Once Upon a Time (2011–2018): Season 2, Episode 9 - Queen of Hearts - full transcript

28 years ago, Regina enlists the help of Hook to find and kill her mother, the Queen of Hearts, to stop her from traveling to the new world. Meanwhile, in the present, Emma, Snow, Mulan, and Aurora head to Rumpelstiltskin's old cell to retrieve the key to their return to Storybrooke.

Previously in Once Upon A Time

Gold... he says there's a way to stop Cora

where he was locked up.

David ! He's in a enchanted sleep.
Now he's trapped.

We destroyed the wardrobe
Cora brought the ashes together

She's going to use them
to open a portal

There is a magic compass.
Cora is looking for it.

The compass is yours.
Why are you doing this to me now ?

You took a heart,
Now you have a princess

- Cora didn't see me escaping.
- How did you escape ?

Hook, he said that if you?
trusted him

Maybe you could stop Cora together

Can we go to Storybrooke ?

For this we need the compass

Stop !

Food for prisoners

It's not time.
Who are you ?

Identify yourself slave !

Slave ?
I prefer Captain

You must be Belle

The Queen sent you here, right ?

She wants to kill me.

I'm not here to kill you, Love

- But to rescue you.
- rescue me ?

Who are you ?

A friend

We don't have much time

Your father's life is in danger

He has been attacked by the same monster

who took you away from your family


He must be stopped !

You have spend more time with him
than anyone else

There is a room with a magical weapon
that has the power to kill him

No, no let me talk to him

He is not a monster.

Belle, your father's life hangs in the balance

I must find the weapon to save him

no, I don't know what you're talking about

and I don't know how to kill Rumpelstilskin

- you don't?
- no, and why would I?

So, I'm afraid I can't save you

So pretty

and so useless

No .

not useless

She's a valuable chess piece

Do I look like a chess player?

- My Hook, if you please.
- No.

The asking was me being a gentleman.

even a pirate should have
better manners than that.

I know who you are...


I know why you came here from Neverland.

And I know all about the crocodile
you wish to skin.

Then you also know that
I'll stop at nothing.

So dedicated, and resourceful.

No one has been able to fight
their way past my defenses before.

She can't help you to kill
Rumpelstiltskin, Hook

But I can.

If you do something for me.

Wll you join me for a drink?

Things are about to change
in this world.


I have plans to enact a curse...

...that will take everyone
to a far off land.

How will that help me?

This new world...

...it's a land without magic...

...where the Dark one will be
stripped of his powers.

There, you won't need any
magical weapon to kill him.

You can do it.

Tell me what I have to do.

There's one person I don't want
following me to this new land.

You're to see to it
that doesn't happen.

An assassination.

Who is it you want me to dispose of?

My Mother.

The Queen of Hearts.

- Any change?
- No

He's not getting better.

He needs a true love kiss.

only Mary Margaret can wake him up

Until? Well, that's rather
optimistic, isn't it?

What are you talking about ?

They're up against your mother.

The only chance Snow and Emma have

of defeating her is with the squid ink.

Which would be beneficial if we knew
that message was delivered.

But alas, given the prince's condition,
we don't know.

It could be Cora.


And what if we're wrong ?

well, you'd become the only mother of our son

magic is unpredictable here

I cannot lie to him.

Including your son

If you really want to be a mother
better for Henry, protect it,

If you want to be better...

Prove it to me !

Rumplestilskin's cell !

I didn't come here since Regina's curse.

He told us here that
you would become "The Savior"

He knew?
It was prophesied.

Come on

The squid ink ...
Not here.

Gold said
that we have to find it.

Was there someone else with him?
Could they have taken it?

No, he was locked alone.

Visitors were forbidden, too dangerous for any human contact.

He could have gone crazy.

But he was not.

How much do we need?

What does that mean?

He was obsessed by you

You were the key for the curse

We've been looking everywhere,
No trace of the ink

It must be there, he told David so

You've been looking everywhere

Maybe there is something on the label

she's right

- Did you find it?
- In a certain way

There was paint in this cell


What are you doing , Aurora?

She's helping me

No .

Don't waste your energy dear

Rumplestiltskin himself couldn't escape from this cell

Thank you Aurora, We couldn't have done it without you

- How did you?
- How could you?

- No, don't blame her

She was just doing what I told her to

- You took her heart
- The truth,

It is me !

It was a gift

Excuse us,
We would love to stay

But Storybrooke is waiting for us


Please don't do that

My son is in Storybrooke and he needs me

Maybe you should have consider that

when you left me on that bean

You would have done the same thing

In reality, no

Do you know what it is Emma?

The bean from the giant guardian

Yes it is

A pirate always keeps a souvenir from his conquests

but this...

is much more than that,

it's a symbol

something that was once magic, full of hope,

and possibilities

look at it now

dry, dead and useless

just like you

time of bargain is done just like I am

with you

Did something happen to him ?

Is it an emergency ?


They're gone

They're all gone

Yeah, She believed in it,
to gain salvation,

It was their...

Where are they?

Regina and Gold?
What is going on?

All the magic from the mines is gone

A vicious took everything

No one steals from a dwarf

Except the Queen and Rumplestiltskin

If they don't help Emma and Mary Margaret

It means that my mom lied to me

I'm sorry Henry

We have to find her,
We must stop them

We have to help Emma and Mary Margaret

We are trapped Emma

This cell is enchanted to lock Rumplestiltskin

We don't have any chance

- It's my fault
- No, it's mine

Cora stole you heart because I didn't protect you

It's really nice but I think that it's my fault

I'm supposed to be "The Savior" and I didn't save anything...

On peut gagner ce combat, tu le sais ?a ?

Le bien triomphe toujours. C'est se que dis Henry

Je suppose que cet optimisme est de famille

Je pense que sa a sauter une g?n?ration

Tu devrais le savoir mieux que quiconque

Tu as briser la mal?diction

Et depuis, quoi ?

We landed here, I burnt the wardrobe

Cora got the ashes, and now the compass

The reason why I broke the curse

It's because Gold wanted me to do that

I have nothing to do with that

- What are you talking about?
- He told you

that I was "The Savior", it was his plan

That I play this part

Maybe was I fated to do it

At Nostos lake .

We are going through the worlds

Maybe I am just a simple pirate

but I know one thing

Lakes have water

After all that we've lived

Why do you still have doubts about me ?

I told him everything I know

Honor ...

To kill me ...

She should have killed me herself

You will help me.

It has to be your choice.

No !
Emma !

Regina !

Henry !

David !

Thank you .

Seriously Cora, after all this time...

I was right!

You really changed...

Thank you.


It seems that we should update this subject.

You have no idea.

Do you want to eat something at Granny's?
It's on me.

Boy, are you hungry?

I will see you later.


You just gathered the mother and the child.

Maybe one day, they'll invite you for dinner.

I'll see you later.