Once Upon a Time (2011–2018): Season 3, Episode 1 - The Heart of the Truest Believer - full transcript

Tensions arise as Hook's ship sets sail to Neverland to search for a kidnapped Henry, while Neal travels through the Enchanted Forest with Mulan. Meanwhile, Henry finds himself on the run from the Lost Boys after Greg and Tamara are ambushed.

(Clock ticking)

Big breath. Breathe away. Breathe away.
(Emma panting)

- Okay, here we go. You're doing great.
- Just hang on. You're doing fine.

That's it. Just keep breathing.

That's it. Breath, breath, breath.

Doing great. Doing great. Here you go.

Keep going. Yeah.

Breathe. Breathe. Big breath. Big breath.

Okay, now big push! Big push.

Push! Push! Push! Push!

(Electricity powers down)


Great. Here we go.

(Baby crying)
That's good. That's beautiful.

(Cries and fusses)

I know.

It's a boy, Emma.



(Whispering indistinctly)

(Doctor) Oh.

(Continues crying)

Emma, just so you know,

you can change your mind.
(Continues crying)

(Voice breaks)
No. I can't be a mother.

(Baby continues crying)

(Breathing heavily)

(Wind blowing)

(Grunts and pants)

(Ship creaking)

Is that it?

(Hook) Aye.



No. Unh-unh. Unh-unh. Unh-unh.

Slow down, pal.

You got nowhere to go.

We made it.

Mission accomplished.
(Bag thuds)

Are you sure about that? 'Cause
my mom's coming to get me.

Both of them.

You know, I'm gonna
take a look around, kid.

You see any clock towers?

You're a long way from Storybrooke.

It doesn't matter.

My family's been to
the Enchanted Forest before,

and they can get here again.

(Howling in distance)

Well, we're not in the Enchanted Forest.

This is Neverland.


You're here to destroy Neverland?

It's the mother lode of magic.

Oh, where's the communicator?

We need to signal the home office.

Here you go, T.

An office in a jungle?

Huh. Who works there?

Who we work for
is not your concern, kid.

Just know that they take care of us.

Do they?

Can they tell you how to get back home

after you destroy magic?

We don't ask questions.

We just believe in our cause.

- Greg?
- Yeah?


I'm not getting a status light
on this thing.

Did you check the batteries?

What the hell is this?

A toy?

It's a good thing you guys
don't ask any questions.

Let's go.


Why are you slowing down?

In case you didn't know,
my son's life is in danger.

Oh, I know, my hotheaded queen.

My plan is to bring us
to the far side of the island,

link up with the widest part
of the river,

then we sail right through
and take him by surprise.

The irony.

What irony?

Oh. I spent more time
than I care to remember

trying to leave this place
to kill Rumplestiltskin.

And here I am,

sailing right back into its heart

with him as my guest of honor.

It's not quite the happy ending
I was hoping for.

Greg Mendell said something funny to me.

He said I'm a villain,

and that villains don't get
happy endings.

You believe that?

I hope not.

Or we've wasted our lives.


What happened to Neal and Henry,

it's not your fault.

You can't blame yourself.

I don't.

I blame you.

All this happened
because I listened to you.

You say good always wins.

It doesn't.

I didn't grow up in some fairytale land.

My experience is different.

That's all I can go on.

And all we have to go on is ours.

So if you would just let us
share our wisdom...

I appreciate you trying to be parents.

But we're the same age.

(Voice breaks)
We have equal amounts of wisdom.

And all I want is Henry back.

I should never have broken the curse.

I should've just taken Henry and...

You're right.

Th... then you'd be together.

We missed you growing up, Emma,
and it haunts us every day.

And that's why we're here now.

We don't want you to have to go
through the same thing, too.

And you won't.

We are gonna get our family back.

How can you two be
so infuriatingly optimistic?

It's who we are.


Ever since you got your memories back,

ever since you remembered

that you're Snow White
and Prince Charming,

your lives have... they've...

Well, they've sucked!


No, we found you.

And lost Henry

and Neal and countless other people!

Emma, the minute I let go of the belief

that things will get better

is the minute I know they won't.

We'll find Henry.

(Gold) No, you won't.

Oh, that's a great use of our time...

a wardrobe change.

I'm gonna get Henry.

We agreed to do this together.

Actually, we made no such agreement.

Why are you doing this?

Because I wanna succeed.

What makes you think I'm gonna fail?

Well, how could you not?

You don't believe in your parents

or in magic

or even yourself.

I slayed a dragon. I think I believe.

Only what was shown to you.

When have you ever taken
a real leap of faith?

You know, the kind where there's
absolutely no proof?

I've known you some time, Ms. Swan.

And sadly, despite everything
you've been through,

you're still just that...

bail bondsperson,

looking for evidence.

Well, dearie, that's not gonna
work in Neverland.

I'll do whatever it takes.

Well, you just need someone
to tell you what that is.

Sorry, dearie.

Our foe is too fearsome
for hand-holding.

Neverland is a place where
imagination runs wild.

And sadly...

Yours doesn't.



We making s'mores?

(Pats palms)

Building a signal.

Help me gather some dry leaves.

We need to let the home office
know that we're here.

And what if that's not enough?

What if the empty communicator
wasn't an accident?

Don't let the kid get in your head.


Who are you?

We're the home office.

Welcome to Neverland.

The "home office" is
a bunch of teenagers?

They're not teenagers.
They're the lost boys.

Look at that.

Why do the lost boys want
to destroy magic?

Who said we wanna destroy magic?

That was our mission.

So you were told.


Now the boy.

Hand him over.

Not until you tell us the plan...

for magic, for getting home.

You're not getting home.

Then you're not getting the boy.

Of course we are.


(Growls) Aah!


(Tamara) Run! Get the boy.

(Whoosh, squish)




(Boy) Come on.

(Both panting)

(Boy in distance) Where'd he go?!


This way!

Thanks. Pan and his forces are in tune

with every grain of sand on the island.

We must be careful.

Are... are you a lost boy?

I was.


But I escaped.

And now they're after me, too.

- How? What happened?
- No time for questions.

We must keep moving. Come on.



(Breathing heavily)

(Exhales deeply)

Oh. Don't stop on my account.

Wouldn't think of it.


What are you doing?

Getting ready for a fight.


Well, I've never known you to
need to get ready for a fight.

I thought it was a natural state.

Don't let Rumplestiltskin
get you down, luv.

- What do you want?
- To give you something.

You know, Baelfire and I once
spent a lot of time together.

He was always "Neal" to me.

Yeah. Right.

(Sets down object)

This was his.

I didn't realize you were sentimental.

I'm not.

I just thought you could use it
where we're going.

You know...

To fight.

(Uncorks flask, spits)


To Neal.

To Neal.


(Inhales and exhales sharply)

Who are you?


(Footsteps approach)

Is he well?

Well enough to be questioned.

Here. Drink.

Drink. You must be thirsty.

Where am I?

You're in our kingdom.

- Where's your... where's your kingdom?
- The Enchanted Forest.

I'm back.


You mean you're from here?

He's lying. Look at his clothes.

- He's from the same world Emma
and Snow are from. - Emma?

Emma swan? You know her?

How do you know her?


(Strained voice)
She's my... I... I don't know.

But she's in danger. I have
to get back to her. Oh!

- I have to help her!
- You need to rest.

You were gravely injured
when we found you.

Were you hit by some kind of arrow?

.45 caliber arrow.

Look, I... I need your help.

I need to know that Emma
and Henry are all right.


You're Henry's father?

I was once under a sleeping curse.

Snow taught me how to control
the nightmare.

And with practice, I'm able
to walk the dream world,

find others like me
who have passed through.

It's possible I can
make contact with them.

If I can,

what would you like me to tell them?

Tell Emma I'm alive,

and I love her.

How long was he with you?

Long enough for me to know
that I miss him, too.

(Ship creaks and bangs)

(Continues creaking loudly)

What was that?

(Wind gusting)

What the hell are you two doing?!

Trying to keep it steady!

Hold on!

Prepare for attack!

Be more specific.

If you've got a weapon, then grab it!

(Hook grunts)

(Screeching in distance)

What's out there? A shark?! A whale?!

A kraken?

(Hook) Worse.

(Screeching underwater)

(Screeching continues)





Yes, and they're quite unpleasant.

You think?

I'll try and outrun them.

How many of them are there?!

I will not be capsized by fish!



(Lighter clicks)
What are you doing?!

(Mary Margaret) Fishing.


(Mary Margaret and Emma grunt)


(Fires cannon)

We caught one!



There are dozens of them.

Enough of this.







They're gone.

Not all of them!

What about that one?!




(Boy in distance) Where'd he go?

(Boys shouting indistinctly in distance)

(Continues panting)

I think we lost them.

(Panting) Okay.
Can we rest for a minute?

You're new.

Did the shadow take you, too?

No. I was kidnapped by
some people who work for Pan.

(Exhales sharply)
I'm sorry.

If he sent for you, he wants you.

And if Pan wants you, he will get you.

(Howling continues in distance)

Why does Pan want you?

Pixie dust.

I stole it from him 'cause
I thought I could use it

to fly away and go home.

But it doesn't work.

- It's useless.
- Don't worry.

My family's coming to rescue me,
and you could come with us.

You really think
you're the first boy to believe

that his family's
actually coming for them?

My family's different.

We always find each other.

You better hope they don't,

or else Pan will rip
their shadows into oblivion.

It's gonna be okay.

I promise.

Don't lose hope.

All we need is time.

Is there a place where we can
hide from the lost boys?


There's a place they can't track us.

The echo caves.

But it's far.


Then what are we waiting for?

Lead the way.

Feeling better?


How did you get here?

I fell through a portal.

I thought... I thought I was gonna die,

and... and I thought about this place.

I thought about growing up here.

That's how portals work.

They take you to wherever you think of.

Well, what's it like, the other world?

Uh, well, for starters,

they think that this place is
just a fairy tale.

Like a... like a legend,

like we're all just characters
in a story.

I'm in a story?

Yeah. They made a movie about
you. It's actually pretty good.

What's a movie?

(Neal) Uh...

It's worse than I feared.
I couldn't make contact.

I wish I could be more help.
I... I fear no one can.

My father can.

He always had a plan.

Uh, he would've left something behind,

if he ever found himself back here.

Something that can be used to
contact Emma, to get to her.

I know it.

I just need to get to his castle.

Who's your father?


(Gasping and grunting)

(Gasps and wheezes)

So where is he?


Now, now.

I can help you speak.


(Breathes deeply)


Thank you.

Where's Henry?

They killed him? I don't think so.

I told him to run, and he did.


The jungle.

Pan wants him.

He's behind all this.

Look, Mr. Gold,

I didn't know who I was working for.

I'm sorry about Neal.

I'm so sorry.

I know.

You were merely a pawn.


Can you forgive me?



(Heart beating)



Get that thing off my ship!

(Regina) No.

Now we have a hostage.

(David) I hate to say it,
but I'm with Hook.

Those things just tried to kill us.

And perhaps we should find out why.

How? By torturing her?

Well, if need be. Sure.

(Shell blares)

What the hell is that?

A warning.


Let me go...

Or die.

Can I ask you a question?

Yeah, I don't know how
to explain what a movie is.

You say that you're fighting for Emma.

But she never mentioned you
when she was here.

Why is that?

Because I broke her heart.

I let her go so that she could
break the curse

and fulfill her destiny.

And when it was broken,
I could've gone after her.

I could've told her I loved her.


I was afraid she would never forgive me,

so I wound up taking the easy way out,

which is not trying.

Your belief in love wasn't strong enough

to overcome your fear of rejection.


Greatest regret of my life,

not one I wish upon anyone.

(Wind howling)

They're close. I can see them.

We're almost to the caves.

Come on. Follow me.


They cut us off.

They know about the caves.
We have to go this way.

What is this?

What did you do?!

Let me go.

Not until you tell us.

Or we make you tell us.

Threatening her isn't the way
to motivate her.

Well, I'm all out of fish food.

Doesn't matter if you get her to talk.

You can't trust her. Mermaids are liars.

Of course they are.

Maybe they're just scared of Pan.

If we let her go,
maybe they'll be on our side.

Or maybe she and her friends
will come right back to kill us.

Oh, I don't need my friends to kill you.

You'll kill yourselves. Now let me go.

(Loud thrashing)


- What the hell?!
(Hook) - It's a storm.

She called it.

Don't let her go!

She'll swim off and leave us all to die.

At least with her, we've got leverage.

(Blade zings)
Stop the storm. Then we let you go.

(Grunts) (Regina laughs)
That's more like it, Charming.

Filet the bitch.

(Gasping and whimpering)


We're not barbarians.


What we're going to be is dead.

Hold on! I'm gonna turn her around.

I've outrun many a storm.

Make it stop or die.

We are not killers!

Yes, you are. And you've brought
this death upon yourselves.

This is why we should free her!

That feel-good nonsense, Snow,

might play in the Enchanted Forest,

but this... this is Neverland.



Keep your grip, pirate!

It wasn't me, mate! It was the ship!

We're taking on water!

Now may I resume killing her?!

(Mary Margaret and David) No!

You kill her, and her kind have
a personal vendetta against us.

Look, the queen is right.

- They've already tried killing us.
- Stop! That's enough!

We need to think this through!

I already have.



That should stop the storm.

Regina! What did you do?!


What have you done?!

(Doors creak)

It appears abandoned.

No. Someone's here.

(Arrow whooshes)

(Blade zings)
The first was a warning, milady.

Chivalry and all that.

Who are you?

The name's Robin.

No way.

Robin Hood.

I'd bow but this quiver's rather tight.


What are you doing
trespassing in my castle?

This castle belongs to The Dark One.

It is you who trespasses.

He hasn't been seen
since the queen's curse.

If he ever shows up,
I'll be happy to vacate.

No, no need. In fact you can have it.

I just... I need to look around for a bit.

And who would you be
to grant such title?

In this land, I'm known as Baelfire.

I'm his son.



My apologies.

Go ahead.

You don't want to see I.D.?

Who would claim to be that who wasn't?

Yeah. Good point.

Your father would not stand
for imposters.

He had quite a temper.

You knew my father?

We crossed paths once, yes.

Most crossings with my father
don't end well.

It was touch and go.

He spared my life.

I owe him a debt.

Well, I'm happy to collect.

I'm looking for something he left here.

A magical item.

Well, I'm very sorry to disappoint,

but I arrived shortly after the curse.

The place was cleaned out.

Nothing of any value remains.

Well, thieves and looters would
only take what they could see.

What's magical of a knotted old cane?

It probably belonged to
one of the looters.

No, it belonged to him.

See these markings?

He was keeping track of me growing.


I've handled that walking stick
a dozen times.

It never released
a cloaking spell before.

My father enchanted objects
so that what might be

a useless piece of wood
in the hands of a looter

would become magical in his.

Or in the hands of his only son.

He called it blood magic.

Might not always seem like it,

but family was important
to dear old dad.


What's in there?

Let's find out.

(Waves crashing)


I thought you said
you could outrun a storm!

This isn't a storm.
It's bloody damnation!

(Wind howling)

Why would you do this?

You're going to blame me?

You turned the mermaid into wood!

I did something about it, which
is more than what you can say!

Undo your spell!

Bring back the mermaid!

And what, you'll win her over

with your rainbow kisses
and unicorn stickers?!

Considering that your plan failed,

at least we could try!

You're such a naive princess!

And you are such a...


Uhh. Is that your best?

Not even close!

I am so tired of you ruining my life!

I ruined your life?



Hey, let the slags go.
I need you at the mast.


Don't call my wife a slag! Uhh!

(Both grunting)

Stop it!


Ow! Aah!

(Both grunting)

It's not the mermaid. It's us!


No. If you don't stop fighting,
we're all gonna die!

Don't you see we're causing the storm?!



Stop! You need to listen to me!



- Emma!
(Mary Margaret) - Emma!

Emma! Oh!

(Clank, whoosh)


(Boys shout indistinctly in distance)

Watch out!


(Boy) They're over here!
(Boy shouts indistinctly)

What do we do? Is there
any other way to the echo caves?

No. We're done for.

I'll give em the pixie dust.

Maybe they'll let us live.

You wanna give up?

We don't have a choice.

They got us.

This is the end.

No. It's our way out.

(Cord snaps)

What... what are you doing?

- Getting a running start.
- For what?

Everyone knows pixie dust is for flying.

Don't you remember?
The dust doesn't work.

That's because you have to believe.

I definitely do not believe.

That's okay...

(Cork pops)
Because I do.

- Emma!
- Idiot!

Regina, get her up here!

I... I... I can't! Not in this storm.
I... I can't even see her.

I'll just bring up water
and half her leg.

Wait! She'll drown!

And so will you! Let me help.

Here, tie him.



He has her! Pull!



I've got it.



(David grunts)




(David) Emma?





I told you.

Come out and say hello, dearie.

(Foliage rustles)

Hello, Rumplestiltskin.

Pan welcomes you to the island.

He wanted me to tell you
he is excited to see you again.

Oh, yeah. I'm sure he is.

He wanted me to let you know
you're welcome in Neverland,

for as long as you wish to stay...

With one caveat.

There's always something with him.

If you're here for the boy...


That makes you Pan's enemy.

Then nothing's changed.

If you go against him,
you will not survive.


Well, the question isn't,
will I survive?

Because we both know I won't.

No, no.

The real question is...

How many of you I take with me.

So is that your answer?

That's my answer.

Well, then, I suppose that means
I'll see you again,

in less friendly circumstances.

Count on it.

One last thing.

There's something he wanted you to have.

Isn't it funny...

The things we haven't
thought about in years

still have the ability to make us cry?

(Crying softly)

See you around...

Dark One.

(Footsteps depart)



I spent my entire life
running from magic.

Now it's the only thing
that can help me.

It's not working. Why isn't it working?

Don't think of a place.
Think of her, of Emma,

and more than that,
how you feel about her.


Oh, no.

It can't be.

What's wrong? Isn't she there?

Yes, but that's not Storybrooke.

Emma's in Neverland.

We don't have to do it this way.

I can fix the "Jolly Roger."
My magic is powerful enough.

We can execute the pirate's plan.

Sneak attack? Let's not
be naive. Save your magic.

We'll need it later, because
Pan already knows we're here.

It's time we stop running.
Gold was right.

This land is run on belief.
All of us have been too busy

being at each other's throats
to be believers.

I was as wrong as anyone else.

It's time for all of us to believe...

not in magic,

but in each other.

You wanna be friends?

After everything that's happened
between all of us?

I don't want or expect that.

I know there's a lot of history
here and a lot of hate.

Actually, I quite fancy you
from time to time,

when you're not yelling at me.

We don't need to be friends.

What we need to know is
the only way to get Henry back

is cooperation.

With her? With him?

No, Emma, we have to do this
the right way.

No, we don't.

We just need to succeed.

And the way we do that is
by just being who we are...

a hero, a villain, a pirate.

It doesn't matter which,

because we're gonna need
all those skills,

whether we can stomach them or not.

And what's your skill, "savior"?

I'm a mother,
and now I'm also your leader.

So either help me get my son
back or get out of the way.

(Blade zings)

(Blade zings)

(Both grunt)


See? If you believe,

anything is possible.

You couldn't be more right, Henry.

How... how'd you know my name?

I never told you.

Let's make it a game,

a puzzle to solve.

You lied to me.

You are a lost boy. You work for Pan.

Not exactly.

I am Peter Pan.

But you told Greg and Tamara
that magic was bad,

that you'd help them destroy it.


Because I needed their help.

And it is so much easier
to get people to hate something

than to believe.

Why did you bring me here?

For quite some time,

I've sought something
extremely important,

something more elusive than
the greatest of all mysteries.


The heart of the truest believer.

And when you took
that pixie dust, Henry,

and jumped off that cliff...

(Hollow knock knock)

You proved yourself.

You are the lucky owner
of that very special heart.

And now?

You... and it...

are mine.

(Blade zings)

Come on, boys!

Let's play!