Once Upon a Time (2011–2018): Season 2, Episode 17 - Welcome to Storybrooke - full transcript

Emma and David enlist Gold's help to protect Mary Margaret from a vengeful Regina while Henry searches for a way to destroy magic in Storybrooke. Meanwhile, back when the spell was originally cast, Regina seeks the company of a father and son who stumble into Storybrooke.

Yeah, there you go. That's it.

Little tighter.

Now, pull the loops as tight as you can.

Yeah! Look at that, huh?

I mean, it's not bad for your first one.

Green and red,
like Luke and Darth's lightsabers.

Hey, here is one for your collection.

Your, uh, grandpa taught me how
to make these when I was your age.

You're giving it to me? It's mine now?

You weren't very good at this when you
were my age, were you?

All right, smart guy.

Yeah, time to get dinner started.

What is that?

Probably an electrical storm.

Put the fire out.

Get in the tent!



We're gonna be all right, kid.


What kind of storm was that?

It's a big one.

The highway
should be just over that ridge,

and then we'll get a ride
to the nearest town.


That's what you get
for camping in the boonies, I guess.

- Dad.
- What?


This is impossible.

We drove through here yesterday,

there was nothing here.

It's like someone dropped a town

right on top of us.

You need some help? You two look lost.

Who are you? What is this place?

Name's Graham. I'm the Sheriff.

Welcome to Storybrooke.

I did it.

I won.

That should hold you.

I cannot believe
you put me on the early shift!

Not my fault you stayed out all night.

When I put "over easy" on the menu,
I was talking about the eggs!

Morning, Madame Mayor.

Good morning... Dr. Hopper.

Beautiful day, isn't it?


Yes, it is.

As we build our bird houses,

what you're making is a home,
not a cage.

A bird is free and will do what it will.

This is for them, not us.

They are loyal creatures.


If you love them, and they love you,

they will always find you.

We'll pick this up after recess.
No running!

Miss Mills. What are you doing here?

Refresh my memory.

How long have you
been a teacher here?


I'm not sure, as long as I can remember.

Come with me.

Why are we in the hospital?

Tell me, do you know this man?


Why? Who is he?

He's a John Doe.

A coma patient. No one's claimed him.

Maybe someday he'll wake up.

Maybe someone
who loves him will find him.

That would be nice for him.

But I wouldn't count on it.

Good morning, Mayor.

That uniform suits you nicely, Sheriff.

So well-fitted.

You want me to come over later?

Hey! You like apple pancakes, too?

Who are you?

Whose child is this?

- Is he yours?
- Mine?

No. I was never so lucky.

He's mine.

You'll have to excuse him, his manners
are a little rough around the edges.

I'm Kurt Flynn.

Sorry to interrupt your breakfast,

but we're looking
to rent a hotel room for the night.

Why would you
need a hotel room?

The same reason
that most people need one.

We need a place to sleep.

Would you excuse me for a moment?


I got a room for you.

Who the hell are those people?

Uh, I don't know. They just showed up.

They were camping in the woods
near the toll bridge.

I was just as surprised to see them
as you are.

I don't like surprises, Sheriff.
I find them threatening.

And do you know what happens
when I feel threatened?

Bad things.

Black always was your color.

I'm here to bury my mother.
So if you've come to gloat...

I came to pay my respects.

We had our differences,

but Cora will always
have a place in my heart.

You killed her to save your own life.

Sadly, desperate times
call for desperate measures.

Like getting Mary Margaret
to trick me into killing my own mother?

You may be able
to hide behind your dagger,

but she can't.

She's going to die for what she did.

Oh, come on.

We both know killing her
will cost you the thing you want most.


Why don't you just give up
this obsession with vengeance?

You know it can never make you happy.

Yes, it will.

You had a whole curse
worth of vengeance

and what did it get you?

A gaping hole in your heart.

That was your curse.

Which you cast.

Still haven't learned your lesson,
have you?

What lesson?

The same one your mother learned
a long time ago.

You can't have everything.

She wanted power,
ripped out her own heart to get it.

You want vengeance?

Henry's the price you'll pay.

Time to cut your losses.


I will have my son.
And I will have my vengeance.

I will find a way to have everything.

- Anything?
- She won't eat a bite.

What's wrong with her?

Nothing. She's just a little sick.

You guys are lying to me, aren't you?

No one's lying.

You are. Just like you did about my dad.

Henry, I...

He's right. No more lying.


He deserves to know.

Here's the thing, Henry.

Cora's death,

Mary Margaret
was partially responsible for it.

And that's why she's so upset.

- No. No, she couldn't.

She was trying to protect us.

But she's Snow White.
She wouldn't hurt anybody.

Get out!

I think you're gonna want to hear
what I have to say.

For her sake.

What are you talking about?

Regina. She's planning to strike back
against your mother.

What is she gonna do to her?

Well, she didn't say.

No. You don't get to come in here
and just drop a bomb like that.

You're gonna figure this out.
And you're gonna help us.

And why should I?

Because, aside from us
being family now,

Mary Margaret saved your life.

Now you owe her a debt.

And you always pay your debts,
don't you?

You're gonna help us stop Regina.

Thank you, it was really good.

You're in my seat.

- Sorry, Miss... Mills.
- Mills.

Mayor Mills. I always sit in that seat.

But I'm already sitting here.

I, uh... I just spoke with our mechanic.

He assured me that your car
will be repaired by the end of the week.

Really? He told me it would take
at least two weeks

just to get the parts.

Well, things tend to get done quickly
when the Mayor asks for them.

And I'd hate to keep you
from getting home to...

New Jersey. Home of the Boss.


Anyway. Thank you, your Mayor-ness.

Mayor. Whatever.

We really appreciate it.

Let's go.

What's this?

It's a gift, for letting me sit in your seat.

For me?

Maybe this time you won't fall.

This is the last time
I'm working the early shift!

Good morning, Madame Mayor.

Beautiful day, isn't it?

Oh, Madame Mayor, I'm so sorry.

You should be!
Watch where you're going next time.


Beautiful day.

Save it.


Mayor Mills, I am so sorry.

I ran into you. Why are you apologizing?

No. I should have been looking
where I was going.

You're not even going to fight back?

Fight back? Why would I do that?

I'm not happy.

I believe Dr. Hopper's office
is down the street.

I don't want to talk to him.
I want to talk to you.

Very well, Madame Mayor,
what is it you want to talk about?

This town. This isn't the deal we made.

I'm sorry,
I don't know what you're talking about.

You don't, do you?

I was supposed to be happy here.

Well, forgive me,
but, um, you're the Mayor.

You're the most powerful woman
in the town.

What is there to be unhappy about?

Everyone in this town
does exactly what I want them to!

And that's a problem?

Well, they do it because they have to,
not because they want to.

It's not real.

I'm sorry, what exactly is it you want?

Nothing you can give me.

Hello, Kurt?

Mayor Mills.

Good, you're still here.

I would love to see Owen
before you leave.

Would you two
like to come over for dinner tonight?


Where is it?

Thank you, Mommy.

Well, it appears
we just missed our dear Queen.

What is this?

These are Cora's belongings.

Looks like Regina's planning to use
one of her spells on Mary Margaret.

Something's missing.

Chimera blood, and viper's eye.

And what kind of curse
do you need those for?

It's the Curse of the Empty-Hearted.

What the hell does that do?

In theory, it has the power
to make someone love you.

Doesn't that break magic laws?

You can't bring someone back to life.
You can't force someone to love you.

Yeah, but this particular spell can
make someone think that they love you.

And if you're as desperate for love
as Regina appears to be,

you might just believe it.

She's gonna use it on me, isn't she?

Hey, buddy,
why don't you go back upstairs?

- Let us handle this.
- No!

Emma, you said
you were gonna be honest with me.

Now, why is Regina using this curse?

Because it's the only way
she can get everything she wants,

that she can get you.

But if all she wants is me...

Your mother is a complicated woman.
She wants your love, of course.

But she also wants vengeance
on Mary Margaret.

How does the curse give her both?

Because the last ingredient she needs
to enact the curse

is the heart of the person
she hates the most.

You have to stop her.

No, I don't have to do anything.

On the contrary,
I believe warning you fulfills my debt.

Not even close.
This is my wife's life we're talking about!

Not to mention your grandson's.

Yeah, well, wars have costs.


Well, this is a blood feud, dearie.

One that goes back
a very, very long time.

And the only way
you can end a blood feud

is by the spilling of more blood.

That is the only way I know
to eliminate your Regina problem.

By what? Killing her?

Is there no other option?

I'm afraid not.

Stop! Listen to yourselves!

You're talking about killing my mom.

You used to be heroes.
What happened to you?


No matter how this plays out,

we need to keep him
as far away from it as possible.

She's right.

Cora was dangerous
because she didn't have a heart.

Regina's even more dangerous
because she does.

This is really delicious lasagna,
isn't it, Owen?

Not really.


It's okay.
I know I'm not the greatest cook.

Unless it involves apples.

Speaking of which,

how would you like to help me
make turnovers for dessert?

There's a bunch of apples
sitting out in the sink.

Why don't you go
pick out some good ones?

Owen is a bit of a free spirit.
He gets it from his mom.

Is she back in New Jersey?
With the Boss.

With the...

She, uh...

She passed away six months ago.

I'm sorry.

That's why I brought him here, actually.

I thought that camping,
new surroundings,

maybe that'd help him
take his mind off things, but...

I came here looking to start over, too.

It hasn't turned out
quite the way I'd hoped.

Why not?

What good's a new life if you don't
have anyone to share it with?

I thought we were making dessert!


So, how come you're not a mom?

Just didn't work out that way, I guess.

That's too bad.

You'd be really good at it.

Thank you, Owen.

So, how much longer?

Patience. They're almost done.

And how are you liking
Storybrooke so far?

It's way better than New Jersey.

You don't miss your home?
Your friends?

I hate it there.

All the kids at my school
treat me weird now.

Because of what happened
to your mother?

Nobody gets it. It's like...

There's a piece of your heart missing?

How's dessert coming?


Owen and I were just talking, and,

I know this might sound crazy,

but how would you two feel

about sticking around town
a little longer?

Uh, "Stick around"? As in?

Move here.

I can get you a job with the city,
and there's a great school for Owen.

Please, Dad. Can we?

It can be a chance for a new start.


Look, I appreciate everything
you've done for us,

but our life is in New Jersey.

It's not here.

Of course.

Why did you bring me here?
I don't wanna talk to you.

You don't have to.

Hey, buddy! Saved you a seat.

- I'm gonna get a coffee.
- Yeah.

Here you go.
One large sundae, extra everything.

Thanks, Ruby.

Extra everything?


You think I don't know a bribe
when I see one?

That obvious, huh?

So, what do you want?

Well, your mom told me
about what's been going on,

and we thought that Storybrooke

might not be the safest place
for you right now.

So I was thinking,
why don't we go to New York?

New York?

Well, Regina can't cast that curse
if you're in New York.

There's no magic there.

Somebody should find a way
to get rid of magic here.

My mom wouldn't be able
to cast the curse.

My family wouldn't wanna kill her.
It'd solve everything.

Yeah, you know what? You're right.

But until then,
why don't you come with me?

Thanks, Ruby.

Excuse me?

Um, could I get this sandwich
wrapped up to go?

I was thinking about going on a hike.

A hike, huh?

Well, Dr. Whale said it'd be good
for me to get on my feet.

And, plus, I'm kind of
a nature photography nerd.

I just thought you'd be back in
Pennsylvania by now.

This town's starting to grow on me.

Thank you very much.

How did it go?

Went good, he said yes.


Yeah, he's in the bathroom
right now, just...

Then we're gonna go home and pack.

Not bad for day three as a dad,
if I do say so myself.

Wait, where's his backpack?

Well, I don't know. He took it with him.

To the bathroom?

Did you really fall for that?
He's your son.

He's running.

Nice try, dearie.

Did you really think
it was gonna be that easy?

He can't be your guard dog forever.

So, what can I do to help,
Madame Mayor?

Kurt Flynn's car.

Yeah, the one you asked me to fix ASAP.

Yes. Plans have changed.

I now need Mr. Flynn and his son
to stay a while longer.

Perhaps you can take
a couple extra days with the repairs?

Yeah, I'm afraid that Mr. Flynn
already picked the car up.

What? When?

Ten minutes ago.

Sheriff, our visitors
are driving out of Storybrooke.

Find them before
they cross the town line,

pull the car over,
and arrest the father for drunk driving.

Then bring the boy to me.



That wasn't what it sounded like.

I don't want any trouble.
I just came by to say thank you, and...

Wait, it was just a misunderstanding.

No, I understood. We're leaving.

I'm not going to hurt him.
Please don't leave.

Whoa, mate, you're not going anywhere.

What are you doing?

I'm afraid you're under arrest
for driving under the influence.

What, drunk? I'm not drunk,
and I sure as hell haven't been driving!

- Don't make this harder on yourself.

What did you do to him?

She's controlling you.

I don't know how,
but she had this glowing thing.

It was shaped like a heart.
Don't listen to her.

And you say you haven't been drinking?

What was that?

Dad, what's wrong?

We gotta get outta here.


- Hey, kid, you all right?
- Yeah.

What are you doing out here
all by yourself, huh?

Boy Scout. Trying to get a merit badge.

What are you doing out here?

I'm hiking.

And I'm taking pictures
of Maine's scenic beauty.

The hiking trail's that way.

Okay. Thanks. Um...

Huh. Is it Henry?

Well, good luck with your merit badge.


Down here.

He was in here.

Why would an 11-year-old kid
run away to the mines?

Wouldn't be the first time.

I think I know what he was looking for.

The dynamite the dwarfs use
for blasting.

What the hell
would he want dynamite for?

To get rid of magic.

Wait, what?

At the diner, he said
someone should get rid of magic.

What, so he's gonna blow it up?

But where would he even go to do that?


Hi, is this Henry's mother?

Who's asking?

- My name's Greg Mendell.
- Who?

The guy that crashed his car
outside of town.

See, I was out here hiking in the woods,

and he was by the White Pine Trail.
And he was all by himself.

What was he doing out there?
Is he okay?

I don't know, he ran off.

But he seemed a little upset,

and I just thought that you would
want to know, that's all.

I'm on my way.

What's going on, Dad?
What do they want?

We're gonna get out of here!

- Come on!
- Dad!

- Look out!
- Dad!

Faster, Dad!

I think we lost them.


All right, listen to me.

Run into the woods.
Get as far away as you can.

You call your uncle. Go.

No. Not without you.

There's a reason I gave you that.

Because as long as you have it,
I'll always be with you.

You can do this. So do it.

Run! Go! Go! Run!

You may have this whole town
wrapped around your finger,

but not my son!
You can't force him to stay with you!


Don't stop! Run! Run!

It's okay, I'm not going to hurt you.

Why are you doing this?

I just want you to stay with me.

You said you liked it here.
You want to stay here, don't you?

Not like this.

I'm sorry.

I just wanted us to be happy.

Run, Owen.


What are you doing?

I'm getting rid of magic.

It's ruining everything.
And you can't stop me.

All that's gonna do is get you killed.

You just say that
because you need magic.

So you can cast that curse on me.

I can't lose you, Henry.
You mean too much to me.

Then don't cast the curse.

Don't kill Mary Margaret.

Henry, she has to pay.

The curse,
it won't make me love you for real.

It'll be fake.

But it will be something.

I know it's hard for you
to understand right now, but you'll see.

We can be happy.

We can have everything.

Not like this.

Hey! Regina! Get away from my son!

He's not yours, he's mine.

And after I cast this,
you'll never see him again.

That's never gonna happen.

If you wanna kill Mary Margaret,
you're gonna have to go through us.


- Stop!
- Henry, get out of the way!

Not until someone
helps me destroy magic!

There's no way to get rid of it.
You can't just blow it up.

Magic isn't the problem, kid. It's her.

It's not just her, it's everyone!

Look what magic did to Mary Margaret.

Look at what it did to you!

It's ruining everything.

It makes good people do terrible things.

And bad people.

Please. It's gonna destroy my family.

Help me get rid of it.

I can't do that, Henry.

But there is something I can do.

- Thank you.

Here! This is where they took my dad.

There's nothing here, kid.

No, no. This is where Storybrooke was,
by this rock.

Son, there isn't a town
called Storybrooke anywhere in Maine.

You don't believe me?

Look, now, you've been through a lot.


I'll find you, Dad!

I promise. I'll never stop looking!

Come on, son. Come on, let's go.

- It's okay.


That was your husband.

It seems that Henry convinced Regina
to destroy the curse.

Which means my services
are no longer required.

How do you do it?

Do what?

Live with yourself?

Knowing all the bad things you've done.

Well, you tell yourself
you did the right thing.

And if you say it often enough,

one day you might actually believe it.


Kill me.


Regina, we have been fighting
for so long.

It's cost us so much,

it has to end before anyone else dies.

So, please,

just do it.

Henry would never forgive me.

But do you know what my problem is?

I never learn from my mistakes.



Do you see that?

What did you do to it?

Oh, I didn't do that. You did it.

You darkened yourself.

No! No! No!


And once you blacken your heart,
it only grows darker,

and darker.

Trust me, I know.

So crush it. Do it, crush it.
Get it over with.

And put you out of your misery?

I don't need to destroy you.
You're doing it to yourself.

And along the way, you'll bring down

that perfect little family
you fought so hard to reunite.

And then Henry will be mine.

Please kill me.

- Please, just kill me.
- You see?

I can have everything.

Thanks to you.

Now, get off my porch!

I'll find you, Dad.

I promise.