Once Upon a Time (2011–2018): Season 2, Episode 15 - The Queen Is Dead - full transcript

Hook hunts down Gold in New York and Mary Margaret learns of Regina and Cora's plan for the dagger, as flashbacks show a young Snow White faced with a difficult choice when her mother falls ill.

Previously on "Once Upon A Time"...

- Where's Rumplestiltskin gone?
- Do you really think

you can just stab him
in the heart with your sword?

I prefer my hook,
but I can't find that now.

With the dark one gone,
we can search for his dagger.

(Emma) Here's your boy.

(Siren wailing in distance)

- Neal?
- Emma?

Get out of my apartment!

Neal. Emma, I got this.

You two know each other. How?

- Mom, what's going on?
- Is this my son?

A young boy will lead you to him.

(Whispers) The boy will be your undoing.

Then I'll just have to kill him.

(Indistinct conversations)

(Woman) Let's be certain

she's seated as far away
from the Duke as possible,

for the Duchess' sake.

Yes, ma'am.

Do you like it?

Oh, my dear Snow.

You are an absolute vision.

You are gonna be the talk of the ball,

and not just because
it's for your birthday.

(Both laugh)

Come. I can hardly believe
you're growing up so fast.


Which reminds me.

I have a gift for you.

It was my mother's once

and her mother's before that,

and soon it will be yours.

(Woman) Johanna.

(Gasps) Oh! Oh, Your Majesty.

Oh, please forgive me.
I just wanted to see...

How dare you?

That's mine.

It's not for a servant.

It was my mistake.

- Servants don't wear crowns.
- Enough.

- I'm sorry, Your Majesty...
- No, I was talking to Snow.


I thought I raised you
better than that, Snow.

It doesn't matter whether
one is a servant or royalty.

Everyone in the kingdom
deserves our love and respect.

- But she took my tiara...
- She apologized.

And it isn't yours yet.

Your Majesty, it's all right.

You're kind, Johanna,

but Snow must learn.

My dear, we are all the same.

But I thought we were royals.

We are,

but that doesn't make us better
than anyone else.

The upcoming ball, for instance...

can you tell me what it's for?

It's to honor me on my birthday.


It's for you to honor them

by showing them you will be
a kind and benevolent leader

when that time comes.


When you are crowned with this
on your birthday,

it will be a symbol

that you will always
hold goodness in your heart

and rule justly.

Now do you understand?

I do, mother.

It's beautiful.


And it's heavier than it looks.

(Gasps) - Your Majesty!
(Gasps) - Mother!

- I'm fine.
- No, no. You are not.

Come. There.

I'm getting the doctor.

(Breathing heavily)

(Whispers) I'm fine, dear.

What are you doing?

I'm making breakfast.


I'm hungry.

You think I don't know what you're doing.

We talked about this. We had a deal.

(Dishes clatter)
I know. I know.

But with the curse broken,

I thought maybe
you would change your mind.

Well, I didn't.

What's this?

Birthday present.

No, I told you... it's not from me.

No one else knows.

Apparently someone does,
No one else knows.

Apparently someone does,

and they also think you should celebrate.

It was left outside the door this morning.

What is it?

I thought that was lost
when the curse hit.

I thought that was lost
when the curse hit.


(Voice breaks)
So did I.




I didn't know she was in Storybrooke.

I didn't know she was in Storybrooke.

Neither did I.

After the curse,
you were gone for a while.

You know, we're all
still finding each other.

It hasn't been easy.

I have to go.

Okay. Hey.

Happy Birthday.

Thank you for understanding.

You should go. It's getting
late. You have to go to work.

I know. I just...

I just wish this day made you happier.

I know, but we both know it can't.

(Door closes)


(Switch clicks)


(Crowbar clanks)

(Keys jangle)

Apologies, mate,

but I think you have something of mine.




(Clank and click)

Once Upon A Time S02E37
"The Queen is Dead"



It's "Mary Margaret" here.

No. You will always be my dear Snow.


I never thought I'd see you again.

Or this.

Oh. I came across it in Mr. Gold's shop,

and I knew how much it meant to you.

I knew you had to have it.

(Whispers) Thank you.


I haven't seen those flowers
in a long time.

They reminded me of you,

because they could survive
the harshest winter,

and you were born during
the harshest one of all.

That's why she named me "Snow."

I thought keeping this garden

would be a nice way to honor her.

It is.

(Voice breaks)
I miss her, too.


Oh, you.

(Rustle, wings flapping)

What was that?

- Stay here. I'm sure it was nothing.
- Snow...

No, no, please.
Please, just stay here. I'll be right back.

(Dirt sifting)

(Shovel thuds)

(Paper rustling)

And you're sure this is where
we're supposed to dig?


Hook marked it clearly.

Rumplestiltskin's dagger is here.

Unless Hook lied to us.

Well, then this map is useless.

Gold is the only one who can translate it.

Oh, don't worry, sweetheart.

Hook could've saved us
a lot of effort with honesty,

but the truth is, we don't need anyone.

I can reconstruct the map.
It'll just take a bit more time.

And when we find it, I promise you,

I'll use that dagger to force The Dark One

to kill anyone you like.

(Footsteps approach)


David?! David!

Oh! David?

(Inhales deeply)
What happened?


(Strained voice) He ambushed me.

Are you hurt?

I'm fine.

It's not me he wants. It's Gold...

and his hook.

Yeah, I'm gonna enjoy
throwing his ass in jail.

Hook isn't the problem, David.

- Tell that to my head.
- It's Regina.

She's been lying to us.

She's working with Cora
to find Gold's dagger.

The dagger controls him.

If Cora gets it,

she can force Gold and all
his power to do her bidding.

Or... become The Dark One herself.

Neither one of those options sounds good.

Lucky for us, we can call the man himself.

(Dialing) He's with Emma.

I already tried it. Sent a message.

(Hangs up receiver)
Well, we can't just wait.

No, we have to buy time until
they call us back or return.



She doesn't trust her mother. Never has.

If we can put some doubt in her
about Cora's motives,

it might slow them down.

And you think she'll just trust you?

Well, she doesn't need to trust me.

She just has to listen to me.

And I know how to get her to do that.

So, uh...

- You like pizza?
- Yeah.

L-let me guess.

You're gonna tell me the best pizza's
in New York and I gotta try it, right?

Actually, it's in the Kingdom of Damarian

on the north shore of
the Dragon Fields of Zorn.

Nah, it's in New York.

Here, let's get you a slice.

So you're really from there?

Yeah, I am.

Do you think that we should...

If we were welcome, I feel confident

an invitation would have been extended.

It's a sad truth that
the people closest to us

are the ones capable
of causing us the most pain.

That's our common ground, Ms. Swan.

Guess my lying to him
just caught up with me.

Ah, give him time. He'll forgive you.

Is that you projecting your own hopes?


My son and I have some way to go.

I can see that.

I need you to speak to him.

Try and convince him to come
back to Storybrooke with us.

If I recall, it was
only one favor I owed you,

and I think I'm paid up.

This isn't about me anymore.
You'll do it for Henry.

How do you figure that?

Well, because if you don't,

you're gonna wake up
one morning and discover

he's hopped on a bus back to New York.

He ran away to Boston to be with you.

He'll do the same thing for his father.

Until Neal lets him down,

which he will.

It'll be a hard lesson, but then at least

Henry will understand
that I lied to protect him.

Someone's beginning to sound
a lot like Regina.

I think the real reason you lied
was to protect yourself.

What's that supposed to mean?
From getting hurt again.

That's not happening.

You want a second chance with that man.

What makes you think that?

The look on your face.

You have no idea what...

What are we talking about?

Emma, Neal wanted to show me the museum.

Do you think we can go back to
the apartment and get my camera?

Yeah, well, I... kids like culture, right?

Sure. Yeah, that's fine.

You like the New York pizza?

Yeah. It's delicious, cheesy,
and doesn't lie.

(Door bells jingle)

(Indistinct conversations)

So how is Henry? Is he okay?

He's fine. Everything's fine.

What'd he say?

I didn't actually talk to him.

(Sighs) Then why am I here?

Because I know you've been lying,

and I thought it was time
we talked about it.

I don't know what you're talking about.
No, no, no, no.

No more lying.

I know you've been with your mother.

I know you're looking for the dagger.

What I'm doing is my business.

There's a war starting, Regina.

That much is clear, yes.

Lucky for you,

you've earned enough good will with me

to give you one last chance,

a chance to choose the right side...

the side of good.

Have you ever considered
that maybe, perhaps...

I am good?

I was always The Queen.

It was you who added "Evil" to my name.

Good doesn't do what you do.


Regina, why go back to being this way

after how hard you tried?

And what did it get me?

Dinner with a bunch of hypocrites

who pretend they'll forgive me, when...

In their hearts, they know...

They never will.

You're giving me the chance?

How about I give you one?

Stay out of my way.

Listening to your mother is
a mistake, Regina. (Scoffs)

Because listening to you
will work out so much better.

She doesn't care about Henry.

All she wants is power.

Power is how you get things.

She doesn't care about you.


And what would you know about mothers?

(Footsteps retreat)

(Door bells jingle)

Do you know what's wrong with her?

Not yet, my dear.

But I have hope that we shall know soon.

Then she'll be all right?



You should call for The King immediately.

W-what... what message shall I give him?

That whatever business
he's attending to can wait.

He should be at his wife's side.

We'll cancel the ball

and turn it into a celebration...

Once you're better.

We can't cancel your birthday.

It'll be fine.

I will be well by then.

I want to see you walking in
in that tiara.


(Voice breaks)
I don't care about my birthday.

All I care about is you.


- Johanna.
- Snow.

(Continues coughing)
Let's leave your mother alone, hmm?

It's all right. She needs her rest.

- Come.
- Mother?

(Inhales deeply, coughs)

What's going to happen to her?

(Voice breaks)
Is she going to die?



(Whispers) Shh. Shh.

I don't know.

I don't want to lose her.

We must hope the doctor...

He doesn't even know
what's wrong with her.

How can we place hope in him?

(Whispers) There has to be
something that can save her.

(Continues crying)

Maybe there is.


If medicine can't cure The Queen...

perhaps magic can.


(Whispers) Magic?


Your mother has a confidant...

someone few know about.

Someone schooled
with the most powerful of magic.

I'm not really supposed
to even know of this.

Please, Johanna.

There is a benevolent fairy
who can grant a person's wish

if their heart is true.

Mine is.

I swear.

Where do I find this fairy?

Tonight, go into the woods
where the sky is clearest.

Wish upon the blue star...

and she will appear to you.

(Horn blares)

So should I call you "grandpa" now?

Call me whatever you'd like.

(Neal) He's a good kid.


Hey, I'm trying my best here.

I know. We all are.

It's just, we're gonna have to
go back to our home.

I'm just gettin' to know him.

Well, then maybe...

Maybe you should come with us.

To Storybrooke? I've seen your apartment.

You don't got a lot going on here.

Looks can be deceiving.


There's something I've been
meaning to tell you.

It's complicated.

So, Neal,

do you think we can take the subway?

Yeah. Sure. Of course.

Let's go get that camera.

Come on.

Here. I got it.

(Gate door squeaks and clanks)

(Neal) So after this, maybe Times Square.

So, uh, did you talk to him?

He said it's complicated.

Oh, I see.

Well, maybe he just needs some time.
I don't know. (Door opens)

- Oh!
- Uhh!

(Gate rattles)

- Aah!
- Uhh!



Time's up, Crocodile.

You took Milah,

my love, my happiness.


And for that, I now take your life.


(Clank) Uhh!

(Stand clatters)

Gold, are you all right?

What the hell is going on?

(Gasping) One of your
dad's enemies found us.

(Whispers) Hook.

You know him?


(Whispers) Papa?

(Gold grunting)
Found a storage room

and locked our stab-happy pirate in there.

He shouldn't be causing
anyone else any problems.

And get this... he had a map on him.

It looks like he sailed his ship here.

How'd he get a pirate ship into New York?

It's cloaked.

Don't worry.
He's not gonna hurt any of us.

But is Mr. Gold gonna be okay?

(Breathing heavily)
Henry, he's gonna be fine.


Mr. Gold, are you all right?

(Lowered voice)
You stay away from me!

You caused this. You brought us back here.

You did this! (Gasps)

(Groans) Hey, kid.

The battery's dead. Go in the other room

- and see if you can find a charger, okay?
- Okay.

Oh, man. We gotta get him to an E.R. fast.

No, it's pointless.

What the hell is that?

(Strained voice)
It's poison.

It's one of Hook's own making.

There's no antidote in this world.

It's... it's not from here.

Hey. Hey, hey. There's gotta be
some way we can save you.

There is. There is. Storybrooke.
There's magic there now.

- We need to get him back.
- I'll get a car.

No, no, no. We don't have time.
We need something faster.

The Captain's ship.

The "Jolly Roger" instead of a car?

It's the fastest vessel in all the realms.

Well, that's great,
but who's gonna captain it

since the only guy qualified
wants you dead?

I can do it.

(Exhales sharply)

(Lowered voice)
Yeah. I can do it.

You know how to sail a pirate ship?

Yeah. I do.

(Gears shift, engine turns off)

Mother Superior! We need your help.

I know. Something's wrong.

I sense a great deal
of dark magic has been expelled.

That's why we're here.

Cora and Regina are trying
to find Gold's dagger.

So they may control The Dark One.

We're hoping your magic
will find the dagger first.

Please, Mother Superior,
you're our only hope.

(Crickets chirping)

Is that the star?
(Owl hooting)

Or is it that one?

Worry not, Snow White.

I have found you.

(Wings flapping)

The Blue Fairy.

I knew you'd come, but...

I didn't even make my wish yet.

Well, I know when I'm needed.

Your mother, The Queen, is sick.

Yes. And if you don't help her
with magic, she'll die.

I can tell that you love your
mother very much, Snow White.

But fairy magic is
the purest magic of all.

And, alas, cheating death
is the darkest of undertakings.

(Whispers) Please.

(Voice breaks) You can't just let her die.

It is the way of the world.

(Whispers) There has to be
something you can do.



There is.

You're just not telling me.

(Whispers) What is it?


I may be able to conjure a remedy

using a type of magic
that is forbidden to fairies,

except under the most dire
of circumstances.

You must promise to keep this
a secret. No one must ever know.


Yes, anything.

(Whispers) Just help her.


This candle is infused with magic

that can save your mother's life.

But all magic,
especially magic this powerful,

comes with a price.

What is it?

In order for one to live,

another must die.

I don't understand.

To salvage a life beyond hope

means breaking the laws of nature.

So if you are to save a life...

Then you must lose one in return.

But who must die?

That is for you to decide.

You must hold this candle
over the heart of your sacrifice

and whisper their name.

And when the candle is lit,

that person's life will be
traded for your mother's.

All she ever wanted was for me to be good.

I can't trade
someone else's life for hers.

Then I'm afraid she will die.


(Grunts and sighs)

What are you doing?

Getting us a car.

I thought you were suddenly a pirate

and were gonna take a ship.

Yeah, well, we still gotta
get his ass to the ship.

- So you know Hook?
- It's a long story.

Short version is

is this world wasn't
my first stop when I left home.


If it was, I'd be a couple
hundred years old by now.

(Cell phone rings)

That should be our ride. Hang tight.


(Neal) Hey, listen...

- Emma, you need to see this.
- What is it, kid?

It's a text from David and Mary Margaret.

You need to read it now.

Bad news, Gold.

What, worse than incurable poison?

I don't know. You tell me.

You got a dagger hidden
somewhere in Storybrooke

that's the source of all your power?

(Breathes deeply)
Get to your point.

Cora's after it.
The only way to stop her is

have David and Mary Margaret
get to it first.

Yeah, let Cora try.

You can't seriously
be willing to risk this,

not with your son coming back
with you to Storybrooke.

Ms. Swan,

that dagger has not left
my possession for centuries.

It's not about to now.

Here's the thing.

You're dying...

and right now we are your best hope.

Time's come for you to start
trusting someone.

If I were you, I'd start with family.

(Exhales sharply)



(Electricity crackling)




He's cast a protection spell.

Well, then we need to try
something equally powerful.

Dark magic?

(Scoffs) Dear, you don't know
what you're saying.

Cora can't get that dagger.

If dark magic is the only thing

that can break that protection spell,

we need to make an exception and use it.

(Lowered voice)
Just like you told me once before.

What? I never told you any such thing.

Look, I kept your secret.

(Cell phone rings)

Everybody hold on.


He told you where it is?



(Sobs) I'm sorry.

I've done an awful thing.


What is it?

I went to The Blue Fairy

and begged her to help,

to save you with magic.

But what she gave me?


it was dark magic.

A candle that could restore your life

by taking away someone else's.

It was the only way.

But I couldn't do it.

(Inhales deeply)

I'm sorry.
(Exhales deeply)

I could've healed you.

But I was too afraid.



that wasn't fear.

That was strength...

strength to resist darkness.

I am so proud of you.

But now you won't get better.

We all reach a moment in our lives

where we are not meant to get better.

And with or without me,


you will be a great queen.



don't leave me.

As long as you hold the spirit
of goodness in your heart,

I shall never leave you.

(Inhales deeply)



(Whispers) Oh, no.

No. (Sniffles)


(Elevator whirring)

It's here!

A clever hiding place
for a very clever man.


We did it.

The dark one finally can be controlled.

Indeed he can be.

But by whom?


You're too late.

Actually, it seems that
we found you just in time.

I told you to pick your side carefully.

Good has won, just as it always does.

(Laughs) I think the day's
finally come, my darling Snow,

for you to learn a long overdue lesson.



(Gasps) You see, in the end,

it isn't good or evil that wins...

but power.

(Gasps) - Uhh!
- Aah!

(Squish) Aah!

Your choice.

(Clock hand ticks)

It's time, Snow.

Today was supposed to be
a day of celebration.

And the kingdom needs you more than ever.

They will find strength
through your goodness.

Where will I find my strength?

Where you always have...

from your mother.

(Exhales deeply)

She was right.

It is heavy.



(Whispers) I miss you...

so much.

(Crying softly)

It's over, my dear.

(Whispers) It's time to let her go.


I hate that outfit.

Don't know how that fairy stands it.

As for you...

poison looks good on you.

And death is most certainly your color.



You raised her well.

My daughter doesn't love me
the way yours does you.

Snow would've been a great ruler someday,

but that'll never happen because
my daughter will be Queen,

and all yours will be left with
is knowing how i've felt,

how it feels

to be the Miller's daughter.

I'll turn Snow White's heart
black as coal.

That candle won't be her final test.

And once I've darkened her soul,

it won't just be you I've destroyed.

It'll be your legacy.


Do not harm her.

- She has nothing to do with this.
- Of course she does.

- Whatever they want, Snow, don't
give it to them. - Quiet, handmaid.

Mother, watch out.


Leave me, Snow!


Enough of this. Surrender the dagger.

We all know you'll follow
your mother's example,

no matter the cost.

All she ever wanted
was for you to be good.

Those words... where did you hear
those words?

Where do you think?

The Blue Fairy made me swear

never to speak of that candle again.

Not because it was a secret...

(Lowered voice)
but because it wasn't her.

The dagger, dear.

She didn't give me that candle.

You did.

My mother wasn't sick at all, was she?

Oh, she was quite sick.

You did all of this.

(Voice breaks)
You killed my mother.

Actually, the candle would've worked.

You could've saved her.

But you knew I wouldn't.


Why did you take her from me?

To make my daughter The Queen.

Hand over the dagger.

No. No.

I will not let you win. Not again!

You've already lost your mother.

How many connections to her
do you have left?

Not many, I'd wager.
If we give up the dagger, we can still win.

Let me go, Snow. It's all right.


What would she say
if she could see you now?

If she wasn't dead.

(Continues groaning)

The dagger, dear.


(Breathes deeply)


Such a good girl.

You have what you came for.



Not quite everything.


Well, there you go.

You see where good gets you?




It's nice to be back.

Hiding is quite wearisome.

I like what you've done with the place.

I'm so happy you approve.

What is it, my love? You're troubled.

You never told me about
your history with Snow's mother.

I spared you that burden,

like any good parent would do.

You didn't think I deserved
to know exactly what it took

for me to become Queen?

Now you know.

That day at the stables,
when I rescued her?

That wasn't an accident, was it?

Regina, sweetie,

it's time for your riding lesson.

Mother, I have no lesson today.

Oh, I thought you'd be happy.

I arranged for you to have
more time with Rocinante.

Of course. Thank you.

I'll send the stable boy
for my saddle right away.

(Regina) You made sure
i'd be in the pastures

when Snow rode past.

I'm so tired of these endless journeys.

Your father the king is a lonely man.

But have faith.

Someday, his wanderings will end.

You had to make sure
when I met Snow White...

(Loud crack)

(Whinnies loudly)

...her father would be searching
for a new Queen.

Help me!

- Help!
- Shh. Someone's here.

Someone help me!


And what does this knowledge
change for you?


That you won, mother.

I am The Queen.

And if that's what you wanted so badly,

why do you need
Rumplestiltskin's dagger now?

You're worried my interests are
no longer aligned with yours.

My only interest now is Henry.

And I've told you, you'll have him.

But how?

Now that Mary Margaret and David
know we have the dagger,

we can't use Gold to kill them
without Henry finding out.

Have patience, my love.

By the time Rumplestiltskin returns,

Emma Swan and the rest of them
will be nothing more

than a vaguely unpleasant memory,

and Henry will be yours.

(Neal) It should be one more block west.

Once we get the car,
what do we do about Hook?

I don't know. He made his way to New York.

I'm sure he could make his way
out of a basement.

You have a problem leaving him behind?

- Actually, I've done it before.
- Great.

I have to admit, after some
of the things you've said,

I'm surprised you'd rally
to his side like this.

There's a difference between
running away from your father

and watching him die in front of you.

He might be a monster, but he's my blood.

What happens when he's healed?

I don't know.

Forgiveness ain't something
I think is possible with him.

But somewhere inside you,
you hope someday it will be.

Life's full of surprises, isn't it?

Well, no matter what,

it'll be nice for Henry
to be around you a little bit,

even if it is just for a visit.

Here's our car.

Please tell me we are not gonna
hotwire this thing.

(Keys jangle)
No. Uh...

it belongs to a friend.

That's a generous friend.

Yeah, about that. Um...

We need to finish
our conversation from earlier.

There's something
you need to know about me

before we get on the ship.



Thank God I caught you.

- What are you doing here?
- Oh! I don't know. I...

Maybe I got a little worried
after talking to you.

You can't just say you're...
you're leaving town for a while.

Hey. Yeah, listen.
Ev... everything's fine, okay?

- I promise.
- Great, sweetie.

Just tell me what's going on.


I'm Tamara.


She's my fiancee.

It was a beautiful service.

That never should've happened.

Johanna was an innocent.

You can't blame yourself.


You did the best you could do
in an impossible situation.

And yet Regina's family
mausoleum remains untouched.

Mary Margaret...

I've followed the same rule
my entire life...

hold on to goodness.

It's what my mother taught me.

How many more lives
is following that lesson

going to take away from me?

You can't let Cora make you
lose faith in who you are...

someone who does the right thing.

You know, that's exactly what she wants.

I made the "right" decision

when I stopped Regina's execution

all those years ago...

When it could've saved us
all of this heartache.

I made the "right" decision

when I sent Emma
through the wardrobe alone,

and we didn't see her first steps.

I made the "right" decision

when I let my own mother die
from Cora's poison.

And we keep beating them.

At what cost?

All I want is our happy ending.

It's time.

We've earned it.

No more lives lost.

No more hearts broken.

The dagger...

It's useless until Gold returns
to Storybrooke.

We have time. We'll get it back.

And when we do, we can bring
Cora and Regina to justice.

I don't care about justice anymore.

We keep thinking that people will change.

What if that's wrong?

What if i'm the one who has to change?

Change how?

I'm going to kill Cora.