though
you never existed.

Wait, can he do that?

Just change
all of your memories?


The pen is mightier
than the...

Well, everything.

[ chuckles ]

[ whispers ] Well...

[ normal voice ]
I never knew our mother,

but I imagine I'm getting
to know her right now.

Is that so?

She tossed me in a basket,
sent me to Oz.

She gave up a baby
without even blinking an eye.

And look at you now.

You are exactly like her!

You'll never be happy.

You don't know how.

But you do understand power,

and you're about to lose it.

Your people want Snow White
to be queen.

And unless you start building
a dynasty,

she'll take back the kingdom,
and you'll lose it all.

And when I die
of a mysterious illness,

you're the power behind
the child-sized throne, right?

Well, guess what, mother?

I found a way to keep that
from ever happening.

What is that?

A potion,

to take away your future claim
on the royal line.

But you're not pregnant.

And now I never will be.

I won't be a baby mill
for you, mother.

[ scoffs ] You'd never do that.
This is a sham.

Is it?

You made it clear

you don't think
anyone's going to love me.

So why not make it official?

After all,

love is weakness.

I was wrong about that.

The man... I really thought
he was a good match.

I'm very sorry.

Now, we both know
you're not going to drink that,

so put it down
and we can fix this.

You don't think
I'm strong enough to do this?

Stupid girl.

You think it'll make you strong
to hurt yourself?

Oh, it does
if it hurts you more.

[ swallows ]

No. No.

Get the hell out of my life!

Oh, Regina.

[ groans ]

I really did come here
to help you.

[ gasps and sniffles ]
I love you.

I wanted you to have a child
for your own sake. [ Cries ]

If I wanted to take
your power... [ scoffs ]

I'd find
a much more direct way.

Now please take one last piece
of motherly advice.

I hope you learn

what it's taken me a lifetime
to realize about myself.

The only one standing
in the way of your happiness

is you.

Go back to wonderland,

I don't need you.

[ clears throat ]
Well, the ink is drying.

So what do you want me to do?


You didn't know our mother,
Zelena, but I did.

And yet, we both suffered.

She hurt you
and she hurt me, too.

But our own worst enemy
isn't her

or each other.

It's ourselves.

Robin: Regina!

Is everything all right?

I've been looking
all over for you.

Everything's fine.

I'm so tired of standing
in the way of my own happiness,

and I'm not going to do it

Aw. Another woman defining
her happiness

relative to the love
of a man.

[ gasps ] It's sad, really.

Oh, don't get it wrong,

Robin isn't my happy ending.

My happy ending is finally
feeling at home in the world.

Robin's just a part
of that world.

A world that you're going to be
forced to watch from a distance,

with the most restrictive
visitation rights in history.

See you at the next ultrasound.

[ clears throat ]

So you don't want me
writing anything?


I already have
everything I need.

Well, I don't.

[ tinkling ]

[ whooshes ]

What the...


What does it say?

"Vanishing in a cloud of smoke,
the author slips away

"with the ink to where...

Mr. Gold awaits."

[ weakly ] How?

No, no.

I don't care how.

And I don't wanna waste time.

That's what I thought.

Are you okay here?
I soon will be.

Let go of me.

Go and write.

Write on what?

[ snaps fingers ]
[ whoosh ]

[ inkwell and quill clatter ]

Now then...

It's time villains
finally win.

[ tinkling ]