Once Upon a Time (2011–2018): Season 3, Episode 2 - Lost Girl - full transcript

In Neverland, Peter Pan gives Emma a map that will reveal Henry's whereabouts as soon as she accepts her true identity, while Gold receives some unexpected advice. Back in fairy tale land, the Evil Queen presents Snow with an offer, which Charming does not want her to take.

Previously on
"Once Upon a Time"...

Things we haven't
thought about in years

still have the ability
to make us cry.

If you're here for the boy,
you will not survive.

The question is how many of you
I take with me.



You know what to do.

Hide it where
no one can find it,

not even me.

Once Upon A Time: "Lost Girl"
Season 3 Episode 2

Original airdate October 6, 2013

The ridge is just
a few hundred paces up ahead.

You really think we're gonna
be able to see Pan's hideout?

From there, we should be able
to see everything,

including where
he's keeping your son.

You know, I could have just
poofed us up here in an instant.

Have you any idea what's up here
or anywhere?

There are dangers all about.

Only I can guide us past them.

He's right.
Hook's lived here before.

If he says hiking up
is the best way,

then we listen.

Here. You need
to stay hydrated.

Thanks, Mary Margaret.

You know, "Mary Margaret"
is a bit formal.

You could call me "mom"
if you want.

You've done it before.

That was... back when we...

We were about to die.

Oh, no, I get it.

No. No!

I can handle
a couple of thorns.

That's dreamshade.

It's not the thorns you have to worry about.
It's the poison they inject you with.

This plant is the source

of the toxins I used
on the Dark One.

The poison that almost
killed Gold?

Indeed. I used a concentrated dose.
In its natural form,

death would be much slower
and far more painful.

I suggest we go this way.

We'll go this way.

Your father's
a distrustful fellow.

He's just not used to working
with the bad guys.

I can assure you,

on this island,
I am not the bad guy.

Yeah, well, Pan's not
supposed to be one either.

What possibly gave you
that idea?

Every story I ever heard
as a child.

Well, they got it all wrong.

Pan is the most treacherous
villain I've ever faced.

Tell me something, luv.

In these stories...

What was I like?

Other than a villain.
Handsome, I gather.

If waxed moustaches
and perms are your thing.

I take it by your tone,
perms are bad?

Up here!

We made it.

Pan's lair should be
just... right...


All I see is jungle.

Aye. The Dark Jungle.

It's, uh, grown so much

since I last stepped foot
in Neverland.

So this nature hike
was for nothing.

Hook may have led us astray,

but at least we're in
a good position

- to start combing the jungle.
- Not exactly.

The Dark Jungle's the last place
you wanna set foot.

We'll have to go around it.

In order to do that,
we're gonna need our strength.

I suggest we make camp.

You wanna sleep while my son
is out there suffering?

If we want to live long enough
to save the boy...


You okay?

Regina's right.
Henry's out there somewhere.

And Hook is right.
We have to survive if we're going to get him.

I know.

I just hope we're not
too late.

After everything your father
and I have been through,

there's one thing
we've learned.

It is never too late.



Open it.

Careful! If you drop me,

I'll make sure you have
14 years bad luck!

Your majesty?

I told you never
to disturb me out here.

Trust me. I haven't
disturbed you yet.

Just wait until you see this.

- He wok her?
- Indeed.

True love's kiss apparently
can break any curse.

Will you marry me?

What do you think?

That will be one hell
of a wedding.

There won't be a dry eye
in the entire realm.


Let's take back the kingdom.

We'll see about that.

The Evil Queen murdered
my father,

put me under a sleeping curse,

but I am not the only one
she has made to suffer.


She's terrorized us
for far too long.

- Yeah!
- This kingdom doesn't belong to her.

It belongs to us!


So who is ready
to stand beside me

and fight
for what's rightfully ours?!

Quite the courageous army
you're building.

They may be afraid of you,
but we are not.

Why? Because you
and the shepherd

broke my sleeping curse?


Lucky for you,
I didn't come here to fight.

I came to offer you a deal.

Consider it
an engagement present.

Snow, don't listen
to a single word... uhh!

Are you really gonna marry

- What do you want?
- I want you to give up your claim to the throne.

If you declare me
the rightful ruler of this land,

I will let you, the dwarfs,
and your so-called prince

escape back to the sheep farm
he once called home.


Well, I've tried to kill you.

I've tried to curse you,
and none of it's worked.

But then I realized
I was going about it all wrong.

You need to be alive.

You need to be awake.

So you can spend
all your days knowing

that I have taken everything
that was supposed to be yours.

Now get down on your knees

and swear
on your father's grave

that this kingdom
belongs to me.

And if I don't?

Well, then someone
will pay the price.


- Is she okay?
- Yeah.

Next time, she won't be.

You have until sundown tomorrow
to give up the throne.

And for every day
that you defy me,

I will kill
one of your loyal subjects.

Stop denying who you are...

Snow White.

You may have been a princess,

but you will never be a queen.

Guys, wake up!

You hear that, too?

You're Emma, right?

I wonder why they can't hear
the crying.

Who are you?

Oh, did I forget
to introduce myself?

I'm Peter. Peter Pan.

Where's Henry?

You've got fire.
I like fire.

- Where is my son?
- Henry's still alive, if that's what you're worried about.

Why the hell did you take him?

He's a very special boy, Emma.

I know. That doesn't
answer my question.

What do you want with him?

I came here to see
who I was up against...

"The savior."

Gotta say,
I'm not disappointed.

And now? You're gonna tell me how
I'm never gonna see Henry again?

No. I'm going to help you
find him.

I'll give you a map.

A map that will lead you
straight to your son.

If this is some kind
of trap...

I may not be the most
well-behaved boy on the island,

but I always keep my promises.

The path to finding Henry
is on this parchment.

Why are you giving it to me?

See, it's not about
finding Henry.

It's about how you find him.

And, Emma...

you are the only one who can.

It's blank.

You'll only be able
to read that map

when you stop denying
who you really are.

He so likes his games.

What game?
There's nothing there.

If he said there's a map on
this parchment, then there is.

Great. So if I just stop
denying who I really am,

whatever that means, then we'll
be able to read this thing.

But how do we know
Pan won't use it

to lead us straight
into a trap?

Because he doesn't need to.

This whole island's
his bloody trap.

- There's no sign of him anywhere.
- Any luck with the map?

- Don't hold your breath.
- What's that supposed to mean?

Don't you see what he's doing?

Every second we spend
talking about this

is another second we're not
looking for my son.

You got a better idea?


If there's a lock on there,
I'll find a way around it.

Pan said it had to be me.

I'd listen to Emma, luv.

Breaking Pan's rules
would be unwise.

Sadly, I agree with the pirate.

I'm winning you over.
I can feel it.

And your magic doesn't exactly
have a gentle touch, Regina.

Use it on the map, it might
blow up in all our faces.

Well, that's a risk
I'm willing to take.

Well, I'm not. If I'm the one
who's supposed to

figure out this thing,
I need to do what Pan said.

She'll get there.


Don't give up.

He's playing a game.

You can win.

(Snow) We can't win.
We have to leave the kingdom.

How can you even consider

giving in to that witch?

Do you think she's suddenly
gonna stop menacing this land?

And who will protect
the people then?

Did I protect them today?

I couldn't even help
that poor girl.

And don't kid yourself. She isn't
gonna stop with the peasants.

She's going to come after

the people who are
closest to me.

I will stand by your side
no matter what.

Even if it means our death.

Which it probably will.

You can't let her
get into your head.

She has a point.

I'm no queen.

I'm no leader.

I'm just a girl
who lost her parents,

ran away into the woods,
and became a bandit.

- You're Snow White.
- Yes.

And the truth is,

I don't even know who that is.

But I know what I don't
wanna be, and that's alone.

That's never gonna happen.

You're right.

If we take her offer,
we can all live together...

in exile, but at least
we'll be alive.

We should leave... tomorrow.

- Snow!
- Let her go.

This is her kingdom.
We can't just let her walk away from it.

Why do you suddenly care so
much about saving her kingdom?

What do you mean?

Well, if you have true love,
what difference does it make

whether you live in a castle
or on a farm?

Wait. You think I'm in this
for her crown?

You said it, not me.

Okay, okay, I get it.
I'm new.

But trust me.
I want what's best for Snow.

Look, handsome,
She may love you,

but that chiseled chin
ain't foolin' us.

We got our eyes on you.

Are you dwarfs with me
or against me?

I think grumpy was pretty clear.

Sorry, brother.

Snow's already made up
her mind,

so if you're looking
to change it,

you gotta do it
without our help.

Then I'll find another way.

You again? Didn't I just help
you wake your princess?

Now I need your help
Once more.

Long ago...

You made Snow remember
who she was

when a spell blinded her.

I need you to do it again.

Who's there?

Show yourself.

That doesn't belong to you,



I don't understand.

How did you get here?

I thought you didn't
dress like that anymore.

I thought that was your past.

Well, this is now my future.

Becoming this again...
The Dark One...

That's the only way
I'll save my grandson.

But you haven't completely
become him, have you?

There's still hope.


You're not really here,
are you?

No, of course not.

I'm still in Storybrooke,
right where you left me.

Are you okay?

Did the protection spell work?

It... it did.
We're all fine.

Storybrooke's safe.
We all are.

How do I know
these aren't just lies

meant to lead me astray?

How do I know Pan didn't
conjure up a vision of you?

He didn't.

You did.


The question is why.

You must have something
that can change Snow's mind.

If she doesn't wanna fight
the queen,

there's nothing I can do
to change that.

I just need a way to make her
believe in something

that I already know...

That she can face Regina
and win.

Magic can't make someone
believe, dearie.

It works the other way around.

Belief must come from within.

You know, the queen's offer
was a fair one.

Do yourself a favor
and take it.

Ruling a kingdom ain't
all it's cracked up to be.

Just ask
your dear old brother.

Oh, wait.

He died.
You see my point.


I didn't come here
to take "no" for an answer.

Now you must have something.
You always do.

Just name your price.

Save those arrows
for the queen.

I told you. I've already made up
my mind. We're leaving.

Not when you hear what
Rumplestiltskin had to say.

You more than anyone know
that his deals

always come with a price.

And sometimes that price
is worth paying.

Without his help, you'd still
be in that glass coffin.

What did he say this time?

He told me of a legend...

A magical weapon,

One that can help you
reclaim your kingdom.

Unless he can guarantee
more lives won't be lost,

I'm not interested.

Weapon's only
a half day's ride from here.

We can be there
before sundown.

This weapon...

You say it will help me
defeat Regina. How?

By showing her
who you really are.

My name is Emma Swan.

I'd wager the solution
to Pan's riddle

is a bit more complicated
than that.

Don't hold anything back.

I'm Henry's mother.

I used to live in Boston,
and I was a bail bonds person.

I'm now the sheriff
of Storybrooke.

That election was a sham.

Are we really doing this?

Don't you think maybe

You're leaving
some things out?

I'm the daughter of Snow White
and Prince Charming,

which apparently makes me
the product of true love.

I was born
in the Enchanted Forest

and I was sent
through a portal

in a tree so that I could
break a curse.

And you were able to curse

Come on. You don't need
to be embarrassed to say it.

Say what?

The "s" word.

I'm the savior.

I don't get it.
I said I'm the savior.

There's nothing I've denied
more than that.

No, it's okay.
We'll figure it out.

No, you won't.

- Regina!
- But I can.

I'm beginning to think
there isn't a map on here.

That doesn't mean
it can't lead us to Henry.

I thought we decided
that using magic was a bad idea.

For once I agree
with the prince.

Well, I told you
we're getting along.

What the hell are you doing?

The locator spell.

This parchment
belonged to Pan.

It'll lead us to him.

So it appears we will

be venturing into
the Dark Jungle after all.

You mean the place
you told us never to set foot?

That's the one.

Well, Emma, you said
you wanted to be the leader.


So do you know why
you brought me to the island?

I thought you were
gonna show me the answer.

No, only you know that.

I've already told you.

- No, you haven't.
- I have no idea.

- Yes, you do.
- No.

- You are holding back.
- I'm not.

- You are.
- Belle.

What is it you're not saying?

I'm a coward.

I'm just like my father.

You feel better now,
Don't you?

You know why I'm here.

You always saw the good in me.

I still do.

And as much as you deny it,

I think you see it, too.

So why am I here?
What are you wrestling with?

Pan offered me a deal.

I let him keep Henry,
and he allows me to live.

The boy needn't be my undoing.

And you're afraid
you'll make a selfish choice.

I generally do.

You abandoned
your son Bealfire

and regretted it
your whole life.

You don't need to do
the same to Henry.

Letting go of the past...

It's the first step.

You know, this was
the last thing

my father gave me.

And what happened to him?

He left me.

If you don't want to repeat
the mistakes he made,

you need to let go.

Ready to thank me?

Actually, yeah.

If you'd let me do it sooner,

maybe we'd have found him
by now.

Wait. He's there.

Pan. I can feel his smugness.

Shall we? While we still have
the element of surprise on our side?

Careful. He may look like a boy,
but he's a bloody demon.

Hey. We can do this.

You can do this.

We're nearly there.

We should take the rest
of the way on foot.

You know, this is the first time
we've been alone

since you proposed?

Well, privacy is a hard thing
to come by

when you have
seven big brothers

keeping an eye on you.

They're protective.

That's one word for it.

Have the dwarfs been
giving you a hard time?

Apart from accusing me
of being

a gold-digging,
social-climbing shepherd...


I have faith
that you'll charm them,

just as you charmed me...


According to Rumplestiltskin,

the weapon that will
defeat Regina

lies at the top of this hill.

This weapon...

what does Rumple say
of its power?

Was it made with dark magic?

No. It was forged by
a benevolent mage.

His name is Merlin,

from a realm called Camelot.

There it is.


It's beautiful.

It's stuck.

- You wanna try?
- If you couldn't do it, you really think I can?

Well, the legend states

only the kingdom's true ruler

possesses the strength
to free the blade.

I've never ruled anything.

Not yet.

Go on.

You see?

You are this kingdom's
true leader.

No one's here.

Maybe your spell was wrong,

Yes. Blame me... Again.


Hold on.

Is that...


Hi, Emma.

Where the hell is Henry?

You broke the rules.

That's not fair.

Bad form.

I expect more from you, captain.

Aye, and you'll get it.

Give Henry to me.

Sorry. Can't.

Don't you know?

Cheaters never win.

Watch out for their arrows.

They're laced with dreamshade.

- Mary Margaret!
- Ohh!



I'm good.

Behind you!


- It's been a while, captain.
- Not long enough.

You remember what I did to Rufio?
Well, it's a far worse fate for you.




Where's Henry?!
Where is he?!

Emma, are you all right?

Remember what I told you.

That map will show you
where Henry is...

only when you stop denying
who you really are.

I'll make sure to send Henry
your regards.

She's coming! The queen!


What exactly were
you two up to today?

You'll see.

I hope.

Well, dear,

have you packed your bags?

I thought about your offer.

And everything you said
was true.

I could go off with Charming
and the dwarfs,

and find some lovely corner
of the world to live out our days,

and it would be
a wonderful life.

But I can't leave my people,

not... with... you.

Well, in that case...

- Charming!
- You can do this. You.

You pulled that sword
out of the stone.

Let him go!


Uhh! Uhh!


You told me to stop denying
who I really am.

Well, that's exactly
what I'm doing.

This is my kingdom,

and I will fight for it!

Then I'll see you
on the battlefield.

We'll be ready.

You okay?

You sure you don't want me to
take a look at that?

I was lucky.
My jacket wasn't.

Don't worry about it.

I think we have bigger issues.

Don't let him shake
your confidence.

We've all had moments where
we felt we couldn't prevail.

She's right.

Guys, not now. Please.

Emma, wait.

Please talk to me.

There's nothing to talk about.

We had our chance and we lost...
I lost.

Then you have to
keep fighting.

You heard what Hook said.

Pan is a demon.

- And you are a...
- What? A savior?

This map would've shown us
the way already.

Maybe who you think you are
isn't who you really are.

What do you mean?

Sometimes we think
we know ourselves,

but we need a push to show us
the reality.

That boy with the knife...

You stopped fighting him.

'Cause he was... Just a boy.

There was something else.

I saw it in your eyes.

Why did you stop?


Because when I looked
at his face, I saw me.

Go on.

That look in his eyes...

The despair.

I had it back when I was
in the foster system.

Just a lost little girl
who didn't matter

and didn't think
she ever would.

A little girl who cried herself
to sleep at night 'cause...

She wanted her parents so bad.

And could never understand...

Why they gave her up.

And then you found us.

It was too late.

It's just, on this island...

I... I don't feel like...

A hero or a savior.

I just feel like

what I've always been.

An orphan.




What happened?

You accepted who you are.

I'm sorry.

It's okay.

It's the truth.

You were an orphan.

It's my job to change that.



What do you want?

We need to discuss the deal
you made with Charming.

Have to be a bit more specific,

He came to you searching
for something powerful enough

to vanquish the queen.

You told him of Excalibur.

Now whatever it is that
he promised you in return,

I am prepared to pay it.

But I won't allow him
to remain in your debt.

How nauseatingly romantic.

What did he promise you?

With you, everything comes
with a cost.

It's true.

Your prince came to ask for aid
fighting the queen.

I told him I had nothing
to give, and I didn't.

Then how did you know
where to find Excalibur?

Everyone knows
it's in Camelot.

But it's not.

I possess it now.

If that were Excalibur,

I wouldn't be able
to do... this!

Sword's a fake, dearie.

Shoddy craftsmanship, too.

But then again, what can
you expect from a shepherd?

Lucky it wasn't
made out of wool.

I struck Regina!
I drew blood!

Enough of your ramblings!

That belonged to my mother.

And now it belongs to me.

You're right about one thing,

Everything comes with a cost,

including wasting my time.

Mind if we join you?


We may owe you
a slight apology.


Don't get greedy. Take it.


We should never have doubted
your intentions.

You were only looking out
for her best interests.

Here's to starting over.

We need to talk.

I saw Rumplestiltskin.

Snow, I can explain.

- So it's true. You planted the sword in that stone.
- I did.

So you took me on an adventure to find
a magical sword because...

You needed to believe
in something I already knew.

So when I stood up
to Regina...

You did that on your own.

You had it inside you
the entire time.

You just...

Needed some help
to realize that.

But you didn't.

The map is working.
We know where Henry is.

Uh... We're here
at the southern tip of the isle,

in the middle
of the Dark Jungle,

and Pan's camp lies due North.

That's where
he's keeping Henry.

What are we waiting for?

Well, the terrain's not easy.

There will undoubtedly be some
nasty impediments along the way.

We should prepare. We only made it out
of our last encounter because Pan let us.

We need a new plan.

It's time we stop playing his
game and he starts playing ours.

And if I disagree?

Go ahead,

but I think you know
our best chance is together.

You better be right.

Excellent show of patience,

And that what defeats
a nasty little boy.

I hope so.

Is rum your solution
to everything?

It certainly doesn't hurt.

Mmm. Hmm?

So just how did you unlock
the map?

I did what Pan asked.

And just who are you, Swan?

Wouldn't you like to know?

Perhaps I would.

Don't eat the blue ones.


You did it... Orphan.

You don't mind if I call you
a lost girl, do you?

Call me what you like. It won't
stop me from finding Henry.

Oh, I'm counting on that.

There's a reason I tested you.


You haven't forgiven
your parents for abandoning you.

Don't deny it. You haven't.

That's good.

Really good.

'Cause when you find Henry,
you'll understand him.

What's that supposed to mean?

He hasn't forgiven you either.

By the time you get to him,

he'll never want to leave
this island.

We'll see.

And as for you, Emma...

When we're finished, you won't
just feel like an orphan.

You'll be one.