Once Upon a Time (2011–2018): Season 4, Episode 1 - A Tale of Two Sisters - full transcript

Regina struggles to cope following Marian's arrival in Storybrooke, as a mysterious woman roams the town after emerging from Zelena's time portal.

[ thunder crashing ]

[ indistinct shouting ]

[ shouting continues ]

[ shouting continues
in distance ]

What are you doing?!

I have to finish this.

My dear, no.

The vessel...
it's going down.

We have to abandon ship.

They have to know.

We might not make it home,
but this could.

[ shouting continues ]

Are you sure
we're doing the right thing?

Anna and Elsa
must know the truth.

It's the only thing
that will save them.

Anna, they would be
so proud of you.

Both of us, Elsa.

Now, come on.

I have a surprise for you.

Because surprises tend to
be hit or miss in this family.

This one you'll like.
I promise.

It's for your wedding.


[ ice crackling ]

Once Upon A Time: "A Tale of Two Sisters"
Season 4 Episode 1

Original Airdate September 28, 2014

[ indistinct conversations ]

[ sighs ]

[ bells jingle ]

[ sighs ]


Not now, Swan.

I'm sorry.

When I brought Marian back,
I didn't know who she was.

I didn't intend
to cause you pain.

Well, your intentions
really don't matter.

Because once again,
I've felt the brunt of heroism.

Always the villain...
[ scoffs ]

Even when I'm not.
What was I supposed to do?

Maybe you should have
left things well enough alone.

I am not gonna apologize
for saving someone's life.

She was to die anyway.
What did it matter?

What mattered was
she was a person.

And... Whatever she did,
she didn't deserve to die.

Well, maybe she did.

Well, you would know.
I saved her from you.

The woman who did that,

That was the person I was,
not the person I am.

I worked very hard
to build a future...

A future that's now gone.
You don't know that.

Well, I know it's complicated enough
that his dead wife is back.

Regina, for that, I'm sorry.

If there's anything
I can do to help...

The more you try to help...

The worse my life becomes.

Marian, please, meet her.

She's not at all
what you think.


I-I want you
to meet Marian.

[ bells jingle ] I... I want us
to talk about this.

Wait, were you two...
Are you two together?

Marian, please.

You and the evil queen?

Did you let her near my son?

Do you know what she's done?
The terror that she's inflicted?

Well, no one's been incinerated
yet, so that's a good sign.

Regina, you all right?

What... what is wrong
with you people?

W-why are you
talking to her?

Don't you know who she is?

Mom, what's going on?

She's a monster.

No, she's...
[ sighs ]

Uh, no good has ever come
of pushing that woman.

Give her space.

Yeah, but it's what she does
in that space I'm worried about.

You don't think
she'll become evil again.

She can't.
She's come too far.

I hope you're right, kid.

[mid-tempo music plays]

Well, that party
went south fast.

[ thud ]

Easy, Walter. Easy.

She needs to
be treated gently.

You made me designated driver.

I'm gonna drive how I like.

No beer is worth this.

[ static ]

Really? Radio station
shuts down after dark now?

[ thud ]

[ tires squeal ]

[ snoring ]

[ tires screeching
in distance ]

[ tires screeching ]

[ horn honking ]


[ panting ]

[ engine revs ]

You have to tell me!

No, don't tell me.

A horse and carriage!

No, a horse couldn't
get up stairs.

It's a snow palace,
an indoor ice rink.

[ gasps ] The whole wedding
will be on ice.

It's an...

It is indeed.

So, we're here because...?

Take a look.

Is that...

Mother's. Yes.

You found it.

Go on.
[ chuckles ]

Then you'll have to
put it on carefully.

You want me to wear it?

Of course you want me to wear
it. Why else would we be here?

It's missing something.

Hmm. There.

Something new
to go with something borrowed.

It's gorgeous!

I mean enchanting.
[ laughs ]

I mean I love you!

You're very welcome.

Now, shall we see it
with the dress?

[ chuckles ]


It's so beautiful and soft.

You know I'm gonna
spill something on it.

Maybe only clear beverages
at the wedding.

Tell me I don't have to
walk down the aisle with Sven?

He's not the best man...
But he is invited.

And now is where you tell me
you're joking.

He's going to be
properly attired...

For a reindeer.

I am actually a little bit
more concerned with the groom.

Elsa, he knows what to wear.

It's not like
he grew up in a barn.

H-he lived in one for a while,
but he grew up with trolls.

Wait until you see him.

He even cut his hair.
He's going to look wonderful.

That would be
a most-welcome surprise.

Elsa, what's wrong?

What is that?

A diary?


What's in there?

Our parents...
their death.

It's all my fault.



Belle: Hey.

It's okay.

You can...
you can do this.

My boy.

Remember when you were small,

There was a night,
during the ogre's war?

There was a terrible noise.

It was horses' hooves
thundering down the dusty path.

You crawled into my bed,

And I can still hear
your little voice.


I'm afraid."

And I guess by instinct,
I just said,

"don't you worry, son.
Everything's gonna be fine."

And you smiled at me.

You know, that was
the happiest moment of my life

because for the first time ever,
I felt like a man,

That I could truly
look after you, alone.

Until I discovered...


It turned me into a monster,
obsessed with power,

When all I really needed
was you, your love.

And now, through Belle,
there's love in my life again.

And once more,
I've started it with a lie.

She thinks
she has the real dagger.

I only lied to her
in order to avenge your death.

And now that I've done so,

I really need the strength
to give it back,

Be that man I should be,

The man you died for.

And I pledge, Baelfire,
I will be that man.

Your heroism...
Has shown me the way.

I promise.

I'll spend my life
repaying you for that.

[ knock on door ]

Robin: Hello, Regina.


Can I have a moment?
I want to talk.

I'm sorry.

[ chuckling ]
Why are you sorry?

Everything Marian said was true.
I am a monster.

The woman I know is the furthest
thing from a monster.

Maybe you don't know me
as well as you think.

[ sighs ]

I know you better
'cause you're like me.

I was once, long ago,
quite different,

But I changed.

And I left my past in the past,
where it belongs,

As you have.

So, what went on between us...

Was real.

[ chuckles ]

My feelings for you were...

Are real.

But Marian is my wife.

I loved her, and I made a vow...
"until death do us part,"

and it did.

And then it didn't.

But my vow remains.

So, you made your choice.

I may be a thief,
but I have a code,

And I have to live
by that code.

what kind of life am I living?

I hope you can look into
your heart and understand.

[ door closes ]

[ breathing deeply ]

[ sighs ]

[ beeping ]

[ buzzer ]

What are you doing here?

I need my mirror.

For what, my queen?

There's someone standing
in the way of my happiness.

I need your help
getting rid of them.

Belle: There.
Right around the bend.

I, uh... I found it
on a morning hike.

It must have come over
in the last curse.

No one's claimed it,
so I thought...

There'd be no harm if we
borrowed it for our honeymoon.

[ laughs ]

You know, I wonder
who this belonged to.

Come on. Take a look around.
It is spectacular.

You can see the ocean
from nearly every room.

[ fingers snap ]

If we're gonna do this...

We're gonna do it properly.

[ fingers snap ]

You haven't even seen
the best part yet.

[ giggles ]
Come on.

Is everything okay?


It's just whoever
this place belonged to...

Has interesting taste.

[ chuckles ]

Come on.

What do you think?

Well, I think we've been married
almost a full day,

And I don't believe we've had
our first dance.

[ fingers snap ]
[ static ]

[ fingers snapping ]

[ instrumental
"Beauty and the Beast" plays ]

Care to dance...
Mrs. Gold?

I would love to.

David: I don't know. Maybe we
should have gone with Baelfire.

[ cellphone beeps ]

She hasn't answered
any of your calls?

Uh, sorry, kid.

Looks like Regina
does not want to be disturbed.

But that doesn't mean that
she's... Doing anything...

Evil? I know.

Maybe, you know, it's you
she doesn't want to hear from.

You might have a point, kid.

I hope for his sake
she doesn't give in to

what she [sighs]
Sometimes gives in to.

Seems to be handling it well.

I mean, between losing
and regaining his memories,

Seeing both of his moms
with new men.

Uh, speaking of that...

He doesn't know
about you and Hook?

There is no me and Hook.

Okay, well,
I don't know what there is,

But I certainly
can't talk to Henry

if I don't know
what I'm talking about.

Hook: Swan.

Speaking of.

Mausoleum's all clear.
Regina's not hiding there.


Swan, are you avoiding me?

Will you give us a minute?

I'm not avoiding you.

I'm just...
Dealing with stuff.

We have a crisis right now.

There is always a crisis.

Perhaps you should consider
living your life during them.

Otherwise, you might miss it.

We're under attack!

We're under attack!

Okay, Leroy, what is it?
We were just driving home,

And some thing blasted me
with magic.

The whole van's iced over.

We woke up in a meat locker.
Who's got that kind of magic?

Maybe the person
who made that.

[ panting ]



I want to be alone.

You have a sister.
You're never gonna be alone...

Other than
when I'm not around.

But that doesn't matter because I'm
here now and you're not alone.

And you know what I mean?
And it's a nice thing.

What was in the diary?

You can tell me anything.

Turns out our parents
didn't go off

on some diplomatic mission
like everyone thought.

That was just a cover.

For what?

Read it.

"I wish I didn't have to
hide the truth

"from our children,

"but the truth
would be too painful.

"What we've seen from Elsa
is terrifying,

And it has to
be stopped."

They were scared of me.
That's why they left...

Because they thought
I was a monster.

No, no.
I-I-I won't believe it.

I refuse to believe it.

It's all right there.
Is it?

Where they were going
or what they were doing.

It could be
a misunderstanding.

Anna, because of me,
they left.

Because of me, they can't walk
you down the aisle tomorrow.

You don't have to be.
It's not your fault.

You're not a monster.

I don't think so,

This whole kingdom
doesn't think so,

And for sure,
our parents didn't think so.

And I will prove it.

This diary is only
part of the story.

How do you know that?

Because... Instinct?

Okay. Right.
That's not enough.

But there are
more answers out there

about what happened to them...
I know it.

[ gasps ] And I know
who can help us find them.


My future in-laws.

[ panting ]

[ wind howling ]

[ growling ]

All right, that's a new one.

We shouldn't be here.

Oh, they're
practically family.

I meant you need to be
planning your wedding.

If there's still planning to do,
I've horribly miscalculated.

You need to rest. It's a special day.
You should enjoy it.

I can't if my sister's upset.

Grand pabbie?

I know you're here.
Why aren't you showing yourself?

Oh, it's bad luck to see
the bride before the wedding.

And when have
we ever been traditional?

What's wrong?
Something happen?

You have second thoughts?

He won't smell
like that forever.

No. No.
This isn't about Kristoff.

It's about our parents.

What were they really doing
on that voyage?

I'm sorry.
I don't know.

Thank you.

Come on. Let's go.


I may not know
what they were doing,

But I know where
they were going.

Days before their journey,

Your parents stopped by to say

they were not going
to the northern isles.

And they had a few questions

about a land called Misthaven.

What did they want there?

They never said.

They, like many of us,
had their secrets.

[ yawning ] Oh,
I need my beauty sleep.

We have an answer.

We have one answer
and more questions.

That's a start.
We have to go to Misthaven.

I can't just... Leave.

I'm still queen.
I can't abandon the kingdom.

You're just making excuses.

Have you forgotten
your last dalliance... Hans?

He and his 12 angry brothers
are out there

waiting to pounce
at the first moment of weakness.

Okay, good excuses,
but still... Let me go alone.

Give me two weeks.
Misthaven is a short journey.

Two weeks,
and I'll be right back.

That's just what
mother and father said.

[ sighs ]

[ growls ]

We don't want to pick a fight.

[ growls ]

I just want to see
what it wants.

[ roars ]

[ roars ]

[ growling ]

Evil snowman!!

[ people screaming ]

[ roars ]

[ people screaming ]

I think the noise
is scaring it.

It's headed for the forest.

Her name is Marian.

Thanks to Emma, she's back

and recapturing that...
Happy ending this book gave her.

The book gave it to her?

It's powerful.
It's more than just a book.

What happens inside it
appears immutable.

But I'm stronger.

We're going to change things.


She needs to be removed.

Ah, that's where
I come into this...

Your murderous arm.

I knew there was a reason

that you kept me in that prison
for all those years,

Waiting till I could be
of service.

I knew you hadn't
forgot about me.


How do you want me
to kill her?

I don't want you to do
anything of the sort.

If she shows up dead,

How long do you think
it would take

before someone figured out
I put you up to it?

This requires
a more elegant touch.

I have to undo Emma's mistake.

I have to go back in time
before Emma arrived

and kill Marian
before she can be saved.

What I don't get
is my purpose in all this?

Well, as queen,
I sentenced many to death,

Captured many prisoners.

You don't remember
this Marian.

Well, she's awfully vanilla.
Can you blame me?

I need you to show me
the exact moment I captured her

so I know when
to travel back to.

But how am I
supposed to do that?

In this world, I'm no longer
the mirror with m...

Now you are.



Relax. It's just temporary.

[ crying ] no!!

Now help me.

[ inhales deeply ]

Yes, your majesty.

Mirror, mirror on the wall,

Show me who I want to kill
most of all.

Your majesty, no!

Where is snow white?

She thinks silence is bravery,
not stupidity.

She dies tomorrow.

The stench of peasant
is overwhelming.

I feel sorry for you.

Do you?

If you had
a family of your own,

If you had love,

You'd know
you shouldn't do this.

You wouldn't have to be
so cruel.

Don't you tell me
what I do or don't understand.

I know who I am
and what I want.

And right now...

It's your head on a spike.

[ laughs ]
You're a monster!

You're a monster!

Was that what
you were looking for?


[ people screaming ]

There's a monster
on the loose! A monster!

[ grunts ]

Where's Anna?

[ neighs ]

Don't be coy.
Answer me.

[ grunting ]

Easy, Sven.
She can't help being bossy.

I'm not bossy, I'm the queen.

Isn't that the queen's job,
bossing people around?

Don't change the subject,
Kristoff. Where's Anna?

Isn't she in the palace?

If she were, would I be here?

[ grunts ]

Uh, u-um... She had some...
Errands to run.

Um, we need more...

Yeah, she was concerned
we weren't' gonna have enough.

I tried to tell her it'd
be fine, but what could I do?

Brides [chuckles]

there is no frosting.

She's taking care of that.

No, I mean that's a lie.

Talk, reindeer man.
What is going on here?

Wedding details.
I'm just making sure...

That she wasn't followed.
[ sighs ]

Do you want to see
the floral arrangements?

Where did she go, Kristoff?

[ sighs ]


Okay, yes,
but she's doing it for you.

She booked passage on a ship
that's set to leave...

Well, any moment now.

Look, I'm sorry.

I-I didn't mean to lie.
I was just trying to help.

[ snorts ]

Sven, I'm trying
to apologize here, okay?

[ grunts ]

[ sighs ]
[ groans ]

All right, all right, Sven,
I'm going.

Elsa, wait!

[ sighs ]

What is it?

Some kind of...
Snow monster.

No monster shall cross our path.
We'll give you our assist...

[ growling ]

It's getting closer.
It's coming from the north.

[ heavy footsteps ]

[ roaring ]


No, no, no!
Don't shoot!

It only attacks
when it feels threatened.

[ roars ]

Pistol, sword...
Hook, my cunning wit...

I don't think
we have what it takes.

Emma does.


Your magic, love.


[ growls ]

You can do this.

[ warbling ]

[ whoosh ]

Take that, frosty.

[ growling ]


[ grunts ]

Please... Help me.


[ roars ]


[ growls ]

[ grunts ]

You saved me.



Are you all right?

Marian: Yes.

Maybe you're not a monster.

Maybe I'm not.

Welcome to Storybrooke,

Regina, we've been
trying to find you.

We need to talk about...

So, crisis averted.
[ chuckles ]

Now you want to go home
and see what's on Netflix?

I don't know what that is,
but sure.

Killian, someone
created that... Snowman.

This isn't over.

All the more reason
to enjoy the quiet moments,

And right now...
We have a quiet moment.

I know.

I just got to do something.

Right. Of course.
Go ahead.

Don't tell me you're not
avoiding me anymore

because I'm actually
quite perceptive, and this...

This is avoiding me.
No, I know.

I am.

I just feel...

Right now,
I just feel too guilty.

Over Regina?

She lost someone she
really cares for because of me.

No, there's more to this
than just Regina, isn't there?

Be patient.

I have all the time
in the world.


Another monster appears
and kills me.

I know you're in there.
I can see the light's on.

[ sighs ]

I know this is all...

But you can have happiness.

I know it doesn't seem like it,
but you just have to fight.

Okay, if you won't, I will.

Henry brought me
to Storybrooke

to bring back
the happy endings.

My job's not done
until I do that for everyone,

Including you.

[ sighs ]




Y-yes, your majesty.

What can I do for you?

You can help me change fate.

I can probably tell you

if you're wearing too much
eye makeup, but change fate?

That is beyond
my powers of reflection.

Your powers and mine together
shall do it.

This book is why
I'm suffering, not Marian.

Every story in it
has one thing in common...

The villains never get
the happy ending,

And it's always been right.

I thought not being the villain
would change things,

But this book,
these stories...

Only see me one way.

So, what's your plan?

Find the writer.

We must find out
who wrote this cursed tome

and then force them
to give me what I deserve.

It's time to change the book.

It's time for villains
to get their happy endings.

[ warbling ]

Elsa! Wait!

It's too late.

We have to go after her.

Are you really saying "no"
to your queen?

I'm saying no
to my future sister.


For good reason.

We both love Anna.
We both know her.

She will be fine.

[ sighs ] She didn't
have to do this alone.

Yes, she did.

You told Anna...
and you're right...

You're the queen.

We all remember well

what happened
the last time you left.

Why didn't you go with her?

She didn't want me to.

She thought I was needed here.

For what?

She didn't want you
to be alone.

She'll be fine.

I believe in her.
You should too.

Because she doesn't give up
on the people she loves.

And she always succeeds.

She also sometimes acts
before she thinks.

This place could be dangerous.

What do we even know
about this... Misthaven?

How have I never heard of it?

You might know it better
by what the inhabitants call it.

What's that?

The enchanted forest.

Don't worry, Anna.

I will find you.