Once Upon a Time (2011–2018): Season 4, Episode 13 - Darkness on the Edge of Town - full transcript

Hook and Belle search for a way to release the fairies from the Sorcerer's hat, Emma, Regina and Henry continue to look for clues that could lead them to the Author, and Gold and Ursula enlist Cruella to join their cause, as flashbacks show their first meeting.

Previously on
"Once Upon a Time"...

Rumplestiltskin, I command you
to leave Storybrooke.

Emma: That looks like your book.
Henry: It's blank.

And if this place is full
of potential storybooks...

This is The Author's house.

- I was hoping he could write me
a happier story. - I'm in.

I learned the rules
do apply to me.

There's someone who can change
those rules... The Author.


[ thud ]


Just who the hell might you be?

Ursula. But you can call me
your majesty.

I don't bow down to fish.
Who are you?

I'm the person whose valet
you either knocked out,

or tried to impregnate.

I don't know what
those tentacles are for.

I was invited here.
What's your excuse?

This is my home.

So why did you send for me?

Believe me, I did not
send for you.

Then what...
[ barking ]

I wouldn't do that.

[ barking continues ]

Don't worry.
They don't eat fish or dragon.

Unless I tell them to.

[ blowing air ]

Thank you, my darlings.
A wonderful job.

I'll take it from here.

Now who's gonna tell me

what in the hell I'm doing
in this ghastly place?

Lovely question, because this
"ghastly place" is my home,

and I didn't ask
for any visitors.

I received
specific instructions.

As did I.
I don't care.

You're trespassing.

And do you know what I do
with trespassers?

Don't even think it.
Now, now, ladies.

Don't tear each other apart.

I need you all in one piece...
or rather, three pieces.

Rumplestiltskin. It was you.


Someone wanna tell me
why I left the sea for this?

Oh, yes.

The reason for this little


We all have something in common,

apart from mutual distaste.

We're villains.

And it's time the villains

got their happy endings.

Once Upon A Time:
"Darkness On the Edge of Town"

Season 4 Episode 13
Original Airdate March 1, 2015

[ clank ]


[ brakes squeal ]

Now who can tell me what
the study of birds is called?



Very good.

[ Mary Margaret
speaking indistinctly ]

[ flames whoosh ]

[ crackles]

[ speaks indistinctly ]


[ paper rustles,
cork board clatters ]

[ clears throat ] Well, I see
you still have your temper.

Six weeks and nothing.

They're still trapped inside
that bloody hat.

[ sighs ] Look, we just have to
keep at it, okay?

But we will find a spell
to release the fairies.

I mean, these translations
are difficult,

but I've reached out to some of
the finest minds in the world,

and one of them
will get back to us.

I know it.

If we're reduced
to those magic boxes,

then I'd say hope is
in short supply.

They, uh...
Call it the internet.

And it can help us.

And once we get the fairies
out of the hat,

they can help us
release everyone else,

including that poor old man
that you put in there.

All because I left myself
be tricked by that crocodile.

[ whispers ] How could I have
been so weak?

[ inhales deeply ] Well...
We both were.

You know, Rumplestiltskin got
the best of us.

And you're right.

You... you should've been
stronger, but you weren't.

And... Well, neither was I.

You know, I...

I should've seen through him.

You were blinded by love.

What was my excuse?

Probably the same,

just for someone else.

Well, he's right about
one thing...

Love is a weapon,

as dangerous and persuasive
as magic.

[ inhales deeply ]

He had both of our hearts.


As big a bastard as he was,

he did love you.

[ voice breaks ] And, uh,

now he's gone from our lives

Yeah, I... [ inhales deeply ]

I just, I uh...
I just hope he's found

whatever it is he's looking for.

[ siren wailing ]

[ siren blares, horn honks ]

[ whirring ]


[ keys clatter,
microwave beeps ]

That means it's ready.

Yes, I know how to work
a microwave, thank you.

Because the Dark One did
so much cooking in his time.

Well, worry not.

My power extends far beyond
Ramen noodles.

Yeah, just not in this life.

You know, I'm beginning to think
you're a lot of talk,

a lot of empty promises
about happy endings,

when all you do is eat my food,
sleep on my couch.

That better not be
the last Ramen!

Do I look like
I'm made of money?

I work at an aquarium.

No, that's not what you do.

What you do is complain.

You know why?
I love you, babies.

Because your life, for want of
a better term, is crap.

Hey, are you forgetting
who's been taking care of you?

[ mouth full ] Please.

Providing reheatable noodles

and what might charitably
be called shelter...

No great gift.

Certainly not compared
to what I'm providing.

I'm gonna fix all your problems.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I know you well enough to know
you don't care about me.

No, I don't. I care about me.

You're lucky our problems
just so happen to align.

[ alert chimes ]


[ taps key ]

You got something?

The beginning.

Of what?

The end of our misery.

It's time to visit
an old friend.

[ police radio chatter ]

Ursula: So this is
where she lives?

I guess some of us are
doing better than others.

Cruella: Look at this.
[ cries ] This is too awful.

[ radio chatter continues ]

Darling, do we need
all these theatrics?

We're doing better.

[ indistinct conversations ]

Woman: Ma'am...

[ Cruella grunts ]

Sorry, lady.

This was mine before.

[ car door closes ]

Gold: Cruella de Vil.

No one calls me that here.

Well, I'm sorry, dearie,

but Cruella Feinberg doesn't
have quite the same ring.

What in hell
are you two doing here?

Gold: Looking to regain
our greater glory.

A glory I can soon return
to you both, if you join me.

I'm not going anywhere with you.

Well, maybe you should.

Things have changed.

Mea culpa.

Our last time together
was less than ideal.

But now? Now our interests align
once more.

You've lost all you have,

and so have we.

That's why I'm here,

to put an end to having
everything taken away.

Oh, not everything.

[ click ]

[ door whirring ]

And where are you gonna go

with these paltry
material possessions?

To get myself
some less paltry possessions.

An empty pursuit.

You're gonna end up
right back where you started.

I will never go back
to where I started.

I can get back
everything you've lost and more.

You know, you talk a good game,
Dark One,

but can you deliver
in a world with no magic

where apparently
walking is a challenge?

Ah, but there is magic
in this world.

You just have to know
where to look.

I know you don't trust me.

But the good news is,
if you follow me,

you won't have to.

Aren't you tired
of feeling ordinary?

Get in.

Now then, darling,
where are we going?

A quaint little town
called Storybrooke.

[ engine revs, tires peal ]

Now then, this happy ending
shenanigan you're promising us,

can you really do that?

Are you really that powerful?

Yeah, he's powerful,
but not that powerful.

No one is.

Love how you underestimate me.


What exactly are you offering,
short stuff?

Only the answer
to all your prayers.

I'm not exactly
the religious sort.

[ gasps ] Shocked.


I was quite content with my life
until I received this summons,

and I do not appreciate

being dragged around
on false promises.

Nothing false about it, dearie.

I know exactly what you want,

and you,

and you.


But don't worry.

I'm not one to betray trusts,

so your secrets can remain
your own.

What I will share
is what we all have in common...

A desire for happiness.

A desire to do
what villains can never do.

To win.

And I'm here to show you how,

Even if we would work together,

no spell known to man or woman
can do what you're saying.

Of course not, dearie.

But we're not looking
for a spell.

We're looking for a curse.

A dark curse.

One that,
if you help procure it,

can get each and every one
of you exactly what you want...




So why should I think
this new plan will work

when all the others have failed?

Our failures in the past
have been for one reason...

The odds were stacked
against us.

Now we're gonna change the odds.

With this author you keep
babbling on about.

His book harnesses
a great power,

one that exceeds anything
you've ever experienced,

giving villains and heroes
what he deems just desserts.

Our collective frustrations?

They're because of his will,
not our missteps.

Well, I suppose that's better

than blaming bad judgment
and gin.

[ static crackles ]

Man: Welcome to Mr. Cluck's.
What can I get you?

One double cluck combo.

Ursula: Make it two. Rumple?

No, thanks.

I'd like to survive
for my happy ending.

[ static crackles ]
Man: That'll be $14.15.

Please pull up to the window.

And have
a clucky cluck cluck day.

Will you hurry up?

I'm fairly certain this author's
in Storybrooke.

And if we want to enlist
his help,

we have to get there
before the heroes do.

[ sighs ]

How do you feel
about kale salad?

Like someone found someplace
other than granny's for takeout.

I'm fine
with her grilled cheese,

but I know it gets to you.

[ chuckles ] You eat like
a child.

Is that a root beer?

Two. I got you one.
Thought you could use a break.

A break from what?
Dead end after dead end?

This sorcerer...
or author...

Whatever he wants
to be called...

Doesn't want to be found.

It's only been a few weeks.

and I've conquered entire realms
in less time.

Can you conquer these bottles?
I thought they were twist-offs.

Do I look like I can
pry them off with my teeth?

I'm a queen
and a bit more refined.

Yeah, I got that.
[ clears throat ]

[ opens and closes drawer ]

My mom had a bottle opener here
during her brief tenure,

Wait! Don't...

What's this?

Did you take it from the book?

It's not from the book.

Robin found it...
[ sighs ]

Before he left with his family.

It appeared to him.

It's not your story.
What is it?

Robin thought it was hope,

a sign that...
[ inhales deeply ]

Things would work out for me.

Turns out it was a cruel joke.

Have you heard from him?

[ voice breaks ] No.

There may be a way
to get the fairies out.

Yeah, I, uh,
I found an incantation.

It's, uh, it's part of a spell
in, uh, an ancient tongue

I've never seen before.

Which made translation a challenge.
But I did it.

I found a perfect of linguistics
from Oxford,

and he just e-mailed me
with the translation.

It's an ancient ceremony,

but, uh,
one that'll bring them back.

I, uh, I just need you to
enact it.

Ceremony, huh?

Well, madame mayor,

ready to pronounce today
"Free the Fairies Day"?


You got it?

I got it.

[ wind whistling ]

[ humming ]

[ whoosh ]

[ all panting ]

Thank you.
You all right?

No. I'll live.

[ exhales sharply ]

But being in there with...

Thank you.

Actually, you should thank
the mayor.

Welcome back.

[ whispers ] Thank you.

[ inhales sharply ]

[ nuns crying ]

[ wind whistling ]

[ rattling and growling ]

Rumplestiltskin: The curse
resides here... Bald mountain.

It's protected by a variety of
lethal magic obstacles...

Obstacles that suit
your very specific talents.

Blood scarabs.

The only thing stronger
than their venom

is their bloodlust.

Cruella, I believe with
your powers of persuasion

they'll be as harmless
as puppy dogs.

I've got a little job for you,

[ blows air ]

Now run along
and tell the others.

That's how it's done, darlings.

The dark curse.

[ flames whooshing ]


Forged from the breath
of dragons.


I believe this is your area
of expertise.

[ flames whoosh loudly ]

Next time,
maybe something challenging.

Gold: And now...


If you don't mind.

Ursula: This what
you're looking for?

[ rumbling ]

What the hell?

What is going on?

I'm leaving with my prize.
And you?

Uh, you're about to die.

I forgot to mention there's one
more thing guarding the curse.

The chernabog...

An ancient demon
that feeds on evil.

It seeks out the heart

with the greatest potential
for darkness and devours it.

[ rumbling continues ]

That's why I really needed
you three.


[ giggles ]

[ growling ]

[ tires screech ]

[ tires screech ]

Stop the car.

[ brakes screeching ]

[ car doors close ]

We're here.

Ursula: What the hell
are you talking about?

Where is this Storybrooke?

Look, I confess,
things aren't quite as I said.

For a man who's preaching trust,

you are getting off
on the wrong foot.

But i-if I was
completely untrustworthy,

would I be telling you
the truth now?

[ stammers ] The...
the town line is, uh...

100 yards up that road.


It's cloaked
by a protection spell.

Makes it impossible to see
or enter.

A town you can't see or enter?

But it's the truth.

The night I was banished,

I-I attached this tie
to that tree

so I'd be able
to find my way home.

Okay, let's say you are
telling the truth.

How are we supposed to cross
that line without any magic?

[ chambers bullet ]

No more encores, Rumple.

We're finished with
your hazy instructions

and your empty promises.

Please put the gun down.
You're overreact...

[ cane clatters ]

No more tricks.

If we're about to walk into
a trap, tell us now, darling,

because out here, you're
nothing more than a cripple,

a coward with
a real world ability to die.

Yes, yes. Y-y-you're right.
You're right.

So you say you're banished.

Who banished you and why?

I bet it was his little maid.

Is that why we're here?
Because of a girl?

I'm here for the same reason
you are.

My happy ending.

And that is the truth.

And what that is? Well...

That's my business,

just like your reasons
are yours.

All of that we seek
is just beyond that line.

So please, if you think you can
find your way in this town,

and... and face all that... that
light magic without my help,

then be my guest.

But if you can just trust me...

You won't just
get inside Storybrooke,

you'll be invited.

Like the people of Storybrooke

are gonna invite us in
with you by our side.

[ grunts ]

Yes, they will, dearie,

because I won't be on your side.

All right. Start talking.

Beware of lurking pirates.

What are you doin'?

Just thinking.

Lurking and brooding.
That's a classic combo.

I think heroes can do a little
bit of bragging and celebrating.

Let's go. It's a party.
We should...

Buckle some swash
or, you know, whatever.

I'm hardly a hero.

The fairies were only in the hat
because I put them there.

You weren't in control of that.
That was Gold.

Trust me. You have a mark
in the hero column.

I hope so.

[ whispers ] Come on.

[ indistinct conversations ]


Go on, mom. Ask.

[ clears throat ] Excuse me.

May I ask you something?

What can I do for you?

[ clears throat ]

Do you know what this is?

Where did you get this?

The sorcerer's mansion.

Henry found dozens
of these blank books there.

The sorcerer is here?

Well, his house is,
but we haven't found him yet.

You're looking for him?

Well, I was hoping he could...

Write me a happy ending.

[ exhales sharply ]

But that book seems to have
great power.

Oh, it does.

So I thought if he rewrote it...
[ chuckles ]

I know it sounds crazy.

[ scoffs ] It's not crazy
at all.

But you're looking for
the wrong person.

Although the sorcerer is
a very powerful wizard,

you should be looking for
The Author.

Emma: Aren't they
the same person?

Why would the sorcerer
have The Author's books?

That is
a quite perplexing question.

And I'm afraid I do not know.

But I do know that they are
two very different people.

So... You know
who The Author is.

[ whispers ] no.

But I do know he exists.

I mean, if he is a "he."

I've never actually seen him.

In fact, no one has.
Not for many years.

[ sighs deeply ]

So this is where hope
has gotten me?

We'll find him, Regina.
It's not like he just vanished.

Blue, do you have any idea
why he might've disappeared?

Sadly, no.

But there are whispers
that he left hidden clues

in some of his works.

You mean, works like
Henry's book?

[ ground rumbling ]
[ loud shriek ]

[ rumbling subsides ]

What the hell was that?

I suppose we should
go out and see

what's killing property values
this time.

Man: Come on! Hurry!

[ people shouting indistinctly ]

[ rattling and growling ]

[ woman screams ]

[ growling ]

[ shrieks ]

[ growls ]

[ zaps ]

[ footsteps thudding ]

[ rattling and growling ]

[ growls ]

There's a crack in the wall.
We can make it through it.

Well, that's easier said
than done.

It doesn't seem to know which
one of us to go after first.

Doesn't matter.
Once it makes its choice,

the other two can make their way
to safety.

So what, we're just playing
a game of heart roulette?

Once the other two are
out of harm's way,

they can work together
to save the one left behind.

Must I figure out everything?

And we're supposed to just...
[ whispers ] trust you?

First time for everything.

[ continues
rattling and growling ]

[ growls ]

[ growls ]

[ rattling ]

[ growls ]

I knew it.

[ roars ]

[ all shouting indistinctly ]

[ shrieks ]

[ roars ]

[ all shouting indistinctly ]

Did that thing come out of
the hat?!

I thought the spell was only
supposed to release the fairies.

Well, maybe it is
some kind of fairy.

Why don't we just put it
back in the hat

and figure out the rest later?
Because we can't.

Once something's freed,
it can never be retrapped.

Great. So our best defense
against magical beasts

follows the same rules
as chicken pox?

Surely the Savior and Evil Queen
can defeat a simple hell beast.

Can we drop the "E" word

[ roars ]

[ growls ]

[ roars ]

[ zaps ]
[ growls ]

[ shrieks ]

[ growls ]

Well, that was easy.

Don't get excited.
We only stunned it.

And a blast like that
should've destroyed it.

I was just getting used

to things being relaxing
around here.

I'll see if I can

find anything about this thing
in the library.

Thanks. And, Mary Margaret...

I'll get everyone to safety.
I'm on that.

Wow. You guys really
have this down.

Well, this isn't
our first monster bash.

Well, now that that's settled,

what say you and I figure out
a way to clip this bat's wings

before it comes back?

The number's all cued up.

All you have to do is press
the "call" button.

I know a phone works.

I just don't know if I can trust
the man whose phone it is.

And why is that?

I mean, you have my phone,
my entire plan.

And tonight, if you decide
not to come back for me

and stay in Storybrooke
and abandon me,

I couldn't blame you.

That's why this time
is different,

because this time,

my entire salvation depends
not on you trusting me,

but on me trusting you.

Now... Are we in this together?

I guess you'll find out tonight,
won't you?

[ beep ]

[ phone rings ]

[ ring, click ]

Regina, who is it?

The sea bitch.

Ursula: I've missed you, too.
How are you?

Mostly wondering how
a plate of undercooked calamari

ended up with the Dark One's
cell phone.

I stole it from him.


[ beep ]

And where is he now?
If we're lucky,

probably passed out
at the dive bar

where Cruella and I left him.


Yes, we're back together.

Rumple found us in New York,
said he needed some old friends.

Told us a tearful tale about how
he was living in a quaint town

until he ruined everything.

But he said it was
a special place

where villains could find

Regina, Rumplestiltskin told us

how you've changed,
and we've changed, too.

We've learned our lessons,

and we'd like a chance
to prove it to you.

Please. Let us in.

Sorry, dear, but...

We have enough problems
without inviting two...

[ chernabog roars ]

Is one of those problems
a hell-bat

with beady eyes and devil horns?

How did you know that?

Because that's
the exact same sound

it made before it tried
to kill me.


So you've faced this creature

Yes, and I can tell you
exactly what it wants.

How convenient.

[ whispers ] They've been living
in a land without magic.

How could they do it?

It's the hat.

[ roars ]
[ scoffs ] [ whispers ] I know.


Tell us what it wants.

And then you'll let us in?

[ scoffs ] Even if I wanted to,
I couldn't.

Well, then I guess
you're on your own.

[ lowered voice ] Wait.
[ growls ]

The Snow queen's scroll let her
into Storybrooke once.

Maybe it'll work for them.

All right, squid.

If your information pans out,
we'll consider letting you in.

Those are my terms.

You've got a deal.

You want darkness?

[ rattling and growling ]
I'll give you darkness.

[ zaps ]
[ roars ]

[ roars ]

We had a deal, witches!

[ shrieks and growls ]

[ screams ]

[ zaps ]


[ growling ]

I hope you choke on my bones.

[ growling ]

[ roars ]

[ growling ]

Yeah, lovely.

Now I'll never the smell of fish
out of this dress.

You're welcome.

[ rattling ]

[ roars ]

Regina, I'm not sure
it's after you.

[ scoffs ] Of course
it's after me.

Ursula said it devours the heart
with the darkest potential.

And now that Gold's gone,
well, who else could that be?

I mean, is there a dwarf
named evil-y?

It's me.

We're not gonna
just sacrifice you.

I'm not sure we have
much of a choice.

That thing's magical, right?

I would say "magical"
is a pretty good guess.

So if it's magic,
what happens if it leaves town

for a world with no magic?

No magic, no beast.

So all we have to do is lead it
over the town line.

The chernabog withstood
both of our powers combined.

Even if I poof myself
to the town line,

the second I'm out in the open,
it'll crush me like a bug.

Not if you've got some help.
Trust me.

[ sighs ]


Okay. Be careful.
[ beep ]

[ snaps cell phone shut ]

They found a way
to stop the beast.

Great. Why aren't you smiling?

Because Cruella and Ursula...
[ whispers ] are here.

[ roars and growls ]

[ roars ]

What made you choose yellow?


Your bug... yellow?
Bold choice.

I like yellow. I stole it.

Is this really the time
to question my taste?

Sorry, I'm just trying
not to think about

being some demon's lunch.

You're not going to be.

I'm glad you're confident.

[ roars ]
[ both gasp ]

[ growls ]

What, is this thing made of tin?

Hang on. We're almost there.

[ tires screech ]

[ roars ]

[ tires screech,
windshield shatters ]

It's too late.

I'm not gonna let both of us die
in this metal coffin on wheels.

[ growling ]

Thanks for trying, miss Swan.

[ roars ]
[ whoosh ]


[ roars ]

[ tires screech ]

[ grunts ]


[ roars ]

[ engine revs ]

[ brakes screech ]
[ roars ]

[ whoosh ]

[ exhales deeply ]

[ car door opens ]

[ vehicle approaching ]

[ gears shift ]


Are you all right?


So Cruella and Ursula were
telling the truth.

It would appear so.

No, wait. Emma, I...

I think this is a bad idea.

Look, they may have
told the truth this time.

That doesn't mean
they can be trusted.

Mom, this doesn't sound
like you.

You always believe the best
in everyone.

I'm also a realist.
Emma, she's right.

Things were just starting to get
back to normal in Storybrooke.

- You, too? - Look, we don't know
anything about these two.

They could be looking
for redemption,

but they also could be as evil
as Mr. Gold or Zelena or worse.

That could be,
but they just helped us,

and we made a deal.

Doesn't matter. It's a bad idea.
They're villains.

You're right. They are.
They're horrible...

But not as horrible
as I was once.

And if I deserve
a second chance, so do they.

How can I sit here,
looking for my happiness,

and deny two others
a chance at theirs?

I'm with Regina.
We let them in.

[ sighs deeply ]

[ whoosh ]

[ car door opens ]

[ whoosh ]

[ engine starts ]

Welcome to Storybrooke.

Thank you, Regina.

You won't regret it.

I better not.


[ whoosh ]

[ clatter ]

We're back, darling.

You didn't think we abandoned
you, did you, Dark One?

Of course not.

We're a team.

[ whoosh ]

Nice duds.
Now what do we do?

Now we begin our task.

It's simple, really.

Continue to repent
your wicked ways.

Make friends.
Build relationships.

And just what will you be doing?

I'll continue my work
behind the scenes, of course.

Sounds like we're doing
everything, again.

How do you think we got in here?

And how do you think
that chernabog was released?

It was me.

I'm the Oxford professor who
translated the spell for Belle,

the spell that released
the fairies

and also happened to unleash
that monstrosity.

So I ask you consider
what I was able to do

on the outside,

at my lowest point,
without magic.

And then consider
what I'm able to do in here.

So maybe we should stop
bickering and get on with it.

So our team is one member short.

It's time to reunite the band.

Y-you don't mean...


But she's dead.

Not entirely.

Well, just what does that mean?

It means we have our work
cut out,

much to prepare.
I don't like it.

Dead or alive, we got
a bigger problem... Regina.

And what makes you say that?

That beast was unable
to defeat her.

As bad as Maleficent is,

Regina's dark heart
is far worse.

You are so filled
with assumptions.

Regina is not the one
we have to worry about.


That beast did seek out

the heart with the greatest
potential for darkness, yes,

but it was wasn't
going after Regina.

It was after Emma Swan.

What do you suppose the boy is
up to now?

Being Henry.

- Mm. - If anyone's gonna get
that author out of the book,

it's him.

You've become
quite the optimist, Swan.

Have I?

Guess I...
Couldn't really help it,

between him and my parents.

That reminds me. Aren't they
supposed to be here?

You're right.
I wonder what's keeping them. [ beep ]

[ cell phone rings ]

[ ring ]

[ ring ]

Cruella: Well, well, well.
Look who's here.

It's been a long time.

We gotta talk.

Oh, so the prince wants a chat?

Okay, handsome. Talk.

This is our town.

If you've really
turned over a new leaf,

you're welcome to stay.

My, aren't we generous?

On one condition.

No one must ever know
what happened between us

in the Enchanted Forest.

And if you say one single word
to anyone,

especially Emma,

well, you won't have to worry
about the Evil Queen.

I'll rip out your hearts myself.