Once Upon a Time (2011–2018): Season 3, Episode 21 - Snow Drifts - full transcript

In this the first part of a double episode, everyone in Storybrooke joins Mary Margaret and David as they prepare to celebrate the birth of Emma's brother but the time traveling portal that Zelena created before her demise comes to life, and takes Emma and Hook back to the Enchanted Forest before the events of the original curse.

Previously on
"Once Upon a Time"...

[Zelena] I'm powerless.
Regina's got my pendant.

[Emma] Want to meet
your new uncle?

I saw Regina take your dagger.

- She gave it to Belle.
- If she has the dagger,

you'll have to do what she wishes.

But she doesn't.
Belle has a fake.

[Zelena gasps]

Has your power returned
now that Zelena's been defeated?

No. I won't need it
in New York.

Once Upon A Time: "Snow Drifts"
Season 3 Episode 21

Original air date May 11, 2014

[birds chirping]

[woman] All right, everyone,
back inside. Come on.

Back inside.
It's almost dinnertime.

[engine turns over]

Don't worry.
You'll find a home, too, Emma.

[David] He's a
handsome boy.

[Mary chuckling ] Stop.
You're going to spoil him.

Emma, you okay?


Yeah, of course.

You guys gonna finally tell me
the name of my little brother?

Or should I just keep calling
him "hey, there"?

Oh... [scoffs]
Well, the thing is...

there's sort of this... tradition.

Back in the Enchanted Forest,
when any royal is born,

you usually announce the name
at a coronation ceremony.

We would have done it with you
if we could have.

You're not gonna hold him out
in front of the clock tower

and present him
like Lion King, are you?

Of course not.

In fact, we've decided to forego
all pomp and circumstance

for a nice... potluck at Granny's.

The important thing
is to mark the occasion,

remind ourselves that after
all that we've been through,

we're still together... as a family.

[door closes]

Hey. Check it out.

I think I found us a place.

You're looking for apartments?

What do you think?

Yeah, Emma,
what do you think?

I think your grandparents can't
decide what to name your Uncle,

and they are using
a fairy-tale tradition

- to try to buy themselves some time.
- [Henry chuckles]

[birds chirping]

[fire crackling]

[Hood] To the return
of your heart.

[glasses clink]

So... [glasses thud]
how does it feel?

Stronger than ever.


What is it?

[voice breaking] I just never
thought I'd have this.


After I... lost my wife,

I felt like that
for a long time.

Her death was my fault.

I'm sorry.

I would have walked
through hell

to be with my Marian again.

But when I finally admitted
to myself that she was gone

and that she was
never coming back...

I had to let that guilt go.

My first love, Daniel,
was killed because of me.

Because he loved me.

And that's why you never wanted
to open yourself up again.

Tinker Bell told me
it was possible...

I could love again.

And she led me to
this tavern to a man

who she said
I was destined to be with.

I never saw his face.


I did see his tattoo.

It was me?


I was just too scared
to approach you.


Well, maybe things work out
when they're supposed to.

Maybe it's all about timing.


[bells jingle]

[sighing] Okay.

This... This is too much power
to keep with me.

No, I...
I don't want it, Belle.

- The point was... I trust you.
- I know.

Well, then, is... is there
somewhere I can store it safely?

Like back in our
land a... at your castle?

You had that vault,
the... the one with no doors.

That was for only the most
dangerous and unstable magic,

that which even
I couldn't comprehend.

And this doesn't qualify?


You see, I... I understand this
all too well.

I left that vault
and all its dangers behind.

But this dagger
is not dangerous

because, as I said,
I trust you.

Let's discuss something
a bit more pleasant,

like, uh... our wedding.

[chuckles] Yes.

Oh, I... I told my father
the good news,

and he gave
us his blessing.

The man who kidnapped you
in order to keep us apart?

Well, I've forgiven him,
and he's forgiven you.

He knows you're
a changed man.

I mean, everyone does...

Especially me.

[indistinct conversations]

[glasses clink]

So she's really...

Oh, yeah. That witch is done.

- [Granny scoffs]
- That's a good thing

because if that sleeping beauty
had been a monkey a day longer,

- she would have had a monkey baby.
- [Granny laughs and scoffs]

Wouldn't want to change
those diapers!


[Henry] "And that's when the bandit
leapt on top of the carriage

and stole the prince's jewels

as the prince chased
the thief on horseback

through the treacherous forest."

Really? I can't hear
the kid's name yet.

But I have
to hear this story again?

Well, my son should know
where he comes from.

Are you sure you want
the first thing he knows to be

that his parents fell in love
during an armed robbery?

I wasn't armed.

Except with a rock.

- I still have the scar.
- Which healed.

But that's just how we met.
It's not how we fell in love.

Yeah, that was a
bit more complicated.

See? There were black knights
when I saved your mother's life.


And the attack on the
troll bridge when I saved his.

But it wasn't until I saw
my mother's ring on her finger

that I knew in my heart

there was no other woman
I would ever love.

I wish you had told me then.

We would have saved
so much time.

Well, how could I?
I had to get to my wedding.

Sorry. Have I missed

You were previously
betrothed, mate?

To Kathryn.

Though, she was
Princess Abigail back then.

King Midas' daughter? The man
who can turn anything into gold?

Why would you leave
that opportunity?

- Hey!
- Well, what can I say?

My heart was
destined for another.

- You just had to find her first.
- [David laughs]

She ran away
and was living on a farm.

Oh, it sounded like such
a peaceful life at the time...

leave everyone
and everything behind.

- Hmph. Like mother, like daughter.
- Hook.

What is he talking about?

Uh, should we read more stories?

Actually, I'd like to know what
the pirate is talking about.

It's nothing.

Are you planning
on going back to New York?

Why would
we go back to New York?

You're not. Right,
Ms. Swan?

Actually, it's complicated.

Why would we leave?
This is our home.

Henry, this isn't
the time or place.

I think it is.

No, it's not.

[bells jingle]

I'll talk to her.

- Wait.
- [baby fusses]

Take this.

It might help her remember
where she belongs.

[sighs] It's gonna be
all right.

She's just stubborn like her...

Uh, like all of our family.


- Uh, grandpa?
- Hmm?


[bells jingle]

What is that?

That is a problem.

That light is from
Zelena's time portal.

It's open.

[David sighs] Zelena...
She's gone.

No. She was here
when I left her.

But if she escaped, that would
explain the time portal.


Without her pendant,
she's powerless.

How could she have escaped,

let alone open a time portal
without magic?

Unless you did
something to her.

Well, I'm sorry
to disappoint, but no.

Well, even if I wanted to,
Belle has my dagger.

She would certainly curb
any homicidal tendencies.

It's true.

Well, if she escaped,
let's find out how.


[tape rewinding]


What? What... What was that?
What just happened?

Yeah, we could
use an upgrade.

Ah, stupid Betamax.

Oh. Here we go.

Well, it seems her great escape
was of a more permanent nature.

I won't ask for an apology.

She must have had just enough
residual magic to do herself in.

And when she did,
when she was gone,

the magic in
her pendant had no tether.

It was set free.
Her last wish fulfilled.

So, how do we unfulfill it?

Excellent question.

But until we figure it out,
no one should go near it.

A trip to the past could have
catastrophic repercussions.

[cellphone ringing, vibrating]


You're making a mistake.

I don't want to talk
to you about this.

Don't listen to me.
Listen to your son.

He thought
this might remind you

of what you're leaving behind...
Your family.

Henry is my family, and I am
taking him where he is safe.

No, Swan. The safety-first
nonsense is just that.

You defeated
the bloody Wicked Witch.

You defeated Pan.

You broke the curse.

And you keep running.

What are you looking for?


And that's in New York?
That wasn't real.

The last year was.

They were false memories.

It was based
on magical nonsense.

Now we have our memories back.
Now we can make it real.

Why can't you do that here
with your entire family?

Because of this.

I don't see my family here.

I see... fairy tales.

I see stories of
princes and princesses.

It's not me.

I was never
a part of any of this.

Then what are
you a part of, Swan?

Besides being with Henry,

I don't think I've ever been
a part of anything.

But you could be.

Look, when
I was a kid, I ran away.

It's just what I did.

But the first time I did it,
I had the same exact thought.

I wondered,
"What if I'm making a mistake?"

- "What if I miss this place?"
- Did you?

Not the first time.
Not anytime.

So you just keep running.

I learned something
a long time ago, Hook.

Home is the place when you leave
you just miss it.

So, yeah, I'm gonna keep running
until I feel that.

So you're just gonna leave
your parents, then.

Don't you even
care about them...

Or anyone in this town?

Of course I care.

I just have to do what's right
for me and Henry and...

What the hell is that?

[Hook] I have no idea.

I'm checking this out.

Swan, wait!


[electricity crackling]

Whatever's going on in there,
it can't be good.

It's Zelena's time portal.
David left a message.

she died and triggered it.

[metal creaking]

Wait! We have
to get out of here.

Not until we find
a way to close it!

- You got your magic back?
- No.

Well, then, we're not bloody
well messing with any of this!

Let's go!


[cellphone ringing, vibrating]



[both grunting]

Hold on!


I can't!


[sighs] One of these days, I'm
gonna stop chasing this woman.

[cellphone ringing, vibrating]

[insects chirping]

[electricity crackles]

[both groan]


[Emma] No.

[sighs] It appears we're back
in the Enchanted Forest.

Yeah, I got that.

The only question is... when?


I have a pretty good idea.

Well, I suppose we're lucky
we wound up in this time.

We could have appeared
In the middle of the ogre wars

or smack-dab in
the belly of a whale.

Why are you
reading that now?

'Cause when we were falling
through, I was thinking

about Henry and the story
we were all reading at Granny's.

You think that time portals
work like any other sort?

They take you back
To where you're thinking of?

Not where. When.

Excellent deduction.

Alas, it appears
They share another quality.

They don't stay open
for the return trip.

Well... [sighs]
we're trapped in the past.

I should have left Storybrooke
the instant we defeated Zelena.

This is exactly
the kind of thing

- that does not happen in New York.
- On the bright side,

- I'm sure real estate's much
more reasonable here. - Don't.

I understand your frustration,

but we've been
in dire straits before.

There's no need to be antsy.
We have our wits.

We just have to focus
on being constructive.

So... any ideas how
to get back?

How would I know
how to get back to the future?

Who do I look like...
Marty McFly?

Marty McWho?

The kid with the lightning
and the DeLorean

and they went back
In time and, and then he...

Is he some sort of wizard?

No. Marty McFly
is not a wizard. He's...

Maybe a wizard
is exactly what we need.


- [man] Hyah! Hyah!
- We could find Rumplestiltskin.

Black knights.

[indistinct shouting]

[horse neighs]
Get in line!

Get in line!

Listen to me
very carefully.

squalor and despair

your pathetic little lives
have been able to tolerate

until this point

is nothing compared
to the pain and misery

I can inflict if
I leave here unhappy.

That's Regina.

Not Regina, love.
The Evil Queen.

You will help me.

She's even worse
without the sensible pantsuits.

- Uh-huh.
- Please, Your Majesty.

We are a peaceful village.

What do you want from us?

That's Marco.


If I find out

anyone in this village has
helped the bandit Snow White,

they will suffer dearly.

Here's what helping
Snow White looks like.

[all gasp]

Help me!

She's gonna kill me!

Who wants to be next?

- [woman] Please!
- [Regina laughs]

Wait, wait, wait. What are you doing?
And what about you?

I'm helping that woman.
She's just an innocent...

No, Swan.

- [woman] Let me go!
- When Belle figured out

that Zelena wanted
to change the past,

she warned us
it was dangerous.

Messing with events could do
untold damage to all of us.

I'm just supposed
to let her rot or die?

Whatever her fate,
we can't interfere,

not if we want a chance at getting
back to the world we know.

We need to find Rumple.

The sooner we get out of here,
the better.

Aye. Agreed. But... [sighs]

There's one thing
we need to do first.

Come on, Swan.
Let's get a look.


Oh, well, that's much better.

- Is this really necessary?
- What would you have done

if Regina had
spotted you back there?

My guess... Run.

And even if we had,
she'd seen you.

She might remember you when
you first arrive in Storybrooke.

She's gonna remember a glimpse
of a face 30 years from now?

The point is to minimize you
making a lasting impression,

and, sadly,
red-leather jackets

don't come
into vogue here... ever.

[sighs] Fine.

Well, the only
lasting impression

I'm concerned
about right now

is what this corset
is making on my spleen.

Your discomfort is a cross
I'm willing to bear.

And nothing compared
to what might happen

if we affect the timeline,

which means
proceeding with all caution.

You're not
from a world of magic.

I am.

Even the smallest of changes

could have
catastrophic consequences.

Things must happen
as they always did.

What do you think
of the view, my dear?

I've seen better.

This is taking forever.

I told you the troll road
would have been quicker.


And far less bumpy.

Are you even listening to me?

Yes, of course I am.

[horse neighs]

[man] Hyah!

Could be the Queen again.

[men] Whoa! Oh! Whoa!

Now what?

My lord.


[Charming] Worry not!
It's but a fallen tree!

Is that...

your father.

We should go.

[branch cracks]
[Snow gasps]



Look at these markings.

This tree didn't fall.
It's been cut.

It's an ambush.

[man] We need to get
this log moved... now!

[indistinct conversation]

[horse neighs]

[gasps] Oh.


You almost
gave me a heart attack.

The tree was cut.
It was planned.

Someone wanted to rob us.

Who would dare
attack a royal carriage?

I have no idea.

But now you can relax.

We scared off the bandit.

We'll never have
to see them again.

[man] Hyah!

You know that thing about small
changes having consequences?


What about big changes?

Why? What did we do?

That bandit was Snow White.

This was the moment
my parents first met.

And because of us,
now they didn't.

[horse neighs]

[man] Whoa.

There it is...
our new home.

It's... so gold.

After a time,
you'll stop noticing.

[indistinct conversations]

I need to get far away from here
as soon as possible.

And I need my destination... secret.
[coins jingle]

Then you're talking
to the right captain.

However, turning a blind eye
will cost double.

Look ahead, Swan.

The dark one's castle.

A little more imposing
than the pawnshop.

So, what do we do now?

Knock on the door
and introduce ourselves?

"Hey, we're from the future."

Might be best if I stay back.

The Dark One and I have
a rather complicated past.

I'd wager he'd want
to kill me on sight.

- Oh, I'll take that bet.
- [Emma gasps]


I can't tell you how long I've
been looking forward to this!

Oops. I suppose I just did.


- [straining] Swan.
- Stop!


[Rumple] I don't know
who you are, dearie,

but why don't you run off

and let me enjoy
my killing in peace?

He's not gonna hurt you.
You have to listen to me.

And why would I listen to you?

Because if you don't,
You'll never see your son again.



What do you know of my son?

His name is Baelfire.

You're planning to enact a curse
in hopes of reuniting with him.

Who told you that?

- What are you... some kind of witch?
- No, I'm not a witch.

I'm the one who breaks the curse
so that you can find him.

I'm the product of true love.

But that's speculation.

Part of my plans.

But I haven't done it.

You will, and you will succeed.

If that's true,
then that means...

We're from the future, mate.

But time travel
hasn't been done, mate.

Yeah, well, someone's
cracked that code.

We need your help.



You need my help?

Then answer me
one question.

Do I find my son?

Answer me!

Y... Yes.


I find Bae.



Don't tell me.

If I succeeded,

I don't want anything in my head
that might throw it off.

It might already
kind of be thrown off.

You've changed things.

What have you done?

We interrupted
my parents meeting.

Thank you, Mister G...

for believing us.

I know that time travel
is hard to swallow.

Not as hard as the other mystery
you've presented me.

Why haven't I killed him?

If it makes you feel any better,
it wasn't for lack of effort.

Let's just say
we bury the hatchet.

[laughing] Yes.
But why not in your skull?

Oh. Rumplestiltskin,
you're... you're back.

- Do you, uh... Do you need anything?
- Belle.

So, do...
do we know each other?

Oh. Sorry. No.

Um, Mister... Rumple...

The Dark One, um,
told me about you.

- Did he?
- No.

Go away a... and read a book or
whatever it is you like to do.

Come back and clean later.

Y... You could ask nicely.

I could also
turn you into a toad.

It's a miracle you two
fall for each other.

[laughs] What?

I mean, first, you tell me
I let the pirate live.

Now you're telling me
I fall for the help.

Yeah, she has a strange
sense of humor,

but let's get back to her parents.

Yes. Who are they?

Snow White and Prince Charming.

Prince Charming.

His real name
is Prince James.

King George's son, whose wedding
I've just arranged?

See, that's what
I'm trying to tell you.

That marriage isn't supposed
to happen

because the ring he was going
to give her gets stolen by Snow.

It's quite a tale you're spinning.

Here, let me show you.
It's in the book.

[clears throat]

Wait. What?

It's all gone.

Anything that was supposed to
happen after they've met

has disappeared.

The ripple effect.

Once you change
something in the past,

anything from that point forward
becomes uncertain.

The future, as you can see...

is a blank page.

We need to get Snow
to steal that ring

so we can put
their story back on track.

You're in luck.

There's a ball tonight
at King Midas' castle.

Prince James will be there...
and so will his ring.

So we just need
to get Snow there.

How? We don't even
know where she is.

[clears throat] Allow me.


[exhales sharply]

There she is.

She's with Black Beard.

She's trying to secure passage
on his ship.

And, it appears, failing.

She can't escape the Queen

without the money she's
supposed to get for the ring.

Can you help us?

Help you?

I can work on getting your
portal to the future open again,

but getting
your parents together?

You made that mess, dearie.

Only you know what you did.
Now go undo it.

If she's looking
for passage out of town,

I might know a ship's captain
who can help us.



[all] Oh!

There I am.
Rather dashing, don't you think?

Is this even a good idea?

What about
preserving the future?

It'll be fine.

Given what I'm drinking,
if I remember anything,

I'll simply blame the rum.

Just make sure that I...

He remains occupied,
doesn't return to my ship.

I'll take care of the rest.

[sighs] Okay.

What are you doing?

Making sure he stays occupied.

Shouldn't be difficult. You
and I both know I'm his type.

Swan, that man sitting
there... You don't know him.

Just be careful.

If I didn't know any better,
I'd say you're jealous.

[coins jingle]

What are you boys playing?

Captain. I wasn't expecting you
back from the tavern so early.

I'll get the bugger, sir.

N... Let it be.

You'll understand
someday, Smee.

I... Is that a new vest?

Of course not.

Are you feeling all right, sir?

You seem... different.

Maybe that's because I'm used to
my first mate asking me

what his captain needs
when he's on deck.

Of course. Sorry.

Is there anything
I can do for you, sir?

I need to speak to that woman.

Bring her on board.
Do it quietly.

[glasses clink]

I have a confession to make.

Most women do.

I want to know...
how you got the hook.

You hear so many stories.

Mm. So,
you know who I am,

and here, you haven't
even told me your name.

What fun would that be?

Just two ships passing
in the night, then?

Passing closely, I hope.

Speaking of ships, what do
you say we leave this place,

and I'll... show you mine?


How about we have
a few drinks first?

[wood creaking]

Who are you?

It doesn't matter.

I'm a captain,
and I can help you.

So, what do you want?

It's not what I want.
It's what I can offer.

I hear that you seek passage
out of the Enchanted Forest.

That's true, but
I haven't enough money.

I don't give a damn about money.
It's treasure I want.

I think you can get it for me...

Snow White.

You are a thief, aren't you?

If I didn't know any better,

I'd say you were trying
to get me drunk,

which is usually my tactic.

What's wrong, captain?
Can't hold your rum?

No, not only can I hold it,

but I can carry it
right out the door.

What do you say we set sail?

Come back
with me for a nightcap.

Or shall I find someone else?

So, if I procure
this item for you,

you'll grant me safe passage
on your ship?

To any realm you wish.

Then tell me
what I have to steal.

A wedding ring.

Ohh! [chuckles]

I think I should
rest for a moment.

Oh, no need, no.
No need.

I've carried rum barrels
heavier than you.

[both laugh]

I feel much better.

Behold! The Rolly Joger!

H... How did you...

I... I thought
you were still below deck.

And why
does your vest keep changing?

I... seem to remember
a nightcap was promised.

Find one, and I'll be waiting.


Captain, something's
not right here.

You're right.
You're still here.

I think you know
what "nightcap" means.

It means that
we want our privacy.

Of course.

Oh, yes.

What are you doing here?

I could ask the same of you.

I thought I told you to
keep him occupied. I am.

- By taking him back to my ship?
- His ship.

- You know what I mean.
- I stalled as long as I could.

I thought you'd be gone by now.

I'll try to keep him above deck so you
can get out of here. [door opens]

- Hey.
- Where may you be going?

I do hope you're
Not having second thoughts.

No. I just got tired of waiting.


My apologies.

A woman as beautiful as you

deserves my full
and prompt attention.

Are you kidding me?!

- How is that not gonna have consequences?
- He was asking for it.

And, like I said, he'll blame the rum.

Now let's get out of here.

A predictable excess
of pomp and grandeur.

Snow should have no trouble
sneaking inside.

What about us?

We're supposed to just sit here
and hope that she pulls it off?

I don't like leaving things to chance.

You know, I feel
exactly the same way,

which is why I never do.

An invitation to the ball.

So you'll be inside
to watch out for her.

No, no.

I'll be far too busy sorting out
how to get you home.

Well, who's the invitation for?

Well, isn't it obvious?

The two of you.

So, when we're done inside,
you can open our portal?

There's a powerful wand, which,
uh... I came to possess.

Anyway, legend says
It can recreate any magic

that's ever been wielded.

Now, with a little work,
I can use it

to re-create whatever
portal brought you here.

Please do it quickly. We'll be
in and out before you know it.

I want to get the hell out of here.

Oh, confidence. I like it.


Not like that.



The Savior
can't come this far

and not play
princess for a day.

But I'm not supposed
to stick out.

What if someone remembers me
in the future?

Because what you had before
was such an intricate disguise.

Now, speaking of which,
I've returned those stolen rags

luckily, before they were missed.

I mean, it's a miracle the
timeline hasn't imploded already.


Allow me.

A glamour spell.

This is how you shall appear
to one and all.

Now run along and...
and do everything you can

to make sure
Snow White gets that ring.

Once they are back on track,
everything else will be, too.

[indistinct conversations]

Just when I thought the clothes
here couldn't get any worse.

You might
not be able to move, Swan,

but you cut quite the figure
in that dress.

Greetings. I am king midas,
father of the bride.

Who do I have the honor
to welcome into my home?

I am...

I'm Prince, uh... [sighs]

Charles. Prince Charles.

And I'm Princess...


An honor
to have you both.

Announce Prince Charles
and Princess Leia.

Mary Margaret and David
are always going on about

this ball and that ball.

What's the big deal
about these things?

[indistinct conversations]

You were saying?

What am I supposed to do?

Blend in.


Are you saying you know how
to do whatever this is?

It's called a waltz.

There's only one rule...

Pick a partner who knows
what he's doing.

[metal clangs]

Watch the mocking.

I'm actually getting
the hang of this.

I'm not mocking you, Swan.

I'm just thinking about
what you said in Storybrooke,

about not being a princess.

Really? You get my first dance
at my first royal ball

and all you can say is,
"I told you so"?

I believe what I'm
Trying to say, your highness...

Is that you appear to be a natural.

There's Charming.

Would you care to dance?

My feet are killing me.

If only I'd thought to wear
my comfortable shoes.

Would you like me to fetch them
for you, my dear?

My hero.



Where is that ring?

What a pleasure, my Queen.

I thank you for honoring
my daughter with your presence.

And thank you
for your generous hospitality.

I hope you don't mind
I brought some friends.

Regina's here.

Damn it. That definitely
was not in the plan.

Breathe, Swan.
She's a guest.

The king's head would vanish
to another realm

if he didn't invite her.

Yeah, good point.

Where's Charming?

[gasps] My ticket to freedom.

Who are you?!

Stop! Thief!

[both grunt]

You're a girl.


[both grunt]


what is taking you so...


You're Snow White.

Snow White!

Snow White!

[crowd murmuring]

My lord, Snow White
was spotted in the castle.

The bandit Snow White here?

Get her!


She did it.
She must have stolen the ring.


[clicks tongue] Hyah! Hyah!

You can't hide from me!

Wherever you are,
I will find you!

Mission accomplished.
Now all we have to do...

You'll find her sooner
than you think, my lord.

[bow creaks]


[exhales sharply] The ring.

- We've got to get it to Snow.
- Go. I've got this.

There she is!
She helped the bandit escape.

Going somewhere?


That's a bit informal,
wouldn't you say?

Show some respect.

It's "Your Majesty."


- Unh-unh.
- You're not going anywhere.

Snow White may have left
the party early,

but... I suspect your night
has just begun.


Take her away.

Come on.

[crowd murmuring]