Once Upon a Time (2011–2018): Season 3, Episode 5 - Good Form - full transcript

Hook tries to help save David's life as the dreamshade takes its effect, as flashbacks show Hook's first visit to Neverland along with his brother.

(Foliage rustling)

(Latch closes)

(Lid clanks)

You heard Pan.

You know what to do with him.

(Lost boys cheering and whooping)


(Scoffs) So you're the kid
Pan has been looking for

all this time?

Ask him.

Stop it!

(Cheering and whooping stop)

If you can't take this...

how you gonna handle
what Pan has in store for you?

(Lost boys murmuring)

(Boy) Yes!



Not bad.

But wouldn't it be more fun
if you had real swords?

I've... never used a real sword.

This is Neverland,

and you have the heart
of the truest believer.

You can use whatever you want.

You just need to believe, Henry.

Close your eyes

and believe you're holding a real sword.

(Boy) Whoa!

(Lost boys murmuring)

What are you waiting for?

Go on.

(Boy) - Whoo!
(Boy) - Yeah!

(Lost boys cheering)

Go on! Go for it! Keep going!

- Come on!
(Lost boys) - Yeah!

Come on, Henry!

- Uhh!
- Yeah!


I... I'm sorry. It was an accident.


don't you know the best thing
about being a lost boy?

You never apologize.

Come on!

(Lost boys cheering)

Once Upon a Time 3x05 - Good Form
Original air date October 27, 2013

(Flame whooshes, lighter clicks)

You need a hand, luv?

It that a joke?

Hmm. No.

I'm being quite serious.


What is it?

It appears Neal marked his days
trapped on this island.

What's wrong?

Look here.

Neal stopped counting.

'Cause he got off the island.

He was here longer.

Then why would he...

Because he lost hope.

You got that from scribbles?

I got that because it's what I did

every time I went to a new foster home.

I counted days until
counting seemed pointless.

You think the same thing's
happening to Henry.

Pan said that it would.

Hey. We're gonna rescue him.

Yeah, I know that and you know that,

but Henry doesn't know that.

Pan wants him to lose faith.

So what, you want to send him a message?

Because I haven't seen
a Neverland post office.

What are you suggesting?

We take a page from Pan
and we start being clever.

We need to send a simple sign,
a sign that we're coming.

Yeah, with lost boys running
around, trying to kill us all?

Yeah, maybe it's time we used
that to our advantage.


Follow me. I'll show you.


What? We're wasting time.

I, uh...

I just wanted to let you know

that I do know what it feels like,

to lose hope.

I know what this is.

This... you...

you know, trying to...

bond with me.

So save your breath.

I'm not in the mood.

Let me give you a bit of advice, Hook.

She's never gonna like you.

Is that so?

Well, how could she?

You're nothing but a pirate.

(Sea birds calling)

(Man) Look alive, men!

(Man shouts indistinctly)

(Man) All hands on deck!

(Chickens squawk)

Apologies, leftenant.

It's Leftenant Jones, sailor.


The Captain is in transit

with new orders from the King himself.

Before his arrival,

this ship will be swabbed
from stem to stern,


Rum, sailor?


Does anyone know what happens
to sailors who drink rum?

They get drunk,

and drunkenness leads to bad form.

If there's one thing that won't
be tolerated aboard this ship,

it's bad form.

My ship has never been in finer hands.

Aye, Captain.

We stand ready to receive
the King's orders.

- To your stations!
(Crewmen) - Aye, aye!

(Crewmen speaking indistinctly)

When the King summoned me,

I knew there was only one man
I could trust

to navigate this difficult journey...

my little brother.

Perhaps you mean younger brother.

A gift to commemorate
our latest voyage together.

A sextant.

You always were the sentimental type.

Look closer, brother.

I've never seen markings like this.

To what strange land are we headed?

I'm under orders not to say
until we arrive.

But, brother,

this is the mission of our dreams.

A mission that will bring feasts
to the kingdom

and glory to the Jones brothers.

A hero's journey.

That is indeed good form, brother.

- Master bosun...
(Man) - Aye, sir?

All hands prepare to set sail.

Make speed!

(Regina scoffs)

A trap?

That's your plan?

The lost boys wanna come after
us, we need to go after them.

You really think a lost boy
is gonna betray Pan?

Thanks for the advice. David?

- Yeah?
- We need more vines.

On it.

You're coming with me, pirate.

Why is that?

Because we need more rope.

If the lady insists...


What would you like
to yell at me about now, Dave?

Stay away from my daughter.

Well, she can take care of herself.

She doesn't need your parenting,
which is a good thing.

What does that mean?

It means you're gonna die
in a day or so anyway.

Nothing I can do about that.
But if I do die...


...It'll be in helping my family,

and that's something someone
like you can't understand.

What if I told you there's
a way to save you?

I'd say no, because anything that

takes us off course
of saving Henry is selfish.

But of course you would think
that was the way to go.

- Bugger off.
- What, you think I'm being selfish?

I'm risking my life for all of you,

every moment I'm here
aligned against him.

Please. You're not here
out of any nobility.

You're here for Emma.

And let me tell you something else.

You're never gonna get her.

I'll see to that.

It's a good thing you're gonna die then.

Mate. Mate, stop.

I don't fight invalids.

(Hook grunts)



(Pouring rum)


Have another drink.

No, thank you.
(Coughs) I'm okay now.

(Pants and coughs)

No. No, you're not.

I thought you had days left.

(Breathes heavily)
Let me see.

- No.
- Let me see.



The dreamshade has
almost reached your heart.

It's hours now.
You have to tell your family.

No. Not when I can still
help them save Henry.


Catch your breath, mate,

or what little time
you have will be less.

(Labored breathing)


What's that?

It's a military insignia.


You know him?



He was my captain,

and my brother.

We voyaged this infernal island
a long time ago.

This was on the strap of his satchel.

My brother lost it
during a duel with Pan.

Oh, it must've washed down
with the rains

from the storm that wrecked
the "Jolly Roger."

From where?


Deadman's Peak.

I thought it was gone forever.

What was gone?

No, it's too dangerous.

No, no, no. What's too dangerous?

If you know something
that can help us...

Don't hold back.

If this insignia survived
all these years,

then perhaps my brother's
satchel did as well.

And inside that satchel is a sextant

that can help us decode Neal's star map

that can get us off this island.

I know how I'm gonna spend
my last hours.

We're gonna find that thing.

Well, look, you might reach the top,

but you'll die before you return.

Then come with me

and make sure the sextant
gets back to Emma.

You ready to be a hero?

(Man) Relay the order!

(Man) Aye, sir!

(Man shouting indistinctly)

(Killian) Star charts.

I've never seen
these constellations before.

No one has.

That's right. We're going to
a new land, brother.

(Man) Enemy sighted
off the port quarter!

(Man shouting indistinctly)

(Killian) A frigate
and two corvettes gaining fast!

Master gunner,
roll out the port cannons!

Stand by to bring her about!

(Men shouting indistinctly)

Belay that order!

(Cannon fires)

That was close!

We'll never outrun them.

Have faith, leftenant.

- Deploy the Pegasus!
(Man) - Deploy the Pegasus!


(Men shouting indistinctly)

(Crewmen) Heave! Ho!

Heave! Ho!

Heave! Ho!

(Men shouting indistinctly)

What is that?

(Man) Let's go!

That is a sail woven from
the last remaining feathers

of the great creature Pegasus.

Legend has it that horse could fly.


So can we. Hang on!


(Ship creaking)


(Crewmen cheering)

(Cannon fires)


(Cannon fires)

(Cheering and laughing)

(Cannon fires)

(Cannon fires)

(Crewmen speaking indistinctly
and laughing)

Set a course, leftenant.

Second star to the right,
straight on till morning.

(Wind gusting)

A sextant?

You're telling us about this now?

How do we know you're not lying?

Oh, you don't, but I'm not.

It's the best hope yet
we've had of an exit plan.

And don't forget, we're gonna need one.

Then what are we waiting for?


You were right.

We need to get that message to Henry.

And every day without hope

is a day closer to becoming a lost boy.

Your father and I should go.

Hook's right.

Uh, you wanna split up?

It's the last thing I wanna do. But...

there's a chance he can get us home.

(Sighs deeply)

And, Emma, while I'm gone, just...

Listen to my mother?


Be careful.

Always am.

And when you send that message to Henry,

add something to it, would ya?


Tell him...

tell him grandpa loves him.

(Muffled grunt)

Oh. Um, okay.

Good luck.


You, too.

Is everything all right?

Yeah. I just... I've gotta go.

Mmm. I'll see you soon.

Well, you know, Neverland's
a dangerous place, and...

You know, you... you just never
know what's gonna happen.

- So...
- David.

You're gonna be fine.



I love you.


(Boy grunting)


What are you doing?!

Are you trying to start a war with Pan?

Pan started the war
when he kidnapped my son.

But that doesn't make you our enemy.


- What's that?
- Chocolate.

I thought you might like
the taste of something sweet.

We don't wanna hurt you.

We just need you to deliver
a message to Henry.

Why should I help you?

Because you had a home and a family once

and you stopped believing
you could get back to them.

Now we're here. We can help...
not just Henry, all of you.

We can get you home.


(Foliage rustles)

Don't you get it? I'm here
because I don't want to go home.

None of us do.

Pan's a monster.

Look what he did to you.


Oh, Pan didn't do that.

Henry did.

How are you holding up, mate?

Don't worry about me.

Just worry about getting us
to the sextant.

I meant the good-byes.

Looked a bit stormy back there.

I did what had to be done,
and I did it out of love.

Emma and Mary Margaret
will understand that.

You gonna tell them that
from beyond the grave?

No. You are.

You gonna tell them that I died a hero,

fighting for their way home.

What you're not gonna tell them

is that I left already a dead man.

The truth, you mean.

Their last memories of me
won't be of a liar.

Why should I help you?


Well, because if you didn't
steal that bean,

they wouldn't have had a chance
to take Henry,

we wouldn't be on this island,

and I wouldn't be dying of dreamshade.

Fair point.

At least you got to say good-bye.

Most people don't get that much.

You lost someone, didn't you?

This is where we ascend.

I'll climb ahead
and throw down the rope.

(Breathing heavily)

He was your brother, right?

I had a brother, too, you know.

A twin. Mm.


He died before I ever met him.

There were two of you?

I can barely stomach one.


Ah, you would've liked him.
He was a thief and a liar.

Yeah, you would've liked my brother.

He could be a stubborn ass.

Now wait here.

What exactly does the King have
to find on this island?

A plant.

We journeyed across the realms
for a plant?

Our sources say it's magical.

Potent enough to heal any injury.

So we never have to bury
another sailor at sea again?

Now you understand
the importance of our mission.

Are you two lost?

(Blades zing)

You look lost to me.

Identify yourself, boy.

I'm Peter Pan.

I live here. Who are you?

Captain Jones.

And my leftenant.

We're here by order of the King.

The King, huh?

We don't have any kings
in Neverland. Just me.

That's funny.

We seek this plant.

Now tell us, boy, where can we find it?

Your king sent you for this plant?

You know it?


It's the deadliest plant on the island.

Your king is really ruthless.

Nonsense. It's medicine.

It's doom.

Why fight a messy battle

when you can kill an entire army
with the sap of one plant?

(Lowered voice)
Is it possible

he would turn poison upon our enemies?

Don't be so gullible.

This boy is playing games with us,

and I'm quickly tiring of them.

Come. We should keep moving.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

(Vines snap)

Don't pull him up yet.

I wanna talk.


What do you want?

To offer you a deal.

Come back and work for me,

like the old days.

I don't miss the old days.

What if I were to offer you
something very hard to come by?


Passage off the island.

Still not interested.

What if I were to sweeten the deal?

You can take someone with you...


Emma would never leave her son.

She did once before,

and you can be there
to pick up the pieces.

We've known each other
a very long time, Killian.

We've done business before.

And I think this is the perfect time

to restart that relationship.

What if I'm not interested?

Of course you are.

Because that's what
I've always liked about you.

You're good at surviving.

What do you want me to do?

Be in my employ.

Do my dirty work.

What dirty work?

When the time comes, I'll let you know.

But first, I need a signal
that you've taken my deal.

So my word right now
wouldn't be good enough?

You know me.


I like action.

I'll know you've taken
my deal when I see

the Prince's dead body up on that peak.

Oh, you'll see that anyway.

He's on his last legs,
thanks to dreamshade.

I wanna see you kill him
before the poison.

I want to see your hook inside his body.

And what if I don't take your offer?

(Lowered voice)
Remember the last time

you didn't listen to me?

Have a drink.

You know it always helps you think.


(David groans)


Bloody hell. I told you to wait.


Were you talking to someone?

Just talking to myself.

It's... old habit from
many nights on the lonely seas.

Well, I'm glad to see you're
enjoying the refreshments

while you do it.

Apologies, mate.

It isn't much farther now.

Well, it certainly doesn't
look like medicine.

You choose to believe that boy
over our king?

That boy... showed us the path
to dreamshade.

Why would he lie about its nature?

To keep it all for himself.

You actually think our king
would send us to retrieve

something so dangerous?

I would hope not. This is not
what I signed up for.

You signed up to listen to your king.

Because I thought he was
a... a man of honor.

He is.

If this is a poison,

it won't just end war. It will
obliterate an entire race.

What do you know of any of this?

I'm your brother and your captain.

You will listen to me.


I'll fight my enemies,
but I'll fight fair.

(Scoffs) Then allow me to
disabuse you of that notion.

(Blade zings)

No, brother, don't!


You see?

Perfectly fine.

I told you,

our King would never lie to us.

Now let's collect our specimens
and get off this...

(Inhales sharply)




Your arm!

(Grunting and groaning)

(Breathing heavily)

(Strained voice)
I'm sorry, brother.

(Exhales sharply)




It's too late!

Henry is a lost boy now!

Your boy is one of
the most vicious new recruits

we've have had in ages!


(Lowered voice)
Don't let him get to you. Okay?

- Move aside.
- Why?

So I can rip his heart out.

Then he'll do exactly what we want.

- Mm.
- This is not how we do things.

Emma, we can find another way
to get to Henry.


And what do you think, Emma?

I think we need to talk to our son.

We can't do this. That is brutal.

- I know, but she can.
- Emma!

- Do it, Regina.
- Emma!

(Breathing heavily)

I'm sorry.

Aah! Uhh!

(Boy groans)

Mary Margaret, I'm sorry.

You don't have to apologize to me.

It's Henry I'm worried about.

I know.

That's why I'm willing to let
Regina do whatever it takes.

When we finally get to him,

I just wanna make sure
the line is still there.

What line?

Between what Regina is willing to do

and what you are.

I'm willing to do whatever
it takes to get him home.

But the cost can't be this family.

It won't be.

Second thoughts?

Let's get him that message.

Oh, we're gonna do more than that.

We're gonna see him.

(Various animals making noises)

Since you're already dying from the stuff,

you won't mind if
I stand back while you...


(Blade zings)

(Labored breathing)

I know about your deal with Pan.

You heard that then?

Yeah. I heard that.

Then you know I didn't agree.

Yeah, you also didn't disagree.

Don't you see?

This is what he wanted, to turn
us against each other. (Grunts)

Well, it worked.

You're making the poison spread
quicker, mate.

I don't care.

I just have to last long enough

to get the sextant back to my family.

Now take me to it!

My brother didn't lose
his satchel up here.

I made that up.

(Exhales sharply)

What about the insignia?

I dropped it on the path
so you'd find it.

(Inhales deeply)


Because I knew you'd never
make the journey here

if I told you the truth.

The truth?

The truth... you brought me here to die?

I brought you here to save your life!

You're a liar!


Come on. Liam!

(Voice breaking)
Hey. Hey.

Let's get you back to the ship. Come on.

(Exhales deeply)
Come on.

I tried to warn you.

He'll die as soon as the poison
reaches his heart.


He's my brother.
He's all all I have left.

Well, maybe you shouldn't have
goaded him into it.

He's so stubborn. I didn't mean to.

Can you help me?

(Sighs deeply)
Well, I might not feel like it,

but today's your lucky day.

There is a way to stop him from dying.

Tell me.


This spring...

these waters are rich
with the power of Neverland.

It's what keeps this land
and all on it so... young.

If one was to drink directly from it,

its power could cure any ill.

Thank you.


I must warn you.

All magic comes with a price,

and that spring is no exception.

Don't leave the island unless
you're willing to pay it.

Of course. Whatever you want,
it's yours.




That's Captain to you.


What happened?

It doesn't matter.


Now let's pay the boy.


Boy, what do you want?


I don't want to fight again, okay?

I didn't come to fight.

I came to deliver a message.

Your family is here.


They're on the island...

- trying to find you.
(Boy) - Trying to find you.

Y... y... you're making this up,

because I cut your cheek.
You're trying to get back at me.

- I'm not making it up.
- I'm not making it up.


Henry, are you okay?

Henry, can you hear me?


I'm here, too, Henry!


- This is a trick.
- No. No, it's not a trick.

Henry, I promise you this is real.

Kid, it's operation

Cobra Rescue. It's us.

Y... you're here?

Yes. We're coming to get you.

There's someone coming.

It's Pan.

I... I gotta go.

- Henry...
- I gotta go.

We love you.


How are you feeling?


(Exhales deeply)


I should've listened to you.


I'm just glad you survived.

What now, brother?

We reveal our King's cowardice.

Well, let's hope the realm sides with us.

Oh, they will.

(Sighs deeply)

To fight battles using unholy weapons

is, as you say, bad form.


I will follow you

till the ends of the earth, brother.

(Man) All hands brace for landing!

(Ship creaking, waves crashing)

(Man) Land ho!


What do you say, Liam?

You want some company when
you report to the admiralty?




N... no!


Liam. Liam!

No, no, no, no! No, no, no!

Help! Help!


(Voice breaks)


(Sighs deeply)
Bloody hell.

(Exhales deeply)




(Sighs deeply)

Mate, wake up.
(Slaps lightly)

Hey, get off me!

Hey, whoa, whoa!

(Coughing) Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
Whoa, whoa.

(Breathing heavily)

In this canteen is the water
that will stop the dreamshade,

that will save your life.

That's why you brought me up here.


You knew I wouldn't come on my own,

that I wouldn't leave my family.

That you were stubborn? Yes,
I gathered that rather quickly.


(Inhales deeply)
Well, give it to me.

There's something
you need to know first.

Because its power comes from the island,

once you drink this water,

you can never leave Neverland.

It's a small price to pay
for what I get in return...

the chance to save my grandson...


and to help my family get home.

(Continues panting)

Ahh. Huh.



One question...

why risk your life for me

when there wasn't anything
for you in return?

I didn't do it for you, mate.

(Mary Margaret) You think he's okay?

He's fine.

You know this how?

Because he's our son
and he's a survivor,

and now he has something to survive for.

He knows we're coming and we're
not gonna let him down.

I'm sorry I doubted you.

I'm just...

I know how easy it is
to give in to the darkness.

I didn't want you to...

She didn't. I did.

That's what I'm here for.

One happy family.

(Foliage rustling)


You can stand down. It's us.


Oh! Mmm!


Uh, where's the sextant?

I'm afraid Pan got to it first.

(Sighs deeply)

I'm not complaining, but what was that...

Okay, I'm complaining.

What I wouldn't give
for another sleeping curse.


he saved my life.

You sure you wanna tell them that, mate?

On our trek, we were ambushed
by lost boys.

Pinned down, outnumbered.

But Hook, he risked his life

to stop me from getting hit
by a poisoned arrow.

But if it wasn't for Hook,
I wouldn't be alive.

Your flask, please.

I thought he deserved a little credit.

Thank you.

Mm. Mm.

To Hook.

I don't do rum.

To Hook.

(David whispers indistinctly)


(Caps flask)

You really save his life?

That surprise you?

Well, you and David aren't exactly...

(Inhales deeply)
How do you say it?

(Imitates British accent)

Doesn't mean I'd leave your
father to perish on this island.

Thank you.


Well, perhaps gratitude is in order now.

Yeah. That's what
the "thank you" was for.

Mm. That all your father's life
is worth to you?


You couldn't handle it.

(Whispers) Perhaps you're
the one who couldn't handle it.

That was, um...

A onetime thing.

Don't follow me.

Wait five minutes. Go get
some firewood or something.

(Breathing deeply)

As you wish.

(Sighs deeply)

(Exhales deeply)

This belongs to you now...


You'll never leave my side, brother.

We are sworn

to serve the King and the realm.

They sent us to retrieve
an unthinkable poison,

one that killed our dear Captain.

Never again

shall anyone set sail
to that cursed land.

(Flames whoosh)

And never again

shall we take such orders...

- Yes!
- Here, here!

Serving the King, fighting his wars!

(Crewmen) No!

That is the way of dishonor!

And all you who disagree, flee now

or walk the bloody plank!

For those who stay

will be free men,

and I will be your Captain.

(Crewmen) Aye!

We'll sail under the crimson flag

and we'll give our enemies no quarter.

We'll take what we please!

(Man) Yes!

And we'll live by our own rules...

(Crewmen cheer)
For that is the best form of all!

(Crewmen) Yeah!

Our kingdom is corrupt and immoral.

They took my brother from me,

and now I'm gonna take
everything they've got...

(Man) - Yes!
- Starting with this ship!

(Crewmen cheer)

Bring the paint from below!

(Man) Sir?

It's time we rename this vessel.

We no longer sail
as the "Jewel of the Realm."

We now sail as the "Jolly Roger."

- Yes!
- Yeah!

And when they come for us,

I want them to know
exactly what we are...


(Crewmen cheer)

For at least among thieves,
there is honor!

Long live Captain Jones!
(Crewmen cheer)

Captain Jones! Captain Jones!

Captain Jones! Captain Jones!
Captain Jones! Captain Jones!

Captain Jones! Captain Jones!
Captain Jones!

(Clears throat)

You really should've taken my deal.

It doesn't look like I need your
help with Emma after all, mate.

What, you think that kiss
actually meant something?

I do.

I think it means
she's finally starting to see me

for the man I am.


A one-handed pirate
with a drinking problem?

I'm no grown-up,

but I'm pretty sure
that's less than appealing.

A man of honor.

(Flask clinks)

So tell me...

What would a man of honor like yourself

do with a big, fat secret?


Well, that depends what the secret is.



Whatever name he goes by these days.

The guy Emma loves. Henry's father.

What of him?

- He's dead.
- No.

I'm afraid not.

He's alive.

And that's not even the best part.

He's in Neverland.

- Is he?
- Oh yes.

Can you believe it?

I'm sure Emma would love to know

that Henry's father is still alive.

But I'd hate for that to get
in the way of budding romance.

So I'll leave it up to you...

to tell her or not.

Let's see what kind of man
you really are.

How's our guest?

(Felix) We drugged him.
He'll be asleep for a while.

Where do you want him?

Hang him up,

over there.

Next to the other one.