Once Upon a Time (2011–2018): Season 3, Episode 17 - The Jolly Roger - full transcript

Regina instructs Emma in magic and Ariel arrives in Storybrooke looking for Eric, as flashbacks show Ariel and Hook's encounter during the missing year.

[ horse whinnies ]

[ horse whinnies ]

Man: Whoa!

[ horse whinnies ]

And just
who might you be?

I'm the man
who's going to relieve you

Of that chest full of gold
you are transporting.

[ laughs ]

You and what army?

Well, I'm glad you asked.

[ whoosh ]

Your choice.

Save your lives or the gold.


[ horse whinnies ]


Those arrows took a lot longer
to light than discussed.

It wasn't easy lighting all
of them by ourselves, captain.

Maybe if we had
an actual army...

[ horse whinnies ]

And share
in the spoils?

[ scoffs ]

I think not.

I got to say,

It's good to be at your side
again, sir,


Not as a rat.

that's a lovely side effect

Of the curse breaking for you,
I'd imagine.

I did like the mobility,
but being a human is good, too.

What did I tell you,

You don't need a ship
to be a pirate.

[ laughter ]

[ laughter,
indistinct shouting ]

Hook: One more, one more!


Dastardly band of pirates
to ever set sa--

[ laughter ]

...Stride on the open roads!

To captain hook!
[ all cheer ]


Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait!

The boys and I
chipped in...

...And got you something.

Oh. Mr. Smee.

How did you know?


[ laughs ]

To captain hook!

All: To hook!

Come on. One more.

I don't...Understand.

Your men
took care of me.

You shall tell them
that you had a grand time.

Good night.

[ sighs ]


[ groans ]

and I'll slit your throat.

Not a good plan for you.

I'm guessing
you don't know who I am.

I know exactly who you are,
captain hook.

Well, then,
I'm at a disadvantage.

My name's ariel.

And you're gonna pay
for what you've done.

I've seen enemy battle plans

That were easier to decode
than this.

Let me see.

All right, it says

"take screws 'e'
with washers 'd'

Through bar 'c'
using wrench 'f,'" which is...

Not provided.

Why don't you just
call marco?

He's really good
at this sort of thing.

No. We're fine.

Should we even
be doing this?

Ever since the showdown between
regina and the wicked witch,

We haven't seen
zelena or gold at all.

Shouldn't we be focusing
on her next move?

We are.
We just can't stop living.

And this crib
is a statement.

We're not
gonna lose another baby.

[ door closes ]

And, thanks to me,
you won't.

I'm finished.

Were you able to put up
a new protection spell?

One that can't be undone
by blood magic,

Which means zelena won't be able
to put her hands on that baby.

[ sighs ]

Any idea
why she would want to?

The number of spells
involving baby parts

That greenie
is clearly one twisted witch.

But as long as we're in here,
we're safe.

I think we need
to stop playing defense

And start
taking the fight to her.

Did you not see how I barely
outwitted her yesterday?

She has magic --
powerful magic.

I have magic, too.
You've seen me use it.

I just can't always
control it.

But if we teamed up,
if you...Taught me...

Now, why does this
feel so familiar?

I'm ready this time.

[ chuckles ] okay.

But if we do this,
we do this my way.

This isn't drinking stale coffee
at a stakeout or...

Whatever you did
as a bail bondsperson.

This is a way of life.

You have to fully commit
to it.

Not a problem.

Meet me at my vault
in one hour.

And no complaining.
I'm doing this.
It's the only way.

And yes,
I will be careful.

We'll watch henry when
he gets back from the store.


I'm not sure
that's the best idea.

What? What is it?

Well, you guys are tired.
You need to rest.

I'm pregnant.
I'm not sick with the flu.

Yeah, I know.
It's just, um...

Well, it's...

"cradle cap."

Last time
you guys had him,

You overwhelmed him
with baby tips.

He's 12. He's doesn't want
to talk about pregnancies.

It's not fun.

Well, I'm just saying
maybe henry disagrees.


He'll get there.

You got to remember,
he doesn't know who you are.

Well, if we're not fun,
who is?

Captain hook.

It's about time,
mr. Smee.

You know how much
I abhor waiting.

What is it
that's so urgent?

It's just, um, me and the men
were talking about

How we haven't
seen much of you

Since we all
ended up back here.

Is there a point
to that rather odd observation?

What's keeping us
from crewing up again --

Hitting the high seas,
getting back to pirating?

You mean
other than being attacked

And turned into
flying monkeys?

There's no safe passage
out of this town.

You've already been a rodent,
mr. Smee.

Does life as a simian
interest you, as well?

Of course there's safe passage.
We could outrun them.

If we had a fast enough ship.
The jolly roger, for instance.

You still haven't told me
whether you found her

During the time
none of us can remember.

What happened during that time
isn't important.

Because you remember.

Is our ship okay?
What -- what happened to it?

My ship.

All you need to know,
mr. Smee,

Is that the jolly roger
isn't here.

So there will be
no outrunning of anything.

I mean, what if we
found another ship?
Any one of these --

Mr. Smee, I've tried
letting you down easy.

Now let me be
more direct.

I have no intention
of leaving this town.

Captain, I agree with you
this place has its bright spots.

I have never tried anything
quite like frozen yogurt before.

But the wicked witch
is here.

And with
that sort of danger,

What possible reason
do you have to stay?

My reasons are my own.

Question them again
at your peril.


Emma: Wait here, okay?

Didn't he used to be
a rat?

Aye. In many ways,
he still is.

To what do I owe
the pleasure, swan?

Um...I was wondering if you
could take care of henry again.

If you want to get close to me,
you just need to ask.

There's no need
to use the lad as an excuse.

Why am I not surprised
you're making this about you?

I need your help,

'cause regina needs to train me
in magic.

We think together, we might be
able to defeat the wicked witch.

That's the first reasonable plan
I've heard

Since this all began.

Magic is a part of you,

Don't forget --
I was there

When cora tried
to steal your heart.

I saw the power
inside of you.

It's about time
you embraced it.

It's what makes you
the savior.

I'm not embracing

I need to learn magic
to defeat zelena

And make sure
everyone here is safe.

After that, I'm done.

Done with what,

He doesn't belong here --
not anymore.

He belongs in the real world,
in new york,

And the life
that he remembers.

It was good.

And it didn't involve
vile villains.

What about
the life you remember?

You can't just pretend
like this never happened.

Trust me.

I spent the last year
trying to do just that --

Return to the person
I used to be --

And it didn't work.

What happened over the last year
that you're not telling me?

Just take it from me
just this once.

No matter
how much you wish

You could go back
to your old life...

You can't.

We can't just sit back
and do nothing.

You're right.

We can be
as fun as...

[ laughing ]
as any pirate captain.

Henry obviously did
a lot of growing up

In the past year.

We just have to...
Adjust accordingly.

[ people murmuring ]

What's going on?

Man: Does anyone know
what happened?

She just washed up onshore.

Who did? Who's here?


A monkey? No. I'm a girl
that turns into a fish.

Yeah, we -- we know.

What happened to you?

I've been under the sea --

I've traveled
to every known realm

Looking for prince eric.

So he's missing?
For how long?

After pan failed,

I woke up here,
like everybody else.

I-I couldn't find him.

I didn't understand
what happened

Until I overheard
everybody saying

That we had all gone
to the enchanted forest

And been there for a year
without knowing it.

So you still don't know
what happened to him?

That's why
I came back here.

I thought maybe
I'd overlooked something,

That he'd be here,

you haven't seen him.

We're sorry.

We've been trying
to piece together what happened.

All we know is that we're
up against regina's sister,

The wicked witch.

Do you think
that she might be responsible

For prince eric's

Without our memories, it's
impossible to know everything.

Maybe for us,
but what about hook?

The pirate?

Yes. He wasn't part
of the witch's curse.

He has his memories.

Maybe he can --
I don't know --

Shed some light
on what happened to prince eric.

He helped us save henry.
I don't know why not.

Fear of adding insult
to injury,

Would you mind catching me up
on your particular grievance?

You kidnapped
prince eric,

And you're gonna return him
to me.

Now on your feet!

Kidnapping a prince

Does sound like
something I would do, but...

[ groans ]

[ sighs ]

...I'm afraid
you've got the wrong pirate.

Or should I say
the wrong pirate has you?

Go ahead -- kill me.

But I still know
you're lying.

One of eric's men escaped,
so I know

The ship that took him
was yours -- the jolly roger.

The jolly roger?

[ breathing shakily ]

Are you certain?

Answer me!

You really
didn't take him.

What else do you know
about who's captaining my ship?

Did that man
tell you anything else?!

Only that
he was able to escape

With a weapon that he stole
from the armory --

The dagger
that's against my throat.

[ gasps ]

[ laughs ]

[ snoring ]

Rise and shine,
you bilge rats!

No offense, mr. Smee.

None taken.

I keep dreaming
of cheese.

I know who has the jolly roger,
and we're gonna take her back.

Whose funeral
shall we be attending, sir?

Black beard.

Black beard?

But...He's the most cutthroat
pirate ever to hoist a sail.


Which will make it
all the more satisfying

When I take my ship back

And make him walk
her lovely plank.

Let's not be hasty.

We've been having fun
robbing carriages.

M-m-maybe we should forget
about the jolly roger.

You said it yourself.
We don't need a ship to be --

She's not just a ship.

I'm fairly certain she is.

She's more than that.

I haven't been myself
since we've returned.

I should have realized
the reason why.

It's because
I don't have her.


You talk about the vessel
as though she's a woman.

Women come and go,
mr. Smee,

But a pirate's life --
it's forever.

Still, captain...

I doubt we could even
find black beard --

Don't be a coward!

I know
where he moors his vessels.

It's less than
a day's trek.

And then
I'll have my ship again.

And I will have my prince.

Few people have held a dagger
to my throat

And lived
to tell the tale.

I'd leave
before I change my mind.


I've crossed paths
with enough pirates

Any valuable information
a pirate captain ascertains

Shall be compensated
in equal favor.

I think she's right.

When do we leave?

[ groans ]
[ laughs ]

You want to know
the secret to winning?

No, my boy.

Loaded dice.

That's cheating.

Only if you get caught.

I think it's cheating
either way.

Point is, you win.

[ door opens, bells jingle ]

"practice," huh?

Uh, hook, this is
a friend of ours -- ariel.

Who didn't return to storybrooke
with the rest of us.

He's from a maritime kingdom,
and he loved to sail.

Perhaps...You came across him
on the high seas?

His name's prince eric.

Sorry, lass.

I wish I could help,
but I've never heard of him.

[ sighs ]

Don't touch anything.

How am I
supposed to learn magic

If I can't
touch anything?

The same way
I did with rumple.

We're going to create
a solid foundation first

And then build your skills
from the ground up.

I said "don't touch."

So, while we're here,
who's looking after henry?

The un-charmings?

Actually, hook is.

Well, those two have
been spending a lot
of time together lately.

Hook's good with henry,
and henry likes him.

He's prone to violence,

What about him would
a 12-year-old boy not like?

He brought me back
to storybrooke,

Oh. Of course
he brought you back.

What's that
supposed to mean?


You're going to pretend
everyone doesn't see

The yearning looks
and doe-y eyes?

I don't yearn.

Well, maybe.

But he does.

Let's start
with roots for incantations.

Are you kidding me
right now?

What language is this --

We're not making tapas.
We're making magic.

It's elvish.

Well, half elvish.

I'm never gonna get this.

Just think about your training.
What other methods did he use?

Rumple was a bully.

And he certainly
didn't coddle his students.

And if he tried
to teach you how to swim

And you couldn't learn,
you drowned.


That's it.

That's what?

[ whoosh ]

[ gasps ]

[ bird cries ]

What the hell
are you doing?!

Teaching you to swim.

Come on.
Think hard, hook.

Are you sure you can't remember
anything that can be useful?

My apologies, mate,
but if I'd run across a prince

During my adventure,
I think I'd remember it.

I just --
I don't understand.

How could he vanish
without a trace?

Mary: That's it.

Maybe he didn't.

What do you mean?

When the curse
brought us back here,

It brought our things, too.

Gold's shop
is filled with them.

And if we find
something of eric's,

We can use a locator spell
to track him.

Sounds like a plan.
Best of luck with that.

Oh, wait, no.
You should come with us.

You might remember something
that we won't -- or can't.

You'd be far more helpful
than us.

Well, someone has to
keep an eye on the boy.

Well, mary margaret and I
can take over.

Could we...Have a talk
for a moment?

[ sighs ]

What is it?

You sure this is
such a good idea, mate?

Let's be honest -- there's only
one obvious explanation

Why the little mermaid here
can't find her prince.

There's no reason
to ply her with false hope.

In my experience,
there's no such thing.

You just have to

Now go. Good luck.

Trudge, trudge, trudge.

There's nothing more boring
than land travel.

I'll take my tail in the ocean
any day.

That's one thing
we can agree on --

Minus the tail,
of course.

You won't be bored
for much longer.

Our destination
is just past this rise.

Then it won't be long
until I'm reunited --

Here. Allow me.

You've ripped it!

It's a cloak.

It's eric's cloak.

And he's had it
since before we met.

He left it with me
while he was away
to keep him close,

And now
you have ruined it!

If mending a cloak
is our biggest obstacle,

We're in fine shape.

You realize you might not
find him -- or survive?

I will.

Didn't you see the fear

Black beard's name
struck into my crew?

You don't become
a pirate captain through mercy.

If I were you, I would
prepare myself for the worst.


What are you saying --

That you would kill eric
if you had him?

You don't believe that?

Well, honestly, I was
a little surprised to hear

That you might be responsible
for eric's kidnapping --

After the stories
that I've heard.

What stories?

Well, the ones
of you helping reunite

Snow white and her family
in neverland.

Some people say
that you're a hero.

Don't believe
every story you hear.

Being good
is nothing to be ashamed of.

People change.

Look at me.

I have legs, and I fell in love
with a human.

I don't think
anyone saw that coming.

You may have changed.
I haven't.

I'm a pirate,
and I always will be.

[ bells jingle ]


[ gasps ] ariel?

Where --
where have you been?

I-I was -- I was worried
I'd never see you again.

I've been
looking for eric.

He's been missing
since we all returned.

We were hoping we could
find something of his here.

Oh, of course --
to see if he's in storybrooke.

Have you seen
anything of his?

I, um, I only just started
sorting through things,

But, uh...Don't despair.

Let's --
let's start looking.


[ chuckles ]

I've been wondering
where you went.

Ariel: That's eric's.

[ gasps ]

How did you know
that was his?

I, uh...

I wasn't sure.

I saw
the sea-creature clasp

And remembered
he was from a maritime kingdom.

He is.

He was.

And now he's here.

[ chuckles ]

Every time
you've exhibited your power,

It's been spurred
by your instincts.

So today, we're going to push
those instincts

Until you master them.

A little reading
doesn't sound so bad now.

You can stop me.

Stop you from what?


[ gasping ]

What the hell
are you doing?!

Making the bridge collapse.

You can either stop it...

Or die.


[ gasping ]

Regina! Enough!
Stop this!

No, you stop it.
No more hand-holding.

You have to do this.

Reach into your gut.

You know
you can do this.

It's inside you, emma.

Save the bridge.

Save yourself.


[ loud rustling ]

Did I...

Did I just do that?


When all I wanted
was for you to retie the rope.

It was like you said --

Why are you pissed?
I did it.

Why does it matter how?

You think I'm mad
because you didn't listen to me?

I'm mad because...

Look at all this potential
inside of you,

And you've been
wasting it.

[ cork pops ]

This is a locator spell,

So whatever object
it's poured on becomes enchanted

And returns itself
to its rightful owner.

I know that you've been busy
trying to find a way

To break your mr. Gold
out of the witch's control.

You didn't
have to do this.

No, I...I did.

You know.

Perhaps a little good news
around here will be contagious.

[ chuckles ]

Let's go!

Hook: Up close, she's even
more beautiful than I remember.

Don't worry, my dear.

You'll soon
be back in my loving arms.

You do realize
you're talking to a boat?

You have your love.
I have mine.

So, how are we gonna
get on board, captain?

Black beard's crew
outnumbers us.

I'll show you.

[ whistles ]

Stand at attention, mates!

Now boarding the ship --

The rightful captain
of the jolly roger.

Now, if the coward
who tried stealing her from me

Would kindly show his face,

I'll give him the punishment
he deserves.


But it's not me
who'll be punished.

You want your ship back?

Then take it.

[ laughs ]

With pleasure.

[ laughs ]

[ indistinct shouting ]

[ laughs ]

Oh, yeah.

I was afraid
you weren't gonna show up.

Word on the waterways is
captain hook had gone soft.

The only thing soft

Will be your guts
spilling on this deck.

[ all groan ]

[ chuckles ]

I'd never give up
the jolly rogwithout a fight.

You think
you know the ship?

Oh, every inch of it --
I assure you.

If that was the case...

[ grunts ]

...You'd know
not to step there!


[ chuckles ]

Oh, I've been
meaning to fix that.

Finish it!

Fancy a shave, do we?

I'll be happy to oblige.

Eric's not on board.

You have to get him
to tell you where he is.

You heard the lady.
Where is he?

So, that's what
this was --

A rescue mission
for some wench?

Ha! They were right
about you, hook.

You have gone soft.

I can either
make this painful...

Or quite painful.

Now answer!

I have him stashed
safe and sound

On a deserted island.

Only I know where.

I was planning to ransom him
when the time was right.

Whatever it is,
I'll pay it.

Money's not what I'm after

Then what is it
that you want?

The satisfaction
of proving

Captain hook
is no longer a pirate.

How are you
gonna prove that?

By giving you a choice.

Surrender the jolly roger
to me,

And I'll tell you
where I'm holding her prince.

Or refuse,
and he dies along with me.

We must be
getting close.

Maybe he's on
one of these boats.

It must be searching.

If the spell worked

It's taken us to eric,


[ voice breaking ]
he's gone.

[ gasps ]

[ sobs ]

I'm sorry.

You said
you wanted to take action,

So we're taking action.

Well --
mary margaret...

...Our grandson
would rather spend time

With a pirate than us,
but not after today.

It's dangerous --
not to mention illegal!

And as far as legality,
I'm the sheriff.

[ chuckles ]

[ sighs ]

So, are you sure
this is okay?

Well, if killian can teach you
how to steal a boat,

I can teach you
how to drive.

we borrowed it.

[ engine turns over ]
well, what do you say
we see how you can handle

A land vessel?
[ chuckles ]

[ tires screech ]
[ gasps ]


Steady, steady.

There you go.

All right. Steady.

I-I got it. I got it.

Steady. Steady.


[ engine revs, tires screech ]

[ engine revs,
car horn blares ]

Watch out!
[ tires screech ]

[ tires screech ]

I saved eric from the sea
once before.

I just never thought

That I would lose him to it
in the end.

A sailor couldn't hope
for a better resting place.

Thank you.

I didn't do anything.

[ chuckles ]

You found eric's cloak.

I would have never stopped
looking for him.

At least now I know
that our story's over.

[ sighs ]

[ voice breaking ] I just wish
I knew how it ended.

You're more than a pirate,

You have a true heart.

I'll always be grateful
that you tried to help me.

You can't do this.

We had an agreement.

You promised me
that you would help find eric.


I know
that you are a good man,

And I know that man
is still in there somewhere.

It's not too late
to do the right thing.

Isn't true love
more important

Than a few planks of wood
and a sail?

She might just be a few planks
and a sail, but she's mine.

She's all I need.

Love brings nothing

But wasted years
and endless torment.

I'm doing you a favor.

A little something
to whet the appetite

Of our razor-toothed friends

[ grunts ]

Enjoy the feast, boys!

The jolly rogis mine!

Any man willing
to swear an oath to me

Shall be given quarter.

Those who don't,

You're welcome to follow
your former captain.

[ all cheer ]

[ sheathes sword ]

You may release her,
mr. Smee.

I was wrong about you,

You're selfish,
and you're heartless.

And that is
what will bring you

Wasted years
and endless torment.

I feel sorry for you.

You'll never be happy.

Where do you think
you're going?

Eric's still out there,

And whatever it takes,
I will find him.

Ariel! Wait!

What is it?

I have a confession.

I haven't been
entirely truthful with you --

With myself.

You and I met before.

Our paths crossed
during the missing year.


Eric had been kidnapped
by the pirate black beard.

You asked me to find him.

I-I don't understand.

Why didn't you
say anything?

I was too ashamed.

I sacrificed saving your prince
for my ship.

I am so sorry, ariel.

You're a coward!

And a monster!

You let a man die
for your ship?!

What kind of person
does that?

The kind who's empty,

Can fill a void
left by a broken heart.

And that makes it okay?!

No, it doesn't.

I would give anything
to take it back,

To make things right.


Yes -- anything.

How am I
supposed to trust a man

Who no longer
believes in love?

I still do.

Then swear to me on it.

This woman
that broke your heart --

Do you still love her?


Then swear to me
on her name.

I swear on emma swan.

Thank you, captain.

That's exactly
what I needed to hear.

What the hell?


It was you.

Where's ariel?

[ sword clanks ]

She was never really here.

After she left you
on your beloved ship,

Where black beard
had been keeping her prince.

She found him?

How do you know that?

My spies
are always circling, captain,

Through every realm --
always circling.

She found him
on hangman's island,

Which was outside
the force of the curse.

They've been living
happily ever after ever since.

Don't you just love
a good twist?

I don't understand.

Why would you pretend
to be her?

To corrupt your love.

As I said earlier,
I've known

About your dirty little secret
for quite some time --

Seen the guilt
on your face

Over the decision
you made that day.

I knew it haunted you.

And I knew
I could use it.

Use it for what?

When you invoked
the name of your love

In a selfish plea
for redemption,

I was able
to curse you --

More specifically,
your kiss.

See, the next time
your lips touch emma swan's,

All of her magic
will be taken.

that makes her special,

That makes her powerful,
that makes her a threat

Will be gone.

I won't do it.

I'll tell her.
And she'll defeat you.

Then I'll send the dark one
to kill her before you can.

No, you won't.

If you could have killed her,
you would have.

[ inhales deeply ]

You need her power

It's why you didn't kill her
when she came to the town.

It's why you had a monkey
look after her in new york

Instead of killing her.

For some reason...
You can't.

It no longer matters,

Because you're going to
remove her powers.

I may not be able
to hurt emma,

But I can hurt
those around her --

Her parents,
her friends...

Her child.

Do not go near them.

[ laughing ] oh, yes.

You've become quite fond
of the boy, haven't you?

I will enjoy turning him
into a monkey's breakfast.

I'll stop you.

No, you won't.

That pointy, little hook
of yours

Can scratch a mere mortal,
but me?

[ laughs ]

You're out of your depth,

The choice is yours.

Kiss emma
and remove her powers

Or everyone she loves

[ inhales deeply ]

Swan? I didn't expect
to see you here.

What do you mean?
Where's henry?

Is everything all right?

He's fine.
He's with his grandparents.

I thought
they might be back here.

We haven't seen them.

If you're not with henry,

What have you been doing
all day?

I was enlisted to help ariel
find her lost prince.

Regina: Really?

[ door closes ]

That fish
is in storybrooke?

She wayes.

And we found a clue
in gold's shop

That eric had been shipwrecked
on hangman's island,

Just off the coast
of the enchanted forest.

Zelena's curse
must not have reached that far.

on her way there now.

She wanted me to say goodbye
to mary margaret for her.


At the rate mermaids swim,
she's probably already there.

In fact,
let's find out.

I thought
you couldn't use mirror magic

To look
between worlds.

But after seeing
the raw power you possess,

I think maybe you can.

[ sighs ]

There's no need.
I'm sure she's fine.

Anyway, it's bad form
to spy on such a private affair.

How do I do it?

Well, you've focused.

You've let emotions
awaken your power.

Now you have to look

[ gusting ]

[ gasps ]

You did this?

You brought them together?


It was ariel.
She never stopped believing.


You're just full of surprises

[ door opens, laughter ]

Where have you guys been?

Only having
the best day ever.

David let me drive
his truck.

You let him what?!


A-as mayor, I can't let
an unlicensed, underage driver

On the streets
of storybrooke.

As mayor,
you might want

To throw a little money
at road repair.

[ chuckles ]
excuse me?


She's right. Someone
could have been seriously hurt.

Only if you're a mailbox.

[ refrigerator door closes ]

It was so much fun.

What can I say?

I've got
a reckless, carefree...

Fun side.

Mary: Killian?

It turns out her missing...
Husband was back home after all.

It's true.

We just checked in on them

She sends her regards,
but she was too excited to wait.

A happy ending.

Well, maybe our luck's
about to change.

Dinner at granny's?

Can I drive?

Well, I guess
I'll leave you guys to it.

You're not coming?

Another time, perhaps.

Well, if you change your mind,
you know where we'll be.

And, killian...

Whatever happened
this past year,

you're not telling me...

I don't care.

I'm tired
of living in the past.

I know how you feel.