Once Upon a Time (2011–2018): Season 4, Episode 10 - Fall - full transcript

As the Spell of Shattered Sight approaches Storybrooke, Emma and Elsa search for Anna, Belle and the fairies work on an antidote, and Gold, with a reluctant Hook as his servant, works on an exit strategy.

Previously, on Once Upon A Time...

She wants it to be
just the three of us.

Her perfect family.

Gerda: Anna and Elsa must know
the truth!

We might not make it home,
but this could.

I figured out your plan.

You want to cleave yourself
from the dagger.

My mirror is complete.

I can finally cast a spell
over all of Storybrooke.

[ wind whistling ]

Well done, dearie.

It appears you've won.

That's big of you.

And a welcome change.
You're usually so confrontational.

I prefer reasonable.

I'd like to make a deal.

You have nothing that I want.

Well, perhaps I do.

This spell of yours,
when it hits...

In a few hours from now?


Sundown. Yeah.

It'll bring out the darkness
in everyone in this town.

[ chuckles ] It'll do
more than that.

They will tear themselves apart
until everyone is dead.

Not everyone.

You'll have what you want...

You alone with your "sisters"
Elsa and Emma

doing who knows what,

And I'll be here, too,

Spending every waking moment
of my immortal life

trying to rip your heart out.

It seems you do have
something to offer.

What do you want?

To leave.

Didn't we already
make this deal?

Yes, but I have an eye
for a loophole,

And I think
I've spotted yours.

My wife and grandson will be
destroyed by this spell,

So I want you to allow them
to leave with me.

You spare the two of them,

I spare you misery.

Do we have a deal?

Enjoy your trip.

[ sighs ] Belle was right.
My aunt it actually doing this.

[ whispers ]
The spell of shattered sight.

We open the mines and the vault.
We take shelter there.

[ sighs ] This is magic.
It doesn't care about ceilings.

It's started.
Hook: How long?

By sundown.

By sundown, everyone
in this town will start...

Tearing each other apart.


The answer is simple.

Let's not be in town.

Hardly an elegant solution.

Nothing wrong with brute force
if it works.

If we can get over,
we can build a frame,

Take people over
one at a time.

[ whispers ]
David, be careful.

[ clank, rumbling ]

[ gasps ]

You okay?

[ groans ]

Looks like that wall doesn't
care much for your brute force.

[ cracking ]

Elsa? No, stop. Hey.

No! That thing could
go off again!

[ grunts ]

Come on.
It's Anna's necklace.

I thought it was gone.

It's like a miracle.
Glad you found it,

But sentimentality's not worth
risking your life over.

It's a sign, Emma...
a sign we're gonna win.

Regina: Is everyone into
this hope thing now?

If we're gonna win,
we need to stop wasting time.

Mom, dad, Leroy, go tell
everyone what's going on.

When this goes down,

Everyone needs to be
separated from their loved ones

if they don't want
to hurt each other.

Killian, go to the water-front.

See if we can use boats
to get some people out.

I have to warn Robin Hood.
His camp's not far from here.

Elsa and I are gonna talk to
Gold, see if he has any ideas.

Henry, you come with us.

He's with me.
I'm his best chance.

That might not be true.

Emma and I?
I think we're immune.

These ribbons.

If the Snow Queen wants us
to be her sisters,

Then the curse
won't affect us.

So I should definitely
watch Henry.

No. You're part of
this nut job's plan.

I want Henry near me
as long as it's safe for him.

It's okay, mom.
I'll be fine with her.

[ whispers ] Be careful, kid.

We gotta go.

This is happening now.

Once Upon A Time: "Fall"
Season 4 Episode 10

Original Airdate December 7, 2014

Emma: Any luck?

It appears to be
pretty much unstoppable.

The one thing I did find
is there may be a way

to undo the effects
from anyone it touches.

It seems that when somebody's
been touched by the spell,

That you can use them
to undo it.

With a strand of their hair,

You can make some kind
of counterspell, like a vaccine.

My sister.


My aunt said she put me
in that urn.

I didn't believe her because
Anna would never do that,

Unless she was under
that spell.

We have to get to her.

But you... you still don't know
where she is.

No, but now you can
help me find her.

You said if I had
something of hers,

You could use
this locator spell.

Well, now I have
something of hers.

Sometimes sentimentality
pays off.

Point Elsa.


Mirror dust in this.

Actually embedded in the metal.

So I was right.
She was under that spell

so if we find Anna,

She can save everyone.

I'll round up the fairies.

They can set up shop
somewhere close

and figure out how to make
the counterspell.

[ chuckles ] Thank you.
Let's go.

Elsa, you realize
this is a long shot.

I was time traveling
when I brought you here,

And when Anna disappeared,
it was...

30 years ago. I know.

But she's okay.
She has to be.

And I don't care how old she is.
She can save us.

Okay, then. We're relying on
mirror dust and fairies,

But now we have a plan,
which is progress.

Let's go find your sister,.

[ ice cracking ]

[ gasps ]
Holy cats! That is cold.

[ groans ]

Ice is like that,
I've noticed.

[ exhales sharply ]
The urn.

It was here. It's gone,
and so is Elsa and my aunt!

But I saw you with it.

Well, now it's missing,
and Elsa is in it.

I just have to get her out,
let her know I didn't mean it.

[ crunch ]

What's that?

It's straw.

Gold straw.


My aunt doesn't have the urn.
He does.

You are literally hanging
a big assumption

on a really thin straw.
But it makes sense.

He would never let someone walk
off with something he valued.

I should've known
he'd follow me.

And this is... Good news?
Don't worry.

We can get to him.
We can handle him.

And even if we can't, we can
figure out a way how to.

Elsa is the only one
who can rule Arendelle.

[ loud bang ]

Um, I beg to differ.

What are you doing here?

Hearing you confess
you attacked the reigning queen,

That sounds like treason to me.
Doesn't it, guys?

And I sang with you.

[ laughter ]

You're both under arrest,

Under my order
as the new king of Arendelle.


But now that your sister's spell
has worn off, no will will argue

with a new benevolent leader
such as myself.

It wasn't her.

As if anyone
will believe that.

Okay, you know what?

You got us.



[ blade zings ]

[ gasps ]

[ blade zings ]

Stop them!

[ door creaks ]

[ clank, door rattles ]

No fleeing by boat then.

This Snow Queen is good,
isn't she?

[ pats bench ]

Sit, lad.

Don't forget
where your heart lies.

Now I have a job for you.

You remember how this works.

[ whoosh ]

The hat? Not Emma.

[ chuckles ] No, no.
Not this time.

Granny's diner is being
converted into a temporary hive

for the vilest of creatures...
the pious little fleas.

Pious? The fairies?

Just like any flying pests,

If you wanna eliminate
the infestation,

It's important
to get them all.

Doing so will infuse this hat
with enough power

to allow me to cleave myself
from the dagger

and then leave this town
with my powers intact,

A suddenly urgent undertaking.

Now will you assist me?

You have my heart.
You know I can't refuse.

[ chuckles ] Indeed.

But here's the rub, dearie.

My wife has just called
to inform me that she intends

to spend the day sequestered
amongst said fleas.

So I need you to stand by

while I get her
out of the way.

The fairies are working
to stop the spell.

You're killing the cure?

You do this,
you condemn the entire town,

And even your own grandson,
to whatever happens.

No, I'm not leaving Henry.

I will take him
and I will take Belle

and I will leave this town
to its fate.

But Emma and everyone else...

I don't have time
for everyone else.

And if I have to choose between
everyone else and me...

[ chuckles ]
"me" wins every time.

[ chuckles ]
You can clench your jaw...

[ blade zings ] And flash your eyes
all you wish,

Because it doesn't
change the fact...

[ whooshing ]

That we're in this together.

Are you all right?
All right, sit down. Tell me...

What's this?
What is this called?

An arrow.

Yes. And where does this go?


[ whispers ] Flight, yeah.
Stay right there.

It's happening.

You and your men need
to scatter.

All together like this
with all these weapons?

You'll kill each other
once the spell hits.

Will! Will Scarlet!

There's no need to yell.
I'm just here, Robin.

Emergency. Break camp.

Right then.
Come on, little man.

Why don't you help?


Is there something else?

No. I'm just trying to
memorize you like this.

Like what?
Nervous and alarmed?

No, with love in your eyes.

I told you what this spell
is going to do.

Maybe it won't.
It will.

The only people
who believe in me in this town

are Henry and you.

The thought
of you looking at me

the way everyone else does,

With hatred...

[ groans ]
That just might kill me.

Stop thinking.

We're here now,

And this is true.

[ door bells jingle ]

[ door closes ]

Here you go.


Is it supposed to do that?

It gets brighter as you get
closer to your goal.

It's how my parents
found each other.

[ humming ]

Did you see that?
That means it found her, right?

Come on. Don't stand here.
Let's keep going.

[ continues humming ]

The library?

But I've been inside before,
and Anna wasn't there.

The library's...
Well, a funny place.

There are all these tunnels

Regina kept a whole dragon
under there for 28 years.

I'm sure you can fit
a small princess, too.

Yes. Frozen by the Snow Queen.
That's why we never found Anna.

But now we will.

Anna: Wait! Stop!
Too much running!

[ both panting ]

[ coughs ] Okay.

I don't hear
eight enormous feet,

Great. So now we just need
to get that urn back.

Call me crazy,

But I really don't want to face
an evil wizard.

I never said "evil."

I mean, he is, but...
[ gasps ] Oh! I have a plan.

Right before I left,
I read mother's diary.

The one Elsa found,
looking for clues.

There was something
they were looking for

called a wishing star.

What's that?
I have no idea.

But the important thing is,
you can wish on it.

I'm sure they were gonna use it
to take Elsa's power.

But maybe we can use it
to wish Elsa back to us.

Well, obviously
they never got it

because... Elsa... Powers...

Right. They tracked it to
a pirate named Blackbeard.

But there's no record
they ever met with him,

But we can.

Ohh. So my choices are
evil wizard or pirate?

Pirates are better
than wizards.

Says who?
You can pay off pirates.

[ laughs ]

You and I are rich
in many ways,

But the thing we're richest in
is riches.

So let's take the power
of the royal treasury

and go buy ourselves
a wishing thing.

We can use it to rescue Elsa,
and she can save Arendelle.

[ continues humming ]

It's brighter.



No. How can there be a barrier?
Look how bright the glow is.

She must be practically
right on the other side.

Anna, are you there?

Look at this dust.
It just recently fell.

All the new ice spiking
and earth shaking

that the Snow Queen's been doing
must've caused it.

I can move this.

No, Elsa, stop.

As much as I enjoyed
our last cave-in,

I don't wanna do it again.
But she's right there!

Then we'll find another way.

[ groans ] Oh. That must be
Blackbeard's ship.

Okay, now we need
to find a crewman

and tell him we wanna
meet with Blackbeard

because he has something we're
willing to pay anything for.


Ah, someone is playing
my song.

[ chuckles ]

I'm captain Blackbeard.

Come onboard.

I'm trying to find my sister,

And you have a certain sculpture
that can help me do that.

And... and we wanna buy it.


The wishing star?

Ah, yes.

The wishing star.

For the right price,
it's yours.

And... and what is
the right price?

My weight in Gold.


If it's not delicate,
how much... Tonnage?

What would you say
you weigh, sir?

Oh, never mind. It's fine.

Sold! I mean, bought.

[ lowered voice ] See? Look,
things are going so nicely.

I told you
if we just keep the faith,

Everything's gonna work out.
And I told you that

pirates were easier to
deal with than wizards.

Hey, I told you that.

And no one asked me at all.

He did it again.

[ laughter ]

Sure, me and the guys
can clear the tunnel.

[ cell phone ringing ] We'll have to
work careful, but we can do it.

Let's go now.

[ ring ]
David: Excuse me.

A good mayor checks that these
things are kept up to code.

Only has to worry about
one villain, and it's herself,

That frees up a lot of time
for infrastructure.

I've had other issues.

Leroy, how long
to clear the passage?

Couple of hours, maybe.
We can get right on it.

That's wonderful.

Have you guys
not been watching the clock?

It'll be sundown
before you munchkins finish.

Dwarfs, sister.
Like I care.

Let's just blast through
and take the risk.

It turns out they can possibly
make the counterspell

even if we don't find Anna.

They can pull the mirror dust
out of the necklace

and try to use that.
It's exactly the same?

It'll take a little longer.

The process is difficult and...

It will destroy the necklace.

So the necklace can either
save all of us or Anna.

No. It can do both.
We have time.

We don't.

Exploring these tunnels
could take days.

So what'll it be, folks?

Save the town
or find the sister?

Go around the back and wait.

You'll know
when you're needed.

[ door bells jingle ]

[ liquid bubbling ]

What do you want?

Excuse me, but I'd like
to borrow my wife.

Gold: I need her at the shop
for a short while.

Mother superior:
She's working. We need her.

Mother superior's right.

This is too important.

Well, until you can go,
I'll just, uh...

I'll just keep you company.

Perhaps I'll be helpful.

This is light magic, Dark One.

Well, then maybe
I'll learn something.

[ humming ]

[ lowered voice ] This shouldn't
even be a conversation.

If we don't get the necklace
to the fairies right now,

We and all our loved ones will
be hit by this vicious spell.

It's one woman's life
versus a whole town.

Emma: Maybe we just haven't
found an option

where we don't have to
lose anyone.

Mm, you're talking like
a hero.

Yes, like all you Charmings
always do.

But right now
that's not your job.

You're more than heroes.

You're leaders,

Which means
making the tough choice

where someone has to lose,
and you have to say who.

I agree with Regina.
You're right.

Yeah, I heard it, too.

We need to do what's best
for the most people.

We need to give this town
its best chance.

But we have to let the fairies
destroy that necklace.

[ whispers ] This can't be easy.

[ elevator whirring ]

[ bubbling ]

The necklace. Do you have it?

[ door closes, door bells jingle ]
It's right here.

It's pebbles from the mine.

Where is it?

She tricked us so she can use it...
[ sighs deeply ]

To keep tracking down
her damn sister!

I should know better
than to trust blondes by now.

We should go back and get it.

No, it's... it's too late.

Too late? Already?!

By the time
you get back here, yes.

Without Anna being here

There's no way to make
a counterspell in time.

Time for a hope speech?

Virtues of blind faith?

Well, it seems
Elsa's blind faith

is exactly what's screwing us
right now.

Coming from you,
that's just terrifying.

Well, I'm not giving up.

I know she's down in the mines
looking for Anna.

I'm gonna
go help Elsa find her.

Well, then go, because right now
that's our only shot.

[ humming ]


I'm sorry! I have to try this!

[ whoosh, rumbling ]

[ waves crashing ]

The beach? That map couldn't
have been any more wrong.

I don't understand.
She should be here.

Elsa, I'm sorry.
Magic isn't always perfect.

[ panting ]

So even though
it's still glowing,

Because she's not here,
it means...

The search is over.

30 years is a long time.

You think something's happened
to her,

And this has all been
a mistake?

I think we need to deal

with the problem
in front of us right now.

I'm sorry.

How do you keep doing that?

You didn't exactly leave

A paid informant
on the docks in Arendelle

and the swiftest ship
in the navy got us here

just in time.

This was a trap?

We have a deal!
Something about...

What, well over 200 pounds
of Gold.

[ laughs ]

You know, when you're angry,

You look so much like
your mother.


You met my mother?

And your dear papa as well.

A very regal couple.

The fact they thought
I wouldn't recognize royalty

was charmingly naïve of them.

Honestly, I liked them.

Sold them the star at cost,

The wishing star?

That doesn't make sense.
If they had it,

They would've used it
to take away Elsa's magic.

That the wishing star can only
be used by those with...

Pure hearts.

Well, if there's another one,
we're still interested,

And we can pay just as much
as he can.

Rolling around on the money
in the royal treasury.

[ laughter ]

You rolled around in Gold bars?

Weird. And ouch.

Figure of speech.
We reveled in it.

The point is, it's now
in my control, not yours.

You're what they call

But, uh, that doesn't matter,

Because where you're going,
you don't need money.

Where is that?


I'm not sure that's a place.

Well, you're both
about to find out.

[ blades zing ]

This is the treacherous area
known as Poseidon's boneyard...

The exact spot where
your parents' ship went down.

How fitting that
mother and daughter

will have their last regrets
in the same place.

Wishing you'd never tried
to help your freak sister?


Maybe your bones will mingle
with your mother's

on the bottom of the sea.

Bring forward the trunk!

How... how will their bones
mingle if she's in a trunk?

I once had a rival
who made me walk the plank.

And much to my surprise,
I was saved by a mermaid.

This trunk will make sure
you die without "finterference."

[ laughter ]

Elsa's gonna get out
of that urn,

And when she does, she's gonna
take back the kingdom

and kick you and your brothers
back to the southern isles,

Which sounds lovelier
than I bet it actually is.

[ thud ]

I doubt that.

I control the royal navy,

And even this enchanted ship
you're about to be thrown off...

And if Elsa hasn't found a way
to escape an urn

in the last 30 years,

I doubt she ever will.

Wait. What? 30 years?

The spell that froze Arendelle,

It had us all frozen
for 30 years.

My aunt kept us like that
for decades?

Elsa. My poor sister.

She was stuck in an urn
all that time!

Why would Ingrid
unfreeze us all right now?

Because she wants to do
something worse.

We have to stop whatever it is
Ingrid... aah!

She's so talky.
[ laughter ]

[ pounding in trunk ]

[ men grunt ]

[ water splashes ]

[ laughs ]

I'm sorry, Emma,
but I still have faith.

I still believe she's...


It stopped glowing.

I'm sorry.

[ voice breaks ]
She's really gone.

[ grunting ]

Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.

There's a nail back there.

Okay, I think I can
get through the ropes.



This was my present for Anna
for her wedding.

It was among my mother's things,
but to us, it was new.

And I turned it into
the last gift I ever gave her.

Elsa, I'm so sorry,

But it's almost sundown.

[ thunder rumbling,
wind whistling ]

That cloud is gonna hit
any time.

We have to go. Everyone's gonna
turn on each other,

And something tells me
that being immune to the curse

is not gonna stop them
from attacking us.

I failed.
I deserve to be attacked.


[ crying ] This is
all I have left of Anna.

Now I'll never know
what happened to her.

Come on. Come on!

Oh, come on!

[ groans ]

[ groans ] Uhh!

[ laughs ]

Oh! Look! Look!

I got my hands out. Okay,
I'm gonna untie you. All right?

Okay, come here. Come on.

[ panting ]

[ grunts ] Okay.

Okay, come here.
Come here.

[ panting ]

[ crying ]
I, Anna of Arendelle,

Promise to love
and cherish you.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
What are you doing?

Marrying you before we die.


You don't get to marry me
unless we get out of this.

Okay? Just keep your chin up
and breathe. Okay?

Anna, wherever you are,

Whatever happened to you
all those years ago,

I'm so sorry
I didn't find you.

I still have faith. I know
you're out there somewhere.

I won't give up hope.

I just wish...

I wish you were with me now.

Elsa, come on.

[ gasps ]

[ whoosh ]

[ wind whistling ]

Something's happening.

Do you think
it's my aunt's spell?

I don't know.

[ gasps ] Come on.
[ gasps ]

Come on. Come on.
Come on.

I love you.

I love you, too.

[ wind howling ]

[ screams ]

What is that?

[ whoosh ]

[ groans softly ]

[ trunk creaks ]

[ both coughing and gasping ]




Anna! Oh! I couldn't find you!
I was looking for you!

I put you in an urn!
You missed your wedding!

It's okay! We're here!
But you're still young!

We were frozen!
For 30 years, apparently.

How did this happen?!
How did you get here?!

It's like you wished it.

My necklace.

It was the wishing star!

This is an amazing miracle.

But it is a cold miracle,
and we're all wet, so...

Yes. If we can get Anna
back to the fairies right away,

She might be able
to stop the spell.

[ thunderclap ]

Wait. There's something
I have to do first.

[ gasps ]

[ exhaling deeply ]

So Anna's on her way.

Do you really think
they can do it?

Well, perhaps.

But, uh, if there's one thing
I've learned,

It's never trust a fairy.

Come. Let's get you
someplace safe...

Just in case.

[ door closes ]

[ thunder rumbling ]

So this spell can't affect Anna
because it already got her once?


And the two of you?

We're immune. It's a long story.
We... we just gotta hurry.

[ lowered voice ]
What a funny-looking world.


[ whooshing ]
[ screaming ]

[ rumbling ]

[ rumbling subsides ]

[ panting ]

[ gasps ]

I'm sorry. I truly am.

[ screaming ]

[ whooshing and rattling ]

[ blinds clack ]

What happened here?

What do you think?
The Snow Queen.

What does this mean?

It means that even
with you here,

We can't protect everyone.

So what do we do now?

Prepare for the worst.

[ door opens, blinds clack,
door bells jingle ]

[ door closes ]

[ electricity crackling ]

You'll be safe in here.

So you... you can
keep the spell out?

No, but we must be separated.

As Dark One,
I may be immune to the spell,

But you can still hurt me.

Go inside
and stay in the back room.

I'm gonna seal it
with a protection spell

so no one can get to you.


Look, I-I'll be back soon,

And then we're gonna
be together

and we're gonna be fine.

I promise.

[ door creaks ]

[ whoosh ]

Is it done?

You know, she truly loves you.

You could have her forever,
or all the power in the world.

It's your choice.

I don't need to choose,
thank you.

I can and will have both.

Now that it's settled,
are we done?

No, no.

I'm not gonna give up
control of you just yet,

Not until I have
everything I need.

What's left?

That's my concern, not yours.

But by morning,
all should be complete,

Including your life.

Now run along, dearie,

And enjoy your last day
in this or any land.

Mom, dad, we're running out of
time. You said you had a plan.


You cut your hair.

So did you you!

I see you brought
your lovely fiancé. Joan?

It was a... Code name.

David, I like you short hair.

Not that I didn't like it long
or that I thought it was...

It's good to see you.

Likewise. [ chuckles ]

This is my wife snow,
our son Neal,

And our daughter Emma.

Wait. What?
How can she be your daughter?

It's a long story.
Once we survive this curse,

I'll be happy to tell you
all about it.

The plan. What's the plan?

[ keys jangle ]
This is the plan.


You and Anna and Elsa
are the only ones immune,

So the rest of us
need to protect ourselves.

You might wanna try that desk,
old friend.

It's sturdy. Cuff keys are
in the top drawer.

I'm not locking you in there.
Yes, you have to.

We won't be able to hurt anyone
from in here.

Take the keys, Emma.

[ clicking ]

I don't know
what's gonna happen.

I don't know how long
it's gonna last.

I mean, what if... what if
you starve to death in there?

No, Emma, you're gonna
fix this thing,

And then you're gonna
come back and save us.

You think?

We believe in you.


Now you know
Henry's in a safe place,

And Regina and the others
can take care of themselves.

[ cell door clanks ]

[ key turns ]

What about the baby?

No, don't worry.
Neal won't be with us.

[ Neal fusses ]
Who's gonna take him?

[ whispers ] You are.


[ exhales ]
[ door clanks ]

[ whispers ] We don't fear
your magic, Emma.

It's what's gonna allow you to
take on the Snow Queen and win.

And when you do, you'll be right
back here unlocking these doors.

We trust you. And Henry's right.
You are special,

And you are going to use
that specialness

and save both of you.

[ thunder rumbling ]

You have wonderful parents,

[ voice breaks ] I know.

Swan? A word.

Elsa, can you hold my brother?

Of course.

[ whispers ] It's okay.

What are you doing here?
You know what's about to happen.


I know.
I just needed to see you.

Before I chained myself
to the dock

for the protection of all,

Needed to see
you one more time.

[ crying ]

Killian, I'm not...
A tearful goodbye kiss person.

But maybe just this once.

[ thunderclap ]


[ gasps ]

[ exhaling deeply ]

[ sniffles ] Okay.

[ thunder rumbling ]

Not long now.

[ thunderclaps ]

Looks like
one more adventure together.

[ Neal fussing ]

[ thunder rumbles ]

[ inhales deeply ]
Here it comes.

[ door creaks ]

Henry, I am so sorry.

I should have stayed focused
on operation mongoose,

But Robin Hood...
[ sighs ]

I-I let my heart
pull me elsewhere.

Operation mongoose
is not over.

We're gonna find the author.
You will be happy.

First, we have to survive.

Now listen to me carefully,

I'm going to seal this place.

You're going to be locked in,
but more importantly,

Everyone else
will be locked out.

I understand.

Don't be scared.

I'm not, mom.

Emma and Elsa will fix this.
I have faith.

[ exhales deeply ]

I wish I was as brave as you.

Now go.

I'll be okay.

[ thunder rumbles ]

Really, go.

[ whispers ] I love you.

I love you, too.

[ whoosh ]

Where to now?

My vault.

And you need to get
as far away from it as possible.

It's dangerous even being around
each other now. [ electricity crackles ]

We're moments away.
It's okay.

Roland and Marian
are locked away

somewhere even I don't know.

Henry is safe in there.

I'll go and chain myself
to a tree in a minute...

Unless you want me
to come with you.

No, no, no, no, no.

I need to seal myself
in that vault.

To keep people out?

Oh, no.

[ whispers ] To keep me in.

Regina, I'm not afraid of you.

But you really...

Really should be.

[ thunder rumbling ]

[ whoosh ]

Never let go.

Hey. Don't be afraid.

And nothing can come between
two halves of one heart.

These are just precautions.

No spell is strong enough
to break what we have.

[ thunderclaps ]

[ glass tinkling ]

[ cracks ]

[ rumbling subsides ]