Once Upon a Time (2011–2018): Season 4, Episode 19 - Sympathy for the De Vil - full transcript

In the 1920s, Cruella is tortured by her mother's evil uses of her Dalmatians, confined to her attic until a strange visitor tells her she should stand up to her mom; in Storybooke, Regina's plans to save Robin are put on hold when Henry's taken.

Previously on
"Once Upon A Time"...

David: The Author!
Mary Margaret: We know him, Emma.

Because of him,
we were put on the path

to causing Maleficent
to lose her child.

Maleficent: She's alive.
- In this world.

Zelena: Hello, sis.
Regina: Zelena.

Where's Robin?
What have you done with him?

One phone call from me,

and your beloved dies
at the hands of your sister.

What do you want from me?

You are gonna write
new happy endings.

You have made me a monster,

but I won't let you
do the same to Emma.

[ dog barking ]

[ panting ]

[ barks ]

[ barking continues ]

[ panting ]
[ barking ]

[ growling ]

[ vehicle approaches ]

[ sighs deeply ]

[ growling continues ]

[ British accent ] Heel.
[ growling stops ]

[ whines ]
That's far enough.

Now be a good girl
and come back home.

I won't.

You can't make me.

As a matter of fact, I can.

[ snaps fingers ]

[ growling resumes ]

[ breathing shakily ]

And now that your father's gone,
we're going to make

a few changes around the house,

[ door creaks ]

This is where you'll be sleeping
from now on.

So you're just going to
drop me off here?

Like one of your dogs?

This room
must be your world now,

until someday,
you learn to do as I say.

[ engine revving,
tires screeching ]

[ tires squeal ]


[ engine idling ]

[ exhales sharply ]

[ turns off engine ]

We need to talk.

Good thing I had my brakes
serviced, darling.

I do hate getting blood
on the car.

There's still time for that.

Tell me about Lily.

Sorry. Who?

My daughter Lily.

You told me she didn't survive
the trip to this world.

You lied.

Perhaps I did. Um, but there's
an explanation, of course.

You see, um...

[ sighs ]

I'm a really terrible person,

And I left her in the woods
to die.

You did what?

Oh, don't be so flabbergasted.

You know I'm not
mother material.

Ursula and I took
that dragon egg she was in.

Oh, the magic helped us
stay young, you know.

Wonderful thing.

- But the little brat...
- my daughter.

Yes. Well...
[ clicks tongue ]

You should know

your death is going to last
for days.

[ whoosh ]

[ growls and roars ]

[ growls ]

[ blows air ]

[ roars ]

Oh, I was so hoping
you'd do that.

People always underestimate
a girl in diamonds and furs,

Don't they?

I mean, no one guessed
what I was really after.

Not Gold.
Certainly not you.

[ low growling ]

But now that the Author
is here,

Today is the day
that I get mine.

[ growls ]

Now be a good girl, lie down,
and take a nap.

[ continues growling ]

Once Upon A Time:
"Sympathy For The De Vil"

Season 4 Episode 19
Original Airdate April 19, 2015

Emma: You have to remember
something else about the Author,

Some way to find him.
Now think.

[ door closes ]
We told you everything we know.

Are we sure about that? Because
secrets just keep coming out.

Okay. You're clearly
still upset.

Yes, I am still upset.

You were the ones who taught me
there is always a right way.

A heroic way.

And what you did
to Maleficent's child...

It was our only option

to make sure you grew up...

I'm sorry, but if it were me,
no matter what,

I would not harm
a defenseless person.

And that right there...

That goodness is exactly why
we did what we did.

It was worth it.

[ door opens ]

Regina, where have you been?

[ sighs ] In the middle
of a very bad day.

I'll tell you
the whole story later,

After I rescue Robin Hood.

Robin hood? What the hell
are you talking about?

I called that number
you gave me,

But Marian answered the phone,
and I discovered...

She's not really Marian at all.

So who is she?


The wicked witch?

I don't know how it's possible,
but my sister

has been masquerading as her
this entire time.

And she's in league with Gold.

Robin's in danger, so I'm going
to new york to find him

and stop her.

And what about Gold?

If they're working together,

He's not just gonna let you
waltz off and spoil his plans.

I wouldn't worry about Gold.

I know exactly how
to handle him.

Oh! [ chuckles ]

Regina, I didn't, uh,
didn't hear you come in.

Your ex-husband has done
quite a number on me, Belle.


I'm, uh... [ clears throat ]
Sorry to hear that.

And now he wants me to
work with him.

Uh, well, I'm sure
that would be a mistake.

I know it is.

How can I help?

I'm glad you asked.

[ door creaks ]

Well, this is
certainly homey.

Antlers are a nice touch.

[ door closes ]

Makes me feel like

Or maybe Thoreau.

Name's Isaac, by the way.

Do you always
talk this much?

Only when I'm nervous.

[ inhales deeply ]
And you still have my quill.

Yeah. Well, for now,
let's call it...

My quill.

You know, it's worthless
without its ink.

Oh, I'm aware,

And I plan to obtain some
very soon.

Yeah. And just how
are you gonna do that?


Now you're here,

I'm gonna
turn the savior dark.

What will that accomplish?

Once her heart
has been blackened,

Everything I need
shall fall into place.

You'll see soon enough,

When my associates return.

Your associates seem to have
a taste for fur.

[ sniffs ]

And perfume.

Can't wait to meet them.

Surely you must know them
from your stories.

Know of them, sure,

But an Author rarely gets...
be quiet.

Don't say another word.

Something's just come up.
[ sighs ]

You stay here till I return.

Until you return?
But who's gonna... [ whoosh ]

Protect me?

Belle: Rumplestiltskin.

hello, Belle.


This is a curious place
to meet.

Do you, uh, do you remember
what you told me here

the night of our vows?

How I chased all the darkness
out of you?

- Belle, look, I'm sorry for everything.
- No.

No apologies today.

For once in my life,
I just want the truth.

Why are you here, rumple?

Are you... are you trying to
win me back?

It's a bit more complicated
than that.

[ whoosh, squish ]

[ grunts ]
[ heartbeat thumping ]

Rumple. [ gasps ]

It seems that centuries
of dark deeds

do take their toll.

And all that's left
of it...

Is this.

And pretty soon,

That will be gone, too.

Well... Will you die?

In a manner of speaking, yes.

I will lose
any ability to love.

And that goodness that you
once saw inside of me...

that'll be gone forever.

There's only one man
who can reverse this process,

And that's the Author.

That's why I'm here
in Storybrooke.

[ whoosh, squish ]

[ inhales sharply ]

[ whispers ] I don't expect you
to understand, of course.

But I...

I-I do understand.

You do?

Sometimes I worry...

[ voice breaks ] I worry I threw
out the chipped teacup too soon.

You know what the problem is,

Will is just such
a better kisser than you are.


You're pathetic.

Watching you come
groveling back to me,

It's like a dog
begging for scraps.

Why are you saying that?

This isn't like you, Belle.

But it is so like me.

[ heartbeat thumping ]


Now forget all this
and run along home.

You have no idea

just how much I'm gonna
make you suffer for this.

Oh, you're not gonna do
a thing,

unless you wanna see
what happens

when I take this heart
and squeeze.

[ whispering ] Come on.

We both know
you don't have it in you.

Don't I?

[ squish ]

All right, all right.

[ heartbeat continues
thumping ]

I believe you.


So I'm headed
to new york now.

And if you breathe one word
of this to Zelena,

You won't be the only one
who loses a heart.

Don't bother studying
the greats, darling.

You'll never be one of them.

Hello, Isaac.

Never thought you'd
see me again, did you?

I was certainly
hoping not to.

Then why don't you
make this easy

and give me back
what you took?

Can't do it. Sorry.

[ books thud ]
[ grunts ]

With one whistle,

I can send a hundred
snarling dogs after you.

You could,

But you and I both know
that even with all your magic,

You don't have enough power
to hurt me.

[ huffs ]

I do hate it
when you're right, darling.

Though I do like
this new shade of confidence.

It's so...
[ whispers ] Masculine.

Are you sure you can't
help a girl out?

For old time's sake?

Not a chance.

Well, then you will pay
for what you did

when you made me what I am.

You know, idle threats
don't make for good drama.

But I do see one interesting
story developing here.

Really? And what's that?


Has no idea
that we know each other.

Which means that...

[ gasps ] You lied to him.

So from one old friend
to another,

You should probably be gone
before he gets back.

Oh, you always did know how to
infuriate a girl, didn't you?

Well, enjoy the upper hand
while it's still on your wrist,

Because I think you'll find...

[ door handle rattles ]

There's more than one way
to skin an Author.

Man on radio:
And now a brand-new song

straight from London's
legendary Murray's Club,

The toast of beak street.

[ jazzy instrumental of
"Cruella de Vil" playing ]


[ door opens ]

[ music stops ]

Where did you get this?

Plug that back in. You simply
have to hear this song.

You stole it, didn't you?
Last time I let you out?

Well, that's because I'm bored
out of my mind!

I-I've read every book in here
a hundred times.

And I wouldn't have to steal

if you'd just let me leave
this house just once.

Out of the question.

[ doorbell rings ]

[ dogs barking ]

Stay here.

And be quiet.

[ slams and locks door ]

Can I help you?

I certainly hope so.
I'm a newspaper writer.

I travel all over, collecting
interesting personal stories.

None of those here, I'm afraid.
Good night.

[ thud ]

[ door creaking ]
Don't be modest.

I heard you're
the best dog trainer in London.

You've been hired
by princes and kings.

All I'm asking for
is two minutes.

[ sighs ]

So tell me about
this talent you have.

I've heard the way
you control your dogs,

It's almost like magic.

No magic, I'm afraid.

Just hard work and routine.

Well, that's dull.

To be honest, I'm looking for
stories with a bit more pizzazz.

A great story always needs just
a sprinkle of magic, you know?

Something unexpected.

Quite the portraits
you've got there.


I think it's time to go.

Three husbands?

Now that's out of ordinary.
Tell me more.

Are you a widow
or a divorcée?

Oh! Hey.

You've never been married,
have you?

Give that back. And, no.
[ pages rustling ]

Of course you haven't.
If you'd been married,

You wouldn't ask those questions
so callously.

I'm sorry, okay?
Can I have it...

I'm guessing you've never even
been in love.

That is not your business.

What... [ gasps ]
[ notebook thuds ]

Maybe you should write
your own story for once,

Instead of leeching off
other people's pain.

[ door slams ]

Nice to meet you, too, lady.



I heard the whole thing.

Are you really after
a great story?

Yes. Who are you?

I'm a girl
with a great story.

[ paper rustles ]

All right. I'm all ears.

I'm sorry.
If you want to hear it,

You're gonna have to
get me out of here first.

[ sighs ]

Hey, Pongo.

What are you doing here?

[ bus departs ]

You shouldn't be out here
by yourself.


Pongo! Pongo!

[ whines ]

[ panting ] Okay.

Come here, boy.

[ growling ]

[ vehicle approaches ]

[ barking ]

What's wrong? Calm down.

[ turns off engine ]

[ ignition alert dinging ]

Don't blame the dog, darling.
He's simply following orders,

And I told him to fetch.

What do you want?

I want you to be a good boy
and get in the car.

[ growling ]

[ barks ]

[ tap on window ]

[ tap ]

[ window creaks ]

[ exhales sharply ]

This is amazing.
How did you do that?

I have my methods.

And this key? I mean, my mother
never lets it out of her sight.

Do you wanna
keep asking questions

or do you wanna
get out of here?

I know a nice quiet spot
we can talk.

Well, I'd prefer
somewhere loud.

Loud? Why?

I live in an attic,

And my mother never allows me
visitors or music or fun.

I mean, she even ripped
my favorite trumpet flowers

out of the garden because
she doesn't like the smell.

All right, I get the picture.

Wherever you wanna go,

I can take you.

That is your car?

All four wheels.

[ gasps ]


[ cork pops ]

[ indistinct conversations ]

[ jazz music playing ]


This is just how I always
imagined it.

The music and the dances
and... Gin.


You'll get used to the taste.

Now from what I've seen
so far,

Yours has all the makings
of a classic Cinderella story.

So tell me,
why did she lock you up?


Mummy dear is afraid
if I get out,

I'll tell everyone
her dirty little secret.

What secret?

Everyone believes that my father
died of a heart attack,

But I know the truth...
mother poisoned him.

How do you know for sure?

Any doubts I had
were put to rest

when husbands two and three
were found belly-up.

A Cinderella tale
with a black widow twist.

[ chuckles ] Now this is
a great story.

[ Playing "Cruella de Vil" ]

Oh, I love this song!

Come on. Put your silly pen down
and come and dance with me.

Oh, no, no, no.
I-i-i-i write stories.

I don't... I don't dance
in them.

Come on.

[ snaps notebook shut ]


Your mother might be
a murderess,

But she's right
about one thing.

I spend too much time
recording life

and not enough time
living it.

Well, then tonight,

Let's live!

[ both laughing ]

You sure going to new york
is a good idea?

You don't know what Zelena
has planned.

What if you're walking into
a trap?

Robin's in trouble.
I have no choice.

You don't have to go alone.
Don't worry about me.

You have your hands full
with the Author.

I can handle
one wicked sister.

Things are different
in new york.

Without your magic, y...

Listen. [ sighs ]

If you won't take me with you,
I want you to take this.

I hope you don't have to
use it, but...

I want you to stay safe.

Thank you.

So you're not...
Angry with me

for keeping
your parents' secret?

It's between me and them.
You were just trying to help.

[ cell phone alert chimes ]

[ cell phone alert chimes ]
It's Henry.

Video message?

Must be a thing now.
I got one, too.

Mom, mom, Cruella has me.

If you ever wanna see me again,
you have to do what she says.

Hello, darlings!

As you can see,
I have your dreadful son.

If you prefer him to remain
in tact,

You'll do exactly as I say...

Kill the Author.

Then, ah, bring me
his broken little body,


Your boy will meet
a very unhappy ending.


[ door creaks ]


The joy of getting lost in
a good book just isn't the same.

Not after it happens to you

Stop talking.

We haven't much time,

Now that you and Cruella
have been reunited at last.


No, I-I-I don't even...

You both lied to me
about your past,

And now those lies are
coming to the surface.

I'm sorry.

Please don't hurt me.
I-I didn't think it was...


Oh, it's not only relevant,

It is essential to my plans.

Cruella is so desperate
to see you dead,

She just kidnapped
the savior's son.

How do you know that?

Well, you have your tools.
[ whoosh ]

I have mine.

I watched as Cruella
gave the savior

a rather morbid choice...

Either you die...

[ crystal ball thuds ]

Or her son dies.

Now hang on. You said you need
me to get the savior to go dark.

This is how you plan to do it?
By having her kill me?!


If you died, uh,

The mantle of "the Author"
simply passes on,

Perhaps to someone less willing
to help me.

No, no. I need you alive.

Then why work with Cruella,
if she wants me dead?

A person obsessed
with vengeance

is easy to manipulate.

She thought I believed
her happy ending

was reconciling
with her mother.

But I knew she was after
something else...

Your death.

Now I wanna know why.

I wanna precisely what
you wrote about her,

The exact words.

You wanna know?


Read it for yourself.

[ paper rustles ]

I'm better on the page,

[ chuckles ]


[ song stops ]

[ man speaks indistinctly ]

Cruella: I wish, I wish
this would never end.

Well, thank you.

This was a night
I shan't forget.

I-I-I can make it
even more memorable.

There's something
I wanna show you.

[ latches open ]

A pen?

It's more than that.

It's the most important thing
I have. It's...


See, there's something about me
I haven't told you.

Well, whatever it is,
don't worry.

I mean, I've told you
all my secrets.

[ whispers ] You can tell me


The truth is,
I don't go across the country

collecting stories
for the paper.

The places I go...


a lot farther apart.

I-I travel across realms.

Realms of storytelling.


This place right here
is one of them.

It... it exists
out of time.

Tell me, what year is it?

Oh. Um...

Oh, who bothers with
such trivial things?

[ whispers ] Exactly.
We're not in a time.

We're in a realm of story.

There are many...
some beautiful,

Some horrific,
and some just plain magical.

I think you've had too
much gin.

I know how it sounds,

But that's not even
the craziest part.

This pen and ink
are enchanted with magic.

They're so powerful,
I can do more

than just write
people's stories.

[ whispers ]
I can change them.

Are you really serious?

I can prove it.

[ quill scratching paper ]

[ whoosh ]


[ whoosh ]

[ gasps ] That's impossible.

That's some kind of trick.

Is it?

How about a pair
of diamond earrings to match?

[ quill scratching paper ]

[ whoosh ]

[ whoosh ]

That pen and ink
really are magic.

They have to be used together.

There's no telling what would
happen if that ink spilled.

And you can write anything?

[ whispers ] Yes.

Don't you see?

I can use it to whisk us away

to someplace where your mother
and her dogs can never find us.

We can be together.

Oh. If only it were
that simple.

It can be.

What if I gave you magic,

So no matter where you were,
you'd be safe?

You'd do that for me?

[ whispers ] Watch me.

[ dips quill ]

[ whoosh ]

[ whoosh ]

[ chuckles ] I think I...

I think I can
feel it working.

Let's leave now.

We can get in my car
and just drive.

We won't stop until
we're far, far away.

No. I have to face
my mother first.

She needs to know that
she no longer has power over me.

I can take you.
No. I...

I'm afraid it's something
I have to do alone.

And because of you, I can.

Meet you at the hotel?

And promise me you won't run off
with any other lucky girl.

[ whispers ] I promise.


Take my car to be sure.

It's yours now.

[ whispers ] Until then.

David: I recognize that
trailhead marker.

Cruella is holding Henry

a couple of miles south
of the toll bridge.

Hook: So what now?
Time to get our hands dirty

and do whatever it takes
to get him back.

You're not actually considering
Cruella's demand

to kill the Author?
Of course not.

Even if we could find him,

It wouldn't be half the fun
of killing Cruella.

Let's see how she likes
being made into outerwear.


It's Emma's heart we're
trying to protect, not mine.

If we go in guns blazing,
we risk hurting Henry.

We have to find another way.

I've headed
many rescue missions.

It would be helpful
to know the terrain more.

And where the Author is.
If he's enemies with Cruella,

Maybe he knows the best way
to defeat her.

Oh, we may be able to help
with that.

We went back to the convent

and found a flask
that we gave him.

He dropped it when he escaped.

A locator spell
might work on it.

Sounds like a perfect job
for you two.

I'll take Regina and Hook,
and we'll scope out

the area where Cruella's
holed up with Henry.

I know you're still angry,

But avoiding us
is not going to help.

I'm not avoiding you.

With Henry's life
on the line,

I need to be around
people I trust,

And right now,
that's not you.

[ door opens ]

Regina: You're acting like
a petulant child.

Your parents did a bad thing.

They apologized.
Now get over it.

Forgive me if I don't
take advice from the woman

who held a grudge
for half her life

because a 10-year-old
spilled a secret.

Swan, if you won't listen
to Regina,

Perhaps you'll listen to me.

You were able to forgive
both of us

all because you found it
in your heart to see past it.

The difference is that
you never held yourself

as some paragon of virtue.

Neither of you did.

You were honest
about who you were.

My parents weren't.
They said they were heroes.

[ sighs ] Even heroes
make mistakes, luv.

You know, not long ago,
your mother gave me some advice.

[ inhales deeply ] She said

I needed to believe I could
still earn forgiveness,

That I had a chance at grace.

I didn't realize it then,

But she was talking about

Emma, she's been trying to
make up for what she did

for a long time.

If you two understand them
so well, you forgive them.


More important things
to worry about right now,

Like saving Henry.

Blasted birds.

I'll show you what angry
looks like.

[ scoffs ]

[ scoffs ]

[ growls and barks ]

[ sighs ] Pongo, sic!

[ growls ]

[ barking ]


[ knock on door ]



[ dogs growling ]

Where is she?
Where is my daughter?

I don't have to tell you

[ grunts ]
[ snarls ]

[ barks ]

The dogs can smell her
on you.

Where's she gone?
Why were you with her?!

I was following your advice,

Living life instead of
just writing about it.

And now, thanks to Cruella,

I won't ever be going back.

[ whispers ] You foolish boy.
[ growls ]


You should've gotten
far away from her

when you had the chance.


So your secret
would remain buried?

Yes, Cruella told me the truth
about her father and the others,

That you murdered them.

She really did a number on you,
didn't she?

You'd think a newspaper man
would know a tall tale

when he heard one,

Because I didn't kill anyone.

Don't you understand?
It was Cruella.

You expect me to believe that
that angel I danced with tonight

is a killer? [ scoffs ]

I didn't want
to believe it either.

She was always
a troubled little girl.

Her father and I had hopes
she'd grow out of it.

Until one night, he was having
his tea in the parlor

when I heard a thump.

I raced in to find him
dead on the floor

from a heart attack.

Cruella, the poor dear,
was there,

Paralyzed with shock.

After the doctor left,
my first thoughts went to her,

What effect
seeing her father die

would have on
an already disturbed mind.

So I went up
to try and comfort her.

I expected to find her crying,
but she wasn't.

Instead, I-I saw a hint
of a smile on her face.

I thought I was
imagining things,

But then I saw
the trumpet flowers

on the bedside table.

Her favorite flowers.

The ones you ripped out
because you hated the smell.

I ripped them out
because they were poisonous.

She poisoned him.

[ exhales ]

You're lying.

If what you're saying is true,

You would've gone
to the Authorities.

How could I?

She was my daughter,
and I blamed myself.

I thought if I kept her close
that I could somehow fix her.

But there's no fixing her.

She poisoned
the next two husbands as well.

[ whispers ]
Get out of here...

[ normal voice ]
Before I call the police.

You don't have to believe me.

Just stay away from Cruella.

She takes the things
you care about

and she destroys them.

[ door slams ]

[ sighs ]

[ sighs ]

[ sighs ] It's just a bucket
of fiction, that's all.

[ latches open ]

[ slams shut ]
[ exhales sharply ]


[ dogs growling ]

[ footsteps approach ]

[ dogs snarl ]

Hello, mother.
I've been waiting for you.


[ barking ]

[ laughs ]

Oh, that's not
going to work anymore.

[ barking continues ]

[ blows air ]

[ dogs growling ]

[ breathing heavily ]

What did you do to them?

I simply taught them
a new command...


[ dogs snarling ]
[ gasps ]

[ snarling continues ]
[ screaming ]

[ Pongo barking ]
Help me! Please!

[ continues barking ]

Help me! Help!
[ barking echoes ]

It's Henry. Quick,
it's coming from over there.

No, it's this way.

Has cannon fire damaged
your hearing?

It clearly came from
over there.

Henry: No! No! Help me, please!

Split up. Go!

Henry: Somebody!


Help me! Please!


Help me, please!


Somebody! Help me!


[ sighs ]

Help me!

[ continues barking ]

Please, somebody...

[ rocks scatter ]

[ barking continues ]


[ growling ]

[ panting ]

Who says you can't teach
an old dog new tricks?

You shouldn't have run.

[ growling continues ]



[ grunts ]
Let him go!

I'm afraid not.

Come any closer, and he dies.

[ thunderclap ]

[ whirring ]

[ jazz music playing ]

[ thunderclap ]


[ whirring continues ]

[ thunderclap ]

I've been looking everywhere
for you.

Where's your mother?

[ whirring continues ]


[ thunderclap ]

[ whirring slows and stops ]

[ thunderclap ]

Well, thanks to you,
she's dead, darling.

Oh, you should've seen the look
on her face

when her beloved dogs
turned on her.

It's a memory
I shall truly cherish.

[ thunderclap ]



Oh, you needn't fear the dogs

They're with mother now.

[ thunderclap ]

How could you do this?


I thought you cared
about me.

Well, that was the idea,

You were...
What is the phrase?

A means to an end.

[ thunderclap ]


That's the question
on everybody's mind, isn't it?

I wish I had an answer.

Some people struggle not to be
drawn into the darkness.

Ever since I was a little girl,
I've said,

"why not splash in and..."

[ whispers ] "And have fun?"

[ thunderclap ]


[ thunderclap ]

[ cap clicks ]

[ thunderclap ]

[ both grunting ]

[ thunderclap ]

Aah! [ Gasps ]


[ panting ]

[ thunderclap ]

Drop that,
you horrid little scribbler!

You can't get it done
in real life,

So you scratch it out like a rat
scrabbling in filth!

[ thunderclap ]
[ chuckles ]

[ gasps ]

[ grunts ]

[ thunderclap ]

Why can't I pull the trigger?
What did you do?!

[ thunderclap ]
I learned a lesson from you.

Take what a person loves...
[ whispers ] And destroy it.

[ thunderclap ]

You fool.

You damned insane fool!

[ thunderclap ]
I'm not done!

I'm not done at all!

[ door opens ]

Oh! Don't come any closer!

Stay back!
We're not gonna hurt you.

We just want
some information.

I want some guarantees,

Because if I tell you

You just might
kill the messenger.

You're safe. Trust us.

[ whispers ] Trust you?

I've seen what you'll do
to protect your daughter.

Aah! Ow!

Hey! You said
you wouldn't h...

What have you done with Emma?

I was just trying to
protect the world from Cruella.

I had no idea that Gold would
use her like this.

Even I couldn't see the end
to the story.

What are you talking about?

How does the story end?

[ whispers ]
With the savior...

Turning dark.

[ grunts ]

What is that?

Something I wrote.

The truth.

David: "Cruella de Vil
can no longer

take away the life of another."

[ whispers ] Do you see now?

Henry's in no danger.

Cruella can't kill anyone.

She's defenseless.

Emma doesn't know,

Which means
Gold wants her to...

We have to stop this.

[ wind whistling ]

One small dead Author.
That's all I asked.

Simple revenge,
and you failed utterly.

Put the gun down, Cruella.


It's gonna be okay, Henry.

I'll do it, savior.

Believe me, I will.

[ whoosh ]
[ whispers ] Cruella.

Put your hands down, savior.
We both know you're bluffing.

That's my son.

And you're a hero,

And heroes don't kill.

[ boom ]

[ thud ]

[ whines ]

[ wind whistling ]



[ panting ]
David: No, no.


[ wind whistling ]