Once Upon a Time (2011–2018): Season 2, Episode 13 - Tiny - full transcript

Mr. Gold and Emma, accompanied by Henry, depart on their journey. Back in Storybrooke, Mary Margaret, David, and Leroy stumble upon Anton, the giant, who is out to murder David. Back in fairy tale land, the giant Anton visits the humans of his world and runs into Prince James and "Jack".

Previously on "Once Upon A Time"...

- Go.
- Why?

'Cause you could've killed me,
and you didn't.

When I pour this potion
onto the object I hold most dear,

that object becomes a talisman.

That allows me to cross the town line
and still remember who I am.

Now you can find your son.

- Belle!
- Who's Belle?

Now you're finding out how it feels.

- What do you want?
- My son.

- Mom?
- Let me into your heart.

Together, we can get him back again.

- Ready to go, Miss Swan?
- Almost.

Do you think we'll be cold
where we're going, or warm?

I think layers are always a good idea.

I thought the terms of
our agreement were quite clear.

You owe me a favor. You alone.

I'm not leaving Henry here
with Cora lurking about,

so either we both go, or we both stay.

Then we'll have to purchase
another plane ticket, won't we?

Wait. We're flying?

Don't worry. I'm covering expenses,
even the new ones.

You're a real gentleman, aren't you?

All right, Gold, you're going
out there with my family.

- Just know if anything happens to 'em...
- Then you'll what?

Cross the town line?

And David Nolan will hunt me down
in his animal rescue van?

I'll be devastated.

This isn't a threat. It's a request.

Take care of 'em.

I promise no harm
will come to your family.

After all...

We have a deal.

So, where are we going?

- Logan International Airport.
- I think he meant after that.

Let's just take things
one step at a time, shall we?

You really think that shawl's gonna work?

Well, if it doesn't,
and I revert to my cursed self,

we're all gonna have some problems.

It'll work.


My name is Rumplestiltskin.

And we're gonna find my son.

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~ Tiny ~

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You like the holster, huh?

I miss carrying a sword.

Well, it looks good on you.

Come on. Leroy has the dwarves
on Cora watch.

They've got eyes everywhere,
but they could use our help.


How hard can it be to find
a powerful sorceress in a small town?

Apparently not very hard.

Regina, you're back.

I know you think I'm responsible
for poor Dr. Hopper's death.

He's alive.


You were framed.

- Who would do that?
- Your mother.

She's here.

- But that's not possible.
- When we found a way back, so did she.

We were wrong.

And we're so sorry.

I know.

But if Cora's here,
then we're all in danger.

Please, you have to let me see my son.
I can protect him.

He's not here.


Mr. Gold asked Emma to help him
find his son,

and they left town
about an hour ago with Henry.

And no one told me?

We didn't know where you were,

and to be honest, Regina,
I don't think Emma has to run anything by you.

No, I suppose she doesn't.

- That went well.
- With her, it doesn't get much better.

Come on. Let's go find Cora.

- Where?
- No idea.

But I know who to ask.

You didn't even ask me about my recovery.

How are you feeling, Hook?

Come closer and feel for yourself.

You wanna lose the other hand?
Where's the ship?

Come on. Archie told us.
It's shielded somehow. Isn't it, mate?


That it is.

Follow me.

I don't know what you expect
to find. Cora won't be there.

Well, maybe she left something behind
that will tell us where she went. Let's go.

No funny business.

- I'm watching you, pirate.
- Yes, dwarf.

That should deter me from any malfeasance.

Don't worry, Leroy. He'll help us.

- What makes you so sure?
- Because you're a pirate.

You know which way the wind blows,
and right now it is gusting towards us.

I see where your daughter
got her gumption.

Follow me.

You sailed this ship from our land.

Can you sail it back?

My ship?

She's a marvel.

Made from enchanted wood.

We weathered many a storm together,
seen many strange, glittering shores.

But to travel between lands,

she must go through a portal.

Yeah. What do you know about Cora's plans?

Cora's not the most
communicative of lasses.

I will tell you this.

Whatever malice she has in mind,

her weapon of choice is in here.

Who's that?

- You're late, Tiny.
- Missed you out in the fields, Tiny.

It's Anton.

But you're just so damn tiny, Tiny.

All right, enough squabbling.

Now today we celebrate.

After a century of hard labor,

the time of the bean harvest
has finally arrived.

- Yay.
- But is a blossom more than its root?

Is a harvest more important
than a hard day's work?

No. Each has value...

Just as each of us has value.

- Hear, hear.
- Hear, hear.

- Hear, hear.
- Hear, hear.

You've been spending time
in the treasure room again, haven't you?



So say that I was. So what?

Your fascination with the humans
and their artifacts is misguided.

No good can come of it.

How can you say that,

when you've never even been
to their world?

And you won't even let
any of us go down there.

Have you forgotten what the humans did?

Why we no longer trade beans with them?

They weren't content merely
traveling between the realms.

They had to conquer and pillage.

Because a few humans did some bad stuff
doesn't make them all evil.

They don't abide by
the same laws that we do, Anton.

We giants foster life.

They destroy it.

That is why they must never know
that we still exist

or that we still grow the beans.

But why do we keep growing them...

If nobody ever uses 'em?

It's what we do.

- We don't do anything with them.
- It is the labor that makes us who we are,

not the fruit that it yields.

What is this?

A human toy?

Put it down.

- Not much fun, is it?
- Abraham, that is enough.

Tiny, come on.

So Cora used magic
to make him travel-sized.

Whatever she intends
to do with him, it's important.

Oh, I think you know
exactly what she intends.

You're holding out.

Well, either have your lovely wife
torture it out of me,

which I promise will be fun for both...

Why don't you and I have some fun?

I don't know what she's planning.

Why don't you wake the bloody giant
and ask him yourself?

Hey. It's all right.

You're safe now.

- What's your name?
- Anton.

- Where's that witch?
- She's gone.

What did she do?
She made me small.

Come on. Let's get you outta here.


- Me?
- You!


Hey! Hey, over here, you big...

Step away from my husband.

You may have me outnumbered,
but this isn't over.

You think I forgot what you did?
I didn't. You'll pay for your evil.

I promise you'll pay!

Hey there, folks.
Bill Godwin here.

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"Good Morning Storybrooke"

every day at 7:00 A.M.
And now back to "Expose."


Previously on "Expose"...

You don't remember me, do you?

Sorry, no, I don't.

I'm Ruby.

You used to come into
my granny's diner a lot before.

I thought you could use
some comforts from home.

You were always telling me
about Jules Verne,

so I brought you my favorite...
"The Mysterious Island."

...To the
third floor nurses' station.

Satellite pharmacy to the
third floor nurses' station.

Thank you.


Were we really friends?

Yeah, we were.

Then tell me the truth.

Before I was brought here,
I was hurt. I was bleeding,

and then this man came.

And he healed me.

Then I saw him hold
a ball of fire in his hands.

How? How is that possible?

The nurse said that the tranquilizers
can give you wicked nightmares.

No, I know what I saw.

- And I don't need any more tranquilizers or...
- Belle...

Don't call me that. Why does everyone
keep calling me that? I don't...

- I'm telling you, I don't...
- Take it easy.

Take it easy.

Has she been like this the whole time?

More or less.

We've had to keep her heavily sedated.
Okay, let's get you back to bed.

- No.
- Here we go.


Everything okay in here?

Everything's fine, Mr. Mendel.
She's all right.

How are you?

Much improved.

Well, then rest up.

The sooner you're better, the sooner
you can be out of our quiet little town.


Did that giant just say
he'll make you pay?

For what?

I have no idea.
I've never seen that guy before.

Well, he sure knows you.

No. It's not about me.

He just thinks it is.

You are a true wonder.

I know.

I didn't know you had company, James.


This is my father, the King.
Father, this is...

I don't care.

The kingdom is teetering on bankruptcy.

The name of your latest dalliance
is of little concern to me.

Pleasure to meet you, too, Your Majesty.

Good day.

- Care for a drink, father?
- There'll be time for that later.

Right now there's trouble afoot.

I just received word that
there's a giant running amok

in the outer village.

I thought giants were extinct.

I'd love the chance to battle one.

No. No killing.

Not yet, anyway.

This giant could be of use to us.

Just tell me what needs to be done.

Your brother.
That's who he thinks you are.

It's the only thing that makes sense.

Come on.

Where are we going?

To find out just what kind of trouble
my brother got himself into.

Leroy, get your head looked at
and gather the dwarves.

You need to keep an eye out
for this giant.

If you want some ale, you should ask!

They'll serve anyone
who can pay, my friend.

I'm James, prince of this realm.

I wanted to make sure
you received a warm welcome.

I'm Anton.

I'm a giant.

Now I can see that.

What brings you to our land?

I've always been fascinated
with your customs.

I just wanted to see it for myself.

Well, we would be more than
happy to show you around.

Of course, there's the matter
of your size.

I'm too small for back home.
I'm too big for here.

Don't despair, Anton.

I have something that may help you.

What is it?

A piece of mushroom from a far-off land.

I once slayed a jabberwock
that was terrorizing a village,

and they couldn't pay me in gold,
so they paid me with this instead.

If you eat it, it will change your size.

Its effects are temporary,
but we have more.

- I'm pretty sure this one makes you smaller.
- Pretty sure?

Well, I haven't had
the occasion to try it,

but the wise woman who gave it
to me swore by its power.

Go on, Anton. Give it a try.

I have no way to repay you
for your kindness.

No need. If it makes you happy,
that's all the payment that we desire.

Well, then at least tell me your name.

Jacqueline. But...

most people call me "Jack."

Nice to meet you, Jack.

Step on through, please.

Have you ever been outside of
Storybrooke before, Mr. Gold?


- Are you nervous?
- No.

- Are you worried about meeting your son?
- No, Henry, I'm fine.

How about we talk
about all this later, kid?

We're next.

It must be really hard not to use magic,
being like everyone else.

You've gotta put your shoes in.

How terribly uncivilized.

Scarf and the cane go in the basket.

- What?
- Scarf and cane go in the basket.

I can't.
You have to.

It ain't rocket science, buddy.
You ever been on a plane before?

Have you ever been
impaled upon a cane before?

My father's a little nervous.
We're headed to a family reunion.

- Sorry.
- Your father?

Just put your shawl in the bin.

- I'll help you get through.
- If I let this go, I could forget who I am.

I'm not gonna let that happen.


Flight 358 is ready for boarding
at terminal "C," gate 48C.

Guys, there's a Cinnabon's here!

Hello, Hook.

- Regina.
- Expecting my mother?

The one you were supposed to kill?

Oh, that.

Well, I didn't wanna deprive you
of a happy reunion.

Well, it's your lucky day.

- She and I have made amends.
- And you're here to thank me? How sweet.

She wants to know
if they've found the ship.

Well, you can tell her
she can ask me herself.

She just decided it wouldn't be
prudent for her to be out and about.

Well, then it is my lucky day.

- And you can tell her they found the ship.
- Did you get her things off it?

I've been tied up in bed,
and not in the good way.

- She needs her things.
- I'll bet she does.

That's good news then.

A giant got loose from the hold.

- You lost a giant?
- Well, a shrunken giant.

- How is that good news?
- Because...

when he got free,
he took one look at the prince

and became extremely murderous.

A giant in town
who wants to kill the prince.

This is just the distraction we need.

That it is, dear.

Much better to be on the inside, huh?

Please. You're the guest of honor.

No fighting for a seat at the table.

If my brothers could see me now.

I'm not so sure about
this family of yours, Anton.

- It doesn't sound like they appreciate you.
- They're not so bad.

Except for the making fun of me.

And the pushing me around.

And the harsh words.

Well, yeah, it's sorta bad.

Sometimes you have to leave home
to find the people you truly belong with.

Your real family.

It's like you were always
meant to be here, Anton.

Now make sure our Anton
has all that he needs.

I had one of those once.

I never knew it made such beautiful music.

My brothers are so wrong about humans.

It's unacceptable.
Go back there and tell him what I said.

Promise them anything. I don't...

Is there a problem?

He didn't tell you, did he?

The royal coffers are empty.

James and his father are deeply in debt
to a neighboring kingdom.

I don't understand.

If James can't pay back what he owes,

they'll plunder this realm
and burn it to the ground.

- Now I understand.
- It's bad.

Will the other kingdom
only accept gold coins?

Well, it depends.

A magic bean, for instance,
would be worth a thousand coins,

but you don't have any
of those back home...

- Do you?
- No.

No beans.

We do have treasure.

Enough to pay off your debts, I bet.

- You'd help us?
- Without question.

If I'm gonna stay here for good,

might as well make sure
it's a nice kingdom and not,

you know, burned to the ground.

You are our hero.

Get away from me!

- I'm here to help you.
- No.

You're human.

I hate humans.

Don't come any closer!

Or I'll kill you.

Look, I hear you're in town
'cause you wanna kill someone.

I can help.

I have no love for this prince either,

and if you wanna destroy
this town to get to him,

well, I'm happy to do my part.

This will make you bigger.

It will return you to your former glory.

Now get to work!

As I'm sure you're aware,
that mushroom won't last forever.

...is now boarding to gate 17.

All passengers for flight 1326
will need to proceed to gate 17...

- Do you want something to eat?
- No.

- Something wrong?
- Stop asking me that.

Attention, all passengers
for flight 3-2-5...

I'll be right back.

Mr. Gold?

Mr. Gold?

We're boarding soon.

Are you comin'?


Anton, where have you been?
We were worried.

I needed to get away for a little while.

So I went down below
to see things for myself.

You went to the human world?

Do you have any idea
how dangerous that could be?

I met friends there...

friends who understand me,
who like me.

And I plan to go back for good.

Anton, I know we tease you.

But we love you.

You're our brother. You know that.

You expect these humans
to just welcome you with open arms?

You could crush them.

There's magic that can
change me to their size.

And with this treasure,
we can all be happy.

Sentry birds.

Someone has trespassed on our land.

You told the humans you were
coming here, didn't you?

You showed them the beanstalk.

That's right! Run!


Head to the town hall!

Bring anyone you find on the way.

- Somebody get Leroy.
- Guess we found our giant.

- I just didn't think he would be so...
- Giant?

My mistake.

- Ever stop one before?
- Nope.

Well, here's to new firsts.


You don't have to do this!

Yeah, I do.

You destroyed everything in my life.

Now you're gonna know
what that feels like.

The man who hurt you, that wasn't me.

That was my twin brother James.
We were separated at birth.

He was raised by a ruthless king.

- You're not James?
- No!

Then where is he?

He paid the ultimate price
for his arrogance. He's dead!

There is nothing more you can do to him.

We're on your side, Anton!

We're good!

We're here because of you.
You know our daughter Emma.

- You gave her the magic compass.
- Emma?

Let me talk to her.

She says you're okay, then I'll stop.

She's kind of out of town!


But when she gets back, I know
she'll really wanna talk to you.

How convenient.

Everyone I'm looking for isn't around!

All you humans do is lie and cheat
and kill, and I'm sick of it!

- Humans. Let's kill them.
- No, no, no. It's not like that.

Arlo, these are my friends,
James and Jack.

Guys, you didn't have to come up here.
The treasure's ready to go.

We're not here for the treasure.

We're here for the beans...

All of them.


you're my friends.

- How...
- No, we're not.

If you and your people
wanna save your lives,

take us to the beans.

No. We may live in peace,
but we will fight to protect what is ours.

Then a fight is what you shall have.

So let me get this straight.
You got a twin brother?

- Yeah.
- His name is James?

- Right.
- Well, your name is James.

No, actually, it's not.

- It's "Charming," then?
- No, that's the nickname I gave him!

- Hey, hold on. What the hell is your name?
- David.

- Your curse name?
- My real name.

What, you're David, James, and Charming?

- Is David like a middle name?
- No! It's my name name!

You know what? I'm gonna call
you whatever I damn well please!

- Is that okay?!
- Sure, Leroy.

So what's the plan?

Lead the giant away from here
so he can't hurt anyone.

But if we keep heading in this direction,
we're gonna hit the town line!

Okay, new plan.

- What are you doing?
- Giving him what he wants.


How about we make a deal?

I don't make deals with humans.

Just hear me out.
I'll surrender myself to you

if you spare the lives
of everyone in Storybrooke.

David, you can't do this.

If I don't, the whole town
will suffer. I can't allow that.

Well, what do you say?


Where did he go?

I'm not sure.

The human armies are overrunning us.

Abraham and Andre have fallen.

- The human swords are poison.
- This is all because of me.

- I've ruined everything.
- No, you still have a chance to save us.

- How?
- The beans, Anton.

You must raze the fields.

- No.
- If the humans take the beans,

they will bring their violence
to every realm.

It is your birthright
to protect the beans.

Right now that means destroying them.

- That better hold.
- It'll hold.

I got this.

Most people would let that giant die
after what he's done.

You wouldn't.

All right.

All right, Anton!

I'm coming down!

Take my hand.



I don't wanna go back up there!

- I should just let go!
- You'll die!

Maybe death hurts less than life.

If you really wanted to die,
you would have let go already.

Now take my hand.

Come on.

Almost! A little more!

You saved my life.

That's what we do.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

We're not all the same, Anton.

I don't know what my brother did to you,

but that's not us.

You have no idea.



No, no, no, no!



I'm sorry, Jack.

But I have a kingdom to run.

I'm sure you understand.


the poison.

It's in my blood.

- Did you...
- All destroyed.

- The fields and every last bean.
- Oh, good.

Good. That's what's important.

No. Everyone else is dead.
You can't die, too, please.

I know your path is hard.

But someday you will know
which road to choose.

And when you do,

you will need this.

A preserved cutting from the stalk.

Plant it. New beans will grow.

But you had me salt the land.
Nothing can grow here.

Then someday you will find...

new land.





This is Granny's.

She makes a mean lasagna and runs an inn,
so I'm sure we can set you up with a room

till you find a place.

Thanks, but I think
I'll set up camp in the woods.

The woods?

Yeah, I'm better off alone.
I'm not too good at fitting in.

You're in the right place.
Storybrooke's got all kinds...

dwarves, fairies, werewolves, you name it.

Ruby, beers all around.

We all miss our land, Anton.

- But this is our home now.
- You never think about going back?

Of course we do.
It's just not possible.

We have no way to get there.

How's the farmland here?

Pretty good.

The stem is from a beanstalk.

If I plant it, it should be able
to grow some magic beans.

And then you just may have a way.

Well, what's the verdict?

Soil's got a nice loamy feel.

Lot of minerals.

The beans should grow well here.

Only one problem.

What's that?


This is why she brought me.
She wanted me to grow beans.

So whatever she plans to do with them...

can't be good.

Then we won't let her get to them.

No one touches our crop.

Your crop?

I thought you guys were miners.

Work is work. It's what we do.

So what do you say? You up for some help?



Here. To help break up the earth.


My brothers used to call me that.

Ax never lies.

Wait a second. I did my time in the mines.
How come I didn't get one of those?

'Cause you ain't a dwarf.

Welcome aboard, brother.


It's okay.

Who are you?

My name's Greg, okay?

I'm a patient here, just like you.

I'm really sorry to bother you, but...

I'm the one that was driving
the car in the accident.

Are you okay?


Yeah, they...

they patched me up pretty good.

Look, I overheard you talking

about how you saw a guy
with a ball of fire.

And you think I'm crazy, too.
Well, I did see it. I...

Hey, I know that you're not crazy.

You do?

'Cause I saw it, too.

Here's to not getting squashed by a giant.

I'll drink to that.

You know, sometimes I wonder
how things would've turned out

if I had been the one
raised by King George

instead of my brother,

you know, would I have been corrupt like him?


- Same blood ran through our veins.
- But your hearts are different.

You may not believe it, but trust me,

I know you're Charming.

I had a lot of fun today.

Almost getting killed is fun?


I missed our adventures.

Me, too.

It was kinda fun.

You know, we could do this all the time.

When the beans grow, we could go back.

Everyone could go home.

I don't know.

What don't you know?
Home is where our family is.

And that's here.

I don't know if Emma would come with us,

and I am not going to be
separated from her again.

- You're worried about her.
- Aren't you?

Of course, but...

Emma can take care of herself,
and I'm sure wherever she and Henry are,

they're safe.

- You good, kid?
- Are you kidding?

A trip with you, first plane ride,

and we're going on a quest
like in the book.

The only thing that could
make this day better...

is more frosting.

It's gonna be all right.

We're gonna find your son.

I know.

Welcome, folks, to Ajira Airlines
regional flight 53, with nonstop service

to New York City.

Our flight time tonight is 42 minutes.

Please sit back, relax,
and enjoy the ride.